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Sibling sex part 1

I was sitting in my bedroom doing my usual gaming habit that I had back then when I was asked one of the most amazing questions by my sister.
"Would you be willing to play around some?", she said in an almost shy voice.
Now if you knew and grew up with her like I did then this would sound crazy because she was the farthest from being shy. She... [more]

For better or worse. . .

I've been married 4 years. My wife is 26 and is a really pretty brunette. The issue is that she was in a bad car crash last year and spent a month in the hospital. She suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which has changed our lives forever. Thankfully, she didn't die, but she's going to be on disability probably for the rest of her life... [more]

I did not want him cheating on me

We have been married for 35 years and for the last 3 years or so I have been going thru the "change" of life for a woman. My sex drive has gone to zero and I have body and facial hair growing in places I have never had until now. I realized about a year into it that as much as he told he was not concerned about no sex I knew he was lying to me. I... [more]

My biggest secrets.

I am sexually attracted to my cousin who is a few years younger than me. I went so far to secretly record her naked. The guilt is so unbearable that I did such a disgusting, immoral thing. I regret it all. Its wrong. Shes my cousin, so that's very wrong. I hate myself for doing such a thing. I deleted all of the pictures, all the recordings. The... [more]

Wife is cheating and I love it

So I started a job 8 months ago working 3rd shift. Pays a hell of a lot more. Wife said she was cool with it because we would be able to afford better things. Unfortunately our sex life has suffered. I work 6 till 4am. Sleep during the day. We went from sex 2-3 times a week to once a week. Sometimes once every other week.
So last week I was at... [more]

Pregnant and not know exactly who is the father

Me and my husband decided that I should get laid by at least half a dozen or more different guys over a sort span of about a month so we wouldn't know for sure who the father would be. Turns out it was 8 different guys in a one month period, best time of my life having sex with all those gorgeous guys. I'm pregnant now, 6 months, the thing is I'm... [more]

My morning ritual

I have always woke up with an erection for as long as I can remember and when I was a teenager I would stroke it off just about every morning. These days I am in a post kids, early retirement and a wife who never wants to do anything with my cock phase of my life.
I wake up really early still, about an hour before she does, so I am the chief... [more]

Glory hole fun

I have a glory hole set up in my condo which I have already posted a story on here, I had a guy contact me thru my ad and wanted to come by but seemed very skeptical that he was actually going to get a blow job. He showed up about the time we set up and it took him several minutes to believe that this was real, he was hesitating to put his cock... [more]

First time sex with mom

This started when I was a young teenager in High School. My mother and Dad had recently divorced and to be honest, I was quite happy. I was living full time with my mom and out bedrooms were next door to each other. I remember many times over the years, I would hear her and dad having sex and I would masturbate listening. Like many boys, I... [more]

She cheated but it was for best

My wife and I had been married for 13 years. Our sex was good but not great and it had stalled. My last point was the dirty talk about her fucking others. She loved it. One day a neighbors son moved back with him from his time spent in the military do he brings him by to introduce him to us. Now I know immediately my wife saw something in him... [more]

I feel bad for her but turned on at the same time

When I found out that my ex-wife and her boyfriend were bikers I was a little surprised by it all but it was her life so very little I could do about it. Our kids are grown and my daughter told me all about it and how she does not even let the boyfriend come over to her house. I guess it was almost a year later and my daughter called me up and... [more]

Tammys second try

After her first guy we talked about the things that had gone wrong and we worked on them she agreed to di it again and we had fun planning it she would have to wear slacks so he would have to undress her this time instead of just wham bam thank you man like the first time and we agreed on them doing some foreplay to drag it out a little because... [more]

She won my heart giving me her asshole to fuck every single day

When I met my fiancé 11 years ago through a mutual friend, I had no interest or attraction towards her. She called and invited me over for dinner on a Sunday, on the other side of town, and I told her by the time I got over there I would have to come right back. She asked if I wanted to sleep on her couch and I said I wasn’t bussing 2 hours to... [more]

Life as a hotwife

Hi I don't know just what Larry expected when he asked me to post something here but it was about the life we share.
I am considered a hot wife I guess you guys call it but if I were a man you would call me a stud I am sure .
I screw other men sure but that is what Larry asked me to do and what the hell I love sex and since he made sure that... [more]

Drunk and out of it

She used to get so drunk that most nights she would be passed out from it and with my hormones raging it was hard to resist touching her. It did not help at all that she had a body that was great to look at, her nipples alone gave me a hard on. When she was really drunk but still functioning it was like she was hypnotized, she would do what ever I... [more]

Living the life

I don't remember how old I was when I was introduced to sex but it was pretty young,
Some of my first memories are of me sitting on the sink in the kitchen with naked uncle Mart giving me a bath and he took a ling time soaping me down and paid a lot of attention to my pussy fingering me through my pussy lips with his finger all slimy with the... [more]

I had no idea how kinky she could be

When my wife and I started dating she was pretty reserved, a kiss goodnight was about all I got for quite some time. I figured she was just not that into me after a while and I think she sensed it because she had a conversation with me on one of our dates that really had me wanting to marry her. She told me she has always been holding out for the... [more]

Single parent has it perks

When my wife died after childbirth my world fell apart yet at the same time was reborn, the first 6 months was the biggest struggle raising my daughter on my own, yes i had plenty of help but cherishing every moment while morning my lost was very hard. after having to give up full time work and being a full time single parent left me very little... [more]

Ending the night with sluts

Last sat was our works xmas party and we went out for drinks after, i work in a warehouse and by the end of the night it was just me and the managers left and a couple of girls they had been buying drinks for, all the managers are like in their 40s and im the youngest at 19, both girls must been in their 20s older than me, im not a virgin but only... [more]

I like to watch her, even if I shouldn't

My wife died shortly after our daughter graduated college, so she decided to come back home and live with me so I wouldn't be alone while I recovered from such a blow. Eventually she ended up staying, as she found a decent job in our hometown. We've been living together for the past 5 years now. I've been back on my feet for a while now, and for... [more]

She doesn’t give into anyone but 1 guy

The gorgeous attractive very fit blonde woman who always smells nice and is around 58 works right to me . I have always thought what a lucky man whoever is married to her. No matter who comes to visit our office regardless of his age he always seems to instantly notice her and tries to test her by flirting. Some of these men are very wealthy high... [more]

Obsessed with my wife sucking patients at work.

When my wife 25 years old now first cheated on me it was with a 70 year old at a senior home she works at. She is known as the hardest worker around and the boss ladies fight over having her in their hall.
Anyways the old man was flirting and she said everything happened so fast. He grabbed her ass and she froze. He took her not saying not as a... [more]

My first lesbian experience

I had two girlfriends over for a sleepover when I was around seventeen, I had known Amy since 2nd grade and became friends with Layla in middle school. All three of us were always at one of our houses either studying, talking or doing something.
The three of us were in my bed and had on what we were going to sleep in for the night, my mom came... [more]

I do miss cock

I have sworn off of men for a while, it has been about two years now since I have had sex with a guy. I have substitutes but there is just something about a nice warm hard cock sliding in and out of me that I miss. There are some really great toys out there that feel tremendous inside me and sometimes I heat them up in water first to get that warm... [more]

Perpetually engaged

I met my girl a few years back on a dating site. She's ten years older, which I love: I was always into older women. We're engaged to be married and she's pregnant with my baby.
We met on that website while actively looking for partners with each other's characteristics. She wanted a tall, buff man, younger so he had a strong sex drive (I was 25... [more]

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