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It was fun one time.

I got divorced 4 years ago and am now 43, Last month my best friend who is also 43 and I went out with my sister who is 47, We were staying at her house and when we got back from the bar she went upstairs to her room for a minute and my friend and I mixed some drinks, After a few minutes we thought she was being a wuss and had gone to bed so we... [more]

Teenage daughters don't have morning wood, but....

It was pretty obvious she'd had one hell of an orgasm on her pillow!
I went up to wake my teenage daughter for her first day at her new job after graduating.
I tapped on the door - "You never know...." and walked in.
There was my blonde teenager fast asleep on her tummy, sheet down to the back of her knees, bare butt raised up on her pillow... [more]

Eat it all

For the men over 40 is it just me or does it seem at a younger age we would just fuck these one night stands. But over 40 we eat them out lick there ass hole the one night stands or is it just me . Like I always did this to my wife since are early twenties. But the bar whores I would just fuck but now at 50 I lick there ass hole eat them out good... [more]

My revenge sex

My wife told me she was a virgin until her first marriage. And had only slept with her first and me. I had asked her because we were discussing sexual fantasy's. I didn’t think her story was likely and told her if she ever wanted to tell me there were more I wouldn’t be upset. I was honest and had told her of all my sexual exploit's including that... [more]

55 and over community

I am 62 male. Fit and well. Just moved into a 55 and over community following losing my wife. There is a very active club house with lots of things to do. Club house and pool. One day following a happy hour two sisters invited me back to their home for drinks. They both lost there husbands and moved in together. As we sat talking one asked if I... [more]

I am mwm and want to hook up with mwm how do i meet them??

I really want to meet other mwm and get each other off. i think its so hot 2 mwm making out while wives at home thinking all is fine.. kissing and sucking each other and doing lots of nasty stuff knowing we are attached.. but i just dont know where a good place is to meet them and how to know if they are interested in you.. any ideas where to go?

Wife’s Flats

My wife recently bought a new pair of flats! I want her to sit in a chair wearing shorts. I want her to cross one leg over the other leg and kick her leg back and forth and dangle a flat on a bare foot! Dangle that flat off the tip of her toes! I want to jerk off and watch her tease me! Oh yes!!! Shoot my load while I stroke my hard cock!

Wife Bukake fantasy

I have a fantasy where my wife is in a bukake! Several guys stroke their big hard cocks and shoot loads of sperm on her face! He gorgeous smiling face gets coated with thick creamy sperm! Sperm coats her lips, checks, and cheeks!! She looks so sexy!

Gay and married

My wife doesn't know it but I've been fucking my ass every chance j get when she's not home. I've never had a real dick but want one bad. It's been years and the urge is getting stronger.


Im a 53 yo divorced bimom who have a fairly new relationship going on. Im what you may call a bbw and my current boyfriend wants us to go swinging. Im not sure how to feel about the idea, am i too old to go swinging?

M/F Black Couple Want White Women 23-57 For Threesome nd11

ISO 👀4 Adventurous hot horny curious White Women 23-57
For an exciting likely unusual interracial sexperience!
Black married couple 36 & 35 him 6'4" 243 her 5'8" 138 reside in Henderson, NV college educated, clean, DDF, add her 38D him 10" x7" NO HANGUPS WITH US!
We want to fuck you, eat and suck you, we know how to thrill new... [more]

He’s My Girl

So I’ve posted before about my conquests with these college guys. I live in a college town, I’m mid 40s divorced, make a good living, stay in shape, exc. I love to find these curious guys and turn them out. Some I keep around awhile, few are one and done. They always suffer post nut clarity the first time and ghost, but nearly all come back... [more]

Married man wants to suck cock

My desire started years back when I would get my cock sucked the feeling I would get felt amazing and so I was intrigued and turned on by how turned on my wife was sucking my cock as time went on weather having sex or watching porn I loved watching guys getting sucked off then my desire grew and I would watch guys suck girls off with fake cocks... [more]

My first one night stand with another man

It happened at the airport in Frankfurt. The company flew me business class and I was in the business lounge waiting the three hours for my connection back to the States on Lufthansa. Across from me was a man, he said he had just flown in from Beijing on his way back to Chicago. I asked why fly thru Frankfurt, and his answer was noncommittal... [more]


Ain't it the truth? Regardless of fact, fiction or outrageous embellished fantasies, In spite Confessions is a fun forum.
This story all true, I'm writing for the following. Chronic pornography frustrated frequent masturbators, vouyers, as well as females all of whom are curiously disillusioned or doubtful.
Do you ever critically think... [more]

Fucking My Boyfriend Friend

My boyfriend and I got into a disagreement which I went to his friends house and confined into him. I was crying on his shoulder which made him kiss me passionately opening my legs putting my panties to the side fingering my pussy tasting it penetrating my pussy with his long hard cock stretching my pussy with his raw cock cummin inside my holes... [more]


I set my mother up with an old friend that I used to work with,he worked with my father also,dad passed away 6 years ago now,I just sent him a photo of mum and he said that she was fit! I told him to text her and see what she says, a couple of days later he messaged me and said that he was taking my mother out for a drink, you owe me one I said... [more]

Bitch for cock

I want to spread my legs and use my slippery gay little asshole to please a man’s cock and make him ejaculate hard in me with a masculine groan.

