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My fetish for seducing of wives for wannabe cuckold husbands

This confession started as a comment on another's confession. On sending it, I concluded this should have it's own thread. I believe this one can be in categorized in either fetish or cheating as I'm married and so are the others involved.
I lost my virginity to a married woman. I soon found I love being with married women. When I entered the... [more]

Separated & Careless

My fetish is a horrible one. I love and I mean I enffing love to get married women over 40 years old pregnant. And what I mean is. I Cruise dating sites (free one’s). To find and meet a 40 something woman that is separated and working on getting a divorce. I have had some luck with cheaters. But a woman that is getting out of a 10 to 20 year... [more]


I have my camper parked in my backyard. I sometimes sunbath nude behind it. I'm sort of a nudist and take my camper to the nudist resort. I never knew I was looked on by the neighbor. She's a young BBW working as a secretary at a car dealership.
It was a beautiful warm sunny Sunday. I put a six pack in the camper and set up the lounge chair... [more]

It's OK

I live in a mostly black area. There I met Kiesha an ebony clerk at the work place. We got involved in a relationship and moved in with each other. She introduced me to her mother and her mother jokingly said, "I hope he's a BWC!" Kiesha laughed and said, "That's why we live with each other." I got Kiesha pregnant and her mother wasn't too... [more]


I can't stop jerking off to my pregnant sister in law. I think about her all the time. I jerk it to hot pictures of her in bikinis she puts online. I imagine she's a demon in bed. I just want to fuck her and fill her pussy with my cum.

Wedding Night

My wife and I had lived together for two years before we got married. My wife wanted to do something different on our wedding night instead of the husband fucking the wife as we had fucked hundreds of times already. I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me how about you get all of the guys in the wedding party to meet us in the wedding... [more]

Saving Marriage

After years of marriage I got open-minded. My husband loves me dearly even though I gotten to be a BBW after being pregnant several times. The kids gotten grown and left us giving us more free time. My breast gotten big and saggy and I added a 100lbs. on my body but my husband doesn't mind. We had friends that did wife swapping but I refused when... [more]

Being naughty

Nooo Mr Vee ,,, i shouldn't be doing this i tell him.. yes you are Mrs H sit on the couch and do it i' m not comfortable with this Mr Vee.... i sat on the couch spread my legs and start to rub my pussy over my panties cover my face with my other hand in embarrassment i start get my juices flowing and get up and pull my panties off my... [more]

My sexual disires

I’m from a small border town, my parents were poor and divorced when I was young my mom raised me and my brother at my grandparents house, I was close to my dad, but my mom didn’t care she was done with him, this is where it all started, I guess I was in search of male in my life, so in high school I found a way to sneak around with guys to have... [more]

I keep cheating with prostitutes

I have been quite bad over the last decade or so. I am married and love my wife but I am addicted to kinky and taboo sex.
I have slept with more prostitutes than I can remember via the Adultwork website. There are so many women available you are spolit for choice and the prices are really good....good enough for me to make a habit out of... [more]

Is this wrong?

I am a 28 year old lady who is 7 months pregnant and my husband doesn’t want to fuck me
I have such a high sex drive at the moment and despite getting me into this state, he doesn’t want to help! The nearest I get to sex is him cumming in my mouth whilst I play with myself although the other day I even used his electric toothbrush to get off... [more]


I always heard rumors and stories but I must say though black men are pretty potent and got extremely strong sperm no matter what age they are. I would defiantly recommend a black man to any girl looking to have a baby. I was dating a white guy for years, and my dad really liked the guy i was dating but my dad also disliked anyone who was not... [more]

12 yo whore daughter

My daughter is 12 years old and absolutely the nastiest whore I have ever met. I have caught her over 100 times sending nudes via all social media platforms. She has profiles on stranger fuck sights and uses them. She is feeding the Pedophiles Community of our whole town. We have even found her two towns away. She has thought she was pregnant... [more]

Is something wrong with me

First of all I married my wife very young. She was still a teenager. I was in my 20s .I was the first guy that fucked her. She was about 23 when she cheated on me. I got mad as hell. We fought for about a month then she told me to move out. I did and got my own place. She moved him into are home. But she would come to me and fuck me all the time... [more]

Doing His Ugly Milf Mom

It only seems natural for me to bang older women. If my friend Mike ever found out his mother cheats on his dad by pleasing me, he would freak out! I enjoy getting off a lot. I don't like to brag, but most women I have been with are happy with what I have. I'm a heavy cummer and can shoot several loads quickly.
Mike's mom is kind of... [more]


My boyfriend joined the military after high school... i was devastated .. i am a single child and my parents used to go out on weekends to do their thing.. i started going to my boyfriends house to hang around with his family ( they were only a few houses down from us) then one day his brother was working on his car and wanted to test it out... [more]

I enjoy sex with my dog

I'm Tammy a 24 year old female and I enjoy having a very involved sexual relationship with my German Sheppard. I've been taking the knott for over two years now and it's the most erotic and pleasing sex I've ever experienced. so much so I have no longer any use for a man. it's so fulfilling and erotic if a dog could get a woman pregnant we'd have... [more]

My wife's affair turns me on

I found out that my wife has been having a sexual affair with the neighborhood boy down the street from us, and it makes me super hot and horny! He is a high school boy in his teens, and always seemed to hang out at our house a lot. Now I know why! She has been milking this boys cock every day for months! It makes me rock hard to think of her... [more]

Daddy's cock my body

My Daddy's cock in my mouth, ass or pushy is so incredible a feeling I want him in me 24/7. We didn't start until five years ago when I was 19. WTF why did I wait! I should have started when I first wanted him at 14.
I was with 17 guys before Daddy, they were nothing compared to him. He treats me like gold, and always wants me and makes me cum... [more]


Being a mother of a daughter is never easy I'm 36 and professionally employed and divorced ... my daughter has been dating her high school so called friend for a few months he's a nice boy with a good family.. one day i wanted to replace my kitchen chandelier and i asked him to help when he got up on the ladder i could see up his shorts and... [more]

I convinced my wife

I convinced my wife to have sex with other men. I also told her to have unprotected sex with them while she is fertile since I want her to get pregnant by someone else. I will be so turned on seeing her large belly full of another man's child.

Female Ejaculation..

This is how my pussy squirts, and if I am peeing all over why the fuck do you Care???
What is female ejaculation?
Female ejaculation is when a female’s urethra expels fluid during sex. It can happen when a female becomes sexually aroused, but there is not necessarily an association with having an orgasm.
Scientists do not fully understand... [more]

Secret session with SIL

So, this just happened 2 weekends ago! My wife and I was visiting the in-laws and her sisters organized a get together dinner. We arrived half an hour earlier because my wife wanted to help with the preparations but when we arrived, her younger sister “K” arrived much earlier than us and had already started on the drinks.
As my wife helped in... [more]

Wife's Toy

Looking in my wife's panty drawer found a large 8 " black dildo when asked about it she her friend gave it to her as a joke but has used it a few times when I worked late . I'm 55 wife 46 two grown kids . Sex wise wife little prudish but the new toy has turned that around .While having sex she would fantasize about a black man it was kind of a... [more]

Helped our relationship

Earlier this year my wife and i started having issues. We been together since we were both 21 were are both 32 now. We have a 8 year old daughter and 2 year old son.
Earlier this year we started having alot of issues and fighting alot. Couldnt agree on decisions together.
Well she started hanging out at her friends house where she threw get... [more]

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