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Kinky fetish

I look young for my age , I am 26 and have been married for two years. Immediately after getting married my husband's boss through us a small party. It was then that I had a daddy or father figure issue. During the party I was wondering around in the house trying to find a bathroom without a line in front of it. I had no choice but to sneak out... [more]

I know I'm a pervert

I'm a woman, and I was very precocious: I had my "sexual awakening" at age 12, discovered masturbation and got really into it, almost to the point of obsession. I also looked much older than I really was, mostly thanks to a very well developed pair I'm very proud of. I lost my virginity a year later to a guy that was almost 17. I was labeled as... [more]

Forced growth?

I read a list where people shared fetishes and desires and one woman said her secret fetish was men being forced to grow breasts. Is this a real fetish? What would you think as a man if your wife or girlfriend wanted to force you to grow breasts?

My wife has a secret.

My wife has started leaving to "Cool off" every time we have an argument.
I followed her last time and she went to a near by park and gave some strange guy a BJ. He came all over her tits. I rushed home so she didn't know I followed her.
Now she does it every time we fight she comes home stinking of jizz.
It's shocking how many trivial... [more]

Blackmailed for sex:

Basically, Im a student and I fell on some hard times and I needed money, my friend offered to give the money, and we came up with a payment plan. However the plan was unrealistic and I couldn't make the payments as my situation had worsened by this point. I was making payments, but around 1/2 of the agreed amount per month.
He started legal... [more]

I'm another mans girlfriend

I've been going with my current girlfriend for about nine years. What she doesn't know is that although she's my girlfriend I'm another mans girlfriend. I have been involved with him for about four years now. About three times a week when I can get away from her and get to his place I dress up very sexy for him in tight skirts and high heels and... [more]

Wife Confesses to being drugged on vacation

We had recently returned from an overseas vacation and I had noticed a marked change in my wife’s mood, there was clearly something on her mind so, I decided we needed a night out to talk things over and see if I could uncover what was behind this change.
After a number of drinks she admitted that she had something to tell me and made me promise... [more]

Caught Neighbours Boys Watching Wife Sunbathe

It's no secret that many teenage boys have a fascination for the mature woman, and the women love to think they can still attract a younger man so everybody wins.
From my upstairs window I have seen the two boys next door jerking off while peering through a gap in the fence at my wife’s body as she sunbathed topless.
Her reaction when I told... [more]

Fringe benefits becoming too much

I've been working part-time as an accountant for a small take-out restaurant. I never really needed the job, but the owner was an old acquaintance, and he was desperate for help, so I said I'd do it. I work for him about 10-15 hours a week in the evenings.
My boss is 43, married, but very flirty, and I could sense his interest in me by the way... [more]

Slef discovery

My wife is 24. she is a sweet gal and naturally sexy. she is 4' 11', small breasts perfectly shaped and very sensitive. She has beautiful legs and a nicely shaped butt.
We had been married for three years and enjoyed pretty good sex. She was a virgin when I married her. I was the only male she had ever known intimately.
We have a friend... [more]

Wife discovers hubby's little secret

I was seeing phone numbers in my husbands bill that I pay that I didn't recognize. With the assistance from a male co worker, we discovered most were numbers of men who advertise nude massage. He onced asked me if I would massage him wearing pantyhose. "You want me to wear pantyhose while I give you a massage" I said. He said no, I want to be... [more]

Came home buzzed and went to my son after my husband pushed me aw

M a mother of two daughter and a son. I regularly shoot pool Fridays to get out the house and enjoy time by self and see my girlfriends. Obviously drinking while playing pool I got buzzed tonight. I came home around 11:30 and was horny as all hell. I got settled in and than went to my bedroom and started sucking my on my husbands cock who was... [more]

I want a serious relationship with her

I've been in a relationship for a year, the sort of relationship that while isn't exactly forbidden, it isn't encouraged either. It won't get you in jail or anything, but it's really frowned upon.
Not because of the fact that I'm a 31 year old guy and she's 20. It isn't that we're on a secret, casual and open relationship either (we do go on... [more]

Dressed and horny

Today I had half a day off so as soon as I got home I showered, shaved all over and got dressed in my satin suspender panties, stockings, heels with my plastic maids outfit then I put on my make up, wig and earrings I love getting into cross dressing.
For a while I had to rely on my wife doing my make up but I have learnt to do that myself over... [more]

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