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Daughter's friend, part 2

OK, well, I went for it. My daughter's friend is 21 and staying with us for a couple weeks. I have always been attracted to this beautiful little creature, but had always kept my urges to myself. Except Today my wife had to take my daughter to the doctor. My daughter's friend stayed in the house and was curled up on the couch watching TV when I... [more]

Teen Gymnasts

I will start by saying i have always had a thing for beautiful young girls in gymnastics leotards. I just love how they love and the leotards just make them so much cuter.
I won't say where i live, but i went into coaching gymnasts to enjoy the views and even better, the touching of the girls.
After a while i got bored and decided to try... [more]

Sexual Vacation Trip as Teen

When I was a young teen I went on a vacation to Brazil with my Aunt who was single. She was in her early thirties and I was at the beginning of my teen years. We send shopping for the trip and my aunt got me skimpy shorts and tops and some small bikinis that I had never ever worn before for the beach. She even got me this dress for social nights... [more]

Girl next doors bikini bottom

I put her bikini bottoms over my cute face and sucked on them.mmmmmm smelling panties gets you high and if you smell and get off youll be lost in the best outrageous orgasms.smell a teen girls used stinkers.i dare you mmmmmm

Did she know

I have found something out that I find strange . I bumped into a mate of mine that I had not seen for a long time , So we went out for a drink and a catch up during are conversation my wifes past was brought up , This was when she was a school girl a long time ago before I had even met her , My mate told me that her brother would allow his... [more]

Hot Tub Fun

Hot summer
It was a red hot summer afternoon and we were outdoors enjoying a lively party at our neighbours
House. He had recently installed a new hot tub and we had walked over to take a look. It was on and several couples were already relaxing with their drinks in the hot bubbling water. My wife playfully trailed her hand in the water... [more]

Not long enough

The sex that me and my boyfriend are having isn't good enough, he's the only person I've had sex with. but honestly my pillow gives me a better orgasm then he does. He doesn't last long, the most we've had sex for is maybe around 8 minutes, he enjoys it when I wear heels in bed for him but that only makes the time worse!! Is it just the age he's... [more]

Always needing a tissue

When I was experimenting sexually as a young teenager with my first boyfriend many years ago, when I mean years ago I mean before the internet.
I thought when boys cum it came out in two jets because the guy I was did this.
I would always have to have a tissue and cover the end of his dick, if I didn’t it would shoot out in two different... [more]

Sniffing panties

I have been sniffing panties since I was like five, I had one older sister and my mother of course. I would pull them out of the hamper right after one of them left them in there if I was lucky. This habit continued right into my teen years and I had been really good at keeping it a secret so I had thought anyways.
My mother came home one time... [more]

When I was a teen I wanked in my best friends sisters bed!

When I was about 15 I was staying round my friends house, now my friend had to get up early for his paper round and I didn't have to get up, so I stayed in bed.
After a little while I realize the house is really really quite! Then I remember of coarse, his mum and dad were on their way to work and his younger sister was out, I cant remember... [more]

My teen years

I had a pretty normal childhood right up until about eleven years old. My dad was killed in a car accident one morning on his way to work and my mom pretty much fell completely apart.
We both talked to counselors and grieved both separately and together but her life just was not going to good for her and I was not the best son I could have been... [more]

Cross dressing

I’ve been cross dressing since pre teen. I would even wear panties for some of my friends while we learned about sex. I learned that I enjoyed both men and women.
I enjoy being intimate with women, I enjoy everything about the female body. With men I just enjoy the dick. I want to taste dick, taste the pre cum, have thick loads of cum... [more]

She took her chance

Shannon, has a brother 9 years older than her, and as a teenager, she had a crush on one of his friends. She said he was nice to her and good looking, and at times when they went out to do things he would bring her along. In her young mind, she would think of them going out alone and him being her first.
He moved away and 15 years later, now she... [more]

Learning how to give a blow job part I

I was in my room during my teenage years reading my stack of Cosmos when I ran across the article again on how to please a man and what he wants from you. I had already read it probably a dozen times and it was focused on how to please him orally but without all the graphic details and pretty much just left it to my imagination. It was at this... [more]

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