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Showing her off

I recently in last 5 years at 32 that I was turned on when my fiance walked around in house with certain people there in sun dress no bra underwear just dress. Yes she didn't do the woen thing and despite how stunning she was she didn't believe it . So in hot fire passion sex she confessed fanyacys so I con fessed mine... She liked being showed... [more]

Wife had a secret

My wife and I have been married for about five years now and we have a really active sex life filled with adventures. We have done a lot of different things, some were my ideas but after I told her a few of my fantasies she started telling me some of hers.
I had told her a few times that I would love to come home from work and find that she had... [more]

Our secret

My boyfriend and I have posted naked pictures on the internet, we loved reading the comments.
We broke up a year ago and I still post on my own.
Last October I told my friend what I did, she was shocked, even more shocked when I asked her to do it with me.
I explained no faces and two girls will make the men go nuts and it’s great reading the... [more]

My relationship with my son

I came to confess that my son and i have been in a romantic and sexual relationship for six years now. i'm not seeking validation or anything, we're well aware of the taboo and as such we've kept our relationship secret. but we're happy and fulfilled.
he was the one who actually started it. it may have to do with the fact that we never had a... [more]

I love dick

I've always wanted to know why women don't tell men their secret. Women never tell men how good dick really is. I didn't know it was that good until I got my first dick up my ass. Ever since then it is all I think about. I know you're thinking I just got turned out but I still like pussy but dick is so much better. And trannies are so much sexier... [more]

My wife’s secret affair

I found out my wife 45 year old attractive Wifey was having an affair with a 20 year old summer intern
I knew something was wrong when she started making up excuses for not wanting to have sex. This was very unusual. The summer was almost finished when in the middle of the night her phone went off. I noticed her looking at a text when I... [more]

He is older, so what?

I saw a post recently concerning older men and younger women. It must have been deleted as I can't find it anymore. Regardless, here goes. I am 22 and about to marry a 49 year old man. His wife passed away a few years ago and we have been together for a couple of years. He is successful, teaches at a local college, and treats me great. I... [more]

Plastic panties

I am a straight married guy and have been wearing sexy panties all the time with matching bras at home and nighties for years it is our secret fetish and we love it.
Recently I have been ordering specific panties and Femme wear from on site Sissy stores particularly Plastic, PVC with nice ruffles and French maids outfits they are just so horny... [more]

Just too hooked

I have an older sister, and we've been sexually involved with each other for a couple of years now. She's way older than me, but it doesn't matter, actually I feel it's part of the charm and what made our attraction possible in the first place. I'm 24, she's 37. Instead of just a sibling, I always saw her as a woman, she was turning into one while... [more]

The indiscretion with my sister-in-law

I really am glad that mediums like this exist where men and women can get things out of their chest and not have to live with the bit of guilt associated with cheating. A couple of weeks ago I had my in-laws over for a wine tasting party. We always sit around shoot the shit buzzed and talk about everything. During a conversation between my wife my... [more]

I was sleeping one of the two times I let a gay guy suck me off..

I was at one of the local bars near closing and needed a ride home so my buddy got this older guy that had a car bring me home. Well on the way the guy said he had alot of booze at his place, so the true alcoholic I used to be I thought- why not, Ill go with em and drink his liquor. Well after drinking as much as I could, I ended up passing out on... [more]

I am attracted to my mother

It all started when i was around 7 years old, i had a dream with a beautiful women in it. at the time i didn't know who it was but she wore a really tight racing swimsuit and she always looked like she had just gotten out of the water. what we did in the dream I cant remember something about us being secret agents and beating the bad guy, you... [more]

I want to be a woman

I'm almost 50 and the desire to be a woman is overwhelming me . I have been married to a wonderful woman for 27 years but I have from the time I was very young wanted to be female . My mom wanted daughter when I was born she used to dress me in my older sisters out grown clothes . My mother treated me better when I was dressed like a girl and I... [more]


So we have 4 kids, all under 6. Only now the baby sleeps through the night, its been 6 years of no fucking sleep. I was happy with 2 if I'm completely honest, I've asked my wife to go on the pill cos I think sex is shit with condoms. She's refused cos she wants more kids, so on my lunch break I've had a secret vasectomy. I booked 3 days off work... [more]

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