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Watching Exhibitionist Wife.

My sexy wife use to love exposing her sexy 5-8,110 lb 34C-24-35 body to both friends and strangers an I loved watching. And it was even hotter if she tried to seduce them. One of my favorite experiences we had along these lines was on a trip out of town she had ordered a pizza and was planning on answering the door in a garter belt & stockings and... [more]

A fun night at the Casio

Let's go to the Casio tonight, just for a little while. I really did not want to throw away money, I never win. Come on, just for an hour or two, we are so close. And how much money are we going to give them? My wife said we can set a limit, and if it would make you happier, I will wear an outfit that will keep your mind off the money. Ok, the... [more]

When I was young

I am a very well hung man and I have never been married.
When I was in high School I found out early that the school girls although after word got around several of them wanted to see my cock it was mostly just hand jobs from them and sometimes they would let me try to get into them but school girls were just to tight and only one of the girls... [more]

How can I fuck a married man?

One of my biggest fantasies is being able to fuck a married man at least 1-3 times. I don't want someone to leave their wife for me and I don't need their money because I'm in a situation. I'd like to know if I was considering doing this, how would I pick up a married guy without resorting to Tinder? What types of things do married men look at in... [more]

Adult bookstore

When I turned 18 I went to an adult bookstore. It was a dark run down place with toys and porn mags videos as I looked around I got really hard. I paid money to go in the back part it was like a maze of booths with no doors. I walked around seeing other guys walking around when I just picked one and put tokens in and stopped on a video of two... [more]

Cold shoulder

I'm 20 and dating this guy who is 56. He's married, but his wife has Parkinson's and is having a tough time of it physically. We met at our local gym, started talking, showed mutual interest, started going out. He's really smart and sexy so it wasn't long before we started hooking up. He said he isn't leaving his wife, but just wanted some pussy... [more]

Need milf pickup tips

I'm hanging with five friends at the beach this week. The weather has been perfect. We're guys who range in age from 18-21. We are all fit and look good. Two of us have gf's who stayed home but the rest of us don't. It's just us guys. We are all looking to get laid this week, but it's been brutal so far.
We have been walking the beach and... [more]

I look younger

Everyone says I look like I'm 13 or 14. But I'm almost 19. I use this to tease older men. I pretend to be young and let them take advantage of me, I normally hit them up for money afterwards to keep quiet. you would be surprised on how many guys want to have sex with a girl when they think they are young. I think it's hilarious that they get so... [more]

Popeyes, Blockheads, and Mouth Cunts

On an out-of-town trip, I found a cinema in a strip mall in south Miami, in a bad neighborhood. The ticket girl was this shot-out blonde, gorgeous body and dead eyes. "It's a ' Hellraiser ' film festival, " she monotoned, as though I couldn't read the marquee. I shrugged, and mumbled "Okay". She looked at me blankly. " Lots of sex offenders in... [more]


I am a18 years old and gay,/I have long hair and I hairless from the neck down
going for a night out in Londons gay bars and met up with this black guy,
we had a drink or two and went to his flat,in his bedroom Iwas soon naked
and ask me put on pantes and a bra and said I look more like agirl then a boy
and ask to be his girland call me... [more]

Husband knows I fuck my boss

I got caught. I've been fucking my boss for the last year, mostly after work. Sometimes when we finish screwing I don't even bother putting my panties back on, I'll just put them in my purse and drive home. Well I forgot to take them out and my husband needed to use my credit card, went into my purse, saw the panties, and asked why the hell I came... [more]

All - Rounder

Me and my wife have just bought a house that needs quite a lot of work , We know it's going to take time and money . So we got lucky we managed to get a guy that lived quite close to help us , He was a bit of a all - rounder and cheap which was perfect . Mark was his name he was saving us lots of time and money he was a godsend , My wife and me... [more]

Sex with a younger girl

Being too busy with work to date I took out an ad to pay a girl for an afternoon of sex. I get laid she gets money everyone happy. a girl answered who was 20 (I'm 41). I picked her up and brought her to a motel and it was a bit awkward at first but once we got there she was game. she started giving me head with her tongue ring and it was great... [more]

Daughter got tits

Well how and where do I start from about 14 I wanted my daughter she developed huge tits 36dd at her young age and boy did I enjoy looking down her top or watching her school blouse struggle to contain them. Bigger than her mom by a distance and a firm favourite with her daddy.
I found ways to get close she would hug me tight pushing her tits... [more]

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