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Sexual thoughts of girls in my school

I’ve had sexual thoughts about girls in my school, especially after sports, id see their sports bra if their clothes are really wet. Sometimes I would masturbate to one of my classmates, whose ass i has slapped a few times by accident, but enjoyed it at the same time. I’d imagine myself pounding on one of my girl classmates, even though she’s... [more]

My Mother in law ten years ago

She lived alone in Florida and her house needed some repairs done so my wife and I went down for a week. We planned on going to the beach a few times while working on the house but as I started fixing things the list got longer.
My wife and I talked about it and decided that she would fly back home and I would stay at least another week to finish... [more]

Trip to the Liquor Store

Okay so I have a confession. I am a 39 year old Divorcee. So, I went up to the liquor one Friday 2 weeks ago to get a couple bottles of wine. While parking I notice 3 young men standing around. I recognized 2 of them and knew one of them as being the son of my friend and neighbor I said hi and so did he and then he asked if I would do them a... [more]

Friend and I give sensual massage to my wife

Wonder if anyone has actually done something like this?
I’ve had a fantasy that begins with me giving my wife young sexy wife a full body massage.
She’s naked but covered with a light sheet. Blindfolded and wearing headphones with relaxing music. (Possibly had a few drinks)
Here’s the twist.
A guest massager(or masseur) arrives and joins... [more]

Aunt and Nephew

Hello. I've recently found this site and want to express to everyone how great it is to have something like this. Although it is for confession I'm not looking to get something off my chest for the sake of being forgiven or anything but more to just share what I see now from being on this site is more common than I thought.
We always had a fun... [more]

Feeling a Slutty

So I have a confession. I'm a 40 year old divorced women with 2 sons in college. I have a good job and live an average life I guess you could say. Well one Friday night a couple weeks ago, I was going to the store to get a bottle of wine. I saw my neighbors 16 year old son outside with a couple of his guy friends. I of course said hi and... [more]

Stranger danger

I watched the original “psycho” and of course, the famous shower scene.
I thought to myself, what if instead of stabbing her, he opened the curtain and had sex with her.
Ever since, when I take a shower when my guy isn’t home, I just imagine a total stranger walking into my apartment and walking in on me and f***ing me like crazy.
Is that... [more]

She loves black guys

Right after I married my wife a close friend of ours and I were talking. She missed the wedding so she came later to wish us well. As the drinks came she Wouk slip me little details about my new wife. I had no idea she snuck out to be with black guys her entire tenure in college. She would date and have sex with white guys just to fit in. But she... [more]

Sharing nude photos of wife with friend

My wife A very sexy girl. (Victoria secrets level) very very much out of my league.
She is a Hispanic/European/Carib Indian blend. Long brown hair. Honey colored skin green hazel eyes.
She’s a down to earth (even shy) doesn’t recognize her own beauty sorta girl.
Rough and tough daring , comfortable around the guys etc.
Anyways... [more]

Wife unknowingly put on a show

I can't help it but I like to have other men watch my wife either naked or in the sex act with me. One time I left the blinds closed but about 2 inches above the window sill and cracked open the window several inches. There were some young guy hanging out several feet away from my window. I knew they were their so I called out to my wife in the... [more]

Happened just this morning.

Ever since I have become a shared wife I cant think of anything but sex and I masturbate a lot more now than ever before.
Just this morning after getting the kids off to school I headed back into my bedroom to relax and masturbate .
I closed my eyes and was bring up images of a couple of the guys I have been with and I had one very nice orgasm... [more]

Park Jerk Off

There's a park near where I work that attracts guys who like to jerk off together. It has a large parking lot (about the size of a football field) and guys back into the parking spaces in the back part of the lot, open their doors and wank. In the middle of a sunny weekday there is hardly anyone else in the entire parking lot and you can... [more]


When i wank i love to rub the precum on my nipples ,also as I am wanking my cock I imagine a big thick hot cock being slid up my bum and as i cum it fills me with a hot load

Ass fitish

I love women asses. I love a woman with a nice round ass. I love watching them walk and wonder what they're wearing under there. But most of all, I love licking their asshole. I love burying my face into their ass and sticking my tongue in and out of their asshole. Any women like getting their asshole licked

Tammys getting used to this lifestyle

Our first two adventures in sharing her with other men went very well so Tam and I talked about it and she wanted to be assured that I was alright with her getting it on with other men but I admitted I had mixed emotions while watching them and when her body responded to his I was very jealous to see her responding to him but that in its self made... [more]

Should i seek help? Or should i keep trying?

Well back in 2012,when i 29yrs old n my sister (oldest of 5) was 48yrs-50yrs old (always get her age mixed up by 2 yrs) she was mad at her husband whom she is now divorced from,and she was drinking a tall boy natural light,now her drinking limit is literally one n a half to 2 beers n she's lit so idk how many she'd had but she was pretty lit the... [more]

My Sister's Tits

My sister is good looking, but her tits are the best part of her. They're not huge, probably a C or maybe a D cup. The thing is they are so firm, they are really noticeable the way they stick out in must of the shirts she wears. Oh god when she doesn't wear a bra her nipples are always poking out nicely.
It has gotten to the point that I want... [more]

Pleasured my sister in law

My sister in law came over for a party we had and she got really drunk but stayed a long time. She was not going to drive home by any means and she only lives about twenty minutes away so my wife gave me the job of delivering her home.
She talked to me pretty much the whole way over then when we got into the house she started telling me how lucky... [more]

Like to share wife sharing experiences

My wife and I were in the swinger lifestyle from the late 70's to the late 90's. We were into wife-swapping with other couples, exhibitionism and voyeurism, public sex, 3-somes ffm & mfm, small gangbangs etc. Which the majority of out experiences would have been the mfm 3-somes as my wife loved having 2 guys at once. Usually one fucking her while... [more]

An afternoon at the beach

I was at the beach one afternoon and I was lookin' at the women there and I saw a few that really made my dick get hard when I was lookin' at them in their bikinis. I would've pulled my dick out and jacked off right there in front of one of them but I didn't want anyone to see so I waited until almost everyone left before I did it. There was a... [more]

I let a guy suck me

I am in my mid 50's and been married for over 30 years. the last few years have been really tough sexually because my wife is knee deep in menopause and could care less if sex was even discussed. I turned to porn and masturbation as an outlet and this led me to a few sites that had ads, I thought they were fun to read and gave me things to think... [more]

My friend and her

Before I got serious with my girl my young coworker had a serious crush around her and just blushed anytime she came by to visit me. I told Linda about him and he thought he was cute, a little too short but very nice looking. He would make comments about how built she is and how he liked her boobs. One day i invited him to go downtown club with us... [more]

Sibling sex part 1

I was sitting in my bedroom doing my usual gaming habit that I had back then when I was asked one of the most amazing questions by my sister.
"Would you be willing to play around some?", she said in an almost shy voice.
Now if you knew and grew up with her like I did then this would sound crazy because she was the farthest from being shy. She... [more]

My biggest secrets.

I am sexually attracted to my cousin who is a few years younger than me. I went so far to secretly record her naked. The guilt is so unbearable that I did such a disgusting, immoral thing. I regret it all. Its wrong. Shes my cousin, so that's very wrong. I hate myself for doing such a thing. I deleted all of the pictures, all the recordings. The... [more]

Am I fucked up?

I am a 21-year-old and I enjoy underaged fantasy. I love the thought of girls, and sometimes boy's, that are under the age of 18 and usually about 12 or 13. I know that most people think this is fucked up and wrong and I see why; what I am wondering is how many other people out there feel the same way about underaged children? And are there... [more]

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