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Good deed for the month!

I'd been complaining to my best friend about being horny and stuck in doors with lockdown. So she dared me do 'the pizza dare'. I haven't done it since I was a teenager, so it was super fucking scary and exciting doing it especially with without all my friends egging me on.
When the pizza guy came I answered the door butt naked to this really... [more]


We're nudist that's 70'ish of age. We use to swing a lot when we was younger. We done various sexual activity just for the fun of it. We go to this nudist camp nearby once in a blue moon hoping to find a little action for us but never happens. We made one last attempt at the resort. We decided not to search anymore and waste our money on the camp... [more]

Separated & Careless

My fetish is a horrible one. I love and I mean I enffing love to get married women over 40 years old pregnant. And what I mean is. I Cruise dating sites (free one’s). To find and meet a 40 something woman that is separated and working on getting a divorce. I have had some luck with cheaters. But a woman that is getting out of a 10 to 20 year... [more]

Being Helpful

I'm a volunteer for this church group that helps the elderly in maintaining and fixing their property. I was assigned to this elderly senior who lived in a mobile home. I seal coated her roof and began to clear the lot overgrown with grass , shrubs, and small trees. Edna constantly served me snacks and treats. I never saw her dressed in anything... [more]

Once in our married life

We have had bed talk every time we fuck but normally I initiate it ,we enjoy it and comes massive orgasm after ,one on a camping site I begged her if she could agree for one time bringing our fantasy to reality she finally agreed now we had to find the third party ,I remembered the ticket guy on the entrance to the park a young student looking... [more]

Daughter sleeps with me for coke.

Thought I'd post this here, I've been having sex with my daughter (25) for about a year now. She loves doing blow and I happen to sell it. Usually, she just buys off me then goes out but sometimes she comes home wanting more but has no money. If she gives me a blowjob, I'll give her a half gram and if she fucks me, a full gram. This is completely... [more]

Sugar Daddy

I turned my step father into a old sugar daddy pervert. Mom married him when I was twelve. He was good to us. I started to blossom out at puberty. Hairs was growing in my pelvic area and my breast was growing. I began to get some sexual interests. I first started peaking at my younger brother but he had nothing special. Then I spotted my step dad... [more]

Don't talk to me about brokenness

I have put myself through so much filth in the past.
I went to a Catholic school, but my family were atheists, and by the final years of high school, so was I. My friends introduced me to porn back in seventh grade. I got caught a couple times while I was in high school. I masturbated frequently. I thought I was normal - Hollywood made it seem... [more]

My stepdaughter, my wife

I didn't have time for marrage, relationship, or even dating till I finished all my college, my internship, and finally got my PhD, which I took me a little over ten years, because of working and saving the money for everything. Anyway landed a position in a small town hospital, after a couple years started dating. I met a divorced lady with a... [more]

Remembering Mummy Em

Of all the Spanking Ladies I've been involved with since my marriage's demise in the early 90s, the woman I called Mummy Em was most like a mother to me. A self-described maternal disciplinarian in her early forties, she was short and dark-haired with a pretty face. The extra weight she was carrying didn't exactly help her looks, but it gave her a... [more]

The first blowjob I gave

I had always considered myself straight, in a way I still do. I don't find the male body attractive, usually all focus is on the cock and balls. I also found that it was only older cocks that I felt drawn to. Growing up in San Diego, I didn't travel out of my neighborhood much until later on in my years.
At 24 I started to visit adult stores... [more]

My wife sister pt2

If you have not read my first post my wife's sister then read it before you continue.
Just before Christmas 2019, Gerry came home and found a letter in the door addressed to her on opening it she found out that she had came into a sum of money.
We had been thinking of moving for a while but every place we looked at was out of our... [more]

Girlfriend Sucks Her Dad's Penis

My girlfriend and I got together in 7th grade and have been together ever since. Between our 8th grade and 9th grade years, she got drunk at her house and we were sending videos of each other just being kids. At one point, she went to the upstairs in her house and her dad was passed out on the couch drunk. He is a major alcoholic and all of his... [more]

