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Total Surprise Gift From Girlfriend

My relationship with my girlfriend is great but the sex activities was getting ho-hum. Judy could see that I was not my self. I was starting to lose interest in her small breasts. She told me she wished her tits was as big as her older cousin's. "Yeah," I said to her. Her cousin Barb has big double or triple D's. "You know Barb been asking me... [more]

I have held it in all these years

This i difficult for me , and yes it is true . when i was seventeen i was raped by a couple of Black men , they held me in this home for over 24 hours , i was afraid , and only being seventeen i was no big kid , they had me do all sort of sexual things to them and to myself . yes i was fucked , yes i swallowed their cum . it hurt like hell! , i... [more]

I have held it in all these years

This i difficult for me , and yes it is true . when i was seventeen i was raped by a couple of Black men , they held me in this home for over 24 hours , i was afraid , and only being seventeen i was no big kid , they had me do all sort of sexual things to them and to myself . yes i was fucked , yes i swallowed their cum . it hurt like hell! , i... [more]

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A want to be shemale..I have a girly like petite body and love to masturbate in panties,teddies,pantyhose! My favorites are very sheer mesh see through ones that my cock loves to show off when I'm videoing myself masturbating...I have over 300 pairs and my favorite I don't wash them so I can feel all the times I've cum in them and It really turns... [more]

My Huge cock finally found a woman to love

Most guys think having a huge cock, like mine is (almost 12 inches and very thick) is a great thing. Well it not. Most women just can not take a cock that size. They think they can take it, but all screamed in pain as I push in. Also their pussy's feel to tight it almost hurts my cock.
I'm not gay, but for most of my life, I'm 25, I had turned... [more]


I want to suck c*ck all the time! It thrills me to make other guys cum in my mouth! I like to be in public after sucking, secretly knowing that I just swallowed another guy's cum!

"Best friend"

When I was a young boy I used to hang out at this park at night. It was my secret queer place. No one knew about it until one night after a party. It was late when me and my buddy left. We parted ways except he turned and followed me unseen. He knew something was up when I headed away from my house. I never knew he was there hiding in the bushes... [more]

Cum in food

My friend doesn't have too much so he appreciates it when I bring him the occasional hamburger or submarine. What he doesn't know is that he's been eating my cum for years! I did it for a thrill once but when I got away with it I just kept doing it over and over! He's not gay and neither am I. But it turns me on to watch him, my friend, eat loads... [more]

Got jealous of my sister and my son

I'm a single mum in my 40's and got jealous of my sister and son flirting so i desided to do something about it,I started to wear skimpy outfits for him to notice me,for a week i was dressing like that and didn't think it was working until he called me to come to his bedroom when i pushed the door open he was standing naked fully aroused,he asked... [more]


I am nasty and naughty and horney all the time.I have a hardon all night long and this morning it wanted me to put on one of my favorite panties that I've cum in so many times I've lost count and these ones never wash because when I spray them down with lavender infused water..My shemale cock goes crazy putting out precum and I take the precum and... [more]

i miss sexting

I once texted with another man i met on line , he was the only on i have ever texted with . we ended up making our selves cum as we talked to each other , i only did it that one time . now i am in y sixties and i find i miss it so much , i don't know where to find another man to sext with ,

Camping strangers

My girlfriend and I went camping at a very secluded place. Matter a fact, in the 3 years we had been going there, we never saw one other person, until this night. We had been there all day fishing and swimming. It was getting later on and we decided to eat, when this car pulled up. Three guys and one girl got out. They asked if we minded they join... [more]

Co worker

Im 24 year old white female with a athletic body. Recently in april I met a black guy that just started working at the job where i work. He is a bit older than me, he is 39 years old and is more on the heavy side about 275 lbs id say. He Never married and no kids. We chilled a few times. He is very nice and funny. I never dated a black man, or... [more]

So Nice

I gave this "story a title of "So Nice" because that's exactly what it is So Nice. I have a panty fetish, I have found different ways to aquire them. The ultimate goal is to j/o with them. My most intense orgasms have been with panties. Most times it takes 2-3 days of watching panty videos, reading panty stories & wearing them. It is extremely... [more]

Pandemic Blues......I Miss My Wife’s Pussy

When this pandemic began I thought it was a 2 week lockdown and everything would be back to normal. Normal for me is married at the age of 50, and battling Erectile dysfunction.
My wife is 40 and still very fit and attractive. I can eat her pussy all day and night and when we are together and sexually active I do. However when it comes to... [more]

She just does not want it anymore

My wife is in her forties and still enjoys intercourse as I have always given her plenty of foreplay both oral and with toys then usually I use my cock on her for a bit then more oral for another orgasm. Sometimes I have came in her but it has never bothered me tasting my own load as I used to suck myself off when I was younger. But for about the... [more]

My husband's fantasy

My husband shared his fantasy with me right after we married. He confessed he wanted to watch me be with his friend. I was sickened by it and refused. To be honest, he pushed quite hard about it and we almost split up over it.  We have been married for 23 years in November, but last summer he finally got his wish.
We were on vacation and we... [more]

Nervous young guy at my glory hole

I have a glory hole set up and have posted on here a few times with some of the experiences. I had a younger guy show up last weekend, really nice cock but was very hesitant to put it thru the slot. I told him I would just put my mouth up to the slot and let him control how much he wanted sucked. He was really turned on by the idea of the glory... [more]

Younger guy came to my GH yesterday

His cock was amazing, he was already getting hard as it came thru the slot. I lightly ran my fingers around it and just licked the tip as he hardened up with a slight upward angle. Wonderful head on it, very smooth and large, I licked it hard while holding him firmly and felt his pulsations as I did so. I teased him for a good ten minutes then... [more]

Transexual in love with cousin.

I've always been very feminine and i can't remember the last time someone though I was a boy. I've have not worn boys clothes since I was 5. Make up short skirts and heels are my normal way I dress. My hair is down to my butt, and I have killer legs, I have blue eyes and a guys always say I'm pretty. People in town have just accepted me. At 14 I... [more]

Mother i law

I was married about a year
We lived next door to my wifes parents.
My mother inlaw was in her early 40s
I was 21 at the time.
She was petite like my wife but never really was attracted to her till one night i was upstairs and saw the light come on next door. I looked and it was my mother inlaw. Lets call her Lisa. She was in bathroom. The... [more]

Lockdown with Mom

What i am gone say is so taboo happened to me it will be a long one story
my name is Jay, i am 20years old studying in college i had good sexual life with my girlfriend my life was too good my father passed away when i was 10 my mother was a business women and good mom she did everything best for me.
i was having pretty well high... [more]

Caught on video

Recently, my wife & I were at a reasonably small gathering at a friend's place & there were a few folks there that we didn't know. After a couple of hours though we were all pretty well acquainted & drinks were flowing.
My wife is the sort of lady that prefers to chat with guys, she can't be bothered with the gossip chat & whatever women go on... [more]

Living with a Hot Wife

I have been married to my wife for 15 years. It's been a great 15 years. We met online. She wasn't specifically looking for the person she was going to marry but if she found him that would be cool. She was divorced. Her husband wasn't really into sex all that often and she was (and still is). He only wanted sex once a week at most. She wants sex... [more]

Daughters friends wet panties on a horse ride

I was bbq one night drinking a few beers and my daughter had her friends over for a sleep over. After we all ate they asked me to give them each a ride on one of our horses so I did. One by one I sat behind them on the horse and rode them around. These are all teens and with every ride I’d sit behind them and I could feel how they would rub up on... [more]

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