My confession

I often sit at my desk at work with my dildo in me.

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  • I love to walk around with my butt plug in my ass.

  • I bought one for a mistress once ( at her request) and she wore it while working and gave me the remote.. they are designed to be worn by women at work, so I’m sure we’d all be surprised on the results of that survey!

  • My confession is I cheated on my wife. I needed to find out. I gave a blowjob

  • Honey I use to do that but my boss caught me. Now he sticks his cock in me. Much better.

  • I have a remote control vibrator that sits perfectly inside me under my panties. I wear it to work too. I got nerve enough only once to turn it on while sitting in a meeting that included my boss. I was so scared they would here the buzzing noise. I use it all the time at my desk though.

  • I often do conference call very hung over from drinking the night before. Hell, sometimes, I'm still drunk and all head-foggy. Nobody knows, since it's by phone. I'm fucked up half the time, and they have no clue.

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