I learned a ton about an employee recently

I have a small, but successful, web design and development business. There are 6 people on my team. I started the business. There are two developers, one sales person, receptionist/office manager and an accounting/billing person.

at the end of the last quarter, my accountant called me and told me we needed to talk. It was urgent. He informed me that our accounts were missing roughly $45k in billed invoices for the quarter. I was shocked. I called everyone into my office individually and told them what was going on. I couldn't get a read on anyone but I suspected that Angie, our accounting clerk, was obviously to blame.

I had one of the developers give me access to her work email. This is frowned upon but I was searching for clues. I didn't find any. I did however find a ton of pictures and chats she was sending the other developer. The pics ranged from simple selfies to slutty ones taken while no one was around. The chats were mostly innocent but there were some about how hard he fucked her the night before and stuff like that.

It took me about two weeks to get to the bottom of it and turns out that the developer that was sending her pics and stuff manipulated the crap out of her and basically extorted her with these pics so she'd give him access to our accounts.

I made an announcement to our office a short time later that I'd be turning over access to all the company emails to the local authorities unless someone came forward. They didn't know that I had already done it. He left for lunch that day and did not come back. I haven't seen him in two weeks but am going to see him next week for arraignment. My accounting clerk quit too because she was so embarrassed. Rough July in my office.

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  • Who the fuck wants to hear this bullshit here go to some other post.

  • Im a business owner to. I feel your pain. I've been there several times with employees helping themselves over the years. I think about one guy in particular. He went over to another employees house one evening. Got in his medicine cabinet, took some of the guys medications, got fucked up and stole the rest.
    That was reported to me the next day as I already suspected him of some thefts of items here. The very next work mistake he made I fired him on the spot. It wasn't a month later the 45 yr old guy died in his bed. Karma can be a
    really big bitch.

  • You're an idiot. Embezzlement is a crime, you should have had them both arrested. First call when you found the evidence should have been to the company lawyer, he would have contacted the district attorney. You could have frozen all your assets to prevent further loss. This would have also provided the opportunity to collect evidence and maintain some measure of control.

  • Your an idiot, he said he already turned the emails over to the authorities.
    He's going to see him at the arrangement. That is court you idiot.

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