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12 yo whore daughter

My daughter is 12 years old and absolutely the nastiest whore I have ever met. I have caught her over 100 times sending nudes via all social media platforms. She has profiles on stranger fuck sights and uses them. She is feeding the Pedophiles Community of our whole town. We have even found her two towns away. She has thought she was pregnant... [more]

Playing House with Alicia

So most people get eaten out I am gonna ball park maybe 13? For girls ? But for me I was about 7 years old. And I was licked to completion by a very bad and probably sexually abused 9 year old girl.
But you wanna know what happened.
So me and let's call her Alicia.
Met durring man hunt. Me and the 3 houses next to mine all had kids living... [more]

She's A Milf Cockold And A Mom

Ever since I turned 18 my middle aged mother been using me. I don't know if she has a high sex drive or she isn't satisfied by dad or she just enjoys my package. We cucked dad now for three years. My mom is a short sexy blonde with perky stiff nipple breasts and an ass worth cumming on and licked after she is doggy fucked.
It started out... [more]

My girlfriend stole her mothers panties for me

I'm just curious if anyone else ever pulled this off? Beyond hot... She knows I have a panty fetish so she stole her mother's panties and gave me her panties and then told me to wrap both pairs around my cock and jerk off while she watched... i filled her mother's and her panties with a fountain of cum in that little pussy part... We both came so... [more]

Helping My Mom And Myself

I was sitting in my room watching porn on my computer. My mother was in the living room watching television, so I had to keep the volume kind of low. Even though I know it's not real, I have a thing for mother/son incest porn. This is probably started because I have always had an infatuation with breasts.
As a kid I would look through the bra... [more]

My Father in Law

Every time I fuck my wife i fantasise it's my mother in law underneath me as I'm giving her one. My mother in law is 68 and has a curvy figure with a massive pair of tits fighting to get out of her jumper every time I see her.
When we say goodbye I've started to hug her and give her a kiss on the lips, leaving my hand to linger on the small of... [more]

Real incest

I caught Roy Maynard fucking his mother Anna Ludlow. They live in Mt Vernon Indiana and I caught them in the act of incest. Anna Was on Roy's bed and he had his cock in her Hairy 73 year old pussy. His own mom's pussy and Anna was moaning like a whore.made her fuck me too and we took turns for hours fucking Anna Ludlow

Father in Law (2)

So, after seeing my Father in Laws penis in the pub toilet, and him saying he was gonna give his wife one (my mother in law) when they got home i couldn't wait to go round to see them again.
My chance came the following Thursday, my wife was working 2 late shifts on the Thursday and Friday so I was in on my own. My Father in Law goes out with... [more]

Wife's Curiousity And Her Mom's Made Wife A Swinger

I had a desire to try swinging, but my wife refused. We been married over a year and my desire grew stronger. One night in bed I brought up the swinging subject back up. " Aren't you interested in seeing or doing other cocks besides mine. I know you're happy with my thick cock and how good it feels in you." I said to her. "There 's one cock that I... [more]

I Wanted My Mom

This is a story about a mom and son. My dad left us a year ago, and we've been alone together since. I have to admit that hearing my mom and dad having sex always turned me on. Listening to my mom moaning, then getting very vocal during her orgasm, I had to jerk my dick until I would cum too.
My mom is 38. Still very attractive with brunette... [more]

Mother in laws panties

We lived with the in-laws for a while a few years back. My wife’s pussy and ass have a amazing taste and smell. Regularly would cum into her panties. Told her about it and she loved it.......
Anyway, one day I accidentally came across her mothers in the laundry basket. I couldn’t resist it.
OMG I hit the fucking jackpot. My wife’s were... [more]

How my old man found out why my penis was the size of a man's

I"m 13 years old now this is how my doctor found out when i was 7 years old i had a regular size nothing crazy so i went to go take a shower and i see 2 blue pill's that i thought was candy it really looked like candy so i ate one and i notice my penis was growing faster and was not stopping now you might be wondering this shit is not worth... [more]

How should i touch my mother in law

I am planning on checking out if i can bang my MIL, someone suggested i touch her waist and wait for a response. Please help with the expert advises

Things can happen and sometimes they do...

