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Both did bad things

So my wife and I got back together after 6 months apart. She had been bitching about me getting a better job. It's not that my job sucked. Just that she couldn't just sit at home and spend money. It was one of those end of the world arguments. I left. Eventually she agreed she was being a selfish cunt (her words, not mine) and wanted to get back... [more]

I did it for money

I am a 36 year old woman. I have been married for 12 years. When I turned 36 it hit me hard. I felt like I was getting old, like I no longer would be appealing. My husband is a truck driver. He owns his own truck and provides well. I love him, and have never cheated, or even been tempted too. I stay in shape and take care of myself. I get hit on... [more]

Universal language

Has anyone here ever fucked someone who did not speak/understand your language and you didn't speak/understand theirs?
I'm 36, own my own business doing framing, drywall, and plastering, and I recently did work on the house of a Filipino client who was in her 30s. She spoke English, but her mom, who was likely in her late 60s, didn't and lived... [more]

Junkie Panty Boi

Since losing my job and coming out as trans male-to-female ive been whoring myself out to my drug dealer's do-boys for money and free drugs. Im usually wearing my teenage cousins panties. Right now im sitting at the family table with cum leaking from my asshole into the panties i stole.

House cleaning

My girlfriend and I used to clean houses for cash and one time a customer that we usually did once a month asked us how much we would charge to do it nude. My girlfriend did not even wait before telling him we would do it for an extra three hundred dollars, I was shocked at first then laughing because I knew the guy would not pay us that much but... [more]

Wife to resume :

Want my wife to resume sleeping with other men . We have done this in the past with 5 different male partners, one of which was a threesome . Which we enjoyed and this threesome went on for over 2yrs with him living with us . Mentioned resuming this recently and now tho she admits she did enjoy it very much . But now she is to old to fat ! True... [more]

Want my wife to start whoring :

We have been together for over 20 years and have had many men in our lives sexually. Five (5) is the correct number of men we have had sex with intimate sex . Long term threesome with very much younger male .
Now due to financial hardships would like her to begin selling her body . But she is telling me she is much heavier than she was when... [more]

Wife need to have sex for money

How do I talk my wife into having sex for money ?

Want my wife to start whoring :

Need help convincing my wife to have sex for money.? Since we have been together she has had 5 other men and we have had long term threesome with much younger male long term over two years we all lived and fucked together. Now she says to old and fat no actually true . Need advice

Over the weekend

I cheated with two of my husband's younger employees over the weekend. It happened multiple times and they were together each time. They were here for 4 days doing repairs and maintenance to our home. My husband was in another state purchasing equipment and then transporting it back with his partner. In all my life I have never done the sexual... [more]


I was not getting very good grades my second year of high school and summer school was being talked about to keep me on track. My dad was not happy and gave me a nice long lecture on how the world works and how my grades were going to get me into college. He left for work one morning at his usual early time and my step mom came into my room to... [more]

Watching Exhibitionist Wife.

My sexy wife use to love exposing her sexy 5-8,110 lb 34C-24-35 body to both friends and strangers an I loved watching. And it was even hotter if she tried to seduce them. One of my favorite experiences we had along these lines was on a trip out of town she had ordered a pizza and was planning on answering the door in a garter belt & stockings and... [more]

A fun night at the Casio

Let's go to the Casio tonight, just for a little while. I really did not want to throw away money, I never win. Come on, just for an hour or two, we are so close. And how much money are we going to give them? My wife said we can set a limit, and if it would make you happier, I will wear an outfit that will keep your mind off the money. Ok, the... [more]

When I was young

I am a very well hung man and I have never been married.
When I was in high School I found out early that the school girls although after word got around several of them wanted to see my cock it was mostly just hand jobs from them and sometimes they would let me try to get into them but school girls were just to tight and only one of the girls... [more]

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