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Last week, I woke up about 1:30 in the morning. I got up to take a piss, and walking past my parents bedroom on the way to the bathroom, I heard some unexpected noises. My dad has been away for three weeks, he's been out of town, and on lockdown in New York, unable to come home yet. I heard my mom moaning, like she was getting laid, so at first I... [more]

Mom's Huge Breasts

I desire to continue to use and play with my mom's huge breasts. Dad wanted to see mom tease me with her tits after she told dad she saw me taking a picture of her huge naked breasts. "Why don't you let him enjoy them like I do. I know you like to flaunt them, otherwise you would of made Jake delete it off of his smart phone." is what dad said I... [more]

I let him

I was in the shower a bout a year ago this happened.
My son and his friend was home.
I was drying off and i heard a noise.
I wasn’t sure but I thought it sounded like breathing.
I look and see a shadow under door.
My son and his friend was upstairs i thought i get towel and open door quickly and it was Tom his friend was on his knees peeking... [more]

Flashing and teasing the peeping small eyes

On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I aged 20 while bathing was masturbating . As turned to the other side to approach the corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. ... [more]

Cum eating

A few years ago I came in my wife’s mouth , then she surprised me with a passionate kiss. Naturally she saved the cum to spite into my mouth saying ,”you want me to Swallow it , you try it”. She was being very playful and came off super sexy.
Well , now whenever I masturbate I still remember that and eat my cum. I’ve been doing this for years... [more]

Living The Pandemic Lifestyle

Our normal social lifestyle activity has been altered. This stay at home order has us doing things we really didn't expect to do. I live with my divorced mom and our neighbor is divorced also and I pal around with her son that lives with her at times. Since we can't go clubbing we do our social drinking in each other's house at times. Then the... [more]

Sexy wife

I would like to watch my beautiful and sexy wife do a strip tease and dance nude in front of an audience. I would like to see her masturbate to orgasm in front of the crowd. Every cock in the crowd would be rock hard! They would be turned on watching my hot sexy wife!

Shared my girlfriend with a Stranger!

We were on our way home from the Mall , and it was just getting dark out , I dared Glenda to take her pants off & Masturbate as I drove!
Off they came,Glenda layed the seat back and was playing with her pussy!
I asked her do you want to be seen by a trucker? Glenda took her top & Bra off! We were coming up on a truck , Glenda looked up as we... [more]

I nearly lost control of my urges

I've been volunteering to take my nieces to their dance classes for the last several months. When I was babysitting recently I told the girls to give me a demonstration of what they had been learning so I could collect some masturbation material. The 7 and 5 year olds scampered up to their shared bedroom and I followed. When i got up to their room... [more]

Fiancee Cheated, I Loved It

I recently found out that my wife (then-fiancee) cheated on me shortly before we got married. I do feel twinges of anger/jealousy about it, but I am also extremely turned on by it and overall love the fact that she did it. She acted sorry when she told me, but when I admitted that I was turned on instead of mad, she admitted that it was the best... [more]

At a restaurant

So my vice, my absolute addiction is masturbating, but sometimes just masturbation alone isn't enough, you have to do sometime forbidden to really get off. So I started to experiment around with going outdoors to do it. At first you hide in places that noone will ever see you like in a cornfield, or behind a building where you know for sure no one... [more]

I'm a whore and a terrible mother

A while back I posted a confession about my boyfriend fron college who I fucked so long and so often that I flunked out of school. Then I ran into him recently while I had my kids at the store and I haven't been able to stop thinking about his cock ever since. I fought the urge to go looking for him for as long as I could because of the part of me... [more]

Love, sex and the Trucker.

