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In love with my step daughter

A little over twenty years ago I started dating a lovely lady Cindy 31, with two children. A boy 14 and a girl 10. We were both just coming out of a messy divorce. Her ex was very abusive and a drunk. My ex left me for her boss. I myself was 42 with two children, a daughter that was 22 and married, and a son 19 in the military.
Cindy was... [more]

Keeping secrets

I work part-time at a restaurant, and I'm pretty close friends with some of the people who work and hang out there. My boss is really cool, and his friend Steve is divorced and hangs out there all the time. Steve likes to party, and he has lots of friends, both male and female. Most of them are in their late 30s or early 40s.
Steve has been... [more]


Last week I was at my mother in law's house for her birthday party. I really needed to use the bathroom but there was a line at the bathroom everyone was supposed to be using. I went into my mother in law's bedroom to use her bathroom and while I was there I noticed that the hamper was open and right on top was a dirty pair of her panties. I took... [more]

Upset Boyfriend (Spring Break)

A couple of weeks ago a few female friends of mine and I spent 4 days in Mexico for spring break. My boyfriend couldn't go, had to work, but I'm still in college, so I was off.
We spent our time drinking, clubbing, and sight seeing. One of the clubs was having a wet t-shirt contest, and one of my friends said, "We should enter. We have nice... [more]

Humiliated in front of my girlfriend

A few months ago I had a physical confrontation with my girfriend's ex in front of her, which I posted it here as well. I did not get physically hurt, but he was able to block me more than once and eventually he made me ask to get free. I think he enjoyed showing my girlfriend that he was stronger. I later found out that he knows karate. My... [more]

Cheating on My Girfriend With a Much Older Woman

I was new to the area. I started dating this nurse few years older than me. She introduced me to her mom and the rest of her family. The whole family was at her mom's for the holiday dinners. Her mom's friend Roxy was there. Roxy was the life of the party. We played board games after dinner. I couldn't help notice that Roxy kept messing with her... [more]

I'm finally arranging a big gangbang where I am the star!

I'm a 23 year old white guy, with a tall and fit build and I have extremely sexual fantasies about being surrounded by big black cocks, kneeling in the middle of all of them and sucking each big, juicy cock. I wanna let them use my face like a fleshlight, brutally fucking my throat as I beg them to feed me their delicious cum and cover my face in... [more]

Humiliated again in front of girlfriend

A few months ago I had a physical confrontation with my girfriend's ex in front of her, which I posted it here as well. I did not get physically hurt, but he was able to block me more than once and eventually he made me ask to get free. I think he enjoyed showing my girlfriend that he was stronger. I later found out that he knows karate. My... [more]

I don’t consider it insest

My mom passed away when I was 8 years old. When I was 14 my dad remarried to a very nice lady Sarah, had two children, a daughter Stacy age 13, and a son Stephen age 9. We all got along fine, it was nice having a sister and brother to hang with. I never had any type of sexually feeling toward Stacy until one night. Stacy, Stephen and I had... [more]

Out of control

How many married men out there that have been with there wife for 20 years + knowing your the only man they have ever been with , For some reason you start having thoughts of showing them off I can't be the only one . At this point ive not done anything really bad , It all started with a photo I was looking at of my wife dressed has a tart... [more]

Had a threesome once now I like dick

So to start out I am a married man me and my wife have a good relationshi...but I think I like men. It all started last Halloween we had a party at our house and everyone was having a good time and getting drunk. As the night went on on of my wife’s cousins who is gay started flirting with me and at first I joked about it but didn’t really pay too... [more]

Doctors my wife

My wife's visit to the doctors now my wife had been going to the same doctor since. she was a little girl she is 32 now , In all that time my wife said nothing untoward had ever happened until just recently . We was going to a party and it was some distance away so we was setting off early , We just got on are way when my wife remembered she had a... [more]

