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I kept my job

During the huge economic downturn in 2006 I was working for a pretty large real estate company. I did all the paperwork, filing and just about anything my boss wanted me to do. I had been working there for about five years when all of this happened and we were all worried about losing our jobs because there was nothing going on in the office... [more]


I am a 40 something man. I often have fantasies i worry about.
My fantasies revolve around my step daughterand her friends. They are all at least 16 or older.
I stroke my cock thinking of their hands and mouth on me sliding up and down. I thinkof how their pussies and asses would feel as i slide my cock into them. I imagine each... [more]

Neighbors wife

I woke up one morning to someone knocking on my door, it was my neighbor and his car would not start. He was really worried he was going to get fired if he missed work so I thru on some clothes real fast and jumped his car to get him going. His battery was barely getting a charge and I told him that he probably would not be able to restart it at... [more]

Daughter got tits

Well how and where do I start from about 14 I wanted my daughter she developed huge tits 36dd at her young age and boy did I enjoy looking down her top or watching her school blouse struggle to contain them. Bigger than her mom by a distance and a firm favourite with her daddy.
I found ways to get close she would hug me tight pushing her tits... [more]

Barely making it

We started out really just making it very young, we only lived on his pay check because I had to stay home with our child after I had him. I could not get a job making more than it cost for daycare and a car to get there so I found work right in the mobile home park we lived in doing cleaning and odd jobs for some of the older people. The first... [more]

Granny porn normal for you guys?

So, my bf watches granny porn. I look at his search history all the time because the minute I walk out of the house he's watching porn, and I like to see what he's watching. It's usually milfs and he's has actually searched for "granny porn". He's watched stuff with REALLY old women, like in their 80s. Is this normal for you guys? We're both in... [more]

Have the hots for friend's husband

I'm 24f and single. For a few months I've been friends with this other woman at work who is a little older (32) and we've been hanging out, sometimes with her husband, who is the same age as her.
It's been great--we've gone out to dinner, seen movies together, had drinks. The thing is that my friend's husband is fucking electric--he is so... [more]

Work team building weekend

I recently went on a work team building weekend, it was billed as an opportunity to build team relationships and practice working together, we were told it would involve hill walking and camping. I'm an outdoors kinda girl so i thought it would be fun, it was a bit more extreme.
On the coach, names were drawn out of a hat and we were assigned a... [more]

Prior boss was great

I worked at a small firm about five years ago and my boss was great with allowing me to be really flexible. I was a single mom at the time and my youngest was not in school yet so my days would not always go as planned. He never complained at all and was always supportive whenever something came up and I had to work from home. I was always worried... [more]

Sun bathing in my back yard

I did this a few years ago and have repeated it a few times since then. We had received a lot of rain and the lawn service man we use was off schedule. It was a beautiful day and he usually came by in the mornings so in the early afternoon I decided that I wanted to lay out and soak up some sun.
I was in my lounger on the back patio for about... [more]

Step daughter vrs wife

Don't worry my step daughter is of appropriate age. She and I are having a sexually explosive relationship. She is stunningly beautiful just like her mom. The only down side is ( sex wise ) is the step daughter is very loose so I know she's been with alot of men. Where my wife is way tighter and has way bigger tits. I always thought that this... [more]

Good wife Bad time

For those who care, this is a true story that happen in 2007. My wife and I had been married 15 yrs at this point with two small children we had adopted 3 yrs prior due to our inability to get pregnant. Anyway, a little about us. I was 38 and she was a beautiful 35yr old milf with an olive complexion, brown hair and a nice two yr old boob job. My... [more]

Fooled around with my cousin

Where I was in my late 20’s I took a part time cooking job at a busy, popular franchise restaurant. I worked with a lot of people around my age, and mostly hot younger servers. I hooked up with more than a couple in the year that I worked there. I worked with 3 siblings in the kitchen two brothers and the youngest sister. The oldest was about my... [more]

Older bf likes me to wear school uniform, is this ok?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for 2 years now, and i adore him, but i worry about our age gap and his obsession with school uniform. We got together when i was 15 and he was 22, it's was a secret relationship as my parents would go mad if they new his age. He would meet me in secret after school etc. I wore a uniform to school till i was 16 and... [more]

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