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Dad / daughter

I wanna fuck my dad so badly but idk how to... i saw his previous search history (i always look when he leaves his tablet at home and i masturbate to what he watches) and he had dad/ daughter porn, idk if he just watches it bc its hot or does he want to fuck me? i always walk around pretty naked and i hear him fuck my mom so good, like shes always... [more]

Wanking my crankster like a prankster.

Well I have been a masturbator since a young teen. Once I discovered how good it felt I would do it whenever I felt like it. One day I closed my bedroom door and I began wanking to my much older brothers dirty magazines. My mother knocked once on my door and then she simply walked in catching me spanking it. She flew into a rage and then she took... [more]

Toe Sucker

I have a younger brother Jared who is has always been a very strange person. It all started when he was around eleven years old. I walked in on him sitting on his lower bunkbed sucking on his own toes. He immediately jumped up like nothing was going on. When I said something about it he said I was mistaken and he was simply biting off a piece of... [more]

Husband Caught in the Act!

We live in a very small community. I was driving down to the florist to get flowers for my mothers grave. I go right by this little motel that has super cheap rates during the day. Everyone knows it's a hook up place for lovers and cheaters. As I turned the corner I saw a Corvette pulled in front of one of the bungalows. It was a blue 69... [more]

Stroked off by my older sister

I'm 15 and in high school. I usually masturbate while looking at magazines like Penthouse and Play Boy. Shit like that. I thought I had locked my bedroom door but the lock is messed up and sometimes it's not locked when you think it is. Anyway I'm like going at it madly when the door opened and my sister stuck her head inside to tell me dinner was... [more]

I came in my pants

This happened 1 year ago. I was 21 at the time.
I had come home to visit my dad and stepmom and my little step sister. I guess I hadn't had an orgasm in awhile, or maybe I dont have an excuse but it still both weirds me out and turns me on.
We had gone to the lake that day and were all wet and warm from the sun. Mom... [more]


Hi I recently caught my 18 year old boyfriend being spanked over his mother's knee was quite a shock should I dump him?

I'm a greedy mom

I had four sons and they all worked hard for over 20 years to build my business as time went on I gave each one one share of stock in the business in lieu of a retirement plan. As time went on they couldn't work together so I took the stock back from those that left the business. One son hasn't spoke to me in over 22 years. I've become well off... [more]


Hi when I was about 12 onwards my mother for punishment used to the Me naked to the washing line post naked in full view of the neighbors and anyone else who was walking by was so embarrassed 😳

Seeding the grass in the park

I go walking nearly daily on a concrete path that runs through the park. It's a couple of miles long. Sometimes I'll walk the dog, sometimes I'll go by myself, and sometimes I'll walk with a friend.
Two months ago I was walking with a friend. We're fit but in our mid 30's, attractive married mom types. It was a weekday in the mid-morning, so... [more]

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control
There is a SUPER SEXY MILF named Mandy who lives next door. I get rock hard for her all the time. She is about 5’ 2” and weighs about 110 lbs. She has firm, tiny breasts and tiny hips. I’ve always imagined she must be TIGHT inside. They asked me to house sit for them while... [more]

Watching friends

I was at my friend's place, we've been friends since we were in grade school. He just got a new girlfriend, and she's pretty cool. She's kinda pretty. She's got nice tits and ass. I'm a little jealous that my friend has been banging her, because I'm still a virgin and never had a girlfriend.
We were all at my friend's house playing video... [more]

Marital problems & mother in law

I'm 28, and separated from my wife who is 35. My mother in law is upset about this, has been calling a lot, which I've mostly ignored. My MIL is a lot older than me, 76, since she had my wife when she was in her 40's. She's been offering to counsel us (she was a therapist before she retired), hopes to get us back together, etc. She invited me... [more]

What should I do about flirt with M-I-L

I was a party with my in-laws recently. My father in law got drunk and the end of the night/ early morning I helped my mother in law bring him back to their suite. We dropped him on the bed and went to the next room. I gave her a kiss on the cheek goodnight and I left my hand on her shoulder just looking and she was staring back at me. Then I... [more]

Brother sister fuck

When I was 12 and my sister was 11 we both were going through puberty and started noticing each others bodies. I am 6’3” with a thin athletic frame and she is 5’5” and very thin. She had blonde hair a always had a nice ass but had started developing beautiful C cup tits. We had always slept in the same outfits, I slept in boxers and she slept in... [more]

I had a dream last night. Bi boy here.

Last night, I had a dream that the second after my mom left the house, I got into bed with my stepfather and he took my ass. Hard. Vividly remember him railing me and leaving me on the bed, full of cum. I AM a bottom, but I've never had feelings for him before. Does this mean something?

Parents know

I'm graduating from from HS soon, and a bunch of my friends are going to spend a few days camping and partying at a lake a couple hours away in three weeks. I told my parents about this, and my mom just said, "Are there going to be boys there?" I wasn't going to lie and said yes. It's going to be 8 boys and 4 girls. She's getting me on birth... [more]

My dad bought me a vibrator wtf?

My dad caught me masterbating, fingering, jilling off, you know. He couldn't see what I was doing but there was a knowing look, he knew what I was doing.
I live with my dad most the time and he is not good with daughter things, and this is one he wishes mum would have had to 'deal with'. So I was expecting an awkward chat about growing up, but... [more]

Piano Instructor popped my cherry at Thirteen

It was spring of 1995 when I was 13, I was practicing for my spring music recital with my instructor when my mom had to leave unexpectedly. She left me with him alone one day after school to tend with her issue. I would always giggle and tease with Mr. C during piano practice. This afternoon it went way beyond that!!!
I had already kissed a... [more]

Stay at home mom

My husband was promoted then interviewed a year later and changed companies getting another pay increase, his two increases totaled more than what I made so I asked him if I could be a stay at home mom. He was a little hesitant but told me that sounded like a great benefit for our children, I smiled at him and said he would get some great benefits... [more]


I me again since my last post I have been shared twice with guys and although neither one f them were outstanding the sheer fact that it was so wrong made it exciting enough for me to orgasm with both of them and again I have found out that Mike likes to taste another man in me and I like that also.
Well I don't think that I mentioned the fact... [more]

Son Obeys to See Mom Naked

Are there any other guys out there that had a mother that controlled their behavior by allowing them to see and touch her naked body? If I was good and didn't get in trouble my mom would let me help give her a bath or rub lotion on her naked body as a reward. I was a good boy as often as I could.

Fantasy Dreams of Step Son

My husband has a son from a previous relationship when he was a teenager. When his son turned eighteen, he left his mother to move in with us. There was rules he had to follow. What his dad and me do in this house is our business and no one else's. What goes on in here stays here. His dad bought him a car so his son could get out of the house at... [more]


I first met my present wife Maya through a friend.
My first wife had died of Cancer and I was in my late 50,s at the time.
Maya was 48 yo and was taking care of her older Father that had a stroke ans she was tied down to that,
She had also taken care of he Mother before she died so she really didn't have much of a social life so When Jim's... [more]

Fell for my mother

I was given away for adoption as a baby. I was raised by a good woman, but when she revealed I was adopted, I started to have this itch to find my biological mother. It took years of digging (I started as a teen, I'm in my mid 20s now), but I finally traced her down and she agreed to meet me. I learned the reason she gave me away: she was only 15... [more]

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