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Popeyes, Blockheads, and Mouth Cunts

On an out-of-town trip, I found a cinema in a strip mall in south Miami, in a bad neighborhood. The ticket girl was this shot-out blonde, gorgeous body and dead eyes. "It's a ' Hellraiser ' film festival, " she monotoned, as though I couldn't read the marquee. I shrugged, and mumbled "Okay". She looked at me blankly. " Lots of sex offenders in... [more]

Im 41 and a virgin

Probably because i have zero confidence because i also have a 3 inch penis. having said all that i dont really care. im happy masturbating and probably want to suck a cock more that have sex with a woman.

Bestiality and incest

I confess I an into i****t and bestiality. I practice them with my mom and our dogs, and dad when I visit him. I was raised nudist (by mom) and in a openly sexual house. I had seen mom have sex with male and female lovers, seen her masturbate, and when I was 9 I saw her getting knotted. She encouraged me to watch her (and masturbate if I felt like... [more]

Sexy Nipples

I am a male and just adore playing with my nipples, I often clamp tight cloths pegs on them for about 20 minutes it is very painful but oh so sexy.
I wear plastic French maids outfits, PVC dresses, bodysuits and catsuits and love playing with my nipples through all the fabrics, even out in my normal male wear I continuously play with my... [more]

Following husbands wishes

I am a average 53 yr old woman who enjoys sex a lot, lately my husband has been having trouble with erections and sex has been slow for about a year now. he told me on more than one occasion that I was free to find someone to fill my needs. my job requires me to inspect client apts weekly to make sure they are being kept clean at the assisted... [more]

Little lesbians

I was downstairs in the laundry room when my 13 year old daughter and her friend came home. They didn't think anyone was home, because they came downstairs into the basement living room, they sat down on the sofa and started to make out. I was down the hallway across the hallway, I could see into the living room threw the crack of the open laundry... [more]

My sister-in-laws panties

I was in the restroom at my in-laws and needed a q-tip. As I searched on top of the counter I got curious and looked under. Lo and behold my sister-in-laws clothes from the previous day. I was horny and saw her panties just laying there and I’ve been wanting to f*** her for a really long time now so I took them and smelled them. Her pussy scent... [more]

Neighbor is watching

I’ve caught out neighbor watching us through the windows more times than I can count. Caught isn’t even the right word, he doesn’t hide. My husband never sees him. I’ll be sucking his dick and look up and there’s the neighbor in the window, stroking his cock. I don’t stop, though. I like being watched. One night I was blowing my husband on... [more]

Roleplay Fantasy

I'm a 20 year old female who's always wanted to play with an older couple of any age.
I have a huge fantasy about playing as mommy/daddy/daughter that I love to imagine when I masturbate. I Mommy teaching me to suck Daddy's cock, then eating Mommy's pussy while Daddy takes my virginity.
I would love to hear if anyone is into similar... [more]

Milking in panties

I’ve been really into putting on a nice tight pair of nylon panties on and masturbating my cock through the panties with a magic wand until I explode in them! I then slowly take them off and force myself to eat my own cum out of them!! Mind you I have a large butt plug in the whole time!! Omg so fucking hot! I’m straight as an arrow and would love... [more]

Older women.

So though I have a gf and she is quite good and all is great,but I somehow am attracted to mature older thick women,I am 24 but anything like 35 to 47 is my range and I am always ready for one.Actually at times anyone older than me just turns me on.So somehow I end up on Kik looking for these mature women who masturbate and fondle themselves as I... [more]

Men of the cloth

I have to say that I have been serving men of the cloth! I have been on a now gone site showing my wifes pussy and tits to them! They all loved her nude pics. I want to do more of it, but don't know where? The men used to send us pics of themselves masturbating to her pics. They ... [more]

Enough Was Enough

Many, many years ago when I was a lad of fifteen, I got caught going down on a boy friend a couple of years younger than me, by his mother. It created quite a row, she told my parents. I had already been caught trying to look in her bedroom window, and caught masturbating when my mother and her walked into my bedroom without knocking. She had me... [more]

MIL Milks Me

A little after my first year of marriage, the wife and I were vacationing at her parent's house in sunny Fl. I was up early, and volunteered to mow the lawn. The other men had gone fishing, and my wife and SIL had gone shopping. That left me there with the MIL. I had finished mowing and was cooling off in the shade of the porch. She brought me a... [more]

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