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My best friend and I

Back when I was a very young boy I had a best friend who is still a good friend to this day. He and I were together all the time starting in the 4th grade. Not long after that we became very good friends and knew we could trust one another so we started exploring each others young bodies and at night in bed we would quietly get our hands in each... [more]


I am being very honest here. When I was about 9 yeas old I was at my cousins house and late that night he talked me into something that changed my life forever. He and I are the same age and grew up together. He and I took off our underwear in his bed and he got on top of me naked and was humping on my ass and it felt good. I reached back and... [more]

Nude modeling slut?

I'm dating this new girl from work. She is really nice and we're both in our late 20's. We both work as accountants. We've been together for about a month and have gotten to know each other pretty well. Without a doubt I have strong feelings of love for her. I hope to get married one day soon, and she has been a contender.
We were talking... [more]

Little wife

I have a deep need to watch my wife with other men but I can’t even bring it up to her she is completely humble and won’t cheet I have even waited till she drank way to much and tried to let my friend have her but she rejects him even if she is barely awake and I won’t let him have her when she is passed out I am a sick man but I won’t condone... [more]

My Tranny Friend Derek

Derek and I are both senior men, we are also rather good looking transvestites. We keep ourselves fit and healthy and we love having sex together.
We are both into dressing in fifties style ladies' clothing with lots of frothy petticoats and nylon knickers. Derek comes to my flat for our sessions where we love dressing each other and we are... [more]

Fun times.

My wife and I have found a way to make long trips more enjoyable and it started soon after our baby was able to travel with us.
We were on our way up to Eugene Oregon to visit my family and it was hot in the car and we were both tired when Olivia our daughter started fussing and Sherry opened up her nursing blouse and started feeding her .
It... [more]

Showing me her ass

I was 5 or 6 when a neighborhood girl would pull down her pants and wiggle her ass at guys. I would often tease her. After the mooning she would go in a tent and lay on her tummy with her her pants off. She loved having her ass played with. I was more than happy to oblige. Had no clue but knew I liked it. Been an ass man ever since.

I can't stop thinking about men using my daughters

I think about it all the time! Some guy creeping on them and I know he is but I don't do anything to stop it. fuck I'm a bad dad!

Cohort trip

I cheated on my girlfriend this weekend. I'm male, 24, and in grad school. I'm in a cohort with about 20 students and we basically take all the same classes together. We went on a trip out of town to present papers at a conference and my girlfriend couldn't go with me as she had to work.
To save money, we roomed together at the hotel, with... [more]

Mu shared wife

Kathy and I were married almost 6 years before I first felt the desire to watch her with another man and when I approached her with it she just laughed thinking I was teasing her but after I convinced her I was serious instead of getting mad she was curious as to why I wanted to do that.
I admitted that I did not really understand myself but... [more]

Crossdresser bet

Well first off I am a older crossdresser and me and a few of my sister's where at the clubwe were have funa girl's night out so we were talk and got in to make bets between each other and my was I had to put a 9inch dildo up my ass for 24 hours if couldn't I was going to get gangbang by 7 guys so I said ok we all to bet and weal went to one of the... [more]

Strait Cocksucker

So I admit it, I tried sucking another guys cock and I really liked it! I was having drinks with a coworker and eventually the topic turned to sex. And it also came up that I wasn’t getting any at home anymore. Then he asked if I had ever sucked or been sucked off by another guy, which I replied “Hell no” He then told me it is more common than you... [more]

They think they know

Over a period of about four months, I kept on getting people telling me they ether knew or suspected my wife was having affairs with different men.
Apparently men would call by our home when I was on my late shifts and not leave until just before I arrived home.
One of our neighbors even told me, he could hear my wife getting fucked. Or that's... [more]

Love older men

I will make it short. My sex friend is a 45 year old man and I’m a 13 year old teen. I like it when he fingers my in my butt and I ask him to to it deep and hard while I suck him off. I love it.

Bestiality isn't fucked up enough, apparently

So, first thing first; new here. Please be gentle. Second, as you can tell from my username, I'm a deeply fucked up individual. I'm a bisex male, I'm primarily into male dogs, but I'll also hook up with a female. I've seen too many vids of guys fucking dogs for that to ever be my primary interest, not judging, I'm sure there are plenty of dogs who... [more]

I Like Watching Men and Women Peeing

I have enjoyed watching men and women pissing since I was 5 and accidentally got to watch my 17 year old aunt squat and take a strong piss right next to my face while on a family camping trip. I had been playing under our camper as it was hot as hell and under the camper was cool. As I lay there, my aunt and a couple of friends she had met at the... [more]

I want to show my panties to older guys

I want older guys to see my panties I'm a boy olive wearing girls panties I want to model panties for all guys older guys

She retired with a bang

I cheated on my wife for the first time yesterday, but I don't think I did anything that any other guy wouldn't do.
I work in a small office with 12 people, and our secretary Laura was working her last day. She's worked there 22 years and is 58. We closed the office at 2:00 for a combo holiday/going away party. She's a divorcee and has a bit... [more]

Slut wife

I met my wife in college. She was at a party and was pulling a train. For those of you who don't know what that means, it's when a woman allows multiple guys, normally whoever's in the vicinity to fuck her while she lays there taking load after load from over wants to give it to her. Needless to say she was nasty looking with jizz all over her... [more]


Catherine and I have been married for nearly 10 years. She is 9 years older than me. When we met we both decided to confide in each other about our past partners and lovers. Through the years we shared our confessions and neither judged the other. As time went on she became curious about other girls in the present. So I asked her if she was... [more]

Crossdresser on cloud nine

Well I got up early and get dressed in my new dress pantyhose heels and walk to my mail box I open it and this sexy black guy walk and hi sexy I said hi and we enter talking and I notice his cock was hard bulging out so I ask him if I could suck his cock he get on your knees so I did got his big hard cock and suck that cock like it was the last... [more]

Black Cock

I'm a wife and mom of two in my 40's. I've been fantasizing about taking a BBC. My best girlfriend told me about this guy she met and he was amazing. She set us up on a blind date. We met at a hotel in the area. I got there first and was excited to meet him. I was wearing a tight low cut shirt and yoga pants with no bra or panties. When I opened... [more]

Bar wife

Me and my wife have been together for 16 years, married for 5 years. It's never been a secret that I fancy the cuckold lifestyle. I told my wife when we started dating. She also told me it would never happen. I have accepted that but still fantasize about it often. She and I got together not long after she graduated high school, so needless to say... [more]

I have a major crush on my female gynecologist

I consider myself a heterosexual woman. I’m very happily married to a man and we have an awesome partnership. The only relationships I have ever been in have been with men. I have never been attracted to another female before. Acknowledged that another female was beautiful and cool? Sure. But never had any sexual feelings toward a woman. Yet I... [more]

Bragging wife

So my wife and I have been married 7 years. We have an excellent marriage. Only problem is that I have a small dick. Im 5'11" and 170 lbs. I stay in shape. I have a 5 inch dick. I satisfy my wife orally but she doesn't have an orgasm with me during sex unless she used her vibrator. She has been having sex with a FWB of hers for about 2 years now... [more]

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