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Sexy wife swapping

When I dated my wife we were very sexually active and did a lot of crazy things. We were into swinging and orgy parties. She even fucked three of my friend while I watched. One in her vag, one in her ass, and one in her mouth. I also watched her bring home a complete stranger and have her way with him in front of me. Of course she watched me fuck... [more]

Cum in sandwich joke went wrong

My girlfriend plays a lot of practical jokes on me and I do some on her, and lately they have gotten a little sexual. Recently I was at home and I thought alone, knowing my gf was on that time of the month and so I would not be getting sex I decided to rub one out (she won't do anal and I don't get many BJ's). As I thought I was alone I pulled it... [more]

Pregnant sister

I met my older half sister only two years ago. I am my father's illegitimate son, and he confessed we were his "other" family. His confession pretty much destroyed both families, but through it all, my half sister and I met and got along really well instantly.
So well that I actually developed a crush on her. She's beautiful, unmarried, funny and... [more]

Is it ok to use your sisters panties to masterbate?

Like all boys I jerk off now and then, I have not had full sex yet, so it's all I have.
Because we live at home, my mum does the laundry for me and my sister, and delivers neat piles of clean laundry to our rooms.
A couple of days ago I got a pair of my sister's panties by mistake. I had never held a pair of girls panties so was drawn to them... [more]

Sister doesn't know I fuck her husband

She has no idea that whenever I'm alone with her husband he has his way with me. I can't help myself around him. I turn into a sissy slut and wear my wife's panties as he turns me out.

Been Involved with a Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said before I been involved with my girlfriends family and some of her friends during the past 15 yrs. I left off telling you of her mother. So I'm going to continue this story.

I get a phone call from Debra, my girlfriends sister. Her husband was out of town and she needed me to take care of something important. Her back door... [more]

Sister and cousin

My 14 year old sister my 16 year old female cousin and my 13 year old Male cousin were playing spin the bottle. i am a 23 year old Male. i bought 4 cases of bud light platinum and i added a twist to the game which is truth or dare. any way as a result i was able to fuck my 16 year old cousin witch i wanted to do since she was 7 and i was 15. her... [more]

Being Involved with Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said in the first part of this story, I been involved with my girlfriend's family and friends during the fifteen years that I've been with her. I last told of doing Judy's mother giving her a wonderful pounding. Doris must of told Debra, Judy's sister about my endowment.
I got a phone call from Debra, her saying that her husband was... [more]

The Man Who Took My “2nd And 3rd Virginities” Attended My Wedding

The Man Who Took My “2nd And 3rd Virginities” Attended My Wedding Years Later
I’ve been feeling sort of “guilty” about this and think I’d feel better if I could tell somebody about it. But, of course, I can’t. No one knows about this except the guy that was there and maybe my sister and brother-in-law. I could never tell my husband about... [more]

Divorced siblings

A few years ago I went through a rather nasty divorce. Despite my best efforts, my marriage didn't end amicably, and it took an emotional and financial toll on me. Right about the same time, my older sister was going through her second divorce, from an abusive husband. We were close, so we turned to each other for support. She wasn't capable of... [more]

Helping Sis to bed

When I was about 13 my older sister who was 17 at the time came home one Saturday night wasted. She was so drunk her date had to help her to the door. Our parents were gone for the weekend, so I helped her get to her room. I decided to get her undressed and into bed. She was not very cooperative and was just babbling a few words every now and... [more]

Enjoying My Sisters

I have two sisters..... Both are elder ones
Kavya😍 and Sandhya😍
During small ages while playing chess I saw Kavya's cleav*** .On that day I got my first impression
After many years ... Kavya @age 22 and me at age 14 were sleeping in same bed with Sandhya@ age21 aside separately......
I accidentally felt Kavya's a** which made me hard.... I... [more]

Caught and used

I was a boy who secretly wore my sister's panties and dressed up in her clothes. First sexual experience was dressed in her clothes. I was horny and getting ready to masturbate and had crouched down to do that and also was going to use one of her tampons anally while I did. Instead, got my asshole licked by her dog and let him do that, then... [more]

In love with my aunt

Just that. I'm in love with my aunt. We're both in love, actually. We've been a couple for two years, I'm currently 25 and she's 49. We always had a peculiar relationship. She was the cool, single, open-minded aunt with whom I smoked pot and talked art, politics, and sex and pretty much everything. I got along with her as if she was another cool... [more]

Me and my 2 niece's

I have been in love with my sister since I was 8. I am also a very little tiny girl lover. Her two are making me hard and I love that

Sister leads wife astray

A few years ago, my wife's younger sister went through a rough divorce and my wife started spending a lot of time with her. They began going to nightclubs and before long she was staying out half the night. I kept asking her about her activities and she would only say, "I'm not doing anything wrong." I usually slept through her arrival home, but... [more]

In love

I have a 14 year old sister and i am 23 turning 24 in may and i want to fuck her so badly. what should i do?

Her and Baby Sister

Way back in the last century, when I was 19, I had a g/f the same age. B. was short ( 5' 2"), teddy bear shaped with C cup tits, out of synch with her body type, and a big ass with a nice shape. She was chunky but really cute, I was initially drawn to her pretty face. She came from a large, well-to-do family. Her parents would often go to a... [more]

My cousin

At the time my cousin was 7 and i was 15 and she and her brother stayed at my parents house for a week. so i went in to my little sister's room where they were sleeping and i took off her t shirt and underwear which is all my cousin was wearing and i stuck my tough in her mouth and licked the inside of her mouth. i than licked the inside of her... [more]

Peeking Perv

Growing up our bathroom was connected to a pump house. The pump supplied water to our house. It was accessed outside thru it’s own door. But there was a 10”x10” opening between the bathroom and pump room.
When someone would get in the shower you could enter the dark pump room and spy on them.
I would go in and watch my sister and mother shower... [more]

Stealing and wearing womens panties

I have had a panty fetish ever since I was 12. I first jerked off with the sheer white panties of my babysitter, who was around 21 at the time. OMG! The nylon felt soooo fucking good on the head of my small cock. I also jerked off with my aunts panties. Then I began stealing panties from laundry hampers of my friends sisters and mothers and... [more]

Can you fall in love with a family member?

I'm in love with my sister. Is that wrong?

My Sister and Mom love humping

Our mom is a horny single slut who forced me and my sister to hump and make out in the shower as kids. My sister and I actually never really fuck, but my mom and I will lay naked in bed watching porn and slow fuck while licking each other’s faces

Sex with Sis

It started when I was 10 and my Sister was 16. We only had A/C in our living room in our house growing up, so in the evenings after school we would usually have a snack and watch tv in the living room.One day I noticed her rubbing herself through her shorts. She noticed me watching and covered herself with a throw, but I could still see her hand... [more]

Fucked mom

First time I fucked mom I was 27 years old she was 50 it was her birthday dad had passed a couple of years ago and she hadn't had a man since.
My sister her husband me and mom went out for dinner mom all dressed up she was so beautiful a shapely brunette nice tits round ass great legs I was looking her over and thinking how it would be good to... [more]

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