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I was desperate and needed money

When I was in college I was piss broke. I was bad with my money, addicted to pills and I needed to pay rent or be evicted. I was so desperate but I wouldn't ask for help because I didn't want people to know. I used a friends laptop. Filled out job apps, put ads on craiglist that I would do anything for some quick cash.
Well I got a hit... [more]

Fart play

I’ve recently discovered fart porn on the web. I was surprised that it really turned me on. The sights and sounds of a hot girl farting leaves me wanting to jerkoff every time. I’m not into being humiliated I just like that it’s so taboo I guess. I would definitely love to have my nose buried up a hot farting ass. The louder and longer the fart... [more]

I don't mind getting groped, but I have rules, do you agree?

I am a 25 yo female, petite, and most would say pretty. I was first groped when I was like 13 and I hated it, I eventually got used to it, started ignoring it, and now I really don't mind it.
Public transport is the worst, I can't take a busy train or bus without getting my bottom felt, but it happens every where all the time.
I have some... [more]


I’ve been with this bastard Who is a serial LIAR , cheater, he’s a pedaphile, he’s incestive. I didn’t know all of this at first it took YEARS to figure this twisted mans mind and background out. I’ve never cheated on him EVER but I just grew tired of his shit and one day while he was at work. I decided to spend some time with this guy whom I had... [more]

Full figure women

I've been looking at naked pics of full figure women on the internet. I am amazed at how turned on I got. I love big asses to begin with but they were so sexy. I want to be with a full figure woman.

To old to post

I want to watch my 75 yo BBW wife get laid and then I'd clean them both. Did that with my ex and it was great

I want other men to see nude pics of my wife

Just want to share a few nude pics with other married men.

Samantha gave in.

Ever since after our first child for some reason that I cant define I have had this urge to watch her with another man.
I struggled with this for a couple weeks before telling Sammy of my desire and she flatly refused and wouldn't talk to me about it so after a few days I tried it again to another argument then for a few days we had a very... [more]

Humiliated At The Hospital

I did not get to the hospital in time for my wife's delivery of our new baby boy. In the waiting room with me was a Middle Eastern looking man. When he was called in, I thought he also was a new Dad like me. When I was allowed in the room, he was there, gloating over his baby, who was obviously much darker than me or my wife. The nurses just... [more]

Naughty boy

I want a strong woman to pull my pants down and bend me over her knee and spank me on the bare ass and then walk me over to the corner and make me stand there on display for others to see.

Mary Lu My wife

After we married with Me still in the Marine Corp and her just graduated from high school we had two weeks before i was to Go back to Afghanistan for another thirteen months.
Mary had been on birth control for over a year and we decided not to have children until I returned but we had two weeks to really fuck and we tried everything even anal... [more]

Upset Boyfriend (Spring Break)

A couple of weeks ago a few female friends of mine and I spent 4 days in Mexico for spring break. My boyfriend couldn't go, had to work, but I'm still in college, so I was off.
We spent our time drinking, clubbing, and sight seeing. One of the clubs was having a wet t-shirt contest, and one of my friends said, "We should enter. We have nice... [more]

Threesome with Tucker

I've known Judy since nursing school. She went thru a nasty divorce. We started to have a relationship going. As I licked her hairy cunt, one day she screamed out, "Yes , lick mommy's pussy, Tucker!" The only Tucker I knew was her dog. "You been doing Tucker ?" I asked. She admitted she drank too much one evening and Tucker started to lap her... [more]

grandmas big boobs

My 51 year old grandma had a massive stroke about four weeks ago. The doctors told our family that she will never be able to speak or walk, and will require full time help with all daily tasks. My parents brought her home to live with us, because they don't have the money to put her in a nursing home.
Last night, after my parents went to... [more]

Wife carer for old men

I want my wife who is a busty slim 55 year old to get a job as a carer for old men. I want her to be groped and touched by the old guys who she cares for. Like her to suck their chicks and have them fuck her then she can come home tell me every detail as I fuck her. Anyone got a similar desire.

Crossdresser in heaven

Hi my name is Cassie H. I am a crossdresser from Lakeland fl. one of my best friends just told that a friend of ours wanted to talk to me about something very serious and ask her if she know what it was about she that she had a pretty good ideal of what it was but she thought I should hear for him so I said ok so a little back ground about this... [more]

I want to make my husband a cocksucker

I'm a 28 yr old marred female. I have just recently given birth to our third child. I've always taken great care of my body, so with just having a baby, I still look good. My husband can't keep his hands off me. Expecially since my breast are now full of milk all the time, our baby isn't consuming as much as I'm producing. So what our baby doesn't... [more]

My young wife

Mary Lu is my best friends younger sister and I am 5 years older than she is. We grew up all three of us best of friends going places together and in jr high I kind of thought she was a pest a scrawny little girl but she was able to keep up with us and she was fun.
I was a senior when she started to fill out and I couldn't believe my eyes she... [more]

One weird dude

I have tons of fetishes, one of which is potetial exposure. I have lost bets which ended with my pictures being posted online, some of which are still there. Just google for 'sissy tiana rachelle exposed'. Anywho... One of the littles games I play sometimes is I'll write down a bunch of kinky things in an email, then while my fiance (who is very... [more]

Just so horny all the time

Ever since i had my implant taken out and gone onto the pill iv been just so horny and my sex drive has gone through the roof. me and my bf used to have sex once maybe twice a week, now im wanting and getting it every morning before work, when we both get home from work and several times in the evening, up to 4 or 5 times a day and i want... [more]

I slept with my friends dad

Ok what i did was so bad, i fell out with my friend real bad on a night out but after an hour or so apart i found her getting chucked out this bar on her own with two guys trying to take her back to theirs, so after telling them to fuck off i called her dad and he came and picked us up. but as we where waiting she confessed to me that she kissed... [more]

Saw daughter and her friends naked on camping trip

My daughter and her friends wanted to go on a camping trip, stay by a lake in the middle of know where, have fun whatever. As parents we all agreed that they shouldn't be in the middle of know where unsupervised so me and another dad went along and camped further round the lake and gave them a walkie-talkie in case they needed us. I told my... [more]

Is a small bikini ok on a family holiday

I came across this site by accident and found it interesting so thought I would try asking a question here.
Is it ok to wear a small bikini on a family holiday?
I am old enough that I might be able to go on holiday with friends but I couldn't afford it so I am stuck with the family. As with all girls my age my swimwear has progressed to... [more]

Question for girls?

Im 24 and iv been with 5 girls now and none seem to like or will let me cum on their face? iv seen and watched it in porn loads and cuming on a girl face is something i really want to do but every girl i date seems to be dead against it

Older Brother

We grew up on a strawberry farm. It was my older brother, myself and younger sister. During the summer being out of school we didn't get to go much and I had kind of become the slut of the school during winter. Where I live it doesn't really get very cold so I always went to school with no bra and if my blouse had buttons I had it unbuttoned so... [more]

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