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Well I had broken up with my wife a year half ago as accused me of cheating on her but I was not and separated since then and starting divorce we do text each other now and then and she confessed she got some while working on the night shift but she does not enjoy like when with me and was asking me if could meet see if can sort things out but I... [more]

Cumslut Wife

A 35 year old fit mother of 1, she could easily pass for a woman in her late 20s. Blonde and bubbly with perfect 34D breasts, she has always gotten plenty of attention. Together now for 3 years, it's obvious a girl like her (aspiring model turned yoga instructor) had hooked up with plenty of guys over the years. But I think most people would be... [more]

The girl moans and gets into it

In the middle of the night I was awoken to load moans of pleasure coming from my son's bedroom. His girlfriend was getting off and I was getting aroused. I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom hoping my wife continued to sleep. I then masturbated that I was the one screwing the young hottie. Now when I see her, I get an instant hardon.

Mom's Have Urges Too - 12

"Andy...oh God.... this is not righttttt," she gasped as she felt the cock head pop into her asshole. His cock felt huge as it stretched her tight nether hole. Yet it had not really hurt.... she felt stretched and full, but there was little pain. After a moment or two she felt Andy pulling her downward again. "Ohhhh," she moaned as several inches... [more]

Once you decide

"The jewelry looks great on you Ma" I said while watching her.
"So should I leave it all on," she teased keeping her chains and undoing her other ornaments.
"Keep some" I suggested.
"What about my saree?" she asked.
I pulled her to me and we kissed hard. I tried to remove her saree and she stopped me.
"Let me darling" she told me... [more]

Parents Fucking

"Oh, fuck yes, Joe! Fuck me!" was accompanied by the sound of the headboard banging against the wall. All Mark could do was lie there. Any chance of sleep at a reasonable hour was long forgotten. At newly 18, he wasn't blind to what his parents were doing. He'd long ago noticed women and their bodies, their sexy curvy bodies. Just the sounds... [more]

Has Ivory Cuckold

I didn't expect her to desire my ivory pal more than me when she got horny. I was convinced by my wife to do a threesome sex swing with my ivory friend. She wanted to do interracial sex and wanted me to take pics of it. We been married for some time and it was time for change in our sexual activity. My wife is a thick BBW and I didn't know if he... [more]

I have no idea how he is so great at sex.

We married young, I was seventeen and he was nineteen. He told me when we started dating about two years before that I was the first girl he ever went all the way with and we did not rush into having sex. The first time we did it all was amazing, I was getting so much pleasure and really felt like he was getting the raw end of the deal. I had no... [more]

My amazing wife

Thirty some years ago after only like two months of dating her she looked at me and told me exactly this, if you will marry me Joe I will give you sex anytime you want it.
I met her in a bar just outside the base, she was a waitress and pretty much was forced to wear a very revealing outfit and put up with drunk soldiers groping her. She was and... [more]

I listen for her moans

Why do I desire my stepdaughter?
I get horny and jack off when I hear pleasure moans coming from my step-daughters room. Sometimes just the purr of her vibrator gets me hard. I want to watch her. I cannot stop thinking how sexy her swollen areolas and budding breast in that sheer nightie she sometimes wears around our home; her mom's house. I... [more]

A Hole In One

She guided me toward the opening of her pussy. She teased the head of my cock around her hole, before nestling it into place.
"Just this once," she murmured and pulled my cock inside her. My every sense was suddenly alert to each minute experience. I could see my mom's expression transform from guilt-ridden shame to unbridled fulfillment. The... [more]

Helping a mate renovate

Sorry a bit long, but enjoy as I did :)
My mate was renovating his bathroom kitchen and building his outdoor deck. He being a tradie, I thought I could learn a thing or two so I offered to help.
I guess he took advantage of the situation and I was doing all the heavy lifting. I'm well built and hit the gym as much as possible so this... [more]

