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My wife’s date

My wife is gorgeous, 5’ tall 105lb with a perfect ass. We have been in the swinging lifestyle for a couple years. I’m dominant and she is submissive. About 99% of the men who fuck her are black men, she prefers huge cocks on them. Usually she either enjoys them at parties but sometimes we invite men over and the bull and I will work her over until... [more]

Christmas Office Parties Ahead!

We all know that sex and work don't mix. Except when they do. And we're talking Christmas office parties here. Bosses will be on the prowl, but it won't seem like work. Employee spouses will be there. There will be alcohol.
That married woman you see at work and just can't get out of mind.
That guy who is seems just a bit stayed but is... [more]

Kinky fetish

I look young for my age , I am 26 and have been married for two years. Immediately after getting married my husband's boss through us a small party. It was then that I had a daddy or father figure issue. During the party I was wondering around in the house trying to find a bathroom without a line in front of it. I had no choice but to sneak out... [more]

Got home early

Well last weekend I was working a long shift and my boss told me to go home and get some rest for the next day so when I got home I seen 6 cars at my house music was on and loud. And I cloud hear. What sounded like some one hammering. So I go to go in and this guy I don't know trying to stop me and tell me that the party is over I can't. In well I... [more]

Don’t know what to do with Wife, she’s a slut

So we have been married for 5 years, she is 33 and I am 37. When I met her she was single and dating a lot of guys but I thought she would settle down with me. She hasn’t. She tells me “I like taking dick” and she is uncontrollable. I have shared her with other guys so that I can make sure she is safe and not in danger and she can have sex with... [more]

I Did it Anway

A few years ago my sister lied to my girlfriend about me cheating on her. My sister didn't like her much and when she found out i was going to propose, this was her solution to stop me.
Well it worked and a few days later she dumped me and left. I was very angry at my sister, and it took months for us to fix our relationship and then slowly... [more]

August 12 2017

I will never forget that day. I married a man who truly loved and appreciated me. I am writing this confession today because I cheated on him at my work two days before we were married. My coworkers had a big party for me , and that's when it happened. I slept with two of the guys that work with me and later I slept with my boss and the two guys... [more]

My fantasy still haunts me and turns me on

When I was 17, I had a boyfriend, he wasn’t my boyfriend but a guy that I was hanging out a lot with and havin sex with who asked me what my fantasies were. He was the third guy I had sex with and I was getting more and more used to it and more comfortable with sex. I told him some fantasies one was being a stripper and having guys smite me naked... [more]

Get ya sex-tun megaphones their xmas loudspeaker sex fun

Right on.
here is a reasonable comprehensive list of the popular ones. or go head and make your own but beware of the terrorist sextorrism sites. they are scams and sextorrists! Outdoor masturbation, at night I like to masturbate in my... [more]

My School Trip Adventure

Why is it that some women always seem to attract unwelcome attention from men as they go about their everyday lives, from being groped on the train, to the wandering hands of the men in the bar on a night out, even back in High School, Karen was one of the girls regularly singled out for this type of male attention.
I knew her in the last year of... [more]

Wife Confesses to being drugged on vacation

We had recently returned from an overseas vacation and I had noticed a marked change in my wife’s mood, there was clearly something on her mind so, I decided we needed a night out to talk things over and see if I could uncover what was behind this change.
After a number of drinks she admitted that she had something to tell me and made me promise... [more]

Couldn't have gone worse

There was a massive house party on Sunday, and I got so drunk and high at it. Turns out I probably had sex all night. I barely remember it, but the things I do remember is I made out with my friend, me and my younger sister kissed (she's 12 and was as fucked as me) and I remember giving some 19 year old a blowjob. I woke up, there were 3 used... [more]

Sister attraction

My sisters 2 years younger, but already looks fully developed and is just out and out hot. There was a massive party the other day and we managed to get her really drunk, and I was too but I remember it. She gave me a handjob in the toilets and I fingered her. I was undressing her and went in and out a few times trying to fuck her but she was... [more]

New life

After a horrible marriage to a man that not only left me but left town with a girl who is a little more than half his age. I came to the conclusion that it was him not me. Our friends are all still my friends and we have many wonderful evenings and days together. On the day of Halloween I was setting up for a Halloween party at my house , when a... [more]

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