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Too many cute co-workers

I’m super into a guy at my job who works the morning shift, we'll call him Mike. For nearly 4 months I’ve been trying to didn’t time with him but he’s working two jobs and having health issues so we haven’t the chance to do much… I recently made out with our other co-worker, we'll call him joey… it kind just happened we smoked together after work... [more]

I decided to have a delivery day

It has been a while, both for posting on here and sex.
I have been out of town on business for about four straight weeks. I decided that yesterday would be a delivery guy day and ordered five deliveries with full intentions of letting each one of them do what they wanted. I had a lot of fun.
Number three was probably the most memorable, he was... [more]


I'll shower every morning and I'm busy all day so my knickers get sweaty. But the last afternoon my pussy smells a little whiffy like ammonia, then i have to shower again. It's not std because my husband is my only sexual partner and I was so worried about my smell, that I got all testings done. Health wise I'm good down there. So why am I whiffy?

My best friends Mom

I met my friend when his family moved into our neighborhood in elementary school and one of the first things I remember was thinking how beautiful and young his mom looked compared to mine. I discovered years later that she was indeed younger than my mom by quite a few years even though we are the same age.
Growing up we had a lot of fun which... [more]

Finally caving

So I worked at a Best buy in the warehouse several years ago. My boss was bisexual. He didn't talk with any kind of lisp or anything. If you saw him, he was just every other guy. He hit on me all the time. Now, I had previous experience with men before I had ever encountered Randy. I just didnt want anyone to know I was interested in men. This was... [more]

Bad fit

I'm 19m and dating this really cute girl who is 18. She's a blast to be around and we were virgins when we met. She's 5'6", thin, really small boobs (aa size), but she's a cute redhead with a great ass. I'm really in love with her, but I'm worried that we might not be a good fit sexually.
My dick size is okay, I don't think small at 6.5"... [more]

Had sex with groom and bride on their wedding day

So at the weekend my friend got married. We have been friends since we were young so i was her maid of honour. When it came to booking the hotel for the night before, she asked if i could book one less room and i come in with her as she was nervous and wanted a friend. Fair enough. That night in the room together she recalled the time i came on... [more]

Wife's bday present

The other night I was in the living room watching a show. Wife was in bed relaxing. She texted me with, "I know what I want for my bday." I said, "Your bday isnt for 2 months." She said, "Still. I know what I want." I said, "Ok. What is it?" She said, "I want a good pounding." I said, "You don't get that already?" She said, "I mean, it's ok. Not... [more]

Passed out roommate

My roommate in college was one of those guys that was a really happy drunk but most of the time he would drink to much and end up crashed on the floor. Four of us went downtown one night and we had to carry him up from the taxi to our apartment, once we had him laying in bed they left and I stood there staring at him shaking my head. I have always... [more]


We bought a holiday home so we could use it when ever we had time off . We had a nice secluded spot on the site , So my wife could sunbathe without being seen . Their was this guy on site who would do all the maintenance for the rentals and any problems that arose , On more than one occasion we tripped the electric so we had to call into the... [more]

Husband knows I fuck my boss

I got caught. I've been fucking my boss for the last year, mostly after work. Sometimes when we finish screwing I don't even bother putting my panties back on, I'll just put them in my purse and drive home. Well I forgot to take them out and my husband needed to use my credit card, went into my purse, saw the panties, and asked why the hell I came... [more]

I kept my job

During the huge economic downturn in 2006 I was working for a pretty large real estate company. I did all the paperwork, filing and just about anything my boss wanted me to do. I had been working there for about five years when all of this happened and we were all worried about losing our jobs because there was nothing going on in the office... [more]


I am a 40 something man. I often have fantasies i worry about.
My fantasies revolve around my step daughterand her friends. They are all at least 16 or older.
I stroke my cock thinking of their hands and mouth on me sliding up and down. I thinkof how their pussies and asses would feel as i slide my cock into them. I imagine each... [more]

Neighbors wife

I woke up one morning to someone knocking on my door, it was my neighbor and his car would not start. He was really worried he was going to get fired if he missed work so I thru on some clothes real fast and jumped his car to get him going. His battery was barely getting a charge and I told him that he probably would not be able to restart it at... [more]

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