Sex Confessions

Porn for couples

Who likes to watch porn with their partner? I do with mine. She likes lesbian porn, and she watches it while I eat her pussy. It turns me on as much as it does her.

First time was an uncircumcised cock

I was 15 and it was my bestie stepdad. He had a huge dick, and the foreskin was so much fun to play with.
they had a finished basement, and I was watching a TV show by myself. We'd got into the booze cabinet and had some. My bestie went into the bedroom and passed out. He came downstairs supposedly to check in on us. He asked me where... [more]

Question for the ladies

I enjoy the videos of women exposing themselves and/or having sex with delivery men. Have any of our female readers ever tried it? If so, I would love to hear your experiences.

My first threesome

My wife was out of town for a few days and I was browsing a bisexual web site and was chatting with a couple of guys about possibly meeting up. One thing led to another and they showed up at my house.
We took our cocks out and started stroking each other. One guys cock was about the same as mine, 6’’ or so. But the other guy had to be at least... [more]

Sex with friends fiance

I just had sex with my friends fiance. I have always been attracted to her and would jerk off to her Facebook pics but I finally built up the courage to tell her how I feel and I'm so glad I did. We were having a cookout at their house and my friend went to the store to get a few things and left me and her alone. We were all pretty drunk, I put my... [more]

First ever gloryhole

I've always wanted to host a gloryhole, I finally built up the courage to do it. I made it out of cardboard I got from lowes. I rented a hotel and set it up, I posted 2 separate ads about it online with little hope of it actually working. I described in the ad exactly what to do. Text me when you arrive at the hotel and I'll reply with the room... [more]

My first Uncut Cock

Well I guess I was about 10 when I sucked my first cock,it was not the last either. It was my barber,he started grooming me,kissing me touching me and I him. He called me his sex symbol. He would giv3 me smokes and alcohol . One day when I went for my haircut he locked his shop. When he was done he frenched kiss me,I was confused at first but kind... [more]

Co-Worker JO

I’m 50 yo male. A co-worker of mine (56 yo male) and I started chatting a lot online and would send links to each other when we would find some exceptional porn. He sent me some pretty outrageous stuff but he told me he had even better pics and clips he kept on his CDs and if I ever wanted to see it, he would bring it to my house for us to watch... [more]

I like my boyfriend watching me get DP’d Part 2

As promised, this is a follow up to me getting DP’d by two security guards while my boyfriend watched.
I woke up horny the next morning, but I bit sore, so I asked Tom to jerk off while I masturbated and recounted the night before. I also told him that next time I wanted him to join in. He would fuck my pussy while two, maybe three, guys fucked... [more]

Re; Uncle Roy

The first post of Uncle Roy? If you are from Michigan, then you are not the only one to enjoy his big fat long penis. As a 18-year-old female still in school back in the day. I spent most of the summer sucking on his penis. first time I swallowed C#M. What a wonderful Man he was.

My old crush recently passed away 😢

She lived next door when we were kids, I always thought she was beautiful. She was two years younger than me and one year older than my sister, and she spent the night a lot. The first time we were "together", I was 9 and she was 7. She snuck into my room late at night, and we got naked. Neither one of us knew much about sex, so we just... [more]

First MFF Threesome

My wife have done many MMF threesomes and we have both enjoyed it. This last time we did a MFF threesome and it was amazing. My wife and the other woman started in a 69, Watching my wife lick pussy for the first time got me very excited. Things progressed and I deposited my load in the other womans pussy. My wife quickly went to work on... [more]

Can't help what I want..

I watch a lot of public disgrace/humiliation porn. I'm a woman in my mid 20's. I don't know why, because I would never actually do it, but it just turns me on so much to hear and see them being so degrading. I fantasize about someone talking to me like that, and holding nothing back. I love the thought of it, but I know my boyfriend would never... [more]

Am I in trouble?

I have given my wife’s phone number and our address to a Bull (Stud) I meet on Reddit!
Will I have a problem or will he just flake and not bother contacting her?
FYI, I am and have been out of town on a work assignment. I will probably be out of town for another six (6) to twelve (12) months.
What do you think? Am I an idiot or want to... [more]

A 22 yr old's first BBC

Wife and I were sex-talking one night in bed, while fondling and enjoying the effects of alcohol. She gets really sexy when she's been drinking.
I asked if she'd ever fucked a black guy.
She got quiet - so I gently pressed on, "So, have you, honey?"
She had told me about the times she let a manger at Sear's neck with her in the stock room when... [more]

Co Worker

I keep having dreams about my co worker. She is 58 and I am 46. She is recently divorced and not what you would call “hot” but for some reason I am very attracted to her. Should I make a move or keep it all in my head ?

A man’s mouth is better

I have always found that men suck cock better than women. I think it is actually having a prick and understanding how it should be pleasured, that gives guys the edge. My favourite cock suckers are elderly men - otherwise know as the ‘dirty old man’. I enjoy running my hands over their freshly clippered (#1 or 2) head as they swirl their muscular... [more]

1st time with black guy

I was 15 and he was one of only 4 black guys at our school. I went to a party and missed my ride, so he offered to take me into town where I could walk home. It was late fall, and there was frost on the windows as we are waiting for it to thaw, when he says "I know you want it" I said "What?" and he pull my hand over to his black cock, which was... [more]

Senior tip to New York and BBC

The next time I did it was on our senior trip. We went to New York City, and one of the guys staying in room brought back a Screw magazine. We were looking at all the escorts ads in the back and I noticed several black male escorts. They all took off looking for adventure and I called one of the ads from a payphone in the lobby. I went to a small... [more]

The Pleasures of Being Older

I’m in my late fifties, salt a pepper beard, divorced, in decent shape. I live in a college town and discovered a while back there are lots of young men with daddy issues and they want an older man sexually. I don’t pretend to understand the psychology of it all, but these guys want to please me, almost worship like. They want to be submissive, be... [more]

Honey, why are those two smelling their fingers?

My wife is a bit of a flirt.
She's very attractive - and knows it.
Recently we went to a night spot - where she likes to dance.
She asked me if I wanted her to "get a little flirty tonight?"
I said sure - then we can go home and fuck like crazy - as we always do after her adventures.
She was wearing a short summery dress. I watched her slip... [more]

I Want to Have Man Sexy With Nineteen Year Asian Neighbor

His name is Jermaine, and he's a nineteen-year-old Filipino.
I have fantasies that he'll come over to the house one day. He'll get naked and sit on my sofa. I'll get naked and kneel before him. I'll lick his balls, then lick up and down his hard cock.
I'll suck on his cock. He'll moan and place his hands on my head. Then Jermaine will... [more]

Pee distance

To the female audience on here. Have you ever tried to see how far you can shoot your pee? If so how did you do it?

Pee distance

To the female audience on here. Have you ever tried to see how far you can shoot your pee?

Sex Toy

I got my wife a black dildo and she was shocked when I got it for her. She then tells me it scared her because it was a big black dildo. Mind you it’s the same size as the white dolor although the black one is a bit thicker. It turned me on that she told me she could handle it. Can’t wait to see it go inside her.

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