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My Sister's Tryouts

I came home from class and heard my mother and sister, Brooke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She's supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day... [more]

My boyfriend is my dream sex partner

I love having sex with my boyfriend as he is handsome (he looks like a movie star) he's super fit with big muscles and toned body and beautiful cock which I have lovingly sucking these days. I came into his house last night and proceeded to sit down thinking we would talk a while about our days. He suggested we kiss a while. In barely a min. he... [more]


There was this girl I was fucking, we were just fuck buddies. We were not girl friend and boy friend. We had made an agreement to just fuck. So when ever she was horny she could just call me and we would have sex. As we fucked more and more she began to play around near my ass hole and eventually started sliding a dildo in there. I had always... [more]

Don't Treat Me Bad

From the kitchen, Charlie could hear them at it again. His father's voice was raised, but his mother's was muffled. Charlie had heard all the arguments before. It hadn't always been this way though. He could remember when they had seemed to be such a loving couple, but in the last 3 years his dad had become a serious alcoholic and would not seek... [more]

Two missing partners

My wife kicked me out about six months ago, so I'm stuck living with my mother again. Something pretty depressing about having to move back in with your parents after being gone for so long. But that's my life -- pretty depressing. As for me, I'm a 32-year old, divorced, father-of-two. Like me, my mother is also divorced. My father left her about... [more]

Jobless in Covid Pandemic

Out of job during this corona days. Without any income I (35 yo F), almost regularly spent my days with sandwich pack for lunch in the park. I observed this old man (may be mid-60s) watching me for few days. I mastered courage to say hello to him one day. And that was a breakthrough - he invited me to his house and we had lunch together and some... [more]

How I shared my Asian wife for the first time

My wife is 5’6” and 115 lbs. She has a small bust and dark nipples. He pussy is small and tight. Sometimes I make her go get a Brazilian wax so every inch of her pussy can be completely exposed.
She is quite independent and confident. I always wished she would be more naughty and sexually submissive.
I started having desires of exposing and... [more]

Helping Sister

My older sister agreed to let me stay at her place after being released from the hospital. I have about a month to finish recovering from a car crash which left me temporarily incapacitated and unable to care for myself, currently pretty much confined to bed on my back. Also unable to relieve myself at all sexually, and I am so fucking horny!! My... [more]

Family issues

I'm gonna be totally open I hope this is ok I'm 34 married children just a genuine person.. but I can't stress enough how bad my thoughts are towards my girl cousin shes 28 we've always been close basically grew up together.. but no word of a lie I think about her all the time this is gonna sound bad but I'd fuck her in a heart beat given the... [more]

Trained my wife to enjoy cock sucking with other men

My wife has all the curves and I especially like her to get naked, on her knees bare feet and blow me. At first I came on her face, then over time I had her swallow. After several swallows she got use to it and it was no big deal. She knew from my constant hints that I was a cuckold and wanted her to do the same for other guys. She wasn't crazy... [more]

Letting my Wife

True story:
My wife and I had been married for almost two years when we were invited to a party by a woman who was a close friend my wife. Her friend Gina and her husband Gary had just bought their first house and wanted to show it off to all their friends.

Gina asked me to take a look at their water heater because it made a funny noise... [more]

Bred wife

My wife and I had been married for two years and for a year we had been trying to get pregnant. We went to the doctor and the doctor checked my sperm count and it was almost zero. My wife was very upset that she wouldn't ever have a child.
One day riding around in the car, I noticed a rather sleazy looking motel. I pulled in and noticed that... [more]

JO to girlfriend's sexual past

Sometimes when drunk, my girlfriend will tell me about past sexual encounters, after I press her a bit. Some of those occasions included her dating a guy in his late 30s, when she was only 16. They met online, then started seeing each other in person.
It looked like an act of rebellion and maturity to her, but probably that guy was just... [more]

When Your Mom Is A Nurse

Rebecca Bosworth struggled into her tight-fitting nurse's uniform, wriggling her body to fit the dark blue material across her ample bust. She had always been a big girl up top and the standard-issue uniforms strained against the thrust of her 42DD chest. If she got a uniform that left room for her big assets, it would billow out over her hips... [more]

Dreams Can Come True!!

