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Perpetually engaged

I met my girl a few years back on a dating site. She's ten years older, which I love: I was always into older women. We're engaged to be married and she's pregnant with my baby.
We met on that website while actively looking for partners with each other's characteristics. She wanted a tall, buff man, younger so he had a strong sex drive (I was 25... [more]

My hot Mother-in-law

I will never forget the day I met the woman who would become my mother-in-law. She was wearing a green sleeveless button-up blouse that accented her nice rack and set my heart racing as I got lost in her deep cleavage. She was wearing some " Daisy Duke" styled cutoff blue jean shorts, and I became so f**king hard looking at her. Her voice was... [more]

Pervert part two

I went for a walk a few weeks later and I stopped by a house in another neighborhood and listened to the sound of a horse. I knew what was going on, the woman of the house was out in the barn with the horse. I thought the horse might have been mating with a female. My dick got hard thinking about what the woman was doing so I took my chances and... [more]

Im a tights thief

I'm a straight man that has an uncontrolled tights fetish. I get so turned on by women wearing tights, I love the feeling of them and love wearing tights myself. I also cannot stop myself from steeling tights from women I know or someone who has them lying around in a wash basket, washing pile or from their tights draw. I have stolen them from... [more]

Do any women do Jessica Rabbit Cosplay ?

Hi, my name's Joseph and I was wondering are there any women that could impersonate Jessica Rabbit ? You know she's tall white has red hair and wears a red dress get back sometime with comments please Because if there are any women that can impersonate Jessica Rabbit I have some fun ideas

Watching my neighbor

I am retired, widowed and live in a fairly nice neighborhood, been here for about 35 years now. The house behind me recently, like within the last year, had a young couple move in and they seem nice but other then a few hellos and waves we do not talk. I was sitting in my living room which faces their house and as I got up to go into the kitchen I... [more]

How I met my wife

I work at a really large automobile company so seeing new people happens daily, there are like four thousand people that work at the assembly plant. I had to go down to the ergonomics department one day and there sitting at a desk was an absolutely gorgeous woman, she had started about three weeks before I met her. I mean she was so gorgeous that... [more]

I've wanted my MIL for 37 years

I married my wife 36 years ago. My MIL was 42 at the time. She is short and curvy with huge breasts, similar to my wife's. My wife says that they look almost identical, but I can only imagine. When we dated, I would catch her sometimes washing her hair in the kitchen sink, wearing her bra. It was always on days that she knew I would be coming... [more]

Do any young ladies (18-27ish) desire older men?

Just curious.. Are there any girls 18 to around 27 who question what it would be like to have sex with an attractive older wm in his 50's? TX


My fantasy is to be taken into a room full of wonen by my wife dressed as a sissy no panties and made to have a riding crop fight with the other womens sissies where we could only whip once each in turn while the women cheer yell and bet on the winner and laugh at our yelps and jumps as we jump with our knees almost at our chests as the whips... [more]

How I lost my virginity

To describe my first time in a few words, “It was very painful, very bloody.” I was 16 and living in Ft. Meyers, FL. My boyfriend “Kenny” was 18. We had been dating for a while and losing my virginity to him was basically driven by momentum. At the time, it felt like it was just the next step in our relationship.
As a teen, I had matured... [more]

Online fun

Well I have been visiting these online sites and sharing pictures with older women mostly 30 to 50 who just want to be naughty,I like it when they want to rub themselves and also want me to watch and say dirty things to them.It gives me some pleasure when I know that I just can get them wet or they get horny just by exhibiting.Sometimes they just... [more]

Cuckold Hubby

I have had a relationship with a young well hung stud at my work for about 3 years about 2 years ago my husband brought up the idea of being locked in a chastity cage so I jumped at it, after he was locked for 3 months I told him about John and explained John would be sleeping with me quite often and he would move into the downstairs... [more]

My coworker

We worked next to each other for about two years when one day while we were leaving work she was walking with me to the parking lot, she had started doing this for a few weeks which I found odd but never asked her about it. We were having a pretty normal conversation when out of the blue she asked me why I have never asked her out to dinner or... [more]

She screwed me up

I think I was around eleven the first time it happened and continued on from there until I moved out. I remember coming home and she was really happy, little did I know at that time how many pills she took per day. She kept telling me how good I was and how did I turn out so smart, she wanted me to change out of my school clothes and we went to my... [more]

Cruise head

My wife and I went on a cruise and she told me it was going to be a great time, you feel like a whole new person when you take one. She had been on dozens of them but this was my first one. I never thought I would enjoy it, seemed like it would just be the same thing everyday. I am also enjoy sucking cock, I travel some for my job so quite often I... [more]

Sister sucking me

Years ago I talked my sister into sucking my cock, it was not hard to do at all and afterwards I thought she would end up telling our Mom about it but she told me she would not say anything. I guess it was a few days later she came to my room and asked if I wanted her to do it again, I told her she could do it anytime she wanted and that I would... [more]


I'm male 50 having a dream about all my wife's female relatives in my dream I gave sex with all in an experiment to assess which of them is the best to fuck.
The age range is from 16 to 85 5 females
Wife's sister her daughter by another guy her grandaughter her mother and wife's daughter by me.
In my dream I take care to fuck each one in every... [more]

Old lady

I really want to fuck an older woman. Im 26, and wish to hook up with a lady in her 50s-60s i love a woman with experience. Van couver is the best. But I wish to meet older women. Preferably blonde or an asian woman. Gotta love them.

My Aunt

My Aunt was amazing, she was widowed when my dad's brother passed away and since they had no children she was really close to our family. She only lived about three miles from us so I was tasked with everything from yard maintenance to house painting to changing a light bulb. I did anything for her because after about a year of his passing she... [more]

I have a HUGE problem

I started cheating on my husband a few years ago, I know this is not a new topic and probably pretty common on this site. The problem is that my son in law caught me doing this and the next thing I know he shows up one morning after my husband went to work and told me that he has always thought I was really hot and would I have sex with him. I... [more]

My colleagues wives were jealous that I was flirting with their h

I was working in a realestate office for commercial realestate.
It mostly was male realtors and I was more of a administrator and receptionist
I was wearing dresses that were inappropriate for the office.
I had been somewhat flirtatious with to of the Realtors that were married in the office. The one realtors wife must have known about me... [more]

My wild fetishes and fantasies

I am curious about how and why I have some kinky desires from time to time. Some are no doubt borne of early life experiences.
There are definite humiliation aspects to some fantasies. I have always been attracted to women, hot girls, and have had sexual relationships with many girlfriends, and one wife. But I have also had bisexual or... [more]

Husbands gift

My husband revealed to me after 5 years of marriage that he’s fantasized about seeing me in a porn film with other men or couples.
I asked him why and details and he said he’s really liked GB videos and videos where there is filthy dirty talk and rough sex.
This has made me wonder if I should find people to make a home video and be used and... [more]

Genital area beautiful shapes

Do ladies out there get embarrassed when wearing yoga pants and something tight fitting. It shows the beautiful shapes of the Vulva! Al le “”Cameltoe” I don’t think you should be it’s beautiful to see and you should be proud of that lovely vision for us men

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