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Cheating is wrong

Growing up, we didn't immediately know what our purpose was. I grew up with the nature that women was my purpose.
Getting as many girls and having as much sex as possible was thrilling, exciting, and being accepted into another person's body is intensely beautiful, erotic and fulfilling and bonding.
I've slept with over 18 women and... [more]

I jerked off in a restaurant bathroom

Yesterday My wife and I went to dinner at a restaurant around the corner from were we live. This place always has some hot ladies working . Our waitress comes to the table wearing her mask but even with the mask on you can tell she is hot as fuck. she is wearing black leggings which shows off her perfect ass and i had a real hard time not looking... [more]

My Wife Wants a Girlfriend

My wife is Bi, and I adore that about her. We met on-line and lived in different cities, so we chatted about everything for a long time before we met in real life. Thorough our chats, I figured out that she was (is) Bi. She was embarrassed a bit at first, as she had kept it as her deep, dark secret.
I told her that I was completely okay... [more]

Sister in law

I lived with my sister in law for about a year and I would cum into her clean and dirty underwear. And I want to know ladies you think she knew?

I'm gonna take the plunge and visit an escort

This is a long winded read, but I like to tell a story and to give a heads-up to those that complained about another story I posted being too long. So here goes.
I've been with the wife for 15 years now and everything has been good. The love is still there and all that... except for doing the deed. I've brought it up I don't know how many... [more]

Why i am suck a cock and balls loving women

I was in my first year of my marriage ( i was only 19 years old) and my husband and i got drunk really drunk with his best friend. my husband and i moved to the bedroom and started fucking and it felt great.I had quite a sexual power over my husband . He was not a wimp but he would do as he was told to get his dick caress ( for a better... [more]

I’m a little too much

Honestly, it started in middle school. I have had my eyes on my cousin for years. Maybe since 2007? We were about 7th/8th grade. We were very close back then and I always noticed how big her boobs are. She’s short too, so her ass is nice. I remember one time she asked me to massage her and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I have her a proper massage... [more]

Motivated FWBs are twice as fun as 10s

I've been with very attractive women and jumped through all kinds of hoops to please them. Inevitably there came a point when it felt as if my efforts to pleasure them were received as if THEY were doing ME a favor. I do enjoy pleasing, but if my efforts aren't appreciated, whats the point.
I also enjoy playing a more dominant selfish role. If... [more]

Never been Gay or Bi, but considering it more and more lately

As a mid 20s guy who wants to be a massive fat feedee, I've been trying to find women who'd be open to having a fat hubby and feeding me, but the less luck I have while looking, the more I'm sorta considering becoming Bi. I've not really attracted to men though so I'm not sure I'd even want to try it irl. Still, sometimes I'm so desperate to... [more]

Cock today ?

How many ladies sucked and/or fucked a nice big cock today ?

Same town

I recently ran into a woman at a store different than the one I first saw her in. I used to ask her if she ever gotten any two dollar bills to save them for me. She vanished until I saw her at the new store. I was surprised to see her and she let me hug her. I asked if I could get her number so we didn't lose contact again. After that I'm not sure... [more]

It developed over time

My 39-year-old uncle and I had started getting closer over the past few years. I grew up living in the same town as him, but never really visited him much. After him and my aunt got divorced, him and I started to talk more, and tease each other. I used to crack jokes to him, and flip him off while I drove by. He'd laugh it off, and flip me off... [more]

Your cum

Men please eat better and exercise. Women like myself and men who like to swallow don’t like your sour cum. Please appreciate our services by making better life choices.


Black women are the only perfectly built humans. The come in every shade and shape. They are GODDESSES. If you ever are fortunate enough to be graced by their presents worship them and treat the as the queens they are.

Wicked Parents

What I'm going to confess was done in past. My wife and I bonded with our gifted son. I was walking down the hall and my son's door was a bit open. He was stroking his cock while looking at a nude women magazine. I envied him because mines was average size. He has a very long snake like dick. He was holding it with both of his hands. I was... [more]

It all started with a gangbang

It happened 5 years ago when I was 15 but now I'm 20. I used to go to parties very often. It was summer vacation so no school. I used to enjoy getting drunk, and my friends dragging me to go back to my apartment. I don't live with my parents, I was kicked out so I started living with my bestie. It was one time when my bestie went out with her... [more]

Looking for Illinois friends

Email me and see where things go. M or F im looking for a bi buddy for preferably a regular thing. Im also into women who like bi guys and willing to hookup with or chat/sext with anyone who gets off on it. Watching porn online or whatever. Im very open minded and nonjudicial, i am of course bisexual not bi curious but not pushy with first timers... [more]

Women are Stupid and Useless

Some stupid bitch on Twitch said that if a Man cheats on a woman it's a man's fault but if a woman cheats on a man it's his fault for being a shitty lover. No you stupid bitch it's your fault because you women are too goddamn inbred and stupid to know your fucking place in this world and saying shit like that is like saying "Hit me please because... [more]

I Hate All Women

Women are Trash all they do is complain about Men and they act like the world revolves around them. No you dumb bitches Women are trash and deserve to be treated like trash and I want nothing to do with Women in fact I wish all women in this world would all die and the world would be a better place.

Husband's co-workers

I am 47, married to my husband since we were 18, and I can't stop fantasizing about fucking his co-workers. He works at a prison, and works with mostly men but quite a few women too. I used to fantasize about cheating with one of his male co-workers. My husband and I have an awesome sex life, but it just seems dangerous and thrilling fuck someone... [more]

Devotional sex

This is a true story of how my wife and I stumbled across a very exciting part of our current sex life. It may seem incredible, but it is all true and she will be reading this before I post it online. It explains how the first cum tasting experience happened and our discovery of something called "Devotional Sex". Later in my other recounting of... [more]

Attracted to elderly women

For quite some time, I've had an attraction to and fondness for older women. A few years ago, I worked as a patient care technician at a local hospital. Many of the patients that I cared for were in the 60-100 year age range. Some were able to get out of bed with assistance to get to the bathroom & shower while others were bed bound & unable... [more]

Church ladies

Noticed a lot of my church members are on insta, fancy some of the older ladies, milfs and gilfs. So I created a fake account and sent them my dick pic. I would say all that I wanted to tell them and with a pic of my cock. Such a turn on to know they have seen my cock. I had an affair with a couple so I know that some are repressed and secretly... [more]

I want her panties!

I have been jerking off to the sexy news anchor on my local news channel for years now. She is so fucking sexy and beautiful. and she is almost 50 years old. I googled her name and her address showed up. I want to break into her home and steal some of her underwear and pantyhose. But i noticed she has a alarm system and cameras all over the house... [more]

Into Mature Filipino women

Idk why but im way too much into older filipino or any asian looking women who are chubby and have like dark black nipples and bigger areolas might be cause i have a filipino friend who is chubby like that but yea thats it ..

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