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First sexual experience

I was a bit of a late bloomer. I didn’t start until I was nearly 15, and didn’t develop more than little breast buds until I was in college. But I was a cheerleader in HS, as was my best friend. She was an early bloomer, very outgoing where I was reserved. She was also very sexually expressive where I definitely wasn’t. I’d stay nights with her... [more]


So I'm a 16 year old girl and I have the cutest baby sister ever.Today I was watching her while my mom was away. I was watching a show and sitting on the couch holding her and she got fussy and wouldn't take her bottle. She started rooting for my boob, "mom breastfeeds her" so finally I pulled up my shirt and let her suck my nipple. She latched on... [more]

Family love

Before I start, I must reveal that I am 42-year-old woman, who all my life I have been in an incestuous relationship with my father and mother who were brother and sister. Incest is perfectly natural to me. To this day Daddy, Mom and I still continued sexually relations even after I got married (Ken, my husband travels on business 2 days a week so... [more]

"Inherited" wife

My mom died when I was very little, and my dad remarried when I was a teenager. He also decided to marry a beautiful, slightly younger woman, so as horny teenagers do, I developed a crush on her. Embarrassingly, a few years later, I got so wasted one night that I came back home one night my father was away, and told her I was very much in love... [more]

A wild night in Cuba

Lol what a week! Put it this wife and I met up with about six other people and decided to go in town to party one night in Cuba. We all crammed into one taxi and me laying across everyone in the back seat. There was two guys who were doctors who were friends and they had their female friend with them, one was gay for sure but while I was... [more]

Lucky as fuck

Believe it or not, I don't care.
I have worked with this women who is hot as fuck for 3 years now. All the guys at work flirt with her all the time. I regularly hear many of them talking about how they would give anything to fuck her. Unfortunately for them, she is married and quite regularly turns them down. I been witnessed to this and the... [more]

Closeted mwm sissy crossdresser...I love cock

Hi I must confess... I am a mwm and a closeted sissy crossdresser.. I am no longer intereseted in PUSSY I only want COCK, Men/TS/TV/CD and sissies... I think I have always wanted this... but I watch sooo many sissy hypno videos that I have become a secret Crossdresser and I have sooo many of my own sissy stuff.... 5 slutty short dresses lots of... [more]

On a Break

Women of Naughty Post, a question; while on a break from your SO (bf, gf, fiancé or husband) have you ever fooled around and / or had sex?
Sex is defined as giving or receiving oral, dick / cock / penis penetration in either your vagina or ass. Taking a dick between your tits until the guy cums. Making them cum or them making you cum or both... [more]

I liked it!

I liked being with you enough though you are much older. I liked what you did to me the other night. And I liked the way you showed how to kiss and so sexy. I liked the way you held my cock and how you ran your tongue around my balls. I liked the way you called me your sweetie and hugged. But most of all I liked how you have kept our secret with... [more]

I love Fucking Flabby Women

Boy do I love fucking flabby women. Flabbier the better is my motto. When I was young I was into those skinny hot girls in high school. Wouldn't look twice at a fat one. I loved feeling those tight ass bodies against mine. Their boney pelvic region poking into mine. Then about 5 years ago I started noticing these women who were a bit flabby. Yeah... [more]

Secret bisexual

So here it is, I'm a (now) 60 year old male and for years and years I've been indulging a fantasy. Started many years ago when I would go into public toilets and see if any men were looking for some fun. If I found someone who was interested I would go into a cubicle, strip naked, open the door and let them see. Sometimes stepping out, bending... [more]

Dirty Secrets I Must Confess!

Since I was a wee little lad I had the desire and curiosity about penis'. I just loved the looks of my own little tiny penis. I loved playing with it. When I was 8 years old I had a neighbor friend over to my house. We were playing in the basement. I asked him if he wanted to play a new game with me. I told him we had to take down our pants and... [more]

College CD

I was living in the dorms at my college. We had 4 room houses with guys in one house and girls in the next. I became really good friends with one of the girls next door and we started dating. We would talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. I admitted to her that growing up I would steal my older sister's panties and wear them... [more]

True Story of How I Met the Most Unconventional Love of My Life

When I was 32 and recently divorced for 6 months my best friend, a woman arranged for a date with her friend Betsy. I told my friend I wasn’t up for dating yet as my ex wife was having not 1 or 2 affairs but more than 10 and finally ended up pregnant. She had no idea who’s it was and we divorced quickly.
My friend finally convinced me to go... [more]

To really cum

I'm a woman in her mid40s. I've been married, but recently finalized my divorce. I had a decent, if conventional sex life during my marriage. However, I'm convinced I didn't experience true sexual pleasure until my little brother took my anal virginity.
Little half brother, that is. My parents divorced when I was younger, and my father had a... [more]

Not normal

When i was younger i was abused.
Nit going to get into details because your not supposed to but i was just starting to go to school and my mom and dad both worked. So i got off the bus at my Aunts. Well she worked till
4 so for two hours i was with my uncle.
This went on for 3 or 4 years. It got to the point it was our secret. Our special... [more]

Day I found out i was intersex

When i was 13 I some bleeding from between my legs did not tell any one then about 26 days later when in the change room with my best friend he look at me said were your balls he put his hand there oh you have hole there he said before i could say anything push me on to the bench spread my legs then push his cock in to the hole feel painful at... [more]


I was lucky Linda is a very athletic woman and she is what you might call a hockey Mom except it is baseball that she is hooked on with our 7 year old son Well T ball really.
She is a fun person to be around and is very open about sex and still after 9 years of marriage we still get it on regularly.
She is the first to bring up the subject of... [more]


I've been divorced for several years and have never really dated anyone seriously....less then a week that my son came home from college and it happened …. let me just say that I have never swallowed but now I can and even taste my own after he pulls out and lets me have it all.....I can say with confidence that I'm truly amazed at the... [more]

Taboo advise

My fiance and i have been together for 5 years. Im almost 2 years older than she is. We've been engaged for 8 months and she is a little over 6 months pregnant. We have a lot in common both being adopted, from the same state, like the same music, sports. Tv shows etc. We were cleaning out our files and were going through our original birth... [more]

A nasty secret

I’m a crossdressing male of 23, and lately I’ve been getting turned on to something new. I want to be fucked, pissed on, and covered in shit by a horse. I just think they’re such sexy creatures with the BEST cocks. I can only imagine how much shit/piss/cum they can produce. Leave a comment if you have a similar story/desire, maybe we can chat... [more]

Desire to start dressing up again.

Years ago I lived alone and I used to love to dress in high heels and sluty tight skirts and fish net stockings and parade around the house. I only did this secretly and no one ever knew. But I enjoyed it so much. And when I jacked off while dressed up my orgasms were so intense. After a family incident a family member moved in with me I threw... [more]

I replaced mom

I come from a relatively well-adjusted family, so I wouldn't have imagined that, at 27, I would be in a passionate, romantic, sexual relationship with my own dad.
I was a single child, very tight with my mother and very loving with my father. Sex was always discussed openly and naturally. I'm aware of my vices, though: I don't need a therapist to... [more]

Secret anal

I used to fuk another girl in her a$$ then go home and get head and fuk her with out washing.

Utterly Nasty ~

It is not secret here that I am somewhat of a toilet whore, I have made past confessions to such and more beyond that. However recently I have found myself wanting more to that end. Recently since seeing a few things online by others and my recent fantasies I have been drawn towards this. As of late I have found myself wanting to be a dog shit... [more]

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