I have temporarily moved home with my mom. Basically to help with expenses and keeping the place up. My dad had moved out, only to move in with his secretary.
My mom was like a TV mom, not gorgeous, but someone you always thought was attractive. She has a great body by my standards, very similar to Jennifer Aniston's today. Still mostly firm... [more]

Doing His Ugly Milf Mom

It only seems natural for me to bang older women. If my friend Mike ever found out his mother cheats on his dad by pleasing me, he would freak out! I enjoy getting off a lot. I don't like to brag, but most women I have been with are happy with what I have. I'm a heavy cummer and can shoot several loads quickly.
Mike's mom is kind of... [more]


From i knew what sex is i always wanted a cock in me. Over time off geting fucked, i came home to find my father fucking my aunt her moans where loud. My mother was out off the country on a busniess trip and wont be back for a month.
The next morning i walked in the room and start plying with my pussy while looking at his cock. After couple day... [more]

I am so happy I found the perfect woman to marry

My wife is gorgeous and I am not saying that just because I married her, honestly I did not think she would even go out with me but we ended up married like two years later. She is quite the different person than I thought she would be looking at her, she is a complete submissive and is a stay at home mom which is great. She has never turned down... [more]


This is for some of you skeptical individuals out there.... when i finish basic training we had 4 days before shipping out so my friend rented a car to go visit his family i didn't have the need to visit mine so he asked me if i wanted totag along...after a 4 hour drive we reached his so called home ( my parents shed was bigger) it was a... [more]

How to make my sexual intent clear for MIL ?

I've been trying to dick my mother in law since 6 months, she is giving mixed signals, no clear signs, i wanna advance towards a higher level, please help

Used To Punish Mom

it started out to be embarrassing but it turned out to be delightful. Grandma told mom and me to come over to her house. She wanted to talk and had something to show mom. When we got there grandma led us into her bedroom. Then she snapped at mom, "You're a slut daughter-in-law!" 'What makes you say that to me!" mom yelled back. Grandma took out... [more]

It's Nice When Mom Is Handy

I woke up last night just after three A.M., my cock was so hard that it hurt. My beautiful mom sleeping quietly next to me naked. Her big tits, her tight pussy, her whole sexy body was right there. I moved on top her, gently kissing her lips, my hardness pressing against her stomach. My mom moaned, but she was still half asleep. I moved back... [more]

He came in me

My mother has a substance abuse started as living a so called privilege's life style i was born 2 years later then my father tells me her abuse got worst ..she was arrested 3 times for soliciting for drugs the 4th time she was sentenced to 12 years because i was in the car... my dad was devastated and finally filled for divorce..i... [more]

Relight my fire

I’m a 46 yo single mom of 2 children, I’ve not had sex for over 3 years now, I don’t masturbate much and being honest I don’t really get any urge for anything sexual.
But! When I’m upstairs watching my neighbour 2 gardens away walking about in his boxer shorts I do wish someone like him was between my legs, I get myself all worked up thinking... [more]

I wanna fuck my mom so hard

I become hard when i hear the sound my 35 years old mom pissing or when she changes dresses after bath. She has a chubby body with big boobs and ass. I just wanna fuck her pussy and put my cum deep inside her. But my father is the problem, he fucks every night. I like to imagine my penis in mom's mouth!

Blew My Mind And Penis During My Birthday

I grew up in a easy going household. No real conflicts and no strict rules. When I hit puberty my mom was all I could think of and wacked off. She was a sexy blonde who watched her figure. She's very short and had a body that would give anyone a boner if they saw her in a bikini like I did. No tits but a hot ass. Now years later she keeps asking... [more]

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