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I was desperate and needed money

When I was in college I was piss broke. I was bad with my money, addicted to pills and I needed to pay rent or be evicted. I was so desperate but I wouldn't ask for help because I didn't want people to know. I used a friends laptop. Filled out job apps, put ads on craiglist that I would do anything for some quick cash.
Well I got a hit... [more]

Huge cocks

I’m a straight man who has only been with women my entire life. I must admit tho, the sight of a huge erect cock with tight balls gets me so horny. I’ve jerked off to the same video of a woman jerking and sucking the most magnificent hard cock multiple times. In the video she’s saying that the viewer(me) would love to suck the big cock- I think I... [more]

My first time

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom was drinking way to much. I would find her around the house drunk passed out cold sleeping and she would be half undressed or completely naked. This is the first time I've ever seen a grown up woman nude before. I wasn't even interested in girls yet but after seeing her naked body that's all I... [more]

Samantha gave in.

Ever since after our first child for some reason that I cant define I have had this urge to watch her with another man.
I struggled with this for a couple weeks before telling Sammy of my desire and she flatly refused and wouldn't talk to me about it so after a few days I tried it again to another argument then for a few days we had a very... [more]

Mary Lu My wife

After we married with Me still in the Marine Corp and her just graduated from high school we had two weeks before i was to Go back to Afghanistan for another thirteen months.
Mary had been on birth control for over a year and we decided not to have children until I returned but we had two weeks to really fuck and we tried everything even anal... [more]

Crossdresser sex

Well yesterday my boyfriend said he had a surprise for me so I got all dressed up looking sexy for him and we got in his car and he drove way out into the country and went down this dirt road and park at this gate so we get out of the car and went into this beautiful field to this big tree he laid out a blanketand we laid down on it and look up at... [more]

Just so horny all the time

Ever since i had my implant taken out and gone onto the pill iv been just so horny and my sex drive has gone through the roof. me and my bf used to have sex once maybe twice a week, now im wanting and getting it every morning before work, when we both get home from work and several times in the evening, up to 4 or 5 times a day and i want... [more]

Obsessed with black cock [UPDATE]

This is an update to the confession I posted on this website a few days ago, and I wanted to get into more detail and ask your opinion on it. Thank you for reading!
I'm a 23 year old guy from Germany. I recently graduated from college and currently work from home and have a very comfortable life that allows me to have a lot of free time. I spend... [more]

Humiliated in front of my girlfriend

A few months ago I had a physical confrontation with my girfriend's ex in front of her, which I posted it here as well. I did not get physically hurt, but he was able to block me more than once and eventually he made me ask to get free. I think he enjoyed showing my girlfriend that he was stronger. I later found out that he knows karate. My... [more]

Cheating on My Girfriend With a Much Older Woman

I was new to the area. I started dating this nurse few years older than me. She introduced me to her mom and the rest of her family. The whole family was at her mom's for the holiday dinners. Her mom's friend Roxy was there. Roxy was the life of the party. We played board games after dinner. I couldn't help notice that Roxy kept messing with her... [more]

Little sister

I always felt the desire to fuck my little sister Audrey, she's 3 years younger than me and has a son. But her kids dad is never around, they split up a long time ago. So I'm sure she could use some dick in her life, I been wanting to give it to her. Im 26 she's 23 and Im thinking about it all the time now. She has the most perfect tits, double... [more]

Girlfriend and I went to Swingers Club

Samantha and I went to a Swingers Club in NYC after being told the rules we were split apart. Sammie going with a Master and two of his sex slaves and me going with a mistress and her two slave girls. We were going to only stay overnight as we were on a 7 day vacation. Sammie and I didn't know it was a Domination Swingers club. I am 25 years old... [more]

Barefoot Fuck

This incident didn’t happen recently. As a matter of fact it was many many years ago. But it sticks in my mind like it was yesterday. You’ll see why.
I was an assistant manager of a large chain supermarket store in west Florida. I was a single kid in my early 20’s and had a HUGE crush on one of the cashiers - Madonna. Madonna was a beautiful... [more]

