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Nephew’s Comback

My sister left her husband abroad and moved in with her three children 12 to 15 for a full school year. My husband and I were very happy because our own children had left our nest empty for college. My husband told me he caught my 15 year old nephew checking out my ass as I fixed breakfast in my sleep dress one Saturday morning. I told him to pay... [more]

Neighbors daughter

I’m a 48 year old married Italian/Hispanic male who is very well in shape. I work out 5 times a week and almost competed in bodybuilding but decided against it.
Believe it or not my sex life with my wife was not going the way I wished it would have. My neighbors across the street are a very attractive couple. Many times I have caught myself... [more]

Hell hath no fury

Under the influence of alcohol, I once tried to persuade a married woman in the same neighborhood, to tie me up.....stupid, stupid! Turns out she and my wife were acquainted, and the neighbor was happy to tell her! I wondered what happened, one Friday evening when I came home from work, and was met with the sexpot my wife could easily be when... [more]

Neighbors girlfriend

My 25 year old neighbor had been trying to get me and my wife to go out and meet his new girlfriend. She happens to live about 30 minutes away. We decided on a Friday night and of course she was pretty cute brunette around 5’7 and nice round booty and perfect puffy tits.
As the night went on and we had drinks Justin asked me what I thought of... [more]

Respecting Elders

School is out and I've been spending the summer at my parents' house. I've been staying busy by working a little on the side, including rebuilding a deck for a lady a couple of houses down named Christy. She's 64, lives alone, and has been a friend of the family for decades. I'm 20. She's known me forever.
Even at her age, she's still a... [more]

Join me!

Is this the real life?

Naive about K9 anatomy

When I was 16 I dog sat for my sister while she went out of town, I have been a city girl all my life and about the only thing I knew about dogs was they raised there leg to pee. the dog was a bull mastiff and was very friendly. so I didn't mind. The first night my sister was gone I was being nosy and on her home computer. I found some pics on... [more]

Passed out roommate

My roommate in college was one of those guys that was a really happy drunk but most of the time he would drink to much and end up crashed on the floor. Four of us went downtown one night and we had to carry him up from the taxi to our apartment, once we had him laying in bed they left and I stood there staring at him shaking my head. I have always... [more]

Married and confused

I was 23 when I married a 36 year old man. Our life together was great up until a couple years ago. I'm now 38 and he's 51 . He's only been sexually active towards me a handful of times in the last couple years. Meanwhile I have needs and I constantly think about sex. I go out with friends and men hit on me and I have always been faithful. This... [more]

Real life

I have to apologize to my mother for the years of having sex with her when I was a teenager and she drinking way to much and she had no idea what I was doing to her. She never woke up or moved a muscle the whole time and she has never said anything to me about it to this day even though I left so much sperm inside of her and on her. Sorry Mom you... [more]

My Naughty Side

I’m not the perfect husband simply because I have a naughty side that I can’t tell my significant other about. A few years ago I was seduced by a mature cougar and it was my first experience doing it with a curvy woman with a huge ass & doing deep penetration. She showed me such a good time & she ended up being my FWB for three months. Then a ... [more]


When we first got married I asked my wife if she had ever been with anyone else other than me , She said No I've only ever been with you . Has the years past I would ask her if she ever wanted to go with anyone else , Again she said No that made me happy knowing she was happy with are life . Six month's ago my wife asked me if I knew anyone that... [more]


I've recently been having sex with my son-in-law Mark. Before people freak out, let me give the situation some context. I'm 65 and a widow, my husband passed away last year at age 70. Mark is a widower, his wife (my daughter) tragically passed away six months ago at the age of 38 after a battle with heroin addiction. It has been a very difficult... [more]


I used to have a phobia of being custard pied, I thought it would be the most humiliating thing in the world to have a custard pie go splat in my face. When in my last year of high school I found out that the high school production i was going to perform in was going to be Bugsy Malone (a musical where no one is left without a pie in their face)... [more]

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