College for a naive midwestern girl

When I went off to college in the early 2000's, I had a roommate named Pam who was from Pittsburgh. Pam was a bit more worldly than I, although both of us thought we knew more than we did like most kids.

Pam and I immediately hit it off, hung out a lot, and talked about everything. Within a month of living with her in our dorm room I would listen to her masturbate almost nightly. She was quiet but I clearly could see enough and hear enough to know what she was doing. One night when we were out drinking and chatting I admitted to her that I could hear her when she had an orgasm. She just smiled and said she often wondered if I could hear her while she was "relaxing".

Fast forward a few days and while Pam was masturbating I turned my head so I could see her covers move in the dark while listening. A few minutes later I heard her orgasm and she laid there quietly for about 5 minutes before she sat up and asked if I was listening. I giggle and admitted that I was. She immediately got up and ran to my bed, pulling back the covers and climbing in with me. She immediately put her hand between my legs and felt my pussy over my panties. She whispered in my ear that I was wet and asked if I enjoyed listening to her. I admitted that I did and she immediately slid her hand inside my panties and started fingering me. I came within a few minutes of being fingered and it was great. She said that we should make this a regular thing and then went back to her bed.

For the rest of the year she and I took turns helping each other relax at least 5 out of 7 nights. We also lived together for all four years of college and shared a lot more over the years. I always get excited thinking about how it all started with my good friend Pam. We still see each other a few times a year as we don't live far apart. Even today, we often find time to "relax" each other. Great fun with a lifelong friend.

I've shared my history with Pam with my husband and he is very supportive of my continued relationship with her. It makes for some great sex with my husband when I share specific stories with him. He loves to hear me describe my learning curve with Pam. Fun times for sure.

2 months ago

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