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Is having sex with someone as a favour ok?

I'm 23 and recently split up with my bf, so flying solo for a while. I still live in my parents house on a short closed street of a few houses where everyone knows everyone. Growing up I had many friends on the street and some remain. One was a boy who is now an awkward 19 yr old. He and his parents visit my parents for a party and we chatted... [more]

Monica again

Hi everyone since I posted my first post I have been thinking .
It made me feel good posting my first extramarital sex but of course since it was with a dog I cant really count it LOL.
I know now that even if you lived in the came state as we do that we will probably never meet so I hope you don't mind if I post more of our experiences .
... [more]

Unfaithfully happy

I've been married to my wife for 13 years. We dated for 2 years before we got married. The night before the last night we would be single, she asked if I was going to get laid my last night before we got married. I reminded her that it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. She said, "I wasn't talking about you and I having sex." I said... [more]

Slutty Wife WARNING!

I first met my wife about 10 years ago at orientation for a new job. When I walked into the room I was instantly drawn to her, seriously the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I knew then i HAD to be with this girl! Throughout the orientation I would intentionally get got looking at her but I'd make sure I would give her what I call the "LOOK"... [more]

Old Folks Sex Underground

Myself and my partner are retired and living in a very large retirement community in central Florida. I moved there for the golf and the warm climate, and various other amenities provided. I'm divorced and met my partner, Cindy, also divorced, in an online sex chat room. After some lively chat, and recognition of things in common, we traded nude... [more]


I was watching my niece one night when my brother needed a sitter on short notice. Usually he wouldn't ask me but I was sort of like a last resort to them. I agreed to watch her. When they dropped her off I didn't know it would be for all night. I saw them walking up with her back pack. I thought it would only be for a few hours but turns out it... [more]

Anal cherry

I’ve been married 20 years and my husband has never really tried messing with my ass. Every one in a while I masturbate and touch my asshole, it feels good, but I don’t really stick anything up there.
I went to a conference for work and on the plane met this guy from Dallas. I’m 45 and he’s 32. We talked on the plane and had a real connection... [more]

My cousin

At the time my cousin was 7 and i was 15 and she and her brother stayed at my parents house for a week. so i went in to my little sister's room where they were sleeping and i took off her t shirt and underwear which is all my cousin was wearing and i stuck my tough in her mouth and licked the inside of her mouth. i than licked the inside of her... [more]

My husband

We met in college and I have to say that it was not love at first sight for me, he is cute and very nice but he lacked confidence in all areas except math and science. I did not think that I had worn an outfit that was really sexy but according to him I was so distracting from the neck down that he could not concentrate.
He was really not that... [more]

One weird dude

I have tons of fetishes, one of which is potetial exposure. I have lost bets which ended with my pictures being posted online, some of which are still there. Just google for 'sissy tiana rachelle exposed'. Anywho... One of the littles games I play sometimes is I'll write down a bunch of kinky things in an email, then while my fiance (who is very... [more]

Humiliated in front of my girlfriend

A few months ago I had a physical confrontation with my girfriend's ex in front of her, which I posted it here as well. I did not get physically hurt, but he was able to block me more than once and eventually he made me ask to get free. I think he enjoyed showing my girlfriend that he was stronger. I later found out that he knows karate. My... [more]

I found a pair of my panties hidden in my dad's bathroom

I live with just my dad, and our house has 4bed 3 bath so we have a bathroom each. In his bathroom there is a big cupboard where all the towels are kept. Recently when getting a towel I pondered why we had so many towels and started looking at what was in there. Right at the back I found a Tupperware box which to my surprise had a collection of... [more]

Humiliated again in front of girlfriend

A few months ago I had a physical confrontation with my girfriend's ex in front of her, which I posted it here as well. I did not get physically hurt, but he was able to block me more than once and eventually he made me ask to get free. I think he enjoyed showing my girlfriend that he was stronger. I later found out that he knows karate. My... [more]

I don’t consider it insest

My mom passed away when I was 8 years old. When I was 14 my dad remarried to a very nice lady Sarah, had two children, a daughter Stacy age 13, and a son Stephen age 9. We all got along fine, it was nice having a sister and brother to hang with. I never had any type of sexually feeling toward Stacy until one night. Stacy, Stephen and I had... [more]

Addicted to strangers

I have been with probably two dozen strangers over the last three or so years. I post ads looking for men who want a woman and can host, so far all have been pretty nice and I have only ended up with multiple men once. I was really worried when the other two came out of the bathroom but honestly they treated me great and it was an amazing... [more]

Doctors my wife

My wife's visit to the doctors now my wife had been going to the same doctor since. she was a little girl she is 32 now , In all that time my wife said nothing untoward had ever happened until just recently . We was going to a party and it was some distance away so we was setting off early , We just got on are way when my wife remembered she had a... [more]

The mirror

My wife took this job working in a women's clothes shop for this guy and his wife , She said the guy was ok when his wife was about but when she wasn't he would say suggestive things and squeeze past my wife at every opportunity. She said other than that he was harmless , Anyway he would give me a good discount on anything i wanted providing i... [more]

Won the bet, I think ?

This is a true story that happened to me and my girlfriend, (now wife), 12 years ago when we were seniors in a small town community college in Maine. Well it was spring break time again, and we were starting out on our annual trip to Daytona Beach Florida. Our plan was the same as always, take turns driving straight through. Well we were somewhere... [more]

Pregnant and not worried. . .

I work in a small insurance office with four guys. I'm 6 months pregnant and often horny. I initially masturbated in the restroom to keep myself balanced, as I was horny all of the time. After a few chats with coworkers, all of us are friends, I've been fucking a couple of the guys at work.
It's cheating, I know, but it's really just... [more]

Got Pregnant On Business Trip and Husband Assumes The Child Is HI

I was traveling for business and met a rather handsome man at the hotel restaurant. I went back to his room with no intentions of doing anything but to talk and relax. I got caught up in the moment and we had sex. When he was about to enter me I asked if he had a condom and he said that he didn't. I wasn't on birth control (my husband uses... [more]

Help I fancy my brother!

We went on family holiday the week before last, 7 days in the sun, we had a villa with a private pool and i basically lived in the pool for the week. I don't hang around with my brother, we have different friends and interests so I feel like I have pretty much ignored each other for the last couple of years, despite living in the same house lol... [more]

I dream of cock

I am 80 year old man and never had cock. I can't stop looking at cock on line and jerking off to those beautiful dicks. I really want one but I am afraid of getting hurt or sick. Also worried my wife would find out and leave me. What a dilemma! It sounds so wonderful to hold a cock, feel it growing as you caress it, kissing it, worshipping it... [more]

Cheating is okay, Right?

My wife and I have been married for 4 months. This is a second marrage for both of us. We always had a full and active sex life, pleasing each other was never a problem.
Well the one thing my wife doesn't know is that I like to suck dick and have very large objects fuck my ass. I've enjoyed it since I was first molested by one of our farm... [more]

My husband has a really long and thick penis

I was a virgin when I got married and a little naïve in the sex department, I have since become a bit of a sassy sex lover, I explore all sorts of things coming up with ways to please both of us. I had given him a few hand jobs back then just to keep him from bursting, I thought he was pretty large so one day I sort of measured him up with my... [more]


A while back my other half brought up the subject of Dogging she said she was intrigued and would like to see what goes on , Anyway nothing else was said about it some months later we went to a party some distance away , On the way back I remembered there was a known Dogging site so I thought we could take a look so I told her and she seemed... [more]

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