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My first orgy

I was invited to a party with my boss. he invited me to a party I was excited about going. He's a Doctor and is well established. I knew this party would be full of professionals as well.
We arrived at the party and it was more than I expected. The house was a beautiful mansion and everyone was so accepting and friendly. We had a few drinks... [more]

Bus ride from hell tuned out to have its perks

I’m 24 yrs old this February I decided to do a road trip unfortunately my car blew a head gasket stuck having to sell my POS to the junk yard. I was stuck in Cali needing to get back to Seattle I had a friend who western union me the cash and caught a greyhound bus. The driver was an asshole pissing off other passengers not sure why the driver in... [more]

Husband thought I was passed out

I had been having a really great time at our party and people started to leave so it was getting down to the last few people which were just a few of his friends. I told my husband that I was really feeling tired and he gave me another a shot and told me to sleep well. I was pretty buzzed when I hit the bed but I could hear vehicles leaving so I... [more]

Former slut wife turned cold

I've been married 19 years, but my wife has no interest in sex anymore. She says that it hurts, she has no desire, etc. She's in her mid 50s and I'm in my mid 40s.
The thing is that she used to be hotter than fuck. She was married once before in her 20s, and used to frequent sex parties during which she would suck and fuck miles of dick... [more]

Wife sexual past

It turns me on knowing my wife who is 42 years old has gotten so much cock due to her huge tits back in her younger college days and right before our marriage.
Her beauty and her tIts helped her have sex with some very attractive guys of all ages.
She is 5ft 8 inches 36dd 24 36 very curvy body.She resembles Brooke Shields both body and... [more]

Husband's fantasies

Once every three months my husband tell's me his deepest fantasy. Then if able I make it happen , I best to make sure it goes the way he wants it to. It was this time last year when he asked me to have sex with two men at the same time. He wanted to watch one screwing me from behind while I sucked on another. The reason I do the living... [more]

Fantasy went wilder than I thought

I was with this girl. She was one of 6 sisters (she was peruvian). The sisters were very close to each other, and pretty much told everything about anything to each other.
One night, when I was there in Peru, there was this family party, on the beach south of Lima. And let me tell you something: in Peru, they drink a lot. A lot of cheap... [more]

Not my fault, not my problem

I'm 22f, a senior in college, attractive, play on the softball team, and single. I have had plenty of dates, but I really don't have time for a boyfriend and don't really want one either. Between sports and school, I'm swamped. I have no time for a relationship. I'm planning on moving out of state after graduation, and know that I'll likely never... [more]

My friend's mom

I was at my friend's bbq. It was the 4th of July. I was drinking a bit and sometimes I would passively flirt with my friend's mom. Ive know them for 10years plus so i don't think much of it. Anyway, I went to the bathroom upstairs and no one was in the house. I knocked on the door and she said "I'm in here" so i said sorry and waited. When she... [more]

Teen Gymnasts

I will start by saying i have always had a thing for beautiful young girls in gymnastics leotards. I just love how they love and the leotards just make them so much cuter.
I won't say where i live, but i went into coaching gymnasts to enjoy the views and even better, the touching of the girls.
After a while i got bored and decided to try... [more]

Sexual Vacation Trip as Teen

When I was a young teen I went on a vacation to Brazil with my Aunt who was single. She was in her early thirties and I was at the beginning of my teen years. We send shopping for the trip and my aunt got me skimpy shorts and tops and some small bikinis that I had never ever worn before for the beach. She even got me this dress for social nights... [more]


I used to manage a bar and we had after hours parties every once in a while. One of the barbacks had a gf that was super skinny with long black hair, notorious for hanging around, drunk, annoying everyone. One night we locked the doors, turned some music on and started drinking. The barback was a real bad gambling addict and bet me on a game of... [more]

Striptease at kieths pub

After Stuart (my husband) asked me to give Phil (Stuart's mate) his birthday surprise (meaning me tied up naked) I had a surprise phone call proposal of one of the guys who was with Phil (Keith) who owns a pub in the next town to us. Apparently he was asked to organise a private party with a stripper, not one of the usual girls but somebody my... [more]

Like to get girls pregnant

I love the feeling and get so turned on by getting girls pregnant. I have got 11 girls pregnant. I got started when I had sex with a girl at a party at a friend's house when I was 14. It has his sister's friend and she was drunk. Baby born when I was 15 but I was off the hook b/c she didn't know who fucked her. After that, I knew I wanted more. I... [more]

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