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Swapping wife pics

For the past year i have been sharing pics of my wife with her best friend's husband. He has been showing me pics of his wife as well. Only problem is his wife refuses to take any significant shots while my wife loves to take extremely explicit pics and video. My wife's friend's husband clearly got the better deal. Now when they come over to hang... [more]

Co workers secret

Went to a job Happy Hour and met an elder married gorgeous petite lady named Iris. She was very nice and friendly and stated she wanted to chat more next time. A few days later she saw and asked me if I cared to meet her and her friends at the Domain. I agreed and met them all with my friend Jared. As night went on I noticed Iris could not take... [more]

Want to suck dick? Don’t do it

I’m a married man but for as long as I can remember I’ve been curious and wanted to try giving a blowjob. I never acted on this fantasy...until about 6 months ago.
I found myself in a situation where no one would know me, i was away from my wife for a few days and i’d had a few drinks. Anyway that’s a different story but to cut to the chase I... [more]

Married women

Any married women want to make babies with other guys or had done this without husband knowing ?

She loves to tease

I like it when guys stare or talk about me to each other - you will usually find me:
Being careless with my wrap over skirts (revealing with easy access)
Showing off my tights and panties when I can
Wearing sheer blouses with a sexy bra at work
All the above also apply on motorway journeys
Parading around holiday apartments overlooked... [more]

Wife watching

Why do men want to see there wife's have sex with another man or men sometimes with large cocks or sometimes being humiliated , What do you get out of it , Its crossed my mind more than once I'm thinking of talking my wife into it , I'm not sure what I would get out of it , Tell me the good side and the bad side of this

Men in Pantyhose

I love the feeling of nylon pantyhose against my cock, balls, and ass. I've been slipping on pantyhose, stockings, garters, and panties for several years now. My wife knows but thinks I have stopped. I haven't. I have a strong desire to share my photos with like minded men. While I'm at it, I'd love to allow others to masturbate to my wife's... [more]

Its My Husband & His Step Son

I am remarried for the second time, I have two sons by my first marriage, they are 15 &17. Recently about three weeks ago they went off on a fishing weekend and stayed in a log cabin, I have noticed something is different between them now as if they had a secret between them an understanding,
A short while after started to see each other we... [more]

My first gay experience

When I was 19 I started getting curious about being with men. Of course I felt really guilty about this at first but then I grew some balls and made a grindr account. I met a muscular built 38 year old on there and agreed to come to his house. I came over and we went straight for the hot tub and stripped naked and got in. He pulled me in close and... [more]

Bus ride from hell tuned out to have its perks

I’m 24 yrs old this February I decided to do a road trip unfortunately my car blew a head gasket stuck having to sell my POS to the junk yard. I was stuck in Cali needing to get back to Seattle I had a friend who western union me the cash and caught a greyhound bus. The driver was an asshole pissing off other passengers not sure why the driver in... [more]

Desire to flash / expose myself, anyone relate?

I'm a senior at high school, and like most girls the skirts i wear have got shorter. I feel as i have grown up i have got confident (maybe over confident) with my body. I never try to hide, and because i have a pretty hot body (just explaining not showing off) alot of men look at me, and i mean alot, and of all ages. That makes me feel super... [more]

Those guys gotta catch up.

I've been with a lot of white guys in my life. But man they gotta step it up or they will become obsolete. I've noticed most white guys are afraid of confrontation with a black man.
But defiantly in the sex department white guys gotta step there game up. Lot guys I been with would have a hard time getting it hard. Or would need to take breaks in... [more]

Neah Bay

My husband asked me if I wanted to go up to neah Bay to go halibut fishing. Reluctantly I did go. We met some of his old friends that were saving us a camp site. I got so sea sick the first day , I didn't want to go again. So I was in his friends camper , it's much larger than ours I was kinda snooping. I came across a drawer of dildos . I put... [more]

Women, would you shit in a guys face?

Ladies, would you shit in a guys face for money? If so how much? I know a lot of people are grossed out by this, but judging by the amount of photos and videos on the internet it looks like a lot of people are into it.

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