Girlfriend Had Sex With Her Father

My girlfriend and I got together in 7th grade and have been together ever since.  Between our 8th grade and 9th grade years, she got drunk at her house and we were sending videos of each other just being kids.  At one point, she went to the upstairs in her house and her dad was passed out on the couch drunk.  He is a major alcoholic and all of his... [more]

Anal whore

After 20 years of marriage things are definatly boring.. so i started having extra marriage affair it started innocently but in less then a week i couldn't get enough .. i've hardly performed orally on my husband every so often ( maybe once a month) i would let him fuck me and that's as far as it went.. until i met Jack a young... [more]

The accidental prostitute Part Two

Within minutes I had sucked them both back hard again and this time I was going to get some enjoyment for myself. I practically dragged the taller one over to the bed by his cock and returned the favour from earlier by pushing him back onto the bed and going straight down on his now rock hard dick, my ass sticking in the air ready for his friend... [more]

The accidental prostitute Part One

This is a totally true story that happened in 2005. No one except the people involved know about it and no one in the world knows it is me except me.
About 15 years ago I went to a fancy dress party on a Sunday night with my then BF dressed as Agnetha from Abba (the blonde one). I was wearing a very short skirt, blonde wig and sparkle make... [more]

I became an accidental prostitute!

About 15 years ago I went to a fancy dress party on a Sunday night with my then BF dressed as Agnetha from Abba (the blonde one). I was wearing a very short skirt, blonde wig and sparkle make up.
My BF got really drunk and started to act like an asshole and we got into a huge fight, I stormed off and told him I was going home. Instead I went... [more]

How I became a cuckold.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 4 years now and everything is great. She is 21 and I am 22. Things are amazing between us and so is our sex life.
She is drop dead gorgeous. Nice petite breasts and cute butt but a 10 on the face. It’s not unusual for her to get stares whenever she goes out. I don’t particularly like all the... [more]

Camera club boy posing

I was in my mid teens , a guy asked me if i wanted to pose a little for his camera club . I figured why not . At first it was standing next to his Chevelle car , then sitting on his snow mobile , and other poses around the garden , nothing creepy at all . I think they were buttering me up for the stuff about to come.
One very hot day I was there... [more]

Crossdresser and her fantasy

Hi everyone my name is Cassie I am from Lakeland fl.i am a bottom only crossdresser and I had a fantasy of getting pimped out for a day and I have this friend and he that he would love to set something up so I rd him please do so it's been a couple of weeks but he called me yesterday and told me it was a goso got dress up low cut top pink bra and... [more]

The story of my strongest orgasm so far (male)

My best orgasm happened back in college, when my flatmate was gone for the weekend. Which for me meant a weekend of pizza and masturbation. And this weekend, I started edging. You see, I'm not blessed with a short refractory period, so every jizz has to count. And I had a whole weekend to fill.
I spent my time looking at porn, listening to... [more]

Popped in my mouth

There was this old man who was always sweet to me. Bought me and my friends food. At times even gave us gas money since we lived across from a gas station. Never once was he pervy to the girls or us guys. A true gentleman in every way. Once i went over to help him with his stereo and noticed he lived all alone. I snuck out later than night and... [more]

Just wanted a woman to watch...

For a long time, my fantasy was to meet a random woman in a chat room who would have liked to watch me masturbate. Most places were sites where you had to pay to watch them, and you can tell that they are not watching you at all.
One time I thought I struck gold in finding a woman wanting to do this, (not a paid site like chaturbate, but a... [more]

Sex with a younger girl

Almost 3 years ago I posted an ad on CL after being in a sexless marriage for a while. looking for a girl to bang in exchange for money. professional escorts weren't my thing.
I was straight up in the ad and just said I wanted a couple of hours of bedroom fun. over 3 weeks I had a number of responses but none that interested me. some girls... [more]

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