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Looking for real Boston Nudist Families

I am a 35yo white guy that always wished i grew up in a nudist family. I was hoping to talk to or maybe even meet up with any local nudist families to enjoy the lifestyle with them message me on here if your real and from the area. Also id rather chat on kik or email so put that in comment and ill message you there


I am being very honest here. When I was about 9 yeas old I was at my cousins house and late that night he talked me into something that changed my life forever. He and I are the same age and grew up together. He and I took off our underwear in his bed and he got on top of me naked and was humping on my ass and it felt good. I reached back and... [more]

Cohort trip

I cheated on my girlfriend this weekend. I'm male, 24, and in grad school. I'm in a cohort with about 20 students and we basically take all the same classes together. We went on a trip out of town to present papers at a conference and my girlfriend couldn't go with me as she had to work.
To save money, we roomed together at the hotel, with... [more]

It’s always hotter

Let’s just say that, sexually speaking, I’ve done pretty well in life. I’m currently 34 and officially single (divorced), but throughout my life I’ve had amazing sex with all sorts of women: college girls, cougars twice my age, fitness-maniacs, vegan hippies, single moms... but nothing compares to my current, “secret” relationship.
I have an... [more]

Bestiality isn't fucked up enough, apparently

So, first thing first; new here. Please be gentle. Second, as you can tell from my username, I'm a deeply fucked up individual. I'm a bisex male, I'm primarily into male dogs, but I'll also hook up with a female. I've seen too many vids of guys fucking dogs for that to ever be my primary interest, not judging, I'm sure there are plenty of dogs who... [more]

He's so cute

There is absolutely no doubt now, I'm bisexual and love it.
He's nineteen slim, loves being dressed up in female clothing and make up. And is so damn cute, especially that ass, I just cannot resist his pleas for sex.
Over the past few months I've fucked him countless times in my truck, in his parents home and now I even risk fucking him in my... [more]

Not sure why he said that

I'm 24s (m) married and went fishing with my uncle who's 56. He's a good guy, I've known him forever. While we were out on the lake he started talking about his wife, who is my aunt.
He started telling stories about my aunt being hot in bed and at first it was "too much info" and I was tempted to change the subject, but I let it go. My aunt... [more]

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama claims white people moved out of her neighborhood which drove the neighborhood to shit.
Wait a second, if her neighborhood went to shit because the whites moved out allowing niggers to move in, then there is a problem with blacks acting like fucking animals and that's not white people's fault. Michelle needs to wake up and... [more]

My hot sister

I have an older sister who is one of the hottest girls I've seen in my life. With her nice ass and pretty face I always fancied about having sex with her. Whenever my sister would leave the house I would sometimes sneak into her room and start smelling her panties and beat off. There were also times where I would beat off to pics of my sister. I... [more]

Crossdresser on cloud nine

Well I got up early and get dressed in my new dress pantyhose heels and walk to my mail box I open it and this sexy black guy walk and hi sexy I said hi and we enter talking and I notice his cock was hard bulging out so I ask him if I could suck his cock he get on your knees so I did got his big hard cock and suck that cock like it was the last... [more]

Wife rides cock

My wife and I were introduced into swinging by an older friend of hers shortly after we marred.
We decided to wait to start a family until we saved up some money for a down payment on a house and Connie was working as a lab assistant at Kaiser drawing blood at the time.
Diane had taken her under her arm and taught her all about how she was... [more]

Black Cock

I'm a wife and mom of two in my 40's. I've been fantasizing about taking a BBC. My best girlfriend told me about this guy she met and he was amazing. She set us up on a blind date. We met at a hotel in the area. I got there first and was excited to meet him. I was wearing a tight low cut shirt and yoga pants with no bra or panties. When I opened... [more]

Bar wife

Me and my wife have been together for 16 years, married for 5 years. It's never been a secret that I fancy the cuckold lifestyle. I told my wife when we started dating. She also told me it would never happen. I have accepted that but still fantasize about it often. She and I got together not long after she graduated high school, so needless to say... [more]

Adventures Experimenting

Im a 22 year old female and I have had quite the sexual life so far and I just wanted to share a few things. I won’t tell all my stories but a few.
As early as I can remember I have memories of me as a little girl masturbating or doing kinda sexual things as early as around 5 years old. I would use my toys, barbies, and other items and rub them... [more]

Risky, but best orgasms ever.

Me and my sister have been doing the naked nasty since she was 13. Normally, I never put my bare cock inside of her pussy, because she's not on birth control. Last weekend, our parents were away, and we were going at it in my bedroom. I asked her if I could fuck her without a rubber, and she said okay, as long as I pulled out before I came. I... [more]

Bus Driver

Back in high school I took the bus to and from school. I lived an hour away without traffic, so the bus rides home would take twice as long. One morning I woke up especially horny and decided to get one off before I got ready for school (I was around 17/18 at the time). As I was getting close my mom barged in telling me I was going to be late... [more]

Wife's girlfriend

My wife has this friend whom she's known since the beginning of time. She's kinda hot but I have never made a move on her. She on the other hand fucks with me all the time. It's like this long running joke about her taking me when my wife is done with me. She pretty much doesn't care if i see her naked or she sees me naked. She crawls in bed with... [more]

Adult theater fun

My wife and I got involved in the swinger lifestyle pretty soon after getting married when we were both 18 yrs old. Our first interest was taking nude photos and then we graduated to threesomes with our male friends and swapping partners with couples we met through swinger magazines as it was the 70's and way before computers. But the thing that... [more]

Wife's cousin

Like everyone else in the world is doing, me and my wife spend Christmas with family. Only this year we went to her family about 15 hours away. We are still there and I can't believe what happened last night. My wife's cousin and his wife are here for Christmas. My wife told me she had lost her virginity to this cousin when they were younger and... [more]

I diserved what I got.

I awoke staring at the sealing unable to move any part of my body. This is when I heard a strange voice say,"Good morning you cheating bastard". I tried to speak but was unable. It was like my eyes, and brain were working but the rest of my body was paralyzed. That's when this large breasted chubby women bent over my head and looked into my eyes... [more]

Cheating Renewed My Self Esteem

I'm confessing here to tell other women that having an affair may renew your love for your husband. My cheating wasn't planned but it happened. After 20 yrs. of marriage my sex life with my husband ended. He has no desire to please me. Maybe it's because when I aged my body started to change. I always was a plain looking person and the fact that... [more]

My Doting Grandmother Part 3

All good things must end.
While sucking my cock in a field behind our house Grams gave me some pointers in regards to dealing with women. The one that I have never forgotten was that although some women get turned out by words like cock, cunt, fuck, her included, most women don't like it. She said that most women like romance and tenderness... [more]

Brother in law

Every time my brother in law Jonny calls by, we invariably end up having a quickie.
His cock is so big and so thick, it takes me no time at all to climax as he fucks me.
I've learned to wear loose fitting dresses or skirts. And I remove my panties before he arrives.
My husband hasn't got a clue his younger brother has been screwing me every... [more]

Ive realized

I really want to be a sissy for a man. I've crossdressed all my life but only fantasied about being with a man.

My lovelt naughty Graeme

I am a retired gentleman, a widower for seven years and last September my life changed forever.
I advertised for a gardener/handyman in our local paper, had no replies until one day this beautiful young man appeared on my doorstep. I thought at first it was a young lady and I asked him what he wanted. He said he was answering the advertisement so... [more]

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