#metoo'd in the '80s

I appreciate that we are making strides to end sexual harassment in society, but some of the stories of people who are getting accused in the #metoo movement make me shake my head.

I'm in my 50s now, but back in the '80s I worked for a time as a news reporter. I can't tell you how many times someone touched my ass or asked me out even though they knew that I was already in a relationship. The worst was when some guy at work came to me with his dick in a hot dog bun and asked me if I was "hungry."

I'm all for ending harassment, but some women don't have a clue that getting your ass grabbed used to be normal.

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  • I fixed my boss. He's a real asshole. Made me redo reports several times just because. So I said he grabbed me and felt my vagina thru my clothes. They immediately fired his ass. I thought they would just reprimand him or maybe give him a few days off. Now everyone is glad he's gone. I heard his wife is divorcing him now. Thing is I don't feel the least bad about it. He really was a jerk and deserved it. I hope he ends up on skid row.

  • You ruin it for the woman that have been harassed. I’m copying and posting this to Facebook. I hope somehow the media tracks your ass down after everyone shares this post. You will get busted out. I read stories on the news all the time where woman get busted for lying. Turn yourself in. Clearly your very lazy cause you think your boss was an asshole for making you do your work correct. LAZY TRASH. see you in the news

  • News reporters are hot with that big hair and tight clothes and deep cut blouses and tight buns. How can they resist? Now you old and nobody wants to grab it anymore

  • No, it was never " normal ", and if you're doing it, or, defending it on the basis that it used to be normal, you need the taste slapped out of your mouth by the grabbee, and the pic of your busted mug taped to the water cooler.

  • You are obviously too young to know what you are talking about. It was very "normal" i.e. commonplace behaviour, even if it is not accepted today.

  • No it was not normal, wow, you have issues. Yes it whole day and wasn’t talked about but it was far from normal. Clearly your watching to much F is for Family and using it for historic facts. Lmao. Dumbass.

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