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My sister is horny and want to have sex with me

My sister and I have noticed some mutual feelings of intimacy but we are shy to confess it or to proceed with next step.. I know that she love me so much and I do too but I don’t know how to approach her. Can anyone help me out with tips? She always turns me on and I can’t do anything to show that I like it

My sister

When I was thirteen my sister, who was twenty at the time moved back home. Since our house was small, she had to share my bedroom. Since she would walk around half dressed when my parents were at work, a horny young man like myself would sneak as many peeks as I could. Which was often since she slept nude. One day after out partying with one of... [more]

Lusting After Sister, Wearing Her Socks and Clothes

I'm a guy, growing up, around when I was in 7th Grade I started to notice my sister who is two years older. She is pretty, and was still a good deal taller, heavier and stronger than me, which I was sort of ashamed of, but also turned on by so much.
She would often prance around the house wearing nothing but little athletic shorts, boxers or... [more]

With my Sister

I had sex with my older sister for a few years. I was 9/10 and she was 11/12. I must have been pre puberty. But recall I’d get hard and insert my dick in her.
I can’t recall how it happened. She made me eat her and fuck her a few days a week. Sometimes we’d go into the woods and she’d make me fuck, eat, or finger her until she climaxed.
It... [more]

I want my sister badly

I can’t but notice how beautiful my sister is. She is 39 and I’m 40. We are very close when around each other. I use to nipple pinch her in her teens as she kept bugging me.
My partner says that we are far to close and she thinks that there’s more between us than there is.
I fantasise about what would happen the next time we are alone I rub... [more]

Old sex roles need to stop abusing lives

Offensive "wild oats" concept
I find it offensive people talking about how its ok for any man to sow his wild oats, that is vulgar and how does it label the women he comes upon to sow them with? they are someone's daughters, sisters, or wives or mothers. let them go sow their wild oats in a sex doll is what I say. when you are a woman or a parent... [more]

Sister's boob job

My sister is 36 and divorced. She was always pretty average looking until recently. To get back in the dating game, she's been working out a lot, got a boob job, new hairstyle and makeup. She looks hot, although I never thought of her like that before.
She came over a while back and we were alone, just drinking coffee and chatting. I jokingly... [more]

Dating twins didn't know at first

I started dating a girl, i say date, it was fucking really, basically i called at hers or she called at mine, always quite late so we had sex and fell asleep. I didn't realise she was a twin until she confessed that her sister had taken her place when she was busy one time, and then they kept it up, switching places. I thought she had an... [more]

Sister in law

I fantasize about fucking my sister in law. I want her so bad. I don't think she has had sex in a long time. Cindy, what I would give to have one night with you!

My Sister a slut

Hello all
mera naam rietesh hai aur meri behen ka naam hai reetu. kuch saalo pehle pata chala ki meri behen reetu ka affair chalra hai aur wo uske bf ke sath soi h. ek din uske kuch photos mere pass aye aur mai dang rehgaya ki ye meri behen hai. baad me to pucho mat itna kuch mila mujhe ki mai pagal hogaya.
Meri behen ek slut ban gayi hai. wo... [more]

I started smelling panties early

I started sniffing panties when I was about 8. I would hear my mother having sex across the hall with guys that brought her home. I could hear her moaning and as I grew more curious I would stand outside her door. The sound of him pushing in and out of her wetness and finally the way she would exclaim "Oh God you're making my pussy cum!!!" Would... [more]

Nephew’s Comback

My sister left her husband abroad and moved in with her three children 12 to 15 for a full school year. My husband and I were very happy because our own children had left our nest empty for college. My husband told me he caught my 15 year old nephew checking out my ass as I fixed breakfast in my sleep dress one Saturday morning. I told him to pay... [more]

Older sister with coaches..

My hot older sister was a dance team coach for a high school. Her girls performed at all of the football and basketball games, and would even appear for fundraisers. At the sporting events, she met very many male football and basketball coaches from other teams, most of whom hit on her and wanted to take her out for drinks.
I knew she not only... [more]

Wife's sister

My wife was at work n her sister came over we sat and talked she in short skirt n tank her nipples popping through as we sat on couch her legs spread I could see her pussy hair poking out her panties we were drinking n she got to use bathroom as she sat back n legs open I noticed she had no panties on with tht I got hard n she lifted her skirt... [more]

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