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The Favorite Aunt

I'm going to make a very long story short, my wife has an aunt that is beloved by everyone in the family, she is a great lady who lost her husband a couple of years ago.
I had not seen her in a while and we went to a ceremony where we celebrated one year of the passing of her husband.
Should I have always had a good relationship, I really enjoy... [more]

The Favorite Aunt

I'm going to make a very long story short, my wife has an aunt that is beloved by everyone in the family, she is a great lady who lost her husband a couple of years ago.
I had not seen her in a while and we went to a ceremony where we celebrated one year of the passing of her husband.
Should I have always had a good relationship, I really enjoy... [more]


I'm a crossdresser, but no one knows about it. I keep that to myself But one day something strange happened to me that I've always dreamed about. I work at this rec center. Been working there for years. There was this young girl name Melody that started coming up to the center every morning just to hang around and talk. She was cute, kinda thin... [more]

Young meets old Part# TWO

I'd made friends with 2 much older men back in the late 70's and we'd been getting together making copies of XXX Rated DVD's because the closest place to buy any were in a larger city an hour's drive away. My wife and I were 19 yrs old and had been married for a year. And for half that time we'd been involved in nude photography, 3-somes, wife... [more]

I have always wanted this to happen again

When I was in college several years ago I lived in the dorm the first two years then three of us decided to get an apartment for the next two years. We were all close and it was going to be much cheaper than the dorm so our parents were all for it.
I started college a virgin but by the end of my first year I had made love with three men and one... [more]

All started with a simple ad

I had been without a good cock sucking for many months, my wife just told me one day even after she had just given me a great blow job that it just did not turn her on anymore. She has never even played with my cock since and even though I have asked and tried to make love to her she just does not want it. We are in our mid to late fifties and I... [more]

An afternoon at the beach

I was at the beach one afternoon and I was lookin' at the women there and I saw a few that really made my dick get hard when I was lookin' at them in their bikinis. I would've pulled my dick out and jacked off right there in front of one of them but I didn't want anyone to see so I waited until almost everyone left before I did it. There was a... [more]

My naive young wife got a good fucking

Talked her into going to a swing club and after we checked in, we were given just a white towel each. Into the locker room, we undressed and come out wearing just a towel. We stood within a group of about 25 people, talking and viewing the happenings. I turned to my wife and listened as two different men were talking with her. One of the two men... [more]

I collect dirty panties

I collect Kearney panties I love dirty Kenny's I love to sniff what can you play with dirty panties I love the way they taste and smell if there are any girls out there especially young women or if anyone out there has any young daughters especially around the ages of 8 to 13 I would love if you could please send me a pair but I will accept them... [more]

Facesit Issue

Hi everyone,
I have a confession. Right to the point, I love being facesat by females. I am a male living in Chicago. I always fantasize about women sitting on my face in shorts, panties, tight yoga pants or of course nude. Many times I fantasize this being a one time thing. We meet somewhere, she sits on my face, I give her pleasure and go our... [more]

I became a halfway house cocksucking slut

I had to spend some time in a halfway house before I was released and i lived in a 40 man dorm. My bunk mate was friendly and after a few days we started talking about our sexual encounters. He was wrapped up in a blanket as it was winter and cold in the dorm. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. As we talked he kept reaching in... [more]

Transexual Women

Transexual women give the best blow jobs I have ever had.

Question for the women

Ok ladies has any one asked you to have sex with another man or men? What was the first thing to go through your mind, what did you think? Did he want to watch? Did you do It? What happened?

What women feel about a man with a lingerie fetish.

I'm a 55 year old man who loves wearing all the silky things women wear under their clothes. Brief panties, firm control shapewear, garter belts & all kinds of stockings, short half slips, soft cup bras, and silky camisoles are what I love to wear. Back in the 80's not many women I confided in were accepting of this. Have women become more open... [more]

Am I fucked up?

I am a 21-year-old and I enjoy underaged fantasy. I love the thought of girls, and sometimes boy's, that are under the age of 18 and usually about 12 or 13. I know that most people think this is fucked up and wrong and I see why; what I am wondering is how many other people out there feel the same way about underaged children? And are there... [more]

Wife is cheating and I love it

So I started a job 8 months ago working 3rd shift. Pays a hell of a lot more. Wife said she was cool with it because we would be able to afford better things. Unfortunately our sex life has suffered. I work 6 till 4am. Sleep during the day. We went from sex 2-3 times a week to once a week. Sometimes once every other week.
So last week I was at... [more]

Sex With Mother Inlaw

I'm 45 and my mother in law is 76. A few years ago my MIL moved in with my wife and I. My wife works out of state a lot which leaves my MIL and I home alone . A few months ago we were watching a movie, in some scenes people were having hard core sex. My MIL commented "they are really getting with ain't they?" I was a little embarrassed and asked... [more]

(fiction) a woman with a dick

Susie was out one day by herself and she was shopping for jeans. The women noticed Susie acting
like something was the matter. One of the women walked over to Susie and asked if she was okay and Susie said "yeah I'm okay" and she asked where the changing rooms were and the woman said "in the back". Susie walked to the back and went into the... [more]

I don't get it.

There's a mum who walks past my house every day to do the school run. She's overweight, unattractive, gobby, sweary, spits as she smokes and walks, clothes are scruffy etc. She has 5 children, under 9 one being in the pushchair. The oldest 2 are black, then the other two are white, then the one in the pushchair is black. Her boyfriend is black... [more]


A friend of mine's husband is a gynecologist. I've known him for a couple of years, and purely on a friend level, he's very attractive: handsome, funny, and a joy to be around. I don't tell my friend that when I come over that I have as much fun seeing him as seeing her.
Anyway, I was due for a routine gynecological exam, didn't have a doctor... [more]

Wife's bday gift

So my wife and I went out a week ago to her birthday dinner with her sister and her sister's husband. My wife, becky, has a pretty physically demanding job so her sister got her a gift card for a massage. Becky was happy as she's always wanted a professional massage. She said, "Have you been to this place?" Her sister Sarah said, "Yep. That's why... [more]

A perfect view

I'm a carpenter and do home renovations in Florida where I bought a run down 4 bedroom house a block from the beach. Took me six months to do all the renovations and last March it was finally finished. The first floor is a rec. room with a bar and two bedrooms plus a two car garage. The second floor is a living room, kitchen, my master bedroom and... [more]

White guilt experience: extreme humiliation

I have a close friend, C, who recruited me to join her for what she called a “white guilt experience.” I’ve personally never bought into the whole white guilt thing but C is a little more sensitive to it. She’s in her late 20s, I’m about 10 years older.
When I asked her what a white guilt experience was I couldn’t believe it. I’ve heard of... [more]

Ladies what do you do?

Ladies. your man or your boyfriend has friends or you have coworkers that hit on you behind your mans back what do honestly do?
You take it as a compliment cause he’s cute and it turned you on and say nothing ever?
You tell your man cause you don’t like him being around someone that calls himself a friend of your man and hits on you and cares... [more]

I love women

I have fucked so many women being married. I lost track at 50 women, every one has been special. Haters are going to hate, my wife isn't interested in sex. I go find women that are

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