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Adult Motel..

One night we made a last minute decision to go to a nascar race in Charlotte N.C. which was about a 3 hour drive for us. When we got there we found there were no rooms to be found. We ended up getting lost and ended up in a kind of rough part of the downtown area. But did finally see a motel that the sign said vacancy. At that point we didn't care... [more]

Taken by her dog

I was wearing my older step-sisters thong panties, and nightgown. I had bent down to get a hidden magazine for visuals to jack off to when her dog mounted me and grabbed me tightly and wouldn't let go. On all fours wearing her pretty things, I didn't try to cry for help, because I was a guy and not supposed to be wearing her clothes, but I loved... [more]

Co-worker asked for help

She wanted help setting up her security cams that she bought without realizing how involved they would be to hook up. She wanted to be able to monitor it online as well. When we finished up that day her package had ten cams total and everything was going great. I went home and started thinking about it, I set everything up for her and the pervert... [more]

Cuckold busted!

We have always been a very open family and encouraged our kids to have open discussions with each other and with us. My wife and I were in a cuckold relationship prior to having kids so they grew up knowing their mom was going out with "friends" while dad stayed home with them. As our kids got older (teens) they realized their mom was actually... [more]

Just too hooked

I have an older sister, and we've been sexually involved with each other for a couple of years now. She's way older than me, but it doesn't matter, actually I feel it's part of the charm and what made our attraction possible in the first place. I'm 24, she's 37. Instead of just a sibling, I always saw her as a woman, she was turning into one while... [more]

My friends Mom

When I was high school age my friends mom would show me her breasts and rear end, she would do it when she knew it was just the two of us and most of the time it was while she was in the kitchen. My friend would run upstairs to his room to get something and she would just lift her shirt or pull down the back of her bottoms. Sometimes she would... [more]

He wanted me to wear it.

My husband and I once a year would go visit his parents in South Carolina. My in laws are great and we have a lot of fun while we're there, they have a pool in the back, and one of the fairways to the golf course beyond that.
My in laws are down there for a few months in the winter, then head north for the rest of the year. Last year in October... [more]

I am attracted to my mother

It all started when i was around 7 years old, i had a dream with a beautiful women in it. at the time i didn't know who it was but she wore a really tight racing swimsuit and she always looked like she had just gotten out of the water. what we did in the dream I cant remember something about us being secret agents and beating the bad guy, you... [more]

It's true

Confession #1:
I've realized that pretty much all gay guys are submissive. Which is difficult in the dating universe, because I am submissive too. I've only come across two or three REAL dominant guys who weren't afraid to push me around the bedroom. It's a little sad.
Confession #2:
It's been a fantasy of mine to be completely dominated by... [more]

You know what? fuck it.

I'm a healthy, horny guy about to turn 50. I'm happily married and straight. We are very happy together but our sex life has been slow for some time due to a medical reason. We've talked about it at length and manage to have a limited sex life, enjoyable when we do, frustrating when not. I'm much more sexual than my wife is, anyway. The story... [more]

Morning erection

My fascination and celebration of my morning errection started when I was about 16 years old. I had these roving morning errections from a very young age and can remember restless early morning experiences even at age 10 or 11. I started masturbating at age 14 which is a story for another time but mostly did so after school. At age 16 a friend... [more]

Short on the cash and prizes

So I met a guy on Zoosk. He is so sweet. He makes me laugh and he treats me like a queen. I really like him. Today we finally had sex. I realized that he has micro penis. I don't want to break up with him over that because that would be really shallow, but I want to enjoy sex with him......what do I do?

I've been married 31 years but sucking my best friend off 40 yrs

My life long best friend and I have always been like brothers , almost. we spent the nite at each other's house when we were teenagers we got our first school spankings at the same time smoked cigs and weed togeather for the first time
But when we were in the 6th seemed natural , we were in the gym locker room , everybody else... [more]


I never have been in a threesome . Years ago when i heard that some girls doing sex so much or they took part on threesomes or orgies i called them sluts inside me and i felt disgust or when i was watching porn i felt annoyance when a woman enjoyed the sex and I closed the video . I always felt disgust and uncomfortable with sex . I wanted to... [more]

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