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My friend and her

Before I got serious with my girl my young coworker had a serious crush around her and just blushed anytime she came by to visit me. I told Linda about him and he thought he was cute, a little too short but very nice looking. He would make comments about how built she is and how he liked her boobs. One day i invited him to go downtown club with us... [more]

Sibling sex part 1

I was sitting in my bedroom doing my usual gaming habit that I had back then when I was asked one of the most amazing questions by my sister.
"Would you be willing to play around some?", she said in an almost shy voice.
Now if you knew and grew up with her like I did then this would sound crazy because she was the farthest from being shy. She... [more]

My biggest secrets.

I am sexually attracted to my cousin who is a few years younger than me. I went so far to secretly record her naked. The guilt is so unbearable that I did such a disgusting, immoral thing. I regret it all. Its wrong. Shes my cousin, so that's very wrong. I hate myself for doing such a thing. I deleted all of the pictures, all the recordings. The... [more]

Am I fucked up?

I am a 21-year-old and I enjoy underaged fantasy. I love the thought of girls, and sometimes boy's, that are under the age of 18 and usually about 12 or 13. I know that most people think this is fucked up and wrong and I see why; what I am wondering is how many other people out there feel the same way about underaged children? And are there... [more]

Sex With Mother Inlaw

I'm 45 and my mother in law is 76. A few years ago my MIL moved in with my wife and I. My wife works out of state a lot which leaves my MIL and I home alone . A few months ago we were watching a movie, in some scenes people were having hard core sex. My MIL commented "they are really getting with ain't they?" I was a little embarrassed and asked... [more]

Perverted encounter

I was sittin' in the livingroom one afternoon with a woman at her
house. We were talkin' about different things when after almost an hour she started smiling at me for some reason. I didn't know what she was smiling at me for but I sat quiet for a few minutes and she asked me if I noticed anything and I asked her "what do you mean?" and she said... [more]

Surprise for some " OLD " friends...

We got married in the late 70's at 18yrs old. And it was around that time VCR's first came out.But no local stores sold porn videos.So I had to go to a city about an hours drive away to buy any.While I was there one day I ran into a much older guy who was from the city I lived in he was in his late 50's. We got to talking about maybe trading some... [more]


My breasts have always been a draw for men and even some women, they began developing around the 5th grade and even my mother thought my nipples were a bit odd. By the age of about 16 I had developed quite nicely and my nipples were quite large from what I could tell from seeing other girls and pictures online. I have what are described most of... [more]

Tammy,s first BBC

We met David online he was advertising for married white women only.
He was as black as night and in truth I envied my wife he was almost as perfect as some statues I have seen tummy muscles well defined and his chest rippled with his well formed chest.
His cock was advertised as 10 inches and it sure looked like it was all of that and Tammy... [more]

Why she loved sex with blacks

My wife stated in college her first sexual experience with a black guy that she unexpectedly hooked up with had her lusting for blacks for a long time.
Even though she would date and hang out and have sex with white guys her desire for sex with black guys was always something she could not stop.She would hang with her friends until late around... [more]

Keeping it in the famiky

I thought my world was over when my wife of 16 years decided she wanted out.
I didn’t fuss or point fingers. I just knew she had been seeing others behind my back but held on with everything I had.
It was hard on my daughter in college.
Sometimes my daughter and her friend would stay weekends with me. I couldn’t help myself from looking at her... [more]

Still not for teacher

I am approaching 20 years since graduating high school. Back then I had an English teacher who I had the biggest crush on. She was a beautiful Hispanic woman. I was always very careful not to reveal my crush or do anything to give it away because she was really fat. But the way she dressed and walked, her ass shifting side to side, her fat belly... [more]

I feel bad for her but turned on at the same time

When I found out that my ex-wife and her boyfriend were bikers I was a little surprised by it all but it was her life so very little I could do about it. Our kids are grown and my daughter told me all about it and how she does not even let the boyfriend come over to her house. I guess it was almost a year later and my daughter called me up and... [more]

