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Barry the chipmunk

My name is Sarah. I had met Barry at the mall. We had hung out a few times but this time we decided to fool around. One thing lead to another and we both had all of our clothes off. I had recently picked up a strap-on dildo and wanted to use it. I put it on and demanded that Barry lay on my bed. I straddled him and slid the dildo into his mouth... [more]

A cute light blue silk and lace cami and shorts set of pjs.

It started with my sisters pajamas when I was 13 years old. They were light blue silk with lace and I just had try them on after feeling them on my cock. The camisole had a thin strap and the shorts had wide loose leg. The affect was immediate every time I wore them, instant hard-on. I can still get hard just thinking about it. I would also... [more]

Wrong room (got fucked)

Last week my husband and I were out of town visiting an old friend of mine. She's a single mom, and we stayed at her house with her teenage son. A small group of us met up and went out drinking and we were all pretty wasted. When we got back to the house we went straight to bed. My husband passed out in minutes, as did I.
My recollection is a... [more]

Beautiful Dr. Nausheen Learns To Swallow

(Read “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal “ Parts 1 and 2, “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Violated Again,” and “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Visited A Third Time.”)
Months had passed since I forced the beautiful Dr. Nausheen to invite her husband to have anal sex with her and make a video of the act. Since then, I had been... [more]

Secret cams

I am 20 and in college, still live at home and it is just me and my mom. She works and I have a part time job while off for the summer from college. I only work the weekends so my week is a little boring and for some reason I got this really bad thought one day while watching porn vids of voyeur scenes.
I bought some pretty low quality cams and... [more]

Housewife with a secret

I'm a Married woman with kids and a loving husband. But my confession is that i have over 50 guys sending me pics and videos of there privates every day. My husband do no know of this,but i love it.

I love my wearable dildo

I bought a strapon harness online a while ago that has a place to hold a dildo and butt plug for the wearer--I've actually been into just wearing the harness with the dildo and plug inside me, tbh. It feels naughty to wear around the house, even moreso to run errands and have a secret.
I have an exercise ball chair at work, and decided to... [more]

Caught wearing panties

I've had a secret panty wearing fetish for my entire adult life. In every relationship I had (2 ex-wives and every girlfriend, especially when we lived together) I'd secretly wear some of their panties. I would only do this when I was by myself at home. I'd put on a pair of her sexy panties and prance around the house in them. I would always get... [more]

Panty wearing fags

I was living with my girlfriend in a mobile home community. I had a secret panty wearing fetish and would wear her panties after she went to work. One day I got caught by the old man who lived in the lot beside ours wearing her panties. After he caught me, he asked me to come over and bring some of her panties with me. I did and that started a 3... [more]

Secret pantyboy

I have been a secret pantyboy for a long time. I am very straight but i just resist the feeling that rushs thru me when i party and dress up in sexy pantys and stockings and other hot lingerie. I had a huge collection of pantys and lingerie. One nite i was partying and decided i would go to the video arcade in the bookstoe across the river. I... [more]

My father

I found out that my father has posted here before. He was troubled and someone here tried to help. Please let me set the complete story straight. Yes I'm a minor in the eyes of the law , yes I prayed on a lonely man who just happened to be my father , yes I'm in love with him and yes we have a special relationship. I would never turn him in and I... [more]

Mother in law

Well... Im 38 and I've been married to my wife for five years now. She doesn't know it but I've got a secret. About 14 years ago, I was just out of the Army and back at my parents house trying to get my life together. I spent a lot of time applying for jobs on the internet and one day while searching, I got horny as all hell and started looking at... [more]

My best friends Mom

I met my friend when his family moved into our neighborhood in elementary school and one of the first things I remember was thinking how beautiful and young his mom looked compared to mine. I discovered years later that she was indeed younger than my mom by quite a few years even though we are the same age.
Growing up we had a lot of fun which... [more]

Cold shoulder

I'm 20 and dating this guy who is 56. He's married, but his wife has Parkinson's and is having a tough time of it physically. We met at our local gym, started talking, showed mutual interest, started going out. He's really smart and sexy so it wasn't long before we started hooking up. He said he isn't leaving his wife, but just wanted some pussy... [more]

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