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A young nibile bottom

I was in my local supermarket this morning having a coffee when I watched a mother and her three children walk over to the cut flower display. I immediately noticed one young girl, she must have been ten or eleven years old in a micro sun dress. I thought how can a mother let her daughter out in something as revealing as that dress!!
The little... [more]

Humiliated At The Hospital

I did not get to the hospital in time for my wife's delivery of our new baby boy. In the waiting room with me was a Middle Eastern looking man. When he was called in, I thought he also was a new Dad like me. When I was allowed in the room, he was there, gloating over his baby, who was obviously much darker than me or my wife. The nurses just... [more]

Crossdresser sex

Well yesterday my boyfriend said he had a surprise for me so I got all dressed up looking sexy for him and we got in his car and he drove way out into the country and went down this dirt road and park at this gate so we get out of the car and went into this beautiful field to this big tree he laid out a blanketand we laid down on it and look up at... [more]

Obsessed with black cock [UPDATE]

This is an update to the confession I posted on this website a few days ago, and I wanted to get into more detail and ask your opinion on it. Thank you for reading!
I'm a 23 year old guy from Germany. I recently graduated from college and currently work from home and have a very comfortable life that allows me to have a lot of free time. I spend... [more]


I have tried to squirt and I tried almost everything and yet I still can’t squirt. Any suggestions?

Fucking my boyfriend's best friend

April 7th 2019 was the first Saturday night me and my boyfriend decided to drink whiskey together for the first time we got jack daniels went home and started he ended up getting a call from his best friend who use to chat me up online before me and bf got serious anyway I was low-key happy coz my boyfriend got a bit tipsy and asked me if I was... [more]

I'm finally arranging a big gangbang where I am the star!

I'm a 23 year old white guy, with a tall and fit build and I have extremely sexual fantasies about being surrounded by big black cocks, kneeling in the middle of all of them and sucking each big, juicy cock. I wanna let them use my face like a fleshlight, brutally fucking my throat as I beg them to feed me their delicious cum and cover my face in... [more]

Cheating my Sisters

I have two sisters..... Both are elder ones
Kavya😍 and Sandhya😍
During small ages while playing chess I saw Kavya's cleav*** .On that day I got my first impression
After many years ... Kavya @age 22 and me at age 14 were sleeping in same bed with Sandhya@ age21 aside separately......
I accidentally felt Kavya's a** which made me hard.... I... [more]

I raped my ex-wife.

My ex and I have been divorced for over two years, and really don't get along well since we broke up. I ran into her last week at the grocery store and she told me that she had a box full of my stuff that she had found after I moved out and wanted me to come by and pick it up. I asked her when was a good time to come by and get it and she asked if... [more]

Night Shift

When I was at university, I had taken a job working evenings in a bar to earn a bit of extra money. I was the only girl working there and my boss liked me to dress sexily as he said it went down well with the customers. I didn’t really mind as it got me a lot of free drinks and tips, but the guys that I worked with just couldn’t keep their hands... [more]

Advice needed?

A couple of years ago while I was dating the women who is now my wife the topic of our sexual fantasies came up. She was bold and told me she has fantasied about watching me have sex with another women. I was completely blown away because as I then shared with her I had been fantasizing about her being with another guy. It was an incredible... [more]

My husband loves to work from home

He used to work from home every few months just so he could actually get a lot done with his day. Our kids are both in school now and he has an office set up in one of the spare bedrooms so he was able to just go in there and concentrate.
He was doing just that one day about two years ago and I popped my head in the door to ask him if he wanted... [more]

Sick to her stomach or completely satiated

About 7 or 8 years ago my wife and I started hanging out with a couple other couples that did a little Coke on the weekends. It was like a once-a-month thing. We would all go out have a few drinks let the wives do some dancing, before you know what we would usually end up at the strip club.
We had experienced a three way with a female on a... [more]

I'm a guy who wants to be a sissy slut.

Are there any big dick men out there who would like to have a sissy slut for company? I'll let you have your way with me however you want. I'll suck your dick as often as you like. I'll let you fuck me as much as you want and pump as much cum into as you can. I will be your willing and completely obedient sex toy for you to pleasure yourself with... [more]

Wife watching fantasy

I wish i could make my mind forget my fantasy. I want my wife to watch me pleasure two men at the same time. I want to wear her lingerie, and watch her face as i ride reverse cowgirl with my dick flopping at her. Maybe even 3 guys, so I could have one in my hands and mouth too. So embarrassed by these fantasies

Not my boyfriend

I stay at in a university dorm and the RA’s (residential advisors) are really strict. Last weekend, it was really late and I was in my dorm alone because my roommate had gone home for the weekend. It was about 2:30 in the morning. I was up just watching YouTube on my phone when someone banged on my door. I looked through the peep hole to see my... [more]

She loves black guys

Right after I married my wife a close friend of ours and I were talking. She missed the wedding so she came later to wish us well. As the drinks came she Wouk slip me little details about my new wife. I had no idea she snuck out to be with black guys her entire tenure in college. She would date and have sex with white guys just to fit in. But she... [more]

The first time

I still remember the first time I got to touch a real penis, I could feel myself getting turned on by the second as I ran my fingers up and down its length. He was dark skinned but the ring around his cock where the foreskin had been cut off was pink, veins popped out all over the shaft and his testicles where much larger than I expected them to... [more]

Adventures in cuckolding

Lisa and I have had several get togethers with men so far and at first we just found the guys in adult mag,s that ran adds.
Not all of them were fantastic and this is about one of those.
Her and I have subscribed to west coast swingers and we get a mag every month and for several nights we go through the men's adds to see what is out there.
... [more]

Telling the world I wear ladies panties.

I started wearing Mom's panties in 3rd grade. I loved the silky feel & wore them to masturbate myself in. It was also soooooo exciting to do something taboo as wearing my Mom's panties. As I grew older I needed to go to greater lengths to get my pleasure fix. So in the summers while school was out and Mom was at work, we had a young maid do... [more]

Back pain (pleasure)

Not sure what category this fits into, because it's odd. I'm 57 female, and I've been going to the doctor for chronic back pain. I'm off work, and the pain has been unbearable. I might have to get a fusion, but have been trying alternative treatments at this point.
My doctor has been trying spinal stimulus on me. A few days ago was the first... [more]

Surprised wife

My wife and I have had a great sex life for over twenty years and she is a very sexual woman who has never slowed down since her late teens. When we first started playing around she told me that she wanted to stay a virgin but we did everything else and most of time back then she would just give me a blow job and not even let me play with her... [more]

I'm a teacher and had sex with a colleague o a field trip

I have recently returned from a field trip, taking the kids to an outdoors centre for a few days. All the kids were in dorms and teachers 2 to a room. 3 female teachers, one male so I ended up in with Tony. He is cute, most the 6 form girls have a crush on him and so do the female teachers under 50. Me included (I'm 26) he is 38 I think, but a... [more]

Tammys getting used to this lifestyle

Our first two adventures in sharing her with other men went very well so Tam and I talked about it and she wanted to be assured that I was alright with her getting it on with other men but I admitted I had mixed emotions while watching them and when her body responded to his I was very jealous to see her responding to him but that in its self made... [more]

I dream of cock

I am 80 year old man and never had cock. I can't stop looking at cock on line and jerking off to those beautiful dicks. I really want one but I am afraid of getting hurt or sick. Also worried my wife would find out and leave me. What a dilemma! It sounds so wonderful to hold a cock, feel it growing as you caress it, kissing it, worshipping it... [more]

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