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Daughter's needs

When we moved I knew then he'd have to be the one.
Day by day I was becoming more and more horny for him, yet he rebuffed my advances.
But I knew he wanted me, I knew when she went back and visited her parents we'd seek out each other.
Only I didn't think it would be like that.
I'd masturbated in front of him, I'd said many sexual things so he... [more]

Working girl

It was during the housing recession when I would go to work everyday just knowing it was my last, almost everyone was gone at the realty company I worked for but so far my boss had not given me any indications. I was his assistant and did everything for him from water and coffee to filing, was around twenty five at the time, one child and a laid... [more]

I've never Cheated before today.

In all our 34 years of marriage I've never cheated or even strayed a little on my wife. Well today that all changed, and for some reason I don't have any remorse or guilt, just a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.
It all started early this morning. It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I have the day off. However my wife had to work, she... [more]

Pics of daughter-in-law

My son married later in life. So while most of his friends married in their early 20s, He was near 40. That would put me in my 60s. Anyway they had a baby and as the child got old enough to watch children’s videos on their laptop, I was able to sit and show you tube children videos to the child. At some point I realized that there were many... [more]

Am I gay

Discovering I absolutely adore anal stimulation was an accident of sorts. i was fucking my wife missionary and as she got close to orgasm, she pushed two fingers up my arse. It made me blow my load at the same time she climaxed and it felt utterly amazing.
After that I used first my fingers during masturbation, then a small dildo I bought to... [more]

Pregnant Bump Fetish

I'm a woman.. almost 30.
It started since I was small. We usually have this pregnant games among the neighbor kids like putting balloon in our clothes and become 'pregnant'. It was an innocent game back then, even when we playfully groan in pain, saying the baby wanted to come out. I don't know why but ever since then, even until now, I have a... [more]

Franks boy

When Frank came by to install my mum's new disabled bathroom and help me with the guest bedroom, I knew instantly he was checking me out. I knew from conversations over the phone he was married, yet the looks he was giving me, all said he'd love to be fucking my arse.
Living and working in the same house I grew up in, because of my mum's... [more]

My Lustful Ramblings of a Friend

I'm a 19 year old boy, and I've always been attracted to females before now. But then I met an online friend, and I'm realizing now that I want a lot more from him. I want to put on a skirt and thigh highs and hang out with him. I want him to flirt with me and make his dumb jokes that always make me smile. I want to suck his dick and take it deep... [more]


I really want to have a Dom but I'm scared of giving up control and don't have anyone I can trust with this. I just want to be used and fucked hard while I pleasure my master. How do I even make it reality without putting myself in a dangerous place. I'm a woman btw.

Wife lets me indulge now and then

My wife will tell me things like, "Hey, next weekend you can do whatever you want with me on Saturday night or sometimes she just comes home from work and tells me she needs serious stress relief so I am all yours to do what you want with. Nine times out of ten these sexually fun times end up with her in bondage and me giving her several orgasms... [more]

I want to be babied

I really enjoy wearing and using adult baby diapers. I wish that someday a young woman, possibly a nurse, would catch me while I'm diapered and make me wear and use them for her. This would end with her becoming my naughty babysitter. She would continue to make me wear and use diapers, not only for my pleasure but also for hers. She would be sure... [more]

Never told anyone about this

I am the only male on my mothers side of the family, I have three aunts they all had daughters and one of them only lived like a twenty minute bike ride away. These three cousins were a pair of twins who are a year older than me and a younger sibling by three years. I never thought the twins liked me very much because anytime we were over there... [more]

In Need Of Understanding And Support

I am definitely in need of some understanding and support. The past 6 months have been very challenging for my husband and me. We have been married 2 years. We met during freshman year in high school and dated exclusively in high school and throughout college. We got engaged when we graduated college and were married a year later.
Six months... [more]

I have always been very oral

I am 26 and a woman, I have always been very oral all the way from sucking my thumb well into elementary school to sucking on ice cubes today. My mother constantly worried I would end up choking on something growing up. I have always enjoyed the feeling I get from doing it, no idea why but when I was around middle school age I sucked on a penis... [more]

Question About Videoed Birth(Female In Her Pink Footed Pajamas)

In My Opinion: I have always secretly wondered, how big a woman’s pink fleece footed pajamas would have to be, and how big she would have to be, in order to permit her to swallow, and engulf a man who was six feet four inches tall, weighing about 212 pounds, and then her make him her helpless baby, as he tried to resist her, his struggling being... [more]

Cash Creek

My husband Jim and I have discussed the possibility of one day him sharing me with another guy and it seams that lately that is the only he can get it up is when he is fantasizing watching me do another guy and some of the things he comes up with are kind of fun and once he tied my hands and feet to the bed and said that he had a guy in the other... [more]

My darkest fantasy

So this is my darkest fantasy, and I've told no one this at all and need a place to let it out. I'm a 30 year old gay male and have been into bestiality for many years and have performed in several porn videos as well. Something about animal cock and cunt (only types of females I'll enjoy lol) just gets me rock hard. However that's not the darkest... [more]

Secret gay affair

I am a 35 yr old divorced white male who never thought I would be confessing anything like this.Lately I have felt rather lonely and disconnected in my life.I have been taking long walks down by the lake on various secluded trails.There were various men walking along the trails who would try to catch my eye but i would shyly walk away and keep... [more]

My Tranny Life

I knew I was different from the boy I was born to be from a very young age. I was raised by two Aunts, who were very loving but it was a feminine environment. When I was nine I would raid their undie drawer and masturbate (although, then it was just a sensation) my stiff penis.
At twelve I was hooked on silky undies, they made me feel feminine... [more]

Just curious.

You know it is kind of strange but each one of us seam to have a pervert hiding in us. Sometimes I look at a woman on the street that is dressed in a business suit and I wonder what her perversion is privately.
I am a man that screws other mens wives and I have been doing this for years now and it still sparks my imagination at what some of... [more]

Got my kid’s babysitter to ballbust me now she loves it

So im a single dad and i have a girl who babysits that is 19 years old nad very very hot...about 5’5,125lbs, long black hair, big natural 34 DD boobs which look enormous on her tiny little frame....anyway I’ve always had a ballbusting fetish and have had it done to me in night while “Dani” was babysitting i came home early and she had a... [more]

She got me into Belting her

Due to a contract I had to go live in a city far away from home. While I was there, I met a gorgeous woman who I had known many years back. She would do anything I asked her to do, no questions asked. I absolutely adore her for that. One day I asked her what was her most intimate desire. She said she wanted to be spanked. It shocked me a... [more]

Asian wife and making my fantasy come true

I fantasize about my Asian wife with other men. She is quite conservative and doesn’t talk much about her fantasies or even sex. She is in her mid 30s, 5’6”, 115 lbs, b cups, dark nipples, a tight pussy that is sometimes all shaved. And anally virgin.
I have hinted about my fantasies or told her indirectly and I wish I can work on it turning... [more]

Conflicted about mother....

I know most stuff on here is fake fantasy especially the underage stories, but this is true.
I won't go into much detail, at least up here in the OP , But my mom really did touch me and eventually caused my first orgasm ever. which eventually escalated through all the steps to having sex
I have struggled with this all my life, was it ok... [more]

Renewed desires

At the time of me typing this, I'm just watching him lay on our bed. I'ts been nearly half an hour since I fucked him, and right now he's signalling for me to come back to bed, so he can suck my cock.
We met sexually when he text me if he we could meet up. This was earlier this year and I was just about finished up for the morning, ready for my... [more]

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