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Doing the wifes cousin

Wifes cousin brought her family over for a couple days. We were hanging around the fire pit drinking and she wanted me to taker her on a 4 wheeler ride. We went out to the woods and rode for a bit. I then asked her if she wanted to drive and she said yes.I got behind her and as soon as we took off I started to rub her breasts followed by rubbing... [more]

Wearing my sister-in-law’s clothes and heels

My sister-in-law Ann is a sexy and successful businesswoman. I’ve always had a thing for her and I know that she was a hot slut in her younger days. So I offered to check on her house when she was away on a business trip.
My heart was pounding through my shirt as I entered her kitchen and locked the door behind me. I brought a laptop with... [more]

My 1st cock

The other day I decided to play online. I was looking at ladyboy porn and my cock was raging. I decided to try CL and see if I could pic swap with someone. Soon I had a screen full of cocks and on wanting to know if I wanted a taste. I decide that I was horny enough to suck and swallow some cum. I got completely naked as He showed up in my dark... [more]

1st time pussy licking...sweet!!

Well this post refers back to my very first girlfriend that I had in high school. She was 16 and I was 18. She thought being the girlfriend of a senior was cool, but in reality, she was the cool thing. She was hot, a real looker, and my kind of girl. That meaning that she didn't have any problem trying new things or putting up with me.. She took... [more]

My Lovely Daughter

My wife and I divorced and left me and also our daughter nearly two years ago. she was a nasty horrible woman, very selfish and formed a relationship with a younger man she worked with.
My daughter was only fourteen at the time and took it badly and unfortunately she is rather mentally retarded which my ex-wife found impossible to deal with... [more]

I'm a bad son

My mother has always bee a very hard and dom woman. If we kids did not do as she wanted we got some slap on the face. that even went on as long as we put our shoes under her table. I never saw her smile. over the years I learned to hate her. We have to give half of the money we earned to her. each month. Until we married. But then we had to be... [more]

Older or younger women ?

When I was a young man about 30, I met a woman in her late 40 'S. I was waiting at the train station to pick up my wife. it was hot as hell and I didn't want her to walk home. The lady was doing the same for her husband , when an announcement was made that all trains would be delayed due to a derailment. She was angry to say the least as was I ... [more]

Older or younger women ?

When I was a young man about 30, I met a woman in her late 40 'S. I was waiting at the train station to pick up my wife. it was hot as hell and I didn't want her to walk home. The lady was doing the same for her husband , when an announcement was made that all trains would be delayed due to a derailment. She was angry to say the least as was I ... [more]

First time sauna

I have always had thoughts about other guys but by the age of 41 I had only ever kissed another guy once. I was due to get married in 4 months to my fiancée & when she went to another city for her hen party, I went for a night out alone. I went to a few bars & had a few swift beers to pluck up some courage. I thought, just go for it! I walked to a... [more]

Girlfriends Cruise ship exhibition

My girlfriend and I were on a cruise ,we are in our early 20's , and we wanted to go the sauna. We stripped down and both were wrapped in towels and went in,nobody was there,nice, After a few minutes,I said to her loose the towel,let me see that pussy, so she she pulled it off her and spread her legs,I was sitting across from her and could see... [more]

Confused about wife's jealousy

Should my wife get upset whenever I walk around naked in front of her friends and Mother? I'm never dressed whenever I am relaxing and tanning in the pool because my cock is to large to confine inside clothes. Nothing has ever happened sexually between any of us except my wife always wanting to suck and fuc.k with friends and Mother watching.