Sean's mother wasn't due home from work for another hour. He had plenty of time to sneak into her room, grab a bra and underwear from her hamper and jerk off to his heart's delight. When Sean had hit puberty, his mother's breasts became a great attraction. As he grew older, he began noticing her entire body, and he jerked his dick thinking about... [more]

I blackmailed my sister

My name is Tony and I live with my parents and sister Kerry. I arrived home early, about 1pm and as I entered I heard noises coming from Kerry's bedroom, at first I thought she must have left her radio on and went to switch it off. The door was open a little and as I got closer I realized the noises I heard were Kerry's, I looked around the door... [more]

Want to touch my neighbor another girl

I lost my job and started spending a lot of time with my neighbor when my husband is at work. As time goes on, we have become trusting friends sharing more and more. We come and go from apartment to apartment without knocking, except when my husband is home. And that's easy because he is 3 off / 4 days on.
So now the problem. I have gotten... [more]

Once you decide

"The jewelry looks great on you Ma" I said while watching her.
"So should I leave it all on," she teased keeping her chains and undoing her other ornaments.
"Keep some" I suggested.
"What about my saree?" she asked.
I pulled her to me and we kissed hard. I tried to remove her saree and she stopped me.
"Let me darling" she told me... [more]

Parents Fucking

"Oh, fuck yes, Joe! Fuck me!" was accompanied by the sound of the headboard banging against the wall. All Mark could do was lie there. Any chance of sleep at a reasonable hour was long forgotten. At newly 18, he wasn't blind to what his parents were doing. He'd long ago noticed women and their bodies, their sexy curvy bodies. Just the sounds... [more]

I want to spank my student

I'm a college professor, and I've been having a flirty relationship with one of my students for a couple of years now. She's 22 now; it started when she was 20. We have gone out on a number of lunch and dinner dates and we've gone to parks and museums together. No sex, but she lets me hug and kiss and caress her when we're behind closed doors. ... [more]

Daddy Knows How

Last month, on Niki's 18th birthday, she'd had sex for the first time in her life. It hadn't hurt like she'd thought it would, but it hadn't been very good either. It was sweaty and uncomfortable and over real quick. She'd imagined what it would be like to be fucked and it was nothing like those things that had had her dripping wet and pumping her... [more]

Nude beach fun

Mark balked. "But what if someone sees us?"
"Even better to be watched, darling. They won't know I'm your mother. They'll just think I'm a lucky old tart who's seduced a fit young cock."
His mother's sexy voice, thick with desire, unfurled Mark's penis.
"But what if someone calls the police?" the young man asked as his mother spread the... [more]

Fetish Incest with Hot Paki Aunt

Ive always been the black sheep of my family. My family is in uk but from Pakistan originally and very moral and boring and religious. My mum and her youngest sister were born in UK, but my mum got married to my dad and both dont approve of most decadent western lifestyles. My aunt on the other hand has been much more educated and travelled and... [more]

Ebony MILF Loves Her Son

Im a 58 yo professional attractive single black woman and the mother of 5 grown children, 4 girls and one son. Damn, I cant believe what I am doing nor can I believe my feelings for my oldest and my only son. My son, who is now 41 has recently revealed to me the sexual desires and the decades of lust and sexual fantasies he has had for me over the... [more]

Dinner and more with mom

"I've got Saturday off," mom announced at breakfast. She'd just got in from her overnight shift at the hospital.
"How come? Do you have a date," I blurted in surprise, aware at the same time of a jealousy born somewhere deep inside of me.
"No...I just wanted a weekend off for once. Maybe we could do something...we never see each other any... [more]

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