So I wonder how many guys are into this

The majority of people identify as straight, right? Cool.
But I read that shemale porn is the second most popular on the various porn sites.
I have to admit that I was turned off by it the first time I heard of chicks with dicks. But some of them are damn pretty, and feminine. I wouldn't date a femboy, but some of them turn me on.
I have... [more]

I want to be degraded (22F)

I've never really had kinky sex or anything, just watched videos, but my biggest fantasy is being used and degraded like a filthy little slut.
I love to imagine being surrounded by hard, horny guys, having every hole fucked at once while many more wait to use me. The thought of being called names while I get used makes me so wet.
I haven't... [more]

Mardi Gras

Took my 46 year old wife to Mardi Gras 2018. She like me enjoyed all the beads and boobs one could see. There were many occasions where guys would ask to see her tits. Even heard guys mention she looks like she a nice rack in which she does for her age. She’s still very attractive but will open up after drinking. she’s always had a passion for... [more]

Office Parties, 2018!

Women who never cheat otherwise will do so at the office Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Again this year, bulls will be out ready to test your wife’s resolve. If she has been with you for years, she’ll enjoy the compliments, and her mind will race. She’ll wonder what to do about the bull’s advances. Will your wife tell you she’s been hit upon?... [more]

Thinking of having a threesome

Well my roommate and I are thinking of having a threesome with a guy and I wonder if we should do it.
It all started with my roommate bringing a tinder date home and them fucking about half the night. They were really going at it. She was moaning and screaming. Her headboard was hitting the wall. And the sex sounded amazing. I was pretty... [more]

Sucking my Neighbor Nick...

I was a restless 15-year-old girl with big boobs. My Mom and Dad fought constantly so I ended up hanging out at my neighbor Nick's house 3 houses down. He's older than my Dad, maybe 50-something? Not sure but he has salt & pepper hair. He's really nice to me and he's not a perv or anything. He shares his weed (which is really kickass!!!) and even... [more]

He won’t cheat with me

I am in the process of stepping away from a marriage in which my husband was too controlling. I have been making up for lost time and am enjoying knowing how men will go for me if I give them the slightest hint I’m available.
I have a friend whose husband I’ve always found attractive. He’s pretty fit with shoulder and a chest that get me wet... [more]

Question for females

Was wondering if there are any females, wives out there that can truely confess that they have always had a huge desire to have sex with your boyfriends close friend, husbands best friend.
I was wondering cause it seems like that sometimes when one of my friends is around. She seems to act totally different and would never fess up as I know it’s... [more]

First cream pie

I never imagined I would do this. I’ve always read about it. Never considered I would even go through much less confess about it. I ate and tasted my first cream one on vacation. We met him at the bar and my wife was totally hot for him. We invited him over to our room room and I watched as they deeply having sex.
When he finished she was like in... [more]

She doesn’t give into anyone but 1 guy

The gorgeous attractive very fit blonde woman who always smells nice and is around 58 works right to me . I have always thought what a lucky man whoever is married to her. No matter who comes to visit our office regardless of his age he always seems to instantly notice her and tries to test her by flirting. Some of these men are very wealthy high... [more]

Obsessed with my wife sucking patients at work.

When my wife 25 years old now first cheated on me it was with a 70 year old at a senior home she works at. She is known as the hardest worker around and the boss ladies fight over having her in their hall.
Anyways the old man was flirting and she said everything happened so fast. He grabbed her ass and she froze. He took her not saying not as a... [more]

Pretending to be passed out

I pulled the passed out bit on my step son years ago, he was around twelve or thirteen. We had thrown a really fun party for new years eve and my husband passed out right after midnight, I was in the living room sitting in a chair relaxing after cleaning up the big things like food and drinks after everyone left. I was wearing a fairly short skirt... [more]

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