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Sex after smoking a blunt

Came home the other day to my lovely wife sitting on the sofa smoking a blunt. I asked her why she didn't wait for me, all she said was, "just get naked now and sit down next to me and we can cuddle". So I did. How ever, she was still dressed. She handed me the pipe and I took a few puffs off it and it sure was smooth, and didn't take long to feel... [more]

Daughter's Phone Pixxxs

Feel a bit bad admitting to this, but the rush is also something else.
Anyways, my daughter has been giving me some trouble as of late, like most of us did when we were in our early teens. One of our house rules is curfew by 11. She was out too late one night and as a result, had her phone and tablet taken away. I don't check her phone... [more]

A Saw My MILF Neighbor Take It Up The Ass

This total MILF Kalie is our backyard neighbor. She is so sexy and doesn't even know it. I can look out of my kitchen window, through the sliding door on her deck, into her kitchen and living room. It's pretty far away and mostly I can see when her or her husband Mike are in the kitchen/living room. A few times, while I've been in my backyard... [more]

How I became Bi

I was in college and living with four other women in a three bedroom apartment, I shared a room with my freshman year dorm roomie. We had talked about it over the summer and both wanted to get an apartment for more living space.
The two of us were out with some other friends and when the night was getting long we all decided to call a taxi and... [more]

Extreme cock pleasure

I have always played with my cock pretty hard and even told my ex before when she would squeeze as hard as she could stroking me that it is pretty tough. When I was probably in middle school I was going thru my chores list and while vacuuming my room my mom had shown me to remove the hose from the side of it and clean the edges of the carpet right... [more]

It can get hard for a son who has a hot mom

My mom has the body of my dreams with her perfect tits, nice ass, and slim and toned body. She looks much younger than she is, and living together you just get more opportunities to see each other nude, or scantly clad. I love her tis, they're so round and firm, perfectly round dark pink areolas, and nipples that are almost always hard poking out... [more]

Getting head

Several years ago when craigslist still had postings for personals I would post and read ads for sex all the time. Most turned into nothing but the few times I did get lucky made it exciting for me. One year I was not going anywhere for the super bowl, just planned on hanging out at my place.
I was in a bit of a sarcastic mood so I posted an ad... [more]

First time with sex not normal, with dog

Around 14, horny and interested in sex. Crazy thoughts like a girl being tied up and fucked was arousing to me. Dog sex was especially arousing to me, because of them being stuck together somehow. Started wearing my sister's clothes and tying myself up and imagining I was the girl, then would go masturbate. I added my dog one day to the scene and... [more]

I post my nude pics n vids online

After the first time i posted myself nude online, i was hooked. Showing everything makes my masturbation more pleasurable. My horny penis needs it now. I show my face in my posts. Im always searching for more sites to expose myself on. Eventually im sure ill be found out. When that happens ill start using my full name. then anyone searches for me... [more]


I have this dark fantasy that I Jill to quite often where I am jogging along this trail that I often use in the evenings and two men run up behind me and drag me off the path.
I am tied up and a hood is put over my head, I end up in a vehicle and driven off to some house where they cut off all my clothes and I am bound to a bed. I am always tied... [more]

Punish by Strict Mom and Sister for wearing sister panties

I grow up with a very strict Mommy when Mommy wasn't home My older sister was in charge I start getting punish since I was seven years old until I was seventeen my mom and my sister love to have me Naked in the living room sometimes in front of their friends
I was forced to wear sexy girl see true footage Pyjamas with a opening in the rear... [more]

Asian love

A few months when I visited my local pharmacy chemist I was greeted by a very pretty Asian Chinese woman. I immediately took a liking to her as she was warm and friendly over the coming weeks I say her now and again and became really friendly with her name is Ang then one day we met in the post office. I asked her if she would like to go for a... [more]

Cheating With My Neighbor

I couldn’t help but feel my Asian neighbor across the street is so sexy! I’ve never had the opportunity of tasting the pleasure of an Asian woman. You could say it’s been on my bucket list but thought it would never happen. I was wrong. Dreams do come true.

