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Mom was my lover

I am over 65 now and mom is in a nursing home. There was a bit of turmoil in our family moving around some. We were living in a small town when I was in the 3rd thru 6th grade. I had trouble going to sleep at night and mother would get in bed with me and sometimes sleep with me until she got up to fix dad his breakfast. When I was in the 4th... [more]

I succumbed!

I am Jenn. 41, married, mother, professional. Have only had sex with 4 men (although I sucked a fe more!).
Never cheated on hubby.
I think I still look good, pretty, 34d natural, maybe a bit plump. I am very orgasmic and lately our sex life has been somewhat stagnant.
I was out with friends, drinking more than typical. I ran into my... [more]

Step Son

I want to blow my step son. I want to take his cock in my mouth and feel his cum. I want his cock to touch my face so bad. I have wanted to blow him for a long time. I hope one day I will be get to. His mom does not know about this fantasy.

Only So Far

Mom was always a hugger and always gave us a peck on the cheek when we'd leave the house. We'd never thought much of it, demonstrative behavior had always seemed natural. I don't think either Mom or I was surprised one night when we'd both been drinking and I went up to hug her, but but the surprise came next when I pushed my lips to hers and... [more]

Is there anything wrong if a mom allows a son to enjoy her boobs

There is nothing wrong to allow your son to play with your body parts like boobs. Because son found his mom attractive or anything. And there are some situations where mom allowed her son to have sex with her. Considering that situation allowing a son to play with boobs is not a wrong thing.
Even I was also a part in such things. I studied... [more]



Mum wants to go on delivery in truck with me

Last month I was telling mum about a property I go to to deliver drinking water how beautiful it was all rainforest and all that ,she was very interested in seeing the property next time I deliver,I told her that the truck is very uncomfortable in the passenger seat and would be to bouncy for her going on the dirt roads but she persisted that she... [more]


I want to blow my step son and have him fuck his mom from behind.

My Mate's Hot Mom!

My name is Jason and I'm going to tell you my story how my friends hot mom saw me naked some twenty years ago.
I always had the hots for moms best friend Eileen who coincidentally was my best friends mom.
She was 5′ 11 and had a curvy figure with awesome legs
When I was in my younger years I’d always come downstairs and into the front... [more]

My Arabic mom big ass

Hi everyone I’m Arabic and Muslim since years I didn’t think sexualy about my mom until it comes the day when I saw her naked it was a morning she went to the toilet and left the door a little bit open I didn’t know she was there I was going to toilet too then I saw what I can’t never forget and I was 18 then. She was bending over cleaning the... [more]

Is it normal that my son stares at my breasts?

Yes, it’s normal. Boys and men do things sometimes without realizing it. One time my mom told me she wanted to talk me when she got home from work. I was probably in trouble for something. My mom had changed into a tank-top and shorts. I was standing a few feet from her as she was talking. When we were done talking I walked away and I overheard my... [more]

I Was 11 Years Old When I Saw My First Pair Of Naked Breasts

I was 11 years old when I saw my mother naked.
Well… I’m pretty sure. I saw her loads naked when I was a baby, but I don’t think that really counts because I wasn’t really into girls as a baby, and if I was, that would be weird. And naked to me in those days meant seeing a pair of breasts, not the full Monty naked but still. So let me correct... [more]

Wrongful Desires

I know it's wrong, I feel guilty about it, and wish I could get the idea out of my mind, but I can't. For months, I have increasingly had feelings for my son, but not those a mother should have. I keep thinking about boys wanting to have sex with their mother. I wondered if my son, Jimmy, had thought of sex with me. However, I do remember he often... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 8

Andy smiled and moved toward the bed, pulling his mother up with him. He stripped quickly. When he saw that his mother had made no move to take her robe off he returned to her and untied the robe and then pushed it to the floor. He felt her tremble as his hands slide down her arms and then cupped her breasts. "God, they are beautiful. Can I kiss... [more]

Tired of boring husband

My boring husband does please me anymore. He has a very big useless dick. If he was cheating on me I’d understand but he’s not. Our kids are grown and out of the house and we could be fucking like rabbits but nope. I work out everyday to improve my middle age mom body and I think I look pretty good. I’m nude at least 80 percent of the day and... [more]

Wicked Parents

What I'm going to confess was done in past. My wife and I bonded with our gifted son. I was walking down the hall and my son's door was a bit open. He was stroking his cock while looking at a nude women magazine. I envied him because mines was average size. He has a very long snake like dick. He was holding it with both of his hands. I was... [more]

My wife her mother and me

Some years ago i was working on a womans house doing building work id been working there about a week and had months of work to do . I was a 50 yr old guy and the lady of the house was 45 ,she lived alone or so i thought .
Working there long hrs you can imagine we got chatting and she told me she was a widow and had a step daughter who was 20... [more]

Going to visit mom

Just pulled over into a rest stop at Brooklyn near the Hawkesbury bridge on my way to visit mom just thought I’d let you know what I am about to do I’m wanking my self so I don’t get hard around mom ,she wears only a light cotton nightie this time of year and I can see right threw it her nipples are always very firm pointing at me witch started... [more]

My son's penis

I'll be frank: I had no opinion either way, in the suburbs of Chicago in the Midwest, whether my boys should be circumcised. My husband was, as was my father, and every other male I knew, so I agreed.
But my eldest son came to me when he was in his twenties, and demanded to know what happened to his penis. I told him nothing, except for his... [more]

Finally getting into mom

I somehow managed to waste my whole senior year of high school pursuing Susie, she was a hot blonde I was dating. I tried all year long to sleep with her, but she wouldn't put out. Susie kept telling me she was saving herself for the guy she would end up marrying. Can you believe that?
I thought she was just putting me on, but she wasn't... [more]

Daughter and Dad

Sitting next to my daughter the thought overwhelmed me as I swiftly started to get up. "Chrissie, this is just something that I can't continue with," I said, trying desperately to convince her, and convince myself. Then she did something that was hard to believe.
With both hands clasped firmly around my neck, she gently pulled my head down so... [more]

My drunk ex-wife

I was planning on divorcing my 2nd wife after my son graduated from high school, I was putting up with her until then just so there would be no drama for him. She had and still does have a great body, no idea how I guess some people are just born that way. So anyways she got completely drunk during his graduation party and after everyone left at... [more]

Mother in law affair

I am 47 and my mil is 61( had her daughter young) and I might add is built like a shorter version of Pamela Anderson. So a few years back I decided that I should be more kind to my mil. She had always hated me for cheating on her daughter before we were married. And rightfully so. I stopped when we moved in together.
Any way, I made a concerted... [more]

Needing spanking

I'm looking for a woman to spank my bareass good for me. I'm 64 years old and haven't had a good bareass spanking since my thirteenth Birthday.when my mom pulled my pants down and spanked my bareass. If you live in the Sayre Pennsylvania area and are willing you can let me know here

Dad caught me

My father caught me masturbation i was in bed my legs were up i had two fingers up my cunt, can you imagine being naked finger fucking and your dad walks in on you i didn't, i didn't know he was there for a short while i think he watched a while, i pulled the bed clothes up and said sorry, dad came over and sat on the bed, my face was red, dad... [more]

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