Taking advantage of the situation

Will try to make this brief. I've had a strong sexual attraction and desire to and for my hot, beautiful older sister for years. She's known, and to a good degree, not only allowed it, but participated.

She's been having marriage problems for 2 years or so, and it's gotten worse. I've paid her more attention and seem to have returned to my/our previous chase-flirt-get physical behaviors. Thanksgiving, at her house, as my brother in law slept (they weren't speaking for days anyway), I lustfully watched as hot sister raised her shirt to just below her 34C tits, in mock "ahh..long day" stretch. Her long, burgundy nails atop soft, tanned skin was too much for me.

Getting up from my kitchen chair, I told her to "stay like that". She did, and asked why. Without a word, I kissed, licked, and tasted her nearly-bare upper body, sending her shirt above her boobs and ending with a deep, seconds-long kiss to her lips. ALL with her asleep/Vodka'd-up husband no more than 10 feet away!

Later on, I followed her outside while she smoked. We joked about the kitchen fun, and she mentioned not being touched by "fatass" in months. Told her I could fill that void. We've met up twice since then. Am I taking advantage of the situation, or simply filling a need for someone I love on much more than a sister level?

I'm also recently divorced, and, while have dated other women, hot older sister is the ONLY one I think about or gets me going (if you know what I mean)..

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  • You're both adults, we love who we love, and we desire who we desire. I myself have confessed my story in this site, I have a very peculiar relationship myself: I'm married to a man that I love and desire, and he's aware that I've also been in love wiht my brother my entire life. The three of us live together in a polygamous marriage. To both I'm a best friend, wife, lover, whore, and soon to be mother of their children: I had a boy with my husband last year, and the baby girl I'll have with my brother is on her way. I see nothing wrong with you having those feelings for her. I just think she should split first and then be with you, that's all.

  • This is the confessor. Just wanted to add that my hot sister's lifting up of her shirt is a habitual thing, she does it all the time. I never fail to take notice of her fit, firm body. While I admit to taking advantage of the situation, she was also a very willing participant, making many physical moves on me as well. We enjoy each other's company, sexuality, and yeah..She's still the sexiest woman I've ever known.

    A few of my past girlfriends even tried dressing or looking like her, probably knowing they'd drive me crazy sexually..

  • It's a bit of both, taking care of sister's needs and taking advantage of the situation. You are both adults so there's really nothing wrong with it. Enjoy it while it lasts. I wish I took advantage of my family romps more than I did. They were the best sex I'd ever had.

  • Nothing really wrong with it, I'd just recommend... not doing it.

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