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My Pink Climb In Balloon Fantasy

I Want To Dream That: I stretch into baby pink fleece adult diapers and footed pajamas, with the pajama sleeves having sewn on fleece mittens, and the pajama collar having a sewn on stretchy fleece facial hood, and an unlocked lock, at my neck which will, once locked, seal and encase me completely within stretchy pink Heavenly soft fleeciness... [more]

Sexy wife swapping

When I dated my wife we were very sexually active and did a lot of crazy things. We were into swinging and orgy parties. She even fucked three of my friend while I watched. One in her vag, one in her ass, and one in her mouth. I also watched her bring home a complete stranger and have her way with him in front of me. Of course she watched me fuck... [more]

My own son's whore

The first time I let my son take me, he was 15. He was angry at me for sleeping around, so he subdued me one day, hit me, and told me he'd teach me to be a whore if that's what I wanted. He was already taller and stronger than me, so I didn't even fight much. There was no going back after that, so he started to do it more and more often. The truth... [more]

Pregnant sister

I met my older half sister only two years ago. I am my father's illegitimate son, and he confessed we were his "other" family. His confession pretty much destroyed both families, but through it all, my half sister and I met and got along really well instantly.
So well that I actually developed a crush on her. She's beautiful, unmarried, funny and... [more]


When I was a sophomore in highschool there was this girl who wasn't very well liked. She always had on baggy ass clothes and never talked to anyone. Even nerds wouldn't talk to her. So anyway one day this woman came over to the house to see my mom. Evidently they worked together and she brings her daughter over, It's this same girl. My mom says... [more]

My child or what?

My stepdaughter has just given birth to a daughter. She is gorgeous, like her mum and gran. I however think she has a lot of me in her? My reason for this is that one day not long back. Both my stepdaughter katherine and her partner were visiting us. I was left alone chatting with her and as per talk got around to pregnancy, partner concerns etc... [more]

Sister and cousin

My 14 year old sister my 16 year old female cousin and my 13 year old Male cousin were playing spin the bottle. i am a 23 year old Male. i bought 4 cases of bud light platinum and i added a twist to the game which is truth or dare. any way as a result i was able to fuck my 16 year old cousin witch i wanted to do since she was 7 and i was 15. her... [more]


I am at a age (42yo m) where being divorced with no kids kind of sucks. I still love physical intimacy and sex. As time has gone on since my separation and now being single I've never had such a urge to have wild, raw, risky sex Like the whole idea of getting her pregnant and having a baby turns me on. Problem is younger women want a fit... [more]

My wife's nudism is driving me crazy!

My wife and I are both in our mid-50s and have been married over 30 years. We did not engage in pre-marital sex so it wasn't until our wedding night that I discovered she wasn't really interested in sex--e.g., she recoiled the first time I went down on her, so I stopped doing that immediately (even though I thoroughly enjoy it). She did allow me... [more]

My husband wants me to cheat on him

I'm 32 yr old female, fairly pretty, little bit chunky, but not bad overall. I've been married to my husband for 8 years, we have one child.
Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with prostate and testicle cancer, and had to have everything removed.
Well out of the blue the other day he tells my he would like more children. Well being... [more]

In love with my aunt

Just that. I'm in love with my aunt. We're both in love, actually. We've been a couple for two years, I'm currently 25 and she's 49. We always had a peculiar relationship. She was the cool, single, open-minded aunt with whom I smoked pot and talked art, politics, and sex and pretty much everything. I got along with her as if she was another cool... [more]

One of my weird little fetishes

So I'm not sure how many people are like this too but here it goes. I have a bit of a fetish for high risk of pregnancy sex. Not sure of the reason, it's not like I really want to get pregnant but I guess that adds to the excitement. But, I also like being tied up and feeling completely helpless while it's happening.

