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Old guys again

I've met the two old guys again (Jack and Mike). Before meeting them choosing the right clothes was just like getting ready for a date before I got married, this time though was in front of Keith my husband Knowing what was possibly going to happen. I don't know who was more nervous meaning Keith letting me go or me actually dating two older men... [more]

Pregnant but not with my husband

I’m pregnant and it’s not my husband’s.
I (28F) met this 20 yr old on the subway to work over a month ago and he’s been fucking me almost everyday for a month. He’s twice as long and three times as think as my hubby; with an athletic build. I’ve only ever sucked my hubby off twice (wedding night and honeymoon) but I let this boy fuck me in all... [more]

Neighbor is watching

I’ve caught out neighbor watching us through the windows more times than I can count. Caught isn’t even the right word, he doesn’t hide. My husband never sees him. I’ll be sucking his dick and look up and there’s the neighbor in the window, stroking his cock. I don’t stop, though. I like being watched. One night I was blowing my husband on... [more]

MIL Milks Me

A little after my first year of marriage, the wife and I were vacationing at her parent's house in sunny Fl. I was up early, and volunteered to mow the lawn. The other men had gone fishing, and my wife and SIL had gone shopping. That left me there with the MIL. I had finished mowing and was cooling off in the shade of the porch. She brought me a... [more]

She liked it too much

I'm 33, lesbian, and have been married to my partner Kristine for two years. We've talked about having a family, possibly adopting, but we've decided to try pregnancy. She's not into getting pregnant, but I'm actually looking forward to it, so I will carry the baby. I love the idea of starting a family with her.
We looked into using a... [more]

Impregnated a Junior Cheerleader

I was working overseas a few years ago when this happened.
I was the sport coordinator at a small private Catholic school. Doesn't matter where. I love the job cause i always got to watch the teen girls doing their activities.
Anyway, i was asked since i had a spare day coming up to run a trial sex education class. I hadn't done anything... [more]

Pregnant Neighbour

I have this thing for pregnant chicks, I had it all my life, when I was 13Years old the house next door had recently been purchased by a newly wed couple.Well the guy was average looking but rich his wife was hella hot and thicc and she was pregnant too.The minute I saw her I got hard as fuck.I went and snapped photo's of her ass and as many... [more]

I caught my aunt...

My aunt and her husband live on my way to work, so they often invite me over for dinner. They gave me a key eventually, so I drop by every now and then to say hello. He travels a lot, so I only see her most of the time.
One night, I walked in on her fucking some guy who definitely was not her husband, and she freaked out when she noticed me. She... [more]

My sickest fantasy

My sister and i became lovers a few months ago. yes, we know it's taboo. no, we see nothing wrong with it. we're both single, our parents aren't alive any longer, and after failing at marriage twice each, it seemed like a natural fit to hook up with our best friends. it just happened we were each other's best friends.
to avoid pregnancy we only... [more]

My sexy pregnant mom

I'm 18 since late last november, my mom's 39 since last valentine's day, she's also 5 months pregnant, she's having her baby in early september 2018. It was on her valentine's day birthday she told me she was pregnant. My dick got sooo hard big time, especially since she didnt look pregnant at all, she was in her excersize bra, and tight ass short... [more]

Help with having mixed raced children ???? in the UK ????

I am a very well hung man with a BBC. I live somewhere nice in England ?????????????? in the UK ????.
I am married and I don’t have any child yet after 10 years of marriage. My wife promised me 5 children before we got married. She already had a son from her previous relationship. I am a very hardworking black man. I am super fit, nice butts... [more]

Married women/girlfriends

Any married women or girlfriends that want to get pregnant or had done this whith other guys or multimple men and their husband or boyfriend dont know about this ?

Swimming baths

After our time at Barmouth and the first time at the nudist beach we found out that a local swimming pool does nudist swimming on a Sunday afternoon once a month when they are closed. We both decided to give it a try. Watching my wife stripping off in the changing rooms but not putting a swimming costume knowing other people are going to see her... [more]

Abusive boyfriend

When I was younger I got with a guy who was super sweet at first until we got together. Then things turned around and he got abusive and manipulative. Would tell me how my parents were controlling and didn't want me to be with him. Really got into my head about how everyone was fake and only he loved me.
At seventeen he got me to move out of... [more]

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