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Trade off: giving him some too

I got married at 18, I'm 24 now, and I'm realizing that I'm really not into men at all. Having sex with my husband is a chore. I've been cheating on him with a female friend of mine, and we have sex usually 3x a week or so. I'm really falling in love with her also. My husband would be devastated if he knew that I was cheating.
My female friend... [more]

Insecure boyfriend

I've been dating this wonderful guy for about 2 months. I really love him, but he has a problem that I have a lot of male friends. I'm female, but have always gotten along better with guys in pretty much any aspect. In contrast, he is an introvert with virtually no friends.
I've been besties with some of my guy friends for years, going back to... [more]

Little sister Audrey

I have this younger sister named Audrey, 3 years younger then me and when we were kids we made out one time while we were play wrestling around and I asked her if she wanted to have sex. She said yes and we went into my brothers room downstairs. There was a sleeping bag on the floor and we both cralwed inside it. She laid on her back and I got on... [more]

A cute light blue silk and lace cami and shorts set of pjs.

It started with my sisters pajamas when I was 13 years old. They were light blue silk with lace and I just had try them on after feeling them on my cock. The camisole had a thin strap and the shorts had wide loose leg. The affect was immediate every time I wore them, instant hard-on. I can still get hard just thinking about it. I would also... [more]

Would you

I know this sounds strange, but being a guy and having a really good buddy, if things got out of control and you and him had sex, would you wish that you were pregnant by him?

Suburban Gloryhole

When I was 16, I saw an internet porn video with an older guy who had the hugest, NICEST looking dick I'd ever seen. There was just something about it! God, it got me so hot, anytime I wanted to orgasm, I'd just watch the same video over and over.
I would fantasize sucking and getting fucked by that awesome cock!
I lived with my parents in... [more]

Cuckold Sissy Husband

I'm a married, submissive male, with a lovely wife. I've always had thoughts and fantasies about my wife being passionately fucked by a "Real Man"; and her telling me how well she was pleasured. She might even offer; or possibly ORDER me to lick and suck her cum filled pussy; thus adding to my humiliation. I wish I could find a way to discretely... [more]

Can't turn the clocks back

The old saying don't try to fix it if it's not broke , We had been married 20 yrs the kids had grown up and was doing there own thing . Over the years I would ask my wife if she wanted to have sex with anyone else , She would always say no , I suppose things was a little bit stale but not bad between us we was best friends has well has man and... [more]

Wife becomes a slut

Wife and I have talked about her having sex with other people and at first she didn't want anything to do with it. after some talking and fantasies of sex with others she wants to try. she went out on her first date with a guy she had meet on another site, when she came home she was a mess and was full of his cum, we had some of the best sex we... [more]

Lusting After Sister, Wearing Her Socks and Clothes

I'm a guy, growing up, around when I was in 7th Grade I started to notice my sister who is two years older. She is pretty, and was still a good deal taller, heavier and stronger than me, which I was sort of ashamed of, but also turned on by so much.
She would often prance around the house wearing nothing but little athletic shorts, boxers or... [more]

I want to cheat

My hubby of 6 years has no clue that my ex is trying to woo me to bed. I'm 95% sure it may happen soon ,
as my hubby is not very affectionate and we live more like friends who fuck once every 3 weeks or so , my ex is very good in bed, and even out of bed he desires me .
Sex with my ex is passionate and he worships every inch of my body. I... [more]

My Goal is a 10 inch Cock

Ive only ever been with one guy who is not very thick and only about 6 inches, but i need more! I want to have a nice thick cock to fill me the way i wish. I want to feel and see it in my stomach! I have a dildo but nothing beats the real thing!

Highly Attracted to My Uncle

Let me start this off by saying.. I've just recently been told about my mother's brother.. My uncle. We just met for the first time this past week (he lives three hours away and came to stay in town for a week) and I felt like there was sexual tension between us. We've been talking every day for about 3-4 months I guess and I've found him... [more]

Stomach Pressing

I am a 300 pound 17 year old girl and I love to have my giant belly pushed inward. Especially having someone punch my stomach. Im getting turned on just thinking about it. Only problem is i wish i had someone who would push their fists into my gut. Or even better to sit on my stomach with their full weight. The heavier the better. I want to feel... [more]

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