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I'm a bad son

My mother has always bee a very hard and dom woman. If we kids did not do as she wanted we got some slap on the face. that even went on as long as we put our shoes under her table. I never saw her smile. over the years I learned to hate her. We have to give half of the money we earned to her. each month. Until we married. But then we had to be... [more]

Web Cam

When I was 19-21, I worked as a cam model with a partner, much older male (40s) who would wear a mask while we played and who I would address as Sir or Master. In reality, this man was actually my stepfather. While my mother was out of town for business trips, I would come over and he would use me on cam on front of strangers. And he was a... [more]

Used to peek on my mom

I used to peek in my moms room when she was changing her clothes. I loved seeing her naked. I also still spied on my sister into our 20s

Confused about wife's jealousy

Should my wife get upset whenever I walk around naked in front of her friends and Mother? I'm never dressed whenever I am relaxing and tanning in the pool because my cock is to large to confine inside clothes. Nothing has ever happened sexually between any of us except my wife always wanting to suck and fuc.k with friends and Mother watching.

Sex during pregnancy?

My mom was pregnant with her second child (I'm first), when I was already 13. It was sometimes emberassing for a boy when each aunt asks if I love it that my moms belly was growing and the there was one aunt froms dad's side who each times asked me, how I like it that moms tits are growing. I know, I always blushed (I think she wanted to see that)... [more]

Trying to turn my son straight

My son is home for college this summer and he has been spending an inordinate amount of time with a male friend. Last week my son admitted that they are more than just friends; they are lovers.
As his mom, I try to be supportive, but him being gay has me really upset. He used to show interest in girls, but he said it's not that way anymore and... [more]

Caught my mom

My sister and I are very close. We have never had sex, but we touch each other when we are horny, and I frequently dry hump her with our underwear on. Last week, I dry humped her till I shot a big load in my undershorts. It made such a mess, and soaked through to my sisters panties, so we had to take them off and throw them in the dirty clothes... [more]

My daddy is so hot

My daddy walked in on me using my moms dildo, and moaning daddy. he watched for a few seconds but then turned around and left, but i wish he would teach me how to become a little whore. he watches daddy and daughter porn i look at his history

Over mum's knee

I'm a 50 year old guy that still lives at home with mu! Im.not gay but not really interested in getting married but as im.under mum's roof I obey her rules at even at my age I still go over my 72 year old mothers knee for a bare bottom spanking i love it she knows that too y not we both not hurting anyone well except me lo?

My cousin “windowsill”

When I was about 13 years old my parents divorced. Mom and I went to live with my Aunt and her daughter in another city. My cousin was about 16 at the time and drop dead gorgeous! She was about 5’5” Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Nice Tits, Tight Little Ass, and wore all the right the clothes that just made her fucking HOT! She knew it too. She would... [more]

Wifes mother

Always had a thing for my wifes mother she is 77 but looks and feels 60 good tits and nice firm ass. Finally got her into bed tight natural pussy and she makes plenty of noise as we fuck. I was so turned on cum for her multiple times prefer her to the wife. Cant wait to fuck her again.

I don't know what to say

I really don't know what to say.
I've been home with our newborn babyboy for just a week when my parents in Law were visiting. We had some coffee and cake and a lot talking - mostly about childbirth and how to handle a newborn.
When it was time for me to feed our boy, I went inside. He already was crying loud. My mom in law was with me and she... [more]

Sister in law

Many years ago I met my future wife in college. We got along fairly well, it took me a few dates to finally get her in the back seat of my VW where we screwed the shit out of each other. Her family were nice enough to me except her younger sister, she was a bitch and would always say something nasty to me. I couldn't figure out why and didn't... [more]

Much older Sister

When I was born I was a latecomer. My mom was already 42 and Dad 50. I had a sister that was 22 but still lived at home. because my parents had a shop my sister was the one to bring me up. She was the one who gave me bath and did help me with my homework. She married and her husband moved in with us. they had a separate appartement in the upper... [more]

Sex with mother in law

The wife mother in law and I were painting the livingroom one day and my mother in law was up on the ladder and I could see up her shorts she seen me looking and just smiled. my wife was sitting on the floor painting the baseboards. the mother in law was looking down every few minutes.. I finely put my had up her shorts and panties and... [more]

This is new to us

Well until our children grew up we had a kind of normal sex life living in The San Francisco Bay area but after our youngest Daughter went to College in southern Ca . we had talked over about buying a vacation home on the Oregon coast ,
We had even talked to a realtor and she had agreed to send us listings and between Gold Beach and Port Orford... [more]

What are friends for

15 years ago I got myself a job working in a restaurant, within a few months I become really friendly with two others working at the restaurant.
The two are girls 27 and 24 and I’m male 26, the two girls lived together house sharing, they said that a room is available at the end of the month and it would be great if I took it, I still lived with... [more]

I finally had sex with a dog

I’ve always had a fantasy of doing a dog since I was in High School. It started with a girl in my class telling me of how she watched her mom fool around with their Retriever one time. She was upset and confused more than anything. And of course with the hormones at that age the first thing I did was go home and look up dog penis and use two... [more]

Sniffing my mother in laws dirty panties

So I go over to my mother in laws, to help her put in a new microwave. As I am measuring and drilling, they offer me beer after beer. So I ask to go to restroom. I had a buzz going on and a little bit of blow in my pocket. I knock on my mother in laws room, as the door was almost closed, she said come in. So I open the door and say Mary I... [more]

I'm a bad Grandmother

Hi. I'm 73 and I've read many confessions here. Some I liked and som I could not understand. and that's what many of you will think about mine. But I have to take it from my breast. I live alone sincs more than 24 years. I'm not the one, who gets outside and gets to know some nice men. I'm not that type. So I have fun with myself looking at porn... [more]

Breastfeeding Mothers

I Would Love To See A woman respond to the request of a man to be breastfed on this web site! It would make me uncontrollably excited to read such exciting communication.

Dare you to

My mom has been friends with this woman since they were in school. She has a daughter who's about my age, 15. It's almost like we are cousins. Anyway, so they came over a couple days back. Me and Cindy were sitting out back talking when her mom and my mom came out to tell us they had to run into town and would be back in a bit. We were like... [more]

I have no idea why she put up with me

When I was in my mid teens or so I was really horny one weekend and up late at night. My dad and mom had divorced years ago and it was just the two of us. I crept into her room because I was hoping for some reason that she would be naked and the covers would be partially off of her or something. When I finally reached her bedside I turned on my... [more]

My son watched me fuck on camera

I heard my son telling me that he and the friends of his at school in an argument over female body parts. So I took that as an excuse to show him and video of me f****** my super hot girlfriend that I was living with. It was in the guise of sex Ed so he wouldn't "embarrass" himself of at school talking incorrectly about girls' anatomy. He said... [more]

The Cuck's Fuck

So my wife's lover, Tom, brought his lover for a visit. He referred to her as a "mare in my stable ". She was a pale and lithesome creature, pretty face, high cheekbones, great figure if rather small breasts , compared to my buxom wife. She had long hair, dyed a color purple that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist anywhere in nature. Tom called her, "... [more]

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