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Cum in sandwich joke went wrong

My girlfriend plays a lot of practical jokes on me and I do some on her, and lately they have gotten a little sexual. Recently I was at home and I thought alone, knowing my gf was on that time of the month and so I would not be getting sex I decided to rub one out (she won't do anal and I don't get many BJ's). As I thought I was alone I pulled it... [more]

Does my wife want to or not?

I have been married to my wife for almost 20 years now. In all that time she has very conservative about sex, not really wanting to do anything taboo. She is a plain Jane sort of a woman only wanting sex in the bedroom.
A few years ago I pushed the envelope and asked her if she wanted to hear my fantasy. It took several times asking, but she... [more]

Fetishizing women’s pleasure

I confess that my greatest enjoyment sexually always involves a woman’s pursuit of her personal sexual pleasure. Without that element, without seeing or knowing or hearing or reading about or experiencing a woman’s drive for orgasm by any means at hand, my desire is muted. My greatest pleasure in sex is a woman’s sexual mind. And although I... [more]

Hottest threesome ever

My teenage daughter and I were doing the naked nasty together one afternoon, like we occasionally do after she gets home from school. Normally we have a good two hours to mess around before my wife gets home from work, but unbeknownst to me, her boss closed up shop early for the day and sent her home two hours early.
We were in my daughters... [more]

Sex in my 20’s

When I wanted sex in my 20’s I could have almost any woman that I wanted. I loved older ladies, in their 40’s or 50’s. They enjoyed having me eat them until they had a couple of orgasms, let me fuck them until I had my orgasm inside of them, then they went crazy when I would go back down on them giving at least one more orgasm while I licked... [more]

Wearing panties as a boy and then as a man

I was about 13 when the boys that fucked my mouth and ass gave me my first pair of panties. They enjoyed teasing me about being their slut, letting them cum on me and inside of me. Teasing me about swallowing their loads of cum or having it shot inside my ass. Teasing how when I was with them that I was more of a girl than a boy and I should at... [more]

Is it ok to use your sisters panties to masterbate?

Like all boys I jerk off now and then, I have not had full sex yet, so it's all I have.
Because we live at home, my mum does the laundry for me and my sister, and delivers neat piles of clean laundry to our rooms.
A couple of days ago I got a pair of my sister's panties by mistake. I had never held a pair of girls panties so was drawn to them... [more]

Fucked in ass

I'm a straight male and like to play with dildos. I would like to have my ass fucked by a real cock. I would like to see u in the mirror fucking my ass. I'll lie on my stomach and spread my ass open for you. U can fuck me any way you like. I want to feel your cum in my asshole.

Finally ass to mouth!

I've been begging my wife for years to let me put my cock into her mouth after fucking her ass. She has always said no, it's gross, whatever. Well I finally did it. We took a long hot shower together and I made sure to soap up her asshole and really scrub it clean, my cock too. We got out and started fooling around in bed and within minutes I had... [more]

College classmate

Im 21 and currently in college in Virginia, I originally live in Pennsylvania. I also have a boyfriend from high school back in PA. I been in college for two years. When I started college I met a nice friend who is also my classmate in at least one class ever since I been in college. His name is Malcolm he is a foreign exchange student from... [more]

On the phone right now with Gail

I get a phone call out of the blue this afternoon from an old flame. Call her Gail (not her real name). Haven't talked to her in years, but I've been jerking over her since high school. We dated occasionally but never got physical. I was more interested in her than vice versa in that regard.
She's blathering to me right now. So what do I... [more]

I jill at work

I play with myself at work and it is not like I have a lot of privacy. There are cubicles and I am on a corner one at the end but there is a lot of walking traffic in our department. Sometimes I just simply play with my nipples but I have gone as far as a dildo up under my skirt and even had to carry on a conversation one time with it halfway in... [more]

Girlfriends sissy is my husband

My best girlfriend and I have been in a long term lesbian relationship, about 12 months ago we caught my husband wearing my lingerie and heels.
We decided that he should be locked in chastity and would wear only female lingerie and cloths at home, my girlfriend would take control of the keys and be his Mistress, he would learn to do his own... [more]

Truck stop wife banging

Two years ago my wife and die we’re at a pilot truckstop. We had dinner and my wife was wearing a short Skirt with no panties. Her blouse was white and she was not wearing a bra. Truckers kept looking at her nipples that were plain to see. After we finished with dinner we left the restaurant. While my wife was walking out all the men were watching... [more]

Is having sex with someone as a favour ok?