Daddy Knows How

Last month, on Niki's 18th birthday, she'd had sex for the first time in her life. It hadn't hurt like she'd thought it would, but it hadn't been very good either. It was sweaty and uncomfortable and over real quick. She'd imagined what it would be like to be fucked and it was nothing like those things that had had her dripping wet and pumping her... [more]

One off encounter

First of all I am straight guy I need to put that out there I have been married twice divorced once but on one occasion something happened to this day I cannot understand despite having no problem with people of the same sex having relationships having sex getting married and falling in love I have never been that way inclined that way myself... [more]

Secret Tranny Bitch

Everytime i get high on meth or coke, my urge to dress up and transform myself into a fetish bimbo tranny is overwhelming. I just love it and the fact no one knows what I get upto from my normal life, makes it even more fun. Especially seeing Im asian and not something my family would accept. I wonder how much it would kill my dad if he knew Id... [more]

Oraly pleasure a man

I'm a 50 year old man, and I have a burning desire, to suck another mans penis. No attraction to men, just want to feel, how it feel to have a nice thick, big penis, throbbing in my mouth and blasting a hot load down my throat. I love the taste of cum, for I Jack off in my wifes mouth and shares my load with me.

My wife has been amazing thru Covid and me working from home.

I made a make shift office in the basement the first week I was sent home to work from there, I was not thinking this would turn into a year at the time. Over the summer I made some improvements and actually put up walls and made it a more permanent room. My boss is one of those that has to be in contact with his people all the time, we have open... [more]

Wanting Your Mom

For as long as I can remember I have thought my mother who is a high school teacher was pretty. Earlier this year when I turned 18 I came to the realization that I had desires towards my mother.
They ran much deeper than just wanting to make love to her. I wanted to be her lover. I wanted to make her my companion.
Denise my mother, I... [more]

My bf’s dad fucked me better than he ever could

And it started on my boyfriend’s birthday. His parents threw him this incredible house party for his 18th: DJ, bartender, and all. They said they would turn in early to give everyone the freedom to do what they wanted but not even halfway through the night his dad came back down.
My boyfriend was off in the sea of people partying having a great... [more]

My husband is amazing

One of my favorite things to do is get his morning started right. I did it often when we first were married and both working but last year I left my job to stay at home and take care our munchkin and I do not regret it one bit.
We have been blessed with a munchkin that sleeps and is not an early riser so most mornings when his alarm goes off I... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 11

Linda was as surprised as Andy that the words had come from her mouth. But somehow the words didn't seem dirty anymore. Yes, I love my son FUCKING me, she thought. She wondered if she would have loved it as much if were not her son. She guessed not. Andy stood up and grasped his throbbing cock.
"You want my cock? You want your son to fuck... [more]

Turned an innocent wife into a slut very, very, very, slowly.

She was an innocent younger lady when I met her. I was 30 and she was 20. She was VERY hot but her previous boyfriend was an asshole and basically convinced her she was ugly. He was very abusive.
So, once I had my shot at her, I slowly tried to build up her confidence. At first, I asked if I could post anonymous nudes of her online to... [more]

My latest boyfriend

I met a man online who was the best looking guy on the site. He told me I was the best looking woman on the site. We are both 10"s, no lie. I have a body like a Playboy bunny, 32DDD boobs, I do Pilates, weights, and walk everyday. He goes to the gym everyday too. Our faces are gorgeous. We are among the best looking people to walk the planet. Just... [more]

My Hairy Wife

My wife is 59. She is attractive, great legs, good figure and a prim and proper shy English rose. She looks great when dressed up, a summer dress and heels always draws attention.
However, under her clothes and striving to get out of her tight little bikini panties is an extremely hairy cunt.
I met her when she was 17 and after many months of... [more]

Seduced by an old man

I am a happily married mature man in his seventies. About 5 years ago I confessed what I am about to tell you to my long suffering wife.
I was in my early teens, heard plenty about sex at school but never had a single experience.
The local school crossing man was probably in his sixties, a thick moustache and weighing about 17 stone. After... [more]

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