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The Wondrous Summer Of '97 !!!

Back in the Summer of 1997, my three Sisters and I were very curious about each other and how our teenaged bodies looked and worked. My "first-time" was with my big Sister when I was 15, and less than a week later, I was both of my little Sister's "first-time".
We four siblings were secretly and constantly experimenting and doing everything we... [more]

I want

I really want to participate in a gang bang. I fantasize about guy after guy after guy fucking all my holes.

I convinced my wife

I convinced my wife to have sex with other men. I also told her to have unprotected sex with them while she is fertile since I want her to get pregnant by someone else. I will be so turned on seeing her large belly full of another man's child.

Am I Gay?

I’m a guy. I went to a costume party last Halloween dressed a cheerleader for laughs. Everyone laughed and joked. But later after I was getting pretty drunk and guy said he wanted to show me something. In front of everybody in that room he pulls out his dick and pushes me to my knees and told me to suck it. He pressed the head against my lips... [more]

Abuse Fetish

Whenever my girlfriend and I are alone I abuse the fuck out of her, its our weird fetish. She's basically submissive to me I grab her whenever I want. When we get in arguements it always ends in sex. My goal isn't to hurt her but she'd like it when I'd slap her every so often. My favorite is when she's on the phone with her friend and ill bend her... [more]

The excitement of watching my wife with other men

Just want to share my desire for watching my wife having sex with other man.
It has been going on for over 15 years.
It started after she had a 6 month long affair with another guy with my permission.
At the time when she told me she had been chatting to this handsome guy 5 years younger than she is, that she meets for lunch breaks at the... [more]


While sitting on the 7th floor balcony I jerked off my sisters husband..... I'm ashamed of it on the sense that I want to do it again and more.... while on vacation and sitting by the pool with my sister, i was waiting for my husbands phone call to pick him up from the airport and my sister mentioned that the reception was better from the... [more]

Got caught

I live alone in a one bedroom apartment. My bed is next to my bedroom window which is in the back of my apartment. A sidewalk runs by my bedroom window which goes to the outside laundry room. I like to see out my bedroom window so I keep the blinds open. I’m 55 years old.
One morning I woke up with an erection. So like a lot of the time I oiled... [more]

Beatriz is a wild curvy Latina

I hooked up with sexy curvy latina .. My first time having some Spanish P***y ,she was amazing riding and suck ...I'm 37 guy ,she was in her 28 ....hope she contact me again ,I want more of her sweetness

Wanted Him

I don't have a regular fuck buddy. I get fuck whenever I get someone interest to fool around with this fat slut. I pal around with mom and her good lady friend who has a regular male friend that she fucks. I started to get interested in him. I know he's much older than I, but when my mom's friend gossips about him to my mom, I get intrigue with... [more]

How to get a good A** F***ing

Point A: I love my wife. She is hot, sexy, great . . . She is the kind of women that doesn't want her man to be a sissy, she wants him to be a strong, confident, manly man - Point B: What I want is to submit to a good ass fucking. How do I get from point A to point B?

2nd time bi

We were at the place we always go to for our summer holiday, my wife was out the front of the complex in the pool with our kids, I was in the garage with the door up a couple of inches while I was squatting down at the front of the car pants off wanking my cock and smoking a joint. Suddenly the door goes up then down, in walks Noel who was in the... [more]

I love my mom so much....

We've always been close, and growing up she was just a normal mom to me. As I got older I began to realize just how good looking my mom was. None of my friends mom's were good looking enough to want to fuck, but my mom was another story. She has a pretty face and slim body giving her a nice tight ass. Although her tits aren't huge, on her slender... [more]

Crossdressing in Storage Unit Gets Crazy

I started crossdressing after I bought a house at auction. There were boxes of the previous owners stuff. I went through the boxes and discovered a bunch of nightgowns, bras, and panties. Something stirred in me. I locked all the doors to the house in case someone dropped by. I then undressed and tried on all the lingerie. i was little too big... [more]

Want To Satisfy My Seven Year Itch

I guess I'm tired of married life. I'm raising two kids and my husband doesn't try to be frisky to me. Granted, I put on some weight, but I'm a woman in my mid 40's that craves attention and Paul, friend of the family seems interested in my body. He's dating my husband's aunt. She's half the size that I am. Granted I have big saggy breasts and... [more]

Hate seeing Paul now

In 1995 I was 15, my best friend Anita was 16 and had 2 step brothers. Rickie was 12 and Paul was 10. When Anita's mom married the boy's father she was only 8 and hated the boys from the start. I know the boys mother died when they were small babies but Anita's stepfather got killed at work when she was around 13 I think. Anita's mom had a hard... [more]

I know he is using my panties

My name is Susan. I am a 55 year old single mom. I live with my son who is 23 . For some time now I noticed that he must have been in my panty draw. ( somehow this turned me on ) The other day as I was cleaning I found a green pair of bikinis under his pillow. Yes they were mine. This turned me on to no end . I laid down on his bed and started to... [more]

I want my uncle to fuck me

I have known my uncle for sixteen years now. He got married to my aunt (mum's side) when i was five years. We have known each other for so long with this zing of affection. I feel him so much 😭.i think he feels me too coz. He loves hugging me to feel my 32b sexy breasts. I just want to fill his cock im my twat. Somebody please, how can I seduce... [more]

I'll get the strap-on

I'm 32f and I've been a butt girl my whole life. I like looking at a nice ass wether it's on a guy or a girl. Whenever I run a 5k, I like to line up behind someone with a nice butt-- hahah, why not right? Over the years I've discovered that not only do I like looking at a nice ass but I also like playing with a guys butt.
One thing I know... [more]

I'm going insane

Every where I go, there is always someone looking at me. I get on the train and I see people looking straight at me. I've taken down every picture in my house because their eyes always follow me. Idk when this started but its been a while now I've tried to ignore. I look in the mirror and assume maybe my nose is too big? Maybe I had a pimple?... [more]

Married Cock Sucker

I'm married, and my wife and I have a pretty good sex life for a couple together for 30 years. The thing is, that I have a life long addiction to sucking cock. It started with two friends that I experimented with in my teens. With both of them it started out as mutual jerking off, and evolved into my sucking them off whenever they wanted it. ... [more]

I get off to men cum tributing my wife

I love when alpha men have me send them nudes of my wife and they send back pictures of their hard cock next to her pussy and tell me how they would fuck her. We usually chat over snap or email and I send them what they want to see so they can visually show me how they would breed her.

I want to be a sissy

I want to be a sissy. I want to be forced into feminization and go down a path I can never come back from. I want to be free from any form of body hair, I want my tiny clitty to be locked in cage never to see the light of day again, I want to have my nails painted 24/7, I want to learn how to do my makeup and wear it every day. I want to grow my... [more]

After years of marriage

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. She is 48 years old. I am 46 years old. Things sure have changed over the years. When we first got together she wouldn't admit that she masturbated. She also didn't own any sex toys. Now, she has a night side table full of them. Some that she uses when we have sex and some that she uses to masturbate... [more]

I am a Mom that was caught.

Okay, I know a lot of you may think I am either a sex writer trying to get you off, or a complete nut (the latter being the truth as you will see). Whatever you may think, I just need to vent.
Let me start with some context: I am a single mother, and had my son Jason at a very young at 14. I lived with my ex boyfriend Todd for years until... [more]

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