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Sexy Aunt

During my divorce my aunt and I became very close. She would often text me and check on my well being. My aunt is 5’1” with blind hair and a petite build and looks great for being 51 years old. She is a nursing professor and can be perceived as being prude at times.
She began to confide in me about her sexless marriage and from that... [more]

Watching the neighbor lady bath and her daughter grow up as girl

I spied on my neighbor's for years, I'd look through their bathroom ventilation and watch the mother and daughter undress before showering. Then daughter grew up and I watched her inspecting her growing boobs and pussy pubic hair, watching this beautiful young blonde girl strip off her small bar was the best thing I've ever seen, shed dance... [more]

Secretly video my wife

I secretly video my wife while she takes baths and showers. I love eatching her play with her huge tits and her pussy when she is in there. Not a day goes by that she doesnt masturbate when she is bathing or showering. I love it. I get off everytime i watch.

4 am on the weekend

I wake up at 4 am during the week for work, but on the weekend 4 am starts my masturbation time. I have 2 or 3 hours to be naked, watch porn, and read naughty posts. I might do it at my desk or in the bathroom.
Right now, I am in the bathroom. I have been stroking my cock for over an hour. After this post, I will look at some big tit images... [more]

Caught masturbating

Wife left for work so I got out her suction cup dildo and turned on porn. She had apparently forgotten something because she walked back in and I was in the bedroom with a chair and her suction cup dildo on it and I was riding the dildo and jerking off to bisexual married porn

Inadvertently admit I'm bisexual

So my wife and I were sitting on the couch and she asked the question that every woman asks their man. Would you get remarried if I died? I said, "Immediately? No. Ever? Probably not." She said, So you wouldn't have sex again?" I said, "You didn't ask that." She said, "How long before you would have sex with another woman?" I said, "Probably... [more]

Pictures of my step-daughters

My stepdaughters are grown with children of their own. They as so pretty a little heavy but large full breasts. Double and triple D's. I have downloaded many social media pictures of them. I have also taken pictures at summer parties where they are dressed in bathing suits. My treasures are a couple of pictures I was able to sneak off one of... [more]

What could have been...

I don't know quite how to say this but, I have been having this recurring thought over and over in my mind. When I was in college my roommate dated a football player. We were at a small southern university and the team was not very successful, but it pleased her family back home so she kept the relationship going. Unknown to everyone, except me of... [more]

Eddie's resolution

The first time was for me, a whole new experience of what I'd accept in my life. Not only seeing her take Eddie's cock in all her holes, but also acknowledging my wife's need for more sex than I could offer her.
Yes I could have walked away, and yes we would now after this length of time, be divorced. Yet the circumstances of how I ended up... [more]

Classmate's Dick Show

While in the 9th grade we had a big boy in the back bench who was 3years senior but being failed in smaller classes was in classes with us. During the last month of the grade the class was free as the teacher was on leave and all the boys were just playing around in the class. Then the boy next this big boy shouted saying look something big under... [more]

Sex with local whore and infected with pubic lice

While was horny and thinking of having sex with someone I overheard a man talking about a women living in particular area is a whore and for a few bucks she fill entertain for half an hour time. So when it became dark I cycled to this woman's residence. It was around 8.30 in the night and saw this lady coming out of her house and at a first glance... [more]

Fantasy of sharing wife with friend

While having sex with wife I have a fantasy to see her being fucked by my friend. My friend has a good big cock. I have seen his cock only in placid state while we were having a bath in the cold river water. My cock has a water phobia and while in water it shrinks and only the foreskin is visible. Whereas my friend who is 6.5 of height have a cock... [more]

Colleague's wife nude photos

One day my colleague in the next room called me for some help on his hanged computer. I sat on his computer and started to sort out the problem. Just midway Boss called him to his chamber leaving me alone to fix his computer in his cabin. After fixing the glitches and rebooting I just was checking his temporary folders and saw some .jpg files. To... [more]

Peeped while my Sister masturbated

We had the outdoor bathroom door worn out at the lower part due excess water falling on the wooden panel. In a standing position any one could see the leg portion from a distance. One day only my younger sister who is two year young than me and myself of 20 years old were alone as others where out. In evening I got up from my sleep and was moving... [more]

Peeping on Males

I was speaking with a like minded pervert and voyeur, recently . She's much younger than me, and much more hi-tech in the pursuit of her desires. She'll place hidden cameras and use drones whereas I'm old skool and use binoculars to access open curtains or blinds. She and I both prowl sex clubs, and x-rated cinemas, never participating, just... [more]

New man, a cuckold man.

Never having once suspected my wife of cheating on me, I didn't think the noises of sex in our home when I entered, were that of my wife with another guy.
I immediately thought as she's very highly sexed, she was watching porn and masturbating. Something in the past I'd regularly come across with my wife.
So not thinking anything bad, I walked... [more]

Drink cum of stranger

While walking through the railway track, I saw a used condom filled with after sex cum. I took it home, went to the bathroom and slowly untied the knot and rolling down the condom sucked and swallowed the cum and turning inside out licked the inside of the condom clean. Then I rolled it on my erect penis and masturbated and came in the condom... [more]

Groping a grown up girl from behind

While roaming around a crowded Fair with a lot of people, I saw a big girl just moving in front of me alongwith her friends bending down and trying to cross the barricade through wearing a half skirt. She was just half way through and I cupped her pussy under the skirt from behind and felt an electric shock push and blasting down her vagina on my... [more]

Fingered a girl's pussy

During the summer vacation we cousins and neighbor boys and girls used to play together at anyone's house. All were of the age of 8 to 10 years. While playing in my house we had a room with no windows but two doors of which one was permanently locked. So I suggested we will go to that dark room and closing the door and putting off the lights we... [more]

Showed myself masturbating video to an office lady

We male colleagues used to watch porn on my computer which was in a corner of the big hall with partition on all sides. Once we were watching some thing interesting and this lady aged around 45 who is a widow who was engaged in our office as cleaning staff came to our cubicle. She was of some loose character and I have at times seen some of her... [more]

Grand Ma's Fun

I was staying with my Grand Ma the other day. It was a Saturday evening and she made me my favorite dinner. Anyway we watched some television before going to bed. It was around 1 am and I had to get up to take a piss. I could hear some wild noises coming from her bedroom. I put my ear to the door and she was moaning and it was getting louder. I so... [more]

First time with sex not normal, with dog

Around 14, horny and interested in sex. Crazy thoughts like a girl being tied up and fucked was arousing to me. Dog sex was especially arousing to me, because of them being stuck together somehow. Started wearing my sister's clothes and tying myself up and imagining I was the girl, then would go masturbate. I added my dog one day to the scene and... [more]

I post my nude pics n vids online

After the first time i posted myself nude online, i was hooked. Showing everything makes my masturbation more pleasurable. My horny penis needs it now. I show my face in my posts. Im always searching for more sites to expose myself on. Eventually im sure ill be found out. When that happens ill start using my full name. then anyone searches for me... [more]

Wandering Mind. Normal?

I'm 19f and lost my virginity to my boyfriend three months ago. The first couple of times were not great but since then I've really liked fucking a lot. I used to masturbate before, but having a real cock is so different. I love feeling the connection to my boyfriend, his hands on my hips and ass, his cock throbbing when he cums, all of that... [more]

With Kat at the Crack Plaza

So, I'd met this crazy little drunk bitch at my dealer's place. Her name was "Kat" and she masturbated for me at this storage facility, and blew me and stroked me off. She'd given me her number, and a week later I called her in the early evening. My wife was out of town and I was left to my own devices. She didn't remember me, and I had to run it... [more]

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