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I walked in

I'm only 16, so i don't have that much experience with sex other than porn, but i saw something over the weekend i'm really fixated with.
i was supposed to be out with some friends, but plans fell through so i went back home. when i walked in i heard moans and... "wet" noises, coming from upstairs. So i take a peek and there's my sister, this 19-... [more]

I fingered my sleeping sister

Many years ago, when I was 18 and my sister was 16, I woke up one night around 2am. It was a Friday night, and my sister had gone to the high school football game, and I hadn't heard her come in. So I went to check on her. I became concerned when I didn't see her in her bedroom. Her bed was still made, so I thought she hadn't gotten home yet...way... [more]

The reason my marriage frustrates me

I've been married for almost 20 years to the same amazing, smart, funny and beautiful woman. We have a lot of fun together, we have no children (by choice), and sex is very good at worst, often incredible. We're both very open minded and spice things up constantly: we're allowed to have other sex partners as long as we inform the other, priorize... [more]

Birds and the Bees from my sister

My confession is my sister taught me everything I need to know about sex.
I’m 49 now and when I was 17 my sister was 25.
We had a funny brother sister relationship because of our strict parents, I was still a virgin and my sister would ask me to lie for her while she would sneak out to have sex with a man that lived up the road.
It was nothing... [more]

Caught sniffing

I'm a boy, in my early teens, living with my divorced mother and my younger sister. I recently learned how to masterbate, and I do it at least once a day. I like to pull my moms or my sisters panties out of the hamper in the laundry room and smell them while I beat off. The smell makes me horny as hell. My sisters panties don't smell very much... [more]

What’s your opinion?

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 12 years, it’s no secret to friends or family her sister and I don’t get on.
It’s been that long I can’t even remember why we fell out with each other.
On occasion we are in each other’s company and like clockwork we both end up shouting, basically we can’t stand the sight of each other.
Here is my question to... [more]


I’ve worn girls panties for years I love the feel of them , any type will donfrom lacy thongs to plain cotton. It started when I was a kid wearing my sisters

Sister in law crazy

I am more affection with my wife sister. i want to fuck her. i know this is very dangerous thinking and spoil in my family life. but i can't stop her thinking about intercourse with her. what will do? advice please

Impregnated my Daughter's Daughter's Daughter's Daughter

Firstly, when i was 17 i first had sex with my then girlfriend. She was 16. I got her pregnant a few months later. We stayed together for about a year, but when my new daughter was only 6 months old we went our separate ways. I'm not to proud to say that i didn't really keep in touch and as a result i didn't see my daughter grow up. I did regret... [more]

I Sometimes Masturbate Thinking About My Older Sister

When I was younger I walked in on my older sister when she was in her sexy panties and bra. She was about 25 I was around 17.
After this experience seeing her very sexy body and lingerie, anytime the house was empty I would sneak into her bedroom and try on her sexy panties and masturbate on her bed.
I was always very careful as I never soiled... [more]

I want it to happen again

Ever since we were little, my sister and I had a very strong connection. I can't really put it into words. However, that special connection grew into other aspects of our lives as we became older, and little by little, that included sex.
It was innocent enought at first, like little pecks on the lips when we were alone (we started that when I was... [more]

Drunk sister sex backfires

I guess I tried to take advantage of my drunk sister but it backfired, and I deserved that. She's a year younger, and we were throwing a house party. I made sure she got drunk, and then extremely drunk. She didn't know what she was doing really, and I asked she said yes so I dragged her into a room and let my imagination go wild. I tied her up and... [more]

First sex experience

When me and my sister were young, probably 6-7 yrs old, we became curious about sex so we started getting together at night and she would suck my dick and I would lick her pussy. We did that for about a year. I'm 17 now and I remember it vividly.

Gang banged among friends

I lived in the greatest neighborhood growing up all the kids around the same age growing up since we could crawl together. Their was 11 of us guys only a year apart old a few two several years older but we all got along. When I was about 12 yrs old Kristy my friends 8 yr old sister started tagging along. His dad left his mom for a young women... [more]

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