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Zoom and Cum

FIve months later and I’m still working from home. I’m super grateful to have a job. And I admit my missing of being back in the office is selfish. But since I’ve been home I’ve been able to explore and cultivate my sexual desires. Adding a little bit of risk in my daily pleasure has given me such a reward. Every morning at 10:00, I sit on out... [more]

Playing House with Alicia

So most people get eaten out I am gonna ball park maybe 13? For girls ? But for me I was about 7 years old. And I was licked to completion by a very bad and probably sexually abused 9 year old girl.
But you wanna know what happened.
So me and let's call her Alicia.
Met durring man hunt. Me and the 3 houses next to mine all had kids living... [more]

Woman in my thirties and yes, I love sex

My husband was really surprised that on our second date I invited back to my place and we talked for a while, had some tea, I found out he was not a fan of it. So after a few hours of just getting to know each other some more I just moved over on top of him and started kissing him. He passed the first test because he was and is a great kisser and... [more]

My Naughty Cousin Karen

Karen was 17 and I was about 10 , we both lived in an apartment building on the second floor , next to each other . She was gorgeous and always smelled delicious , her body was super hot and she knew it . When ever our parents weren't around Karen would wear a short robe or bath towel and hang out by the railing in the hall and give her friends a... [more]

Helping My Mom And Myself

I was sitting in my room watching porn on my computer. My mother was in the living room watching television, so I had to keep the volume kind of low. Even though I know it's not real, I have a thing for mother/son incest porn. This is probably started because I have always had an infatuation with breasts.
As a kid I would look through the bra... [more]

Caught my guy roommate with my panties

I’ve lived with my male roommate for three years and known him for seven years. I’m that time there has never been an oops or anything, especially since we’ve lived together. However, before COVID something did happen. He worked from home pre COVID, and I usually work until around five. But this one day I needed to run home and grab a document... [more]

Not in my wildest imagination did I think I would walk in on this

My wife is a twin and they both still looked really alike into their thirties, my wife has slightly larger hips and boobs but she had a little more body fat than her sister. They have always been close and my wife never wanted to move away from her family so one day I was at work and just felt like taking the rest of the day off, this was back... [more]

‘Turned out’ via Pegging

A open-minded guy here, 59 years young; straight in the past, until that is, I am now ‘turned out’ by my curvy (Gorgeous large breasts), very-hot, complete-package, late forties GF. We’ll call her Tina... She’s 5 foot 8, nicely-curvy, with a large ass and a laser-smooth and ever moist pussy. Her hair is shoulder-length, mostly-blond - streaked... [more]

View from the closet

Not too many weeks after some back deck action with a friend and my wife she and I discussed whether he had any continued desire or interest in her so we planned (schemed actually) a little test to get a read on the situation.
Next time he dropped by ostensibly to visit with us I parked my vehicle several blocks away and the story was I was out... [more]

Things can happen and sometimes they do...

I have temporarily moved home with my mom. Basically to help with expenses and keeping the place up. My dad had moved out, only to move in with his secretary.
My mom was like a TV mom, not gorgeous, but someone you always thought was attractive. She has a great body by my standards, very similar to Jennifer Aniston's today. Still mostly firm... [more]

My Balcony Story

I am a 15 year old boy, and one night I was standing in my balcony and suddenly thought of masturbating there then I became naked I closed my eyes and started jerking off after 10 mins I opened my eyes and saw my neighbor girl and another neighbor milf was watching me they both recorded the video I saw everything but I ignored that after more 15... [more]

Showed my wife nude to friends

My wife is a small petite woman and very hott. She is very prudish but occasionally allows me to take photos of her nude for my pleasure. One night during sex I told her I was going to show her photos to my friends. She said okay. I knew she thought it was just dirty talk and that she was just playing along. I had friends over and during half... [more]

Can’t forget first cock

I had a layover in Dubai for a night and stayed close to the airport as it was convenient. Always have a drink at the hotel bar to relax after a long flight and got talking to a guy who was around 20 years older. Had a couple of drinks and chatted about stuff, he invited me for one from his mini bar and I was happy to have a night cap. I genuinely... [more]

I want to fuck my grandmother

Wassup everybody!
So basically , i feel attracted to my 70 yearold grandmother, i wanna fuck her, and this aint nothing new.
I remember when i was a kid with like 6 or 7 years old, i use to thought a lot about her tits, they re huge! i always loved tits since i remember, and hers were amazing back then! i remember spying on her taking baths and... [more]

Making my mom mine.

