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Not satisfied

I'm not sure where else to go for this but I just want to get it out of my system, me and my boyfriend are high school seniors my boyfriend wants to have sex with me wearing glasses with a skirt and really high heeled wedges, he calls my legs sexy and says high heels will make my ass appear bigger but I've never worn any heels higher then 3... [more]

Just too hooked

I have an older sister, and we've been sexually involved with each other for a couple of years now. She's way older than me, but it doesn't matter, actually I feel it's part of the charm and what made our attraction possible in the first place. I'm 24, she's 37. Instead of just a sibling, I always saw her as a woman, she was turning into one while... [more]

My Sister Doesn't Know

I'm 29 years old. I love teen girls from about 14 up to 16 years old. I had only ever managed to get one 16 year old to fuck me and it was amazing.
Anyway, my sister is 15 and super hot. She does cheerleading at school an dis always keeping herself fit. She wears her outfit several days a week. I caught her about 2 months ago fucking her... [more]

I messed up my first time

So I’m kind of a nervous teen. I had been talking to a girl for a while, and she kept wanting to meet up. I got a massive feeling that she was kind of a slut, I know she wanted to do sexual things. It’s just that’s what made me so nervous, I hadn’t even had my first kiss and I was insecure about my dick. But anyways I built up the courage to meet... [more]

Share experiences?

I posted this a while back but I replied late to everyone so I hope they read again. I’m late teenage male that has had a lot of sexual experiences with guys and girls, usually really kinky. When I get horny I really want to share these experiences and listen to other people’s but idk anyone. So anyone who seems interested in just talking about... [more]

What a night

I will start by being up front. I have a thing for teenage girls, always have and probably always will. I love the cuteness and small size, small breasts and tiny hips. I love the smooth skin and long hair many have. I go to beaches all the time to check them out and watch.
38 now, i have only previously been with one 17 year old girl when i was... [more]

Teenagers are a lot bigger these days!

My 17 yo son had his friend round, he’s a nice lad, known him since he was 14.
I’m in the kitchen starting dinner and his friend goes out the kitchen door.
I thought nothing of it, I went out to put some rubbish out and saw him standing over the drain having a wee while on his phone.
He’s now finished his wee and is still standing there with... [more]

Teenage Boy Nextdoor

The boy nextdoor is around 13 or 14. He’s often outside with his friends (clearly they’re not gamers!).
His house is on a corner of our could-e-sac and it’s angled, so his backyard is really a side yard and faces my large front windows. You can see in my whole house if the blinds are up. I like to stand in the window, sometimes with my top off... [more]

Wife Peg

After we got back to our room Peg was very quiet and unsure of herself but I was excited after watching her and John go at it for over an hour.
Peg had sobered up though and was unsure of her feelings so I held her and whispered in her ear how exciting it had been for me we were in bed and I was off the wall horny but when I tried to roll her... [more]

I've been married 31 years but sucking my best friend off 40 yrs

My life long best friend and I have always been like brothers , almost. we spent the nite at each other's house when we were teenagers we got our first school spankings at the same time smoked cigs and weed togeather for the first time
But when we were in the 6th seemed natural , we were in the gym locker room , everybody else... [more]

ANR on the plane

My husband and I have had an ANR for a few years. I love breastfeeding him, and I love having huge milk jug boobs. If he doesn’t nurse regularly, they get full and firm, and it can be really painful.
We were on a flight that got delayed, so our schedule was off, and my tits were starting to hurt. It was an overnight flight, so it was dark. ... [more]

Expose her while shes sleepinv

Ive been dating my gf for about 4 years now. Shes 22, 7 years younger than me. Shes a good girl, never goes out never been to a club till i took her. Shes works n comes home, that being said we love to drink and do lines, she has depression problems since a teen and has a habbit of taking sleeping pills. I love voyeur, seeing or recording unaware... [more]

Got hrni

I am 20, female, and i think normal. I work fulltime and live at home. Ihave had a few bfs and have been w my current one two months. Like sex, like being sexy; but ive never watched porn, never wanted to. But i got curious the other day having heard a podcast of all women where they were talking about what they liked to watch. First time i... [more]

Kinky fetish

I look young for my age , I am 26 and have been married for two years. Immediately after getting married my husband's boss through us a small party. It was then that I had a daddy or father figure issue. During the party I was wondering around in the house trying to find a bathroom without a line in front of it. I had no choice but to sneak out... [more]

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