Humiliated again in front of girlfriend

A few months ago I had a physical confrontation with my girfriend's ex in front of her, which I posted it here as well. I did not get physically hurt, but he was able to block me more than once and eventually he made me ask to get free. I think he enjoyed showing my girlfriend that he was stronger. I later found out that he knows karate. My... [more]

I love my father

I was six years old when mother up and left my father and me alone at home. Daddy was always busy so I did not bother him a lot. I was homeschooled by our neighbor's wife who was a teacher. She was good to me and for me. After I was about 11yrs old or 12 yrs old Daddy started looking at me funny I thought. So one day I asked him if I was funny... [more]

Mom next door

After I got out of school, i took a job in southern Ohio. I moved into a duplex.apartment. First weekend there,I met the woman next door. She was a stay at home mom of a 1 year old girl. Her husband owned an independent furniture store. He worked 7 days a week,12 or more hours a day. She was bored.Southern Ohio was not like New Jersey.She wanted... [more]

15 Minutes That Changed My Life, And My Marriage

I need to tell someone, even anonymously, about the 15 minutes that changed my life, and my marriage. It happened 2 years ago at a friend’s wedding. I attended the wedding and reception with my husband. During the reception, I excused myself to the ladies room. The hotel the reception was in was huge. I wandered around for a few minutes... [more]

Sucked off my roommate

When I was going to college years ago a few of us went out to the bars and of course struck out picking up any women, the guy I shared an apartment with looked at me and asked if I was ready to head back home. When we were in the cab he talked about some of the hot women we had seen that night and as we were walking up to the apartment he wished... [more]

Unknown Cuckold

I had been in longer term cuckold relations with three other women prior to my first marriage. I hadn’t brought up the subject of Cuckolding with my first wife. After several years she started an affair with another man. She wasn’t very discreet about it. I suspected early on, but didn’t let on I knew. After all I enjoyed the fact she was... [more]

What should I do with my wife's confession?

The other day, my wife and I were talking about sex dreams. She admitted to having a sex dream about a friend from when she was a kid. We're now 50. She said that he once had a crush on her but it was unrequited.
During sex, (we don't have it that often due to medical problems from my deployment), I brought him up later that day during... [more]

My husband loves to work from home

He used to work from home every few months just so he could actually get a lot done with his day. Our kids are both in school now and he has an office set up in one of the spare bedrooms so he was able to just go in there and concentrate.
He was doing just that one day about two years ago and I popped my head in the door to ask him if he wanted... [more]

Fat Wife

Last night my wife went out with a few friends and I was on stand by to be their driver when they were ready to come home. Now I’ve been married to my wife several years and I’ve never cheated on her. But sometimes it’s torture because my wife is fat. Really fucking fat.
Long before we were married I remeber fucking a couple fat chicks for fun... [more]

I'm fulfilled

At the age of 40, I can happily say I have everything I'd ever want in my life. Yet it is because of a secret most people don't know and wouldn't understand.
I'm in a polygamous "marriage" with the two men of my life. The first one is my "real", official husband, a loving man slightly older than me. My second "husband" is my little brother.
Only... [more]

Sick to her stomach or completely satiated

About 7 or 8 years ago my wife and I started hanging out with a couple other couples that did a little Coke on the weekends. It was like a once-a-month thing. We would all go out have a few drinks let the wives do some dancing, before you know what we would usually end up at the strip club.
We had experienced a three way with a female on a... [more]

Still Sexually Obsessed With Sister-In-Law

I have had an unhealthy sexual obsession with my sister in law for almost 10 years now. I reapeat, obsessed. I love my wife dearly, and I can't imagine the thought of ever leaving her. Which is why I'm posting this. My problem is.....I can't stop thinking about shooting my cum all over my sister in law's face, over, and over, and over. She's got... [more]

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