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Asshole husband

I came home from work and caught my husband in bed with my sister. These two had always been flirty with each other since I started dating him 8 years ago. I just never thought they would sleep together. My sister has a ruff time with keeping jobs and regularly needs a place to live. We have let her live with us many times over the years. She just... [more]

I watched my girlfriend suck a guys cock

We both wanted a threesome so we found this young college guy about 20, we are both in our 30's , to make a long story shorter, my girlfriend Melissa called me into the living room , I was in the kitchen , he was taking his shorts off as she stood near the couch . When he pulled his shorts off, he was sporting a 8 inch cock i'd guess . She... [more]

Big one

I got a big one. I say big because it's 11 long and thick is my wrist. Guys wish they were me and women wish they were with me. I fuck more women than most men dream of. Sounds like the perfect life doesn't it? It ain't. It fucking sucks. Yeah women want to be with me, but only once and only to fuck. Everytime I find a woman to date she breaks up... [more]

Bad swap

For 6 years now my husband has suggested that we try swinging, and for the longest time I thought it would be a disaster, and it's now been confirmed.
I finally said yes, I'll try it, and he went and found a couple into it from social media. I'm 30, my husband is 35, and the couple he found were in their early 20s. They weren't married, but... [more]

Need help with wife and our sexual relations.

My wife and I love each other a lot. But I have a pretty small penis. It's not quite 4 inches. Maybe 3.75 inches and about 4 inches in circumference. Anyway I thought things were ok sexually. Then she confessed to me that she fakes orgasms and I have never given her one. Then I found out she had an affair with an old lover about a year ago and it... [more]

Grandma blew my fucking mind out!

I am staying with my grandma at the moment. She has some very strange ways. She was a flower child , hippie back in the day and even lived on a farm with others back in the late 60's. She loves animals and old music like Led Zeppelin and the Stones. Plus she drives an old Pontiac Grand Prix a 67 model. But that's not the strange part. She is a... [more]

In need of a good spanking

I really wish my boyfriend was into things like BDSM. He is an amazing man and I intend on spending the rest of my life with him. I wouldn't say our sex is bad...but there are some things I wish he would do with me. I've tried getting him to spank me but he feels like he is hurting me and it turns him off. I keep telling him I'm not some delicate... [more]

Wife's best sex ever

About 7 or 8 years ago my wife and I started hanging out with a couple other couples that did a little Coke on the weekends. It was like a once-a-month thing. We would all go out have a few drinks let the wives do some dancing, before you know what we would usually end up at the strip club.
We had experienced a three way with a female on a... [more]

Marital problems & mother in law

I'm 28, and separated from my wife who is 35. My mother in law is upset about this, has been calling a lot, which I've mostly ignored. My MIL is a lot older than me, 76, since she had my wife when she was in her 40's. She's been offering to counsel us (she was a therapist before she retired), hopes to get us back together, etc. She invited me... [more]


I am a married man and I was in a hotel on the road. I had brought some sexy lingerie for my alone time. On the second day I decided to have some fun. I put on thigh high black nylons, a lacy thong and a little camisole top, only to have the maid knock almost immediately. I tried to scramble and put on a pair of pants, but she opened the door... [more]

Hardest I Get

I get hardest when I'm jerking off in front of a fully clothed woman or girl regardless of their age. They may show some skin but only clevage or some leg, no tits hanging out and no pussy. It's better when they smile that smile that says how pathetic they think I am, or when they laugh and tell me what a low life I am. The best times are when... [more]

Sex with my son's best friend

I'm 35 and I had my son when I was only 17. One day last summer my son and his best friend were swimming at our house. It was a very hot summer day. My husband who is 44 was at work. The day started early with us lounging around the pool around 11 am. I noticed my son's friend Jared and I have enjoyed looking at his hard young body over the years... [more]

