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Men in panties

I'm a married man that wears panties what is okay with that now I want to start wearing leggings or pantyhose any thoughts

I need ass!!!!

I’m married and I feel terrible for my feelings but what can I do? Some guys love tits. Some smokers. Some get. Me...I LOVE ass!!!!
There is nothing sexier, more erotic, or more intimate than ass play and anal. I crave it constantly. The idea of planting my tongue in a woman’s ass before pumping it full of cum drives me insane!!!!
Sadly, my... [more]

Video booth pleasure

I’m a guy that enjoys cross dressing. I enjoyed going to the adult book store and theater and wearing garters and stockings with pretty panties. I enjoyed seeing if I could find men that would give me what I wanted.
One evening I went and while looking at the magazines I saw a guy watching me. I showed him I was looking at magazines about men... [more]

Confession to ex wife

I got together with my ex wife after years of us being separated. While we talked I admitted to her that I cross dressed and had taken some of her clothes and still wear them. She asked if I would bring some next weekend and show her, I said I would if she wanted me to.
I arrived the next Friday and told her I would be dressed when she got... [more]

Bald below the eyebrows, who's in favour ?

Since i was a teenager i have been shaving down there, and got quite obsessed about being hairless. Having a bald kitty is high maintenance, shave too much get redness, shave not enough get stubble, so i booked in for laser hair removal. I only wanted to get my kitty done, but they did a full body package. It was expensive and I'm only 23, so i... [more]

Student at uni, cheated on my bf all term

Exams are over, heading home for the summer, back to my bf, to be all coupley, but it's a lie, i have been cheating on him all year, i should break it off with him but i can't.
It all went wrong in the first week when i got drunk and fucked my new house mate, bit of a mistake, turned out to be a dick. Afterwards i tried to split up with my bf... [more]

Wife’s new friend

I’m a 56 year old married m wife is 42
I am no longer able to satisfy her like I once did. I discussed with wife that I wanted her to be sexually satisfied. I refuse to take any medicine. It takes a while before I can get semi erect. I went looking for an ad for young men with large thick girth. I found a very young 25 year old white male named... [more]

Playing with my nipples at work

I work in an office with 7 men and 1 woman. We are the admins for the men and we have two cubbies outside of their offices. It’s kind of a square area with the offices surrounding our cubbies and our cubbies are attached. We can see each other, but two of the men can see me, to her and there are three men on the sides (one on one- he’s the owner... [more]

Fill me up

I'm a 42 year old white male. I have never had a real dick up my ass. I have been fucking myself with large dildos and vibrators for almost 20 years now. Something is missing. Cum...lots and lots of it. So, I guess my question is, how do I go about getting fucked raw and having every drop of every hot load of somewhere in the ballpark of 1000 men?

Wife becomes a slut

Wife and I have talked about her having sex with other people and at first she didn't want anything to do with it. after some talking and fantasies of sex with others she wants to try. she went out on her first date with a guy she had meet on another site, when she came home she was a mess and was full of his cum, we had some of the best sex we... [more]

Car wash

Once a week after I drop my husband off down the street at his shop. I go to the car wash. I keep my phone on FaceTime so he can see me teasing any men that may be there. I have caught many looking at me while I was bent over . My husband has always pressed me to go further as he sits in the bathroom at work jerking off. Today was the day. The car... [more]


I want to mutiple men to bang my brain out or treat me as I am their slave for days long

Horny wife

My wife has always been very hot looking,for at least 10 years of our 25 year relationship I’ve been obsessed with watching her have sex with someone,over the years I’ve blindfolded her told her to think it’s another man,she has never done it for real but we have always fantasied together about it,even where she works we’ve had fantasies about men... [more]

A fun night at the Casio

Let's go to the Casio tonight, just for a little while. I really did not want to throw away money, I never win. Come on, just for an hour or two, we are so close. And how much money are we going to give them? My wife said we can set a limit, and if it would make you happier, I will wear an outfit that will keep your mind off the money. Ok, the... [more]

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