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Amateur Night

I took my wife to an amateur night at a strip club in the city about a hour from where we live. We just watched and after my wife saw that most of the women were just normal looking girl next door types she admitted on our drive home that she thought she could of won first prize. We talked about it when we got home and I got an erection knowing... [more]

Pregnant Attraction

I have always found pregnant women very arousing. When I was in college I saw a girl and it was obvious that she was pregnant and she was not trying to hide it. We were at a party and I noticed her sitting with two other girls and she looked so sexy to me with her belly starting to show under the halter top and above her low cut jeans. Her two... [more]

Took the wife to an adult video store

I like to watch porn, but my wife doesn't have much interest, at least that is what she says.
The stuff I like is tough to find, it mostly has to do with exhibitionism, women who get off on flashing, and sometimes being outright obvious about it.
Most guys love to look, I know I do anyway.
It sure took some talking but finally she agreed, we... [more]

Regretful Admission

My wife and I are open about what or who turns us on. She will point out a woman and ask me if I think she's hot and if I'd fuck her. I do the same with guys. We had an interesting conversation the other day thanks to the new transphobic movement.
I said that I think it's crazy that ppl are labeled transphobic just because they wouldn't have... [more]

Am I The Only Woman Who is "Numb"?

So I'm 21 years old, Female, and in college. I have never experienced anything pleasurable from my vagina. I noticed this the first time I had sex, which was with another girl (we were both 16 at the time). She tried fingering me and rubbing my clit, but I didn't feel anything. To put this into perspective, I was horny because she was touching me... [more]

Wanking whenever I can

I just love to wank wherever I can.
I wank in the woods, in my bedroom, in public toilets, anywhere that I feel is safe. I wank over pictures of mature ladies. Also I like to film myself shaving my cock, balls and arse. I find this particularly arousing.
If you would like to know more about what I do, please do not hesitate to ask.
PS: I am... [more]

I get massages and my wife doesn't know.

There is this place I know of, they do massages and happy endings for those of us that are regulars is sort of normal.
Two women run the place, just a 3 bedroom house at the end of a long driveway, nice and private and no chance of someone's wife spotting the car parked out front.
Both women are pretty, older but well built, and don't mind... [more]

Luck me poor wife came third

A few years ago I worked away only coming home at weekends.
During that time I had an affair with a married woman and we had regular weekly sex.
Then one week after I had fucked my lover on the Monday, I was in the hotel on the Wednesday evening, got chatting to another woman (again married) and ended up fucking her in bed that night!
For some... [more]

Neck fetish

Why is it so hard to find other females like me? I have a fetish for women necks its not a sexual thing its just something I enjoy, and I honestly feel like I'm the only female that into what I like. Its so annoying. I would love to find more females to talk to about it, but its always a guy and I find it so hard to talk them about it. I cant talk... [more]

I am a flasher pervert

I have been doing this since I was barely a teenager and my Aunt caught me jacking off. I was horribly embarrassed but she took me into my bedroom, sat me down and talked to me. She told me masturbating was normal and I should enjoy it. She also told me it is even better if you have someone else help, than she made me take off my pants and she... [more]

I want to try it

I recently moved to Suffolk Virginia. I’m a married white guy that moved from a place without many black people. I have always found black women gorgeous and now that I am seeing them everywhere...I hate to admit it...
All I think about is how amazing it would be bury my tongue in a black woman’s ass. Of course I love sex in every way but... [more]


When I was a young teenager I always dreamed about older women having sex with them during my teenage years I got the opportunity to have sex with three different wives while their husbands watched. I did not know what was going on. Or that it was called wife sharing. But now I feel EXTREMELY OBSESSED WITH THE idea . now I want to turn the tables... [more]

Our kink and the neighbor

My wife and I have been married 15 years. She keeps herself in excellent shape. She's 5'4" and about 110 lbs. Small c-cup breasts, big, firm booty, muscular thighs. Large galaxy style tattoo that starts a bit below her armpit on her left side and goes down her butt cheek and ends on the back of her thigh. Nipples pierced, belly button pierced and... [more]

Close call in the woods

It was a nice, sunny day outside while I was going for a walk. I made it to a quiet, wooded area.
I walked a fair distance in, and since it was warm out, I took off everything, and went for a walk through the woods. I walked naked through the area for a while , until I heard a couple of voices nearby. A couple of women chatting to themselves... [more]

Do women like shaved or unshaved hair around the cock?

My wife doesn’t tell me and am planning to by a razor for my balls

I can hear him moaning while I give him a blow job

Last Wed. night I saw my handsome, hot bodied, sexy boyfriend with his beautiful blue eyes and brown hair, which matches up with my beautiful face, blond hair, sexy 32 DD boobs, and my size 0 body. We are the perfect looking couple, we're both educated, smart, we live upscale lives, we hang out together so relaxed and so comfortably. Well, he... [more]

Panties off for a lift home

Talking to my wife of a few years, she opened up about when she was in her early twenties before she met me.
She agreed to go to a college dance with a guy who was boarding there.
He was a few years younger than her.
During the dance they went back to his room where he tried it on.
But she said no... but he said that if she wanted a lift home... [more]


I think the best sex is 2 men 1 woman threesums .women love it husbands love it somebody post some hot threesom stories


There was this girl I was fucking, we were just fuck buddies. We were not girl friend and boy friend. We had made an agreement to just fuck. So when ever she was horny she could just call me and we would have sex. As we fucked more and more she began to play around near my ass hole and eventually started sliding a dildo in there. I had always... [more]

Sperm eating encouragement

So this post is going to be a bit long but well worth the read. So here we go!
I have always loved masturbating!! It’s almost an obsession how much I love it and love talking about it! But, I have always wanted to try eating my own cum. I would get horny and think about it over and over. I would get so hard and think “ok this time is going to... [more]

Exposed myself to women.

Back in 2008 I was in a publc park where I live and I had indecently exposed myself to two married females. When I saw them get out of their car I quickly ran behind a tree line and stripped down playing with myself waiting. As soon as they came into my direction I was stroking making sexual noices to get their attention. One of them saw me but... [more]

Don't call me chicken

It's difficult to believe now that during high school, the power of the desperate, painful, crippling, yearning for sex, feeling of my virgin teenage self was over. I was not an unattractive guy by far, but I had no self-confidence, and was awkwardly shy.
The overwhelming strength of that desire set against what seemed like the total absence... [more]

Lust for Tran bff

I have a beautiful trans friend I met a while ago at my best friends bachelorette party. We bonded over being from the same home town. Last summer she stayed with me during quarantine and one evening I saw her naked. Of course I’ve seen naked men and women but this was different. She’s was in perfect shape, flawless brown skin. nice perky tits... [more]

Foot Fetish Proud

I have a foot fetish and I’m proud of it. I prefer black womens feet. It something about myelinated feet with red or bight color painted toes that get me hard. I especially love them wrapped in pantyhose. My favorite is a beautiful dark skin queen’s feet wrapped in ultra
sheer white pantyhose with red nails. I’d loved for pair of nylon covered... [more]

Can't stop

I fantasize constantly about Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) and just the simplest thoughts of her prompt me to masturbate like a fucking maniac. She is the sexiest and most beautiful women alive. Goddamn I wanna get ALL up in THAT!!! I would love nothing more than to give her baby after baby. I believe she will be a wonderful mother.

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