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I still jerk off to pictures of my sister.

It's been nearly 10 years since I found those pictures. She had them on her phone, and I stole them and copied them to my computer. Still to this day I get a rush when I look at them. Some days these pictures are all I need to get off.
That is my sister. I imagine what my dick would look like on her face. Her head bobbing on and down on my... [more]

Wife’s sister

I always had this crush on my wife’s sister.
She is 6 years younger than my wife. Short petite and has a tight looking ass.
Ive been married for 10 years and last week she
Stop by to pick up her son who was hear with my son.
My wife was at work. We sat around talking and ended up talking about sex and the fact I always had a crush on her came... [more]

My sister

I been spying on my sister for weeks now. Have watched her masterbating several times. Now i am obsessed with watching her climax.


Been married to my wife for 8 years now. Needless to say we have become stagnant in our relationship. Not sure who's fault it is, hell it's probably both of us. None the less, it dawned on me one night at the bar when a woman I know was flirting with me and wanted to have sex, that my wife could very well be having sex with someone else at that... [more]

I loved my big sister too much

I am a woman (23) and my sister is five years older. She has been married since she was 19 and I was 14. I thought the guy she was marrying was a real creep, and it turned out I was right.
At their wedding reception he told me he needed to give Marly a surprise, so I went with him to a back room in the hotel catering area. There he pushed me... [more]

I still jerk off to pictures of my sister.

It's been nearly 10 years since I found those pictures. She had them on her phone, and I stole them and copied them to my computer. Still to this day I get a rush when I look at them. Some days these pictures are all I need to get off.
That is my sister. I imagine what my dick would look like on her face. Her head bobbing up and down on my... [more]


So I'm a 16 year old girl and I have the cutest baby sister ever.Today I was watching her while my mom was away. I was watching a show and sitting on the couch holding her and she got fussy and wouldn't take her bottle. She started rooting for my boob, "mom breastfeeds her" so finally I pulled up my shirt and let her suck my nipple. She latched on... [more]

Red headed sister in law

So my wife and I got married a year ago and I love my wife very much, she’s beautiful has big breasts and a nice ass, but one day we were at our wedding shower and I was talking to her older sister. Now her sister is about 34 and I’m 28 she’s a pretty redhead she’s shorter than my wife but still very attractive. Now at the time I had never thought... [more]

Family love

Before I start, I must reveal that I am 42-year-old woman, who all my life I have been in an incestuous relationship with my father and mother who were brother and sister. Incest is perfectly natural to me. To this day Daddy, Mom and I still continued sexually relations even after I got married (Ken, my husband travels on business 2 days a week so... [more]

Our first time

My wife and I have been married 45 years. Unfortunately sex is not what it was for her when she was young, so I love to recount our early years.
We started dating my freshman year in college. She was 2 years older and a year ahead of me. We moved pretty slowly at first, holding hands, and that evolved into hugging and kissing. The summer... [more]

I seduced him

My sister was always a bitch to me . Being 4 years older she picked on me all the time.
One day she had to cover someone’s shift at work so when her bf came over to see her i told him she would be back soon.
I started flirting with him and was getting him interested abd he said Barb would ve home we need to stop.
I said she had to work until... [more]

One night stand

I'm trying to convince my sister to have a one night stand with me. We are both married but i just want one night of sex with her. I've started sending flirty messages on WhatsApp and hope to make progress from there. Are there any sensible suggestions one can give me?

Lady today

When I was in school I was friends with a girl who had big tits. She was a Mexican in the midwest. I had the hots for her bad. I used to look at her big tits and masturbate about fucking her. We never dated and went all through school never so much as kissing.
After we graduated she became friends with my older sister. I came over to my sisters... [more]

Sex with the cunt

I had sex with my sister (who is actually my adopted step cousin, anyway, that's a long story) she was the one who came on to me though. She is only a year older than me, so when my parents took her in at 12 years old, I wasn't too impressed to say the least. I hated her and I hated my parents for a long time.
When I was 15, she 16, my parents... [more]

I have been giving oral for over fifty years

I will turn 63 this year and have been licking pussy for a long time, little over 50 years. My sister was an extremely curious and horny teen but never dated, I would say she was fairly attractive in her mid to late teens but we lived in a pretty rural area. She went on a few dates but not to many that I can remember until she went away to... [more]

Should I give in?

I have an older (much older) half sister from my dad's previous marriage. She's almost twice my age, I'm 23 and she's 41. We weren't very close before, and I don't want to get into the specifics of how it happened, I'll just say that her being recently divorced and my being broke led us both to sharing a roof with our father during the... [more]


This site is great.
Sonething i bever told anyone. I had a sister that was Two years older. She was hot in her own way. But thats not what this is about.
I was home for the weekend and she was in charfe mom and dad was gone.
She was a senior and she let ne drink with her.
She gave ne a joint this night and we shared it. I fell asleep or... [more]

I almost had sex with my mom but did other things

I always admired her. She had very big round breast and bottom and always wore suits. I admired her especially when she was bending over.
Being a divorced woman she devoted her life to raise the three of us and since the only time I didn't see her was when she was working, I am sure that 100% she hasn't had sex in years.
Anyway but in the 90's... [more]

Sex feeling increases sex hunger

I really want a girl.I am single.I had fucked a girl 4 years ago and till now I haven’t fucked anyone.I see7 girls in my house on rent wearing bikini and bathing on handpump.I had also seen some girls naked including my sister and mother.They r so hot.My sister has tried several times to seduce me like not wearing underwear and showing pussy.I... [more]

Keeping it in the family

When I was 22 I began dating this girl Tracey. Very hot, huge tits and perfect ass. The first time I went to her house I met her sister....holy shit ...I choose the wrong sister I thought to myself. She looked like a pornstar I don’t know how else to describe how hot she was. Wearing a tight white see through V-Neck with No bra and a black shirt... [more]

I could not believe we did it

I went to my sisters wedding about fifteen years ago alone, I was not dating anyone and had not even gone on a date in over a year let alone had sex. I was working long days trying to prove myself since I graduated college and started working full time at one of the companies I had interned.
The wedding went really great, we all went to the... [more]

I think I may be what they call a "Nympo"

I love to have orgasms and have always loved sex. My brother walked in on me masturbating in my room and it sort of just took off from there when I did not even cover up. He stood there looking at me and I just kept grinding myself on the rolled up pillow I had under me, he then came over closer to get a look at what I was doing and asked if he... [more]

I got busted sharing pics of husband

My husband saw the naked pics and embarrassing videos of him on my texts to my sister. She’s 2 years younger than me and we’re best friends. We share everything. He likes to be humiliated of his size and loves it when I force him to do degrading things. It started when my sister told me that my husband was perfect, he is good looking, a nice guy... [more]

My friend and his sister

In the summer when I was 13 I went over to my best friend Steve's house. Nobody answered when I knocked so I just went in (our families knew each other very well). I went upstairs and he wasn't in his bedroom, then I heard something from his little sister's room (she was about 12). I went to the door and saw Steve's ass in the air between Mona's... [more]

Camping with ex

When I was 16 I went on holiday with my then girlfriend (same age). Her parents assumed that if we had to share a tent with her 12 yo sister and 9 yo brother we couldn’t get up to anything. We would just wait till they slept and fuck like bunnies. One morning she woke me with a wank lying behind me and reaching round. When I was close to cuming... [more]

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