Giving it back

I was at this party where this one chick was really drunk and being a real nasty bitch but just toward me for some reason. I didn't know what her deal was but just avoided her for the rest of the evening. Later, I had to use the bathroom but on my way I passed a bedroom where I saw someone passed out on the floor. I took a closer look and it was the same bitchy chick. I shook her to see if she was alright but she was totally passed out. I had a sudden inspiration to get back at her for all her nastiness earlier. I pulled her skirt up and then yanked her panties down. I was going to just slip my cock in her a bit but suddenly felt really cramped due to the shit I had been holding back. That was when I got an even better thought of revenge. After fingering her and getting her pussy nice and open, I took off my pants, lifted one of her legs as she lay on her side and scissored her with my legs so my asshole was pressed up to her pussy. I pushed and could feel the hard turd coming out. I held her pussy lips open as I lined up my turd with her opening. As I pushed more, my thick turd filled her vagina. Not all of it fit inside her so the rest flopped down onto her thigh. I grabbed some tissues from a box in the bedroom and wiped myself and then pulled her panties back up her legs. I nestled the turd hanging out of her up between her ass crack and snugged her panties over it. When I was done tidying up, I opened the door and went back to the party feeling a lot more comfortable than I had earlier.



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  • Caught wife sucking a friends chick at a party at first I was madd then I thought hough o love to Ed’s her

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Gross! and rape!

  • What could she have possibly said that made you think she would deserve such heinous treatment?

  • Shows where your sick.mind is

  • So you sexually assaulted and then raped her and left your DNA in her vagina? When she wakes up with shit inside her, she will go to the police and report it. Your shit is covered with your DNA and if you insert anything into a woman without her permission thats rape ass hole.
    But this is fake isn't it.

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