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Got jealous of my sister and my son

I'm a single mum in my 40's and got jealous of my sister and son flirting so i desided to do something about it,I started to wear skimpy outfits for him to notice me,for a week i was dressing like that and didn't think it was working until he called me to come to his bedroom when i pushed the door open he was standing naked fully aroused,he asked... [more]

Drug addicted mom

So my mom left me when i was 6 months old with her mom. She only came around when she needed bail or money. It was a toxic relationship to say the least. So things roll along for almost 30 yrs before i hear from her again. Her mom (the woman who raised me ) is long dead and gone. I never married, or dated. I poured myself into my... [more]


I know Many people won’t believe this. But I had sex with my sister last week. I know I read many stories over the years of incest and always believed they were all fake fantasies. Years ago when I was a tech teenager my sister used to cut my hair. I was 15 to 16 years old my sister was three years older. I always remember we would put a kitchen... [more]

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Invading privacy

I have lived with my uncle Dominic and his wife Carmella since I've been 10 years old. I'm 23 now and uncle Dom died when I was 19 and he was just a great guy. Aunt Carmella was always hands on with me like a mother. She did everything for me and still does like making meals doing my laundry and cleaning up after me. The only bad thing is she... [more]

Young married wife

I have been married less than 2 months, big mistake, husband turned out to be a mummy's boy and it was stark that both my new MIL and FIL both wanted to get me into bed!
2 weeks after our wedding was a 1940's weekend in a sleepy little seaside town on the North Norfolk coast which my new husband said we had to attend with his parents, so I... [more]

Affair with mother in law

Been having an affair with my mother in law for years, I love her, even more than my wife, sex is fucking great with her.
We are always fucking whenever she leaves the room, last time was last night. The three of us were watching a movie and then wife left because she was tired and wanted to sleep, as soon as she got in our room her mother gave... [more]

Transexual in love with cousin.

I've always been very feminine and i can't remember the last time someone though I was a boy. I've have not worn boys clothes since I was 5. Make up short skirts and heels are my normal way I dress. My hair is down to my butt, and I have killer legs, I have blue eyes and a guys always say I'm pretty. People in town have just accepted me. At 14 I... [more]

Mother i law

I was married about a year
We lived next door to my wifes parents.
My mother inlaw was in her early 40s
I was 21 at the time.
She was petite like my wife but never really was attracted to her till one night i was upstairs and saw the light come on next door. I looked and it was my mother inlaw. Lets call her Lisa. She was in bathroom. The... [more]

My ginger stepdaughter

I was with my Mrs for 6 years she had a daughter from previous marriage and a year before we broke up her daughter had turned 16 (I'm 28 and my mrs was 45) It started when her mobile froze and I rebooted it and as I pulled the memory there first 5 pictures were of her perky breast her tight round arse her naked lay in with not a stitch on pale... [more]

Lockdown with Mom

What i am gone say is so taboo happened to me it will be a long one story
my name is Jay, i am 20years old studying in college i had good sexual life with my girlfriend my life was too good my father passed away when i was 10 my mother was a business women and good mom she did everything best for me.
i was having pretty well high... [more]

Mom caught

I just commenting on a post that reminded me of something that happened to me.
I just got home from school.
I came in and went straight to the bathroom.
I walked in on mom in the middle of masturbating and froze for a second then turned and hurried out.
It only took a few seconds but remember every detail and had many of fantasies over it... [more]

Granny sex

I'm thinking about having sex with my mom she's in her seventies I'm early 50 s we live together just think she would like to have sex after so long and I'm happy to be her lover as I always wanted to fuck her. Any thoughts??


My confession goes back to my early 20's my mothers 50th birthday my sister and her husband went out with my mother and me.
I confess since the age if 12 I had fantasised over fucking my mother and when I saw her dressed up I decided that I needed to try to seduce her.
Pleated blue skirt sheer white blouse with a white bra holding in her 38d... [more]

We're a couple now

This happened during the early days of our confinement, but it's the sort of thing you can't tell out in the open even if you feel the need to say it somehow, which is why I'm here: my son and I are in a relationship.
It's weird to say it, but we had an attraction before. The only way we can explain it is by the fact that I had very little to... [more]

Naughty mom and daughter

I am a single mom of two, a boy 7 and a girl 9. this confession is not about actual sex with my kids but the things that I do when they are around,
I really don't know how to say it so I will just come out and say that I love the fact that they might hear me masturbate or see me having sex. when I have sex I will leave my door cracked just a... [more]

Me and my cousin

I'm 49 and my cousin is 48 i remember the day that me and her were in her room it was 16 and she was 15 it was on a saturday we were watching or playing nintendo when i decided to take a chance and ask her if she would let me touch her breasts and her nipples i did'nt know what her reaction was going to be ,so just when i was about to ask her my... [more]

Stripper for a night

A friend of mine was putting on a bachelorette party of her bestfriend. She had hired a stripper, but he canceled at the last minute. It was the eve before the party and she called me asking if I could help her find a replacement. We literally called everyplace we could think of with no luck. We were sitting there out of ideas when she said most... [more]

Tell the truth and be honest

How many of you can say that you really had sex with your son ????,,,AND ENJOYED IT...I'm not afraid to admit it i'm a single mom with a college age son and professionally employed and I can truly say the experience has been truly fun and enjoyable for both of us...

Getting to know mom

I am a Police officer in a small town, one night we get a call for domestic dispute and my Sargent and I respond from different directions. As I pull up my Sargent has my mom and her boyfriend in cuffs because they are both intoxicated, apparently the boyfriend hit my mom during the fight. My Sargent says he is taking her boyfriend in and to go... [more]

Mom did not want me gay

My mother was a nurse and never dated I always remember her being naked or just in a robe. She never hid her body and showered with me every day, have me soap her body and she do it to me. She always seen to be touching me especially my cock by 12, her touch h made me hard. Most night we slept together and naked. When she caught me jerking off... [more]

Your Panties

If I have been to your house, and you are a woman, wife, daughter, mother, sister, I have found your panties and either sniffed them, jerked off into them, or taken them. If you have a hamper in your bathroom, I have taken your panties out, sniffed them, jerked off into a pair and probably taken them. If you have a laundry room, I have checked... [more]

I desire women...

I am a 26 year old male happily married to the love of my life. I love her with all my heart but I feel like I have a dark side...
My paternal great-grandfather was a womanizer and left many women pregnant and I have been told his son, my grandfather, was a pimp. There are times where I feel I want leave my wife and just fuck as women as I can... [more]

Daughter sleep ovet

Coming from an eastern culture where arranged marriages I have innocent 24 daughters who wanted come stay at the coast on a sunny weekend with me and stepfather, the husband was ok with but said only double bed as long give notice he gets a blow-up bed for her sleep in as this COVID being let up so as I was not working weekend we drove down early... [more]

I love my mom’s feet

I have loved my moms feet for a really long time. She is 45 now and she has a size 5 1/2 foot. They are so soft, and her soles are nice and wrinkly too. The thing that makes it worse is that she is always wearing sexy, thin socks so you can see her skin under. She always wiggles and spreads her toes, it’s likes she knows they are cute and she... [more]

The "Forbidden" fruit

Just days before we were forced into this whole quarantine stuff, I had the best fuck of my life, and it was with someone "forbidden": my own aunt.
She's my mother's much younger sister, and the "black sheep" of a very conservative family, which is why I didn't see her as much as family at first, but on the rare occassions we met as I became... [more]

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