Her one nighter

My wife Linda used to fly frequently to Chicago to teach a few classes a week then fly right back. Her class usually consisted of 18-25 year males. We had been married a little over 15 years. I noticed how guys were always checking her out. Some would go as far a flirting even if I was somewhere close by. She couldn’t help it, she is very... [more]

My cousin

At the time my cousin was 7 and i was 15 and she and her brother stayed at my parents house for a week. so i went in to my little sister's room where they were sleeping and i took off her t shirt and underwear which is all my cousin was wearing and i stuck my tough in her mouth and licked the inside of her mouth. i than licked the inside of her... [more]

Punish my husband

My husband is an asshole and very racist. When I try to talk to him like an adult me gets pissed off and tells me to shut the fuck up if I don't sometimes he punches me.
I want revenge which may sound petty. I think the best way to get back at my husband would be to get fucked by a black man with a BBC. I want to have foreplay and rough hard... [more]

A Birth In Reverse, Inside A Giant Baby Pink Fleece Vagina

I Have Always had a sexual fantasy, of Experiencing A Birth In Reverse, inside a giant baby pink fleece vagina! I Would Be Such A Good Baby, That Mother Vagina, Would Want To Remain Pregnant With Me FOREVER! The details of this Birth In Reverse, Can Be Left To Ones Imagination! “Birth Baby”!

Sex with Sis

It started when I was 10 and my Sister was 16. We only had A/C in our living room in our house growing up, so in the evenings after school we would usually have a snack and watch tv in the living room.One day I noticed her rubbing herself through her shorts. She noticed me watching and covered herself with a throw, but I could still see her hand... [more]

I was desperate and needed money

When I was in college I was piss broke. I was bad with my money, addicted to pills and I needed to pay rent or be evicted. I was so desperate but I wouldn't ask for help because I didn't want people to know. I used a friends laptop. Filled out job apps, put ads on craiglist that I would do anything for some quick cash.
Well I got a hit... [more]

My young wife

Mary Lu is my best friends younger sister and I am 5 years older than she is. We grew up all three of us best of friends going places together and in jr high I kind of thought she was a pest a scrawny little girl but she was able to keep up with us and she was fun.
I was a senior when she started to fill out and I couldn't believe my eyes she... [more]

I convinced wife now she’s hooked

I’m 52 and my wife is 45. It was me that brought up sharing. It took about a year before I finally noticed her starting to flirt with younger guys. This turned me on to finally catch on. We would go out and the more she drank the more daring she would get. She finally invited a young handsome tall male to join us back at our hotel one night in San... [more]

Gangbang..who is the daddy?

I am 24 and married fo 2 years. Recently (the last 8 months or so)my gusband and I started swinging with his step bother and wife.We have also has a group ogy involving 5 other men (all unprotected). I just found out Im pregnant and I hvae no idea who te father is. I told the other women and she said that I should just keep my mouth shut and say... [more]

Mikes best man James.

As Mike and made plans for our wedding he told me then that he wanted a friend of his Jim to be his best man but he had to fly Out from Kansas.
We picked him up at the airport the night before our wedding and I was so excited about the next day I barely noticen him other than to shake his hand as we were introduced.
He would stay with us for... [more]

It's stuck in my pussy

Well this is really embarrassing, about 3 years ago I work at an auto service center. I was the only girl with 8 males that work there. In the summer time when it's hot out, these sweaty, muscle bound, tank top wearing, hunks of man hood, make me so hot and horny. Most of the time I couldn't wait till I got home to masterbate. Well I figured out... [more]

I'm fulfilled

At the age of 40, I can happily say I have everything I'd ever want in my life. Yet it is because of a secret most people don't know and wouldn't understand.
I'm in a polygamous "marriage" with the two men of my life. The first one is my "real", official husband, a loving man slightly older than me. My second "husband" is my little brother.
Only... [more]

I let them

I can’t stop. I fuck strangers and let them cum in me. Then I masturbate and hope I get pregnant. What’s wrong with me?

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