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Moms Thong

My Mom recently asked spoke to me about my sexual desires recently and mentioned that some of her panties have gone missing recently she said, I've noticed some of my panties full of your semen darling, remember when I came home from that party the other week early and got changed, I put my clothes in the laundry basket and after speaking to my... [more]

Post-swap complications

Last week I skipped school with my friend Jocelyn and our boyfriends and we had a nice time hanging out at the mall, going to lunch, and spending time at the park. We were kissing our guys when my bf said he wanted to fuck me. I said no, not in front of friends, but he talked me into it. We found a private area in the park and had sex. Jocelyn and... [more]

K9 and gay

I want a man to tie me across a coffee table so that I am on my knees while i suck his cock and he has his dog rape me. I want both of them to fill me with cum and if he wants I will suck his friends too!

Worst thing I have ever did

I installed a security system in our new house and it was the worst thing I could have done. I never knew my wife was cheating on our marriage with three other men and she had no clue the extent of the security system. She thinks it just warns us if someone breaks into the house in the night but it also records the coming and going of people and... [more]

Sweet, Innocent Dr Mandy Is Forced To Try Anal

There is a chiropractor I go to named Mandy H, she goes by “Doctor Mandy.” She is in her early 30’s and single. She is petite (5’ 2”, 110 lbs.), has shoulder-length dark brown hair (usually pulled back in a pony tail), brown eyes, firm B-cup breasts, and a firm round butt I love to see in the tight jeans she usually wears. I’ve been going to... [more]

Step daughter

My step daughter is 30 and I am 43. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a stunning tight little body on her. Her boyfriend is a loser and she has not seen him for several months as he works in another town and has rarely come back to visit her. He didn’t even come back to visit her on her birthday. He has now moved out west for his job and again... [more]

My wife flashing

We've talked about my wife "flashing" while we are out to spice up our sex life but it became a lot hotter one night. It was her fourth time. Jen wore a button up dress with stockings suspender belt bra and knickers. By the time she was ready she was already feeling randy although it would be her doing the flashing. We arrived at the pub I went to... [more]

To sit on a Woman

I love sitting on women, backs, shoulders, stomachs, boobs and especially their soft faces. I know its supposed to be the other way around and I used to prefer it. But now being in control and on top is the best. To me the sexiest woman in the world is one who knows what I like, cheerfully arranges herself for me, and with all her strength accepts... [more]

Older lady next door

The lady next door to me is in her seventies and a widow, I guess her son moved to a different state for a job but I have never met him or even seen him. She asked me if I would mow her lawn and how much I wanted for doing it, I told her not to worry about it because with my riding mower it takes me like twenty minutes to do both our lawns. She... [more]

My sister Audrey

I've been wanting to fuck my sister for a long time now. I caught her fucking on my bed once. Since then I wanted a piece of that pussy. We almost fucked once when we were younger but never went all the way. I fantasize about fucking her sometimes when I spend the night at her place. She's so God damn fine, especially when she wears short shorts... [more]

My wife still has no idea

When we were younger we were both pretty adventurous with sex, we did some pretty crazy things and one night I let a friend lick her for quite some time. I talked my wife into bondage one night and told a friend of mine that lived a few houses down from us that I would call him if it was a go. All I had to do was call him and he did not have to... [more]

My sweet wife is a black guys play toy

I’m only putting this as cheating because my wife started cheating on me with black guy she met from work. The guy came in for a work meeting and saw my wife and asked her out. She told me this black cane in her office and hit on her but she said she turned him down. A few weeks later she was sleeping face down on bed with her perfect little Ass... [more]

My girlfriend's Mom

I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 5 years. Her family is awesome, and her parents treat me great. They've even taken me along on family vacation. I'm a normal guy. Guys look at porn. I like amateur stuff. About a year ago while surfing an amateur site, I saw a thumbnail of a pic, and thought "wow that looks like Hannah's Mom" I didn't... [more]

I love to be watched fucking my wife

We have been married for 18 years now, my wife is 2 years younger than me and it took sometime to turn her into horny wife. I have a strong sexual drive and loves to have sex with her daily and some times twice or 3 times in a day. The thing is she is reserved and while she enjoys talking about our fantasies when we are doing it I feel she stops... [more]

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