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Fully naked and fully hard during Thai massage

I have had a few Thai massages now. The first and second were just very good massages, but the third included a happy ending. The happy ending massage was not the best but was worth the money. We knew from the start there was going to be a happy ending so the massage was limited in intensity and effort. She rubbed my bum cheeks slot and... [more]

Women watching two men together

I know men love to watch two women together but do women get turned on when seeing two men together. I heard this was true but don’t believe it. Any women out there get turned on by watching two men together?

Asian love

A few months when I visited my local pharmacy chemist I was greeted by a very pretty Asian Chinese woman. I immediately took a liking to her as she was warm and friendly over the coming weeks I say her now and again and became really friendly with her name is Ang then one day we met in the post office. I asked her if she would like to go for a... [more]

Cheating With My Neighbor - Chaper 1

Chapter 1 - We Moved It Up a Notch…

On my back covered and screened-in porch was a Futon. When we sat on my Futon, we first sat far apart. But as time rolled on, we started sitting closer and closer to each other.
Then when she would arrive at my house or leave we would hug. Those hugs were quick on at first, but we began having more... [more]

If you could, would you hire a porn star?

If the lotto went my way, I would put serious thought into it. I'm almost 50 so my taste leans more to the mature ladies because after a blow my wad, I'm done for the night. So I would pick someone I can have a conversation with, especially if I hired her for the weekend. Off the top of my head, I would pick Brianna Beach, Mandy Flores and if I... [more]

Sex with age difference

Just started seeing a much older women I'm 51 she is 80 i have the urge to have sex with her she still looks good tidy body. Question is she wants friendship and companionship should I try to get her knickers off and pound her mature pussy.


Hi everyone my name is Cassie Harsh from Lakeland fl. I am a crossdresser and I needed some cock last night So I called a friend and he came. With two more guys So I was going to get lots of cock so I sucked all three of them hard and I got on top of one of them and one in my month and then the other guy put his dick in my ass to so two in my ass... [more]

Girls who fuck with boars

Hey ladies, I’d love to hear from any of you who have had sex with a boar, or women who fantasise about it.
For the ladies who have, what is it like? Was it rough, gentle?
How did the cock feel twisting around inside you?
What does it feel like when his cock locks into your cervix?
Does your womb swell to make you look pregnant?
What... [more]

Big ass

I want to put my face between a women with a nice big ass.

I want a black man’s baby

My husband and I ware white in our late 20’s married 4 years. Since we got married we have very little sex. In fact for the past year none at all. I keep him locked in Mae chastity (a cocktail cage). I only have sex with Black men.
My goal is to become pregnant by a Black man. I recently spent a weekend with a Black guy who works with my... [more]

Loving wife

Spring and Summer are the busiest times for me at work. We finished early this year and the wife and I were able to go on vacation last week. I have to admit that my biggest fantasy is to watch my wife fuck another man. For years I have asked her to fill that fantasy and for years she has declined.
We went to the Yellowstone area and rented a... [more]

I am 100% a voyeur. i am most excited to watch someone shit/piss

shower, masturbate or any other activity they are doing without knowing than any prospect of having sex with them..even if i already have and can again.
things i have seen without them knowing
1.girlfriends toilet activities and her intense study after each wipe of her ass, and listening to her shit and farts come out while watching her face... [more]

White thighs

I have many fetishes I have picked up over my lifetime. This one is directly related to intergration. I had my first orgasm at 12 years old. After that I would jerk off several times a day. Just to set things in context I am a black guy. So to continue , this was during the civil rights era. I was transferred to an almost all white middle school... [more]

Naughty Married Women

Are there any married women that have the itch to have discreet sex or like erotic chat with married men?

Where are all the pedo women at

There’s gotta be one out there ?

I'm strange

Hello, I know to most this will sound horrendous but I enjoy humiliation do much by women not sure why , i really dont care about me feelings and is love to b spanked over my mum's knee while wearing her clothes nice red bare bottom mum laughing at me and having aunty film it then post it all over Facebook for family and friends to see would be... [more]

Uncle Chuck's Vacation

My uncle Chuck is a nice man and my best friend. We have always been close and he's not like other men. He is always gentle with me in the things that matter to us. For my twelfth birthday he told me that he wanted to take me on a long trip. He asked my parents if he could take me on this trip after school let out for the Summer, they gave him... [more]

BBW sex behind wifes back

I am a 42yo married man and i love my wife. She is a BBW and very sexy. But her sex drive have slowed down tremendously over the years. So lately I have been having sex with random BBW women that I meet in many different places. Stores, parks, work. I have gotten to the point of just walking up to random women and nicely make a comment about... [more]

Why I like older Ladies

When I was around 14/15 and I was under my hormones, I once heard two of the most popular boys talk about a women they knew and they told each other how they fucked her.
I did not know the lady but I knew where she lives because the boys talked about it. So I took all my courage in my hands and called her and offered her to do her lawn and... [more]

Butt plugs

Are there any women out there that like to wear butt plugs while out in public?

Giant Bear

This is really weird because I’ve never told anyone I do this but I am a 33 year old women and I love masterbating I mean I have sex with my boyfriend all the time thank goodness lol but when I’m alone I always have the urge to get off. So recently at the fair my boyfriend won me a giant stuffed bear and it’s been sitting on a chair for a couple... [more]

My wife:

My shared wife has encountered a cock the head was as she put it shaped like a very large mushroom. Any of you ladies on this site encounter a cock like this . Sent her to fuck this guy he was my boss so didn’t watch . Only going by her description her pussy lips where very red and swollen for Mr Mushroom as she nicknamed him .

Grandpa's Endowment

Mom usually cleans grandpa's house now and then. One weekend she asked me to do it because she had a commitment that day. Grandpa was mom's father-in-law. Mom warned me that he might embarrass me. He lived alone for some time since grandma passed away and has certain bad habits. Me being 18 and always like getting extra money, told mom I could... [more]

Fantasy questions personal and dog for girls

*fiction ll not a lot story telling.
I have many confessions and fantasies but today's mostly just questions
I grew up watching all ends of porn but i never got off on knotting for the longest time
I was nine when i has access to lime wire and it didn't take me long to expose myself to stuff in my age group.
So that definitely made me... [more]

Boring looking people

I hate boring looking people. people men and women in boring non descript clothes, with glasses that are old and not any style. who wear beige and brown and gray clothes all the time. They are all so dumpy and just gave up. Would it be so hard to find some clothes with color and maybe lose little weight? my god, how good does junk food taste... [more]

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