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Sorry, but I thought I was bein' funny

I have looked at my posts and it seems a few of you know a word or two. I didn't think anyone would know about the meaning of a word. sorry but I didn't want to keep it in plain English. Accept this apology and let's all have a nice word shall we?

Sexy encounter with optometrist

I recently went for my annual eye exam, something I quite like because the room is calm and dark and I listen to my very attractive optometrist softly asking if it's better with this lense or that lense.
Last time I went she needed to look in the back of my eyes and got out her little device. She had been flirting with me up to this point and... [more]

Caught masterbating (girl) by dad, what should I do?

The other day I thought I had the house to myself and was feeling pretty horny, so decided to masterbate. I was on my bed daydreaming listening to music and had been kinda grinding a pillow, which I guess is why I was horny in the first place. Iaid ony front, I slipped a hand inside my jeans and panties and just started stroking myself.
It did... [more]

If she won't...

I work Monday thru Friday. Work hard. Sleep hard. Been married 15 years. Wife and I don't have sex much anymore. Maybe once or twice a month. Not due to a lack of be being chivalrous or a good person or charming. She just always has a reason why not.
Last night, I said, "How about you go get a shower and when you get out I'll get the lotion... [more]

My biggest secrets.

I am sexually attracted to my cousin who is a few years younger than me. I went so far to secretly record her naked. The guilt is so unbearable that I did such a disgusting, immoral thing. I regret it all. Its wrong. Shes my cousin, so that's very wrong. I hate myself for doing such a thing. I deleted all of the pictures, all the recordings. The... [more]

Naaaasty Texting With Friend's Mom

Soooo I wanted to write a much longer post that explains how all this got started, but its kinda driving me crazy so gonna post the short version. I've been exchanging increasingly filthy text messages with my friend's mom. It started out relatively tame (a couple weeks ago), but it has just gotten crazier and crazier. I've wanted to fuck my... [more]


First, of all this is a one hundred percent true story. Yes… I was 15 stupid and a high school cheerleader. It was Friday morning and our school’s cheerleaders were doing a fund raiser at the mall when approached by most of the crosstown cheerleaders. After several sarcastic nasty words back and forth their cheer squad captain purposed a wager... [more]

Friend's daughter

So I was going out to this nightclub, and I usually don't go because I feel like I can't drink like I used to. I was standing in line when I looked over and seen this girl she was pretty hot probably 5'1 curvy, she had on a mini skirt with flowers all over it. The way the wind was blowing it pushed her dress between her asscheeks and you could see... [more]

Sucking my Neighbor Nick...

I was a restless 15-year-old girl with big boobs. My Mom and Dad fought constantly so I ended up hanging out at my neighbor Nick's house 3 houses down. He's older than my Dad, maybe 50-something? Not sure but he has salt & pepper hair. He's really nice to me and he's not a perv or anything. He shares his weed (which is really kickass!!!) and even... [more]

Obsessed with my wife sucking patients at work.

When my wife 25 years old now first cheated on me it was with a 70 year old at a senior home she works at. She is known as the hardest worker around and the boss ladies fight over having her in their hall.
Anyways the old man was flirting and she said everything happened so fast. He grabbed her ass and she froze. He took her not saying not as a... [more]

First time swinging didn’t go well for me

My wife and I were curious to go to an adults only club, a swingers club. We discussed swapping partners beforehand. My wife has only been with me and I with her. She is 21 and I am 22, dated since high school and just got married in June. Anyway, we talked about swinging, we said the other person could go as far as we wanted and that the other... [more]

That about just about does it don't it

Sorry about lately, It's so stupid. I don't know about it all, really. I don't.

Sorry I'm not as smart as you BITCH!!!


My good friend

(First of all forgive if this rhymes a little) My good friend I love her so, of all the times I wanted to take her, of all the times I asked she told me every time "no" I asked her why and she said because "I love you so" . Of all the times she and I were alone she said it didn't cross her mind to even lay down with me only for a little rest and... [more]

Best pantys you sniffed

Well the one day sitting at my step sister house. Her and her friends were going out. I stayed and chilled. Well my sister was to jump in the shower, she ran out to plug her phone in bent over and I seen these lil white lace thongs. She like my bad. I was like yummy. Well she got out of the shower. I can see into her room while she got ready to... [more]

Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Treated Like A Prostitute

To learn about all of the horrible things that have been happening to the Beautiful Doctor Nausheen, read “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal – Parts 1 and 2,” “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Violated Again;” Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Visited A Third Time;” “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Learns To Swallow;” and “Beautiful Dr. Nausheen... [more]

What is your number

We have been married for about two years now and while joking around about fantasies my husband asked what I thought about a threesome. I told him that it would have to be with another woman because more then one man is just to much work for me. He asked me if I had any experience with that and I told him yes I do and he pushed me to go on and... [more]

Helping the homeless or no good deed?

This isn't just for you men us women can have fun also I hope you are aware. My hubby is a do-gooder and he just can't help himself. He went to Lowes a few months back and when he returned he had more than just dirt, grass seed, and fertilizer. He comes home with this dirty grungy stranger he picked up out from holding a sign saying, " will work... [more]

I want to lose my virginity

So my parents were going out of town on a cruise and they sent a friend of the family to come check on me, my mom called me and told me he was on his way. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to lose my virginity, so I got completely naked and put on a towel and made it look like I was just walking out of the shower, I hear him open the... [more]

Blow job princess

I have always enjoyed giving oral to a guy, not sure why but the sensation of sucking on a penis just gets me very turned on. My mom made me laugh so hard one time because I needed braces and when we were at the office talking with the dentist she told him that it took her forever to get me to stop sucking on my thumb. I just sat there thinking... [more]

The Flashback

I have always been a naughty girl and done things that would probably make most people cringe. Like one time I was sixteen years old. Just started driving and I had a call from this guy I knew named Jeff. He told me that he just broke up with his girlfriend and asked me out. I figured ok and I went and picked him up. I was driving my dad's 76 Ford... [more]

Older men

My entire life I have been attracted to and had private relationships with older men. Considerably older men. I have dated and eventually married a man who is my age , but I choose to be sexually involved with older men behind his back. When I was underage I learned that private sexual relationships were very satisfying and educational. I have... [more]

I would like to make oral love to a woman

I am 35 years old and ever since I have been having thoughts about being alone with a woman I have been having the thought that I would like to not go down on her but suck her tits and lick her bush,if she's shaved on her pubic area then I would like to still do it I know I am being a very turned on and well, I guess I should say or not say "nasty... [more]

First Time Regret

I have never told the full story of my first time because I was embarrassed for being so naive. It was my freshman year of college and I had made it through high school keeping my virginity intact although I had let guys do everything but have sex with me. A few weeks after the fall semester started a group of us freshman girls were invited to a... [more]

I want a girl to kick me

I am 23, and since I was a teenager, I've desperately wanted to get kicked in the balls by a girl. Fast forward to now, and I still have not got to experience it yet, and I just want to finally find a woman around my age who's up for making it happen, just to finally be able to experience it, even though I'm most likely gonna regret it...

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