Wife on business trip

My wife and I talk about her having other men when we have sex but she would never do it in real life. So she had to go to Little Rock for training for a week it’s about 3 hrs away from where we live so she was staying in a hotel. I periodically work there and know some people there. A couple guys there I had shown regular pictures of Deb and... [more]

Wife’s hot friends

Do any of you married guys have a strong sexual desire to be with one of your wife’s hot friends or coworkers. Just need everyone’s complete honesty here. My wife has this friend she met at work and has known her for at least 20 years. I know it’s totally wrong but from the first time I saw her I couldn’t stop admiring her. She’s like attractive... [more]

Girlfriend Kathy confessed to cheating

True story my girlfriend Kathy and I moved in together we decided to confess to each other about our past partners. We both are very sexual. Kathy had met my last girlfriend Linda a few times and was real jealous of her. So she wanted to know how good she was in bed and every detail of our sex life. At first I held back a bit but after a few... [more]

Good Friends and More

When my wife and I divorced her sister and sister's husband became dear friends of mine. I ran into them a beer booth at a community event. They was sorry that my marriage fell apart. I started bumping into them a various bars and events. We started doing things together, dinner, movies, going to races and hanging out at the state park taking... [more]

I've Discovered Camming

I guess I’ve been hiding under a rock! I am a widowed 55 year old woman, still attractive I’m told, and I have just discovered camming. A friend of mine got me into it. So I can be naked in front of a thousand people, masturbate and squirt all over the fucking place with everyone watching, and get paid for it?
Where the FUCK has this been... [more]

Falling in love with a hooker

My wife doesn't have sex anymore, so I've been fucking hookers in our city. I found one that I like, and we've met up a few times. She comes from a rough background, and she's 21 and I'm 43.
We didn't even have sex the last time we met; I bought her dinner at a local dive and we had drinks, talked about life, and shared our souls verbally. I... [more]

Ass fucked behind strip club

Had my first gay sex experience recently in the parking lot of a gentleman’s club of all places. I was feeling super horny after working late, so I stopped by a strip club. After a few lap dances, I got into a long chat with an older guy at the bar. Random normal guy shit. Work, life, and what not. We stayed until closing time, then continued our... [more]

In love with her

I was friends with mal since we were both 14. she’s gorgeous, always has been. she’s fun loving, and all our friends liked her more. we were best friends, until one day she told me we aren’t clicking any more and went on to live her new life. all our friends chose her over me. i sent her my nudes, pretending that i had been hacked. she found out... [more]

A Walk in the Park

It was a beautiful spring day with a gentle wind blowing and we decided to go for an evening walk in the park nearby our home. It wasn't a real park but rather a game reserve, but locals called it a park. We walked along holding hands and some times pulling each other as we walked along. We both felt as if we were the only ones around. We giggled... [more]


I me again since my last post I have been shared twice with guys and although neither one f them were outstanding the sheer fact that it was so wrong made it exciting enough for me to orgasm with both of them and again I have found out that Mike likes to taste another man in me and I like that also.
Well I don't think that I mentioned the fact... [more]


I first met my present wife Maya through a friend.
My first wife had died of Cancer and I was in my late 50,s at the time.
Maya was 48 yo and was taking care of her older Father that had a stroke ans she was tied down to that,
She had also taken care of he Mother before she died so she really didn't have much of a social life so When Jim's... [more]

I do what feels good

I've been married for 15 years. I've had sex with other ppl than my wife probably hundreds of times. At first she could keep up with my sexual appetite. I'm not hard to please. 2-3 times a week now would be plenty. For about 7 years its been as much as once every other week and as little as once a month.
I didn't seek anyone out on purpose. It... [more]

Sometimes Dreams do Come True

We met a the Local Wall Mart on a Tuesday evening in the garden section. She was looking for garden spray. As we talked I mentioned a type that I used and it worked for me. It was located in the back row of the section. I said, "Look they moved to the bottom row," As she knelt down to look at it the top of her dress fell open exposing her nice... [more]

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