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Wondering how she is

My buddy and I were in Seattle to watch a baseball game. Afterwards we hit some local bars. We decided to cut through some alleys on the way back to the hotel. We came across a passed out woman who had been obviously been throwing up , she wreaked of alcohol and we suspected that she was on drugs too. We then could hear sounds of guys coming... [more]

Im so horny and wet

Hi to all if any one wants to see my tities and pussy come see me on skype ill show it all its so come let me make you hard and drive you crazy

Male virgin looking for sexting buddy

I’m a 16 year old virgin, the reason being is because of my small cock (5 inches), I just don’t have enough confidence. So I’m looking for a sexting buddy (female) who doesn’t mind my size and wants to exchange nudes and even some videos. If anyone is interested, my kik username is AReins_
Also, I'm not judgmental at all when it comes to girls, I... [more]

Friends and more

I want to see my wife getting fucked by a guy with a huge cock for some time now. its a big turn on for me and i feel she is ready to try now its time for my fantasy to come true

I want to fuck my uncle

Im gay and im 18 and my uncle is 45, ive liked him since i was 16, he has had two wifes and they have dumped him and i know he hasnt had sex in almost a year. now i am 80% sure hes straight and ive had dreams where we fucked since i was 16 and i dont know how to ask him if he had the same dreams or if he has feeling for me. i love looking at him... [more]

Lost and paid bets to my Wife

A month of blow jobs is what I hoped to win from my wife but it did not turn out that way. She is from Philadelphia and I thought the Super Bowl was a lock and she was willing to make a bet for a month of oral if I would sweeten the odds. However Philadelphia won. So every night for a month I got down between her legs and serviced her pussy and... [more]

What position

Ladies which position when your having sex do you like your guy to cum in?

Abusive boyfriend

When I was younger I got with a guy who was super sweet at first until we got together. Then things turned around and he got abusive and manipulative. Would tell me how my parents were controlling and didn't want me to be with him. Really got into my head about how everyone was fake and only he loved me.
At seventeen he got me to move out of... [more]


SO when i was 17, i would go to my friends house during the weekends sometimes.His stepmom was in her thirties and she was really hot and real thicc.I have always had a thing/fetish for pregnant women so one day she tells me that she is pregnant.I immeaditely got hard.She said she was about 5 weeks pregnant.So a couple months pass and i come to my... [more]

Any females curious about zoophilia ?

Any females had try zoophilia or curios about ? like dog sex or to put a snake inside their hole or hamster ? or had done it for real ?

Accepting cuckold

I am a divorced white male looking for a woman who will cuckold me. I want to be humiliated by her and her lover. I do not expect sex but glad to give oral. Sub Donny in Phoenix

What is the kinkiest/sex story you were ever involved in?

My kinkiest/sex story is...
My wife and I decided for our 25th anniversary to do something special and kinky. We agreed to set up a orgy but we had to be blindfolded. We weren't allowed to know who our partners were. I had a co-worker in his 20's(who she never met) for my wife and I don't know who she set up for me. We were in our bedroom naked... [more]

Not my fault, not my problem

I'm 22f, a senior in college, attractive, play on the softball team, and single. I have had plenty of dates, but I really don't have time for a boyfriend and don't really want one either. Between sports and school, I'm swamped. I have no time for a relationship. I'm planning on moving out of state after graduation, and know that I'll likely never... [more]

Missing butt sex

My wife is 54 and a real MILF: 5'2", 120 lbs, C cup, small butt, small waiste, pretty legs, nice lips. My friends are jealous and keep telling me how lucky I am. I am.
We have a very active sex life, having sex nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. My wife climaxes easily, and has from 2 to 4 orgasms each time. She even squirts once in a... [more]

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