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Smelling My Mother's Dirty Panties

ÚI was eight years old when I smelled my mother's dirty panties for the first time. I remember at this age, I was at the peak of my preadolescent age of exploration and pleasure. Everyday I would play with myself and explore ways to do it that excited me and made me hornier. One of these would be stuffing my underwear with clothes or blankets and... [more]

Wife Loves Young College Student

We have been married 20 years and are in our early 40's. We live in a college town. Wife is a Corp Executive and I am a fast food manager. I often work on week-ends. She makes about three times more money than I do. Our son is in college and he has a friend (call him Shack) who is from Africa and brings him to our house often. I had noticed that... [more]

My teen years

I had a pretty normal childhood right up until about eleven years old. My dad was killed in a car accident one morning on his way to work and my mom pretty much fell completely apart.
We both talked to counselors and grieved both separately and together but her life just was not going to good for her and I was not the best son I could have been... [more]

My head says yes

My ex boyfriend has moved back in with his parents, this ex boyfriend I truly loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
We have seen each other on a few occasions only having a brief chat.
I have mixed feelings towards this man, love hate but I can’t help but think about the sex we had together.
I’m so wanting that experience again... [more]

I’m the dog

So all my other friends are the man of the relationships. Well I’ve gone and got myself a dominatrix as a girlfriend. She is cruel and makes life very difficult, but i can somehow see myself falling in love with her. Obviously she’s the the one who wears the pants (and the strap-ons), so you’d think I’m the woman and she’s the man o the... [more]

Wife had a secret

My wife and I have been married for about five years now and we have a really active sex life filled with adventures. We have done a lot of different things, some were my ideas but after I told her a few of my fantasies she started telling me some of hers.
I had told her a few times that I would love to come home from work and find that she had... [more]

Husband's in prison (cheating or not?)

My husband is 11 months into serving a 4 year sentence in prison. We have a daughter who is 16 months old. He might get out early if he behaves and stuff, but it is what it is. I've been really lonely, but thankfully I have good friends who include me in stuff. It is the only thing that makes life bearable. I love my husband too, although I know... [more]

Came inside her

I'm a black 24 year old male. I go to college to study communication. During one my classes we had we were told we are gonna work on a project for presentation for class. I got paired with this cute white girl named Melissa who was 19. She had black hair, thin, wore black rimmed glasses. But only used then when she had to read. She had a nice... [more]

Cum fetish

I’m 34 female and my confession is I watch webcams of men ejaculating, it turns me on so much, I want to be covered in it. I’m that obsessed with cum I have dreams being cum over, I’m always thinking about cum, at work, while driving I just want it in me and over me. The truth is I’ve never seen it or touched it in real life.

Worst thing that can possibly happen

I’m honestly crying in embarrassment and shame rn. So I’m a guy and my ex was really dominant and pretty much was the guy in the relationship (we’re both 17). I’ll admit I cheated on her, and she found out. I found out she is crazy. She came to my house with 3 other girls and battered me and pinned me down etc, until it got to this point. They had... [more]

After only three weeks of being married

I slept with his friend and it was wonderful, so wonderful I can’t stop thinking about it.
Since meeting my husband I’ve secretly had a soft spot for his friend, two years before getting married he and I have just known we like each other.
It was a natural chemistry both of us just dealt with until three weeks after getting married.
Three days... [more]

The power of the pussy

My girlfriend told me her friend who I’m not a fan of has had sex with 18 different men in 30 days.
Her friend doesn’t have much going for her really, no job, no money, moans a lot about everything, is very jealous of other people having something she hasn’t got but somehow manages to have a better lifestyle then most.
Whenever you quiz her... [more]

Wife has younger guys while I watch...

I,ve posted several experience we had when we first got married and were only 18 about our 3-somes,wife swaps,exhibitionism and more. We were in the lifestyle starting back in the 70's to the late 80,s. So I decided to try and jump forward about 15yrs to when we were in our mid 30's.
My wife was still really hot and had maintained her sexy... [more]

"sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter".

"sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter". I want to start a female only speciality business. there is a need in society for it.
paying a male model gigolo for massage therapy and sex .its therapeutic treatments right safe sex comdons and sex health checks. what is so wrong with opening a massage parlour that is private and caters for women... [more]

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