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Tammy,s first BBC

We met David online he was advertising for married white women only.
He was as black as night and in truth I envied my wife he was almost as perfect as some statues I have seen tummy muscles well defined and his chest rippled with his well formed chest.
His cock was advertised as 10 inches and it sure looked like it was all of that and Tammy... [more]

Did you ever want?

Did you ever see anyone so cool and wanted that somebody even though you've been told you'll never have that somebody and you're a fool to think you can be with only for a while and you sit alone and know you'll never be with that somebody and you cry because she's all you ever wanted and you know you can't have her, ¿ has anyone ever felt so sad... [more]

My first time

As a young boy I found masturbation and I started doing it regularly. As I got a little older, I began to fantasize about different sexual situations when I masturbated but never gay fantasies. That all changed one day when I was walking down the alley to my friends house and I found a book lying on the ground and being an avid reader I picked it... [more]

Is this bad? Cerebral Palsy

Had a great group of friends in college. We all lived in an apartment complex around a horseshoe shaped courtyard with a pool in the middle. We had HUGE parties and a great time for a couple of years. One of the group had a close friend who has cerebral palsy. Sweet gal. Funny. I’ll call her Myra. She could walk on her own although it was... [more]

I’m having s*x with my step bros half brother

So my step brother has a half brother but I consider him as my step brother as well since we’ve known each other for a while now. One night he came into my room as usual when everyone was asleep to come hang with me. We usually watch tv but this one night we started wrestling which later on turned into more. He was on top of me and would rub his... [more]

I’m having s*x with my step bros half brother

So my step brother has a half brother but I consider him as my step brother as well since we’ve known each other for a while now. One night he came into my room as usual when everyone was asleep to come hang with me. We usually watch tv but this one night we started wrestling which later on turned into more. He was on top of me and would rub his... [more]

Brother’s GF

My older brother brought his 20 year-old college girlfriend home for Labor Day weekend and she was a HOT blonde bombshell. I was super turned on just looking at her. So she was staying in our sisters room and left the door open and had her clothes strewn all over the room. I walked past the room and noticed this pair of silky aqua-colored... [more]

Mother in law

Well... Im 38 and I've been married to my wife for five years now. She doesn't know it but I've got a secret. About 14 years ago, I was just out of the Army and back at my parents house trying to get my life together. I spent a lot of time applying for jobs on the internet and one day while searching, I got horny as all hell and started looking at... [more]

Clingy or what? WTF.

I just started seeing this guy Ted. We met through friends, and we've been out on dates 3 times a week for two weeks, but we're not living together or anything. He's definitely potential boyfriend material, but we're still early in the process, imo. I don't consider him a boyfriend at this point, though it's close.
Ted wanted to go out on... [more]

Getting pregnant by strangers

I have long and sad personal experience with fertility treatments and alternative methods of conception, and when it works, I supposed it's a wonderful realization of a dream, but when it fails, it is really a massive expense and an emotional nightmare. My husband and I attempted everything medically available and had no success, so here's what I... [more]

Neighbors daughter

I’m a 48 year old married Italian/Hispanic male who is very well in shape. I work out 5 times a week and almost competed in bodybuilding but decided against it.
Believe it or not my sex life with my wife was not going the way I wished it would have. My neighbors across the street are a very attractive couple. Many times I have caught myself... [more]

Husband knows I fuck my boss

I got caught. I've been fucking my boss for the last year, mostly after work. Sometimes when we finish screwing I don't even bother putting my panties back on, I'll just put them in my purse and drive home. Well I forgot to take them out and my husband needed to use my credit card, went into my purse, saw the panties, and asked why the hell I came... [more]

Serial Peeper

I'm a 58 year old serial peeping tom. I'm not here to boast, or seek support, and I sure as fuck don't care about empathy, or its' sad, lying little sibling, sympathy. I don't deserve such, not at all.
I can't remember a time when I didn't want to peep. From the age of seven or eight I tried to peep on female playmates. The secrets revealed... [more]

Help with having mixed raced children ???? in the UK ????

