Butt plugs

Are there any women out there that go out with a butt plug up their asshole?

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  • Speaking from a women point of view. The human body is elastic it will stretch to a certain point before it tears. I've found that with enough lube you can get any size cock in your ass, or pussy. However with repeated daily use of large dildo, and butt plugs does make it a little easier.
    As for wearing a butt plug out in public, walking will cause them to loosen up some and start to work out a little. I'm afraid I might sneeze, or just bend over, and that butt plug might shoot out and put someone's eye out.

  • Try going out with one up your ass, then, reconsider your question.

  • I do, almost every day. My husband is very well-endowed (over 8"). If I didn't keep things stretched and lubed back there, I wouldn't be able to sit down for a week after the buttfuckings he gives me!

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