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Altercation with my girlfriend's ex husband

I was at my girlfriend's house. She is about 30 and divorced. Our sex life used to be great.We were alone and weren't expecring anybody until late, so right after lunch we started making out right on the couch. As we were having sex, next thing you know that loser of her ex husband shows up in a kimono covered only by a denim jacket and gets mad... [more]

Hottest threesome ever

My teenage daughter and I were doing the naked nasty together one afternoon, like we occasionally do after she gets home from school. Normally we have a good two hours to mess around before my wife gets home from work, but unbeknownst to me, her boss closed up shop early for the day and sent her home two hours early.
We were in my daughters... [more]


When I was a sophomore in highschool there was this girl who wasn't very well liked. She always had on baggy ass clothes and never talked to anyone. Even nerds wouldn't talk to her. So anyway one day this woman came over to the house to see my mom. Evidently they worked together and she brings her daughter over, It's this same girl. My mom says... [more]

The Man Who Took My “2nd And 3rd Virginities” Attended My Wedding

The Man Who Took My “2nd And 3rd Virginities” Attended My Wedding Years Later
I’ve been feeling sort of “guilty” about this and think I’d feel better if I could tell somebody about it. But, of course, I can’t. No one knows about this except the guy that was there and maybe my sister and brother-in-law. I could never tell my husband about... [more]


Well to star with I am 17 years of age female quite fit and yes I am a looker as well. I run nearly 16 miles every morning up in the mountains and ,y favorite time of the year is October and November Why well hunters are out trying to bag game and on occasion I have been bagged as well. Blush. I'm kinda shy for I have lived a sheltered life but... [more]

Monica again

Hi everyone since I posted my first post I have been thinking .
It made me feel good posting my first extramarital sex but of course since it was with a dog I cant really count it LOL.
I know now that even if you lived in the came state as we do that we will probably never meet so I hope you don't mind if I post more of our experiences .
... [more]

Being young

This may seem boring to some but for me it opened the door to masterbation for me or rather a more fulfilling masterbation experience.
When I was 11 we moved to a new neighborhood and I didn’t know anyone so I spent a lot of time sitting out side watching other kids play when one day this other girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to to... [more]

Helping Sis to bed

When I was about 13 my older sister who was 17 at the time came home one Saturday night wasted. She was so drunk her date had to help her to the door. Our parents were gone for the weekend, so I helped her get to her room. I decided to get her undressed and into bed. She was not very cooperative and was just babbling a few words every now and... [more]

Sister leads wife astray

A few years ago, my wife's younger sister went through a rough divorce and my wife started spending a lot of time with her. They began going to nightclubs and before long she was staying out half the night. I kept asking her about her activities and she would only say, "I'm not doing anything wrong." I usually slept through her arrival home, but... [more]

Molested by a Black Guy

When I was around 5 or 6 my Mom would bring me to a babysitter. The house was located on a country road and had a big back yard. We would be allowed to play out there and not really watched very closely. Across the road from the house lived a black family. One day while I was playing I noticed this black man along side the house. He was between... [more]

Help me

I’m really not sure how to put this but I was born with two rather large Dicks I have 4 balls everything is completely functional Most woman are scared to have sex Please ask me anything you would like to know Questions only from women Thank you so much

Sex with Sis

It started when I was 10 and my Sister was 16. We only had A/C in our living room in our house growing up, so in the evenings after school we would usually have a snack and watch tv in the living room.One day I noticed her rubbing herself through her shorts. She noticed me watching and covered herself with a throw, but I could still see her hand... [more]

Mother in law massage

My mother in law was having hip pain from a surgery. I was getting therapy for a ripped bicep I told her I had some ointment I could massage on her. But she shouldn’t get it on her clothes. She was in a white cotton nightgown To my disbelief she took her panties off in front of me I started massaging her staring at her ass and backside of her... [more]

Suburban Mom is Hot for Stepdaughter

I’m a 41yo old mom and I must confess, I really want to sleep with my teenage stepdaughter. She is tall and strikingly beautiful. She recently told me she’s attracted to girls as well as boys, but she hasn’t been with a girl yet. I so badly want to eat her pussy and teach her to do the same. We have been close as long as we’ve known each other... [more]

Step daughter is so fucking hot

I've been married to my wife since her daughter was 5. She's now 18. My wife has never been afraid to be naked. She will shower and just come out of the shower either totally naked or towel wrapped around her waist. Her daughter, Stacy, has been doing the same since the was little. Now that she's 18, she is drop dead gorgeous. Bathroom is on one... [more]

Just so horny all the time

Ever since i had my implant taken out and gone onto the pill iv been just so horny and my sex drive has gone through the roof. me and my bf used to have sex once maybe twice a week, now im wanting and getting it every morning before work, when we both get home from work and several times in the evening, up to 4 or 5 times a day and i want... [more]

I slept with my friends dad

Ok what i did was so bad, i fell out with my friend real bad on a night out but after an hour or so apart i found her getting chucked out this bar on her own with two guys trying to take her back to theirs, so after telling them to fuck off i called her dad and he came and picked us up. but as we where waiting she confessed to me that she kissed... [more]

Older sister

My older sister Darci is 5 years older than me and our mother and father married met each other and married when we were younger. Prior to turning 13 I didn't really have much of a relationship with Darci as we never hung out and I was always scared of her and I was quite shy. She never really spoke to me and when she would babysit me when our... [more]

Very first tme I sucked a guy off

Brandon was a friend of my older brother and they both belonged to the National guard and sometimes take me with them when they had training exercises.
I liked Brandon because he used to buy me things when we were out and this one training exercises Jim was sick and couldn't make it but Brandon offered to pick me up and bring me home if I wanted... [more]

I caught my roommate's brother "perving" over my underwear !!!

I caught my roommate's brother "perving" over my underwear! From time to time my roommate (who is also a girl) gets visits from her brother. Over several months I started to suspect "something was up" with him. I always keep the door to my room closed when I am not home. One time I came back home, he was visiting, and I noticed the door to my... [more]

Kinky Sex with my Lover

Jon and I been cheating behind our partners back about two months now. I realized now that he has a breast fetish and I have a fetish of being slapped. He adores my huge breast . Can't get enough of it. He's been seeing and dating my best girlfriend Judy who is a B cup. Takes him longer to get off when he's with Judy. When he's with me he gets his... [more]

Creeped on my Young Roomate

I used to take my 20 year old room mates dirty condoms out of his trash can after he would fuck his girlfriend, and then suck his young cum out of them while jerking off...and then turn the condom inside out, all slimy with his cum, and then stuff it into my asshole and use my sphincter to scrape it all off inside of me. And one time while he was... [more]

I crossed the line

I ended up cheating on my wife with a man. Always been curious about giving a blowjob. I can say I am no longer curious. I am afraid to admit I really liked it.

Sick to her stomach or completely satiated

About 7 or 8 years ago my wife and I started hanging out with a couple other couples that did a little Coke on the weekends. It was like a once-a-month thing. We would all go out have a few drinks let the wives do some dancing, before you know what we would usually end up at the strip club.
We had experienced a three way with a female on a... [more]

Cum eater

Over the past six months, I have developed an overwhelming desire to suck cum from my wifes cunt. It started one night, after I blew a huge load inside of her. Normally I just roll over and she gets up and goes to the bathroom to clean up, but for some reason, I slid my face down between her legs and started eating her sopping wet pussy. I looked... [more]

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