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I masturbate in my car

I love masturbating in my car in busy parking lots. I love to show my cock to older women.

How to bring it up?

I'm a married woman, 40s. I'm very happy with my husband, and while he keeps me satisfied in bed, there's something I've been missing for a long time.
When I was younger, I was very liberal, sexually speaking. I experimented a lot with my body and sexuality, and early on I discovered I was driven crazy from having multiple sexual partners..... [more]

My best friend and I

Back when I was a very young boy I had a best friend who is still a good friend to this day. He and I were together all the time starting in the 4th grade. Not long after that we became very good friends and knew we could trust one another so we started exploring each others young bodies and at night in bed we would quietly get our hands in each... [more]

Fuck God

Why the fuck did God give me a five inch long dick, no bigger around than my thumb? I'm getting tired of watching porn where all the dudes have huge, pussy stretching cocks that make women scream and moan with pleasure, while I'm fucking my balls off while my woman is playing video games on her playstation, or chatting with her mother on facebook... [more]


I am being very honest here. When I was about 9 yeas old I was at my cousins house and late that night he talked me into something that changed my life forever. He and I are the same age and grew up together. He and I took off our underwear in his bed and he got on top of me naked and was humping on my ass and it felt good. I reached back and... [more]

Breast feeding

My 40 year old step daughter is breast feeding her 4 month old daughter I'm getting so turned on I want to be sucking on her nipples too. She getting her step dad all hard thinking about it.

Afternoon School Bus Ride

I grew up rather naive -- regularly attending church with family and sheltered from the world outside. I took the bus to school each day with the other kids and was one of the last stops on the route.
I remember one day when I was 14 years old .. the bus had its normal shaking and vibrating, and also with the some bumps due to new... [more]

I love to please

When my husband and I first met we did some wild and kinky things. He loved me telling him about my old boyfriends and what I did with them. He told me that it turned him on thinking about me with them. He wanted to know how he compared to them. I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I lied a bit telling him that I thought he was about the same... [more]


The offer.
Take the small amount of redundancy and risk everything.
Stay and risk losing out on any further promotion by refusing his offer.
Suck his dick, get him real hard and let him fuck my pussy and arsehole. This way gaining promotion and securing my and my husband's future and home.
Wasn't much of a choice, was it.
Now eight... [more]

Sleeping mom

One night I was out at a party with my family and we all went back I was 14 and I was really drunk and my mom and brothers were asleep so I sneaked into my moms room for under the covers and pulled down her trousers then her panties then started rubbing her pussy then I put my fingers in her and started in and out in and out then I started sucking... [more]

Harassed (I think)

I think I just got harassed at work. I'm 27f, married, work as a sales rep for a fairly large company. My boss is 39f, she's married but going through a divorce, and she's been dating a male coworker who is 40. We all know about their relationship. It's no secret.
My boss asked me if I'd be into having a threesome with her and our male coworker... [more]

Nude modeling slut?

I'm dating this new girl from work. She is really nice and we're both in our late 20's. We both work as accountants. We've been together for about a month and have gotten to know each other pretty well. Without a doubt I have strong feelings of love for her. I hope to get married one day soon, and she has been a contender.
We were talking... [more]

Sucked off

I'm a married straight/bisexual construction worker who also cleans windows.
It was cleaning windows when I first had my cock sucked by a younger gay guy.
I caught him whacking off, so he invited me in when he saw the bulge in my shorts.
Offering me a blow job, I allowed him to lower my shorts and boxers, then suck in my dick. The blow job over... [more]

Walked in

I just got done masturbating while watching my wife fuck a guy she works with. Got off work and walked in to see my wife naked and riding her co-workers cock. She was very much enjoying it too. She saw me and got defensive. I started taking off my clothes. She asked what I was doing. I sat down in the chair in the bedroom and said, "I'm gonna jack... [more]

Family love

Because my sister and I spent many happy hours experimenting sexually. Kissing, playing with each others breasts, then moving onto touching one another's pussies and finally tonguing each other's pussies and assholes out, it didn't seem unnatural to me to find myself attracted to my father.
Or should I say his enormous thick cock.
He and mom... [more]

My Tranny Friend Derek

Derek and I are both senior men, we are also rather good looking transvestites. We keep ourselves fit and healthy and we love having sex together.
We are both into dressing in fifties style ladies' clothing with lots of frothy petticoats and nylon knickers. Derek comes to my flat for our sessions where we love dressing each other and we are... [more]

A Great Night

My wife and I went for a long weekend at a hotel in the Scottish Highlands to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we got really drunk and had a great night.
We went back to our bedroom which overlooks the Mountains and got very horny, I undressed her at the window and we had amazing sex which lasted a very long time. what we did not realise was... [more]

Wife’s panties are just massive!

I’ll be blunt: my wife is fat. I don’t mind, she was fat when we met, and she slowly won me over and we started dating. The sex was good and her personality is too. We got married and she got even fatter. She last told me her weight was 435 pounds, and while she’s stayed around that level a while there is definitely no plan on her end to lose... [more]

Girlfriend loves guy on guy porn

My girlfriend and i are both 20 . She likes guy on guy porn. She'l say oh Brian look at this or look at that. She comments boy i'd like to see you suck on a cock or have yours sucked . Im fucked i think . Never really thought about sucking a cock, but would most likely let a guy suck me for her Any thoughts without bashing ?

Mutual public spanking

My girlfriend and I were walking on the beach and as usual we stopped and I pulled down her shorts and panties and started spanking her. It was late at night and noone else was around. After a while she pulled down my shorts and was spanking me. We were totally into it. Smacking each other's asses and grinding cock and pussy. Suddenly we... [more]

I can't stop thinking about men using my daughters

I think about it all the time! Some guy creeping on them and I know he is but I don't do anything to stop it. fuck I'm a bad dad!

Cohort trip

I cheated on my girlfriend this weekend. I'm male, 24, and in grad school. I'm in a cohort with about 20 students and we basically take all the same classes together. We went on a trip out of town to present papers at a conference and my girlfriend couldn't go with me as she had to work.
To save money, we roomed together at the hotel, with... [more]

Feel awful about it

Quick confession. Been married 2 years. It's been nice. We don't have kids or want any. My husband is great. I went out for lunch with a friend and a guy friend of hers. They are not dating. We had a nice lunch and went back to my friend's place.
We were chatting, drinking wine, and things seemed nice and a little flirty. The guy asked if we... [more]

Step brother found my toy...

One night I decided to get out my lovely little vibrating toy and had a fantastic time with it. It was really late at night so no one in my house was awake except me. After I was done I went to the bathroom and cleaned it. I swear that I took it with me to my room and hid it away like I usually do. I woke up the next morning and found my step... [more]

Canine delight

At home a few weeks back, I dropped my contact lens as I was getting ready to go out. I'd not long gotten out of the shower and only had a towel wrapped around me.
Kneeling down to find it, I immediately felt our dog sniffing at my pussy and ass. Then within a second or two he began to lick my pussy and asshole.
It made me jump a little, but it... [more]

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