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Women, would you shit in a guys face?

Ladies, would you shit in a guys face for money? If so how much? I know a lot of people are grossed out by this, but judging by the amount of photos and videos on the internet it looks like a lot of people are into it.

I like women to shit in my face

I love to have women shit in my face. I think it is the ultimate kink. Problem is I cant find women willing to do it

Taking Risks Wearing a Panty Girdle - Latest Update

We all know a lot, if not all, of these stories are fabrications in part or in full.
This one is different. I am real and this is 100% true.
Please read the original post for background information.
I have become obsessed with dressing in fetish items while visiting a vacant house. I go there in the late afternoons on most weekdays... [more]

Watching at the Swimming pool

I have just come home from my holiday in Cyprus. While at the swimming pool steps I noticed that all women what ever age, when they get out of the pool all pick and pull their swimming costumes and bikini bottoms out and away from their body to straighten them. I got to see so many beautiful pussy's both smooth and hairy.
Has anyone else noticed... [more]

I love flirting with my mom

I know my mom watches lesbian porn, and I know she watches a lot of "mom/daughter" videos. I've caught her staring at my ass more than once, and she always trembles a little bit whenever we hug or whenever I walk past her in my underwear.
I love it. I love knowing that I turn her on so much. I love that I can fuck with her just by... [more]

Married women/girlfriends

Any married women or girlfriends that want to get pregnant or had done this whith other guys or multimple men and their husband or boyfriend dont know about this ?

Jizzed myself behind her on her motorbike

I had just started a new job and was chatting to one of the office women at lunch time one day about public transport and getting to/from work. It was taking me over an hour to get to and from work on the bus. It turns out the woman rides a motorbike and lives near me so she offered me a lift. I was delighted as the bus was so slow. She arrived at... [more]

I'm not gay but I love to give blow jobs

I don't find men attractive. I definitely am attracted to and would rather look at women or transvestites. But, I crave being handcuffed or put in bondage by one or more fully clothed men while I wear only a speedo swimsuit. After which I am forced to perform blow jobs to completion, including swallowing.
While bound and helpless, both before... [more]

Getting off watching camfind

I was wondering if anyone else goes to camfind and watches live and women girls take pictures of there self cock,tits,whatever you want to show and search that picture everyone sees it then they do it..most are india women and men but I do all the time and get off like I'm going to now..see my huge hard cock on camfind..cum on.

How do you get your wife to suck your cock

My wife used to give me blow jobs at the drop of a hat 30 years ago. I can remember weekends and even some evenings when I got home when I received multiple ones. I have not received one since February and before that I think it was summer time. I still treat her the same as I did when we were first married, I have never felt any other way about... [more]

Vaginal piercing

My husband is being a nuisance for some time he has been asking that I get my labia's pierced so he can put a padlock through, it is not necessary because I love him so much and would never cheat but he is getting very insistent I am sure it is a fetish he has picked up, I am starting to think I might.
Could any women that has had this done... [more]

BF took me dogging

At the weekend i was out with my BF in his car, just cruzin round, and he said he new a dogging site and we should go take a look for a laugh. When we arrived there was a few cars, and a group of mainly men round one. It took me a while to realise they all had their cocks in their hands, wanking off. I was like, we gotta leave, but my BF was... [more]

I am frm chennai and i want to fuck a white fat mature granny

Hai all... I am 29 yrs old and i always has an attraction towards fat women and i like their curves....i want to drill them and make them moarn If any one with the same interest get me or help me to satisfy my dream....reach me in lovewinslust at g/m/ail dt com

Gerbil inside pussy

I saw a video with a women that puts inside her pussy a gerbil and he moves inside her and she had continuously orgasms and she enjoy it very much ... Its a turn on for me Any girls saw this or curious about ?

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