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My sister

When I was thirteen my sister, who was twenty at the time moved back home. Since our house was small, she had to share my bedroom. Since she would walk around half dressed when my parents were at work, a horny young man like myself would sneak as many peeks as I could. Which was often since she slept nude. One day after out partying with one of... [more]

Secret pantyboy

I have been a secret pantyboy for a long time. I am very straight but i just resist the feeling that rushs thru me when i party and dress up in sexy pantys and stockings and other hot lingerie. I had a huge collection of pantys and lingerie. One nite i was partying and decided i would go to the video arcade in the bookstoe across the river. I... [more]

My first serious relationship

We never got married but lived together for several years, I was far from an angel but I knew there was not a future with him. I was prone to drinking way to much back then and woke up numerous times naked feeling like I had been used quite well. I woke up one morning and was a little bit sore, I had cum leaking out of me in two places. The party... [more]

Biker types

I have a big fantasy to get fucked by bikers. I'm 19 and female, still live at home while I go to a Christian college nearby, and come from a conservative, very religious family. My parents are anti-tattoos, drinking, all of that.
We have a Harley Davidson shop down the street and I love seeing the guys and girls hang out and have fun on warm... [more]

Wife had enough to drink

My wife and I have a good relationship, we were friends for a while before we ever dated. Now married 8 years, we have had a good bit of fun with each other.
She had a bachelorette party to go to, Knew she would have fun, and knew it would be a good idea to watch the drinking. When her friends get together they can drink a lot.
Before she left... [more]

My first man to man

I was 20 years old the first time I had ever really touched another man sexually. I had been thinking about it for a long time prior to this and figured I should do something about it. This happened in the mid 80's. I knew a man who was gay but back then it really wasn't advertised. Everyone knew but said nothing. He was 55 which was perfect... [more]

Two or more on one experiences

I am single and have a "good" reputation, but I have always wanted to experience having two (or more??) guys use me at once.
I hear stories of girls getting tag teamed by two buddies, or having a few guys run a train on them at a party, but I have no idea how these things actually happen or how to become the participant.
Anyone with... [more]

It's not something I expected to happen

Big family party with lots of drinking and loud music. Approximately 60 people at the house, I've had a blast hosting it with my wife and everyone is having a good time. I go upstairs to the bathroom since everyone is using the one downstairs. I open the door turn on the light, lift the lid and start using the toilet. A couple shakes and I... [more]

Bathroom feel up

Was at a party with my husband over the weekend. It was a small gathering with just a few couples. It was getting late and before we left I had to pee really bad, so I went inside to use the bathroom. The door was partially open, and when I walked in my husband's friend Mike was in there peeing. I hadn't seen another guy's cock in real life since... [more]

She gave me a release

I know I'm fucked up for it, but the truth is I REALLY have the hots for my aunt. She's a very attractive cougar in her 50s, looks much younger than she has the right to, but most importantly she is the kind of woman I have a serious fetish for: she was a wonderful, huge pair of natural tits. Picture those asian porn actresses with unnaturally big... [more]

OMG I caught my husband with 2 guys!!!!!

I caught him sucking another man's dick and getting fucked and I think it's hilarious. I can't believe it and when I caught them I hid and watched and for some reason I was laughing hysterically trying not to be found out.
We went to a big party out of town that friends have every year on their property. everyone was camping out so we could... [more]

Embarrassing Hookup (Tampon+Drugs=Disaster)

Once when I was 19 I went to chill party at a friends dorm where we were all doing mdma and having fun. I ended up getting a massage from a guy friend of mine and we made out for a bit.
We went to his place and were going to fuck but I couldn't get him inside me so I gave him a bj and we went to bed later.
I woke up the next morning and... [more]

My aunt

When I was 18 and we had graduation party for me after high school family n friends all there well my on aunt who was high from smoking pot asked me to give her ride to liquor store as I did she bag an to rub my leg n kiss my neck I thought just cause she stoned she unzipped me n took out my cock n jerked me off as I drove as we pulled into... [more]

Cellulite comments

I'm 38 female and married for 10 years. We're good, have one kid, and enjoy hanging out with friends. My husband is way into playing Pokemon Go and so are some of his game playing friends. We went out to play with a couple of his guy friends on community day and then have lunch and a few drinks. My husband reached the top tier level 40 in the game... [more]

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