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Abused by step-father and his son

I had sexual relationship with my stepfather and his son for two years.
It started when I was 14. I was living with my mother and his son, who was two years older than me in my stepdad's house.
I guess, I should have noticed his interest earlier, before my mom got married to him ... he was very attentive to me, always trying to sit next to... [more]

Cheating on Saturday Morning

My wife had taken the kids to soccer one morning. I was home alone catching up on some work. We've been friends with this couple for years. She is a seamstress and has been taking up my work trousers for years. Off the rack trousers are always too long for me so she takes them up so they fit perfectly.
She dropped in unexpectedly with a pair of... [more]

Cheating on my Husband with a Woman

My husband and I and our best friends, another married couple about the same age as us, in our mid thirties, rented a cabin at a remote beach for a weekend away together. The guys love their fishing and spent most of the time out fishing leaving us girls alone at the cabin. We didn't mind. We loved just lazing around at the beach. It was so... [more]

Wife wants to play

Two years ago when our kids went off to college my wife came to me and said that she has been a good faithful wife and mom. She followed this by saying she wanted to ask me something and for me to keep an open mind. She told me that she felt the need to try some new things sexually and wanted to have sex with a man she knows from work. She told me... [more]

My husband is a cuckold

My husband and I have been together for a few years (we're both about 30) and have always had good sex. Last year, he told me he was into the idea of being cuckolded by a bigger black guy and watching me with him. I was hesitant at first, especially because the guy and my husband had already talked about it, but it was actually such a turn on... [more]

I want to be raped

I don’t think it’s really rape if I want it, but I just want someone to rape me so bad, like an old man or a married man. It’s my dream. I want to please a guy. It might be because my dad died when I was very little and never had a man in my life to help me with anything. Is it wrong of me to think this way??

I must be unique

I started pleasuring men early in my life, my brother was the first one to introduce me to giving pleasure. I had no idea what I was doing other than him telling me what to do and giving me reassurance that I was great at it. I learned early on that the faster and harder you do it the quicker it is over, especially with young men. Rather than be... [more]

Over the weekend

I cheated with two of my husband's younger employees over the weekend. It happened multiple times and they were together each time. They were here for 4 days doing repairs and maintenance to our home. My husband was in another state purchasing equipment and then transporting it back with his partner. In all my life I have never done the sexual... [more]

To do it or not...

I have been with my husband for 13 years. He has always told me that he wants to do a 3 sum and I'm OK with it but we have not been able to find a drama free women. We'll 3 months ago I found out that he has been sexting with one and wants to do a 3 sum with her and I. We have a very healthy sex life and have always alternated being the one in... [more]

We want to marry and start a family

I know the perfect woman. I've known her for a very long time, we're both in love and sexually very, VERY hooked with each other. She's my little half sister, and god, we just can't get enough of each other.
She's my dad's daughter of his second marriage, so I didn't see much of her growing up, but we had a special chemistry from the very... [more]

My new life

I have been divorced for over 20 years. I have shied away from getting involved with women again. I don’t trust them as I consider them quite heartless!
I recently started remember an affair I had in my younger years with a close relative? He was a devoted feminine crossdresser. As he revealed this to me, I remembered how excited I was?
He... [more]

Wife loves to suck

My wife loves to give blow jobs to strangers and she does not even want to see them, she does it blindfolded and I found out that she also likes to go to an adult video place and suck thru holes in the wall. We went to Vegas a few years ago and she gave blow jobs to several guys while blindfolded that I invited back to the room. I suspected she... [more]

So many little panties

Ever since I was a little boy I was very sexual and loved to feel myself and I dont remember how I started but I started wearing panties I would remember they where my sister in-laws panties then I started feeling that they where just a little too big because I was really young and there where no other girls in the house except my little niece she... [more]

My boss caught me

I was working the first real job I ever had for about two years, I was a receptionist, clerk, coffee maker and message taker for a small heating and cooling repair business. During the day the whole building had just the owner and myself in it and when he went to run errands it was just me. We had very little walk in customers and when he left the... [more]

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