Wife's co worker

My wife and I have been married for 2 years and things seemed ok , we both work and on weekends I spend my time fixing up our house, she does the shopping and does other things like cleaning , a real normal life
Lately the wife seemed distant from my, she was on the cell more than usual and when she went to work she would dress looking like a sexy single girl, you know what i mean, short skirts, new hair style , sexy undies the whole 9 yards.
Even our time in bed has changed, usually we would spend lots of time screwing around but now she wants to get it over as soon as possible, little foreplay and very little fucking.
I asked what her problem was and she was coy in her answers, all very defensive and all very logical.
I noticed she was talking about one of her co workers allot lately you know what i mean, Joe this and Joe that , Joe works out , Jos smells nice , Joe is taller than you, Joe is good looking and looks great in his jeans, joe has lots of girl friends and all the girls at the office think he is sexy as hell.
I began to see that her office world revolves around this guy Joe,
then one night she was late coming home so i called her on her cell and she told me there was extra work to do and she would be a couple of hours late, ok nothing wrong in that , it happens from time to time.
She got home after midnight and I was in bed worried that something had happened to her.
She came in the bedroom talking about all the extra work she had to do and looked as though she had been in a fight, her hair was messed up, her skirt was up higher than normal, her shirt was undone allot more than usual and she had an odor of sex about her .
She went into the bathroom to shower and I noticed in her bag were her undies and her bra. there was also several condoms in there as well.
As you can guess i new that she had been with someone , maybe this guy Joe who she was always talking about.
I dumped the contents of her bag on the bed and waited for her to get out of the shower. When she got out she was shocked to see her panties , bra and condoms on the bed, she got real defensive and nasty.
She had some real stupid excuses for all of this, the condoms weren't hers she was hot so she took off her undies and she had a real shit eating look on her face.
I backed up some thinking I could trap her at a later date because she was careless and would make mistakes again, which she did , the cum filled undies, the cum stains in the backseat of the car, that kind of thing.
I had her followed by a private eye who produced pics of her and her lover, he was good looking alright and he was tall but the look on her face when my lawyer produced them in court was worth the cost.
I was hurt by all of this and the fact that she never was sorry for all she had done make it even worse. She later explained she loved this guy and fucking him was the best sex she had ever had.
She wound up marrying her lover but i see her from time to time at the grocery or around town and she is flirting with one guy or another, she will never change, she will always be looking for the next cock to fuck, I'm thankful i no longer am married to her.


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  • So have you had any pussy since you and your wife split?

  • Not as much as I would like but that's ok as long as I'm not with my ex I will be ok.

  • Finally a true cheating story with the correct course of action. Nicely done sir.

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