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I want it NOW

Today I’m so fucking horny my boyfriend last night fucked me quickly on the kitchen table, we had to be quick because my parents texted saying should be home in 10 minutes he pulled my knickers to one side and fucked me fast, after he had cum and pulled out he placed my knickers back over my pussy hole and left, my parents would go nuts if he was... [more]

Wish I appreciated when I was younger

Way back when I was a young girl 17 - 21 I dated a few guys, I lost my virginity at 17 and didn’t have sex again until 21 in one year I had sex with three others before meeting my now husband and never been with anyone else since.
The last guy I had sex with I liked a lot but he didn’t like me as much, before we had sex we used to fool around... [more]

Perks of the job!

I’ve told this story to just about everyone I know, a few years back I was fitting some fence panels for woman guessing about 55 halfway through the job I cut my right hand, it looked worse then it was just lots of blood, the woman noticed the blood and said let me have a look, she said come on let me clean that up, sitting in her kitchen she said... [more]

Now homeless

Two weeks ago I had an argument with my girlfriend while in bed, she told me to go sleep elsewhere so I went into her daughter bed if her daughter is not back by 11pm she will be staying at her boyfriend house, being it 12.10am I assumed she was at her boyfriend house, little did I know that she had had an argument with her boyfriend and come home... [more]


Yesterday, something very unexpected happened. It all started with a guy named Jack. I've known him since I was 11 and for the longest time he's been a father figure to me. He is a close friend of my parents and because of that he's always been there for me. He attended my graduations, prom, and any other event of mine with the rest of my family. ... [more]

"That's fine" not fine

I've been asking my wife to fuck my friends, and after years of refusing, she finally said yes. I had three guys over and we all had a nice time. Afterwards, my wife said she loved it and that it was special. Of course the whole thing was a secret to the wives of my friends. Their wives didn't know that they were over to fuck my wife.
My... [more]

I took my sister virginity

This happened in the late eighties when my sister first got a boyfriend she told me they had only touched and kissed and she was to scared to have sex with him, over a few weeks we had spoken about what it’s like will it hurt etc I told her the first if never the best experience but it’s part of life.
She still was unsure about having sex with... [more]

Sister's Keeper

Ok... My sister in law is just insanely hot. She always comes over to my house to hang out with my wife but the clothes she wears are either tight or revealing. Last time she came over was at a family reunion where she wore this tight red dress and she kept watching me. She even grabbed my crotch under the table and stroke it without people... [more]

Blindfold and penis sleeves

Wife and i are mid 30s she had been saying she wanted to be blindfolded and feel full of lust as i do anything sexual i desire but wanted something different. I got some penis sleeves of different sizes without her knowing they are clear almost like thin dildos. One night after watching a movie and having her drink some wine we begin to kiss and... [more]

Peeping my big Cousin's open air bath

Once during holdays at Uncle's farmhouse, my big cousin sister aged 20 would go down their farm to their own pond from where the farm is watered from the pump house on the pond edge. She used to have a bath every day in the morning in that pond and washes her panties and other dresses. When she started to move to the pond, I followed her out of... [more]

#1 fantasy ( lived )

My husband and I have had the same fantasy for years. We constantly watch this video of a wife laying on the ground blindfolded and her arm's are tied around a tree. In the video the husband waits until a stranger comes along and screw's his wife. Like I said we both have a thing for this video. It has taken a long time to get the nerve up , but... [more]

Just get it off your chest

There have been times when I just want to ask a close female friend what's the best way to suck a dick?? I just want to see how she would react. Actually, most women are terrible at giving really good head. The best head I ever had has always come from shemales or trannys. I guess what I really want her to know is that I suck dicks too. And can... [more]

I need cock!

I love my wife fucking my arse with a dildo, or anything really. I’ve been fucked with a carrot, a screwdriver handle, a torch, I’ve even been fisted by my wife! That was absolutely amazing by the way.
It started because I wanted to please her and it was something she wanted to do. For a while she would finger me while she wanked my cock, then... [more]

My 48 year-old BBW wife goes black

We are Andrew and Tiffany both 48 years old married for twenty two years with one 20 year daughter who is in a accountent and my wife is a real estate agent also she is bbw standing 5'7 and 245 lbs with 42 Dcup boobs ,are life was normal just like anyone else would expect and are sex life was what you thought it would be good when ever... [more]

4 am on the weekend

I wake up at 4 am during the week for work, but on the weekend 4 am starts my masturbation time. I have 2 or 3 hours to be naked, watch porn, and read naughty posts. I might do it at my desk or in the bathroom.
Right now, I am in the bathroom. I have been stroking my cock for over an hour. After this post, I will look at some big tit images... [more]

Sister's private parts googled at closeup

While growing up I have always googled by younger sister who had big boobs and bulging bottoms. I have always dreamt of having sex with her. One day during her afternoon sleep I chanced upon her skirt slightly falling away from the edge of the bed due the wind of the fan. Being too horny I slowly tip toed near and slowly lifted the half skirt... [more]

Wanting cock all the time

After wanting it for 50 years finally had the courage to suck cock. I’ve sucked 2 now,I think about it all the time and plan to meet men to suck them off. I’m addicted to it, don’t want anything in return, just want to suck, make the spunk cum, and leave. Wife doesn’t know. I rub my nipples all the time now to arouse myself for cock.

Grown stepdaughter

My wife any I have been separated for a year now.To my surprise the week after I left the house my stepdaughter came over to my new place .I have always been attracted to her.She is a blonde, 110 lbs, very small tits, and an ASS that is to die for.Being a young 30,and me a horny, dirty 60.
I've always wanted to have my way with evening... [more]

Slept with my distant cousin after I learn of my wife’s afairs

Sorry I’m advance for the bad spelling and grammar/punctuation. This is a true story and I’m telling it in as much detail as I can recall.
One day my cousin (2nd cousin once removed) called me up saying she was in town visiting some family and wanted to stop by and visit with me before she left town the next day.
I was with a good friend of... [more]


My fiancee’s best friend is a psychologist. Recently after some issues (I cheated) we have gone to see her for help. Having an attractive friend involved in intimate talk is not a good idea. She knows everything and she has seen me in private. In that private meeting she gave me a blowjob and said it was natural for males to desire many women... [more]


My fiancée is bisexual. She was dating a girl but decided she liked me and my cock better. I’m not a controlling freak. Right after she makes this decision we all have hotel room together before our flight home. My fiancée and I have sex all night while the ex is crying. She cries the plane ride home. Then, after a couple weeks, she becomes... [more]


I am usually the Dom, but my gal enjoys putting her finger all the way in to my p-spot. It is magical how hard you cum with foreplay and your p-spot being hit. Of course sometimes there’s anal in many she was hesitant but has grown to like a session of cum dripping in her mouth, pussy and ass.

Eating your own cum?

How many of you guys out there eat your own cum?

Accidently fucked my grandma

No, I'm not the kind of guy that's into old ladys or incest, but her's how I accidently fucked my grandmother.
I was visiting my granny at the old folks home last weekend. Grandma was setting on the sofa, in her room, watching her favorite daytime gameshow. She was wearing a loose fitting robe, and unbeknownst to me, had nothing on... [more]

What could have been...

I don't know quite how to say this but, I have been having this recurring thought over and over in my mind. When I was in college my roommate dated a football player. We were at a small southern university and the team was not very successful, but it pleased her family back home so she kept the relationship going. Unknown to everyone, except me of... [more]

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