Exposed myself to women.

Back in 2008 I was in a publc park where I live and I had indecently exposed myself to two married females. When I saw them get out of their car I quickly ran behind a tree line and stripped down playing with myself waiting. As soon as they came into my direction I was stroking making sexual noices to get their attention. One of them saw me but could only see me from the waist down and she said "OMG there's a naked man back here jerking off." She then said "I'm not kidding" and her female friend also saw me and both took off running. They are not the only women that I had exposed myself too in that park. I had exposed myself to lots of other women in that park and will continue to do so. One would figure that women should be flattered and happy that a man goes out of their way to show their junk to them. They should offer to help or at least suck it to pleaser that man that is exposing themselves especially married women. I dont see how women could be so offened buy a man who exposes himself to her they should feel blessed, honorned and very greatful that a guy is taking the currage to whip out his genetles at her when in a sucluted area such as a public park while standing naked behind a tree line. So ladies take some advise and as well as a hint. When a guy exposes himself to you even if they don't have your consent offer to help him or at least so some common cerasty and suck him off. Be creatful that he chose you to show you his goods.

4 months ago


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    • So many judgemental hateful comments for a gross confession.. why bother reading it at the first place?

    • This is not always the case. Many a times when I flash to them in parks, older woman would quickly walk fast to avoid me but some would return to see my show better and watch my masturbating to ejaculation.

    • I would absolutely love to watch

    • What a meaningless existence you live in your mom's basement ...

    • You live in your mom's basement? Dude that's no way to live. Expose yourself you will feel better about yourself.

    • If you want your cock actually sucked, find out where the gay cruisey park is instead, and go there to play.

    • Are you coming outta the closet?

    • Maybe you should spend some of your naked park time learning proper English instead.

    • Your just jealous

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