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My naughty fetishes

I'm a 24 y.o. girl with a couple kinks that I've never told anyone. One is when I masturbate--I put the back of my suction dildo against my clit and stroke the dildo like it's a cock to stimulate myself to orgasm. I don't wish I was a guy or anything but it feels so naughty and it's my favorite way to make myself come.
I also love to... [more]

Neighbors wife

My neighbors wife asked me for numerous favors and since she is very attractive I never had a problem saying no and never expected anything in return. She would always make comments in how lucky my wife was having me as a husband. Her husband Brad was a jerk but never treated m bad. One day when she asked me to help her set up a ladder for pool... [more]

Suck a cock

I want to see what it feels like to put my mouth on a gorgeous mans soft cock and feel it grow in my mouth.
I want to start off by slowly licking and sucking on his balls with my mouth only.
I want to hear him moan in pure pleasure as I gently softly suck his cock up and down my mouth.I want him to be so glad he’s in this position.
Then I... [more]

They kinda just took me

To My husband I'm sorry . I wish you didn't get sick at my reunion . I took you back to the hotel and you insisted I go back and have a good time. After the bs ended some of us headed out for more drinks. I soon found myself being the only woman left. We all decided to leave and walked together out to the back parking lot. We were talking about... [more]

Game entertainment.

I am I guess bi. I have the desire to be be the entertainment for a group of guys for "game day". I think it would be fun to dress or undress for them however they would like me to dress. I could walk around and get them beer and wings etc. I would make myself available to them as they would wish and be the entertainment for the day.

Smokey black plastic Maids outfit

For well over twelve months I have had a slippery plastic Maids outfit smokey black with white trim so very sexy, three piece with pinafore and thick multi layer petticoat, my wife ordered it off the net and although it was a bit expensive it has been so very worth every cent, she measured me perfectly and it fits so well, I wear it almost every... [more]

I can’t stop cheating

I’m a married woman now. My husband always used to want me to have sex with other men. I wasn’t into it. Eventually while at a nursing conference though I had sex with a lovely black man. Wasn’t planned just happened. Since that time I have cheated more and more. Now it’s a near daily occurrence. I have tried to stop but I can’t now that I know... [more]

Going the rest of the way

As a college freshman, a girlfriend talked me into letting her put makeup on me. When she was finished she said I could open my eyes and see. I was stunned. I was looking at a very sexy, hot-looking girl in the mirror. I was instantly turned on. For a micro second I saw a hot, sexy girl. My jaw dropped. My gf laughed so hard she fell over on her... [more]

Want to suck dick? Don’t do it

I’m a married man but for as long as I can remember I’ve been curious and wanted to try giving a blowjob. I never acted on this fantasy...until about 6 months ago.
I found myself in a situation where no one would know me, i was away from my wife for a few days and i’d had a few drinks. Anyway that’s a different story but to cut to the chase I... [more]

Lovely feet

A few years there was a certain bank branch I always used to go to. The branch manager was young, beautiful, sweet , and very friendly, She always used to wear nylons with low quarter inch heels. I have always kept my foot fetish and my desire to be hurt a secret. I used to sit in her office and wish I could lay down on the floor and have her... [more]

Taking Risks Wearing a Panty Girdle - Latest Update

We all know a lot, if not all, of these stories are fabrications in part or in full.
This one is different. I am real and this is 100% true.
Please read the original post for background information.
I have become obsessed with dressing in fetish items while visiting a vacant house. I go there in the late afternoons on most weekdays... [more]

I want a biracial child

I dream and wish for a biracial child with someone. I am 44 years old, white and am in great shape. I am financially secure and would really want this to happen. I am looking for a black lady who shares my feelings. Let’s chat and make this happen.

Watching her get fucked

I have been wanting my wife to fuck other guys! I know she has a deep pussy cause she van take a 10" dildo all the way in her pussy.
when I use it on her she I tell her to think about it being some guy with a big cock, she gets sloppy wet and cums so hard.
I know she thinks about it and I know she talks to a lot of different guys on other web... [more]

My son

I was pregnant and had my son at a very early age. Luckily my parents were able to help me raise him until I was out of high school. I'm not sure why , but some kids are labeled nerd's or losers. I personally hate those words and I hate to see kids labeled like that. I knew my son wasn't very popular and that he only has 2 friends. So I was very... [more]

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