Cheating Confessions


I would love to offer an invitation to a bisexual woman to infiltrate marriage.

Open to Refugees

I'm willing to open my marriage to Chinese, Ukrainian, or Russian bisexual women who want to be strong women here in the be USA.

I wish I could eat ass on the side

I love ass. Some guys like tits. Others a pretty smile. Me…I LOVE ass. Of course I love everything about sex but there is nothing more sexy than a woman’s ass.
Sadly I’m married to a woman who hates ass play in all ways. So I’m stuck in the Newport News Virginia area with nothing to do.
I wish I could find a woman that loves ass play. I... [more]

Cheating makes me horny

I’m married and have been for 15 years. We no longer play and I’m horny as fuck. Wish I could find a woman near me in the same boat in 757 area code.

Tell the truth?

Tell me who and when you have cheated. You might be surprised that I know already.

Stomach sitting

Hallo in Deutschland, habe viel Lust auf dir zu sitzen , bin männlich in NRW

Competitive Translation

Lifting machine, made by a specialized organization, is coordinated by the All-Union Research Institute of Hoisting and Transport Engineering (VNIIPTmash)

Standard design documentation (TPD) The largest and most complete collection of project documentation: catalogs of reusable project documentation, standard series and... [more]

In love with my sis in law

Seems like a lot of people on here post fantasy stories/confessions that are made up to get reactions. But this confession/story you are about to read is the honest to god truth. Real events and real feelings I am sharing and getting off my chest. I can’t tell anyone else in my life for obvious reasons. This website and you readers are my outlet... [more]

Puncologus es mszp fanok randomra buknak

Mindig puncologus kinezetu kis pocsok vagytok. Sosem csinaltatok semmit es nem is fogtak. Magyarazni azt tudtok mindig, mint a kis puncik. Hajra!

I want this

Tribute her wedding picture

It happened

So where to start, I am married 48m and my wife has weaponized sex over the course of our 20 year marriage. I hardly ever get it in fact she has witheld over the last 4-5 years. Over the last 3-4 months I have opened up my discussions with my wife letting her know I am not happy and have been considering a separation. To cope with the lack of... [more]

I fucked my wife’s best friend whilst she was passed out

I know I shouldn’t be proud of it but she is sooo fucking hot and teases me all the time. I didn’t bang away, I just slipped the head of my cock inside her a few times. I didn’t cum in her of course. I caught most of it in my hand although I am pretty sure some went on her long hair. Best thing is every time I see her now I look at her and think... [more]

Stinky school girl tv nylon

Like to dress up like a smelly school girl slut Stinky arse and feet. Big dildos

Was my wife's pussy good Statesville North Carolina

It's been several years ago you met my wife online. She was coming to your house and you were fucking her regular every week. She had moved out. I was okay with you fucking her she told me you had a bigger cock. Just tried to get her to be open about it. If you see this and you think this may have been you tell me some things that I may not have... [more]


I am a 32 year old female who is getting married next week but has just let the stripper fuck me in my ass. I have never let my fiancé do this. I have to go home in the morning with a sore ass which probably still has cum inside it. This is not like me at all. I feel a complete slut and I should call off the wedding

I gave my wife Bad advice

My wife has nights out with the girls, and she admitted that she has danced with a couple of guys but no touching according to her. I was trying to be a cool husband and told her it’s okay if she dances with guys, even with some incidental light touching. She asked if I was sure and I told her I was sure. She admitted she dances with guys all the... [more]

Drunk Guy

Last night I gave a drunk guy a ride home from the pub. He looked around 60 or so. I'm 28f After I helped him in his house, I had this hot wave hit me. Why I don't know. When he sat down on the couch, I unzipped his pants pulled out he cock and started sucking it. It didn't get very hard, but he sure did shoot a load. And I'm married.

Cheating girlfriend

I am 30. I have a bf a few years older than me. Great guy. Doesn't fuck me. Idk what else to do. I've told him I need it. I don't get it. I'm tired of begging for it. Would I be wrong to cheat? My pussy needs taken care of. Mmmm be hot if someone got me a toy they can control while I'm around my boyfriend.

Wife cheating

SO the other night while in bed my wife and I were talking she had quite a bit to drink and she and I had been going through a rough period so the sex has been lacking for a long time. She had been avoiding any intimacy for over a year, not even as much as a hug. Well on this night she tried to initiate which hasnt happened for a long time and... [more]

I Cheat On My Husband

I cheat on my husband and love it. I don't want to stop the sex with other men I meet is so much better, the thrill of cheating is what I love, the risk of getting caught. I have now slept with more men being married than I did when I was single and I don't think I will stop, I just love cheating on him too much.

I cheated on my wife with her best friend

My wife was a nurse. I'd often meet her for lunch at the hospital were she worked. One day she brought her new friend Sarah. Sarah was an unmarried free spirited pot smoking hippie with a voluptuous body and an infectiously bubbly personality. Just looking at her made me lightheaded. I liked her was too much even from the start, though I... [more]

Running around

I’ve been married for 15 years. We only have sex like once a month at most. I suck dick (and get sucked) on the side. A lot of dick.
For the past 5 years, I’ve had a side dude. Two actually. One for 3 years until he moved and one for currently 2 years. We suck each other off 2-3 times a week and full on sex once or twice a week. I am not... [more]

Want degrading handjobs

I am happily married, but I constantly fantasize about being tied up and receiving a tease and denial handjob by a sexy woman who insults, mocks and laughs at me. I want her to ramp up the tension by bringing me to the edge of ecstasy and then stopping over and over and over again. I want her to demean me for my pathetic attempts to get free and... [more]

Married men sucking cock

My are so many nice looking married men sucking cock. That many wife’s not sucking? I can’t wait for my husband to come home from work to suck his cock. But it is kind a hot thinking about it. Not sure if my husband would try it for me.

I want to have sex with a femboy.

Im 30 years old. and i been wanting to have sex with a femboy. but a specific type skinny short cute white skin. and the crazy part is that it does happen when im in the streets skinny femboys look at me but im scared. but i still havent tried it but im very alpha in bed and want a very submissively femboy. also ive been thinking and thinking for... [more]

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