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Caught my wife watching interracial porn

For the last few weeks my wife has been getting up in the middle of the night. I will go out and check on her as soon as she gets up to see if she is ok. She has been telling me she just can't sleep so I go back to bed. The other night same thing. I woke up again about an hour later and she hadn't come back to bed. I got up and went to the living... [more]

The first time I was alone and I had sex

I was sitting in the bedroom one night and I got a visit,it was the woman across the street and she let herself in,the door was unlocked it seemed that she was worried about me because I was so depressed and I may have mentioned that I didn't have anything to live for,she found me in the bedroom sitting in the dark she knew where I was in the... [more]

My Girlfriend and Her Mother

When I was 19 years old and fresh out of hight school. I took a summer job as a cook at the bar. I meet this 35 year old single mother named Karen. She worked tables and also tended the bar. She was real cool and we started hanging out after the bar close. With in a couple months we were sleeping together. We decided that we would be FWB and... [more]

Niece Desire

When does someone start having sexual feelings? I guess it depends on the individual. In my nieces case it seems to have been from birth. I remember when she was still in nappies she would come into my bedroom and neal on all fours on top of me. I would just leave my hand lying on top of the covers and she would manoeuvre herself until her loose... [more]

Older lady next door

The lady next door to me is in her seventies and a widow, I guess her son moved to a different state for a job but I have never met him or even seen him. She asked me if I would mow her lawn and how much I wanted for doing it, I told her not to worry about it because with my riding mower it takes me like twenty minutes to do both our lawns. She... [more]

Stripped at school by a group of boys and girls

I have thought about this experience many times before but never written it down. When I was about 16 I received an anonymous letter during the Easter holidays. It had a cutting from I discovered in later years a magazine called playgirl. It showed two young women slowly undressing a man until they removed his underpants and he was completely ... [more]

Mom’s Drunk Boyfriend

I was laying down in my mom’s bed as I often do when she’s working graveyard shift. I was starting to fall asleep until I heard the front door open, followed by footsteps down the hallway, then my mom’s older boyfriend comes staggering into the room. He’s clearly drunk. He and my mom were arguing earlier in the day. He starts saying my mom’s name... [more]

My boss caught me

I was working the first real job I ever had for about two years, I was a receptionist, clerk, coffee maker and message taker for a small heating and cooling repair business. During the day the whole building had just the owner and myself in it and when he went to run errands it was just me. We had very little walk in customers and when he left the... [more]

Party girl

My sister was quite the party girl in her college years and during the summers she carried it right over when she was home. One summer our parents went to Europe for a month and it was just the two of us at home, I was around seventeen then and my sister was twenty two. She had gone out and told me if she did not come back home that night not to... [more]

Sister caught me

I was masturbating when I was about thirteen, certainly was not the first time I just was a little stupid to think my sister would not come in my closed bedroom door. I closed the door and put in some ear buds so I could watch some porn without her hearing it. I was pretty far along in the video and had a nice stroke going when I saw some movement... [more]

Grandma walked in and didn't stop

I was watching porn on my computer. Milf porn. Im in another zone and just doing my thing. i'm 20 so I'm always busting a nut all day LOL. Anyway my back is to the room so Idk if anyone walks by or in. my grandma lives in the downstairs apartment. I'm doing my thing and after I orgasmed i turned around and was shocked when I saw her watching from... [more]

Caught wearing panties

I've had a secret panty wearing fetish for my entire adult life. In every relationship I had (2 ex-wives and every girlfriend, especially when we lived together) I'd secretly wear some of their panties. I would only do this when I was by myself at home. I'd put on a pair of her sexy panties and prance around the house in them. I would always get... [more]

I spied on my boyfriend masturbating

Recently I've been obsessed with the idea of seeing my boyfriend wank, but I don't think he would ever let me watch. The other day I was going out and knew he would be straight onto porn sites so I put a hidden camera under the table, aimed perfectly at his crotch.
As soon as I got home I checked it, within 7 minutes of me leaving he had his... [more]

Too many cute co-workers

I’m super into a guy at my job who works the morning shift, we'll call him Mike. For nearly 4 months I’ve been trying to didn’t time with him but he’s working two jobs and having health issues so we haven’t the chance to do much… I recently made out with our other co-worker, we'll call him joey… it kind just happened we smoked together after work... [more]

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