My name is Tom, and after my dad ran off with his secretary, my mom was deeply depressed. I know she didn't feel attractive, which is why other than work, and getting groceries, she mostly stayed at home. Why she would ever think she wasn't attractive is beyond me. She is very attractive to all my friends and . Seeing her partly or completely... [more]

Mom had to try my big cock

I went through puberty earlier then most boys.
I already had hair growing thickly on my balls and a 10 3/4” cock at only being eight years old.
A family curse as both my grandfathers are extremely well endowed and so is my father.
So by age 18 my penis soft hung a little over 8” inches long, But erect without pulling on it my dick is 12... [more]

The excitement of watching my wife with other men

Just want to share my desire for watching my wife having sex with other man.
It has been going on for over 15 years.
It started after she had a 6 month long affair with another guy with my permission.
At the time when she told me she had been chatting to this handsome guy 5 years younger than she is, that she meets for lunch breaks at the... [more]

Want To Satisfy My Seven Year Itch

I guess I'm tired of married life. I'm raising two kids and my husband doesn't try to be frisky to me. Granted, I put on some weight, but I'm a woman in my mid 40's that craves attention and Paul, friend of the family seems interested in my body. He's dating my husband's aunt. She's half the size that I am. Granted I have big saggy breasts and... [more]

I know he is using my panties

My name is Susan. I am a 55 year old single mom. I live with my son who is 23 . For some time now I noticed that he must have been in my panty draw. ( somehow this turned me on ) The other day as I was cleaning I found a green pair of bikinis under his pillow. Yes they were mine. This turned me on to no end . I laid down on his bed and started to... [more]

I want to be a sissy

I want to be a sissy. I want to be forced into feminization and go down a path I can never come back from. I want to be free from any form of body hair, I want my tiny clitty to be locked in cage never to see the light of day again, I want to have my nails painted 24/7, I want to learn how to do my makeup and wear it every day. I want to grow my... [more]

Can Heavenly Soft Pink Fleece Seduce A Man

Can a homemade heavenly soft, airtight pink fleece bag cause sexual arousal, if it’s constitutes an inner liner, with a body length plastic bag stretched over it, and is sealed shut, where the exit end of the c Pap hose exits the bag, and someone wearing an adult pink fleece diaper and pink fleece footed pajamas crawls inside, and using the c Pap... [more]

Sex education 2

Once we got to the seaside it was the best day of my life - me and mom ,sharing a room and getting to see her all the time wearing this white low cut bikini from the 80's all the time. It was a dream come true. Also, she was a different person there - relaxed, a lot more funny, open...I guess al the stress and chores from home were keeping her a... [more]

Mom's Helper

When I was 15 my parents got divorced. Within a year my mom was out of control going out, drinking etc. One night she came home drunk with a guy and ended up kicking him out after a fight. I put her to bed and she asked if I would just stay with her until she fell asleep. She was drunk and most likely high so I wanted to be nice and said I would... [more]

Addicted to be licked

I'm 24 now but I'll start with the wkd I was 16 when it all started I had my kitty licked by my best friends dad and a few of his friends while their wives or daughters were just out on the back patio, I half nakedly stumbled upon their poker game in the rec room I didn't even realize they were there when I went in and laid on the couch with only... [more]

My Summer Living With My 24/7 Naked Submissive

I had a submissive live with me for 3 1/2 months. SHE WAS COMPLETELY NAKED THE ENTIRE TIME.
When I (m) was 24, I had a relationship with a 36 year old (f). She was very pretty and thin with reddish hair.
Looking back, I didn't realize how lucky and blessed I was to have had that summer.
However, she was a mess when I met her. She lived... [more]

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