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I want my sister in law so bad!

Here goes my confession. I'm in my mid 40's and have been with my wife for a while now and have been pretty faithful for the most part. I've never really done anything out of the ordinary, until just recently.
My wife's sister moved in with us to try to get herself on her feet because she's had a rough go at life and hasn't really found her... [more]

Sleeping sister

I pulled my little sisters panties aside while she was sleeping and fingered her pussy last weekend. Next time I want to fuck her.


I have the urge to bang my sister, I have been having so much of sexual thoughts about her recently , I even kept lookin at her in a sexual way..whenever she walks, I keep admiring her ass... can someone help me out? I love smelling her panties too and masterbate to it

Surprise at a swinger meet

My wife and I have been married for many years and wanted to explore in a controlled environment so agreed to and joined a swingers club. Now a regular it is interesting to see how many new couples turn up, just like we started.
When you start, you are given a masquerade mask to ease you into the group and when you feel comfortable or return... [more]

Wanna fuck my SIL Sue

I've been married to my wife/ hot lover for over 30 years and she's still my best friend . But then there's Sue , my wife's sister , another hottie . We all met in our teens and I know she wants me as bad as l want her . She's a combination of SIL , sexy and naughty . For decades we have allowed each other to kiss , talk dirty , touch and expose... [more]

Not in my wildest imagination did I think I would walk in on this

My wife is a twin and they both still looked really alike into their thirties, my wife has slightly larger hips and boobs but she had a little more body fat than her sister. They have always been close and my wife never wanted to move away from her family so one day I was at work and just felt like taking the rest of the day off, this was back... [more]

Friends Sister

Okay so my friend has a very hot sister and she is elder to me, I always fantasies about her. Recently they have gone somewhere out of town so I snuck into their home (we are neighbors) and stole her dirty panties to sniff and j/o. And now I feel bad...

Found Out Sister Is A Cock Teaser

I want to bang my sister but won't let me. She just teases me and my cock until I cum. She has big puffy nipples on her small cone shape tits and big puffy slit. She's covered with freckles and has long red hair. She's a short person who enjoys teasing and talking nasty when involved with a person. I found out about her teasing fetish from my... [more]


This is for some of you skeptical individuals out there.... when i finish basic training we had 4 days before shipping out so my friend rented a car to go visit his family i didn't have the need to visit mine so he asked me if i wanted totag along...after a 4 hour drive we reached his so called home ( my parents shed was bigger) it was a... [more]

I'm a sissy slut

Hi , you all can call me Angie, I am a sissy slut crossdresser who as a boy growing up I always thought about how great it would be to have been a girl, that's right. I would sneak into my older sisters bedroom when nobody was around and always dress up I. Her bra's and panties , old cheerleader outfits , dresses high heels lol makeup, she... [more]

My wife’s brother

I’ve been married to my wife for over a year and I adore her, but over the last few months, I’ve been masturbating to pictures of her brother. I’ve only ever been with a man once and it wasn’t good at all, but I can’t seem to stop thinking about his cock in my pussy that his sister has eaten out.

A birthday to remember

My wife (Sam) bought us tickets to go see a ACDC tribute band at a hotel about an hours drive away. It was her present to me for my birthday. She had also booked a room at the same hotel so we could stay the night & not worry about driving back home.
On the day of the gig, we arrived at the hotel about 2hrs beforehand. We settle into our room... [more]

Mom had to try my big cock

I went through puberty earlier then most boys.
I already had hair growing thickly on my balls and a 10 3/4” cock at only being eight years old.
A family curse as both my grandfathers are extremely well endowed and so is my father.
So by age 18 my penis soft hung a little over 8” inches long, But erect without pulling on it my dick is 12... [more]

The Wondrous Summer Of '97 !!!

Back in the Summer of 1997, my three Sisters and I were very curious about each other and how our teenaged bodies looked and worked. My "first-time" was with my big Sister when I was 15, and less than a week later, I was both of my little Sister's "first-time".
We four siblings were secretly and constantly experimenting and doing everything we... [more]


While sitting on the 7th floor balcony I jerked off my sisters husband..... I'm ashamed of it on the sense that I want to do it again and more.... while on vacation and sitting by the pool with my sister, i was waiting for my husbands phone call to pick him up from the airport and my sister mentioned that the reception was better from the... [more]

I am a Mom that was caught.

Okay, I know a lot of you may think I am either a sex writer trying to get you off, or a complete nut (the latter being the truth as you will see). Whatever you may think, I just need to vent.
Let me start with some context: I am a single mother, and had my son Jason at a very young at 14. I lived with my ex boyfriend Todd for years until... [more]

My aunt seduced me when I was 14

This is a true story, an account of my first initial incestuous sexual experience and is the first time I've ever shared.
And it happened the summer after my 14th birthday (33 years old now) with my at the time 35 year old aunt in the rural countryside of west Virginia my hometown. As an only child, my mother would often drive me over to her... [more]

Summer of love with my aunt

This is a true story from my childhood, my first initial incestuous sexual experience happened the summer after my 14th birthday (33 years old now) with my at the time 35 year old aunt in the rural countryside of west Virginia my hometown. As an only child, my mother would often drive me over to her sister's cabin to stay with her for the... [more]

Girls nightout

I was 17, my sister wqs 19 , my parents went out for 3 day trip to see my grandmother, so I was excited to play games all day , but my sister has so other plans she invited 5 friends to our house for night out ,I didn't ratted her out turns out that's a right thing i have done in my life
After 12 I went to sleep but my sis and her friends... [more]

Secret session with SIL

So, this just happened 2 weekends ago! My wife and I was visiting the in-laws and her sisters organized a get together dinner. We arrived half an hour earlier because my wife wanted to help with the preparations but when we arrived, her younger sister “K” arrived much earlier than us and had already started on the drinks.
As my wife helped in... [more]

Naughty Mind

I want to confess that when i was 10 i accidently watched first porn video but at that time i was not a that type of guy so i stopped it but as i turne 15 i started watching porn once a week and masturbated also. As i am 16 now i watch porn daily and masturbate a loooooot. but i want to stop this. and i want to confess it before i stop it. so... [more]

Biggest surprise

Having a few drinks with my girlfriends and someone asked what the biggest surprise you’ve ever had.
Lots of answers but when it came to me I couldn’t think of one, I could but I couldn’t say it out loud.
The biggest surprise I’ve had was two years ago I visited my sister for four days, a few of us have drinks sitting on the grass and I got... [more]

Her Sister Seduced me

I've been with Sandra for a number of years. We aren't married but have a live in relationship. I'm three years younger than Sandra. We do social things with her sister Debra and her husband. Sandra sister is the same age as me with smaller breasts and slimmer than Sandra.
We went camping at the beach like we often do. Debra and I... [more]

Finding my G spot

So here’s how I found it i was 17 a virgin i had gotten myself off a few times that was about it was doing lots of clit play it was the summer i turned 18
Anyways my sister was staying with us and one day she asked if i knew what the g spot was i said nope but later I got on the internet and looked it up it, its easier to find if your good an... [more]

I can’t help it

I’ve been wanting to fuck my sister bessie for 21 years now I tried letting her catch me jerking off every chance I could the. I got high a few weeks ago and texted her that I was really feeling good on E and all I wanted to do was eat her pussy she never replied a few days later I brought it up and said I was sorry she said it’s ok and just to... [more]

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