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I finally convinced my wife it was okay for her to
Go out with this guy that was hitting on her at work.
Keep it quiet and not to let him know i know.
So she set it up and told him i was at work one night and he came over. My wife doesn’t know i took off so i could spy and i made sure i could see in the window
Anyway he came over and hes... [more]

Modeling for an older boy

Between ages 7-11ish I was very into the idea of showing my penis to whoever wanted to see it. It was a thrill. I would ask my friends or other kids (guys and girls) in the neighborhood or at parks if they wanted to see me pull my pants down. Most of time they laughed and said no, but there were lots of times were they said sure! Until I got in... [more]

How I became an adult performer

My boyfriend, now husband, and I lived in New York for a few years. He was posted there for work, I ended up studying at NYU. We had a great time and the anonymity of living far from Sydney led to us getting up to some fun activities that I never would have done at home.
We started going to strip shows. After a few times I started wearing more... [more]

Pregnant by sons

First I'm a 33 year old woman, 5 feet tall and 200 lbs. Blonde hair, blue eye and pretty. I have twin sons who are 18. (BTW They think I'm perfect and the most beautiful woman in the world).
Their father was my cousin who I loved. He died in Afghanistan War early in 2002. I was pregnant by him and he never knew. I was only just 15 when he made... [more]

Black I think

I grew up in what some people would call a racist home. My parents never had anything against blacks, and never talked bad about them, nor used racially slurs. Actually, my dad had several friends who were black. I was just never allowed to date a black woman. At the time they said it wasn't socially acceptable and our children would be shunned by... [more]

Playing in showers

I have always wanted to shower with other people. Not a one on one like with a girlfriend in the shower together. I’ve done plenty of that. I mean a public shower. In high school I was never into sports or anything like that. We would have P.E. Class and we were always encouraged to shower afterwards but I was VERY self conscious of my body and... [more]


A co-ed high school near me is attended by about 1400 students ranging in age from 11 to 17. The 'official' girls uniform has the skirt length down to below their knees but almost all the girls cut that shorter to varying degrees and some of the girls from about 13 wear skirts so short you can see their ass cheeks. I find this phenomenon... [more]

Over Protective Parents Listen Up!

My parents were afraid that I would end up following the crowd of bad kids if I continued in public school. So they sent me off to a Christian school in second grade. It was a pretty cool school though and I made lots of friends. One of whom we did lots of wild and crazy kid stuff getting into normal kid trouble. After sixth grade they sent me to... [more]

Along Came Daryl Part 1

This true story is really for women. I say this because only a woman can understand it. And not just any woman. Older women like myself. I write this to remind me of the unforgettable moments I had and to really find out if other women feel the same way as me. Now this happened about forty years ago. I write about it in these times where women are... [more]

Masturbating with other people

I have always wanted to masturbate with other people. I have always had a really high sex drive and I can masturbate several times in one day. I have always had a fantasy of masturbating with friends, or strangers, guys or girls. A on one situation or with a group of people. I also have an exhibitionist side that loves the idea of being watched... [more]

Afraid I'll never fuck a black woman

I'm scared to hell that I will never fuck a black woman. I'm a white guy. They just aren't in my region much and the few who are aren't into it. It's like Ahab and his search for the White Whale.

Love Fucking White Men

I'm an average Afro American male except I love to have sex with white males exclusively. My cock is a nice size but not overly big. I enjoy kissing and making out and tossing your salad. Love licking a nice pink asshole and taking the balls into my mouth. I enjoy being fucked as much as I do fucking my lover. I really love going clubbing and... [more]

Dorm room dare

I am a nineteen year old female. My first year of college I was very shy and afraid I wouldn't fit in. An older girl was nice to me and introduced me to several of her friends. After a few weeks of hanging out with them and getting invited to dorm parties they told me if I wanted to be part of their group, I had to do a dare. I was told to show up... [more]

A corpse?

My wife Sam and I had been married about 5 years when it began. Our sex life had declined steadily until there didn't seem to be anything I could do to get her off.
Because I knew she wasn't interested in experiencing it anyway, I began fucking her when she was asleep. I would just slide her panties off and fuck her from whichever side she had... [more]

Supplementing her income

[This is basically a true incident that happened to me this month. I've doctored the dialogue to make it run more smoothly and of course to make myself look more heroic- what the hell, it's my story!]
I am a 45-year-old single guy who had been suffering from a serious lack of sex during the Covid-19 shutdown. My only pleasure was walking down... [more]

Glory hole

I was traveling up north into Maine, Poland Springs area. I found a ABD and thought why not. As I walked in, it was clean and brightly lit. Warm an welcoming, not seedy as some. I saw there was a video arcade and peeked my interest. 6$ admission fee and I set off to select a booth. I took a booth on the end allowing only one shared wall. So only... [more]

College CD

I was living in the dorms at my college. We had 4 room houses with guys in one house and girls in the next. I became really good friends with one of the girls next door and we started dating. We would talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. I admitted to her that growing up I would steal my older sister's panties and wear them... [more]

Boyfriend is such a dick

Normally I love my boyfriend very much. He and I get along really well and we have a lot of fun, but about 2 months ago he started asking me to have sex with his best friend. I know he reads this site all the time and he made comments about reading all the post about guys letting their girlfriends or wives do this, but I thought he was joking... [more]

Some rapes count more than others

When I was a kid (this was about 15 years ago) we lived in a really dangerous neighborhood, and our school was a sewer of theft, drugs and violence. The last year we lived there I was 13. My parents could see what was happening and they were struggling to find a way to move. Even though they couldn't afford it, they gave me a cheap cell phone and... [more]

My Sister in Law

For quiet a while when I visit my brother, his wife is usually in a see thru gown, an she is not afraid to show me her tits. The many times I have been to their home she always hugs me with a desire and keeps her hand in my back or my waist, when my brother does not see. One Saturday I went to visit and my brother was working in the back yard. ... [more]

My Indian Ex

I met my ex online and she was an Indian American, voluptuous, brown skinned sex goddess. She told me about all of her one nightbstands and crazy experiences, and eventhough it made me feel weird about her being super experienced, I still wanted to bang her brains out.
We dated for a while and finally we got to that point where the hormones... [more]

I got pegged.

My neighbor befriended me when I first moved into the area. She’s a divorced 50-something and I’m a divorced 30-something. Shortly after I moved in she teasingly asked if I’d like to come over and put together her new workout system. I didn’t have anything else to do so I did. After we finished she got a couple beers and we just sat and chatted... [more]

How wrong is this

Before me and my gf met she met a guy on online the guy scared her and made her take nudes and send them to him he said he was going to make her have sex with all of his friends for money, the thought of that sadly turned me on when I found out about it 😕 like I pictured her being forced on to a wall by 5 guys and fucked in every way possible... [more]

Nude, and more, in public

A few years ago I wrote, on another website, about how modelling nude for my boyfriend had progressed to making a few porn movies, with other guys. One was a gangbang with four young studs and the other a photo shoot with an overweight 50+ guy who said he was a professional photographer, but I doubt it.
The photo shoot with the old guy ended... [more]


The first time I shared my wife Kathy she was just 19 and 3 months pregnant.
We were married soon after she became pregnant and I had watched from hiding several times when my sister was fucked on the couch after my parents had gone to bed and I loved it.
I never told LeeAnne that I had watched her but I loved it and when I confessed to Kathy ... [more]

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