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Ggb first time

Becoming friends with a new fm coworker. Since we aren't allowed to go out anymore, we have been spending a good amount of time together. Mostly she comes to our home because she enjoys the pool. Problem is I am starting to enjoy her in ways new to me and I am not sure why. I find myself checking out her hard body, wanting to remove her skimpy... [more]

I am very horny

I am a woman and I am horny all the time. I want sex every day. Since I was a teenager and I am 49 now. My pussy is always wet. I cum every time I masturbate or have sex. I am also single. Ugh.... I just want to fuck.

Mother In Law

I am married with two kids. However, I've always had a thing for my mother in law. She seems to be a pious person and all and her husband is 68 years old whereas she is 50. She shared alot of her past stories with me and likes talking to me. I dont know if she really likes me or she wants to be close with me in that manner. I know for the matter... [more]

Interupted omegle

I was skyving off work to go on omegle and I'd started chatting with this guy and things were getting really hot, I had got my vibrator out and was spread infront of the laptop for him. He was getting me to say 'Fuck me daddy' and I may have got a bit loud because my housemate knocked on the door to see if I was ok. I said I was and I she... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 3

Andy awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and coffee. He opened his eyes and saw his mother putting plates and silverware on the small table.
"Good morning, sleepyhead," Linda said with a smile.
"Good morning," Andy said, rubbing his eyes. He was still groggy from getting only a few hours of sleep. "The storm is over I see," he said, looking... [more]

My girlfriend's sister...oh boy...

I've been with my girlfriend a few years now. I'm a decade older, and considered myself pretty lucky to have landed her. She's incredibly attractive, kind, somewhat stubborn, but really a good girl. We have lived together a couple years, and everything has been pretty good up until the last 6 months or so. We've been fighting more and sex has been... [more]

Late nights

I don't know why but I get really aroused of the idea of committing rape and murder only specifically to women I really want to open up their insides and play with them I want to rape them before they die and watch them beg and beg and beg for mercy I want to abuse them i want to cut them and listen to their screams i want to own them and ruin... [more]

She's My Cum Dumpster

My grandmother knew I was doing drugs. She decided that she needed to reform me. She sat me down and said, "We need to have a conversation." I could tell she was jittery. She pulled a bottle of booze out of her cupboard and fixed herself a drink to calm her nerves. She first began telling me how much she cares and loves me and made sure she cave... [more]

My housemate loves my panties!

My housemate dared me to tell someone our secret, so instead of telling a friend I'm chickening out and sharing it here:
About a week ago I got really drunk with my housemates and we ended up talking till the early hours of the morning. At some point the couple who have the downstairs room went to bed leaving me alone with the two guys. They... [more]

Caught wearing panties

After my wife left for work, I was horny and decided to put on a pair of my sister in law's panties, that I had stolen, and masturbate. While watching femdom porn and wearing the panties, my wife had come home extremely early and caught me jacking off. After making me confess to stealing the panties, she insisted that I finish while she watched... [more]

Small, Hairy, and Smelly

When I was in high school, I had this female friend who jokingly told me that my penis was “small, hairy, and smelly” even though she never saw it before. At the time I got offended, but now it turns me on to think about her saying that to me. I sometimes imagine her making fun of my penis while I masturbate. I enjoy the humiliation, even though... [more]

Unemployed during lock-down!

