Girl next door

I am in an office next to a married woman who turns me on. One time when we were on a business trip together we ended up kissing and fondling. We were both a little drunk at that time and it hasn't repeated. I have wanted it to but it hasn't.

Fast forward a year and change and we have started this thing where we hug each other in the morning. It has grown more and more than just a nice hug. It has energy and feels so good.

I just go done hugging her 5 minutes ago and I put my had on the top part of her butt. She didn't move it so must not be too bad. I felt a tingle all over my body and in my pants.

I hope she lets something happen soon. I have never cheated (Intercourse) on my current wife but I would with this girl.

6.7 years ago

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    • I used to screw the cashier at the parts store I worked at every noon for about 3 months. She was odd, she kept two Cougar as pets, how she got away with that is beyond me, but I do know they scared me. Only once were they loose when I was there, both of them came over and rubbed on my like housecats do.

    • Hahah! You ever had her bent over with panties down to her knees in the back store room or loading dock? Cream pie finish or swallow? Was she not getting enough from her hubby at home?

    • One of my colleagues, a woman in her 30s, and I got along well. I knew that her husband worked in the same university as us but as it was a big place and unlikely to meet during the day. It started of as simple chatting, she had her own office where all the archive paperwork was kept and rarely visited. At first when things started to get hot we kissed and fondled. She could feel me hard so the first time was a handjob but it made a mess on her dress so after that it was blowjobs, all in the mouth so no mess. Eventually we ended up having sex in the office. Never fully undressed, just a quickie with her across the desk or bent over it while I did it doggy to her. It lasted over a year until her husband got a promotion and moved to another campus across country. Good times!

    • Hot. Can you describe what she looked like? Was this a while ago?

    • PT supermarket job my Freshman year I would make out with a cashier. She was late 30s, divorced -- pretty - older than an aunt. I thought it was cool and started feeling her up. A month doing this I got her so hot she unzipped me and gave me a blowjob. Then I didn't have break with for 2 weeks, she seemed to be avoiding me. Pissed I came in her mouth, maybe. I was going on break and she had no customers, she motions me over. "Want your dick sucked? I'll see you in the machine room in 5 minutes." She later said she told her best friend, cashier too. "how much are you paying him?.. I had to brag to someone." That friend became our lookout. She was really just watching some live porn.

    • Had this with former coworker/business assistant. She and I spent a lot of time together, hugged and were generally hands-on each other all the time, and, slipped up and kissed/made out a few times (usually prompted by a bar stop or drinks at a function). We never had sex, but, came close one weekend when she was upset about the guy she was seeing. I picked her up, we spent the day together, and it did have the gf-bf feeling. We were both married, by the way.

      We chatted at a sports bar, had wings, and I drove us around a bit. Passed an out of the way, odd-location hotel, and, looked at each other, leading to..Should we? If she didn't have to get home to her kids, no doubt, we would have. Tell the truth, I haven't talked to her in a year, but, would still like to nail her.

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