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A young nibile bottom

I was in my local supermarket this morning having a coffee when I watched a mother and her three children walk over to the cut flower display. I immediately noticed one young girl, she must have been ten or eleven years old in a micro sun dress. I thought how can a mother let her daughter out in something as revealing as that dress!!
The little... [more]

In love with my step daughter

A little over twenty years ago I started dating a lovely lady Cindy 31, with two children. A boy 14 and a girl 10. We were both just coming out of a messy divorce. Her ex was very abusive and a drunk. My ex left me for her boss. I myself was 42 with two children, a daughter that was 22 and married, and a son 19 in the military.
Cindy was... [more]

Molested by a Black Guy

When I was around 5 or 6 my Mom would bring me to a babysitter. The house was located on a country road and had a big back yard. We would be allowed to play out there and not really watched very closely. Across the road from the house lived a black family. One day while I was playing I noticed this black man along side the house. He was between... [more]


I'm a 18 year old guy and I still get bare bottom spanking over my mum's knee it's so humiliating but deep down I love it especially when mum has others over to watch

Peeking Perv

Growing up our bathroom was connected to a pump house. The pump supplied water to our house. It was accessed outside thru it’s own door. But there was a 10”x10” opening between the bathroom and pump room.
When someone would get in the shower you could enter the dark pump room and spy on them.
I would go in and watch my sister and mother shower... [more]

Back massage with feet

When I was 17-18 my dad worked out of town during the week. I would always try to get my mom to rub her feet in my back in a massage motion. When she would get close to my shoulders I could smell her feet near my face. I would cum in my pants , it felt so good.

Panty smelling and shoes

Did anyone enjoy smelling their mothers shoes and worn panties growing up?

Stealing and wearing womens panties

I have had a panty fetish ever since I was 12. I first jerked off with the sheer white panties of my babysitter, who was around 21 at the time. OMG! The nylon felt soooo fucking good on the head of my small cock. I also jerked off with my aunts panties. Then I began stealing panties from laundry hampers of my friends sisters and mothers and... [more]

Soccer Moms/Dads

Our son plays soccer, so I spend a lot of time at the games. My husband goes sometimes, but mostly it's just me. The games are boring, but I'm good friends with the other parents. We often tailgate a bit and have a couple drinks because that's the only way watching that shit is bearable.
There is a fair amount of flirting that goes on, and... [more]

Coffee cream

My mother always puts on a pot of coffee in the morning, then takes a shower while it is brewing. I like to pour her a cup and hand it to her as soon as she gets dressed. This morning, I peeked through the bathroom door while she was showering, like I often do. I started wacking my pecker, then I went into the kitchen to finish while she got... [more]

Unconventional First Time

I want to get something off my chest that I’ve never told anyone. I’m a 44yo woman, mom, professional, and when I was younger, I lost my virginity to a dog. Yes, that’s right. I was super horny and curious, and I saw his penis and I took advantage of it. I took him in my mouth, then I got on all fours and he mounted me. It was fantastic. I don’t... [more]

A Birth In Reverse, Inside A Giant Baby Pink Fleece Vagina

I Have Always had a sexual fantasy, of Experiencing A Birth In Reverse, inside a giant baby pink fleece vagina! I Would Be Such A Good Baby, That Mother Vagina, Would Want To Remain Pregnant With Me FOREVER! The details of this Birth In Reverse, Can Be Left To Ones Imagination! “Birth Baby”!

MIL has changed

My wife has always had a lesbian relationship with her best friend since high school plus we have fantastic sex together however about two years ago her mother got divorced and came to live in our granny flat down the back, my wife after six months suggested I should have sex with her mother because she was missing it. MIL is fantastic in bed and... [more]

Live in Sex Partner

I've gotten to old to take the abuse of men cheating and lie to me. So I decided to go to animal shelter to adopt a dog to keep me company. I connected with Tucker a mix breed that had Great Dane in him. I wasn't tiny or fragile woman. I was somewhat stocky, so I knew I could handle him. We seemed to hit it off. I was nearly 70 and kept... [more]

My Sister and Mom love humping

Our mom is a horny single slut who forced me and my sister to hump and make out in the shower as kids. My sister and I actually never really fuck, but my mom and I will lay naked in bed watching porn and slow fuck while licking each other’s faces

Mother in law massage

My mother in law was having hip pain from a surgery. I was getting therapy for a ripped bicep I told her I had some ointment I could massage on her. But she shouldn’t get it on her clothes. She was in a white cotton nightgown To my disbelief she took her panties off in front of me I started massaging her staring at her ass and backside of her... [more]

Been Involved with a Sex Craving Family

About 15 yrs. ago I gotten involved with a sex craving family but didn't know I'll be doing most of my girlfriends relatives and some of her friends. My girlfriend was the cause of it. She bragged how endowed I was and knew how to satisfy a woman. So as the months and years went by my reputation spread.
The first family member I poked was... [more]


Last week I was at my mother in law's house for her birthday party. I really needed to use the bathroom but there was a line at the bathroom everyone was supposed to be using. I went into my mother in law's bedroom to use her bathroom and while I was there I noticed that the hamper was open and right on top was a dirty pair of her panties. I took... [more]

Fucked mom

First time I fucked mom I was 27 years old she was 50 it was her birthday dad had passed a couple of years ago and she hadn't had a man since.
My sister her husband me and mom went out for dinner mom all dressed up she was so beautiful a shapely brunette nice tits round ass great legs I was looking her over and thinking how it would be good to... [more]


I'm a 47 year old woman. I've been kind of the black sheep in my family because I've never been married and I've always dated younger men. I only started bringing boyfriends to my parents' house by the time I was 30, and the first one I brought was only 20. The oldest man I've ever been with was 30, but I was 40 then. I had my last boyfriend last... [more]

Suburban Mom is Hot for Stepdaughter

I’m a 41yo old mom and I must confess, I really want to sleep with my teenage stepdaughter. She is tall and strikingly beautiful. She recently told me she’s attracted to girls as well as boys, but she hasn’t been with a girl yet. I so badly want to eat her pussy and teach her to do the same. We have been close as long as we’ve known each other... [more]

My first time

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom was drinking way to much. I would find her around the house drunk passed out cold sleeping and she would be half undressed or completely naked. This is the first time I've ever seen a grown up woman nude before. I wasn't even interested in girls yet but after seeing her naked body that's all I... [more]

Hamper boy to girl

I started out wearing older sisters bras pantiesas young boy,at night id go to dirty cloths hamper in room next to my bed room,at firstonly tried on to see what it felt like looked like, seeing donna walking around in at home age 9 seeing her nearly naked all time. masterbated at night when all sleeping,her bras panties made me feel so good, as... [more]

Humiliated At The Hospital

I did not get to the hospital in time for my wife's delivery of our new baby boy. In the waiting room with me was a Middle Eastern looking man. When he was called in, I thought he also was a new Dad like me. When I was allowed in the room, he was there, gloating over his baby, who was obviously much darker than me or my wife. The nurses just... [more]

Threesome with Tucker

I've known Judy since nursing school. She went thru a nasty divorce. We started to have a relationship going. As I licked her hairy cunt, one day she screamed out, "Yes , lick mommy's pussy, Tucker!" The only Tucker I knew was her dog. "You been doing Tucker ?" I asked. She admitted she drank too much one evening and Tucker started to lap her... [more]

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