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Son loves older women

I live alone with my son. I'm 45, he's 15. His father and I divorced when our son was 4. I've had some friendships and one nicht stands over the years but no close ralationships. I don't know if ist important but I did not have sex with someone for the last 3 years.
It's 2 weeks ago when I came home from work. It was a bit earlier than the most... [more]

Bad Mom?

I am 35, married. we try to get pregnant for a while now, but it did not work upto now. We live in a townhouse and next to us lives a divorced mom with 2 kids. The kids are 8 (girl) and 12 (boy). Sometimes I help her by sitting for the kids, when she has a date. I already knew her before the pregnancies and the divorce amd in the beginning she did... [more]

Giving blow jobs

The first time I gave a blow job I was around twelve and I was camping out in the backyard with a friend, we usually had more of us but for some reason the others could not join. We did the usual thing for back then bringing out snacks, setting up our sleeping areas and of course getting porn magazines from my dads stash in the garage.
We stayed... [more]

Turned on by her actions

We were married for 7 years when I told her I wasn’t happy. Right away she assumed I had already cheated on her. Out sex had pretty much came to a halt months before me telling her how I felt.
I pretty much assumed she was having sexual relationships with guys at her work. She continued to tell me how she went to lunch with Blake who was also... [more]

Rental apartment

I added an apartment above my garage when I built it because I live just a few miles from a large university. I have rented it out steadily for the last twelve years or so with very few issues and mostly to women for some reason. I did not choose them that way it just always seem to be that women were the first ones to respond to my ads or had a... [more]

Lady down the road

I grew up out in the country with corn fields all around. There was a neighbor who lived about half a mile down the road, old Mr. Kessler lived there by himself for years. When I was 14 he passed away and the house sat empty for a couple years before someone bought it and fixed it up, moving in.
My parents used to leave me home alone all the... [more]

Sissy faggot boy

Well a couple of days I want to a hair salon and bough as new wig and the owner and me talk for a while about the look I wanted so I Tryed on a few wigs and I found the one and she agreed. So she ask if I want her to do my makeup and put it on the wig then I said how about Saturday afternoon say about four she ok. So Saturday she about three and... [more]

Pool hottie

I'm 45 years old married to a my wife who is 47 years old. She may be pushing 50, but she still has a smoking hot body. She has nice big tits, perfect legs, and she gets a nice golden tan that most women would die to have. She on the other hand has been feeling down for the last couple years due to her age.
We live on a major US highway just... [more]

Still a virgin

I'm a 52 year old man who is still a virgin. I have always been really shy around people, especially women. I want to fuck a woman so bad that it literally hurts sometimes, and I have to masterbate to relieve the pain. I saw a psychologist a few years ago who diagnosed me with acute social anxiety disorder and gave me some medications to help, but... [more]

Young and pregnant

Hi my name is Carrie,
I was young at the time and two months pregnant when this happened so please understand.
My Mother was out of the hospital and needed help around the house so I talked it over with my husband Jessy and we decided that I should go down and help her for about a week so I flew to LAX and my step Father picked me up .
They... [more]

Old dirt road

My husband and I live in the country along on old dirt road. Needless to say we very rarely ever see a car come down our road, and when they do, it's normal because they are lost or their GPS is wrong. There is a creek that runs under a bridge about 500 yards from our place. Hubby and I frequently walk to the bridge for exercise and sometimes... [more]

Athletic white male Seeking dominant woman to cuckhold me

I am athletic 50, great shape, I definitely prefer women but have had strong desires for sexy muscle men or a man with a big one, especially black men.

My first blowjob

This goes a way back to the early 70's. I had just met my wife to be and she sure was hot. She had all the right curves and huge boobs that even with a bra they would sway as she walked and I always had a perpetual hard-on as I would watch the action of her tits. We had many dates before anything happened sex wise bcuz back then it was accepted... [more]

Flashing my panties

I have a fetish for women's panties. Coupled with the fact that I also have a tiny dick that most women wouldn't enjoy fucking, I get really turned on when a woman sees my tiny dick in panties and tries her best not to keep looking and laughing.
My dick, when fully erect is 4 inches long. When soft, its about an inch. A lot of my female... [more]

Cuckold husbands

I read quite a few posts here about relationships where the husband is considered a cuckold however very few if any ever mention the husband being locked in a chastity cage.
I feel it is essential for a real cuckold relationship that the wife is in complete control, dominating her man and that means having his penis caged, locked and under... [more]

Unexpected fun with my daughter-in-law

Almost since my son married, I have fantasied about his wife. Over the years I have seen a few nice pics of her but nothing like what happened a few days ago. I have seen down here shirts but never a good view of those lovely breasts. So I went over to take something to there house and she was home alone and when we spoke I could tell something... [more]

Do Women Prefer To Suck Other Women's Tongue or Men's Dick?

I was wondering for a long while, and Bing doesn't have answers for this. Do women prefer sucking dick or sucking another woman's tongue? If tongue, does it have to be as long as a dick? I remember just before I had to break up with my ex. I finally convinced her to tongue suck, and she loved it and I loved the feel of all of it in my mouth. ... [more]

A fantasy for her

OK, so the wife and I have been married for over 25 years, we spent the majority of that time raising a family. Now that the kids are a bit older, we have time to get back into our hobbies and adventures. We have always had a healthy sex life. We are big fans of fantasies in the bedroom to the point of going out to bars and then pretending to... [more]

Wife upset over porn

I'm over 50 years old, married to my current wife for 16 years now. She gets really upset if she catches me watching porn on my computer, crying about how I would rather have some hot porn star than her, and how if I really loved her I wouldn't have to look at other women. I'm like, fuck you bitch, I'm a grown fucking man and if I want to watch... [more]

Question for the Ladies. What makes you cheat?

What makes you cheat? Is it for an orgasm? Power? Do you really want 2 guys? Spill your guts here.

Black women

I have always had a fetish for big black women in heels I find them so pretty and would love a spanking over a black woman's big thunder thighs then made to suck her chubby painted toes before I get face say on with her huge buttocks anyone share my passion?

Dog fantasy

I've heard of women fucking their dogs but I'm a guy and have a craving to see my cock inside a bitch! My girlfriend has a small dog so that's not an option but wondered if anyone has a female dog that they fuck? The thought of the fur and wrongness of the fuck has me hard every time I think about it!

It’s my past

My husband expects I have a promiscuous past but he has no idea.
The 15 months between my break up with my long term bf and meeting him I was a slut. I slept with 82 people and did anything and everything. I had sex with both men and women including several 3sums. I had met a black man who was 8 years older than me who became my trainer. He... [more]

Fisk's First Wife ( Part Two )

Fisk didn't even blink when I told him my wife wouldn't be joining us. He asked, " Can we go downstairs ? " I had a large " party room " that adjoined the laundry where I had some neon beer lights, a bar, a dart board, and some worn out wicker furniture. Beck came back with hair scrunchies, and acted a little disappointed my wife wasn't joining... [more]

Changing rooms

I'm on vacation with my girlfriend and to cut costs we've been staying with friends and family when we can. We made a trip to Disneyland and stayed with my aunt and uncle outside of LA. They said they were hosting a block party with the folks in their gated community, so it would be extra fun if we were into it. We said sure and it sounded like... [more]

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