How I got over my acne

I used to do yard work for this neighborhood lady. She was a very attractive and cultured woman.
After I finish the jobs she had me do, we'd sit on her back porch drink iced tea and have a conversation. She talked about everything impressed a 14 year old boy like me.
One day after work we're talking and she asked me if I had a girlfriend or... [more]


When I was little, I had a smokin hot babysitter. She was an 11! Blond hair, perfect skin, late 20's. She went barefoot around the house constantly, and her feet were perfect... porcelain skin, bright red nails. She would always sit in a rocking chair at one end of the coffee table, rocking and watching her soaps. I liked to "nap" under the... [more]

Sissy heaven humiliation

Well I meant a guy online last night and he said he wanted to fuck my sissy ass but out side so we ended up at a local park and we got out and me being dressed like a sissy slut we went to a spot where there lights and benches there where four other guys sitting there so he told me to get on my knees and suck his cock in front of them so I did... [more]

Any crossdressers in the Petoskey area?

I am an older white male who hasrecently started crossdressing. My style is fashionable and not drag queen ish. I'm wondering if there are nearby that would be interested in meeting?

Femdom /strap on

This question for the ladies if your husband gives into you pegging him do you look at him differently . If he willing to wear your panties to bed if you ask is it a sign of him turning gay or bi or it's just a kinky side he willing to cross with you.

Anyone love girl farts like me?

I get so hard when I watch girl farting videos . The sight of tight cheeks ripping loud farts turns me on so much. I love to hear and see up close a rumbling asshole , I drip precum instantly . I wish I could have one of these beauties rip some huge farts right on my cock and yes I’d stick my face in her ass too. The videos of two girls 69ing as... [more]

Transformed VI

Transforming our sex life has been the best thing my wife and I have ever done. We shed all the norms that people are expected to live by. After opening up to each other and deciding to live our lives to our liking, we have never been happier.
We had gotten our long neglected pool updated be Ted and Nate. Ted's a big guy a little over 6 feet... [more]

Gf's daughter panties

I love taking my 19 year old girlfriend daughters panties and bra's. Her pussy smells so good. I love to smell and taste them before I jerk off into them. I think she knows I take them. I sometimes put them back on top of her laundry with wet spots in the crotch. She wears a 38DDD bra and I like to unload cum in her bra. I know she has worn... [more]

Wife on sleep meds

My wife is out after taking her sleep meds and I discussed this with a guy on a chat site that convinced me to come over. Sorry to admit I did and let him see her in her underwear at first then after a few more time’s completely naked. After that things happened that I’m ashamed of but enjoyed. My wife now has two men inside her almost every... [more]

In my mouth

Continual orgasm into BBB m m y mouth Fi I’llling me up

I have a tiny flaccid penis

I have a confession. I act like a normal straight everyday male but secretly, I have a permanently flaccid, one inch long child's penis and I am a grown man. I secretly want to suck a big cock and get FACEFUCKED as he makes fun of my tiny dick. Laughing at me as his cock absolutely pounds down my throat hard and fast. I want him to call me a... [more]

Fuck me please!

35 yr old virgin (not with girls) seeking cock. Guys disgust me but cock turns me on so bad. I want to stroke it, suck it and fuck it. Literally anyone is welcome. Guys or Trans. More the merrier. You got some friends that havent had a warm wet hole for a while? Bring them too! Id love to have a room full of cocks surrounding me. Stroking n... [more]

White man wanting to suck black dick

Iam a white man and I will like to meet with black men and suck his cock

My 23 yr old wife invited another couple over

She came out of the bedroom and mentioned that - after we'd watched that porn tape at their apt last w/e she had suggested to her girl friend that we might play some cards together tonight. "Maybe strip-poker!?"
I looked in some surprise at my wife - we'd sex-talked in bed about stuff like this - but had never done anything more than... [more]

Teen JO

When I was a teen I use to lift my legs while jerking off and let the family dog lick my ass. It felt incredible!

Question for the Older Guys

I’m 60 yo male and happily married for 40 years. I sometimes think about some the girlfriends I had when I was a teen and wonder what it would be like to hook up with them again. Do any of you do the same?

Stuck in the middle

I’m a bi male that has never felt truly comfortable with either gender other than in bed. Sexually I enjoy everything and am an appreciated sex partner by men and women. But socially, like at a party, where genders often group, I’m never comfortable. Guys always want to talk sports, cars, or hunting. I can keep up but frankly am just bored out of... [more]

Out, sort of, not really

I’m an older bi divorced male. I basically lead a double life. To my family and older friends, I’m straight and I don’t believe any are aware of my bisexual side. To new acquaintances, at out of town bars, traveling and to my girlfriend, I’m openly bisexual. I know at some point the two worlds will collide. I’m partially nervous for that and... [more]

I cum easier to gay porn than straight porn

I've always considered myself bi-curious, although I've never told anyone (homosexuality is severely frowned upon in my small town). I'm married with kids, and I love my wife, but to be completely honest, she just doesn't do it for me anymore. Not even a wiggle. She gained a ton of weight after the babies were born, and her libido has always... [more]

Nothing as cute as teen's wet crotches

Army buddy and I were joined by our young wives (both teens) during our training in TX.
Both girls were cute and sexy as hell!
One Saturday evening we found ourselves in a big city park. After some chatting and wine, we two couples moved off behind some trees and shrubs and fucked our wives. The torrid fucking was what these passes were all... [more]

Woman think we are sneaky

I have this older woman that I work with. She's about 5'3" maybe 115 lbs. Very attractive, great red hair, a hot set of hooter and an ass that was made to be slapped.
Now her personality is what is fucked up. She needs you to help her and you can't find a warmer, friendlier, caring person. If she has no use for you, well you could be on fire... [more]

Transformed V

After our pool was fixed up and getting the shakedown by Ted and Nate the pool guys, things were getting interesting. Kelly had gotten naked n front of them. I don't think she had ever been naked in front of anyone but me since before I knew her. She got Nate naked and gave him a handjob in front of me and Ted.
That evening, we went out to eat... [more]

Transformed IV

Our transformation was moving forward. My wife was coming out of her shell. We bought her some sexy new clothes. Got our pool fied and functional. She teased the pool guys. The sex was great. We were closer than ever.
Ken and Nate had finished the pool. New pump, new filter, new liner. They were supposed to come back every day for a week to make... [more]

My 72 boss lover

I'm a 19 year English girl, working as receptionist for my 72 year old Pakistani boss.
For many months he made cheeky sexual remarks with the odd slap on my bum cheeks.
He told me had business trip booked in Barcelona for five days and would like me go with him.
Yes of course I'll go I said, when we arrived at hotel room was huge suite with hot... [more]

Got caught

I was watching porn and my friends son open the door and said can I join you he is 19 I said ok he said you suck I said yes he said get down and do it ok he got a big one and cums a lot yum he said your a great cock sucker yes I been doing it since I was 12

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