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My Wife Wants a Girlfriend

My wife is Bi, and I adore that about her. We met on-line and lived in different cities, so we chatted about everything for a long time before we met in real life. Thorough our chats, I figured out that she was (is) Bi. She was embarrassed a bit at first, as she had kept it as her deep, dark secret.
I told her that I was completely okay... [more]

Mom was my lover

I am over 65 now and mom is in a nursing home. There was a bit of turmoil in our family moving around some. We were living in a small town when I was in the 3rd thru 6th grade. I had trouble going to sleep at night and mother would get in bed with me and sometimes sleep with me until she got up to fix dad his breakfast. When I was in the 4th... [more]

Desperate for Cum

I have been with my husband since I was 19 and I we had for many years a pretty good sex life. We would do all the normal things and to me, cum was always just a side effect. I would let him cum on my breasts and swallow when I was blowing him but I was never really tuned on by the cum itself.
About a year ago my husband had his prostate... [more]

I succumbed!

I am Jenn. 41, married, mother, professional. Have only had sex with 4 men (although I sucked a fe more!).
Never cheated on hubby.
I think I still look good, pretty, 34d natural, maybe a bit plump. I am very orgasmic and lately our sex life has been somewhat stagnant.
I was out with friends, drinking more than typical. I ran into my... [more]


So I been with my wife a good 30 years. I have cheated and so has she and we stuck together thru it all. We have had a good and kinky sex life in the bedroom. But now we her being 58 and being 51 are sex life has dwindled. If course I dont get it up like I used to 4 times a day. But I am still horny or my brain is I think of nastey shit all day... [more]

My wife desired bigger cock

Kathy my wife and I have been together for 20 years. She is 37 and I am 42 years old. I am Latino and my hot wife is Native American and White. Kathy was a virgin and she has only been with me sexually. I have a 6 inch cock when hard. I thought we had a good sex life until recently. My wife is 5'5 about 160 lbs.Long straight brown hair. Brown... [more]

New year's resolution

I'm kinda a pervert and enjoy shemale porn , I want to stop and get married and lust after I'm married wife if I could, I want to repent. it's my new year's resolution to quit this year, it's ruined my life since I was a teenager. jesus forgive me

Foot Sniffer Commenter

Hey Foot Sniffer commenter you're a retard and have no life and have an obsession with the foot sniffer poster.

Wrongful Desires

I know it's wrong, I feel guilty about it, and wish I could get the idea out of my mind, but I can't. For months, I have increasingly had feelings for my son, but not those a mother should have. I keep thinking about boys wanting to have sex with their mother. I wondered if my son, Jimmy, had thought of sex with me. However, I do remember he often... [more]

I’m a little too much

Honestly, it started in middle school. I have had my eyes on my cousin for years. Maybe since 2007? We were about 7th/8th grade. We were very close back then and I always noticed how big her boobs are. She’s short too, so her ass is nice. I remember one time she asked me to massage her and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I have her a proper massage... [more]

Best Feeling of My Life!

The year 2020 had been trying for me and I felt that ending the year out on a high note would be great. I had never really been into drugs other than a few times smoking weed and alcohol. I found a product on the internet called sextacy and bought a small bag after reading the glowing reviews.
After receiving the product I decided that I would... [more]

My cuckold life has stepped up

So my wife Suzy has been exclusively fucking black men for the last 4 years. In that time she has been bedded by over 50 men, some of the long term ones have fucked her over 100 times. I was always allowed to fuck her after, then it became only after every 10th fuck she had which spurred me to egg her to have more sex with her lovers. Then it was... [more]



First sexual experience

We lived in Morocco at the time, I was 8. Big secluded garden, fruit trees warm climate, swimming pool and no school, paradise. We had a staff of 3, cook, maid and gardiner. The climate was warm I wore nothing but shorts, and quite often not even shorts. To set the scene for this, in Arab culture a boy is as attractive to a man as a woman... [more]

Your cum

Men please eat better and exercise. Women like myself and men who like to swallow don’t like your sour cum. Please appreciate our services by making better life choices.

It all started with a gangbang

It happened 5 years ago when I was 15 but now I'm 20. I used to go to parties very often. It was summer vacation so no school. I used to enjoy getting drunk, and my friends dragging me to go back to my apartment. I don't live with my parents, I was kicked out so I started living with my bestie. It was one time when my bestie went out with her... [more]

Rant on the Foot Commenter

Hey Dickhead yeah i'm talking to you, i'm getting tired of you talking shit about feet on this site. Was your dick kicked so much that you have a disdain for feet? Well fuck you, you homophobic bigot, why are you even on this site and you sure like to come back to respond to every comment because you clearly have no life and like to ruin every... [more]

Mother in law affair

I am 47 and my mil is 61( had her daughter young) and I might add is built like a shorter version of Pamela Anderson. So a few years back I decided that I should be more kind to my mil. She had always hated me for cheating on her daughter before we were married. And rightfully so. I stopped when we moved in together.
Any way, I made a concerted... [more]

Husband's co-workers

I am 47, married to my husband since we were 18, and I can't stop fantasizing about fucking his co-workers. He works at a prison, and works with mostly men but quite a few women too. I used to fantasize about cheating with one of his male co-workers. My husband and I have an awesome sex life, but it just seems dangerous and thrilling fuck someone... [more]

Devotional sex

This is a true story of how my wife and I stumbled across a very exciting part of our current sex life. It may seem incredible, but it is all true and she will be reading this before I post it online. It explains how the first cum tasting experience happened and our discovery of something called "Devotional Sex". Later in my other recounting of... [more]

Too many childish comments

Seriously people your comments on certain posts are childish and shows there are way too many underage children pretending to be grown adults on this site who were either dropped on their head or naturally inbred case in point the Retarded Foot Sniffer commenter who clearly has no life at all along with the Commenters about child molesters in the... [more]

Got fucked on New Year's eve

So, here is what happened this new year eve. I got fucked by strangers. I dont know how many , i was at a covid permitting party of 10 people, hubby was away for work so it was just me at the party. A family friend' son - mid 20's was also there on new year eve. When im bit drunk, i cant control myself and i was not in my full senses. i have a... [more]

I was in love with my college roommate.

I was 21 he was 18. We were instant friends. He was good looking and there was something very sexual about him. When we met he had already been with 5 girls, not counting the other girls, at least as many, that he had yet to cross the line with. They were ready and eager. He got to pick, like a beautiful girl.
A month or so in (We were roommate... [more]

I'm a porn and sex addict sister and I were exposed to sex very young. After my parents split, my mom met a new guy "Ron", that was a meth addict / nudist and began living the nudist lifestyle. I was 11 and my sister was 10. So, it was a shock to see my mom walking around the house naked. My mother was definitely a milf. She was young, blonde and had huge... [more]

I grew up in an incest family.

I'm F, 46, married (husband 48), a son (17), and daughter(15) and I was raised in a very loving incest family. I was exposed to sex from a young age. My parents always told me it was just loving. My mother taught me to masturbate when I was 10. I had oral sex with her and my father when I was 11. On my 12th birthday my father took my virginity... [more]

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