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One of my friends can’t keep his hands off my girlfriend.

It started when I admitted to having naked photos of her on my phone. We were all a bit drunk and I stupidly let him persuade me to show him some of the pictures and videos I had taken.
Since then he has become obsessed with her and is constantly trying to touch her tits. It makes me angry that she lets him do it. When I confront her, she says... [more]

Virgin loophole question

Hi, my name is Melissa. I graduated from highschool in the spring and will be going to college in the fall. I have never had sex with any of my boyfriends. My virginity is something that I want to save for the one. In June I was out with some friends and I ran into one of my old boyfriends. We were talking and before long we were separated from... [more]

Young and pregnant

Hi my name is Carrie,
I was young at the time and two months pregnant when this happened so please understand.
My Mother was out of the hospital and needed help around the house so I talked it over with my husband Jessy and we decided that I should go down and help her for about a week so I flew to LAX and my step Father picked me up .
They... [more]

Unexpected incest

I am a college student and am living with my mother at the moment.My father works abroad-The Middle East-and is visiting us just once a year.
We live in a spacious duplex bunglow and have plenty of privacy,which proved to be simultaneously risky and a blessing.
One day,I returned home early from the college only to find my mom and a... [more]

Summer time creek

When I was younger I went to my aunt and uncle's house for the summer. My parents went on a business trip and couldn't take me with. My aunt and uncle couldn't have children of their own so they took in foster children. The summer I was their they only had one girl who was a little older than me, I was 14 and she had just turned 15. We hung out a... [more]

Bad Dad

My dad robbed a bank when I was 5. He was caught because my mom called the police. Je was jailed for 7 years. I all the years never heard from him and I never visited him.
When I was 12 ond day there was a knock on the door. My mom went and came back into the room followed by the man she called my dad. He had a gun in his hand. And he was angry... [more]

Obsessed with Anal

I am a married man with kids and grandkids. And this is my desire. At 13 one of my older cousins talked me into fucking him in the ass. The deal was he would let me fuck him, if I let him fuck me. I didn’t want to, but he kept at it until he convinced me to try. With a little lube, and lots of patience I did fuck him and it was really good! When... [more]

Sucking the Dog

I did a whole lot of Sports when I was a boy. And I was able to suck my own dick at the age of 12. At 13 I wanted to suck another cock and was too scared to ask one of my friends. so one day I took our dog to my room. I touched his sheath and when the red tip showed, I took it in my mouth. he nearly fucked my mouth until he shot. I liked... [more]

Turned out in county jail...miss it

When I was 18 I was arrested for lewd oral sex in public with a man. I've been bisexual since I was young, and selling myself for years. After a few hours they told me I was going to stay in jail until my court date which was 4 months. I was moved from holding to main cell. Each cell housed 110 inmates. When I got to the door it was ninety percent... [more]

Adventures in Skinny Dipping.

Jayne and I started to date seriously in 1982. We loved finding places outdoors to make love. We had lots of fun enjoying the warm weather outside naked. Just seemed very natural to us. One of our favorite spots was Gun Powder State Park in Baltimore County. I picked Jayne up and drove straight to our favorite spot. It was in the low to mid 90's ... [more]

Sleep over

Last Christmas I had my friend Billy stay over. We watched some movies and played our guitars and video games. Billy brought with him some X rated movies. They were really hot ones of women and men having group sex. I was so turned on. Billy told me that he masturbates while watching them all the time. I confided in him that I also masturbate. So... [more]

I think I might be gay

I'm a married man been with the same woman for close to 20 years. She doesn't have much interest in sex at all. We have no children and that's ok. Wife can't conceive. I don't have a very big penis. In fact it's only 4 inches fully erect. I was at the gym when I noticed a man looking at me in the shower. I was checking him out too. I'm short at... [more]

I think I love my teacher?

