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Sister in law

My sister in law is a hot girl with a nice tight ass and perky breasts. I would always try to get a peek down blouse or dress to see if I can see the beautiful pointy pink nipples peeking out. I also take a peek at the back of her jeans to see her thong or g string. The one time I did look down the back of her jeans I was hoping to see what kind... [more]

Angry and betrayed

My husband and I have been married for twenty years and we have two lovely children. I have often felt like my husband was hiding things from me. Little things like not being where he said he was. Strange phone numbers and texts appearing at all hours on his phone. I just knew he was having an affair and I confronted him. He would always explain... [more]

Mardi Gras visit

I’m a 45 year old body builder along with my 36 year old girlfriend. We had only been dating for around 3 mos when we both decided to visit New Orleans. We loved everything about Mardi Gras all the good looking people along with all the flashing. After trying the many drinks there and seeing so many hot females flash their boobs my girl Kendra was... [more]

When I met my husband

When I met my husband I had been on a dating website. I was 28 and divorced. I don't do the bar hopping scene and even though im outgoing, I don't just talk to everyone. Then I met Ryan.
The site I was on is for ppl wanting a relationship but more than half is guys just wanting to get laid. I admit, I had sex with my fair share of guys on... [more]

The Flashback

I have always been a naughty girl and done things that would probably make most people cringe. Like one time I was sixteen years old. Just started driving and I had a call from this guy I knew named Jeff. He told me that he just broke up with his girlfriend and asked me out. I figured ok and I went and picked him up. I was driving my dad's 76 Ford... [more]

Should I be mad?

Every time my wife and I had any kid of sex I would ask her to talk about her doing things with her coworker because it would turn me on so much. This was a thirty year marriage at this time. She told me a few times her eight year younger coworker showed interest in her ,and once told her he would explode of he ever seen her tits that are... [more]

High heel fetish

I'm 25. Female and I have a high heel fetish , weird I know . I don't find wearing high heels comfortable at all but they just turn me on so much. I live alone and sometimes I'd walk around the house nude in high heels. It just gets me so aroused . Even when I masturbate , I lie in bed naked with a pair of 6 inch heels on .
I have a collection... [more]

Over the knee

I would love to have a good spanking, across a man's lap. I am called Brenda, and I'm 28.
Ten years ago, when I was 18, I got a spanking from my headmaster, for smoking. I went to his study
I had to take my panties down and lie over his lap, and he was sitting on a sofa. I had my bottom caressed and slapped. I started to wriggle and... [more]

Niece Desire

When does someone start having sexual feelings? I guess it depends on the individual. In my nieces case it seems to have been from birth. I remember when she was still in nappies she would come into my bedroom and neal on all fours on top of me. I would just leave my hand lying on top of the covers and she would manoeuvre herself until her loose... [more]

Riding on stomach

I like to get my girlfriend to lie on a pillow so it raises her stomach and then i sit astride her stomach and ride her back with a back and forth motion until i ejaculate on her stomach. Does anyone else do that?

Sweet, Innocent Dr Mandy Is Forced To Try Anal

There is a chiropractor I go to named Mandy H, she goes by “Doctor Mandy.” She is in her early 30’s and single. She is petite (5’ 2”, 110 lbs.), has shoulder-length dark brown hair (usually pulled back in a pony tail), brown eyes, firm B-cup breasts, and a firm round butt I love to see in the tight jeans she usually wears. I’ve been going to... [more]

My wife flashing

We've talked about my wife "flashing" while we are out to spice up our sex life but it became a lot hotter one night. It was her fourth time. Jen wore a button up dress with stockings suspender belt bra and knickers. By the time she was ready she was already feeling randy although it would be her doing the flashing. We arrived at the pub I went to... [more]

Older lady next door

The lady next door to me is in her seventies and a widow, I guess her son moved to a different state for a job but I have never met him or even seen him. She asked me if I would mow her lawn and how much I wanted for doing it, I told her not to worry about it because with my riding mower it takes me like twenty minutes to do both our lawns. She... [more]

Caught the wifey masturbating (Many times)

So a few years ago I bought the wife a Hitachi magic wand. She loves it and cums multi times when we use it in sex settings. I have asked her if she ever masturbates solo with it - and she always says no, she would never.
Quick wife backstory - she is smoking hot. 5'4" about 130 lbs. tiny tits - like maybe A cup if the manufacturer skimps on... [more]

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