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Wearing my sister-in-law’s clothes and heels

My sister-in-law Ann is a sexy and successful businesswoman. I’ve always had a thing for her and I know that she was a hot slut in her younger days. So I offered to check on her house when she was away on a business trip.
My heart was pounding through my shirt as I entered her kitchen and locked the door behind me. I brought a laptop with... [more]

1st time pussy licking...sweet!!

Well this post refers back to my very first girlfriend that I had in high school. She was 16 and I was 18. She thought being the girlfriend of a senior was cool, but in reality, she was the cool thing. She was hot, a real looker, and my kind of girl. That meaning that she didn't have any problem trying new things or putting up with me.. She took... [more]

Older or younger women ?

When I was a young man about 30, I met a woman in her late 40 'S. I was waiting at the train station to pick up my wife. it was hot as hell and I didn't want her to walk home. The lady was doing the same for her husband , when an announcement was made that all trains would be delayed due to a derailment. She was angry to say the least as was I ... [more]

Older or younger women ?

When I was a young man about 30, I met a woman in her late 40 'S. I was waiting at the train station to pick up my wife. it was hot as hell and I didn't want her to walk home. The lady was doing the same for her husband , when an announcement was made that all trains would be delayed due to a derailment. She was angry to say the least as was I ... [more]

First time sauna

I have always had thoughts about other guys but by the age of 41 I had only ever kissed another guy once. I was due to get married in 4 months to my fiancée & when she went to another city for her hen party, I went for a night out alone. I went to a few bars & had a few swift beers to pluck up some courage. I thought, just go for it! I walked to a... [more]

Fantasy Fullfilled

A while back I was driving home from work. I stopped at a light and while I waited I noticed a group of guys, 5 in total, all black, waiting at the corner for the light to change, too.
Now, I'm no prude. Lost my virginity in college, had one threesome with another girl, even experimented with anal a few times. That said, I've always fantasized... [more]

Straight male anal play

I’m a 22 year old straight male. Married to an amazing sexy girl. I’ve never had any gay tendencies. Not interested in men at all. That being said I love anal play. I’ve had my wife lick and finger my butt hole before probably 2 or 3 times during sex/oral but I’m always embarrassed to ask and even more embarrassed after. I want her to do it like... [more]

Awkwardness Between My Husband And My Ex

I am writing mostly out of frustration, but will take any advice anyone has to offer.
I have been married for 2 years. We dated for 3 years prior to that. The way we met is through my ex (his best friend). While dating my ex, I met the man that is now my husband. My husband is (was) my ex’s best friend and we would all hang out. Things... [more]

Openly pissing in the guys toilets at a festival made me feel hor

This summer I went to a festival, and as usual the cue for the girls toilets was huge, but there was none for the guys. Me and my friend joked that we just just go in the guys toilet area. She joked but my view was fuck it why not, it's the same portable toilets, just the other sde of the fence. I marched in to the guys section and suddenly... [more]

Black guys and sharing partners

Are black guys more into sharing their partners than white guys? I just ask because I'm dating a black guy for the first time and he's really eager to share me.
I'm 41, newly divorced, and had only been with white guys in monogamous relationships. I've never cheated in my life. A friend of mine hooked me up with this black guy Richard. He's... [more]

Drugging my wife and having her raped by other men

I have this fantasy that my wife and I have a night at home alone together.
We’re having drinks and just chatting. About the same time I notice the drugs I’ve been spiking her drink with are making her honey and kicking in before she realizes something is weird, I text the guys I’ve payed to wait outside my house for the right moment.
There’s... [more]

Staging a rape for wifey

Would any women out there like it if their husband planned a night at home, no kids, just some drinks but.... the surprise is your drinks have been getting drugged and there’s a handful of men waiting outside for a txt from your hubby that says, it’s time.
As soon as your husband can tell the drugs are just starting to take effect the txt is... [more]

Wet baby Diapers

I'm a 55. Y.o. w.m.
I want someone to force me to stand by a daycare dumpster.
Wearing only a baby's soaking wet diaper and make me find some more. stinky wet Diapers..
And everyone that I find .
Tell me to rub it in my face.
I'm for real..
Looking for single weman. And men.. .. and couple's. ..
If you are interested in this... [more]

Fun last night

Me and some buddies went out last night drinking. We went to a bar in the next town over just for a chance of place. We hadn't been there but an hour when I saw my wife come in with another guy. She told me she was going out with her girl friends and would be around town. I smacked my buddies and told them we needed to sneak out the back. They... [more]

I'm a man who wants a man

I'm a man married to a woman. I've fooled around with guys before, but I want a night with a man. I want kissing and fondling. I want to suck his cock and swallow his cum and for him to do the same to me. I want to fuck him and get fucked by him.

Trade wife pics

I've always wanted to share my wife with another man or men. I think she is very hot for 40 year old. Let's trade pics. Don't worry. I will send you some naked pics. That's what turns me on. I want to know what you think and tell me what you would do to her if she was naked in you're bed right now. Don't worry about offending me. You won't. Really... [more]

sucking and swallowing

Ok so I am a shared wife for these last three years and I have found out that almost every every guy we have met with usually gets around to asking me if I swallow when I give head or is it to disgusting and how dose it taste and smell.
I have thought about this a lot some of the guys cum smells a little like bleach and tastes really bad but if... [more]

Best Foot Forward

I'm a 22 year old female and I just moved to Florida. I've noticed that there are a lot of guys into feet. I started getting pedicures and wearing sandals and flips flops to work and the guys are always checking out my feet. This is so fucking cool! The other day I just kicked off my flip flops and went barefoot in front of all the guys. I got... [more]

Public display of affection

I have recently been calling a homophobe because of my dislike for public display of affection. I have been accused of not liking gays eventhough I don't have a problem with gay people. I just don't want to see ANYONE kissing in public. I don't care if it's two men, two women, or a man and a woman, but some reason no one takes notice when I talk... [more]

I did it

Well for a long time now Mark has been wanting me to give in and let him watch another guy make love to him and we have fought over this now for months but lately I have actually considered doing it just to shut him up but every time I am with him alone I just cant bring myself to do it.
I have caught myself checking out guys though wondering if... [more]

J / O Fodder

Wife was shopping for cock, online. We had played with a couple of guys, but none had large cocks. Like me, they were an average six to six and a half inches. She found one young guy who had a nice one, perhaps eight or nine inches, but, she didn't like his tats, and he lived more than a thousand miles away. Others didn't pass muster due to... [more]

Husband's desires

We look at porn sometimes and either laugh about stuff or get turned on and do what we are looking at for fun. I did not really look at porn before my husband and I got together but I also did not turn away from it when the opportunity presented itself. I will admit that I have on occasion looked at it on my own searching for it.
I came upstairs... [more]

Watching my husband

I read a lot about men liking to watch their women get fucked by other men but are their any woman that like to see their man get fucked by another woman. I don't hear much about this. Like to hear some feed back.

Why does everyone want to see women shaved ?

Why does it have to be that women are expected to smooth and shaven ?
Is it because they think them selves as preteens ?
Or is it that the men who are fucking them would rather be fucking pubescent young girls ?
I think that neatly a trimmed triangle of pubic hair between a woman's legs is a beautiful sight and great to feel as you... [more]

Men with men

Are there any woman that would be turned on by seeing their man with another man. I know men like seeing two women together is it the same for a woman. I like to hear from you.

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