What else one can do in lock down situation and without any job for quit sometime? I am 36 yo single woman in good shape. I go for mature men living alone. Many have ED problem. I allow them to watch and fondle my body for $50/an hour that includes some kissing, fondling boobs and fingering pussy while I masturbate hardly an erect cock! Some... [more]

(Real) I'm the family cum-dump and I like it

After browsing through a few confessions on this site, I've decided this is where I want to tell my story. This is a real confession / story but you can believe / not believe what you want.
This all started when I was 16. My mother had just divorced my father and moved out of state, leaving me, my dad and my 2 brothers. This didn't affect me as... [more]

My sweet young granddaughter

I've got four of the Corgi prettiest granddaughters you could ever imagine one of them 13 I have one but it's 14 I have one minute 15 I have one minute acting I'm writing a 15 year old granddaughter she is gorgeous flat 14th infecting you again daughter is always standing that witches you know I'm always going to the bathroom after they pull up... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 1

Andy and Linda were mother and son, but anyone that did not know them personally would think they were brother and sister. There was twenty year difference in their ages, Andy being 22 and Linda 42, but apart from a few crow's feet at Linda's eyes they looked close enough to be siblings. Andy was a strong and handsome boy, standing six foot two... [more]

Stranger online

I(female) went onto a website to talk to strangers, mainly cause i was feeling very horny. This guy and I talked and we started sexting (just words no pictures) and he made me cum more than 6 times in total. And it wasn’t just masturbating, we talked about life - work and what we like. I’ve never felt more turned on by someone, especially someone... [more]

Don't talk to me about brokenness

I have put myself through so much filth in the past.
I went to a Catholic school, but my family were atheists, and by the final years of high school, so was I. My friends introduced me to porn back in seventh grade. I got caught a couple times while I was in high school. I masturbated frequently. I thought I was normal - Hollywood made it seem... [more]

All alone

I love reading these stories. I get so hot and masturbate until parents come for bed check. It is so hard to stop. I get so many ideas on what I want to try. I have never been touched but want to so bad. I dream of different guys, but lately I have even thought about how it would feel if a girl touched me. I think maybe the thought of touching her... [more]

My favourite way to masturbate these days is to masturbate with m

Seeing my hard clit standing at attention, my pink, wet pussy and swollen lips get me really excited. I like to edge my orgasm and hold it for at least 30mins. This makes my clit grow bigger and all my juices flow out my pussy and down my ass crack. It's so fucking hot. This makes me more excited. It take my masturbation game on another level.

Not a cuckold!

Unlike most men on here it seems, I really don’t like sharing my wife. Sure, she talks dirty and I sometimes imagine her wanking off someone else while I fuck her but that’s pure fantasy bedroom stuff.
I think it stems from catching one of my ex girlfriends snogging someone outside a party. I had arrived early to pick her up and saw her down... [more]

My Sister Jenny

Last summer before I started college, my sister, Jenny, was home for summer break...being two years ahead of me in age and academics.
It was early afternoon, and I'd just returned from the gym. Both of our parents were at work.
Coming through the door with my gym bag in hand, I noticed one of Jenny's shirts crumpled up on the couch. Her... [more]

Mom knows I want to fuck her

When I was about 17 or 18 (I’m 28 now) as most young men at that age, I was constantly horny and very frequently masturbating. My mother has always looked incredible for her age (she’s 55 now but 45 back than) all my childhood friends would always tease me on how much a MILF my mom was, it used to get me so angry, but I completely agreed. Her and... [more]

I love masturbating playing with my ass

I'm a 66 amputee white man with one leg love being naked inside my apartment masturbating playing with my ass sticking my finger up in my ass I'm almost always playing with my cock even i don't get an erection still love beating my manhood until i cum some times it takes a long time some times I'm not able to i put gloves on not happy until i... [more]

Friends dad

When I was 15 I helped my friends dad one day in his wood shop. He ask me to hold to boards together as some glue dried. I noticed when he reached around me for some nails his cock brushed against my ass, he did this 3 or 4 times. It made me nervous but I will admit I liked it. The glue dried enough and I told him I had to leave. That night I... [more]

Empty tits

My wife spoiled me with her long saggy breasts. I was in my late 20's when I met her. Her tits caused me to marry her. I couldn't keep my hands and mouth from not playing with them and she knew it. She offered them to me when they was milked filled. She use to squeeze her nipples and shoot milk out onto my cock. She regularly masturbated me with... [more]

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