My Ex Boss and His Boytoy

I am so goddamn angry at my fucking ex boss and his boytoy who he's been screwing me out of a job by promoting him when he's only been working there for a month and i've been busting my ass for over 10 years and he wants to put over that arrogant pompous prick over me? Well guess what I risked my job today because I found out that asshole was sleeping with my wife. I confronted my boss while he and the rest of his asskissing yes men were having a meeting and told him he has no right to give that prick a promotion that I deserve more and that he's sleeping with my wife.

Then he tells me to get back to work and that I am interrupting his meeting so I grabbed him by his shirt and he tried to grab me and we were in a scuffle as his yes men tried to break us up and when they did I spit in my boss's face and then he says that i'm fired and deciding not to take this lying down.I grabbed a chair and threw it right at him and proceeded to beat the living hell out of him.

Then I saw my mortal enemy in the hallway the very scumbag that slept with my wife just to rub it in my face as I threw a chair in his direction and chased his ass until I finally got my hands on him. and I started to pound away on the Boss's Boytoy and knocked over the water dispenser before everyone in the office tried to pull me off of him. Then after I am pulled off of him I grab a computer monitor to throw at him as he then tries to defend himself throwing a chair at me as the fists start flying again.

Then I heard my asshole boss trying to get on the Elevator thinking about pressing charges against me so I dashed and told him i'm not done with your sorry ass yet as I tackled his ass the moment the elevator doors opened as I began pummeling his sorry ass as two of his yes men got on the elevator before the doors closed to try to pull me off of him as the whole elevator ride was me whooping my boss's ass with his yes men trying to pull me off of him as we then got off the elevator with me having a hold of his hair before boytoy came down the stairs to jump on me trying to be a man for once in his miserable pathetic life.

He laid a few punches before I pulled him by his hair and punched him as Security came to have me escorted out of the office as I then went to my car only to return as soon as boytoy was about to head home I drove my car into his car, grabbed a bat and smashed his car up before Police showed up and I left the building.

I then had my wife kicked out of my house for sleeping with that asshole and worst of all I was issued a restraining order. There will be serious hell to pay.

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  • Well done, but you are likely going to jail unfortunately.

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