Semen Makes Her Gag

She won’t allow me to ejaculate inside her mouth. She can’t get past the thought of those tiny swimmers finding the spaces of her teeth and gums. And maybe even swimming up to her nasal areas. She even thinks they make her butt hole itch. Crazy girls!

Nasty Dirty Trick

Wanted to get my friend-with-benefits to give more serious thoughts to her promiscuity. So I surreptitiously inserted three green M&Ms in her vag at the end of a session. Days later after much concern I confessed and we laughed and laughed.


We had a party at our house I mean me and my husband we have been married only 5 years.
Iam 27 and he's 31.
It a great marriage we get along great with no big problems.
Anyway at this party at outhouse everyone was having a great time snd those of us who smoked went out of the front room down the hall into the kitchen and then into a... [more]

Meeting a cybersex friend

This happened in 2009
I had been having cybersex with a guy around 400miles away ( didn’t want to be too close incase I chatted with a pushy Phsyco )
We hit it off and the usual what I wanted and what he would do too me if we met etc . Exciting stuff to play by especially on cam .
After months and months of cybersex we decided that we only... [more]

Perving grampa

Unfortunately I've recently had to start dancing at a gentleman's bar (a strip joint) for some extra cash,im 25 and saving for a house,at first I thought all I had to do was take my clothes off and dance around a pole until one of the girls told me what goes on in the private rooms at the back,it's seedy I know she said but you earn 10 times more... [more]

Finally fucked my mother in law

I'm Phil a 44 year old married guy,been with my wife 20 years,then there's my mother in law Cheryl! She's divorced now,probably about 8 years,she's a bit of a pain to be honest,always asking me to do odd jobs around her house! She asked me to fix a leak she had under the sink not so long back,she only lives around the corner from us so I popped up... [more]


My biggest fantasy is to have a girlfriend who I help get ready for her date. I drive her to the guy's apartment, and the whole way there she talks about how nervous and excited she is. She ignores what I say to her. I drop her of at the entrance. As she opens her door she says, almost annoyed, "You know, if you had a dick, I wouldn't have to be... [more]

I took my shy wife to a Casting Couch interview

I took my naive, obedient and curvy wife to a casting couch interview. I told her it was a business meeting. I got my wife high before we left and once there I told her it was really an interview for artistic modeling. The interviewers conversation loosened her up with flattery and funny stories and more 420. I was breathing hard with... [more]

Cheer Girls and Sport Heroes

1967 We had been dating over a year. In that time we made love four times. Ricky just didn’t seem interested. My sex life was about once per month. I would go down on him and he would finger me.
After a game I was changing from my cheer outfit. Hoping for some loving. Ricky startled me. He was wearing my cheer sweater and skirt! His erection... [more]

Cream pie , snowball

Why is it ok for a lot of you men to eat out a girl that's married or has a boyfriend there still fucking who dropping a load in her everyday. But then it's wrong or sick if a guy does it with his wife or girlfriend even snowball kissing after she blows him and he drops a load. But it's ok for you to go down on a girl that's married or has a bf... [more]

Have you had sloppy seconds?

I've been trying to get my wife to have sex with another guy so that I can have sloppy seconds with her. She says that I'm messed up in the head but I really want to do this. She wants to know if many men have had sex with their wife after another guy has already come inside her. If you have had sloppy seconds with your wife, please let us know... [more]

Me at work

Hello how to start i am a happy married lady in my 40s i wofk in a restaurant witch is great i like it very much everything was fine up to about a month ago when this young lad who is 19 started working with us his always joking and flirts with me i could not see any harm in flirting back witch was fine at first but its growed and he as a crush on... [more]

Threesome turned into a gang-bang...

My wife Lynn and I got married at 18 yo and only a couple of weeks into being married we started taking nude pictures of my sexy 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 redhead wife. And within a couple of months were having threesomes with a couple of my friends. One who was named Mike who we'd been with several times and on one occasion had even swapped partners... [more]

A woman's butthole

There is nothing I love more than a woman's butthole. I love her first to straddle my face in her white cotton panties and just let me sniff her butthole through her panties without even touching it. Then have her pull those panties down and hand them to me. Then straddle my face again and let me sniff her again without touching her, just sniffing... [more]

Fucking ass

If anyone could help I’d be really appreciative.
I was trying to fuck my girlfriend in the ass. We used baby oil I was getting her arsehole all oiled and lubricated. I started on one finger then two then three she was loving it to my happiness. She said she’s really interested ass stuff now whereas before she she was doing it purely for me... [more]

Young and old

When I was 20 I fucked my Mom’s friend when she was 50. When I was 48 I fucked that woman’s granddaughter when she was 18. I never got the her daughter.

Another one

When I was married to my first wife her friend would come over and we would jump in the hot tub. She was smoking hot and I always wanted to fuck her. I would go in the bathroom, her clothes always laying there, and I would smell her panties. I would rub my cock on them and sometimes put a dab of my cum in them,
Fast forward 15 years. I ended... [more]

Awsom wife

I confess that i let my wife sleep around with guys when ever she wants and with who ever she wants to. She goes out and finds guys to have sex with she even brings them home to our bed we have been merried for 4 years and i love the way she is i love it when she tells me how big a guy is or how sweet his cum was i just love it when she tells me... [more]

Husband and wife human chair

I always wanted a husband and wife sitting on top of me having her sit on my face laying back on top of me laying down on my body and husband mounts her and does his thing while I'm licking her ass.

Having sex with best friend

I was home lone except family dog he was in the front room. I was getting out of the shower and heading to my bed room I thought I close the door but I guess it was open a inch or two Iwas on all fours looking for something in the closet and the dog must used his nose to get the door open and come in he started to lick my balls and penis I told... [more]

58yo wife, free to meet other men, and I do.

After 28 years of boring marriage, I left my husband and met and later married a handsome sexy man with a very open attitude to marriage who was 16 years older than me. I was 47 and he was 63. We moved to another town for a fresh start together, and straight away he encouraged me to wear short tight skirts and open tops to show off my curvy... [more]

Let me be your whore.

I'm a bisexual male and I really want to suck me some dick tonight. I live in Mobile Alabama and my email iS b i b a b y b o y t o Let's talk about it.

Ex wife's boyfriend

First off I am trans but here we go I was over in New Port Richey Florida when I seen my ex and her new boyfriend in the mall and I started walk up to them it was crowded and when I walk by him I reach over and grab his croch and kept walking he turn and look and I wave he smiled so I was sitting in the food court and looking for him and about... [more]

Play with me

Trust me like a girl put me in a very short skirt make my makeup pretty parade me in front of your friends show me one of those vibrating sex devices that is wireless put it in me show me the remote and then send me about my way and y'all just pass the remote around then when y'all are ready to call it a day do with me as you will because by then... [more]

Wifey's cheataversary

My beautiful wife. I caught her at a fancy hotel onetime getting fucked by another guy. I was mad at her for about 2 hours then I became so fucking hard for her I had to cum inside her. She'fucks me so well I let her see her dick buddy whenever she feels like. I wait for her in the hotel lobby and when he leaves I rush up and lick her sweet pussy... [more]

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