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I have to masturbate while I'm driving and hope to get caught

I have to masturbate almost constantly when driving somewhere of a significant distance. Whether it's with a vibrator, a dildo, or just manually. I find myself needing to get off when driving a decent distance (to have time to get it done) and I want to get caught, so I try to.

Obsessed with a boy ...

I volunteered at a summer camp as a counselor this summer, and met this sweet boy there, that I cannot stop thinking about. I have a few pictures of him from the camp, and I masturbate at them several times a day.
We are kinda "friends", and keep emailing each other, and I fantasize about what will happen next year, when I see him at camp next... [more]

Dad’s wife

I want to fuck my step mom. My dad started dating her when I was about 12. I knew what sex was and knew right away that I wanted to fuck her. They are still together and to this day, I fantasize about us fucking while I masturbate. She’s 55 yrs old this year and I’m 42. She still has a killer body. Great tits, nice ass. I fantasize about going... [more]

Cousin's panties??

Me and my cousins were hoing on a road trip. I was at my elder cousin's house I had to take a shower so i went to her bathroom and found her dirty panties and suddenly got an urge to smell them and when i did it was heavenly i masturbated for so long there were two three panties all smelled great. I even licked her vaginal discharge. Best day... [more]

Is this a healthy Dom Wife relationship?

My relationship with my wife started out very vanilla, but over the past 14 years has morphed into something else. I'm surprised to find that I'm mostly okay with it, but I sometimes wonder if it's healthy.
Here goes: We used to have regular sex, but now we have just one kind of sexual contact: my mouth and her vajajay. In the morning, we start... [more]

Use my wife for masturbation

I just love other men to use pictures of my wife to jerk off over! I love nasty and filthy chat about her, can't get enough! She is unaware about this.

I have watched my adult Step Daughter throught a window

I watched my adult step daughter undress many times as I watched through the window of her bedroom and masturbated. I know I should feel guilty, but the truth is I still masturbate thinking about it. I have rubbed her feet and legs for a while and then left the room and masturbated.
My wife, her mother, caught me one night as I watched my step... [more]

Jerking in public

Always loved to jerk off when I could be seen. I like to watch and to be watched.
I found a girl one day in Asbury Park walking down the street. Young tall slender and dark. I pulled into a parking lot and waited for her to walk by. I made eye contact with her and made it known that I was up to no good.
She was cautious but curious and... [more]

So many little panties

Ever since I was a little boy I was very sexual and loved to feel myself and I dont remember how I started but I started wearing panties I would remember they where my sister in-laws panties then I started feeling that they where just a little too big because I was really young and there where no other girls in the house except my little niece she... [more]

My boss caught me

I was working the first real job I ever had for about two years, I was a receptionist, clerk, coffee maker and message taker for a small heating and cooling repair business. During the day the whole building had just the owner and myself in it and when he went to run errands it was just me. We had very little walk in customers and when he left the... [more]

I need to meet other sissy’s soon

I’m finding my kinks have progressed to the point of being someone completely different than my everyday self. When I take a stimulant I get really dirty desires that have progressed through roleplay family porn and female masturbation and squirting to shaving my entire body and imagining being sexed up like a girl. I’m a tall good looking fit... [more]

Sister caught me

I was masturbating when I was about thirteen, certainly was not the first time I just was a little stupid to think my sister would not come in my closed bedroom door. I closed the door and put in some ear buds so I could watch some porn without her hearing it. I was pretty far along in the video and had a nice stroke going when I saw some movement... [more]

Closet girl

I have never disclosed this before. I am a middle age man. Fairly decent shape. And I wear women's panties and lingerie whenever I am able. I feel extremely sexy. I feel I look pretty sexy too. I will sometimes get dressed up and masturbate while thinking about my wife pegging me, telling me what a good little girl I am

I spied on my boyfriend masturbating

Recently I've been obsessed with the idea of seeing my boyfriend wank, but I don't think he would ever let me watch. The other day I was going out and knew he would be straight onto porn sites so I put a hidden camera under the table, aimed perfectly at his crotch.
As soon as I got home I checked it, within 7 minutes of me leaving he had his... [more]

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