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My secret life

Hi I have been reading posts on here and I decided to post my own story.
I am not a shared wife like some women but I do masturbate a lot.
It started years ago after our second child was borne.
Bill works long hours and has built his business into a nice income but during that time many times when I wanted attention he was to tired and I... [more]

Risky Business

I'm a 45 year old married guy with three kids and very successful in finance. My executive assistant that worked for me for almost ten years retired a little over a year ago. A younger woman was transferred to me. I came to learn over the first month that she is a 26 year old single mom (Maria). She's pretty, Hispanic and has nice style. She is a... [more]

Maybe obsessed

I have been masturbating everyday since the 6th grade when I was 11. I'm 32 now. There be days where I'm super bored. I'd jerk it 3 to 4 times in a day. I'm surprised nothing has negative happen to me. I got two kids and getting alone time with the wife becomes a challenge. So I would just end up jerking off. Some days I just would skip on sex and... [more]

Licking moms dildo

I am a teenage male, virgin, and horny as fuck. My bedroom is next to my moms, and some nights I can hear her using a vibrator on herself, and moaning quietly. Dad left us a couple of years ago, and mom hasn't dated anyone since, so I know she must masturbate a lot, I know I masturbate listening to my mom every chance I get.
My mom is 32... [more]

Masturbated in front of my cousin

First of all I'm a male, age 37. This happened back when I was 20. My cousin got kicked out of her home because she was a troubled teenager (age 18 at the time. She's an adult now and doing much better), but I must confess I always thought she was hot. She is Italian and gorgoeus, and I kind of had a bit of a crush on her. I was far too embarrased... [more]

Sissy Used Condom Fetish

My long term girlfriend knew that I had a passion for lingerie and would (when the mood took her) let me wear her panties during sex but she never knew the full story about my crossdressing.
As well as dressing up in my girlfriend’s sexy undies at every opportunity, I had a large stash of my own hidden away in the garage where it wouldn’t be... [more]

Normal to think of them that way?

I have a sister, only a couple of years younger than me. She developed early and since she was very young she's had an incredible body (even today she's a spectacular natural bombshell at 40, she turns heads wherever she goes). I don't think I'd dare to have sex with her for real, even if given the chance, but I think about her body a lot when I... [more]

Is this cheating?

Although I am a happily married lady, a few weeks ago I ended up getting drunk and sleeping over at my friend’s house and masturbating in front of her husband.
I thought they had both gone to bed and I was on the sofa in their apartment. Half asleep I was lying there under a spare duvet in my underwear playing with myself and fantasising about... [more]

Mother in law

Jenny my mother in law apparently watched me masturbating without letting me know she was there. She text me later to tell me she didn't want to disturb me, but had really enjoyed playing with herself as she saw me cumming.
This was about a month ago, and since then she's text me a few times. Each time the texts have gotten more and more filthy... [more]

Wife Lucy

Well it started out cheating but after I found out about her infidelity and she boldly told me that I was not filling my obligation as a husband and if I didn't like it I could file for a divorce.

I am a truck driver long line and when Lucy and I first met we were strongly attracted to each other and she would sometimes take short trips... [more]

Best Friends

I have a friend I met while I was in high school. We parted ways and recently we ran into each other. I'm talking five years. We always liked the same things and enjoyed each others company. We both would talk about women and stuff. I was recently at his apartment. He put on this soft porn type movie he had. I was getting very excited by it... [more]

Husbands choice

My husband thought because he found me masturbating using a dildo I'd secretly bought, he would teach me a lesson by inviting friends of his round to fuck me.
He figures I should only ever want to have sex with him and save myself for him. But if I needed that sexual urge to be fucked out of me, he'd do it and not a dildo.
Three of his so... [more]

Well that was awkward

Left work early as I really had the urge to stroke one off. I'm in my office scrolling through some porn and settled on a dad-daughter video. I'm feeling it and suddenly my wife is home early herself and standing right behind me.
Porn is perfectly fine in our house as is masturbating. She kinda laughed for giving me such a startle then she... [more]

How to stop

I'm a guy, 30, and I have a masturbation problem: I do it way too often. It's not because of a lack of sex, I have a loving girlfriend and sex is amazing with her. I don't know if my sex drive is just too intense or what, but I feel the need to jerk off every day (sometimes more than once a day). I've thought of seeing a sex therapist, but maybe I... [more]

Not my finest hour......

I am 32, have been married now for 5 years and with my husband for 10.
I recently went out with a group of my female friends that I went to school with and we ran into some guys we used to hang around with in our teens. I had been out with one of them back then for a few months but hadn’t seen him since really.
It was good to catch up and... [more]

How many women have done this ?

I’m interesting in knowing how often it happens? Have any ladies ever masturbated while thinking of your sisters boyfriend or husband. If so why not just fuck him?

I masturbate in my car

I love masturbating in my car in busy parking lots. I love to show my cock to older women.

Walked in

I just got done masturbating while watching my wife fuck a guy she works with. Got off work and walked in to see my wife naked and riding her co-workers cock. She was very much enjoying it too. She saw me and got defensive. I started taking off my clothes. She asked what I was doing. I sat down in the chair in the bedroom and said, "I'm gonna jack... [more]

Family love

Because my sister and I spent many happy hours experimenting sexually. Kissing, playing with each others breasts, then moving onto touching one another's pussies and finally tonguing each other's pussies and assholes out, it didn't seem unnatural to me to find myself attracted to my father.
Or should I say his enormous thick cock.
He and mom... [more]

Wife’s panties are just massive!

I’ll be blunt: my wife is fat. I don’t mind, she was fat when we met, and she slowly won me over and we started dating. The sex was good and her personality is too. We got married and she got even fatter. She last told me her weight was 435 pounds, and while she’s stayed around that level a while there is definitely no plan on her end to lose... [more]

Fun times.

My wife and I have found a way to make long trips more enjoyable and it started soon after our baby was able to travel with us.
We were on our way up to Eugene Oregon to visit my family and it was hot in the car and we were both tired when Olivia our daughter started fussing and Sherry opened up her nursing blouse and started feeding her .
It... [more]

Neighbor lady and girls nude bath peeping and masturbation

Our neighbor's house was under total renovation and they shifted to the temporary cabin house made in the backyard which had no bathroom. For bathing facility they made a topless temporary cabin adjacent to our boundary wall which was of 2.5 metre height. In the evenings when it is slightly dark, the neighbor's wife and three girls used to come... [more]

Catching my son masturbating

I know its normal for boys to masturbate well everyone in fact I do as well.
But I keep catching my son masturbating while sniffing pairs of my dirty panties and it still shocks me. He doesn't know that I have caught him sniffing my dirty panties almost every day.
Is this normal? Do any other boys use their Mothers dirty panties while... [more]

Adventures Experimenting

Im a 22 year old female and I have had quite the sexual life so far and I just wanted to share a few things. I won’t tell all my stories but a few.
As early as I can remember I have memories of me as a little girl masturbating or doing kinda sexual things as early as around 5 years old. I would use my toys, barbies, and other items and rub them... [more]

Working in Porn

So I'm female 30 single..for 10 years I worked for a big german porn company
I performed solo masturbation video for 2 years,then I was asked if I was willing to do hardcore porn..I said yes but only if my boyfriend would be willing to perform with me..which her did..I never told anyone..but he was actually my was the best sex I've... [more]

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