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I've always loved wearing high heels

When I was young teenage guy, about 16 or so, I always wanted to wear sexy high heels. I'd seen many high school girls wearing them and they looked so nice in them. I wondered why guys couldn't wear them too. One day while home alone I got up enough nerve to try on my mom's high heels. They felt great and looked nice on me my feet too. From that... [more]

I Get Off From Oral Orgasms Better

I'm a Bi-sexual female who loves her pussy licked eaten by females, males and K9's. It gives me really great sexual orgasms. I guess it started when I was spending time at my girlfriends house. I slept with her in her bed. I woke one early morning horny after partying the night before. I was too busy playing with my breasts and clit that I didn't... [more]

Going beyond

When Craigslist still had a Casual Encounters section, I started perusing it finding myself single at the time. I wondered about the t4m section thinking 'what the hell'... I did find some sissies and femboys in there, some were young sluts who loved much older men (daddy types) and decided to give it a shot. Before I knew it I had gone to bed... [more]

Finger play

When I was in college I dated this girl who was really into sex. She would do anything, anywhere, anytime. She would suck my dick while driving, ride me while driving, have sex in the park, her parents house, grandma's house, in her aunt's pool, or even at a restaurant. This woman didn't care where we were, if she was in the mood, we had sex. So... [more]

Dumped my boyfriend because of bi-ness

I (22 female) was dating this guy (21 male), met him through a friend, and we hit it off. He was attractive, fit, smart, kind, self-motivated, and great in the sack. He loved to fuck. Really sexy.
After a couple of months of dating, we were comfortable enough to share things about our sexual past. He asked me if I'd ever done a threesome, and... [more]

Cool aunt

You know what a "cool aunt" is: a woman that's considered "cool" for her personality and demeanor, youthfulness, attractiveness or all those things at once, usually unmarried and childless, that also happens to be your very understanding and permissive aunt. The dangers of such women for a guy like me is that you can end up being attracted to... [more]

Key Party

I got married in the early 90s and at that time people who wanted to had what we used to call key parties. A key party was held in someones home and the hostess would pass around a large jar where all the couples would deposit their car keys , one set of keys to a couple. After a time when everyone had been drinking for some time and all were... [more]

Please shame me for being a worthless sissy faggot.

My name is chris i wear bra and panties and sometimez men call me christine lol im a sissy faggot please feel free to leave me some mean cruel comments please feel free m o bounce 2016 gmai

My wife Sees All and Tells All

My wife and i went to bed last night and the wife stared talking about some of our neighbors. She told me who was doing who and whose marriage was on the skids , that kind of thing. I asked her how she knew these things. She said we women tell each other things and men don't . For example last night she was with the girls talking across the... [more]

Aren't You Tired of Playing the Game?

Gentleman! Now is the time to step forward and be counted. Take control of your life. Never allow lying women to control you and lead you around by your little head. The one that drives you to do stupid shit you regret seconds afterwards. Take personal control of your life. You can make it. You are stronger than the will of anyone if you set your... [more]

Blow jobs

Any men out there like to give and receive oral to a guy in his late 40s? Just a fantasy would like to try.

Dominant Wife's 3som

My wife and i have been married for almost 20 years. Sexually speaking she has always been dominant in our relationship. She was that way when we were dating and she hasn't changed one bit. i remember once she told me she wanted to date some guy while she and I were about to be married. I went crazy but she said she was going to have this guy... [more]

Gay cheater

I’ve been in a gay relationship for 15 years. We haven’t had sex in almost 8 years. About three years ago, I met a guy online and I went to his place. He fucked me like I never had been fucked before. I had never felt so used. I liked it. I started meeting him a couple of time a month for sex. Each time it got better. He talked me into a... [more]

Small penis humiliation

I went to a Korean spa only for men and everyone must be completely naked. As I walked around, I felt shy and embarrassed because of my tiny pathetic white penis. But at the same time, I got a real erotic rush. Once I was sitting on a chair and my little penis started to get erect, so I quickly got in the cold pool.

Lucky night

I was reading thru the ads on a popular hook up site and most of the time I never get a reply back on the women for men part of it. I read this ad a few months ago and it read something like Mid 40's married looking for a nice guy to give me pleasure and will also return the favor. It read something like that anyways so I responded to it because I... [more]

Wife's New Lover

Lately my wife and I have been going through rough times together. We were married 3 years ago and its been down hill ever since . Our sex life has shrunk to almost nothing. We fight over everything, money, inlaws even the color we wanted to paint on our walls.
One day the both of us sat down and decided maybe we should spend some time apart... [more]

No longer Pathetic Cuckold. How about you ?

I have been married twice and twice burned by lying cheating whores. It's been 10 years since I have had a girlfriend. I'm no longer controlled by these venomous lying bitches and the system created to care for these whores. My life is so much better off now and in just a few short years will no longer have to pay my last wife for anything. It's... [more]


You could say I have a fetish for women in pantyhose. It’s an absolute turn on to see pantyhose on a women wearing a dress and a nice pair of heels. I really like black. My girlfriend knows this. She came over one night with a long coat on. Underneath she was wearing black stockings, garter belt and silk panties and bra with heels. This was such a... [more]


With all this COVID-19 thing going on many people are staying home. I am fortunate enough to be obsessed with prepping for disasters. I have tons of supplies, offgrid power, medical, food, protection, entertainment, and an inground home. Basically I can shut my upper door in the garage and lock myself in a bunker for months.
I locked myself in... [more]

Love cheating on boyfriend

I love cheating on my boyfriend when he is not at home. I do that mainly for the adrenaline that I get out of it. I love my boyfriend, but I have really great sex with my lovers knowing that we could get caught. My boyfriend is quite big (1.90) and relatively muscular, so what really makes the whole thing exciting is the idea that the man that is... [more]

My Husband is a real Fucktard

First off we have been married for just 4 years. He thinks he's a real great lover. Lately he can barely even get an erection. His cock is pretty fat but it's only 3 and 3/4 inches fully hard. It's over 6.5 inch at the base and like 5.75 at the tip. I'm so fucking horny and need a good fucking. He fingered me and licked me but I need a cock in me... [more]

First time seeing it irl

My older bro had his friend over and he stayed overnight. he's 19, kinda cute too. i'm a little younger and still a virgin and plan to stay that way for now. but i caught my bro's friend stroking his dick on the couch after he thought we all went to sleep. i've seen porn, so i know how guys cum, but seeing it in person was a trip.
he tensed... [more]

My wife Karen

After our second child our sex life had slowed down some and we were down to maybe 3 or 4 times a month having sex but I thought about it a lot and I missed the excitement so I started watching porn to gear my life up again and it worked and Karen reacted to it also laughingly asking what in the world had gotten into me .
I told her and she... [more]

Pleasant surprise

I'm a 37 year old married man. I've been married 8 years. Wife and I used to be very sexually active and sexually adventurous. But the past few years it's died off. I've been bisexual for the longest time. Wife knew that I had done some oral things with men before I met her but thinks that was the past.
So about 2 weeks ago I was on an app... [more]

How I have grown

Like most men, my husband has told me that he fantasized watching me having sex with another man. Not just another man, he’s been very specific that my partner would be an extremely well-endowed as the sight of my pussy being stretched and accommodating a long penis turns him on.

I’ve humored him by listening to this. I told him my... [more]

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