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Mom's Have Urges Too - 3

Andy awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and coffee. He opened his eyes and saw his mother putting plates and silverware on the small table.
"Good morning, sleepyhead," Linda said with a smile.
"Good morning," Andy said, rubbing his eyes. He was still groggy from getting only a few hours of sleep. "The storm is over I see," he said, looking... [more]

My fetish for seducing of wives for wannabe cuckold husbands

This confession started as a comment on another's confession. On sending it, I concluded this should have it's own thread. I believe this one can be in categorized in either fetish or cheating as I'm married and so are the others involved.
I lost my virginity to a married woman. I soon found I love being with married women. When I entered the... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 2

The cabin was but one room, with an old bed, wood stove, and a small table and several chairs representing the kitchen. "Look how small it is ... and a wood stove, my God. There is only one bed too. And where is the bathroom?" Linda asked.
Andy went over and opened a small door. "Over here, I think."
Linda walked over and stopped in her... [more]

I just couldn't help myself!

I'm married, in my 30s, I like to take care of myself. I use to go to a gym but these days it's Fitness blender, Yoga with Adrian, jogging, and hiking. I also like gardening and cook . . . I like to dressed up, but when I'm home I like to be casual, sorts or some old jeans and a t-shirt or maybe a tank-top and I never were a bra at home.
For... [more]

Son of bbw is a chubby 13 year old

Ray and kathy. Fuck in suck I jack off to it. They don't k ow I watch or know

Daughter sleeps with me for coke.

Thought I'd post this here, I've been having sex with my daughter (25) for about a year now. She loves doing blow and I happen to sell it. Usually, she just buys off me then goes out but sometimes she comes home wanting more but has no money. If she gives me a blowjob, I'll give her a half gram and if she fucks me, a full gram. This is completely... [more]

When a mother gets to the point of....

My son and I have a love that has built up tremendously over the years. We have become each others best friend. I also know we had become physically attracted by the way we look at each other, in an other than normal mother and son way. I can't wait for us to finally be together sexually. I know my son Tim feels the same way. I knew we were going... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 1

Andy and Linda were mother and son, but anyone that did not know them personally would think they were brother and sister. There was twenty year difference in their ages, Andy being 22 and Linda 42, but apart from a few crow's feet at Linda's eyes they looked close enough to be siblings. Andy was a strong and handsome boy, standing six foot two... [more]

My Mom Taught Me How To Fuck

I was 14 the first time I fucked my mother. She was 32 and there is no doubt that she was beautiful, she looked at least 5 years younger, had been a cheer leader in high school. At community trials she and had won several regional beauty contests. My father had died in an auto accident when I was 6 and she had not remarried. She had a well paying... [more]

Two Cousins Lose Their Virginity To Their Moms

It had come down to this, All of our planning, the teasing of our sexy mother's over a period of months, we now had our chance. We just had to walk to my mom's room to see what was instore for us. We were both ecstatic.
When we entered mom's room, she fell on her bed and motioned for Barbara to join her while we young guys just stared at... [more]

Mom knows I want to fuck her

When I was about 17 or 18 (I’m 28 now) as most young men at that age, I was constantly horny and very frequently masturbating. My mother has always looked incredible for her age (she’s 55 now but 45 back than) all my childhood friends would always tease me on how much a MILF my mom was, it used to get me so angry, but I completely agreed. Her and... [more]

Perverted, wrong dirty.......I LOVED IT!(Part 2)

As all my stories will be this is all true. You can read part 1 or this story as a stand alone.
My sister schooled me at sexual activity early on. Because of this I was sexually charged from the age of 7. When I was 9 my mother resumed her career so after school I stayed with one of our close family friends. They had a son Jack(9) and a... [more]

Seen your son cumming?

Have you seen your son cumming whilst he was jerking off?

Our Secret

It just happened and I couldn't dismiss our activity. He's easily available and enjoys giving me pleasure that I seek now and then.
I use to live alone after my husband left me. I didn't want to do the bar scene or get on the adult dating sites. I would spend time on the computer looking at porn and pleasing myself. Now and then I would web... [more]

I fucked my mom

We lived in a small flat with two rooms. My parents slept one room and I was in the other. There still is not much privacy for all. When I was 16, I was in the morning session school and there would be no one at home when I came back except my mom. I would always after my shower and lunch, go to my bedroom and masturbate. I sometimes would jerk... [more]

1st time

Guys am 25 year old Male and it am the only son so here the story my mom got divorced back in 2010 and I get so hard when I hear my mom having sex by men she met on Facebook we are Asian and the rest of my family don't no this cuz it would bring shame to the family but as her son I wank off to her getting shagged like I have seen it too and what... [more]

I was 12-15 ,it was in the 70's I got my first taste

We were visiting may fathers friend in the Mountains of Tenn.Thinking about buying land. His son and friend from the farm down the road a couple miles invited us to the farm to ride his pony..Off we went on bicycles. When we rode up the long drive to the farmhouse 5 little girls came running to greet us all giggly and excited..
I'd say freshman... [more]

My teacher

Me and my teacher are only 6 years apart. And I'm I'm collage. 5 years ago my teacher asked m to come to his house. I did so and put on the most cute outfit i couuld find. When I got there he was playing the piano. I opened the door. And asked for a cup of tea. He gave me the cup of tea anD *CENSORED CONTENT* his 4 year old daugther walks in. She... [more]

Surprised baby sitting

Soon after college my sister got married 2 yrs later they had a son... my mother felt compelled that a baby should have a mother around and always found a way to stop by their house to check on the baby .... my sister travels a lot due to job requirements and Jack works mostly from home ... they do well financially so when one of their... [more]

Friends son

I'm a 35 year old teacher and my mates son is in the sixth form at my school,we became friends after i helped him out 3 years ago, having spent times around her house ive got used to him being flirty towards me and in the last few months i started flirting back even when im taking his lesson i would walk past his desk which is right Infront of... [more]

Mom And Son Fuck

At fifteen when puberty hit me, I had a lot of respect for my mom, and her body. I found some pics from a few years earlier that my dad had taken of her nude, and found a body I would judge all others by.
I had a strange relationship with my mother. A few weeks ago when I turned eighteen, she became less inhibited around me. Maybe because she... [more]

Daughter needs a car

My exwife ask me if i was buying our daughter a car and i said yea when she sucks my cock and laughed it off.Later that afternoon i was watching porn on the smart tv and my gril walked in wearing a bikini and ask what i was looking at i told her strip poker game and she wanted to see.So i turned it back on and she saw a mother son and two... [more]

Caught with daughter inlaw by my daughter

I was so scared and embarressed when my daughter walked in and saw her brothers girl sucking my dick.And Star (my daughter) just said i knew it and set down,so i had Teralyn's head in my hands and i started to fuck her face again.Star just looked for a min and ask if i remember when her and her friend Mia kissed my dick many years ago and i told... [more]


Sitting in my car waiting for my son from school, two women both with children in a pram stopped and started talking next to my car.
Hiya how are you blah blah blah then one said how did you get on with that bloke the other night, which one she said, the one you was with at the shops last week, oh him he’s a prick and he has a small prick unlike... [more]

That’s very big

I went to see my friend for coffee, chatting away I asked how was her son holiday, she said don’t ask, how he’s still alive I don’t know, why what happened I asked, she said he will be down in a bit ask him yourself.
When he did come downstairs I said mom said I should ask you how your holiday was, he said excellent best ever, his mom then said... [more]

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