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Real nice Male PVC panties

About three months ago my mother in law had a trip to Europe and brought me two PVC panties made perfectly for men , very sexy and shiny with a wonderful feel when on, I have for years worn sexy panties all the time I love the fit with satin or lace touching my body day long and at home the matching bra sets and nighties.
I am so fortunate that... [more]

I also sucked off my neighbor and let him have me

I am a woman, 38 years old, married, mom and pretty much a normal woman. I read the stories on here but I have finished very few, some of them get me turned on while others make me wonder if I could do that or not.
The one about sucking off the neighbor was so funny because I did the same thing except I am a woman, I think the writer is a man by... [more]

Mothers with very busty daughters

Sometimes, it starts earlier than expected. Say at nine years. By the time she’s 11, she’s slender as a rail, very obviously several cup sizes larger than you, and growing fast! It seemed every day those breasts looked bigger, heavier and far more powerful than your own! Brassieres and tops were a nightmare as she burst out of something weekly... [more]

Nice Lingerie

Today was reasonably hot so when I came home I turned on the air conditioner, had a nice cold shower, and got into a new hot pink pantie and bra set I then made myself up and put on my wig, suspenders stockings and heels, I love the look and feeling it is so fantastic being able to walk around the house fully aware that if my wife, her mother or... [more]

Abused by mother

I was raised by my mother from as early as I can remember. My father left us when I was three years old. I was lucky to see him once a year, if he felt like comming around to visit for a few hours around Christmas time. He told me once that he left mom because she turned into a fat lazy slob after she gave birth to me.
Mom was a very... [more]


If you could would you have sex with your mom or dad? I've had sex with my mom when she was drunk and she thought I was dad. She was so totally out of it that she never once said anything about it the next day when I saw her in the kitchen. So she really thought I was dad but he was down stairs sleeping in front of the TV. I snuck into her... [more]

Thanks for telling her

Lisa and I were going out and would be gone for several hours, she wanted to have the Sara feed and let the dog's out at some point while we were gone. Sara was a 20 year old girl who lived down the street.
I had been asking my wife to wear top's that were more revealing for a while now, sometimes she would, and sometimes she wouldn't. This time... [more]

I fantasize about my dad

(25, AA Female 5'5 100 pounds for the curious?)
Okay this is really embarrassing, but when I get super horny I watch father/daughter porn. I have neverr been abused or anything by my dad, and we had a very bad relationship. I don't like him at all. But sometimes I wonder if he was attracted to me. He gave me a spanking once (with a belt) when I... [more]

Glory hole surprise.

The small city my wife and I live in has three adult toy shops. I frequently stop into one of them on my lunch break from work, as it is only two blocks away from the place I work at. If I ever get caught going in or out of the place, I just say that I was checking out toys to buy for my wife. The truth of the matter is that they have a... [more]

My sister wanted to have sex

My sister married early in life at 19 to a guy who was in his early 30's, hell looking back I wish I could do the same thing. Anyways it lasted just over two years and she was divorced and living back at the house. I was a freshman in college by then and only home on the weekends, I came home on a Friday and usually left early Monday morning.
I... [more]

The coffee stand

For the past few years I been going to one coffee stand some 13 miles from home daily. I fantasize and just want to reach out and take hole of three of the gals that work there all in their late teens and early 20's and have become friends with them over the years and my favorite became pregnant and close to her delivery date she was going to... [more]

I hate fucked my mother in law.

I've been married to my sweet wife for six years now. We get along great, with the exception of her mother-in-law. She's hated me since she first met me. I don't know why, I've always treated her daughter like a princess.
So, last week, her mother, Carol, who lives out of town, came to visit for a few days. As usual, I was going out of my way... [more]

My awesome wife

My wife has only become sexier since we got married, we have two kids and she is constantly moving and doing. She tells me all the time that she does not know how she would ever get all the things done if she also had a job. She is adamant that I do not do anything around the house, pushes me away from the sink when I try to load the dishwasher. I... [more]

I Did it Anway

A few years ago my sister lied to my girlfriend about me cheating on her. My sister didn't like her much and when she found out i was going to propose, this was her solution to stop me.
Well it worked and a few days later she dumped me and left. I was very angry at my sister, and it took months for us to fix our relationship and then slowly... [more]

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