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Wet dreams in the car

I had a really embarressing wet dream once when riding home from the beach with family. We had driven down from Pennsylvania to spend the weekend at the beach in North Carolina. It was my mother her sister and I, my little sis and our 3 cousins. I was the only other guy except for my one cousin who was I think 10 at the time.
I was the... [more]

Took my breath away

It’s amazing how an image can stay in your head.
I saw a video of my friends brother masturbating, I have no idea how she got it but I couldn’t stop watching it.
He is 23 has a flat stomach and a really big cock, it’s really long and thick.
He was masturbating in front of a camera, his cock looked so hard, every time I watch it my mouth is... [more]

Do guys get turned on by erect nipples?

When I'm at the gym, my nipples become erect every so often during a workout. It's not because I'm cold or because I'm turned guys get turned on by this? I have a male personal trainer, so I wonder what he's thinking.

Sex with my dog

I know it’s no excuse, but I was groomed for sex as a young child. I was taught that sex was not a bad thing, but exciting and fun. And I still don’t feel I was ever hurt or abused.
When I was 10 I happened upon our dog princess being bred by 2 large dogs. I knew they were having sex, so it was exciting to watch! After getting a closer look I... [more]

Vagina Sex Was My Payment

I was walking down the road in my mobile home community when Sharon, dressed in her house coat standing on her front steps, was motioning to me to come over to her. I was introduced to her a couple of weeks before, when I waved her down in her car to let her know something was dragging in the front of the vehicle. She was 80 years old and her... [more]

Wife too willing

I read this site all the time. I started to notice the confessions where guys would ask their wife's to fuck someone else started to turn me on. I began thinking about my wife having sex with someone else and everytime I did my dick would get extremely hard. I would masterbate and imagine my wife being pleasured by another person. At first I... [more]

Family Misconduct While Pregnant

I was 19 and pregnant. My husband and I stayed at my folks house in my late pregnancy. That's so mom could help me out while giving birth. My husband enjoyed my huge swollen milk filled breasts and the head/hand jobs I gave him while I had a swollen belly. He missed poking me. I told him he could still screw me but he didn't want to in fear of... [more]

Virgin loophole question

Hi, my name is Melissa. I graduated from highschool in the spring and will be going to college in the fall. I have never had sex with any of my boyfriends. My virginity is something that I want to save for the one. In June I was out with some friends and I ran into one of my old boyfriends. We were talking and before long we were separated from... [more]

Small penis humiliation

So I have a pretty small penis.I used to be really self conscious about it, especially when girls would make fun of me. It happened a few times. So I guess over time I’ve come to really like the humiliation of it, girls knowing and maybe telling there friends really turns me on. I have told my wife and she now indulges in my fetish. I also like to... [more]

Hotel crazy

I searched the internet looking for a place to tell this story and happened across this site. Hope everyone enjoys.
I took a business trip last week for the company I work for. I do that every now and again to visit other work locations. I stayed in a Ramada hotel and for the first couple nights everything was normal. The third night I was... [more]

Flashing my panties

I have a fetish for women's panties. Coupled with the fact that I also have a tiny dick that most women wouldn't enjoy fucking, I get really turned on when a woman sees my tiny dick in panties and tries her best not to keep looking and laughing.
My dick, when fully erect is 4 inches long. When soft, its about an inch. A lot of my female... [more]

Do Women Prefer To Suck Other Women's Tongue or Men's Dick?

