Why does it feel so good

Why does pussy feel so good when its wrapped around my cock? So warm, wet and slippery. I cant get enough of it.

I love to eat pussy but not my wife's

I have never cheated on my wife of 7 years! I love to eat pussy, just not hers. Hers does not smell or taste good. I have tried telling her in the nicest way possible but I don't think she gets it, she thinks everything is fine down there. It is not. She wonders why I don't but must have explained it thousands of times. I feel guilty that I don't... [more]

Corrupting a religious girl at Elim

I met my wife at an upstate religious college, I won't mention the school name so I'll just call it "Elim," We left the school at end of the year and got married. I've always had trouble controlling my lust, and the idea to make Babs into a slut excited me. Long story short, Babs' fucked several Pastors and slept with some of the young... [more]

Wife flash

My wife has gotten into flashing guys whenever she goes out. At first she started doing it with me, but now she does it whenever she out with her friends. She almost never wears panties anymore, and when the urge strikes, she will flip up her dress and flash some guy. She doesn't care where she's at, Walmart, Target, the Mall, restaurants or the... [more]

Bad girls

When I was 15 I had a boyfriend. We had a lot of sex and he always thought I lost my virginity to him (which I suppose I did) but I had been masturbating with my friends ever since I was 12. We would use hairbrushes and vibrating toothbrushes at sleepovers, and we’d feel so naughty putting them into each other’s pussies. I started having sex with... [more]

Husband's friend wants sex

Last weekend we hosted a get together with a group of friends, and since we had all planned on drinking until late night, most made plans to spend the night. We all drank a lot and I had a really fun time. Husband did shots so naturally the guys were pretty wasted. We divided up the rooms so guys all slept together and girls slept together... [more]


Omg my niece is so hot 16 I want to fuck her so much

I raped my mom

Fuck, my mother pissed me right the fuck off this afternoon. I came home from school and she's all like "Your grounded for the next month boy!" and I'm like "What the fuck did I do now?" and she's like "Your principle called and said you missed two days of school last week and you're flunking three classes, and he suspects that you are doing drugs... [more]


Most of you will probably think I'm a right bitch ,but I was a pretty teacher in the late 70s that always dressed nice in short skirts heels,sometimes stockings ,but my passion was spanking ,my pupils were from 7-11 years old and at least once a week I would have a boy in front of the class with his trousers and pants down around his ankles used t... [more]

Lesbian Co-Worker

The company sent Brenda and I out of town for technical update training. Brenda was a thick colored woman that I bonded with at work. We pal around a lot at work. She was several years younger than I and had a pretty face. When we checked in the hotel room and was unpacking I noticed a black strap-on and a white dildo in her suitcase. I didn't say... [more]

Rough sex

Every once in a while my wife wants rough sex as she calls it. There are no restrictions, she has gone along with everything I have done with her and no complaints.
She always wants her clothes torn off and tying her up is a huge turn on for her. The first time I tied her arms behind her back I then tore open the front of her pullover shirt and... [more]

Memorial Day Weekend 2019

SO looking forward to this upcoming holiday weekend! For those readers outside the U.S., it's Memorial Day and my wife is leaving me alone for three days to attend an out-of-state bridal shower. Additionally, the weather is going to be NICE--i.e., mid-80s/low 90s and sunny skies.
I'm a professional "executive type" in pretty good shape for my... [more]

Increasing cravings

I'm a guy, 29, in a happy relationship with a girl my age (only slightly younger). We've been together for almost a year, we get along great and the sex is amazing.
Thing is, for the last couple of months I've been craving for something else. When I was single and on Tinder, I was open to women of any age, whether they were 18 or 60. I'll say I... [more]

Hope My Confession Post Was Appreciated!

I Hope That My Confession regarding being inside A Pink Climb In Balloon, dressed in adult pink fleece diapers a and footed pajamas was liked by all! With Respect: Babied.

Sloppy seconds

Ever been sharing a girl in a tag team or gang bang situation, and fucked a pussy or ass after another guy shot his load in that hole? Is cum not the horniest best lube ever? I love that slick sloppy feeling. Anyone else have this experience?

Damnit Why?

So here's my deal. My main friend group consists of four friends. Two girls and two guys (including me, I'm one of the guys). We're dumb teens so when we hang out it's usually to make a sex shop run, take night beach walks, or to go to small parties and watch movies and get high. I'm the youngest (at 18) and the most easily embarrassed about dumb... [more]

I liked being Groped in the Dark

I have always liked it when men ran their hands over my boobs, especially if I am not wearing a bra.
I used to go to this club with my friends, where the area close to the bar was very dimly lit and several times men have touched and fondled me in the darkness while I waited to be served. I let one guy put his hand right inside my dress and... [more]

The Emotional Effect Of Watching Me Inside A Giant Pink Climb In

“If People Were Able To Watch A Video Of Me In Baby Pink Adult Fleece Diapers and Matching Fleece Footed Pajamas, Inside A Pink Climb In Balloon, the Emotional Sensation of me knowing that the video had been watched by Anyone, Would Be Sexually And Emotionally Overwhelming, for me! Add the fact That No One Would Know Where I Was, Nor That My... [more]

Retired guy on the Alabama coast.

I have posted on here in the past about my glory hole set up and a few particular guys who visit it. One of them also lives in the building and has really enjoyed getting sucked on by me. He was coming once a week as a minimum but about two months ago he emailed me and asked me what the chances were of him getting it daily around 7 pm. I told him... [more]

Oilskin fetish

I just love wearing heavy oilskins. I have since I was first able to cum and realised I loved rainwear, but oilskins are the best.
I love to be wearing more than one pair at once and have myself between them. The smell and feel is such a turn on.
I’d love to take another guy in my hands whilst both of us are wearing oilskins and I’d make him... [more]

Simple pleasures

I enjoy the feeling I get when I change my appearance from male to female.
Removing my body hair, putting on sexy lingerie. Putting my false breast on (C cup), applying makeup, and my wig and heels. Wearing a short skirt or dress that barely cover the top of my stockings.
Feeling the breeze blowing up my legs. Going to places to... [more]

Watching men play with their cocks.

I’ve always enjoyed watching men stroke their dicks. My problem is that I always have to touch them myself. I’ve done this since my teenage years.
When they see me watching they draw me to them. I find myself reaching out for them no matter where we are. Bathrooms, theaters, parks, hiking trails, rest areas, anywhere.
I start off... [more]


Hi Ladies I like to hear about your fantasies.

Want to get pegged

I would like a beautiful woman to peg my ass. I like to hear how and what your gonna do to my ass.

Women masturbation

I like to know some confessions from women about what they think about when masturbating

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