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I'm a crossdresser, but no one knows about it. I keep that to myself But one day something strange happened to me that I've always dreamed about. I work at this rec center. Been working there for years. There was this young girl name Melody that started coming up to the center every morning just to hang around and talk. She was cute, kinda thin... [more]

Naughtiest thing I have ever done

My friend brought me over to his grandmothers house one weekend to do a bunch of yard work, I knew it ahead of time and was happy to help him. She tried paying both of us for the work and I refused telling her that I was not going to accept payment for the work.
The following summer my friend had moved out of state, his mom contacted me and asked... [more]

I want Young used panties

I love to smell and lick dirty panties from Young pre teen girls and even younger like grils as young as 7 or 8 and as old as 12 or 13. !!..
I don't have very much money I live off SSI and I only get like $100 a month and I have to pay for rent and food utilities xcetera my roommate helps me out but still I just barely get bye !!!....
So... [more]

Young meets old Part# TWO

I'd made friends with 2 much older men back in the late 70's and we'd been getting together making copies of XXX Rated DVD's because the closest place to buy any were in a larger city an hour's drive away. My wife and I were 19 yrs old and had been married for a year. And for half that time we'd been involved in nude photography, 3-somes, wife... [more]

Time apart

So about 10 months ago the wife and I got into a huge fight over who pays what. Not getting into the details of it, but we decided there needed to be a cooling off period. I told her I'd pay half the mortgage and the phone bill but she would have to deal with the rest. Figure that would give her a reason to want me back.
I moved in with a work... [more]

Bathtub threesome

Over the holidays my husband and I went to partake in the New Year festivities in Las Vegas. We went with a small group of friends (6 of us) and all got rooms at the same hotel.
My husband was pretty pickled the whole time. He spent a lot of the time hanging with one of our male friends gambling and drinking, and I went with him often, but... [more]

Squashing Session with an SSBBW

A couple weeks ago, I booked a squashing session with one of my favorite SSBBWs. The session finally happened this last weekend.
As part of the deal, I booked a room at a hotel from a list she gave me. Even though the session was only scheduled for three hours (although I guess that’s a lot going by what she said in her emails), I got the... [more]

I used my Christmas money to book a squashing session with a BBW

I got lucky in terms of Christmas money this year, so I decided to book a squashing session with one of my favorite SSBBWs. I just now got the confirmation email and we’ve got a date set and everything. I’m so excited!
I’m leaving out her name and other details now because I’m 15 and don’t want her to get in trouble. Don’t worry about me... [more]

Time for less smoke and misdirection

I've been coexisting with Sondra for years. We have spent long periods of time apart but one or the other kept our animals and house(my property ) going. I've made more money and always paid a larger portion of everything. I have never had sex until Sondra showed me. She is way more knowledgeable than me. It is a little tough she gave me an std... [more]

Time for less smoke and misdirection

I've been coexisting with Sondra for years. We have spent long periods of time apart but one or the other kept our animals and house(my property ) going. I've made more money and always paid a larger portion of everything. I have never had sex until Sondra showed me. She is way more knowledgeable than me. It is a little tough she gave me an std... [more]

A rich older guy fucked my girl in front of me

Cut a long story short, me (20) let this guy we met (50s) fuck my (18) girlfriend in front of me for 800quid, we met him in a bar and was counting our change to get another last drink, he brought our drinks, followed us out for a smoke, got chatting, about how broke we were, then randomly asked to buy my girlfriends boots for 50quid, weird but ok... [more]

This happened about five years ago

I lived in another state in a subdivision of about 500 homes, everyone was pretty nice and I do miss living there actually. I was on a popular social media site and this person asked if anyone could help her out as her garbage disposal was backed up and leaking under her sink. I messaged her and told I could be over shortly and packed up a few... [more]

