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Phone sex

I am tired of shelling out money for phone sex!!!
I'm married to a wonderful lady that I care about dearly. Our sex life is okay, my wife likes oral, receiving only, and she is a squirter, we have to put down an old shower curtain and towels. As for fucking its flat on her back, or reverse cowgirl and thats it. I like all positions doggy style... [more]

Just don't understand

Not sure what has happened to change my wife. We dated for 2 yrs. been married now for 6. Our sex life has always been awesome she could, we could, never get enough. We were like rabbits.
Now all of a sudden, it's like someone turned off her "fuck me switch". She wants nothing to do with sex between us. No fucking, sucking, kissing... [more]

Working girl

It was during the housing recession when I would go to work everyday just knowing it was my last, almost everyone was gone at the realty company I worked for but so far my boss had not given me any indications. I was his assistant and did everything for him from water and coffee to filing, was around twenty five at the time, one child and a laid... [more]

Fantasy became reality last night

I’ve been with my partner and partner to my daughter for 7 years, but recently found myself fantasising over what it would be like to make love to another woman. I’ve watched a lot of girl on girl porn.
Last week a good friend told me that when she was drunk her and a friend went to a local strip club where she had a private dance, she said she... [more]

Working time fun

I am married and to a lovely guy. Only the sex in our marriage is, well hardly no sex at all.
I own and work in a florist shop. Something I set up independently from my husband and it is, pardon the pun, flourishing.
The shop is set in a semi rural area and close by to me is a shop that sells almost anything. It's run and part owned by an older... [more]

Last Night

Last night, I was standing in my parents bedroom, watching dad fuck my mom from behind. Dad kept saying "Take it out son, stroke your little pecker till it gets hard". I pulled out my cock and started gently stroking it, as I watched my mother's dripping wet pussy get pounded by my dads huge cock. "That's it, boy, make it big and hard for your... [more]

Wife Trish

We had been married for a couple years and had a circle of friends now and we would have party's at each others house from time to time and after one party at our house well a couple days after that Tris told me that Mel a friend had made a pass at her while she was washing up some of the plates from the dinner.
Most of us were out by the pool... [more]

Can't quit him

I'm 25f and married to a guy who's a little older (37). Our relationship is good and I have no complaints. We just moved to a new neighborhood and have a nice house. My husband is a great provider.
Here's the thing. Our neighbors are great, and I've struck up a friendship with the neighbor's son. He's 19 and a freshman at the local college and... [more]

Pics of daughter-in-law

My son married later in life. So while most of his friends married in their early 20s, He was near 40. That would put me in my 60s. Anyway they had a baby and as the child got old enough to watch children’s videos on their laptop, I was able to sit and show you tube children videos to the child. At some point I realized that there were many... [more]

Dog life

This happened when i was teenager and I've never told anyone since then.
My best mate at the time, owned a Labrador dog. It was always sniffing around me when I called by his house and sometimes it would try and hump my leg.
Staying over one night, my friend and his dad went out to get some fishing gear for the following day, leaving me to look... [more]

Cheating, with a twist

I'm a woman, 34, pregnant and married to a man 10 years my senior. I admit I married him out of convenience, so it's not a happy relationship by any stretch, but it's been falling apart now more than ever.
The first reason is that, when you marry an ego-driven wealthy man, you eventully he just wants you as a baby factory. There came a time... [more]

Neglected wife.