My Guilty Secret

Something happened at a party a few weeks ago. It’s something that I am not very proud of, but if I share it here then maybe it will ease some of the guilt that I feel.
I had recently broke up with my girlfriend and my long time buddy persuaded me to go to a party with him and his girlfriend Cindy. I thought that a night out would be good for me... [more]

Three some

One night I went out with my girlfriend and a good male friend of ours. After a night of partying we all went over to my girlfriend house to party some more. My girlfriend gets very horny after partying. We all partying and watching porn which my girlfriend loves to watch. She gets really horny and likes to role play. She goes into her room and... [more]

Thrill Rides

When we were in college, my best friend and I drank a lot, and it was the 80s, so you know, it snowed a lot. Lol. We had an old tandem bike that we’d ride around, topless and braless and wave at all the guys that yelled. One night she gets the great idea to glue dildos to the seats. So we get all messed up and ride around with these dildos in... [more]

First bathroom blowjob

Driving home from a night out partying, had to stop at the rest area for relief.
I entered the toilet stall and looked through the hole in the partition, the guy next to me was stroking his dick. It was not too long, and nice and thick. I couldn’t help but watch him.
He turned to give me a better view and I saw him looking at me through... [more]

Wife caught me in gay sex

I am a 38 year old marred average looking male, with 2 children. Ever since I suck my first cock when I was only 10 years old, I've been hooked. Their was 2 boys one a year younger, one two yrs older than me, that lived in the apartment across the hall from us. We played together every day, our mothers would usally visit in one apartment and send... [more]

Stepmom secret

There's a nasty secret I've been keeping from my dad that has bothered me for months. He's a long-haul truck driver, so he's gone for 3-4 days at a time. He's in his mid 40s, but is married to my stepmom who is 35. I have a stepbrother, but I'm my father's only daughter.
While he was gone last summer, my stepmom took me to a party at her... [more]

Beat up in front of my girlfriend

I was at a party outside making out with my new girlfriend with her giving me oral a bit away behind a tree, when we decided to get a drink and then go to a room nearby. That evening I was being quite cocky because my gf likes it and I know it. Knowing that, I also tried to wear a tough-looking look, i.e. army-pants (under which I was trying to... [more]

Watched my mom

Well as bad as this is going to sound I watched my mom suck and get screwed from behind by numerous guys one night.
I was in college at the time and one of my friends invited me to his frat house party at another college that was only about half an hour from home. My plan was to party and crash at my friends place then go home in the morning.
I... [more]

Fantasize About Sister In Law

Several times I have felt the vibe between my sexy sister in law and me. A few times while talking to her at a party I cannot hear anyone but her and day fantasize about stripping her clothes off starting at her shoulders, down her chest, suckling on her nipples, down to her stomach, undoing her pants and panty, giving her mind blowing oral sex... [more]

She bit my cock, and I loved it.

My sister set me up with one of her friends one weekend when we were having a big party, a few years back. It was kind of a blind date, because my sister has do many friends I can't remember who is who. Well the night came, my sister went to pick her up, and bring her back to the house for the party. Well they got back, my sister walked in first... [more]

Pick an Alter, Any Alter

I'm a retired businessman, divorced, and I live in south Florida. Almost twenty years ago I met a couple who had moved into my condo complex, and they were from the Midwest. He was a hairdresser who was a favorite of rich old ladies, and she was an artist, specifically, a doll-maker. She made dolls from a variety of materials, and was given a... [more]

My wife and Andrew

The other night after coming home from a neighborhood party. I looked around and noticed my wife seemed to be feeling tipsy and a little flirty. The group decided one more shot for good times sake. We took our shots when I noticed my wife give one of our young neighbors Andrew a wink and he smiled back. I didn’t know what to think other than she... [more]


I was in my back garden When I overheard my neighbours talking , Both these guys are single and in there early 60s , My wife's name came up in the conversation so I stopped dead and listened to them talking . Ron said to Joe she loves showing herself off joe said I agree with you she's a slut with her high heels short skirts and low tops , Ron... [more]

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