Lululemon's make me fucking hard!!

I get soooooooooooo fucking turned on when I see a woman wearing tight yoga pants that show off her perfect ass & she has a fucking perfect camel toe.

HIV Sharing is caring

My Name is Robbie Bone, I have HIV and like to try and share it with others 07733445528. I'm a right filthy dog 😂😂

First time sex with mom

This started when I was a young teenager in High School. My mother and Dad had recently divorced and to be honest, I was quite happy. I was living full time with my mom and out bedrooms were next door to each other. I remember many times over the years, I would hear her and dad having sex and I would masturbate listening. Like many boys, I... [more]

Glenn Willis Masturbates for a Group of Women

"My neighbor and her girl friends watched me jerk off. They sat in front of me and watched me jerk off and cum. They liked it. I could hear them talking about me and laughing as they watched me beating off, so I jerked off in front of them three times. Each time I came real hard. They watched me cum and it felt great. They were all gorgeous... [more]

Met luvly granny last night

I was at a charity quiz last night and on my table was a lady of 65-75 (hope I will find out exactly how old soon) and she was really cute. She was about 5'3", trim figure, smallish breasts, nice legs and short blond hair. She was there with her daughter and to be honest the daughter was not as attractive as her mother. I was sat next to this... [more]

Diary of a Swinger

Hi gang, how are you all doing? I have mentioned my hubby before and have told you what his good points are: (a) a computer wiz, (b) he has the biggest dick I have seen and knows how to use it, and (c) good at picking up heavy things and moving them about. But that's it, at anything else he is hopeless. We were trying to get a couple, lets... [more]

Young incest

I used to sleep in my mom's bed ...after her an dad separated ...until I was 12 I always left my pecker out for my mom to see an hopes she would touch it an put it back in my such luck


So I'm reading about all these men who's wives have turned them into their submissive little bitches. They dress them up in their little maid outfits and such, which they seem to really be ok with? Make them do chores, watch their wives have sex with another man and swallow his seed if she wishes? The part that truly gets me, is when they say they... [more]

Pregnant mom son story

I was just 10, my mom was 30, it was '70, my dad had just been on a 4 months long business vacation.
i was in my tighty whities when i was getting ready for bed, then when my mom had come to hug me good night, she'd had a surprise for me, she thought she wanted to wait a few more weeks, because my dad's vacation had just gotten started early that... [more]

Wong Ho

30 years ago, when I was in the US Navy, me and some buddies were partying in a bar in Subic Bay, Phillipines. My buddy, Bob, had just came back downstairs after fucking one of the bar girls. He sat down at the table with a funny look on his face, so I asked him what was up. "What the hell does Wong Ho mean" he asked. I said "Wong Ho?, never... [more]

Sexy littering wife

My wife is curvy and voluptuous and has two kids, ages 7 and 9. She despises having any trash to clean up, so she constantly is littering. When she picks up the kids from school, they always stop at McD's and get burgers, fries and drinks (she isn't "curvy" because she diets!). Her constant littering has taught her kids to do it too, and neither... [more]

Sex with a begger

There's this begger who I usually see everyday at a specific spot with her infant begging for money. Many times I just walk past her just to see her sexy body. i have seen many people stare at her while she breastfeeds her kid and my dick get's real hard seeing that sometimes I just wanna grab her boob and suck entire milk out of em. last week I... [more]

Bad anal

I was hanging with my girlfriend and she was in the kitchen making breakfast and looking fine in her sexy panties. I pulled out my cock and asked if she was up for a quickie, and she said, "Sure, but let's make it quick, I'm busy."
I pulled down her panties and asked if I could fuck her in the ass. She said okay. I started plowing away in her... [more]

He gave us a choice.......

But you cursed him out called him a pervert and low-life.
Now you want him to reconsider and allow you in, but it's too late, it's been a year and I won't allow you to interfere.
We were both homeless, two peas in a pod. Sleeping under bridges and abandoned buildings, hiding from police and DHS who were trying to take our kids from us after the... [more]

Still a huge mystery

So this ended up happening when I was 16, even now it's a big mystery what exactly happened. My parents were having company over and I'm not exactly sure who they were, to be honest I didn't really care and when my dad told me I wasn't really listening. So I was getting ready to take a shower and my friends we're going to pick me up to take me to... [more]

Feeling it in my tight little swimsuit and my nylon shorts

Way back and a week after i turned 11, i had received 2 new swimsuits, actually we went swimsuit shopping, i got to try them on both, then when we got home, i couldn't wait to put the green and white striped swimsuit on. when i put on my swimsuit, my dick had gotten all hard, whenever i walked around in that swimsuit i could feel my dick throbbing... [more]

Incest bashers

All you incest bashers (unclear how many) are obviously just jealous your family was not close enough for practical sex education and sexual intimacy. As you should be! Honestly, when it comes down to it, what exactly is wrong about giving and receiving pleasure? Seems to me people can't distinguish between loving/educational incest vs. abusive... [more]

Underage lovers

For the past year I have been baby sitting two young boys as much as every week end while mom and dad get away for a few days and I watch their kids and for the first three months everything went fairly smoothly except for a few times and I spanked them for misbehaving.
Little Ronny 12 I caught looking at some naked pictures of his mom and I... [more]

Unexpected threesome

Several months before my high school graduation my boyfriend and I were at his house. He told me we would have the house to ourselves that night. His mom is a nurse and works nights and his dad was suppose to on a boys night out. We are in his room with the door open having sex on his bed. Both of us completely naked and involved with what we... [more]

Unfucking believable

Me and my wife was camping out in the wilderness in Oregon a few summers back. We never stay in campgrounds, as we prefer to get out and hike miles away from anyone.
We found a nice spot to set up camp next to a small creak that had a large enough water hole to bathe in. It was hot and we were both sweaty, so after we set up the tent, we both... [more]


Have you ever had sex with a family member? Or have you wanted to?

Is it?

Is all women a bitch? I never used to think it is true, but now I think totally so . . . . . . EVERY single one is!!!!
TOO MANY BITCH!!! All woman MUST have to belong to bitch club! First rule from bitch club is you NEVER talk about bitch club. Second rule from bitch club is if its your first time in bitch club, you HAVE to bitch!!
But... [more]

I love jerking off to story's I see on here

I visit this site almost daily, looking for storys to wank off to, sadly it's not always updated but sometimes I can find a random hot steamy story to cum to, so please people keep them cumming!!! bthe hotter the better......

I grew up in an incest family.

I'm F, 46, married (husband 48), a son (17), and daughter(15) and I was raised in a very loving incest family. I was exposed to sex from a young age. My parents always told me it was just loving. My mother taught me to masturbate when I was 10. I had oral sex with her and my father when I was 11. On my 12th birthday my father took my virginity... [more]

Husband caught me with our dog

I am a stay at home Mom and our two children are now in school full time so I have found that I have a lot of spare time now. I was cleaning the bathroom floor one day and had on shorts, they cover me well but were pretty loose fitting. I am not sure what got into our dog but he walked up behind me as I was working my way backwards out the door... [more]

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