I could never bring myself to actually cheat in real life. I love my boyfriend but our sex life is almost non existent now. I'm perfectly happy with him in other aspects. Although, I am extremely frustrated and I have a higher sex drive than he does. I'm Kinky and he is vanilla. Sometimes I fantasize about cheating. I like to imagine a "guest" in... [more]

On Becoming A Cuckold

Part 1
So, my wife came home and found a bra that was not hers.
She immediately accused me of having an affair.
I said it is my bra … not some other women’s bra. It is mine.
She stopped yelling and just stared as I took off my T-Shirt and put on the bra.
Even though it fit me properly, she said I don’t believe you.
So, I went to my secret... [more]

Adult video store

I’m a married guy, who’s sex life has dropped off after 15 years married. I don’t cheat on my wife, so I started going to a couple of adult video stores in my city last year for something new. These places have private viewing rooms, where you typically pay 10 bucks to watch a porn movie. I like interracial stuff, black guys with big dicks... [more]

Another She-male Life

I am a gorgeous looking mature she-male and like many others have been perfecting this appearance for a lot of years.
Ever since I was very young I have adored the way ladies look and love what they wear.
I was in my early teens when I was abused by a lovely man who treated me kindly but only wanted sex with me. He told me that I looked a pretty... [more]

Slutty wife secretly into Dom/Sub

I'm pretty sure my husband knows I see other men from time to time. He told me he doesn't care if I "wander" as long as I always come home and don't stay gone for extended periods. I love the thrill of a new fuck...a new cock...a new orgasm. I love sucking, deep throating and gagging on cock. I love when a man is rough with me and fucks me like a... [more]

Taking advantage of a nut

I have been living in the same apartment for over 4 years and spent the first 3 trying to avoid seeing or talking to Sandra. There are 12 apartments in the building and Sandra's apartment is just down the hall from mine on the 2nd floor. Most of the other tenants also avoid her and she just seemed to be a mental case. I'm 28 and she once told me... [more]

Franks boy

When Frank came by to install my mum's new disabled bathroom and help me with the guest bedroom, I knew instantly he was checking me out. I knew from conversations over the phone he was married, yet the looks he was giving me, all said he'd love to be fucking my arse.
Living and working in the same house I grew up in, because of my mum's... [more]

I want him, but I don't wanna push him

Ever since we were growing up, my family and I were very open-minded about everything. That included our sex education, where the bottom line was that, if it was consensual, safe and loving, sex was ok. I stretched that a little too far as a teenager, because my brother and I had a sexual relationship. We were very attracted and loved each other... [more]

Kicked and stomped

I know this will sound strange, but I fantasize about being kicked, Stomped, and trampled by women. Some of these fantasies are very brutal. I even get turned on by the thought of a woman kicking me in the balls. I have had this obsession my whole life. This goes all the way back to my early childhood. I remember as you as 5 years old thinking... [more]

Kicked and stomped

I know this will sound strange, but I fantasize about being kicked, Stomped, and trampled by women. Some of these fantasies are very brutal. I even get turned on by the thought of a woman kicking me in the balls. I have had this obsession my whole life. This goes all the way back to my early childhood. I remember as you as 5 years old thinking... [more]

I Want To Own a Girl

The girl I want to own has to be a very particular and special girl. This girl has been discarded by society. She knows she is beneath men. She thinks she is ugly. She is nice to people even though everyone treats her like a piece of shit. She wants a man to control her life even if it means doing something weird or gross. She is pathetic and... [more]

Can't handle it

Been married 5 years, wife and I are 28, and things have been fine until recently. Like any couple, we've had our ups and downs, our sex life is stale during the down times, but we love each other.
My wife is very tall and leggy, 6'2", and has nice tits and ass. She goes out with her friends and most of the time I don't go, because I work... [more]

All I think about is being cuckolded

My wife is a knockout. She is Mexican, has an amazing gym body and big tits. She loves sex and is really good in bed. So what’s the problem?
I am completely obsessed with the idea of her having sex with other men. But not just any man, specifically I get really turned on by the idea of black men. This probably isn’t unique, and there’s probably... [more]

My Doting Grandmother, Part 2

After my first romp with my Grandmother I couldn't even look at her without springing a hard-on, and I wanted her again. Then Mom did me a favour and went shopping. As soon as she was down the road and out of sight I went looking for Grams, and soon found her in the kitchen, doing dishes. I told her it was "time to get it on", and pulled her... [more]

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