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The Other Bitch

My husband came home one day many years ago and told me he had feelings for a woman at work. He moved out and soon moved in with her. Then he would come home and fuck me and back to her. I figured I wasn't giving u without a fight you know. So I have been sharing him for the last eight years and she gets most of the holidays not me. When they have... [more]

Caught cheating

We’re good friends with our neighbors. Have been for years. My wife has stayed home with our kids but just went back to work. I work from home and travel.
My buddies wife comes down one day. Middle of the afternoon. Rings the doorbell. I say hey come in what’s up. She makes up some bullshit about being curious about my job. What do I do all day?... [more]

Business travel

When I travel on business I always try to find some cock to suck, not sure why I have always enjoyed doing it but I just do. I got myself settled into my room and posted an ad then put away my clothes and took a shower. I came out and checked my email to find two returns already. First one I looked at was just about perfect, mid thirties nice... [more]

I love to be watched fucking my wife

We have been married for 18 years now, my wife is 2 years younger than me and it took sometime to turn her into horny wife. I have a strong sexual drive and loves to have sex with her daily and some times twice or 3 times in a day. The thing is she is reserved and while she enjoys talking about our fantasies when we are doing it I feel she stops... [more]

I will be the first to admit it

I am addicted to sex. I am a female, mid thirties, married and I love sex. I love having sex with strangers, co-workers, husband and neighbors. When I was younger I truly drank to much and would pass out waking up sometimes with guys on me, clothes off having a great time. I also never was awake for some of them and woke up with cum in just about... [more]

So many little panties

Ever since I was a little boy I was very sexual and loved to feel myself and I dont remember how I started but I started wearing panties I would remember they where my sister in-laws panties then I started feeling that they where just a little too big because I was really young and there where no other girls in the house except my little niece she... [more]

Any female from India looking for a stomach trample partner?

I am looking for a stomach trample and sex partner, i have a fetish of making women sit on my stomach and trample or bounce. I love to do the same to ladies. I am a staright male looking for straight female of any race but must be over 18 years of age and could travel to North India. I am not fat but not muscular and in my mid 20s. I am very... [more]

When I was young

I am a very well hung man and I have never been married.
When I was in high School I found out early that the school girls although after word got around several of them wanted to see my cock it was mostly just hand jobs from them and sometimes they would let me try to get into them but school girls were just to tight and only one of the girls... [more]

I enjoy giving blow jobs

I am in my 60’s and really enjoy pleasuring younger guys in their 30’s mostly but I have had a few college age. I have a great location for privacy and have a glory hole set up right inside my garage entry door.
I am not sure why but a few years back when I was traveling for work still I was talking with a guy at the hotel I was staying at and... [more]

Kissing cousins

My husband and I are on our summer vacation and doing some traveling with the kids. We were passing though the town where my cousin Matt lives, and he and his wife offered us a place to stay for a couple of nights, before we continued our trip. I hadn't seen Matt since we were teens. He's 36 now and I'm 34.
On the second day we were there my... [more]

I love this relationship

A few days ago, I started an incestuous relationship with my mother. We always had a special relationship before that: she raised me alone since she was young, and she was always carefree, liberal, and open minded. She always taught me to see the human body (both male and female) and sex as natural things. I remember seeing her naked body since I... [more]

I caught my aunt...

My aunt and her husband live on my way to work, so they often invite me over for dinner. They gave me a key eventually, so I drop by every now and then to say hello. He travels a lot, so I only see her most of the time.
One night, I walked in on her fucking some guy who definitely was not her husband, and she freaked out when she noticed me. She... [more]

How do you get your wife to suck your cock

My wife used to give me blow jobs at the drop of a hat 30 years ago. I can remember weekends and even some evenings when I got home when I received multiple ones. I have not received one since February and before that I think it was summer time. I still treat her the same as I did when we were first married, I have never felt any other way about... [more]

They had no idea she was my wife...

I was working for a large company with offices nationwide and they had scheduled a week of training in a city only about 60 miles from where I lived. I was the only one from my office sent to this particular session. So I didn't know anyone there. At first I was uneasy that they had me sharing a room with a total stranger but the guy turned out to... [more]

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