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Caught my wife having sex but I didn’t say anything

I came home from work early yesterday, I was feeling sick and left at 10 am. It was MLK day so I had to work but my wife who is a teacher did not. I called her when I left the office but she didn’t answer. When I got home about twenty minutes later there was another car parked at the curb. I walked in and music was playing in the bedroom. I took... [more]

Halftime milf

My dad and I are big football fans and went to one of his friend's house to watch the games and party. It was mostly guys, 9 of us, and the wife of the host. There was one other wife there too. I'm 18, and my dad and everyone else was in their 40's or 50's. It was cool, because I was allowed to have a few beers and everyone treated me like a peer... [more]

Sex with my boss

Over the holidays, I got way too drunk at a work party. I don’t even remember most of it and I feel like I wasn’t in control of my actions. Anyway, I ended up having sex with my boss and one of his friends while there. I think there may have another person involved somehow too but I’m not sure. I never intended for this to happen but now I don’t... [more]

I went myself drunk and my date loved it

I am in college, and I recently met a guy at a party, he was cute, we swapped numbers and arranged a date. Neither of us has a car so we went somewhere near campus and walked. As we were walking back after a pretty good date I felt like I really needed to pee. We had been out drinking, and I'd drunk alot and forgotten to go to the bathroom. I... [more]

Met my current gf during a threesome

So a couple months ago, I ran into some friends from back in the day. We caught up on things. My buddy mark mentioned he was having a party and said I was welcome to come if I wanted. I had nothing else better to do so I got his address and headed over. They had food and alcohol. Ppl watching football.
So after the game party broke upost went... [more]

Cousin (in law) Love

I’ve known my wife’s cousin Em for 8 years. I’ve watched her blossom from a sweet pre-teen to a beautiful, full-bodied woman. I’ve always thought she was a beautiful girl, and as she got older she only grew more beautiful. I’ve always had a secret desire for her, and this experience just made it worse...
We were at my wife’s aunt’s house for a... [more]

Married the slutty girl, and I’m happy

I was 22 and she was 19, we met at a party given by mutual friends. I liked her from the first moment I saw her. She’s just my type, brunette, petite, big boobs, porcelain skin and a very pretty face. When I met her she was with another guy, or so I thought, he was with her at the party and they left together. That night I introduced myself to her... [more]

Never told anyone

I watched my best friend being used by a group of strangers. She was passed out drunk. I never told her that I witnessed it , even when she made a police report and was trying to figure out who and what happened. It was 3 year's ago on New years Eve. When I was getting to a party I saw her staggering into an area surrounded by trees and bushes. I... [more]

Office Parties, 2018!

Women who never cheat otherwise will do so at the office Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Again this year, bulls will be out ready to test your wife’s resolve. If she has been with you for years, she’ll enjoy the compliments, and her mind will race. She’ll wonder what to do about the bull’s advances. Will your wife tell you she’s been hit upon?... [more]

She was HUGE

Big Jen. That’s what we all called her. She was 6’3”, probably weighed 250. Not fat. Played on the college basketball team. Not great looking but not bad either. Solid body. Big boned as they say. I’m not tiny. 5’10. and 165. But she made feel small.
We had a big party for the end of school in May in Texas. lots of kegs, lots of friends. And we... [more]

Cheating At A Frat Party

I was at a college fraternity party a couple months ago with friends and my boyfriend, and my boyfriend left the party early, around 12 probably. I had a lot to drink and started dancing with these two guys. Long story short… I ended up sucking both of their cocks.

Christmas party

I work at a bar, and we closed early for our Christmas party. It was mostly drinking, talking, and listening to music, but two of our coworkers got drunk and started fucking on the pool table. They were always flirting, so it was not a big surprise. As we watched, pants started to drop, as did mine. I have a bf, we've been dating for a month, but... [more]

Early Xmas to me

I needed to do some last minute Xmas shopping so I told my husband I was gonna do some shopping before we go to an Xmas party.
So I had just gotten out and got a message from a friend. Was a guy I've slept with more times than I can count. He said, "Hey what's up. In town for the holidays." I said, "Oh yeah. Very nice." He said, "What are you... [more]

Ending the night with sluts

Last sat was our works xmas party and we went out for drinks after, i work in a warehouse and by the end of the night it was just me and the managers left and a couple of girls they had been buying drinks for, all the managers are like in their 40s and im the youngest at 19, both girls must been in their 20s older than me, im not a virgin but only... [more]

Me, My Sister and Thomas

Me, My Sister & Thomas
It was the late 90's and I was happily divorced. My ex-was a druggie and had lost all interest in sex (he had a scrawny little dick anyway).
There were a TON of dating websites popping up then and I joined a few. I ended up connecting with this guy Thomas who was also recently divorced. We chatted via email, then on... [more]

Pretending to be passed out

I pulled the passed out bit on my step son years ago, he was around twelve or thirteen. We had thrown a really fun party for new years eve and my husband passed out right after midnight, I was in the living room sitting in a chair relaxing after cleaning up the big things like food and drinks after everyone left. I was wearing a fairly short skirt... [more]

I wanna fuck my coworker

She got great tits, and a low cut dress at the holiday party and I wanna suck them, eat her pussy, fuck her fuck her fuck her.

Let my friend jerk off to my wife

Saturday night was fun, we had a party to celebrate my buddy’s birthday at my house. He’s recently divorced and being transferred to another city soon. It was a birthday/send off party. Once everyone left my wife went to the bedroom. He and I stayed up drinking some more, and we decided to go in and get my wife to hang out with us, we walked into... [more]

Caught jerking off to ex wife and black lover

I’m in a hotel and opened the adjoining room door and there is a party and they are watching me jerk off smelling my ex wife’s panties watching a video I have of her ducking her ex boyfriend in our bed. She loves his huge black cock

My bi sexual confession

I’ve always been athletic and attractive. Never really had any problems attracting or dating females I liked. While in College I watched a beautiful brunette get used by 3 guys at a party. I couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it and it stuck in my mind forever. I for some reason focused my attention to one guy in particular who had a very nice... [more]

Late night party

So my husband just started a new job working 3rd shift. He was off last night and goes back to work Sunday. He asked if he could have some work buddies over to play cards, drink some beer and have pizza. I was all for it. We never entertain guests.
So there was me, my husband Rick, his buddy Shawn and my friend Stacy. It was about 12:30 am... [more]

My 16th birthday was the best one I ever had in my life

My mom put together a pretty great party for my 16th birthday, everyone I knew was there from family and friends. One of her close friends was there the whole day helping out with food and things she stayed until the end helping us clean up. I was standing in the kitchen at one point later in the day after quite a few people had left and everyone... [more]

Wife was gushing

So my company had their end of the year party last weekend. Just happened to be a weekend that we could schedule it. Had it indoors at a hotel and they have an indoor pool. Everyone was having drinks and eating food and swimming.
One of my good buddies came out of the pool and went to the table next to mine to get a drink and hit his vape... [more]

Panties at 13th birthday from Mom

I recently turned 13 and my mom threw a small party for me at home. She invited around a dozen of my school friends, whom a few were guys. It all went smoothly until gift opening time. The ones from the friends were simple and ordinary, like you would expect to get!! When it came to opening my moms gift I received quite a surprise!! It was a... [more]

My wild fetishes and fantasies

I am curious about how and why I have some kinky desires from time to time. Some are no doubt borne of early life experiences.
There are definite humiliation aspects to some fantasies. I have always been attracted to women, hot girls, and have had sexual relationships with many girlfriends, and one wife. But I have also had bisexual or... [more]

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