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The Sugar Sack (A FUPA kind of Love)

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my Supersize BBW Friend with Benefits (I will reprint that below this), Jackie is the most Sexually Oriented Woman I have ever met, We "Make out" like a Couple of Teenagers, When she Sucks My Cock its way more than just head bobbing, her tongue can unscrew the Head and work on the wires! She makes Eye... [more]

Sitting grandma's dog

Our grandmother was given a 14-day cruise by the whole family for her 70th birthday. My parents agreed to take their dog with us for the time. My sister and I already knew the dog from our visits and we had played with him many times.
So we 2 girls were also chosen to take care of the dog. So feed it, walk it and all those things. We also had... [more]

Day 3 of giving my husband a deep throat blow job

I can take his 6.5” erect cock all the way down to his balls. It takes a minute to get my mouth warmed up and the back of my throat loose and relaxed. After I work it a few minutes I stick my tongue out as far and flat as I can covering my bottom teeth. I can then take his cock all the way down. The previous two days he has to give me a little... [more]

Wife Mandy

This is not something that happened overnight .
Mandy and I had talked abut her being shared many times in the 8 years that we have been married and twice before we had ran adds and met with several guys but she always changed her mind and refused to go through with it.
I is kind of funny in a way she always wore a mask when we would meet with... [more]

Bluetooth wireless toys

Does anyone have any of the Lovesense toys they love? I work from home and my husband has meetings and such where he goes to work. I think it would be hot for him to give me a “buzz” when he gets bored at work.
If you have the lovesense luna 2... what is your favorite thing to do with it? Public/shopping? Parks? Car rides? Restaurants? Tell... [more]

Straight teen's first blowjob was from a man

I was tricked. Or, seduced. Whichever you prefer.
This older guy that I met, talked me into going over to his house for some other reason.
It's a long story.
He talked me into pulling my pants down. That's when he started rubbing me. I couldn't help getting hard. It seemed that I was always hard at that age.
He asked me if it felt ok... [more]


For several months I have has this desire to watch another guy with my waif but she at first wouldn't even talk about it until one day she told me she would but first she wanted to watch me with a guy.
We laughed about that but several days later she brought it up because I like anal and she always hates it when I do her that way and she said I... [more]

Friends wife

Ok so I'm married, and we have a couple friend (wife husband). We have kids so do they close to the same age so we do have dinners... or used to with them (covid), but we have drinks and we have fun. So his wife I so truly want to have an affair with, she's 36 has her tongue pierced,( always wanted that) had a boob job a couple years ago, and... [more]

A little lube & a wee bit of patience allows big things

A romantic couples get away weekend in The Honeymoon Capitol of the World overlooking the Falls at night in a suite with a heart shaped whirl pool bathtub. Combine the setting with a Italian dinner out, some wine and a few harder drinks and return to the hotel room for some more wine and champagne. Add in some bubble bath in the whirlpool tub and... [more]

Is it ok to feel weirded out?

For almost a year I've been in a very... "peculiar" relationship. I'm dating and living with a woman who was my junio high teacher, back when I was 14. I'm currently 25 and she's 40.
I've know for a while now that I'm more into older women, so my Tinder screen usually showed women aged 40 all the way up to 65. I had casual encounters every now... [more]

I’m A Sex Loving Virgin

I’m 19 years old and i’m still a virgin, which is kinda embarrassing, but i love sex. Obviously i’ve never had sex, but just the thought of it is something amazing to me. I masturbate everyday, multiple times a day. I love humping and creaming on my pillows and tasting myself. It just feels soooo good when my pussy is rubbing against my pillow. I... [more]

Hello 35 married and horny

I’ve been married 15 years . I have chrated a few times and never told and he never found out.
I just get bored with the same man. And everytime i have steped out its made my sex life at home better and mote exciting for awhile.
I think its the secret i dont feel guilty because I don’t tell.
Last week my boys were playing video games and its... [more]

She Helps Me With My Fetish

I always enjoyed the company of a large woman but recently my fetish for them grew stronger as I aged. I have a habit of undressing them with my eyes wondering what they are carrying under their clothing. The ones that are aged and have a broad body with pronounced large breasts that shifts under their top gets me stiff. I go to the local dance... [more]

One of my dirty little secrets...

I'm sixteen year old female and being stuck in lockdown has got me super bored. Recently I've been reading books on Wattpad and some steamy chapters appear I find myself Masturbating. I like my fingers a lot but sometimes I wish I had something else. I also use the shower jet and a secret vibrating toothbrush but it's just not working for me as... [more]

I Regret What Started

I regret being his fat slut secretly amongst friends and family but I enjoy what he has in his pants. Even though he's much older he knows how to make me please him dearly. He cheats on his girlfriend a lot. He does my mom often. He just can't keep that cock in his pants. I'm a wide 265 lbs. gal, who can't lose the weight and masturbates a lot... [more]

Daughter 25

Been looking at my daughter 25 lately sexy ass nice tits been getting turned on imagining her sucking on my hard cock.


When my wife and i was in our 30s we use to go out to bars and would go in separate
I would watch and live to see all the guys hitting on her.
Mostly usually older men.
My wife was 31 only 5 foot tall . Ever notice how women with small tits have nice round asses?
Well thats my wife she always filled out blue jeans well lol.
She has this... [more]

Period and pad kink

So I have always been interested in girls periods. Knowing when a lady is on and wondering if she uses pads or tampons excites me.
When I was a teenager I was with a girl who lived some distance away so we would meet at the weekends and make the most of any time we had. One of these times she was on her period and at first she was hesitant but I... [more]

Listening to my mates mum and dad

When I was 15 I stayed over at my friend's house quite often. He was the same age as me and he had bunk beds in his bedroom, he always had the top one and I slept on the lower one when I stayed over which was usually 2 or 3 times a week.
His bedroom was next to his mum and dad. He also had an older sister (17) and younger brother (11). I don't... [more]


My daughter lives with me.
She likes to shop, (imagine that) and we were at the mall walking along and passed V's secret.
She looked in the window and wanted to go in and look at a baby doll night gown. Not thinking I said sure.
She ended up picking out 2 different outfits. One light pink almost white, and the other red.
Later that night... [more]

Men with small penis'

This is for all you men with small penis'. Like under 7 inches or so. My husband and I met in high school. He was a senior and I was a junior. I found him very interesting and a cute guy. He graduated and then I started dating him that summer. He was ashamed about his small penis. The first time we made love was in his car. It was a small back... [more]

Neighboor Kids and the Hole in the Fence

In my old hourse there use to be a hole in the fence between our neighboor’s backyard and ours. Our neighboors would normally work in the day and their kids would come home and play outside after school. A brother and sister. During the summer I don’t know what came over me, but I started telling them stories of mushroom hunting. And about this... [more]

Swimming teens

Ok so I appreciate that it's not considered ok but I've just had a proper treat at the riverside and had very filthy thoughts...
I was out on my bike and stopped by a secluded riverside spot for a break. While I was sat there three 14yr old ish girls came down, set their bags down and proceeded to strip down to little swimming costumes right... [more]

My wife Lea

After 22 years of marriage and for the last 4 years I have had this desire to watch her with another man and our daughter was in college she finally gave in with a slight twist.
She agreed to do it but I couldn't watch and that was bottom line so after thinking about it I finally caved and agreed to it thinking that if she did it once and liked... [more]

My own fault

I porked my wife's friend, with her blessing one evening in our home. My wife was present and it was with her encouragement that it happened. I don't know why as it was totally out of the blue, think the pair of them had been drinking and cooked it up between them.
A few weeks later my wife was staying over with her friend while I was out... [more]

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