Coworker fun

I work in a restaurant. We all talk dirty and mostly it's just in fun. Well tonight after work we all went across the street for some drinks and pizza. Afterwards, a girl I flirt with a lot asked me to go home with her. I told her I wanted to but couldn't stay all night as I am married. So we went back to her house and fucked till probably 3 am. We did things my wife just doesnt do. We showered together first off and she sucked my dick in the shower. After the shower we went to the bedroom and i ate her pussy to a couple orgasms. I started off with my dick in her pussy and ended up doggystyle and my dick in her ass. I told her when i was ready to cum and she turned over and took it in the face and mouth. It was so hot. Not sure if its gonna be a one time thing or not.

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  • Actually I did walk in on her getting fucked a few months ago. I got off an hour early and walked into the house through our patio door that goes right into our bedroom and she was bent over the bed moaning as she had her bosses dick in her. Was kinda hot!

  • Sounds hot, i am also married but i have fucked one co-worker and have had another give me a birthday blowjob, and i dont feel bad about it

  • No reason to feel bad about it. I have gotten and given plenty of blowjobs. I have a few bisexual guy friends that I hang out with (separately of course). Nothing better than getting or giving some head to a buddy. Now, so far I have only had actual sex with that one girl so far. I have exchanged blowjobs with my buddies several times. Full on sex is a possibility assuming we can stop giving head long enough to bend me over. Oh, also, now that the wife knows that I know and don't really have a problem with it, she is fucking her boss fairly regularly.

  • Think about this if that was your wife screwing around on you .....what would you do....NOW WHAT!

  • I got a co-worker like that too, doing things my wife dont do, i keep it up since my wife dont know about it

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