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My wife's boss

Many men the thought of your wife misbehaving for some reason can turn you on . When I first got married any body looking at my wife let alone touching her would make me angry and jealous ,But has time goes by you change , My wife sue and I have been married 21 years and as far has I know I'm the only man she has been with , My wife is 37 im 40 ... [more]

I love incest - I'm 18

I can't get enough of incest. I love the thought of a mother teaching her son sexual positions and teaching him how to pleasure a girl. I love the thought of a sister and brother fucking under the covers while home alone. I don't know if I would ever actually do it but if it was my aunt or something (she can be very sexual around me) I wouldn't... [more]

I want my cock sucked so bad

I'm 18 and really want my cock sucked, but I don't have the balls to go out and date and all that. I wish there was a way to do it discreetly and quickly for fun and not have to pay a prostitute and all that. Like Tinder except you just post nudes and meet up.

Desired to have sex with BF's Brother

Many moons ago when I was almost 13, I had this desire that my best friends brother would be my first lover. He was a few years older than us, very athletic and muscular. A weekend in the early 90's saw me staying over to spend the night at Sarah's home, she was my best friend since elementary school. We had already prepared for bed and all when... [more]

Wife knows my past

My wife is pretty amazing. She's what I believe to be my ideal body type. DD cup breasts. Perfectly round ass. Chubby. She endulges in my fetishes like I asked her if she's ever gone hairy. She said that she didn't shave between her being married to her ex and me. I asked her if she'd stop shaving. She said yes but why. I told her I think a hairy... [more]

Girlfriend caught having sex with her brother-in-law

It happened in 1966, my best years as I was only 18 years-old. I come to my village during one of the long weekends working for a company in another part of the country. I was standing with my best friend on the street corner, when two girls walked out from a house about 100 m away. I recognized one of the girls but the other I have never... [more]

I'm a spoiled rotten little daddy's boy

I'm In love with my dad. And he loves me back. I'm 18. Dad is 36. I'm 6'1". In good shape. Brown hair green eyes. Muscular. With a 9' Incher. Dad is 6'3". Brown hair green eyes. Muscular has a moustache. And 11'. I'm always holding it. If I don't grab it. Dad will say"Play with your toy." I get what I want from Dad. I am his priority. And yes. I'm... [more]

Looking for sex

Dear naughty posts.
I am a 37 year old white male I weigh 400 pounds and white and my penis is 6 inches cut and shaved.
I I love girls with Down Syndrome I think they are so cute.
I have had several girlfriends in the past and they are all going down syndrome.
Unfortunately I am single right now.
I am looking for any cute down... [more]

Fantasy Sex Princess?

I was raised by a single mom north of the border. I was a pretty girl with blond hair and blue eyes, shoulder length hair with a skinny body frame. Mom worked a lot of jobs but we would always enjoy our time together shopping or doing things. She was practically my best friend up until I left for college. I wasn't really into guys until I went to... [more]

Adult Motel..

One night we made a last minute decision to go to a nascar race in Charlotte N.C. which was about a 3 hour drive for us. When we got there we found there were no rooms to be found. We ended up getting lost and ended up in a kind of rough part of the downtown area. But did finally see a motel that the sign said vacancy. At that point we didn't care... [more]

Pleasure myself

Few months ago I became single after my girlfriend and I broke up. We fought a lot and she wanted to separate. She had blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes. Nice set of tits. Since we broke up. I peak on her Facebook every so often. I miss her so much. I would even find myself jerking off to photos of her. I noticed she started working out which she... [more]

My wife’s secret affair

I found out my wife 45 year old attractive Wifey was having an affair with a 20 year old summer intern
I knew something was wrong when she started making up excuses for not wanting to have sex. This was very unusual. The summer was almost finished when in the middle of the night her phone went off. I noticed her looking at a text when I... [more]

I want my mother in laws pussy xxx

Hi I have been very happyily married for around 7 years now and from the moment I met my mother I wanted to fuck her , she is 51 years old now and looks better than ever her name is Kathy she's about a size 12 blonde hair blue eyes tanned skin and a ass to die for , I fantasise about day in and day out I wank over her underwear when ever I get the... [more]

From Jennifer to Jillian(Jilly)

After my step sisters best friend and I had sex for the first time together, I was that 16 year old dude who finally conquered a virgin. It wasn't a long fuck, but I had finally wisked off the bra and panties from a female even though she wasn't quite 13. I know Jennifer was pleased. After I exploded inside her cunt, she held her arms tightly... [more]

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