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Nailed my cousin

My cousin Kristin is 38 and she and her husband have always been known to throw big parties at their place during the summer. They invited me to one, and I went solo because I'm currently separated from my wife. I'm 44.
I arrived at their place and I knew it was a big party, as I had to park on their lawn because cars were everywhere. I could... [more]

Black guys and sharing partners

Are black guys more into sharing their partners than white guys? I just ask because I'm dating a black guy for the first time and he's really eager to share me.
I'm 41, newly divorced, and had only been with white guys in monogamous relationships. I've never cheated in my life. A friend of mine hooked me up with this black guy Richard. He's... [more]

She can do it

I have a rather aggresive fetish: there's nothing I enjoy more in life than cumming directly down a woman's throat. Good thing my older half-sister can pull that off.

What am i doing wrong

I came home earlier than normal, I could hear somebody having sex upstairs
my thoughts were, my husband is shagging another woman, I crept up quietly I could see my husband fucking his best friend his legs were around his back he was really ramming it up his arsehole he was wearing condom, I left the house quietly, I was asking myself what I... [more]

Living Life

I got married at 20, my husband was my first and only lover for many many years. There reached a time we just kind of coexisted, sex was a couple times a month and mediocre at best. When I turned 40 I felt my life was getting by me. We tried counseling, or rather I did. He was never interested and refused to really participate. I filed for divorce... [more]

BJ from two levels up

I went on a business trip last year overseas and there were others from our department as well. I was up late finishing some presentations and a message popped up from this person who is two levels up in management. She is not in my management but wanted to know if she could talk to me about something.
I replied back yes and a few minutes later... [more]

Gay Sex with my Boss

I was 19 when I started with my company. I had knocked up my high school sweetheart and gotten married strait out of high school. My boss was in his late 30s and had gotten a divorce, because his wife caught him giving his best friend head! I started out as a helper in the maintenance department and met him one day by chance in the elevator. He... [more]

Gay Sex with my Boss

I was 19 when I started with my company. I had knocked up my high school sweetheart and gotten married strait out of high school. My boss was in his late 30s and had gotten a divorce, because his wife caught him giving his best friend head! I started out as a helper in the maintenance department and met him one day by chance in the elevator. He... [more]

Stupid husband

I'm married about ten years now. When i met my future wife she was a 10, a real knock out. People used to say, " what does she see in you ?" They of course were right, She was way out of my league , I was in denial about being with her. Now that I look back I know I was a fool. In the beginning our life was great, the sex was great and I was... [more]

Cheated on Husband at Store

My husband was only man I was ever with. Im 33 and we have been married for 4 years. We met in college when I was still virgin. Our sex life has always been pretty good, I think.
I'm not sure why this happened, but here is confession: on the night of 4th of July few weeks ago I ran to the supermarket for few things. The store is only 1/4 mile... [more]

Horny Husband

I been married for over 15 years. my wife been having alot of health issues for the last 10 years that Has stopped our sex life. She would say in a real dry voice. I can suck your dick, which most men will take, but I'm A giver. I get pleasure off making my wife cum. I never physically cheated but from time to time I would go on sites like... [more]

This is new to us

Well until our children grew up we had a kind of normal sex life living in The San Francisco Bay area but after our youngest Daughter went to College in southern Ca . we had talked over about buying a vacation home on the Oregon coast ,
We had even talked to a realtor and she had agreed to send us listings and between Gold Beach and Port Orford... [more]

New Toy

Heyo! A few months ago my room mate (who is also F, late 20's very petitie) got me a body wand per my request as a gift for graduating. We are both really close and rather open about our sex lives, and she certainly has no reservations talking to me about her boyfriends package. We even have an ongoing joke, as we are both bisexual, that when I... [more]

Committed plural relationship w/2 fat women

I am the luckiest guy alive. I’m not going to get into how it happened, just sort of one thing that led to another and now going on a couple years I’ve been involved in a committed relationship with two women. It’s a 3-way relationship meaning they were both bi-curious and get feisty with each other sometimes. It really took the planets aligning... [more]

Little sister watches me jerk it

My sister and I live together to share expenses and such. We’re both in our early 20s now. When we were teens she once caught me masturbating to porn. She said she wouldn’t mention it only if I allowed her to watch.
It surprised me how much more fulfilling it was masturbating in front of her rather than using porn. It reached a point where if I... [more]

Lost my virginity to a fat girl’s messy ass

I recently turned 20 and as of my birthday was still a virgin. Call me a late bloomer I guess. Anyway I have a friend, she’s actually a friend of my older sister, who made me promise her something years ago.
About 3 or so ears ago when I was still 17 and she was 21 i confided in her that I was still a virgin. She confided in me that she had... [more]

Is it to much to ask

I’m 54 single and my two children are now grown up and have their own families.
I have a good social life with friends and I’ve had a few boyfriends and lovers since being single.
What I haven’t had is any really good sex, every boyfriend and lover have never seemed to be able to give me a good fucking, I’m not asking for much, just want a good... [more]

Secret weapon

I have been married several years now to a very sexy gal. We get along well enough and our sex life is very good. I think our happy marriage is due to my wife s secret weapon. Yes that s right, secret weapon. My wife has a secret weapon between her legs. She has the ability to control my cock when we are having sex. She can make me cum when ever... [more]

Fantasy becomes reality

For a long time I’ve fantasized about watching my wife having sex with other men. I told her of my desires, but she refused to even consider doing this. To tell the truth, I am not sure if I really wanted it to happen either. It was sexy to think about, but the idea of the woman I love actually giving herself to another man, actually fucking... [more]

I finally had sex with a dog

I’ve always had a fantasy of doing a dog since I was in High School. It started with a girl in my class telling me of how she watched her mom fool around with their Retriever one time. She was upset and confused more than anything. And of course with the hormones at that age the first thing I did was go home and look up dog penis and use two... [more]

Had to walk the talk

Awhile back I started a new job and I had to shadow my line manager for 6 weeks.
Over this time we spoke about many things not just work.
When it came to personal life she never have much to say, if I mentioned boyfriends she would immediately say, waste of time, when I did get some answers out of her it sounds like she doesn’t have much luck... [more]

What a let down, you can’t have it all

In my late 20s I was on a mission to get in a girl knickers, she was stunning, she had tits ass and personality, she had men all over her like a rash, she prick teased every bloke showing an interest.
On a few occasions I had her attention but never enough to get inside her knickers, the only thing I had to bargain with was my parents... [more]

Dare you to

My mom has been friends with this woman since they were in school. She has a daughter who's about my age, 15. It's almost like we are cousins. Anyway, so they came over a couple days back. Me and Cindy were sitting out back talking when her mom and my mom came out to tell us they had to run into town and would be back in a bit. We were like... [more]

My wife will do anything

She is so submissive that she does anything I ask her to do, I am such a lucky man to have her in my life. I can get a her to suck me all the time and she has never told me no, multiple orgasms are the normal. I can tie her up in tight bondage and play with her for a few hours with no complaints, I do this often as I love to just tease her for an... [more]

A husband out of my own son

I would have never imagined it, but yesterday I celebrated the 7th anniversary of my marriage-like relationship with my own son. It's the kind of thing I can't even think of saying out loud or writing publicly, other than in a place like this. We know it's taboo and most people are grossed out even by the thought of it, but my son and I have just... [more]

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