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My nude pics online

A few years back I used to share my nude pics while chatting online. It was fun at the time and while it was risky, I didn’t think too much of it or if I would regret it in the future. I stopped all that a long time ago but recently I found out that my pictures have spread and have been posted on numerous web sites and seem to still be going... [more]

Pussies and Guns

I want to get fucked with a pistol. Preferably against my will while being humiliated and assaulted. I want to feel threatened knowing that a man could kill me while practically raping me, by shooting a bullet through my pussy. I think I would enjoy it, and wouldn’t be able to control the pleasure.

Creampie For The wife

Sex with the wife has always been hot, she and I click in bed and Ive never felt so comfortable with another female, and there has been a few!
However, I love it when she cums as I driving into her hot pussy - all while telling her that I want to see her taken by other men. Nothing spurs her on more than me describing her all erotically dressed... [more]

My friends Mom

When I was high school age my friends mom would show me her breasts and rear end, she would do it when she knew it was just the two of us and most of the time it was while she was in the kitchen. My friend would run upstairs to his room to get something and she would just lift her shirt or pull down the back of her bottoms. Sometimes she would... [more]

The adult theater

Sitting in the theater, my pants unbuttoned, unzipped and open. You can see my red panties, and my red garter straps leading to my stockings, as I rub on my cock. A guy sits down a few seats away from me and starts rubbing himself, he quickly pulls a nice semi hard dick out of his pants. I lower the seat next to me and invite him over. ... [more]

Super Bowl party

I am ready for my husbands Super bowl party. I am so excited that I have been playing with myself while preparing the snacks, I am going to have so much sex and I can barely contain myself. Every man coming today is going to get a blow job and hopefully pleasure me as well, last year was so much fun that I woke up this morning just bursting with... [more]

They talked me into a dog for security

Some friends of mine talked me into getting a dog for security at my house claiming that a barking dog will warn off strangers. When I got him he was almost a year old and full of energy. One night I was laying on my bed, not unusual and I had a night shirt on that covered me up down to my knees or so. I was reading a book at the time when he... [more]

Deserved or undeserved

We visit once a year with my sister for the holidays. We either go to their place or they come over. We live quite apart so we spend a week or two together. Our husbands get along very well, which makes it easier. I get along with her husband too and she with mine so I spend as much time with her as with her husband and viceversa. One day she went... [more]

Wife holds the key

I am 30 years old married. My wife(referred monica in this post) is 25 years old, a gem of beauty. With tight cute boobs and a curvy figure. Its been 1 year since we got married and each day monica has been wearing either mini skirts or bikinis in home whole day just to keep seducing and turn me on. She has very high sex drive and needs sex twice... [more]

I love to have sex with strangers

I am a normal everyday woman, no one would probably look at me twice in passing. I have no real outstanding features, I do not dress sexy in public or at work and I actually never really date that much anymore.
What I do is post and answer ads for sex. I have been treated like a queen on every date, I have been so pleasured beyond any lover from... [more]

MILF paid me and then some

I completed a bunch of repairs for this woman who looked to be in her early 30's with a couple of kids. I was concerned about being paid but when she was able to pay for all the materials up front I was not to concerned. I finish up the job and sure enough her check bounced. Some back and forth about sorry my account was lower than I thought and I... [more]

Delivery drivers #4 part 2

I had ordered my second delivery for the day but sat there trying go think of a way to make it more erotic. The only thing I came up with was putting on some lingerie, I headed upstairs and found a nice body suit that I had not worn in a few years. It is white and I always loved the way it pushed my breasts together and gave me a lot of cleavage... [more]

You know what? fuck it.

I'm a healthy, horny guy about to turn 50. I'm happily married and straight. We are very happy together but our sex life has been slow for some time due to a medical reason. We've talked about it at length and manage to have a limited sex life, enjoyable when we do, frustrating when not. I'm much more sexual than my wife is, anyway. The story... [more]

I needed pleasure and I wanted it badly

I had just completed my Phd, spent a few years essentially eating, sleeping and working on finishing it. I was single at the time, living in a campus apartment and was probably asked out but I just did not ever date. I had no time for it.
I was standing in that very apartment contemplating my next move now that I was done with my studies and it... [more]

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