My lovely wife and I don't have much sex anymore. We had four children together and during that time lots of great sex. She has put on pounds like most of older people have. But she still has a great body and turns me on. I was posting pictures of her on several porn sites. Pics of her when we first started dating and pictures now. I had lots of... [more]

Lusting over stepdaughter

My stepdaughter is 19 and she is very petite blonde and attractive. Cheerleader thighs and butt and very pretty.
I recently started to go through her underwear drawer and I started smelling them and masturbated to them a few times and in them. Now I can’t stop and it’s all I can think about doing when she’s not home and my wife is out of the... [more]

No interest at all

I’m beginning to believe I have some sexual problem, I’m 26 and have absolutely no interest in sex or any pleasure for myself, I recently met with an old friend and she told me she can’t stop masturbating, she said she does it in the car at work basically anywhere she can quickly do it.
I never seem to get any urges to want to do this, I know... [more]

Masturbation over young girls pictures.

This is all my father fault, how I am. I'm a 40 year old unmarried woman and fucked up sexually.
When I was young maybe 7, when my mother would go out, my father would take me to his home office lock the door and make me strip. Then he forced me to masturbate while looking a pictures of young girls age, some dressed some nude. He masturbate... [more]

Maid for Me

I used to use two sisters to clean my house. Both Hispanic. The older one was really fat, had 3 kids etc. Her younger sister was fit, pretty and had a great round Hispanic booty I loved to watch jiggle as she cleaned. Her name is Maria. One day only the younger one showed up to clean. I could tell she was upset when she arrived because she wasn't... [more]

Step Sister

I'm a male 17 and horny like every guy my age. My mom and her husband met about 13 years ago and have been married for 8 years. When I first met him I met his two daughters as well from day 1 of meeting his oldest daughter I felt a different way around her. Her and I have always gotten along with each other real well. Around 2 years into our... [more]

Educating Melissa

I'm a male High School teacher, and needless to say, sometimes it's "hard" to be around basically full grown women who enjoy flirting with their teachers. There was one girl in particular I found difficult to resist. She was a fiery redhead with pale skin and a great body that she loved to display. She would wear low-cut shirts revealing her... [more]

Naughty Or Nice

I'm one of those kids that has been raised by a single mom after a broken marriage. When I hit puberty I started wacking off a lot. I thought mom was unaware I was pulling my dick while she was in the room, but I was wrong, I found out later. She has real long saggy breasts that you can't avoid from not looking at them.
When I was in my... [more]

I Help Neighbor Chill Out

Living next to me is this lazy ass guy. Won't do anything. Seldom mows the lawn. Empty soda cans all over the place. Won't look why his live in female partner vehicle isn't running right. They moved in next to me several years back. His female live in isn't the best looking woman out there. She's a heavy smoker, I guess to relieve her stress and... [more]

Who makes the special sauce?

I work at a little local sub shop. I hate the boss and my co workers. I especially hate all you fucking dumb ass customers who eat here. So just for you I make my special sauce. First I use mayo, then ketchup, some dill pickle juice, paprika, a tiny bit of Crystal Hot sauce, then I masturbate until I shoot a big load of my cum in it. Then I beat... [more]

Am I gay

I'm a 19 year old male college student. At a drunken Christmas frat party off campus, I ended up willingly (I was not drunk) letting 30 guys ass fuck me over 12 hours.
I told them all to cum in me. I came multiple times hand free the hardest orgasms of my life.
I have a girlfriend and we fuck like crazy. But I'm masturbating and using a... [more]

Spunky x

I'm 19 and my boyfriend of 1 year is 44. He loves it when I wear a little crop top and low rise skinny jeans, he'll get me to lay on the bed and he'll feel the denim around my hip and pussy area then masturbate, and then shoot his spunk all over that area on my jeans and then send me to the shop wearing it. It's incredibly sexy and naughty, I get... [more]

Cheating mom

The older you get the more you understand things that happened or you saw when you were younger.
I was 8 or 9 and Dad was at work it was getting late and mom made me go to bed early.
I got thirsty an hour or so later and came downstairs to get a drink. The tv was on and
I heard mom so I looked in around corner and saw some guy naked on mom... [more]

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