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Cash Creek

My husband Jim and I have discussed the possibility of one day him sharing me with another guy and it seams that lately that is the only he can get it up is when he is fantasizing watching me do another guy and some of the things he comes up with are kind of fun and once he tied my hands and feet to the bed and said that he had a guy in the other... [more]

My mom's a porn star

Holy shit. I just found out my mom was, and maybe still is, a porn actress. I was checking out some fuck vids on an online porn site last night, when I saw a lady in a pic that looked just like my mom. I clicked on the video and nearly shit my drawers. It was my mom, looked like from maybe 10 years ago. She was getting double penetrated by two... [more]

Gay priest

I went to mass last sunday, at my local Catholic church. I hadn't been to church for a few months, as I had been on a very sinful binge, and was feeling very down on myself and most un Godly.
After services were over, I hung out in front of the altar for a while, praying, and then I went to the cofessional booth to fess up my sins. I told the... [more]

Want To Be Owned

I’m a 21 year old female and I’ve always had the fantasy of being completely owned by someone. I’ve tried dating and having more “vanilla” relationships but it’s not working for me. I want to basically be a house slave/wife and work freelance from home so that I can keep the house clean and always have dinner ready for when my... [more]

Caught on halloween

I have been a crossdresser all of my life. My wife knows but does not like it. This past Halloween my wife's company threw a costume party at a local bar. My wife told me I was going as a woman, thinking that being out in public dressed would embarrass me into not dressing up again. My wife brought over her girl friend who works at a beauty salon... [more]

Caught with breast pump

My husband had a couple of friends over to watch football. They were downstairs in his man cave and I was making dinner for them upstairs in the kitchen. Our 5 month-old daughter was asleep in her crib. I wasn't going to wake her to feed her, so I used a breast pump so she would have milk later.
My husband's friend Greg caught me while I was... [more]

Sorted night

We had some friends over Friday night for pizza and some gains. 2 couples and 2 guy friends. Everyone was feeling pretty good from too many drinks. Talk turned to kissing and who was the best. The 3 women finally agreed they would judge. One of the wives, call her J said it was kind of wrong. But we all did it. Single guy named Mike won, with my... [more]


Well I really don't know where to start so I'll just come right out and say it, I'm a guy with very shapely and sexy legs. Many women have told me this after we've just finished having sex and they get a chance to get a good look at my legs. But I don't just have sex with women I have sex with guys too. And they tell me the same thing as well. I... [more]

Singles night

I been trying to my wife going to a singles night 1 to show her she very pretty lady and load men im sure try chat up dance buy drink etc etc while i keep eye on but also mingle till close end i go chat up and be lucky guy get to leave with is that good or bad ?

MfM with wife

I've always wanted a 3some with two girls, but my wife always refused. So, one day I decided to compromise by telling her she can get one with two guys if she lets me have her with another girl. She still said no, but somehow from that point on, now I have a fantasy of her getting fucked by some other guy. I used to be the jealous type, yet now... [more]

Discovering dirty movies

This is absolutely a true story: When I was 13 I accidentally discovered some really dirty movies. My dad traveled a lot for work. He'd come home on weekends, he and my mom would go out and I'd babysit my younger brother and sister - I was 6 years older than them. Then, usually on Monday, he'd leave again and be gone for the week. One Friday, I... [more]

Discovering dirty movies

This is absolutely a true story: When I was 13 I accidentally discovered some really dirty movies. My dad traveled a lot for work. He'd come home on weekends, he and my mom would go out and I'd babysit my younger brother and sister - I was 6 years older than them. Then, usually on Monday, he'd leave again and be gone for the week. One Friday, I... [more]

Party at me and sisters

Party's into the 4 th day 150 acre farm property secluded Pocono mountains 50 people with there families so high on meth my sister is all over her 6 yr old son even got mounted by my German Shepherd 8 guys in the barn no one knows about this barn it's hidden and 4 of the guys wife's here shooting meth somebody I don't know him brought his wife out... [more]

Do i confess my past?

So this past weekend my boyfriend proposed to me in Paris and i said yes.
later on that night he admitted several sexual life events he though i should know and be honest about (cheating ex, sex with his friends mum etc) and he asked me if there was anything else.
while i did admit to a few things i left out that while studying at university i... [more]

Secretly shared fiance's nudes online with face

So about a year ago, I started secretly sharing my fiance's nudes online on a few websites, with her faced cropped out. It was a HUGE turn on for me just thinking about her being exposed to so many strange men, fantasizing about what they're gonna do to her. She's got tiny little cute tits, but hips that can make you drool.
After a while, nudes... [more]

Adult expo

My husband and I were in Las Vegas last January for a little get-away. He’s a huge porn fan and I’m not. That’s why I was more than a little angry at him when I realized he had timed our get-away with a porn expo called the AVN adult expo. He also had secured a couple of free VIP passes, which would get us in the door ahead of the rest of the... [more]

What the fuck is wrong with me?

So I got married to my beautiful wife 4 years ago. I dated her for about 3 years before. Never in my life have I ever thought about watching her with another person. About 4 months ago we went to a party where everyone was pretty drunk. I was drunk, wife was drunk, and this guy we know was drunk. I was sitting on the couch across from my wife when... [more]

3 some

Like most men wanted try 3 some but with lady boy as curios what be like seeing cock going in wife and what be like myself suck and as long ladyboy pretty nice boobs etc think might be brave and try and besides seeing wife sitting on cock bouncing up down and playing with there boobs and they playing with hers gives me hard on thinking about so... [more]

A craigslist post

The following story is why I miss craigslist personals.
Please forgive my spelling and story telling. I don`t write much but, I`ll do the best I can.
I meet this woman one time through a craigslist posting, She was asking for help with paying some of her bills that month. She wasn`t very descriptive as to what she was offering in return but... [more]

Secret gay affair

I am a 35 yr old divorced white male who never thought I would be confessing anything like this.Lately I have felt rather lonely and disconnected in my life.I have been taking long walks down by the lake on various secluded trails.There were various men walking along the trails who would try to catch my eye but i would shyly walk away and keep... [more]

Affair with neighbour

I am a 30 yr old divorced white male with a secret confession.Was feeling lonely and naughty recently so I started to go to an adult sex store to masturbate in one of the Video booths.A couple months ago I was there and got a huge surprise when I saw my older white haired apartment neighbour going into a booth.Jack lives down the the hall and is a... [more]

Jacking off

I am a masterbator
I live to go places and let women and sometimes men see my playing with my dick
I especially like to see them acting like they ain't watching while they get hoter as my dick gets bigger
Some loom even harder ehen I moan at the beginning of climax
I want them to see my cum shooting out of my erect dick
I really love it... [more]

Just curious.

You know it is kind of strange but each one of us seam to have a pervert hiding in us. Sometimes I look at a woman on the street that is dressed in a business suit and I wonder what her perversion is privately.
I am a man that screws other mens wives and I have been doing this for years now and it still sparks my imagination at what some of... [more]

Old yahoo chat rooms

I posted this on Fetlife but i thought you guys would enjoy. When I was 13 I would get home from school earlier than everyone else. I used to get on yahoo messenger and join the chat groups under school and education. There were always older men on there who wanted to chat with younger girls. It turned me on so much. I started chats with a lot of... [more]

I gave into stupid impulse

I'd often wondered what it would be like to have sex with another guy. Recently, my wife was away for a few days on business. I checked the internet to see if there were any local sites for gay sex. A few miles away, someone was organising a meeting at his place. That night I put on some of my wife's clothes and went to this house. I was literally... [more]

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