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Fooled around with my cousin

Where I was in my late 20’s I took a part time cooking job at a busy, popular franchise restaurant. I worked with a lot of people around my age, and mostly hot younger servers. I hooked up with more than a couple in the year that I worked there. I worked with 3 siblings in the kitchen two brothers and the youngest sister. The oldest was about my... [more]

Almost got caught masturbating at work

I may look like a guy, but I'm actually a little sissy fag who just recently started wearing panties(I'm wearing some cute striped ones right now). Anyway, today at work I was thinking about my panties and how they made me feel cute and feminine and got really turned on. I was so horny that when I was sent to my lunch break I went into the break... [more]

Was addicted to masturbation when I was young...

When I was young I got addicted to masturbation. My 1st introduction to it was by an older cousin who seemed to get turned on jerking off in front of me and eventually talked me into jerking off while he watched. But I soon found myself jerking off when ever I got the chance. An it seemed to really turn me on to walk around naked when no one was... [more]

I film my sister and masturbate to the footage

Especially if she is wearing e.g. a skirt, dress (best with pantyhose) or leggings and others. If you want to trade sister pictures, contact me on Kik: querdenk1

Her 18th birthday

I fucked my niece the night of her 18th birthday.
She's my brother's daughter, and I know she's had a thing for me since she was just hitting puberty, which actually made me uncomfortable: she was only 13 the time she approached me and our conversation turned to very personal questions about my sex life and tastes.
One time last year, when she... [more]

I'm too horny!

Almost everything turns me on, even now my cock is hard, i wanna fuck every boy and girl under the age of 30 that i see, i want to fuck my siblings, when i poop it turns me on because it reminds me of anal sex, i have alot of fetishes, i love armpits, scat, feet, and rape, i get turned on by everything, i masturbate 2 times a day! ;)

I Love Masturbating So Much...

I don't think I could ever commit myself to someone in a relationship or even have spontaneous sex. Self gratification is enough for me. Even though I have fantasies when I pleasure myself, I am never in them. What I end up imagining are scenarios where random people are intimate with each other. It's not as if I have a masturbation addiction... [more]


I caught my cousin masturbating eariler today, it was honestly my fault I have a key to her house and just walked in, my cousin was home alone so I guess she was just comfortable where she was and started to masterbate on the couch she has a really sex moan and for her dark Hispanic skin her pussy is really really pink, either way she screamed... [more]

Spying on son turned into more than a mother could ever dream abo

Hey all. I'm a married woman mother of a son and daughter and have been with my husband for 30 years. I recently found out I had cancer and my alcoholic husband could careless to support me. My son still lives with us he's 22 and works fulltime and ever since I told him I had cancer he's been doing extra duty around the house. Watching my husband... [more]

Please send pictures and videos

I love to watch men and lemon masturbate !!!? If there is anyone out there who send me a video of themselves masturbating I would be most grateful. Thank you.

My son

Hello everyone. just for the site my name is Allison, I'm a single mother I have a daughter and a 14 year old son he's been really sexually active since he started middle school, I know he's been sexually active because there's alot of toilet paper in his room and has a terrible cum smell and sometimes you can obviously hear him masturbating in... [more]

I haven't told him

Not sure if this would count as lying or not. I have not told my husband of two months. That when I was in high school there was an alert out because of a man that was masturbating in front of girls near some wood's. I was not the most beautiful girl in school I was a little chubby and not super popular , mostly because my parents were drunk's. So... [more]

Weird fantasy

I am a woman, early 30's and pretty much a normal person. No real traumatic past sexually, parents were great, college educated to masters degree.
So why in the world does my brain bring up this reoccurring fantasy of being arrested and put into a prison, usually still handcuffed and naked, where men have not had access to a woman in years. I... [more]

I used to make grandma catch me masturbating....

I remember being in my early teens. My grandma would come over in the evening and cook for me while my parents worked evenings. Whenever she would call me for dinner I would ignore her on purpose so she'd have to come up to my room to get me. She never really minded she used to say "Come downstairs when you are done" who else has had these type of... [more]

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