What It's Like

Long time ago I had a job with a major farm implement and construction machine manufacturer. It was inventory week, and we went from forty hours to seventy-two hours, and it was chaotic and stressful. The overtime was sweet but late that Saturday evening I was too physically and mentally tired to care. All I wanted was a long hot shower, a bite to... [more]

What just happened

So long story short my husband works long hours away for weeks on end. When he comes home everything is great, we get along, we go out, we never fight, and you know the rest. So I'm at home several months back and one of my friends husband stops by to ask if I had seen my friend. I hadn't, and picked up my phone to call her. She answered and... [more]

Straight male anal play

I’m a 22 year old straight male. Married to an amazing sexy girl. I’ve never had any gay tendencies. Not interested in men at all. That being said I love anal play. I’ve had my wife lick and finger my butt hole before probably 2 or 3 times during sex/oral but I’m always embarrassed to ask and even more embarrassed after. I want her to do it like... [more]

Gave a taxi driver a hand job for a ride

On a recent night out, I got very drunk, and knew I needed to go home and sleep it off. A friend called me a taxi and in I got, only just, I could barely walk. The taxi driver was worried I would be sick, but my friend assured him I wouldn't and off we went. When we got to my house he pulled up and told me the cost, but when I opened my purse... [more]

Is it ok for house guests to have sex and leave dirty sheets?

I had a friend and his girlfriend stay recently, and when they left and I changed the sheets there was lots of cum stains, and crunchy patches, kinda gross, but I was also intregued, this was the scene of some pretty hot sex it seemed.
So is it ok? Does an invite to stay the night cover the right to release your juices all over the hosts ... [more]

It still seams so unreal

My wife and I had been married for 10 years and we had never taken a honeymoon to date but we decided for our 10 wedding anniversary we would do it so we found a sale going on for the Island of Marco Island and we booked it for a week.
The day was long and it took forever checking into the airport and going through customs then the long flight... [more]

Girls, whats your favourite sex position

Girls I want to know your favourite position in sex? Do you give or take? Do you ever change positions? I like it with my gf riding me cowgirl, but she likes it doggy style, so we mix it up!

Black guys and sharing partners

Are black guys more into sharing their partners than white guys? I just ask because I'm dating a black guy for the first time and he's really eager to share me.
I'm 41, newly divorced, and had only been with white guys in monogamous relationships. I've never cheated in my life. A friend of mine hooked me up with this black guy Richard. He's... [more]

Wet baby Diapers

I'm a 55. Y.o. w.m.
I want someone to force me to stand by a daycare dumpster.
Wearing only a baby's soaking wet diaper and make me find some more. stinky wet Diapers..
And everyone that I find .
Tell me to rub it in my face.
I'm for real..
Looking for single weman. And men.. .. and couple's. ..
If you are interested in this... [more]

Sex during pregnancy?

My mom was pregnant with her second child (I'm first), when I was already 13. It was sometimes emberassing for a boy when each aunt asks if I love it that my moms belly was growing and the there was one aunt froms dad's side who each times asked me, how I like it that moms tits are growing. I know, I always blushed (I think she wanted to see that)... [more]

Stroking and smoking...

Before my wife and I got married, when we were getting to know each other better, my girl loved sex...and loved it to the moon and back. I thought I had a pretty good sex drive, but there were times that she would way out do me, and I'd be in awe of her confidence and her creative mind. she would sometimes call me up, ( this was before cell phones... [more]

Fun last night

Me and some buddies went out last night drinking. We went to a bar in the next town over just for a chance of place. We hadn't been there but an hour when I saw my wife come in with another guy. She told me she was going out with her girl friends and would be around town. I smacked my buddies and told them we needed to sneak out the back. They... [more]

I gave an ultimatum

I've been married 15 years. At first, sex was great. Sex 3 times a week. A blowjob just because. Then the years pass. She's now 53 and im 45. She doesn't want sex almost at all. Like once a month if I'm lucky. I ask and she keeps saying not today. Can't masturbate because she doesn't want me doing that around her either. So one day I got tired of... [more]

Linda and David

First off I want to thank all of you for your responses and to tell you that it turned into a very interesting summer for us .
as soon as we got home I called David back to let him know that Linda was ready but it was sent to message so I told him to call back when he could and I added that Linda wanted to see him again. Then her and I were... [more]

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