Gave a ride home

I've been working thirds for about 6 months. Other night one of the girls needed a ride home. It's on my way so I was happy to help. Just a lot of highway. So, about a quarter of the way home she asked If I wanted gas money. I told her no. She said, "Well, I should pay you back somehow." I told her she really didn't have to. She reached over and... [more]

Almost Teen wants to wear sexy Panties/lingerie

I will be a teenager in a few months, I want to start wearing more sexier and revealing bra and panties but am afraid to ask my mom for them, right now she only buys me bikini panties and rear clasp bras or pull over crops, I am thin and only 28A on top. My Mom got pregnant at 16 and always preaches to me not to have sex as early as her, even... [more]

Only a month

I was in between houses for a month and my gf suggested I move in with her bestie for a month as she had an extra room and could use the extra rent money. I agreed and it was working out great. I had to print some real estate paperwork and asked my new roomie if I could use her computer and printer. Its in her room and she usually leaves it on. ... [more]

My Aunt

Growing up I was always so happy when my Aunt came over or we went to their house. We lived on a lake so most of the time they were at our house and she had this swimsuit that was awesome, it was a bikini with plenty of coverage but her boobs were hard to contain. They were DD for sure and she was always adjusting her top and tucking them inside... [more]

Paying My Husband's Debt

My hubby Donnie borrowed one hundred dollars from a coworker. One morning when Donnie had off he came to our apartment to get his money. Donnie didn't have the money and had been promising for over a month to pay him back. Reggie was this huge six foot four, balding , older black man from his job. Not someone you wanted to cross or make mad... [more]

Helping the homeless or no good deed?

This isn't just for you men us women can have fun also I hope you are aware. My hubby is a do-gooder and he just can't help himself. He went to Lowes a few months back and when he returned he had more than just dirt, grass seed, and fertilizer. He comes home with this dirty grungy stranger he picked up out from holding a sign saying, " will work... [more]

Neighbors girlfriend

My neighbor works the afternoon shift and one day a few months back his car was dead in the driveway. I found this out with a knock on my door and him pleading to help him out because he could not be late for work. I grabbed my keys and told him do not worry about jumping it I can drive you to work and then your wife and I can drop the car off to... [more]

Wife needs it

So I started a new job a couple months ago. I make a lot more money but working 3rds. Can't get on days for a couple years. Wife is used to sex like 3 times a week. I'd love to do it but I'm at work at night.
She texts me about a week ago and it said, "I need some dick." I say, "I know babe. These 3rds suck. Off on Saturday tho." I said... [more]

The woman next door

A couple moved into the house that their back yard meets my back yard. My wife and I became good friends with them. BBQs and bonfires with drinks. Stuff like that. They both are maybe 10 years younger than us and didn’t have kids. The husband worked 2rd shift mostly and the wife work evening restaurant hours. My wife and I work mostly from 8 to 6... [more]

Both did bad things

So my wife and I got back together after 6 months apart. She had been bitching about me getting a better job. It's not that my job sucked. Just that she couldn't just sit at home and spend money. It was one of those end of the world arguments. I left. Eventually she agreed she was being a selfish cunt (her words, not mine) and wanted to get back... [more]

I did it for money

I am a 36 year old woman. I have been married for 12 years. When I turned 36 it hit me hard. I felt like I was getting old, like I no longer would be appealing. My husband is a truck driver. He owns his own truck and provides well. I love him, and have never cheated, or even been tempted too. I stay in shape and take care of myself. I get hit on... [more]

Universal language

Has anyone here ever fucked someone who did not speak/understand your language and you didn't speak/understand theirs?
I'm 36, own my own business doing framing, drywall, and plastering, and I recently did work on the house of a Filipino client who was in her 30s. She spoke English, but her mom, who was likely in her late 60s, didn't and lived... [more]

Junkie Panty Boi

Since losing my job and coming out as trans male-to-female ive been whoring myself out to my drug dealer's do-boys for money and free drugs. Im usually wearing my teenage cousins panties. Right now im sitting at the family table with cum leaking from my asshole into the panties i stole.

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