I was wondering for a long while, and Bing doesn't have answers for this. Do women prefer sucking dick or sucking another woman's tongue? If tongue, does it have to be as long as a dick? I remember just before I had to break up with my ex. I finally convinced her to tongue suck, and she loved it and I loved the feel of all of it in my mouth. ... [more]

A fantasy for her

OK, so the wife and I have been married for over 25 years, we spent the majority of that time raising a family. Now that the kids are a bit older, we have time to get back into our hobbies and adventures. We have always had a healthy sex life. We are big fans of fantasies in the bedroom to the point of going out to bars and then pretending to... [more]

Almost fucked my sister

One night I slept over at my sisters place. It was Christmas Day so we all partied the night before. It was me and my sisters with their boyfriends and some other friends. We all drank all night until everyone started passing out. My sisters boyfriend went into the room to sleep and everyone went home. My sister passed out on the couch next to me... [more]

Passed out wife

My wife lets off steam every now and throws back some shots, the last time we did this she also smoked a little weed one of her girlfriends had so she was flying pretty high right up until she was tits down.
I got her home and laid her out on the bed then stripped off her clothes before tucking her under the covers but her boobs are so damn... [more]

What its like to be with more than one guy

Hey im female 26, its a huge fantasy of mine to be involved in a gangbang/group sex with a group of guys. i never had the chance to but i was wondering what it actually is like? yes i do anal so im up for all holes type of thing but i read stories and watch porn but i want to know what it really is like for the woman.... is fantasy better than the... [more]

Hey girls, how young were you were you first sucked a Cock?

I get really turned on when my wife talks dirty. For some reason she always ends up talking about sucking off Neighbor kids when she was just 12. So, I'm wondering if that's normal for young Girls to start doing that....

Trying To Being A Perfect Baby For Mommy

I Want To Be A Giant Baby, Clothed In Adult Baby Pink Adult Fleece Diapers, And 2 Pair Of Matching Baby Pink Fleece Footed Pajamas, Inside My Mommy Wife, who is able to be pregnant with my 6’4” 206 pound size, Also Wearing Baby Pink Fleece Footed Pajamas, then have her relax, as I suckle her sweetly, from within, Matching My Suckling To Her... [more]

Caught My Hubby

I was away on a business trip and came home early. When I got to our house I saw my husband's friends car in our driveway. But what I wasn't prepared for was to catch them in bed fucking. Yeah my husband and his buddy were naked on top of our bed and he was getting a another man's cock in his ass. They both jumped up and were like deer in the... [more]

Married man secretly is a bottom

When I was young I was used by men. Growing up my mother would have me watch men fuck her and then let them have their way with me. I enjoyed it so much, I told my mom she should prostitute me out to the MC club. We lived in a trailer park they had owned and partied at all the time. A few nights later she was invited to come over there and bring... [more]

Le Anne

My wife and I first delved into wife sharing several years ago and we had many men partners for her then for some reason we just stopped and never brought it up again until just recently when Randy a friend of mine had come over to help me dig some postholes for our back yard fence and here in Vallejo which is normally cool but the temperature on... [more]

Need help with wife and our sexual relations.

My wife and I love each other a lot. But I have a pretty small penis. It's not quite 4 inches. Maybe 3.75 inches and about 4 inches in circumference. Anyway I thought things were ok sexually. Then she confessed to me that she fakes orgasms and I have never given her one. Then I found out she had an affair with an old lover about a year ago and it... [more]

Why are young women such exhibitionist sluts?

I'm a married musician who performs in a lot of coffeehouses in and around the greater St. Louis area.
Now that summer is here, I can't help but get hard over all the nubile young women in my audiences, watching me adoringly in their skimpy shorts and skirts. It's all I can do to stay focused while performing, imagining their long legs wrapped... [more]

Love in the Afternoon

It finally did happen, I met an older man by chance in an out of the way stroll. It was early after noon and after donning on my favorite Polka Dot blue dress with such things as goes under the dress, I went out for a drive thinking I'd stop at an adult store. I was passing through the river drive and kept noticing a walking path. So I decide to... [more]

I came in my pants

This happened 1 year ago. I was 21 at the time.
I had come home to visit my dad and stepmom and my little step sister. I guess I hadn't had an orgasm in awhile, or maybe I dont have an excuse but it still both weirds me out and turns me on.
We had gone to the lake that day and were all wet and warm from the sun. Mom... [more]

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