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I want my sister in law so bad!

Here goes my confession. I'm in my mid 40's and have been with my wife for a while now and have been pretty faithful for the most part. I've never really done anything out of the ordinary, until just recently.
My wife's sister moved in with us to try to get herself on her feet because she's had a rough go at life and hasn't really found her... [more]

Dinner for two

We had a great date. Laughed and talked the entire time. Not only was she breath taking beautiful, she had a great personality and was hilarious. So I walk her back her car in the now empty parking garage and open the door for her. When she sat down in her seat, she sat facing me. She grabbed my pants pocket, pulling me close to her and unzipped... [more]

Walk and cum

First day back to work was like first day of school you were a kid. I laid out my outfit the day before, and was almost to excited to sleep in anticipation. I had not worn dress clothes or really any clothes period in almost six month. I put my bra on which sucks, I hate bras. But with the dress I wore my tits looked amazing. Lastly my black... [more]

My first Blowjob and Intercourse experience

I was almost 14, first year at this school, a boy 4 years older than me, took a special interest in me, why?
I had no idea at the time.
All I knew was, he was a kind boy that said he liked me a lot and wanted to show me what sex is all about.
As a boy myself, I had never been with a girl or any boy before, but curiosity was mounting and I felt... [more]


Noooo.. stop that hurts after much complaining and saying no he finally gets in ..... and it was painfull … this was the 5th time we were having sex , after about 20 minutes he was finally all in and i was rubbing my pussy i could feel his balls slamming my ass as he push his cock inside my virgin ass ... when he finally pulled out and... [more]

He came in me

My mother has a substance abuse started as living a so called privilege's life style i was born 2 years later then my father tells me her abuse got worst ..she was arrested 3 times for soliciting for drugs the 4th time she was sentenced to 12 years because i was in the car... my dad was devastated and finally filled for divorce..i... [more]

I want to fuck my grandmother

Wassup everybody!
So basically , i feel attracted to my 70 yearold grandmother, i wanna fuck her, and this aint nothing new.
I remember when i was a kid with like 6 or 7 years old, i use to thought a lot about her tits, they re huge! i always loved tits since i remember, and hers were amazing back then! i remember spying on her taking baths and... [more]

Older women came onto me

The loft hatch was so tiny and the steps not quite tall enough but coming out i realized the customer helping direct my foot back onto the steps had her hands higher up.It was a real struggle half in and half out and being discreetly touched at the same time .My cock was getting harder and she kept asking if i was all right and getting more... [more]

Making my mom mine.

My name is Tom, and after my dad ran off with his secretary, my mom was deeply depressed. I know she didn't feel attractive, which is why other than work, and getting groceries, she mostly stayed at home. Why she would ever think she wasn't attractive is beyond me. She is very attractive to all my friends and . Seeing her partly or completely... [more]

The excitement of watching my wife with other men

Just want to share my desire for watching my wife having sex with other man.
It has been going on for over 15 years.
It started after she had a 6 month long affair with another guy with my permission.
At the time when she told me she had been chatting to this handsome guy 5 years younger than she is, that she meets for lunch breaks at the... [more]

Incest galore

Being a mother of two teenagers ( Jack and Jill ) and a widow i found myself having to deal with my sons masturbation went on for several nights and sometimes during the day.. he would hide himself and do his thing ..till one weekend when Jill went to a sleepover and i worked up the courage to deal with him,, sure enough that Friday... [more]

I love my mom so much....

We've always been close, and growing up she was just a normal mom to me. As I got older I began to realize just how good looking my mom was. None of my friends mom's were good looking enough to want to fuck, but my mom was another story. She has a pretty face and slim body giving her a nice tight ass. Although her tits aren't huge, on her slender... [more]

After years of marriage

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. She is 48 years old. I am 46 years old. Things sure have changed over the years. When we first got together she wouldn't admit that she masturbated. She also didn't own any sex toys. Now, she has a night side table full of them. Some that she uses when we have sex and some that she uses to masturbate... [more]

I am a Mom that was caught.

Okay, I know a lot of you may think I am either a sex writer trying to get you off, or a complete nut (the latter being the truth as you will see). Whatever you may think, I just need to vent.
Let me start with some context: I am a single mother, and had my son Jason at a very young at 14. I lived with my ex boyfriend Todd for years until... [more]

Frat Hazing Surprise

After a long pledge week, i was finally a pledge in a fraternity. One last hurdle was left - The initiation party. All the pledges were told to arrive early and get our clothes and assignment for the party. One by one we were called up and a brother would take each pledge out of the room. My fraternity brother led ,e to a room and handed me a... [more]

First time for everything in college

After a long pledge week, i was finally a pledge in a fraternity. One last hurdle was left - The initiation party. All the pledges were told to arrive early and get our clothes and assignment for the party. One by one we were called up and a brother would take each pledge out of the room. My fraternity brother led ,e to a room and handed me a... [more]

Did Wife's Biker Cousin

My wife would talk to me at times about her female cousin Sue, who was a biker. I couldn't believe my wife's stories. Then one day while my wife was at work a motorbike pulled into the driveway. I realized the driver of the bike was a woman. She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. I opened the door and she introduced herself. I... [more]

Fat Journey (male)

I gotta get this off my chest. The last few months I've been gaining weight on purpose because I've always liked bigger women and always wondered what it's like to be bigger myself. For me it's a hot thought. I've always been fit and thin all my life. It's just how I was built. Or at least so I thought. But then I started calculating my calories... [more]


I would like to say that up and until last November I had only been with one man ( my husband ) . We were highschool sweethearts. Well anyway his career bloomed and we moved to a big house with property , on the property was a mother-in-law house that needed to be remodeled. Last October it was completed and one day he brought home a younger guy... [more]

Cuck gf

Okay up date with my gf wanting cuckold stuff, ive been horny lately and frustrated, the other day my gf was fucking some guy on our bed and she had her face pushed down into the mattress my gf told me we can always fuck once she's done with who ever she's fucking but only once she's done because its rude for the guy shes with, i ignored it and... [more]

My Mom Fucked Me on My Birthday

So I've had a sexual desire to fuck my mom for years, and I was finally able to on my 19th birthday.
So my birthday morning I woke up and realized since my dad was out of town and my brother was still asleep I can get a quick shower and chill in my room naked, after all it was my birthday. I took my shower and admired myself in the mirror... [more]

Real Story I'm Ashamed

So ill admit this whole thing is wrong and I think both me and my cousin need help but its sort of a guilty pleasure for us too. Time frame may be off im just estimating based on memories and chronological order.
Me and my girl cousin who is 2 years younger than me have been close since our parents visited each other a lot. We grew up in a... [more]

Can we both be subs?

I recently realized I enjoy when another female tells me how she’d use my husband sexually. But I also enjoy when another man tells me similar things and degrades me in the same way.
On the flip side, I recently read conversations on my husbands phones of men telling him they wanted to sleep with me and how they would do it if they had the... [more]

Transformed into a Fucktoy

When I was 21 I used to go out with a much older guy than me. He was around 60 but being with a guy old enough to be my grandfather was actually a big turn on for me. The feeling of guidance and protection that being with an older guy gives you is not something I ever found with guys my own age.
It started out the way you might expect, we met... [more]

Father inlaw

This happened only once I. The heat of the moment.
We were all camping on a Friday night.
Our camper was next door to my husbands parents camper.
His mom was a nurse working a 12 hour shift this Friday. We were all setting around a campfire drinking and it was getting late
My husband had driven straight through the night before (he is a truck... [more]

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