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Pretty Girl

Do a lot of FATHERS masturbate while looking at there daughter/s sleep and or touch,look at there boobs Orbost it just me???

Delightful Daughter

I get off on masturbating over my the top of my daughter while she's sleeping, touching her little sweet breasts then shooting my load on her pillow then wiping my cum on her lips n watch her tounge lick it .. Mmm I'm hard right now..

Neighbourly Kink

I’m a happily married heterosexual (or so I thought) guy but for the past 6 months I’ve been sucking my elderly neighbours cock.
We watch football together at his place with a few beers and sometimes watch some porn.
On the first occasion we were pretty drunk and he’d put on some shemale porn, which we were both laughing about. Without any... [more]

The girl moans and gets into it

In the middle of the night I was awoken to load moans of pleasure coming from my son's bedroom. His girlfriend was getting off and I was getting aroused. I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom hoping my wife continued to sleep. I then masturbated that I was the one screwing the young hottie. Now when I see her, I get an instant hardon.

Want to touch my neighbor another girl

I lost my job and started spending a lot of time with my neighbor when my husband is at work. As time goes on, we have become trusting friends sharing more and more. We come and go from apartment to apartment without knocking, except when my husband is home. And that's easy because he is 3 off / 4 days on.
So now the problem. I have gotten... [more]

Just started looking at porn

I started watching porn. I have been to many categories. Why do I get the most excited when I watch girl masturbation or girl on girl? I am a virgin and consider myself straight. I like boys but want to touch another girl just once.

Husband Masturbating

My husband started his sex very young with his cousin brother who showed him how a cock works and that developed into gay sex and he is addicted to gay sex. He regularly watch porn of every nature and masturbates but not interested in sex. In the initial years of our marriage he was very eager to see me nude and have sexual intercourse. But just... [more]

Had him lick my pussy all night long

I answered his online ad. He said he would lick a woman's pussy and not expect anything in return. He told I am the only woman who answered the ad. I was surprised as I thought more women liked sex like I do with a stranger. I am an oversexed woman and I know it. I can masturbate 4 times a day like a man does. I love it. So I met this man last... [more]

I listen for her moans

Why do I desire my stepdaughter?
I get horny and jack off when I hear pleasure moans coming from my step-daughters room. Sometimes just the purr of her vibrator gets me hard. I want to watch her. I cannot stop thinking how sexy her swollen areolas and budding breast in that sheer nightie she sometimes wears around our home; her mom's house. I... [more]

Stepdad heard and watched

My stepfather watched me masturbate. I was naked and on my knees with my ass up in the air. I was breathing heavy, whining a little but striving to be quiet as I rubbed and fingered my wet pussy. Suddenly the light went on. I jumped and turned. My dad turned, walked, and closed the door. He told me to close the door next time. I don't know how... [more]

Why does teasing get me high?

I like the feeling I get when my stepdad and his friend are eyeing me. They react differently than guys my age. I am 16, curious, mostly horny, smart, and sexy. My stepdad is off limits but is it normal to like to tease him? I have even given an accidental slip from time to time. I once pretended to accidentally walked in on dad when he was nude... [more]

Should I ask about the bras and panties?

I was on a call with a single friend where we were chatting about life. She made a comment about not having much laundry because she usually wears a t-shirt, shorts, and socks. Of course I'm thinking no bra and no panties but I was too afraid to ask.
I had a nice bulge starting to grow in my pants as the conversation continued. One head was... [more]

Horny for young pussy.

Any women on here masturbating right now? If you are, let me know. I'm about to do the same🍆💦!!

Size Can Matter

Hi, my name is Terri. My best friend at the time I was 20 was a male. His name is Jim. We had grown up together having lived side by side (in adjoining rooms) since we were infants. We had never been anything but friends from a sexual standpoint, but had talked about each other's sexual secrets and histories.
In case you haven't figured it out... [more]

I post my wife's nude photos online

I enjoy posting my wife's nude photos online. I also have posted videos of her masturbating with a large dildo, giving me a blow job hard sex ect.
61 fat old PAWG .
Mostly to help out you older gents that your wife has stopped having sex if you need a good release of your full hard balls.
For videos & pics of the wife and i having play time... [more]

Locked down MIL

During this lock-down period my wife went to her parents for the weekend leaving me and her mom at our home. My MIL has a great body - slim, attractive ass and a pair of ample boobs. As she lives with us she has little qualm of dress while indoor - hardly wears bra and often panties in summer. Whenever my wife is not at hole she loved to show off... [more]

I'm a 24 year old Muslim virgin with messed up fantasies

So obviously alot of posts here are completely fake but this is more like a confession of mine. I think I started feeling aroused back when I was a teenager like any of us. I would look at guys, walking by me, focus hard to see if I can make out their cocks from far. I started reading smut on wattpad pure fantasy you see. But the real problems... [more]

Wife's bday request

My wife and I have been married 15 years. We enjoy a pretty healthy sex life. We have had a few threesomes. We know another couple that we have partner swapped a couple times. Not swapping husband's either. This couple we swap opposite. Husband's fuck each other and wives fuck each other. My wife, Sandra, masturbates just about every day.
So a... [more]

I want my uncle and have for a long time

Ever since I hit puberty I was attracted to my uncle. I used to stay over night in his house sometimes and would masturbate often, getting off at the thought of him catching me and asking to help out.
There was a time where something maybe could have happened but never did... He is and was a strong, handsome man by all means... he is probably... [more]

Wanting Your Mom

For as long as I can remember I have thought my mother who is a high school teacher was pretty. Earlier this year when I turned 18 I came to the realization that I had desires towards my mother.
They ran much deeper than just wanting to make love to her. I wanted to be her lover. I wanted to make her my companion.
Denise my mother, I... [more]

Sexy Wife

My favorite fantasy would for my sexy lovely wife to masturbate in front of an audience to orgasm. Everyone one in the crowd would get a hard from watching her. Every cock would be rock hard!

Bi-curious married man

Wife and I are home due to the arctic weather. Minus 5 with 30 below windchill and up to six more inches of snow on top of what we already have.
I'm (besides typing this) sitting in the computer room while my wife is in the bedroom watching television. I have been masturbating to cumpilation videos of guys sucking off other guys and eating their... [more]

Men I fucked behind husbands back

The office had a window and I could see the Mexican parking lot attendant everyday looking at me. I am white female, super fit & sexy body, beautiful face. He looked at me hard one day staring at me and I didn't look away, my heart pounding craving him fucking me, eating me, making me cum. I wanted to make and hear him cum in me so much. I knew... [more]


Is it wrong for man to want to masturbate in panties and stockings? The feeling i get is so erotic it is sometime quite difficult to hold back.

Meth masturbation Addict

Https:// Let get spun and dirty

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