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Seducing my Dad

Since my youth I've had fantasies about my dad. I told my husband once and he confessed that he when he was young has been seduced by his dad. None of them has been gay but they must both have been bi. His dad caught him masturbating one evening and took over. he sucked his sons cock and some days later the son did his dad too. His mom did not... [more]

Son loves older women

I live alone with my son. I'm 45, he's 15. His father and I divorced when our son was 4. I've had some friendships and one nicht stands over the years but no close ralationships. I don't know if ist important but I did not have sex with someone for the last 3 years.
It's 2 weeks ago when I came home from work. It was a bit earlier than the most... [more]

What do you fantazize about?

I'm 53, divorced and live alone. The last one night stand I had 3 years ago. No man from then on. Daughter and Son visit me from time to time (Birthday or holidays). For some years I have a lot of fantasies. Mainly about sex inside the Family. Sometimes when I'm in the right mood, about dogs or monkeys too.
You out there, is there anyone who know... [more]

Turned on by her actions

We were married for 7 years when I told her I wasn’t happy. Right away she assumed I had already cheated on her. Out sex had pretty much came to a halt months before me telling her how I felt.
I pretty much assumed she was having sexual relationships with guys at her work. She continued to tell me how she went to lunch with Blake who was also... [more]

Mom gets lonely

My dad is in the Navy and spends a lot of time away from home. He has currently been deployed over seas for the past four months, and I know my mom gets very lonely. Mom is 34 years old, and very pretty lady, for her age. I know she has a lot of men hitting on her while dad's away, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't cheated with anyone yet. I am her... [more]


Hi I recently caught my son who's 17 in my black party dress ,black tights and strappy heels i took a pic of him which he really panicked about now I don't know what to do he needs to b punished should i spank him at his age which he will agree to cause the other option is to post the pic on Facebook for family and friends to see ?

Unexpected fun with my daughter-in-law

Almost since my son married, I have fantasied about his wife. Over the years I have seen a few nice pics of her but nothing like what happened a few days ago. I have seen down here shirts but never a good view of those lovely breasts. So I went over to take something to there house and she was home alone and when we spoke I could tell something... [more]

Moved to a new house

When I was around twelve or so we moved to a new state for my dads work and my mom met the family across the street the next day after moving into our new house. They had three sons, one my age and two younger ones so she came back and got me so I could meet them.
We all got along pretty well and within a few minutes they were showing me the huge... [more]

Pay Back

My marriage and sex life turned sour. My husband all he wants is for me to peg him and tug his cock at the same time on a weekly basis. I'm thinking of getting revenge for not pleasing me. Making him a cuck. My lovers would be my son and his buddy. They are in their early 20's. I have seen their penis's. They're bigger and nicer looking than my... [more]

Gloryhole in the pool changing rooms

I never thought I could do such a thing!
Once or twice a month I meet with some of my best friends to have some coffee and shit chat about the kids and other important things.
The last time we met my best friend Steffi told us, she had heard that someone did holes in the walls of the changing boxed of our local pool. We laughed about it and I... [more]

I caught our son

You won't believe me but I caught our son fucking a hen last weekend. We've been on holidays for a week on a farm in the Netherlands (we're german). Our son seemed happy being there. One morning I found him in his bed with a egg in his hand. he acted a bit as if he has been caught.
I have to abmit, that me and my husband know that our boy has... [more]

My cousin Tashina

I've got this older cousin named Tashina. Some days she comes to visit me and spend the night. She's got a couple sons so once n a while she'll bring them too. I have a spare bedroom so she uses that one with her kids when they come by. One night she came by it was a hot day. She had a red sun dress on and I was able to see her ass pretty good... [more]

What just happened?

I was just fucking my wife and when I ejaculated it hurt and burned like a son of a gun. Now I'm oozing some type of smelly discharge. Not sure what just happened hoping it's not anything serious though. My wife's vagina has her usually kind of urine and fishy smell to it. She said she feels fine. I don't. It hurts like a mother to piss. Plus... [more]

Father fucked my girl WTF!

