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Wife’s ex-gf

Amie and Kat were roommates in college and remained friends.
Amie invites Kat stays with us in the summer because we live 30 minutes from the beach and Kat lives in CT.
When Kat visits she complains about everything, our house, food we cook, the guest bed and our neighborhood. She picks fights with the our neighbors and it takes us months to... [more]

Real giving me blowjobs from time to time

So about 7 years ago my sister used to give me blowjobs about twice a week and was really solid I came on her face once but she didn’t like it. I was the first person that she’s given a blowjob ever so she kept getting better until something bad happened. We got caught by our parents a year later because I had some videos of her sucking me off and... [more]

They thought I was asleep

My wife’s sister was relocating to our area so my wife told her that she could stay with us for a while. My wife is a pretty petite 5’2’’ 120lb blonde/blue with a tight little body, firm round ass and 36C tits. Her sister is 5’7’’ 140lb pretty brunette/blue with a rock solid body and 36DD fake tits.
I was lying naked in bed on top of the... [more]

Sister in law

This past year the wife & I lived with her sister and I grew an obsession with her, got to the point where I would smell and masturbate to her dirty underwear. Their would also be times where she would have underwear on her bed that she plans to change into and I would cum into them.
During the summer we would sleep with our door cracked and... [more]

Sister in law

I lived with my sister in law for about a year and I would cum into her clean and dirty underwear. And I want to know ladies you think she knew?

Sister In Law's Tits

I've always wanted to see my sister in law, Kelli, naked. She is a beautiful woman with and awesome body. You'd never guess she had 3 grown kids.. She's been to the house swimming and her tits are amazing. They're at least the same size as my wife, Cindy's, which are 32DDs.
Last fall Kelli and her husband had bought a new house and was in the... [more]

I’m a little too much

Honestly, it started in middle school. I have had my eyes on my cousin for years. Maybe since 2007? We were about 7th/8th grade. We were very close back then and I always noticed how big her boobs are. She’s short too, so her ass is nice. I remember one time she asked me to massage her and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I have her a proper massage... [more]

Brother in-law on my taste buds

I’ve been living with my twin sister since June. I lost my job and her husband hired me so we all work from their house. I have my own room away from them and all to many of their children, which is very peaceful. But a couple night a week my sister’s husband come to my room to collect rent. He has a beautiful cock that I’d love to have inside me... [more]

My wife her mother and me

Some years ago i was working on a womans house doing building work id been working there about a week and had months of work to do . I was a 50 yr old guy and the lady of the house was 45 ,she lived alone or so i thought .
Working there long hrs you can imagine we got chatting and she told me she was a widow and had a step daughter who was 20... [more]

I Hate Feet, Fags, and Niggers

Fuck you foot sniffer, my sister loves to suck my dick just because you can't have her don't mean you can talk shit about me.
I hate Gay People a bunch of loser faggots who should all be lynched because they just wants dicks while I get my sister's pussy.
Donald Trump was a great President but you dumbfucks voted for that Miserable old fuck... [more]

Rant on the Foot Commenter

Hey Dickhead yeah i'm talking to you, i'm getting tired of you talking shit about feet on this site. Was your dick kicked so much that you have a disdain for feet? Well fuck you, you homophobic bigot, why are you even on this site and you sure like to come back to respond to every comment because you clearly have no life and like to ruin every... [more]

Wifes sister

My wife’s sister has asked my wife and asked me in front of my wife how big my cock is. I should have asked her if she wants to see it. Id love to show it to her. My wife wouldn’t care.

Why I Strangled My Sister

Cras eget varius arcu, at iaculis erat. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Nullam vitae fringilla purus, quis aliquet mi. Phasellus varius sagittis malesuada. Vestibulum massa velit, laoreet vitae orci vitae, laoreet viverra dolor. Nulla vulputate venenatis mauris, id finibus ante suscipit nec. Vivamus dolor nisl... [more]

Sisters butthole

I was the first explorer of my sisters butthole. i used to tell her to pull her pants down and I’d pull down those panties and start sniffing her little asshole. Sometimes she would encourage it. She would flash it at me and I’d say come here and I’d go up to her and dig my nose deep in her butthole and sniff it. It smelled so good. Then I’d lick... [more]

A sister's desire

A freak. That's what they would call her. Well, if they knew what she thought about, how she wanted him so bad, that she ached for him. Even now she was watching the clock, waiting, knowing that when she got home from school he would be there. Her name was Allie, and she was lusting after her own brother.
Allie had just turned 18, a senior in... [more]

Should I Ask MIL About When She Learned We Were Sexually Active?

When my wife was still living at home before we got married, we used condoms for BC. No one ever told me not to flush them down the toilet, and I figured no one would see them in the trash that way.
We were both 20, dating for 2 years, when I went to see her after her minor knee surgery earlier in the day. She whispered to me that her Mom told... [more]

I'm a porn and sex addict sister and I were exposed to sex very young. After my parents split, my mom met a new guy "Ron", that was a meth addict / nudist and began living the nudist lifestyle. I was 11 and my sister was 10. So, it was a shock to see my mom walking around the house naked. My mother was definitely a milf. She was young, blonde and had huge... [more]


ohh yes he says i could eat that in a heart beat i looked at him and he could see under my dress ...have you ever had sex out in the woods i exclaimed no there's no one around how bout it i laughed .... he laid down on the seat of pick nick table and said come and sit on my face i raised my dress and sat on his face i couldn't believe i... [more]

Sexy Sister in law..

My wife’s sister lives with us and there’s been no sexual tension. However, every time she wears nylons she endlessly rubs her feet together. The sound paired with how sexy her feet look thru the sheer hose has me cumming on myself. My wife knows that’s my fetish, but I don’t think it’s registered to her because it’s her sister.

Growing out of Puberty

When I was around 10 there was a neighborhood girl 9 or10 when we were playing in a shed, she wanted to play doctor and we got undressed. This was the first time I seen a naked girl, and enjoyed looking at her p****. She had me lay on the table while she fondled my C*** and B****, I liked how her hands felt. Then she had me get up and she laid... [more]

Exploring my best friend's body

My friend Tom and i were best friends. We were still in grade school when we started to explore each other's bodies. We were scared at first, but both got into it. Even then, my cock seemed big, long and straight. Tom's was shorter, thicker. I used to love stroking his cock and cradling his balls with my other hand. Soon i was being the "woman" ... [more]

A sister who likes to go clubbing

It was Friday evening, and Jen wanted to have some fun. She quickly put on her little black dress; the one that hugged her figure in all the right places, then headed off to the local night club, where she had arranged to meet some of her friends.
The music was loud and dance floor was packed, Jen looked around for her friends and eventually... [more]

Little sister

I lick my little sister's pussy. I'm 15 but she's only seven. I think our mom knows but she doesn't say anything because I'm just eating her out. I know she wants to get fucked though. I don't think Mom would like that!

My Sister In Law is a Bitch But Super Hot

For years my sister in law has been giving my wife (her sister) and me shit about how her husband married the 'hot one' and I married the 'smart one' and how she married the 'rich one' and my wife married the 'funny one.'
It doesn't bother my wife. She says she's happy and her sister's teasing is just a manifestation of her own unhappiness. I... [more]

My sisters friend

When I was 11 I was shy while my sister was more out spoken she had a lot of school friends girls and they used to meet at our house every Friday night. When they started to turn up I used to go up to my bedroom to be out of their way.
There was one friend who was always nice to me, always talked to me and always used to shout up to say bye when... [more]

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