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Cheer & Dance friend Sex

I grew up in the Midwest and made the cheer/dance team in the late 80's when I was 12 years old. I was selected as one of the youngest of the 12-15 girls age group. I was so excited even though some of the older girls thought their friends should have been picked over me. One day we were all called in to take pictures, back then the squads were... [more]

I love incest - I'm 18

I can't get enough of incest. I love the thought of a mother teaching her son sexual positions and teaching him how to pleasure a girl. I love the thought of a sister and brother fucking under the covers while home alone. I don't know if I would ever actually do it but if it was my aunt or something (she can be very sexual around me) I wouldn't... [more]

Girlfriend caught having sex with her brother-in-law

It happened in 1966, my best years as I was only 18 years-old. I come to my village during one of the long weekends working for a company in another part of the country. I was standing with my best friend on the street corner, when two girls walked out from a house about 100 m away. I recognized one of the girls but the other I have never... [more]

From Jennifer to Jillian(Jilly)

After my step sisters best friend and I had sex for the first time together, I was that 16 year old dude who finally conquered a virgin. It wasn't a long fuck, but I had finally wisked off the bra and panties from a female even though she wasn't quite 13. I know Jennifer was pleased. After I exploded inside her cunt, she held her arms tightly... [more]

Hot little sister

I have read a lot of stories on here about guys and their sisters. I have 2 sisters, one older and one younger but both hot! My older sister was a prude and caught me trying to feel her up while she was sleeping. I was 13 and she was 14 at the time and she told our mom about it. I got the speech about how brothers and sisters should not be doing... [more]

Just too hooked

I have an older sister, and we've been sexually involved with each other for a couple of years now. She's way older than me, but it doesn't matter, actually I feel it's part of the charm and what made our attraction possible in the first place. I'm 24, she's 37. Instead of just a sibling, I always saw her as a woman, she was turning into one while... [more]

Turned into a little panty wearing cock slutqq

I was 13 years old my cousin was 15 I went over to his house one afternoon as they lived across the street when I got there he was up in his bedroom reading Sex book I didn't know what he was waiting until he asked me if I wanted to read something to but I said okay and he threw a bucket filled with erotic Spurs I was caught off guard but I... [more]

Sister taught me to masterbate

My older sister taught me how to masterbate. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, she was always grabbing my little pecker and playing with it. One night, she came into my bedroom and woke me up. She climbed into bed with me and grabbed my little cock and started stroking it. It got big and hard and it felt really good. I noticed she was rubbing... [more]

Using surgery for pity nudes and more

I recently had a fairly invasive, painful surgery that laid me up for a few weeks. Post-op pain still a daily thing. As a result, however, my hot older sister, who's body was always fit and sexy, has been contacting me very often to check in on me and "see if I need anything". As she's also no stranger to showing off her body, I made a request as... [more]

I received a creampie at my sister's wedding reception

I received a creampie at my sister's wedding reception. I was her maid of honor. The best man, who I had never met before the wedding, was super hot. We flirted a bit and drank and danced together at the reception. One thing led to another and we slipped away and found a place to make out. Before I knew it his had was up under my dress and... [more]

My Sister Doesn't Know

I'm 29 years old. I love teen girls from about 14 up to 16 years old. I had only ever managed to get one 16 year old to fuck me and it was amazing.
Anyway, my sister is 15 and super hot. She does cheerleading at school an dis always keeping herself fit. She wears her outfit several days a week. I caught her about 2 months ago fucking her... [more]

Daddy's little bitch

My two daughters have always been best friends and done everything together. It started with innocent stuff like learning to ride a bike, but they're 17 and 18 now and it's progressed to bigger things like driving, dating, etc.
Before I continue, let me describe to you how they look so you can fully understand the story.
My 17 year old... [more]

The indiscretion with my sister-in-law

I really am glad that mediums like this exist where men and women can get things out of their chest and not have to live with the bit of guilt associated with cheating. A couple of weeks ago I had my in-laws over for a wine tasting party. We always sit around shoot the shit buzzed and talk about everything. During a conversation between my wife my... [more]

Lesbian sister

Years before it was obvious my sister was a lesbian I was the only family member that knew.
She would use my house (one bedroom flat) to be with her girlfriend.
On occasions I would be in one room while those two were in my bed.
Many of times I found pubic hairs and stains on my sheets, it also smelt nice.
It would have been even better if her... [more]

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