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Licking moms dildo

I am a teenage male, virgin, and horny as fuck. My bedroom is next to my moms, and some nights I can hear her using a vibrator on herself, and moaning quietly. Dad left us a couple of years ago, and mom hasn't dated anyone since, so I know she must masturbate a lot, I know I masturbate listening to my mom every chance I get.
My mom is 32... [more]

Masturbated in front of my cousin

First of all I'm a male, age 37. This happened back when I was 20. My cousin got kicked out of her home because she was a troubled teenager (age 18 at the time. She's an adult now and doing much better), but I must confess I always thought she was hot. She is Italian and gorgoeus, and I kind of had a bit of a crush on her. I was far too embarrased... [more]

Story of sex

I will try to keep the prologue brief.
I own a small house cleaning business, I am 43 years old, 5'3 and about 130 pounds. I workout plus clean houses about four days a week so I am fairly fit but still have a bit of a mom body with 32 c cup boobs and a curvy butt. I know guys need a visual so there you go, not going to win any contests but I... [more]

Living her fantasy

My second wife was an exceptionally horny woman, which I thought was a good match for me until this happened. We had been married less than two years and I was wondering how this woman wanted sex more than any guy that I knew. For a while it was awesome, whatever I wanted to do to her was fine with her, anything I suggested in regards to sex was... [more]

Big fat pussy

Well I dont know how to say this. I guess I gotta start somewhere.
Imma black man who was once in my teens and twenties was fit, tough as nails due to martial arts and growin up in da hood.
Now I'm 40, over weight and although I am still tough and intimidating on the out side to my younger coworkers, deep down im really just a big fat... [more]

Not my finest hour......

I am 32, have been married now for 5 years and with my husband for 10.
I recently went out with a group of my female friends that I went to school with and we ran into some guys we used to hang around with in our teens. I had been out with one of them back then for a few months but hadn’t seen him since really.
It was good to catch up and... [more]


I am being very honest here. When I was about 9 yeas old I was at my cousins house and late that night he talked me into something that changed my life forever. He and I are the same age and grew up together. He and I took off our underwear in his bed and he got on top of me naked and was humping on my ass and it felt good. I reached back and... [more]

My ex gfs forbidden younger sister

So I got with my ex back in secondary school, I was 16 going 17 and she was 15 going 16, yes we still fuvked when I was 17 and she was 15 at that age she knew I like the underage fetish and used it all the time to make me cum, and the idea of a young teen school girl was planted skip ahead 3 years and my gfvat the time sister was developing nicely... [more]

Love older men

I will make it short. My sex friend is a 45 year old man and I’m a 13 year old teen. I like it when he fingers my in my butt and I ask him to to it deep and hard while I suck him off. I love it.

Sibling love

I am a dad of 3 teen daughters, current ages: 15, 13, and 12. Several months ago, I walked in on my 2 oldest girls VERY heavily making out with each other (deep kissing). They were so involved in making out that they didn't see or hear me walk in. I didn't say anything and just quietly left the room. I never brought it up to them, but since then... [more]

Sorry now

At the time it was arousing but now almost 15 years later its become embarrassing each time I see girls I grew up around. Some were my age at the time between 14 and 17 but some were also younger. I was so obsessed with exposing myself it got out of control. Those girls are women today, friends with my sisters and 1 who now works in my wife's... [more]

Beach vacay

After an exhausting divorce from a cheating husband, I was alone for a summer, so my brother invited me to tag along for a week-long vacation to the beach. We were supposed to meet there, but the others couldn't make it on time because their car broke down, so it was just me and my brother for the first few days. It was okay, my brother is cool... [more]


It all started when I was 13 I guess. I got got played with by my uncle and his partner. It started with touching, mutual masturbation then them taking turns sucking me off. It ended with me in women's crotchless underwear, on my front with my arse in the air with multiple old mens cocks going in and out of my stretched bumhole. I was 15 and I... [more]

I admit to wearing my mom's nylons

Ever since I was a teenager I wore pantyhose (nylons) . First my mom's and sister's , then my girlfriend's pantyhose. I worked my way up to panties, bras, slips, lingerie, then added cosmetics.

My dear friend Jack

In the past I have added comments to other peoples posts, but this time I thought I would write one of my own.
I am she-male and have been perfecting my girly appearance since I was twelve years old. I am now in my thirties. I have a great figure, beautiful breasts 38B, long legs and I have a very active manhood. I have a fashionable hairstyle... [more]

I'm Not Too Old

My name is Marilyn, I'm 73 years old and I just had sex with my step-daughter's teen aged son, actually I have to say it was incredible sex, and it was his idea that I tell the world on this website. While watching him work in my yard I found myself having impure thoughts about him, his muscular body, his tanned skin, the sweat rolling down his... [more]

I'm addicted to navel play

I have always liked belly buttons; innies, outies, inbetweenies but there is no belly button I find sexier than mine.
When I was a teenager I started showing my belly button and I got the best feeling when strangers would see it and/or poke it. I tried finding people online who wanted to worship my navel and it took off from there.
My first... [more]

Sleeping with my partners daughter

Firstly i want to make this clear i am not proud of my actions, things just blew out of control and i am stuck in this messy situation.
when my
partners daughter went off to university back in September i thought ”great, it will do her some good, learn responsibility and some independence as she has always (in my eyes) been lazy, not motivated... [more]

Its my fault I was raped

I am a mature married woman and I have just turned fifty and I have been reflecting on a very stupid thing I did this summer.
I am happily married but have a very high sex drive, much more than my husband. I had been fantasising for some time about having sex with someone and I put myself at risk one day.
I always walk our dog along a canal... [more]

I let it happen

My teen son and I went on vacation to Oahu , it took me so long to save up for it. I booked the room at one of the outrigger hotels. My son has had a rough time , his father and I were dating in high school when I got pregnant. We live in a small house behind my parents house. Not to mention he is not a very popular kid , he's into games and... [more]

Teen Son taking younger Sisters Panties

I am a married liberal mom of 2 offsprings, a 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter. I started buying Emma Lacey and racy panties when she was around 10, I guess my son became fascinated with the material because soon after some of her panties were ending up missing. I would make Brad fold clothes for chore money and this is how I feel he... [more]

Daughter and friend nude

I been married to my wife for 9 years. She has a daughter that's 20 years old, but still lives at home. Her bestfriend is also 20 and she stays at our house a lot. They both still act like teenagers, neither has a job nor go to college. They run around the house all the time in just their bar and panties, then tell me to think of it as a bikini. I... [more]

Dog life

This happened when i was teenager and I've never told anyone since then.
My best mate at the time, owned a Labrador dog. It was always sniffing around me when I called by his house and sometimes it would try and hump my leg.
Staying over one night, my friend and his dad went out to get some fishing gear for the following day, leaving me to look... [more]

It just kind of happened continued

Sorry for the delay, I ran out of time at the end of my story. It then took a while for it to post, so I didn't think it was going to happen. Then when it did post, I haven't had time to finish. My apologies. Here's the rest.
I couldn't believe my hand was squeezing my mom's boob, something I have wanted to do for fifteen years. they're not... [more]

Married women

When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I had relationships with three different married women. All had the same name. Last one was the best one by far. The first one I couldn’t cum with, no idea why, maybe young and nervous, but I fucked her all day in a hotel room and didn’t shoot. We lost count of the amount of times I made her cum... [more]

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