I'm 23 and recently split up with my bf, so flying solo for a while. I still live in my parents house on a short closed street of a few houses where everyone knows everyone. Growing up I had many friends on the street and some remain. One was a boy who is now an awkward 19 yr old. He and his parents visit my parents for a party and we chatted... [more]

Sister and cousin

My 14 year old sister my 16 year old female cousin and my 13 year old Male cousin were playing spin the bottle. i am a 23 year old Male. i bought 4 cases of bud light platinum and i added a twist to the game which is truth or dare. any way as a result i was able to fuck my 16 year old cousin witch i wanted to do since she was 7 and i was 15. her... [more]

Don't want to scare new boyfriend with my sexual fantasies

I am a have a lot of sexual desires, I'm in to most things, but I don't want to scare my new boyfriend off. So I am asking for help, what are men in to sexually?
What would scare men?
So far all our sex has been pretty standard missionary, it's good, but a bit vanilla. I always thought all men were filthy minded perverts, but I need him to... [more]


I would like to face time someone man or woman and masturbate together. I did it once with a gay guy. I'm straight. He likes men in jockstraps so I put one on. I turn my ass to the camera and arch my ass out and was spreading my ass. He was jerking off and was saying what a nice ass I have. Then he wanted me to turn around and watch him cum so I... [more]

Anal sex with cross dresses

I want to be with a cross-dresser. I want him to come over in a black short dress, thigh highs, and heels. I want him to take off his dress only and walk around like that. I want him to bend over and tease me with his ass. I want to take him into my room and lie him on his stomach. I want to massage him and play with his asshole. I want him to... [more]


I'm a straight male and I see men on porn fucking their ass with a dildo and the cum without jerking off. I tried it and it felt good like I was gonna cum and I pissed. Any suggestions

Being Involved with Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said in the first part of this story, I been involved with my girlfriend's family and friends during the fifteen years that I've been with her. I last told of doing Judy's mother giving her a wonderful pounding. Doris must of told Debra, Judy's sister about my endowment.
I got a phone call from Debra, her saying that her husband was... [more]

The Man Who Took My “2nd And 3rd Virginities” Attended My Wedding

The Man Who Took My “2nd And 3rd Virginities” Attended My Wedding Years Later
I’ve been feeling sort of “guilty” about this and think I’d feel better if I could tell somebody about it. But, of course, I can’t. No one knows about this except the guy that was there and maybe my sister and brother-in-law. I could never tell my husband about... [more]

Wife is a light weight

When my wife starts drinking she is a light weight and quite often ends up passed out. She also likes to be a stripper when she drinks sometimes and will put on music and begin a stripper routine, very entertaining to say the least.
What I enjoy about her being this way is she will do anything I want sexually, it is like she is hypnotized and... [more]

Self sucking

When I was 15 or so I would lock myself in the bathroom, remove all my clothing and lay on the cool floor to masturbate. Back then all it took was a few erotic fantasy thoughts and I would be rock hard in an instant. One day I was really stroking myself and getting all worked up, visions of a neighborhood girl giving me head to fuel my... [more]

Desire to be a cuck

I'm a 42 year old bisexual guy who's married to a very sexy bbw. I have a growing desire to become her cuck and watch other guys fucking her in front of me. The guy making fun of my small cock and telling me I'd never make her feel like he is. Then after hes done he makes me lick his cock clean and then eat his cum out of her pussy.

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