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I have always known that my twin daughters were close. My wife and I went to work this morning and she called to see if I had time for lunch. That's when I realized that I forgot my wallet. I drove home and as I went upstairs stairs I could hear stupid loud music from the twin's room. I was just about to push the door open when I looked in ( door... [more]

My parents found out I'm having sex

I kind of act all sweet and innocent, so I can kind of see why my parents thought I was a virgin. It would be one thing if I had a boyfriend but how they found out wasn't very good. I went to a party with my friends and there was a lot of people from school there, my friend thought she was helping me out by leaving me there without a ride home... [more]

I want a lady who will do this with me

I want to find a woman who will indulge this fantasy, someone who would enjoy doing this with me.
I am not transgender, and I'm not really a sissy. I don't want to be a slave, and I don't want a boyfriend. But the idea of getting dolled up as a sexy girl turns me on. I like the humiliation aspect of women seeing me like this, "catching" me... [more]

I love this relationship

A few days ago, I started an incestuous relationship with my mother. We always had a special relationship before that: she raised me alone since she was young, and she was always carefree, liberal, and open minded. She always taught me to see the human body (both male and female) and sex as natural things. I remember seeing her naked body since I... [more]

Sex with a man at age 9 and liked it.

When I was 9 years old, a neighbor man named Mike (Mike was about 55 years old I think) asked me if I wanted to go swimming in his pool. It was a hot summer day so I told him I had to ask my mom. Mike was a friend of my parents. My mom said yes. I changed into a pair of OP shorts. When I walked into Mike’s back yard he was standing there in a pair... [more]

Wanted to go black, but i've come back

I've worked with an good looking very dark-skinned black woman who is now in her mid 30s for about 10 years now. We work at a pretty large place, and for a long time, i would just see her once in a while. Then a few years back, i started seeing her everyday (as is the case now) and realized that she was pretty hot and that i wanted to fuck her... [more]

My wife wanted this

I am a card player, hobby but I enjoy the game. We were living in Florida temporarily trying to find a great investment/retirement house. I found a few guys to play some cards with but had not hosted myself since the house we were renting was not that big and not well equipped for entertaining.
My wife asked me how the guys were that I was... [more]

Son has been fucking fruit

My son is really bad at cleaning his room, and last week I had enough of it, so I went and did it myself. As I was throwing away piles of paper and crap from his desk, I came across some somewhat moldy oranges. They were unpeeled at the top, and had what looked like holes drilled into them, though they were uneaten. I was dumbfounded, like WTF is... [more]


As a lesbian, she considered herself just one of the guys. She never thought they saw her sexually and thought she was free from their escapades with other, dumber girls. She even played along, bragging about how she could bang more girls than they could without trying. She lived alone and rarely kept a girlfriend for long.
One night they... [more]

Campground shower

I've never told anyone this before, but there are a lot of embarrassing posts on here, so I figured what the hell. When I was younger we used to go camping a lot. We were at this smaller campground, with a lake and a nice beach, so I spent most of Saturday laying on the beach or swimming, then we had a big campfire at night. I was tired to I went... [more]

I fucked a dead girl

So, it might sound kind of sick, but at the time, it seemed pretty okay. I had met this really hot chick at a club that night. We had both taken some ectasy and were tearing up the dance floor all night long.
About 12:30 in the morning, she started acting kind of antsy, and said she was getting bored and really horny and asked me if I... [more]

My nipples

My nipples are super sensitive, the biggest erogenous zone that I have is the two of them. My husband knows this of course and will spend half an hour just teasing them to get me going, I get completely soaked just from about ten minutes of stimulation to them. They will tingle for an hour afterwards and quite often even with a good bra I end up... [more]

My wifes past

We have been married for 32 years and I had no idea about a part of her life before we got together. We are in our fifties now and still have a very active sex life which includes role playing, bondage and plenty of toys. We got together shortly after she graduated college and married about a year and half later. She had told me about a few... [more]

Cheated on girlfriend with prostitute

So after 10 months together my girlfriend kind of checked out sexually I would say it was a slow pull away, but she claims she has yeast infections every week or two now.
But we went from having sex daily to three times a week to once every two weeks. I get extremely violent and crazy if I don’t have sex literally getting arrested and stuff. So I... [more]

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