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Young men and boys

Ladies, how old was the youngest guy you've ever gotten in bed with and how old were you? Did you seduce him? How was it and what was your connection to him? Did you ever get with him again?

Caught in the storeroom

I am n my early 30s ,5-6 120lbs nice b tits and I am a night stocker at a large store. we dress casual as its closed to the public as we stock the only management there is a team leader and about 10 other employees I am 1 of 3 girls that work at night.
early one morning as I was in the storeroom getting some restock I was abducted from behind... [more]

Collateral damage

I had a post for well hung black guys to fuck me and fulfill a fantasy of mine , my husband was out of town and my daughter was over at her friends for the week end. I was at home enjoying three huge black cocks using me however they wanted when I got a text that my daughter was at the door to unlock it and let her in. I put my robe on and went... [more]

Doing more than a favor

I am a white girl in my mid 20s and look nice, I was in a financial bind and had to sell my box chevy. the guy I sold it to was someone I worked with and he said if I would take him by his place he would get the money and take me home since we lived on opposite ends of town..He was black. when we got there he invited me in and and I thought... [more]

Helping my husbands friend

My husband has been incarcerated for about 3 years. about 2 months ago he asked me if it would be ok if a friend that was getting out stayed at the house till his family could come get him. I said well I don't know who is it, he said White. well first of all White is black and I have met him only twice. the only thing I remember about him was... [more]

Pantie dare gone wrong.

I am a man and I was dared to wear only panties on trip and show myself in them off while traveling. 2 weeks later, while at a hotel I put on just a t-shirt and bright orange VS satin panties. I heard voices down the hallway and stepped out of the room to flash them. I never saw them but knew they could see me.
The next night I had to show off... [more]

Deflowered by 12 (Part 1)

I was conceived during the hippie movement and born in 1969. My mom says I was made on the way of her going to Woodstock. My dad passed away when I was 3 and my mom remarried to an African-America when I was 5. Neither of my grandparents were to pleased with this. A black man raising a little white girl in the North was uncommon in the 70's. Once... [more]

I want more

My husband and I bought our house a year ago. The house needed some updating, and over time we started getting things done. One day he was at work and I was painting a room that was to get new flooring put in, we had gone to the home center and picked out what we wanted. At that time we had set up a time for someone to come out to take... [more]

Father in law trip

So I’ve always had an obsession of having sex with my father in law, he’s the manly man hairy good looking and in his late fifties. Me I’m in my thirties and know this is wrong but when we’re working on projects together especially outside seeing him sweat and in all his glory turns me on!!! We’re going on a guys trip to Las Vegas in a few weeks... [more]

I want to be a cuckold for my wife to show I love her

I've been trying for years to get my wife to cuckold me or at least her be a hotwife and fuck other men. There's nothing more sexy than a confident woman who will openly fuck anybody she wants whenever she wants. I think a wife or girlfriend should be able to fuck anybody they want and the husband or boyfriend should support her sexual desire to... [more]

Lost in a bad part of town

It was getting late and we were lost, frantically searching for a hotel. Nothing seemed recognisable and we were both tired from the journey and then as we turned into a side street there were three guys on the corner smoking under a street lamp. These were the first people that we had seen in the past 30 minutes, so I wound down the window hoping... [more]

I want the privelege of being a cuckold/slave for a woman

I want my girlfriend to fuck other men and love cuckolding me! I would marry her and and keep my mouth closed no matter what she wanted to do. I want to be her bitch and eat her well fucked pussy after she's been with other men. I want a woman who will openly fuck other men and loves cuckolding me. I think women should be able to fuck whoever... [more]

Cuckold busted!

We have always been a very open family and encouraged our kids to have open discussions with each other and with us. My wife and I were in a cuckold relationship prior to having kids so they grew up knowing their mom was going out with "friends" while dad stayed home with them. As our kids got older (teens) they realized their mom was actually... [more]

I have a "BBC Collection" on my phone

So I dress in drag and act like a whore on Instagram. When I got my first dick pic from a sexy black stud in my DMs, I was hooked. I now actively encourage it in my posts, and it pays off. I LOVE having 15 different conversations at the same time with hung men who want to fuck me. Sluts have more fun!

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