I'm 42 and I have a nice set of tits, they have always served me

I worked as a sales clerk for a high end jewelry store. I was hired for my looks, there were salesmen around to close the sale. One day a man came in and told me he wanted a ring for his tenth anniversary. I showed him several and he told me he wanted to look at a diamond ring, something special. But not engagement, this was the tenth... [more]

My mother and me on a big date

My mother and I are 50 and 22 and have an amateur nude web site. My mother is gorgeous and sexy and we have passed our self odd as 36 and 28 and no one knows except a couple of her girlfriends.
Our site is such a hit not only because of what we show but what we dont. We never show our faces. We always cut our feet out of our pictures. ... [more]

My mother and me on a big date

My mother and I are 50 and 22 and have an amateur nude web site. My mother is gorgeous and sexy and we have passed our self odd as 36 and 28 and no one knows except a couple of her girlfriends.
Our site is such a hit not only because of what we show but what we dont. We never show our faces. We always cut our feet out of our pictures. ... [more]

I am looking for a ruthless roast. I am a man with fat belly

I have exposure fetish and I am willing to disclose my identity.


Me and my wife Joanne wanted to try dogging and we both loved it from the off,I loved watching other men fucking her up against our car, I started to tell a few guys at work and showed them a picture of my wife and said that if you want to fuck her just turn up at the dogging area, two of them came to begin with and fucked her,back at work they... [more]

I loved the covid quarantine

So about 4 months before everyone was ordered to quarantine, something interesting happened. My wife and I had been spending every weekend with another couple. We would go out to eat all four of us or we would make dinner at either of our houses and watch a movie. When you get into your 30s and up, you don’t do a lot of socializing outside of... [more]

Accidental text

Wife sent me a few texts and a video the other day.
Her: hey babe
Me: hey yourself
Her: i need some dick soon
Me: I’m always game
Her: I know you are
Then she sent me a video. It was her sitting in the computer chair naked and masturbating.
Her: You like?
Me: Hell yeah
Her: Can you come over tonight? Hubby won’t be home.
Me: This... [more]

Me,(68) Grindr Trans Woman (20) Hot "ass" Pussy

Nowadays old, horny limited choices and opportunities. FYI I'm not gay, bisexual no reciprocation type. Kid who sucks my dick says, "Hey you should download Grindr" Never heard of it but I took his advice. BTW lots of fakes, frauds, site full of games place to waste time, get your chain pulled frequently.
I'm in pretty good shape my 8.5 inch... [more]

NY hotel fantasy

I get off the plane in NYC and head straight for my hotel. I’ve booked a random hookup with a couple I’ve met online.
They’re a 40 something couple who’ve been curious about bringing another man into their bed. I’m an ideal candidate because I’m an out of towner who doesn’t travel often. I’m also looking k satisfy some “urges” and live out a... [more]

Asked wife to share a naughty BJ she gave

She was pretty tipsy - otherwise probably would have 'cleaned' this retelling up a bit - to make her look less trampy!
That is what she usually does when sharing her sexy past - before we married. She was 35 when we married - and being a cute slim SoCal girl with long blonde hair - she'd had lots of sex by then. I get super turned on when she... [more]

Becoming girlfriends in college

I was at a frat party and there was a lot of alcohol and smoking stuff and there were a lot of people getting it on. I stood against the wall to watch, when a couple started having sex I positioned myself to watch him penetrate her. I rubbed myself silly and had an orgasm standing and alone.
I went back to my dorm and rubbed myself into... [more]

What just happened!

My wife and I attended a wedding and luckily it was close by to her younger sisters place so we stayed there for the weekend. The plans were to head into town later in the evening and a uber was organized for us as we all were planning to get wasted.
We met at a friend’s house for pre-drinks and made our way into town. We went to the club and... [more]

He pushed me away

Well it all started a few months ago when my last child started college. I decided to get a job so I had something to do. I was on my second husband because to be honest I was kinda a wild child in my first marriage and before I got married. But I tried to be a good wife with my second husband. After the kids were gone I tried to spice things up... [more]

Ask but then never allow any conversation

Last year my wife and I discussed regrets on what we had not tried before we met many years ago. She regretted not having sex with another woman and asked if I have ever considered trying with a man. I said yes but my biggest regret is never being with a trans girl (sex/relationship/exclusive porn since I was a teenager).
We talked about planning... [more]

My brother and his gf

My brother just moved back in with me and my mom temporarily. He has a gf that lives with him and my mom let her move in also since it’s just for a few weeks. He has his old bedroom which is next to mine. I’m 16 and don’t have a gf at the moment but I’ve had sex a couple times but it’s been awhile so I’m always horny. I decided to listen to see if... [more]

How I became a panty wearing chronic masterbater Part 2

So there I am wearing a pair of black shiny pantyhose and a silky white teddy. Laptop is on the bed with some of my favorite mature porn videos most likely Persia Monir porn. I position the camcorder facing the bed and start recording. I lay on the bed and my dick is already rock hard and it feels so good laying there rubbing my nylon covered... [more]

No nookie

I’m a 63 year old man I’ve got ptsd ,bipolar , anti social disorder etc. I haven’t been laid since June of 2002 I masturbate almost daily except when my anxiety is really high. I guess it helps reduce the anxiety but it would be much better if I could get laid .
I don’t have any income but I have housing so I can’t afford a hooker .
I’m a ... [more]

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