I have fallen in love with my English teacher. He is so hot. I love everything about him. It's like the more I talk with him I feel like we are kindred spirits or something. We like the same books, movies, even music. Today I was just watching him walking around the classroom. He has the cutest bottom. It's so nice and round. He's only 25 and I'm... [more]

I fucked a fat girl

Ok so like my sister brought home this fat friend of hers who was in a bad situation. She was living with her boyfriend who was a heroin junky and a girl he was fucking also. It got really messed up and my sister asked my mom if she could stay with us for a while. Well the while turned into three long years. During that time I was in and out of... [more]

My teacher and I

When I was in 8th grade my science teacher was an older gentleman. He and I became very good friends. He touched me on my bottom several times. Then one day he asked If I would help him get a few things from the storage closet near the furnace room. I said ok sure. So as we walked to the storage closet he chatted with me. Now this was a Christian... [more]


I made out with a 55 years old man in his car when I was 25. I am a girl working away from home.I used to travel in cab whenever I need to go somewhere.This guy was my regular cab driver.
He was a very good person, soft spoken, helpful.We exchanged number and started texting in WhatsApp.
Our normal random chats gradually turned into... [more]

My New Pal!

It all started when I began sharing nude pics of my wife on a website for just that. I became friends with a man who is a truck driver , ( long haul man ). We both have very similar backgrounds. Grew up in families with religious back grounds. Our wives have very similar bodies, ( a bit on the tubby side ). Then at one point his wife died. We both... [more]

Stroked off by my older sister

I'm 15 and in high school. I usually masturbate while looking at magazines like Penthouse and Play Boy. Shit like that. I thought I had locked my bedroom door but the lock is messed up and sometimes it's not locked when you think it is. Anyway I'm like going at it madly when the door opened and my sister stuck her head inside to tell me dinner was... [more]

Wife's best sex ever

About 7 or 8 years ago my wife and I started hanging out with a couple other couples that did a little Coke on the weekends. It was like a once-a-month thing. We would all go out have a few drinks let the wives do some dancing, before you know what we would usually end up at the strip club.
We had experienced a three way with a female on a... [more]

Sex with my son's best friend

I'm 35 and I had my son when I was only 17. One day last summer my son and his best friend were swimming at our house. It was a very hot summer day. My husband who is 44 was at work. The day started early with us lounging around the pool around 11 am. I noticed my son's friend Jared and I have enjoyed looking at his hard young body over the years... [more]

Sister grabbed my hand and fingered herself with it during movie

So let me start by saying this is 100 % true and it happened an hour before me typing this and i want to get it of my chest so it all started with my dad saying that we should go and see godzilla 2 the king and i was like dope no problem and the thing is i was a minor not long ago and a virgin on top of that i had done kissing and stuff but what... [more]

My mate bitch is my fucktoy

Posted a few times now about my mate girlfriend iv been fucking and facefucking as and when i can over past few months but last night topped it all,
last minute thing, my mate rang me mid afternoon to cancel working on my car as he had to travel up country overnight for work, so i knew his missus would be home alone, i messaged her and got... [more]

WTF is going on

My gf has a great ass. She only wears thongs or g strings. Until recently I noticed she was wearing bikini panties to work. Strange because she hates visible panty lines. She has some for the "time of the month" but only wears them then. I saw her in her work scrubs and commented on her panty lines. She just brushed me off. The bikini... [more]

Husband's friend wants sex

Last weekend we hosted a get together with a group of friends, and since we had all planned on drinking until late night, most made plans to spend the night. We all drank a lot and I had a really fun time. Husband did shots so naturally the guys were pretty wasted. We divided up the rooms so guys all slept together and girls slept together... [more]

Altercation with my girlfriend's ex husband

I was at my girlfriend's house. She is about 30 and divorced. Our sex life used to be great.We were alone and weren't expecring anybody until late, so right after lunch we started making out right on the couch. As we were having sex, next thing you know that loser of her ex husband shows up in a kimono covered only by a denim jacket and gets mad... [more]

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