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I've always loved wearing high heels

When I was young teenage guy, about 16 or so, I always wanted to wear sexy high heels. I'd seen many high school girls wearing them and they looked so nice in them. I wondered why guys couldn't wear them too. One day while home alone I got up enough nerve to try on my mom's high heels. They felt great and looked nice on me my feet too. From that... [more]

First time public

Well wife had found a item she been looking for but had drive ipswich to collect so as saturday went to get then do bit window shopping after well after the first few dozen or so shops was standing in changing room area while wife tryed a dress on i chosen well when she come out in well i was wow so sexy so much gave instent hard on and found out... [more]

Any young sissy boys want to suck and get fucked by a older guy?

Do you need a sugar daddy?

I so really really want a young Asian tgurlfriend!

My wife can really suck my dick! But that’s it. She is traditional and missionary is fine, no anal....
Omg, I’m an ass bandit! I’m tired of finding bitch sluts to fuck....then I met a wonderful t girl. So sweet and nice. I was new and she was patient and helped me.
So yah my wife sucks me all the time but I need more.
But my t girl was... [more]

Me Balls Hurt

I'm not sure what is going on with my balls. But if I get aroused when messing around they get really sore afterwards. I was in a car accident years ago and I can no longer ejaculate. I still like it when my wife rides me. Her pussy on my cock feels great. It sucks not being able to shoot a load anymore. I have noticed that my balls ache like hell... [more]

Dumped my boyfriend because of bi-ness

I (22 female) was dating this guy (21 male), met him through a friend, and we hit it off. He was attractive, fit, smart, kind, self-motivated, and great in the sack. He loved to fuck. Really sexy.
After a couple of months of dating, we were comfortable enough to share things about our sexual past. He asked me if I'd ever done a threesome, and... [more]

Belly available.

Anyone want a belly to stb and g. Dark desire.

Wife en her friend

I read an article in a mens health magazine saying it was healthy to talk with ones spouse about desires and fantasies. So I brought it up to my wife one night while laying in bed. She agreed to be open and honest as long as I did the same.
We started with her. She told me how and where I lack in the bedroom. I did the same. At this point we... [more]

Mom's Huge Breasts

I desire to continue to use and play with my mom's huge breasts. Dad wanted to see mom tease me with her tits after she told dad she saw me taking a picture of her huge naked breasts. "Why don't you let him enjoy them like I do. I know you like to flaunt them, otherwise you would of made Jake delete it off of his smart phone." is what dad said I... [more]

Gave my son lessons

I'm 35 single mum 5'2 slim and in good shape my son is 16teen, around 7 months ago we had a chat about sex, needed to no how far he's been with a girl was surprised when he said only kissed,told him when he got back from school the next day go to his bedroom and strip,he was confused but i explained i will do the same so he could get used to... [more]


As a 63 year old Male , I have spent my adult life in relationships with, and having sex with women.
Last year I sucked a man’s penis and made him cum. I loved it, even though I made him wear a condom.
I have wanted to suck cocks since I was a late teenager. Now I want more, and long to feel a penis in my mouth with no condom, so I can taste... [more]

Wife share.

Ended up sharing my wife with our old neighbour. This was after we had moved away.But I got him severely attracted to her.When we lived next door we'd have a beer and id show him nude pictures of her on my phone.He said she was too damn hot and asked me to send him a couple.So I did and said "I know what you're gonna do with those" to which he... [more]

Cool aunt

You know what a "cool aunt" is: a woman that's considered "cool" for her personality and demeanor, youthfulness, attractiveness or all those things at once, usually unmarried and childless, that also happens to be your very understanding and permissive aunt. The dangers of such women for a guy like me is that you can end up being attracted to... [more]

Key Party

I got married in the early 90s and at that time people who wanted to had what we used to call key parties. A key party was held in someones home and the hostess would pass around a large jar where all the couples would deposit their car keys , one set of keys to a couple. After a time when everyone had been drinking for some time and all were... [more]

Hot for new boss.

We got a new boss the other day. Man is he hot. I just can't stop finding reasons to go talk with him. He's not married but has a GF. I think he is like the most sexy man alive. I mean he looks like JFK Jr. Yeah that sexy and good looking. I watch him walking down the hall following him. Gorgeous ass! I wonder what he is like in bed and want to... [more]

My wife Sees All and Tells All

My wife and i went to bed last night and the wife stared talking about some of our neighbors. She told me who was doing who and whose marriage was on the skids , that kind of thing. I asked her how she knew these things. She said we women tell each other things and men don't . For example last night she was with the girls talking across the... [more]

I found out my brother is a fucking faggot cock sucker

I have a younger brother and he and I play golf together when we can. Last year we hit the back 9 at a nice club up the road from my home. Afterwards we hit the clubhouse for a couple drinks and lunch. He got up from the barstool grabbed his phone and headed to the restroom. I was finishing my beer when I saw what I thought was my phone lighting... [more]

Here's To All The Dirty Low Down Nay Sayers.

I just want to say hello and kiss my fucking asshole to all you dumb mother fucking jerk, creeps, retards, fuck wads, dipshits, who keep telling people here to kill themselves and dumb shit like that. Yeah you asshole fuck heads don't need any introductions you know who you are. Well suck my hairy smells nasty piss and fish smelling cunt. That's... [more]

Fun with my little cousin

When I was around 13 I started babysitting my 7 year old 1st cousin for my aunt and uncle when they would want to go out. I would be with her anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on my aunt and uncle’s activity. One night, after she was finished with her bath, she and I were sitting on the couch watching tv, and she randomly got off the couch and... [more]

When quarantine is good

I’ve been having an incestuous affair with my sister since we were teenagers, we’ve kept it going even after her marriage to some rich pig that can’t even get a hard on.
He was left stranded abroad, so she decided to spend the quarantine period at my place instead. We’ve been naked in front of each other for days, fucking spontaneously several... [more]

The Slut With In Me

With this crisis going on and making me stay home has gotten me craving real person to person sex. Also being at senior age doesn't help. Then Jon crossed my mind. He's my girlfriend's ex boyfriend. They been apart several years. I always wanted to hump him but didn't want to destroy my friendship with Janice. Janice knew I didn't mind that... [more]

TS Jenny

I saw Jenny while in Chicago for a business trip. She is really hot. I was licking her everywhere. I moved my cock on to hers. She reached over to the night table, I thought she was grabbing a condom, grabbed the lube and put it on her hole and my cock. Positioned me, grabbed my hips and I slide into her.
I was so surprised and excited I... [more]

Want to lick butthole

I have a strong desire to lick 9-12 year old girls’ little buttholes. I have never done it before (except when I was also a kid) but I really really want to. I think little girls are cutest at that age and it would be an awesome experience. My ideal situation would be giving them a bath and washing their butthole thoroughly, then getting them dry... [more]

Dominant Wife's 3som

My wife and i have been married for almost 20 years. Sexually speaking she has always been dominant in our relationship. She was that way when we were dating and she hasn't changed one bit. i remember once she told me she wanted to date some guy while she and I were about to be married. I went crazy but she said she was going to have this guy... [more]

Saw her undress

I was at my friend's house, chillin' in his room and playing video games on our laptops. His mom came home from work and she's 39 and very pretty. She came by to say hello and she looked really nice, wearing a floral dress that went right below her knees, pantyhose, and pumps. She said she was going to change, but that she would make us dinner in... [more]

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