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Watching Exhibitionist Wife.

My sexy wife use to love exposing her sexy 5-8,110 lb 34C-24-35 body to both friends and strangers an I loved watching. And it was even hotter if she tried to seduce them. One of my favorite experiences we had along these lines was on a trip out of town she had ordered a pizza and was planning on answering the door in a garter belt & stockings and... [more]

Just a matter of time! ??

I love my wife, I love my life, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Since I was a kid though I’ve always loved cock. When I was 12(ish) and first hitting puberty I used to sneak a look at my dads porn magazines and I would go straight to the adverts at the back, look for the shemale one and wank over that as it was the only place I could see I... [more]

Finally after 23 years

When I was 27 I met a married lady, she had only been married for 4 months and she and I liked each other a lot, for 3 months we met up so many times with each other saying the same thing over and over again, if only we had met sooner.
In those 3 months we did just about everything but penetrating sex, we so wanted each other but knew it was... [more]

My maid watched me cum.

My parents have a maid that cleans the house. She has been doing it for years. Same woman. She's old and polish (not really my thing, I'm 19). Anyway she knows when the door is shut not to clean the room. I was in my room as usual playing ps4 relaxing. I decided to watch porn and j/o. I put on my head phones so obviously no one would hear me. As... [more]

Calling her bluff

So I had a buddy over this past weekend. Just playing video games and watching movies, eating pizza and drinking beer. It was around 10 pm and the wife had gone back and changed into her pajamas. She had on a silk button down top that just barely covers her ass and pussy but curves up to just below her hips on the sides.
She comes in and grabs... [more]

Female happy ending massage

I recently went to a spa, one i had been to a few times, and i had a full body massage booked in, when i got out the pool, dried off and went for my massage the staff apologised but said a staff member was ill so there would be a 2 hr delay. I said i couldn't wait that long, but they said sorry all we can do unless you are ok with a male masseuse... [more]

Wife had enough to drink

My wife and I have a good relationship, we were friends for a while before we ever dated. Now married 8 years, we have had a good bit of fun with each other.
She had a bachelorette party to go to, Knew she would have fun, and knew it would be a good idea to watch the drinking. When her friends get together they can drink a lot.
Before she left... [more]

Fucked by Moms boyfriend

When I was 16 I was fucked by my moms boyfriend.
My mum had me at 19 and was 35 at the time of meeting Daryl. They had been dating for a few months and one night they had been out and came back both drunk. I was still up watching TV and my mum let me have a drink with them. I only was allowed two Vodkas but they had a few, within a short time my... [more]

It's my thing

When I was just a little kid the neighbors baby sat me everyday when I got home from school. I loved riding my bike ,the old man used to tell me to stay off the rocks , but most 12 or 13 year old kids never listened anyway. One day I was riding my bike on the rocks when I got in an accident , I feel on my ass and it made me scream and cry. He came... [more]

He had the PERFECT Dick...

This happened a long time ago but I've never forgotten it. I was a typical, restless 15-year old teenage girl in a hurry to grow up and experience life.
My home life sucked and I didn't have a car or a job so I'd take long walks. I was few blocks from my house when I smelled pot. It smelled like REALLY good pot.
I just followed my nose and I... [more]

Hard to be a nanny

Sorry for the rant, but I left my job today because I am sick as hell of people's husbands thinking that I'm gonna fool around just because i watch their kids.
I was at my charge's house alone for a couple hours today after dropping them off for daycamp and waiting to pick them up when their dad came home. He went to take a shower and came out... [more]

Best friend

I'm a fit, black hair white 22 year old female in college. I got this black friend named jermaine. He is a shy type who is between 250 and 300 pounds. But he is very funny. We are always hanging out, going to get something to eat, watch movies together. We study together since we have classes together.
For months I seen him struggle trying to... [more]

Real life

I have to apologize to my mother for the years of having sex with her when I was a teenager and she drinking way to much and she had no idea what I was doing to her. She never woke up or moved a muscle the whole time and she has never said anything to me about it to this day even though I left so much sperm inside of her and on her. Sorry Mom you... [more]


When we first got married I asked my wife if she had ever been with anyone else other than me , She said No I've only ever been with you . Has the years past I would ask her if she ever wanted to go with anyone else , Again she said No that made me happy knowing she was happy with are life . Six month's ago my wife asked me if I knew anyone that... [more]

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