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I would like to meet new people to chat with on messenger

I like to talk to people about incest and other sexual activity on the messenger. I am 19 blond green eyes with a beautiful figure I have bee told. It took me a long time to convince my dad to fuck me and I would like to chat with other people with the same kind of problems I had.

My wife’s date

My wife is gorgeous, 5’ tall 105lb with a perfect ass. We have been in the swinging lifestyle for a couple years. I’m dominant and she is submissive. About 99% of the men who fuck her are black men, she prefers huge cocks on them. Usually she either enjoys them at parties but sometimes we invite men over and the bull and I will work her over until... [more]

While My Wife Was Passed Out

My wife had been out with friends all day and passed out early. I was wide awake and horny as fuck. I got a wild hair and put an ad on Craigslist to find a woman. A gorgeous woman responded and we chatted for quite a while. I started getting really turned on and asked her if I could sneak her into the house and fuck her brains out.
It was a... [more]

Jacking off with pantyhose

I love to wear pantyhose with the crotch cut out for my cock to stick through. Then I stroke it with a cutoff leg from another pair of pantyhose. The feeling is so fucking intense that when I cum my whole body goes numb. Best orgasm ever! Try it once and you will be hooked.

How I met my wife

I wanted to go and get a rub and tug, I had gone to a place some year's before when I was without a girlfriend for a while and now again I was without a girlfriend. It wasn't that far from where I was working and about 40 minutes from where I lived. My thought was I would not see anyone I somehow knew.
When I went in while talking to the girl at... [more]

I also sucked off my neighbor and let him have me

I am a woman, 38 years old, married, mom and pretty much a normal woman. I read the stories on here but I have finished very few, some of them get me turned on while others make me wonder if I could do that or not.
The one about sucking off the neighbor was so funny because I did the same thing except I am a woman, I think the writer is a man by... [more]

Guy drove an hour just to get sucked

I live down on the Alabama coast, retired and every so often I host a glory hole. I am in my 60's and have found that I enjoy giving pleasure to men but find that most all of them want it to be anonymous. This guy messaged me about directions then told me that he hoped I was not kidding around with him because he was driving almost an hour for... [more]

I just sucked off my neighbor and let him fuck me

THis morning, not an hour ago my neighbor came by to deliver a box that was dropped at his door. I was making coffee and invited him in. I wasn't even thinking of sex. he came over in his robe but not suggestively, and I was in my own robe. he sat down while I poured him a cup and his dick slipped out and it was fucking massive. he didn't... [more]

Shower time

Im 18 and sensed that come shower time an attendant kept looking down at my cock,he`s a nice guy older and married,At first it was embarrassing but then i got a strange kick out of it and would soap it up and it would go semi hard,After a few more visits i started making sure i was last and dry my hair with my cock bouncing around and sure... [more]

New fetish

I have to confess. I seen a girl get licked by her dog. And omg did I get horny. Seeing his big long tounge go inside her pussy and her moaning. I got so hard. Now I think I got a new fetish. Girls and dogs. It's so sexy I love it. any girls who plays with their dogs sc: Andyc2104


I want my wife to fuck a street dog

Nice Lingerie

Today was reasonably hot so when I came home I turned on the air conditioner, had a nice cold shower, and got into a new hot pink pantie and bra set I then made myself up and put on my wig, suspenders stockings and heels, I love the look and feeling it is so fantastic being able to walk around the house fully aware that if my wife, her mother or... [more]

Christmas Office Parties Ahead!

We all know that sex and work don't mix. Except when they do. And we're talking Christmas office parties here. Bosses will be on the prowl, but it won't seem like work. Employee spouses will be there. There will be alcohol.
That married woman you see at work and just can't get out of mind.
That guy who is seems just a bit stayed but is... [more]

Sex the older men

I confess to being the other woman. When I was 18 I started dating /fucking men in their 40's.I loved the attention they gave me, that guys my own age couldn't
give me or didn't know how to give me. I often was taken
to nice upscale places stayed in lavish hotels never had to
want for anything. I will admit I was doing things for them... [more]

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