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Don't want him to be upset

I want to tell my husband that I don't want him to share me anymore. At first it was like a once in awhile thing . It has now become way to common of a thing. It's been over three months since he and I have been intimate alone. I tried talking to him about it and thought it was going to at least slow down. He called me from work and said to get... [more]

My wife’s date

My wife is gorgeous, 5’ tall 105lb with a perfect ass. We have been in the swinging lifestyle for a couple years. I’m dominant and she is submissive. About 99% of the men who fuck her are black men, she prefers huge cocks on them. Usually she either enjoys them at parties but sometimes we invite men over and the bull and I will work her over until... [more]

Guy drove an hour just to get sucked

I live down on the Alabama coast, retired and every so often I host a glory hole. I am in my 60's and have found that I enjoy giving pleasure to men but find that most all of them want it to be anonymous. This guy messaged me about directions then told me that he hoped I was not kidding around with him because he was driving almost an hour for... [more]

I guess I'm a Feeder

All my life I have always loved bigger women and the thought of a big woman getting bigger excites me. I always thought I was weird or the only one with this burden. I tried living a normal life but every woman I have dated I subconciously gotten them bigger by encouragement. I am 31 years old from Ohio and at the point of wanting to give this a... [more]

My husband of 3 years is asking me to have sex with his co-worker

We are a couple [F26 & M28]. First of all, my husband and I have sex regularly around 2 times a week, and I was satisfied and believed that we had a good marriage relationship.
Recently, my husband has been inviting his co-worker over for dinner, and he is a very pleasant person and I found a lot in common with him, he is very into fashion just... [more]

I know I'm a pervert

I'm a woman, and I was very precocious: I had my "sexual awakening" at age 12, discovered masturbation and got really into it, almost to the point of obsession. I also looked much older than I really was, mostly thanks to a very well developed pair I'm very proud of. I lost my virginity a year later to a guy that was almost 17. I was labeled as... [more]

I'm fixated on anal sex

I love anal sex, the thought of it, the imagery, the feeling of using big dildos, the taboo, the "dirty or naughtiness" factor, the way my hole feels during and after, the tingling I feel thinking about it, etc...I love it.
I want to rim my wife and enjoy anal sex with her and I so wish she would peg me and watch me use dildos on myself and... [more]

My sister wanted to have sex

My sister married early in life at 19 to a guy who was in his early 30's, hell looking back I wish I could do the same thing. Anyways it lasted just over two years and she was divorced and living back at the house. I was a freshman in college by then and only home on the weekends, I came home on a Friday and usually left early Monday morning.
I... [more]


I can not explain why , and I don't even remember for sure how long ago it started. I am ashamed to say that I think for almost my entire life I've been uncontrollably horny. I have tried seeking professional help , I have tried just masturbating and nothing works except hard sex. I have been married 3 time's and I'm only 35 I have cheated on... [more]

Job interview

So long time ago when I had my own company I needed someone to answer phones and do filing, basically just office stuff. Today they would be called an office assistant or something like that anyways. This happened about thirty years ago and I always look back on her years working for me with much happiness.
I had interviewed maybe three people... [more]

Wife's handicapped brother.

Last Christmas, my wifes parents came to visit us for a week, along with my wifes brother Scotty. Scotty is 28 years old and is mentally challenged, or what I call a water head retard. We only have one spare befroom, so we set Scotty up on the livingroom couch to sleep. Scotty seemed overly excited to see his sister again, he ran up to her and... [more]

My wife's past

We have been married for twenty years and when we first got together we were discussing fantasies one night while having foreplay. One of the things that I told her about was bondage, I had only had two serious relationships before meeting her and neither one of those women were into it. I brought it up with her before we were married and she was... [more]

She finally did it

My wife and I live in a rural area that still has a video store. My wife has been working there part time for several years. I often stop in for a bag of popcorn since I only work a couple miles away. A few days ago I stopped by and didn't see her right away and headed to the popcorn machine. Soon she appeared from the back room where they keep... [more]

Would you really like to see me dress like that?

My wife was on top of me while we were having sex, as I was looking at her chest, I told her that every guy once in their life should be able to see her chest. She said you think so? I said it would only be fair.
The next morning I wake up to the smell of coffee, my wife had gotten up and brought me a fresh cup. She lay beside me and we talked... [more]

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