Prologue - How It Started With Her…

We lived across from each other for years. We... [more]

Ex wife caught fucking two best mates

My marriage ended almost 5yrs ago now. 12yrs together, 5 married. The biggest thing is that the cause of it has left me with a bi sexual curiosity. My two mates and I lived together for years until we all met and became serious about our girlfriends.
During our time in the house every different girl my two mates had before the ones they settled... [more]

Ex wife caught fucking two best mates

My marriage ended almost 5yrs ago now. 12yrs together, 5 married. The biggest thing is that the cause of it has left me with a bi sexual curiosity. My two mates and I lived together for years until we all met and became serious about our girlfriends.
During our time in the house every different girl my two mates had before the ones they settled... [more]

Oral craving

Im a boy who’s really want to use my mouth to orally serve a priest to pleasure him. Something about this turns me on, perhaps the idea but it’s something I’d really love to do

No idea what came over me

I have been divorced for about five years now and last year my dishwasher quit working so I googled a few repair places. The man showed up and when he walked thru the door and began walking towards the kitchen all I could think about was sex. I do not know if it was because he was a stranger or if I was just so sexually wound up that I wanted to... [more]

I Love Watching Men Masturbate

When I was around 13 I was spending a couple of weeks at my Aunt and Uncle's house and one day my Aunt had gone shopping with her kids and my Uncle was at work. I was kind of bored so I wondered around their back yard which was fenced in. I looked through a knot-hole in the fence and saw a man probably in his 30's laying on a patio lounge chair... [more]

Wife has deep interest in black guys

To this day she be been married to my wife for 18 years.
When we met she wasn’t ready to get serious. I told her I would wait around for her until she was ready. I later found out she had a huge desire for black men.
Meaning she was in a sexual relationship with two but one for sure.
I never questioned her about this but it really turned me... [more]

Masturbation led to more

I was always a little chunky growing up and I was also not very outgoing so I spent a lot of time at home. I never got into trouble or anything like that I think I was just really shy and self conscious about my curves. I did however discover masturbation and would use what ever I could to get myself off, I remember finding this big handled hair... [more]

Fantasize about wife with other men

I fantasize about my Asian wife with other men. She is quite conservative and doesn’t talk much about her fantasies or even sex. She is in her mid 30s, 5’6”, 115 lbs, b cups, dark nipples, a tight pussy that is sometimes all shaved.
I have hinted about my fantasies or told her indirectly and I wish I can work on it turning into reality.
I... [more]


Ever since I turned eighteen over a year ago, I hit the 'Mother Load' you might say due to my endowment. My mom and dad are cool parents. When I hit puberty I tried to get my mom's attention. All she said was put that thing away. Mom use to catch me stroking to porn on my computer in my room. All she did was to step out and say nothing about it... [more]

Sniffing girls school uniform

I am in 10th grade. My school has a gym uniform that we must use for PE. Girls usually leave their t shirt after PE class in their lockers. Some time ago I stayed after class and open the locker of a very hot girl and saw her school gym t shirt. I couldn´t resist taking it so I grab it and went to the bathroom. I started sniffing it, first where... [more]

Wearing my sister-in-law’s clothes and heels

My sister-in-law Ann is a sexy and successful businesswoman. I’ve always had a thing for her and I know that she was a hot slut in her younger days. So I offered to check on her house when she was away on a business trip.
My heart was pounding through my shirt as I entered her kitchen and locked the door behind me. I brought a laptop with... [more]

1st time pussy licking...sweet!!

Well this post refers back to my very first girlfriend that I had in high school. She was 16 and I was 18. She thought being the girlfriend of a senior was cool, but in reality, she was the cool thing. She was hot, a real looker, and my kind of girl. That meaning that she didn't have any problem trying new things or putting up with me.. She took... [more]

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