My girlfriend was spending the night at our house. My parents insisted that she stay in the spare bedroom. Early in the morning I got up to take a piss and saw my father leaving her room. So I knocked on her door then I entered. She was naked rapped in the bedsheet. There was a huge wet spot in the middle of the bed. She grabbed me by the arm when... [more]

Married man secretly is a bottom

When I was young I was used by men. Growing up my mother would have me watch men fuck her and then let them have their way with me. I enjoyed it so much, I told my mom she should prostitute me out to the MC club. We lived in a trailer park they had owned and partied at all the time. A few nights later she was invited to come over there and bring... [more]

Whats your first experience?

I have been 53 (hubby 57) and we have 2 grandchildren. Our Grandson (son of our daughter) visited uns for the summer, when he was 13. He did some more summers, but when he was 13, IT happened.
Ok, we're no youngsters any more but we still have a very active sexlife. we often have sex and we have experienced a lot over the years.
When our... [more]

(10 years ago) I slept with my sons friend

Firstly please do not fetishise this post. whether you chose to believe it or not this is my confession.
I was about 33 in 2009 when this happened and so i don't get in trouble lets say he was 18.
my son was in highschool and didn't really have a lot of friends. occasionally however he did bring one or two over. One particular night he... [more]

My daughter's friend is hitting on me

I am a 42 yr old male. I'm a single parent of three children, 1 girl and 2 boys. My daughter is my oldest child she is 19 yrs old, and the two boys are 7 and 10. I lost my wife 5 yrs ago, to cancer.
Anyway my daughter's life time friend has started flirting with me and hitting on me. Making really sexual comments and jesters when no one else... [more]

Fucked the old woman next door.

I'm 23 and back home at the moment. The woman who lives next door to us her husband died a few months back. She is a nice old lady kind of reminds me of my grandma. My mother asked if I would help her out and cut the grass for her. I was busy at the moment but I did it the next morning. So she came over and wanted to pay me. I told her absolutely... [more]

Made to Service

My husband and I have been married for over 4 years now. He convinced me to have sex with another man. Big mistake! Yes the sex was great but now my husband treats me like a hooker. When he has buddies over to play poker or watch football. He makes me dress up wearing one of my Victoria Secrets outfits and service them. First by acting like a... [more]

Amazing wife

My wife has always been turned on since the first time we had sex twenty or so years ago. We met in high school and on dates we would have some pretty awesome make out sessions then the first time came where we were getting pretty far and she just loved it. She was telling me how good it felt when my tongue started licking her and she is so verbal... [more]

Trailer Park

I live in a trailer park, and yeah, there's a lot of stereotypes about people who do, but I can say that most people are totally normal. I'm 60, my wife died of cancer 2 years ago, I've been recovering from a heart attack from last summer, and I can't work and had to downsize and retire early before I can collect social security. That meant... [more]

Bred by Male twins

Spent a 3 day weekend fucking twins who were 32 years old. I got pregnant with twins, they run in my family, and my husband believes the kids belong to him.
Three days of laying in bed getting fucked almost nonstop by two men who hadn't seen a woman in 16 months because they were in most northern part of Alaska doing scientific research. They... [more]

I'm a greedy mom

I had four sons and they all worked hard for over 20 years to build my business as time went on I gave each one one share of stock in the business in lieu of a retirement plan. As time went on they couldn't work together so I took the stock back from those that left the business. One son hasn't spoke to me in over 22 years. I've become well off... [more]

Sex with my son's best friend

I'm 35 and I had my son when I was only 17. One day last summer my son and his best friend were swimming at our house. It was a very hot summer day. My husband who is 44 was at work. The day started early with us lounging around the pool around 11 am. I noticed my son's friend Jared and I have enjoyed looking at his hard young body over the years... [more]

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