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Busted stroking

When I was 16 and in the early eighties my mother dropped me off at my older brothers place for the weekend at his apartment he was sharing with his roommate Mike.
I knew my brother and his roommate weren’t going to be there as they headed to Vegas so I was just gonna burn time by staying at the pool watch cable tv
They left the key so I just... [more]

Bad anal

I was hanging with my girlfriend and she was in the kitchen making breakfast and looking fine in her sexy panties. I pulled out my cock and asked if she was up for a quickie, and she said, "Sure, but let's make it quick, I'm busy."
I pulled down her panties and asked if I could fuck her in the ass. She said okay. I started plowing away in her... [more]

Cuz in my bed

My aunt and uncle are going through a ruff patch and lost their home. My parents both work really good jobs and have a lot of money. They would have helped my aunt and uncle had they asked, but they didn't. The day they were being evicted they called and asked if they could move in with us for a few day. Well that few days has turned into a few... [more]

Wet dreams in the car

I had a really embarressing wet dream once when riding home from the beach with family. We had driven down from Pennsylvania to spend the weekend at the beach in North Carolina. It was my mother her sister and I, my little sis and our 3 cousins. I was the only other guy except for my one cousin who was I think 10 at the time.
I was the... [more]

Threesome took a turn I was not expecting

I am single and have never been married, I became friends outside of work with a guy after selling him my boat. His wife is very beautiful and a little wild so one evening when I was over at their house she told me that I should spend the night instead of driving home. I of course told them not to worry if they thought I had to much to drink then... [more]

Behind His Back

For about 3 years I’ve been friends with this woman who is a former client. We occasionally will go to lunch together. We’re both in our late 50’s - she is married, I am not. We’ve pretty much admitted to one another that we are extremely physically attracted to each other but we’ve resisted any such temptations because she is married and... [more]

Roommate caught me

So I share a two bedroom apartment with a buddy from work. As far as I know, he is straight. I am bisexual but haven't done anything with another guy at the apartment. We have the sock on the door rule.
Well a couple weeks ago, I got off work around 7pm. He wasn't supposed to get off work till 10pm. A former lover that moved out of town texted... [more]

Naked hazing

My best friend in band invited me to a sleepover. His was the richest family in town and he had real satin sheets on his bed. He told me because of that we had to sleep naked. I hesitated. But when I saw Billy drop his tight whites I did too.
Ill admit it felt good and after talking a while we Fell one point while laying on my side I... [more]

My husband’s fantasy

I wanted to confess this for ages and it’s not easy so please bear with me. After our two children were born my husband, John, and I decided that we didn’t want any more children, and my doctor performed a tubal ligation and “tied my tubes..”.
Once I had recovered, I started to feel a freedom about having sex without having to worry... [more]

The birds and the bees at 27

I’m male and years ago I house shared with 3 other people, I only got to know one person on a personal leave and that one person was not very confident and dare I say it, not very good looking!
Most evenings we would spend time chatting about anything and everything.
On a few occasions I had asked her about any relationship but she would never... [more]

One night stand never to be forgotten

For the last 12 years I can’t stop thinking about a one night stand I had.
My boyfriend and I had a really bad row, can’t remember what about now but it was big enough for me to spend the weekend at my friend house two hours drive away.
My friend took me out for a drink, it was just what I needed, different people and different location.
While... [more]

Took my breath away

It’s amazing how an image can stay in your head.
I saw a video of my friends brother masturbating, I have no idea how she got it but I couldn’t stop watching it.
He is 23 has a flat stomach and a really big cock, it’s really long and thick.
He was masturbating in front of a camera, his cock looked so hard, every time I watch it my mouth is... [more]


One of my ex boyfriends had the most delicious tasting and smelling cum. The smell of it drove me nuts. Why did his cum smell and taste so good and not other boyfriends?

Never satisfied.

I’m 22 female and I’m never satisfied after an orgasm.
I’ve had many boyfriends and for many reasons other then the above we’ve not lasted.
I’ve been single and frustrated for a long time now.
I give myself as many orgasm as I can, as soon as I’ve had an orgasm I want another and another.
As much as I like sex my main goal is the orgasm.
One... [more]

Thank god for the police

When it’s nice weather I drive to my local park on my lunch break from work.
On one occasion when I pulled into the car park I could see two police cars, the police were talking to a man that looked very angry.
I got out and spoke to the person in the car parked in front of me.
Guessing late 40s lady, she said the police had been there since... [more]


Any ideas how I can give myself a creampie, I watch a lot of porn and so want to feel what it’s like have cum in my pussy. I want to be able to do it when I cum, I want to feel it dripping out of my pussy. Any homemade ideas???

Daughter like mother

My 16yo daughter was going to a party, she asked for a lift and pickup, 3 days before the party I’m now taking 3 other friends!
It was arranged the other 3 girls parents collect from my house.
I’m a single parent and have a really good relationship with my daughter, not much we don’t tell each other, I’ve known for a long time about one of the... [more]

How does this sit with you?

I’m just seeing how this sits with other people.
A few weeks ago I admitted to my friend I haven’t had penetrating sex for over 8 months, she asked what are you two doing, I said I masturbate in front of him, she found this very strange.
As a rule I don’t have sex on my period, one of my periods went on longer than usual and my boyfriend was... [more]

Sex has become a mess

Sex has become a right mess with my new boyfriend, I won’t let him cum inside me so he pulls out and shoots it everywhere. I wouldn’t mind if he had some aiming but for some reason he can’t cum without making a big mess, on the covers the floor even on my bedside table. Wherever he points his dick it doesn’t come out in that direction.

Stuck dildo

Recently, I discovered the pleasures of prostate stimulation. My wife has a seven inch long, slender vibrating dildo that she shoves up my butt while she gives me head. The orgasms I have are unbelievably awesome.
Last week, my wife was going to town on my ass while she was sucking the cum out of my cock, and when I was cumming, my rectum... [more]

Sex with my dog

I know it’s no excuse, but I was groomed for sex as a young child. I was taught that sex was not a bad thing, but exciting and fun. And I still don’t feel I was ever hurt or abused.
When I was 10 I happened upon our dog princess being bred by 2 large dogs. I knew they were having sex, so it was exciting to watch! After getting a closer look I... [more]

Found the G spot

I have a friend that I met at the nude beach who is a rather large African American man. To go along with it, he has a HUGE cock. 9 inches long - cut - and has to be 6 or 7 inches around although I haven’t measured it.
We got together because he likes to suck my cock. Not sure why - I’m pretty normal size at 6.5” and a little bit bigger around... [more]

Embarrassing doctor visit

When I was a boy I took a small wire and slid it in the end of my penis. It hurt like hell but I was so horny it felt good. It felt so good that I ejaculated without even masterbating. I tried it a few more times when I was kid and had the same results, but then never did it again. Fast forward 30 years and I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I... [more]

A vet with extras

My with for 20 years is a vet and she rares for the animals on the farms around us. Wo don't have kids but we are still in love and have regulary sex 3-4 times a week. No perversions just sucking and fucking.
Last weekend my wife came home from a appointment on a farm near us. she came to me and said, we have to talk. She confessed, that the wife... [more]

Pregnant and horny

I'm 25 and living in a relationship with the best girl in the world. We love each other and trust each other completely. how much, I could tell you. It makes me hot to write about it and my girl and me often talk about it while we fuck.
It has been nearly 3 years ago when the older sister of my girl was fresh married and pregnant. First it was a... [more]

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