Girls school

I was 16 when my parents unrolled me in an all girl catholic school. They didn't believe boys should be in the same boarding school with girls. The always said that marriage and sex was something for grown up women. I remember our teachers were all nuns except for the principal that was a priest. I always felt embarrassed about standing naked with three other girls in an open shower, while other girls stood in there bathrobes waiting to get inn. It was in one of those showers that four 18 year old girls sexually grouped me. I remember being pinned against the shower wall getting pussy sucked and my butt fingered. I knew could never tell anyone, it would be the most humiliated girl if everyone found out. It was obvious other girls had been used and others just kept quiet. "It's just the way we do it hear" she said and depends who they fancy. It took me a full years to convince my parents to find another school.

25 days ago


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    • Amazing ! You actually went to school ? Sure can't tell by your mangled attempt at a post, you poor boy. Yes, BOY, you aren't fooling anyone !

    • Hey! You’re the guy that ate paste and always wet his pants after recess! Surprised aren’t dead by now given your feats of stupidity.

    • Experimental homosexuality, bi-sexuality and sexual experimentation is rife in boarding schools from the age of 13 upwards. Boys and girls are equally affected. Boys will have group wanking sessions, girls often sleep together and explore each other's bodies. There's nothing that the teachers can do about it and they should definitely not join in.

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