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Took my breath away

It’s amazing how an image can stay in your head.
I saw a video of my friends brother masturbating, I have no idea how she got it but I couldn’t stop watching it.
He is 23 has a flat stomach and a really big cock, it’s really long and thick.
He was masturbating in front of a camera, his cock looked so hard, every time I watch it my mouth is... [more]

How does this sit with you?

I’m just seeing how this sits with other people.
A few weeks ago I admitted to my friend I haven’t had penetrating sex for over 8 months, she asked what are you two doing, I said I masturbate in front of him, she found this very strange.
As a rule I don’t have sex on my period, one of my periods went on longer than usual and my boyfriend was... [more]

Sex with my dog

I know it’s no excuse, but I was groomed for sex as a young child. I was taught that sex was not a bad thing, but exciting and fun. And I still don’t feel I was ever hurt or abused.
When I was 10 I happened upon our dog princess being bred by 2 large dogs. I knew they were having sex, so it was exciting to watch! After getting a closer look I... [more]

Seducing my Dad

Since my youth I've had fantasies about my dad. I told my husband once and he confessed that he when he was young has been seduced by his dad. None of them has been gay but they must both have been bi. His dad caught him masturbating one evening and took over. he sucked his sons cock and some days later the son did his dad too. His mom did not... [more]

Giving blow jobs

The first time I gave a blow job I was around twelve and I was camping out in the backyard with a friend, we usually had more of us but for some reason the others could not join. We did the usual thing for back then bringing out snacks, setting up our sleeping areas and of course getting porn magazines from my dads stash in the garage.
We stayed... [more]

Love much younger girls

I'm in my 40s and had my first sexual experience with a girl who was 9 when I was 8. She would have us strip down and she'd rub her bald little bottom hard against my erection till she'd orgasm. After this, I started initiating sexual play with other kids in my neighborhood, and it was always welcomed and mutually fun and exciting. When I was... [more]

Masturbating to sister

My sister and I are visiting Mom over the 4th holiday. Tjhey just left to go visit friends. I grabbed a pair of my sister's worn panties and am masturbating into them right now. I am going to cream them and put them back into her suitcase .

Cuckold husbands

I read quite a few posts here about relationships where the husband is considered a cuckold however very few if any ever mention the husband being locked in a chastity cage.
I feel it is essential for a real cuckold relationship that the wife is in complete control, dominating her man and that means having his penis caged, locked and under... [more]

I came home to a shocking sexual encounter

We live pretty far out in the country on 62 acres and our house is surrounded by forest so needless to say very private. We have a couple of large dogs mostly because we like them but also I think it makes my wife feel safe while I am working all day and I found out one day that she loves having dogs for another reason.
One day a few years back... [more]

Moved to a new house

When I was around twelve or so we moved to a new state for my dads work and my mom met the family across the street the next day after moving into our new house. They had three sons, one my age and two younger ones so she came back and got me so I could meet them.
We all got along pretty well and within a few minutes they were showing me the huge... [more]

My girlfiends BFF

First off my girlfriend is bi and her bff is her playmate. The have no issues getting it on in front of me. My girlfriend always sends me nudes of her bff and says her bff wants to have a 3 sum with us. Its been set up a couple of times but my girlfriend has always turtled. Thing is I want to fuck her bff so bad. She is always talking sex... [more]

Summer time creek

When I was younger I went to my aunt and uncle's house for the summer. My parents went on a business trip and couldn't take me with. My aunt and uncle couldn't have children of their own so they took in foster children. The summer I was their they only had one girl who was a little older than me, I was 14 and she had just turned 15. We hung out a... [more]

Helping Grandpa (Handjob)

My grandpa lives alone in his house and me, Mom and dad buy for him what he needs and clean the house all 2 weeks. I' 21 now and I know that since I`m 13. At that Age, as all girls, I was curious and I found some sex magazines (stories not pictures) in his garage. From then on I liked it even more to help him with the house.
One morning I caught... [more]

Gloryhole in the pool changing rooms

I never thought I could do such a thing!
Once or twice a month I meet with some of my best friends to have some coffee and shit chat about the kids and other important things.
The last time we met my best friend Steffi told us, she had heard that someone did holes in the walls of the changing boxed of our local pool. We laughed about it and I... [more]

I stated masturbating at 9 years old 🤫

I started masturbating at 9 years old with a back massager and a electric toothbrush bc my parents would be at work while i was left home alone so i masturbated every weekday. I also had this thing that went on a chair that you plug in which was for ur back but it had a bottom part that vibrated and that was the best one out of the two other ones

Masturbation on a nice ass

I love a woman with a nice bubble butt to lay on her stomach and spread her cheeks apart and masturbate on her asshole while she tells me to fuck her ass. She lifts it high in the air and arches her back as she says she wants it up her ass. Then I want to explode all over her asshole.

Mentally retarded grandmother

My grandma (mom of my dad) lives with us. She's quite old and she's mentally retarded (say my parents). Grandma does not speak since over 6 months now. When my parents are out of the house, I have to watch and care for Grandma. I love to show her my cock. Once I came from the shower and she stood in the floor. She looked all the time at my cock... [more]

My Little Bro!

I'm 18 and my little bro Jamie is 15. The other day I came in our room and he was masturbating looking at gay porn on the internet. I was like hey bro WTF! He covered himself and then I left the room. I came back like an hour later and he was still spanking his cock to gay porn. I was like how can you watch that shit bro? I don't know how but he's... [more]

Sleep over

Last Christmas I had my friend Billy stay over. We watched some movies and played our guitars and video games. Billy brought with him some X rated movies. They were really hot ones of women and men having group sex. I was so turned on. Billy told me that he masturbates while watching them all the time. I confided in him that I also masturbate. So... [more]

La Femme Ankening

I have always masturbated by leg pressure ( lying on my side with my penis and testicles pressed as far as possible up between my thighs and hanging out the back, then moving my outer leg up and down to place pressure on my penis base) it is such a nice way to masturbate called Ankening.
About seven months ago I got into wearing panties all the... [more]


Ever since the time several weeks ago that my husband took me to cash Creek and time to the bed and let a black guy have his way with me I have relived it in my mind many times and I sometimes wake up at night reliving the whole thing and I am so hot that I just close my eyes tight and masturbate.
My memories of my orgasm seem so intense that I... [more]

Step mother

My step mother used to walk around the house in just her underwear and sometimes without a bra, as I got older I found myself getting aroused by it. When I reached puberty I felt the need to walk around nude in front of her, as my father worked away I had lots of opportunities,. She would always walk around in undies as I've explained. The 1st... [more]

I'm a Nympho

I'm 54 now but I have been sexually active since I was 14 and a half. Before then when I was 12 years old three neighbor boys invited me in to play in their basement and I was made to perform oral sex and then they raped me. When asked why they did it. They told police they got idea after watching porn that belonged to their uncle. They just... [more]

I love to masturbate and I masturbate to my friends

My name is Tim. I'm 58 years old. Masturbation is my favorite sexual activity, and I masturbate a lot to my female friends. My top five masturbation friend muses right now are: Liz, Tina, Sheryl, Kathleen, and Jolie. I will add Karen to the list, although she and I are really no longer friends. Jolie is the youngest at age 49. Karen is the... [more]

Kinky Asian Stepmom

I had a good buddy named Frank during high school. He lived with his separated dad. I went into the military after graduation. Frank and I kept in touch. Learned his dad remarried to a younger Asian woman. Frank wrote to me saying his stepmom was not right in her head. That she was weird and kinky and he has to masturbate for her and she would... [more]

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