I am a very well hung man with a BBC. I live somewhere nice in England ?????????????? in the UK ????.
I am married and I don’t have any child yet after 10 years of marriage. My wife promised me 5 children before we got married. She already had a son from her previous relationship. I am a very hardworking black man. I am super fit, nice butts... [more]

My son

I was pregnant and had my son at a very early age. Luckily my parents were able to help me raise him until I was out of high school. I'm not sure why , but some kids are labeled nerd's or losers. I personally hate those words and I hate to see kids labeled like that. I knew my son wasn't very popular and that he only has 2 friends. So I was very... [more]

Getting off after getting laid off

Friday I lost my job due to being downsized. I had worked there for 18 years, ever since I was in my 20s, so it was really shitty. I spent the afternoon packing my stuff when I got an email from my friend Mark. He was sad that I was leaving, and wanted to say goodbye. We had a bit of a past together. We once had an affair, but we stopped it when... [more]

I'm a straight girl who's only ever slept with women, FML

I'm 23 and straight, only interested in men, but the only people I've ever actually managed to sleep with have been other women.
It's not like I'm swimming in pussy either. We're talking a grand total of five or six times that I've ever had sex; it's just that they've all been with other women.
Part of it is anxiety. I'm scared to... [more]

When I was a kid me and my friend had sex

When I was at least twelve or thirteen about a month before turning thirteen. Me and my friend Sean who had known each other since kindergarten and we're the best of friends. He was gay, but I wasn't I had a few girlfriend's never liked guys. But one day while we were having a sleep over at my house he said he wanted to sleep in my bed at first I... [more]

Limp and Lonely

I recently went on a double date with my friend Chris and his girlfriend Cassidy. The girl I was with, Stephanie, was nice and all, but it was only our second date--we were still getting to know each other. I thought it would be fun to meet up with friends, and she agreed.
Here's the thing: although I like Stephanie (cute redhead), I really... [more]

Taking a co-workers wife

One of my first experiences cuckolding someone came by accident really. A co-worker who i actually became friends with and hung out at his house many times. I definitely noticed his girlfriend as an attractive woman. Petite blonde with a cute face. She was always very friendly with me but I never really thought anything of it.
Well one day... [more]

Oh and it was with the sister in law

A long time ago my sister in law walked out on her husband and came knocking on my door, they had a big argument.
Her and I don’t really get on, we only tolerate each other for the family.
Up until she knocked on my door I haven’t seen her for 8 / 9 months and I live 45 minuets drive from where she lives.
I asked why come here and she said she... [more]

Cock for the blues

So the back story is I went cold turkey on men and dating to focus on my studies at university. But now that im done and looking for a job i decided to find a man.
My bf and i have been together for a few weeks now. Hes 67 and im 23. Im just sprung on older guys, something about the taste of a mature cock really gets me horny.
So heres the... [more]

I want to have sex with a bit of change in it

I have two kids and a diligent, faithful husband who cares deeply about me and the kids.
he can be annoying, but he tries everything to make me happy.
just one problem...we're not that good at sex.
it's always the same ritual.
i try to do some roleplaying for a change, but he says he doesn't really like it.
i started to do some... [more]

Deserved or undeserved

We visit once a year with my sister for the holidays. We either go to their place or they come over. We live quite apart so we spend a week or two together. Our husbands get along very well, which makes it easier. I get along with her husband too and she with mine so I spend as much time with her as with her husband and viceversa. One day she went... [more]

Wife holds the key

I am 30 years old married. My wife(referred monica in this post) is 25 years old, a gem of beauty. With tight cute boobs and a curvy figure. Its been 1 year since we got married and each day monica has been wearing either mini skirts or bikinis in home whole day just to keep seducing and turn me on. She has very high sex drive and needs sex twice... [more]

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