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Cheating on Saturday Morning

My wife had taken the kids to soccer one morning. I was home alone catching up on some work. We've been friends with this couple for years. She is a seamstress and has been taking up my work trousers for years. Off the rack trousers are always too long for me so she takes them up so they fit perfectly.
She dropped in unexpectedly with a pair of... [more]

I LOVE giving oral and dream of doing double with a female

I have come to find out that I absolutely LOVE to give oral, whether it's to a man or a woman. Preferably a man, but I like both.
I love taking a huge, stiff cock down my throat. I could do it for hours if I had the chance to and take every inch with delight. I like choking, gagging, drooling, you name it. The feel of it on my tongue and lips is... [more]

Stripped at school by a group of boys and girls

I have thought about this experience many times before but never written it down. When I was about 16 I received an anonymous letter during the Easter holidays. It had a cutting from I discovered in later years a magazine called playgirl. It showed two young women slowly undressing a man until they removed his underpants and he was completely ... [more]

Is this a healthy Dom Wife relationship?

My relationship with my wife started out very vanilla, but over the past 14 years has morphed into something else. I'm surprised to find that I'm mostly okay with it, but I sometimes wonder if it's healthy.
Here goes: We used to have regular sex, but now we have just one kind of sexual contact: my mouth and her vajajay. In the morning, we start... [more]

Deep Desire to Impregnate Women

It's as simple as that. I've had a fetish to breed with any willing and capable female, then do it again if she wants or move on our separate ways. It's not just the sex and pumping a load into a fertile womb, but knowing that I'm the cause of the changes their body is going through, is beyond satisfying for me. I've had it accomplished once by a... [more]

I’m someone else when I’m spun

I guess I’m a pretty jealous guy though I’m tall and handsome, I’m only averaged sized downstairs. Even though i do have that jealous streak, when I take stimulants I like to look at pics of my ex-gf’s pussy and pics on her fb page of her and her new bf and imagine watching him fuck her as she squirts on his big dick. I’d like to see her react in... [more]

First night

I was brought up in a very conservative and traditional atmosphere where even having boyfriends was frowned upon. I had my first kiss in college and proceeded till second base but that was about it, I did not go further than that as I thought it was wrong for a 'good' girl. However my family was accepting enough and after graduation, I got married... [more]

My Lover Shows Up And Meets My Mother

I haven't heard nothing from her for weeks. Thought she probably just lost interest in me, thats ok. A pitty, but ok. And then, this mail, totally unexpected and out of the blue...there she is again, this strong, sexy, confident woman - thank you!
"Last night I was rubbing my wet cunt dreaming of something naughty, I was fantasizing about showing... [more]

Turns me on to discuss wife's sexual past

My wife is an incredibly attractive redhead with a gorgeous face and body, I guess that's what caught my eye and attracted me to her. After we were married I asked my wife to tell me about some of the other guys she had been with. She reluctantly agreed and finally told me about having a sexual encounter with a "friend" who had actually been over... [more]

I need to meet other sissy’s soon

I’m finding my kinks have progressed to the point of being someone completely different than my everyday self. When I take a stimulant I get really dirty desires that have progressed through roleplay family porn and female masturbation and squirting to shaving my entire body and imagining being sexed up like a girl. I’m a tall good looking fit... [more]

Should I take it off?

I've been fucking my mother for the past month or so. She always has me wear a condom when we fuck, but I soooooo want to feel moms wet pussy on my bare cock. She had her tubes tied years ago and can't get pregnant. I have never fucked anyone but my mom, and she hasn't fucked anyone but my dad for the past twenty years, and he left her two years... [more]

Danielle chapter 1

How and where to start I consider myself to be quite a normal guy in most ways married a long ish time 2 kids all was good then when my daughter Danielle reached around 12 and started to develop very quickly that's when I started to take notice.
First it was her school blouses started to strain under the pressure her ample tits were placing on... [more]

Massage of my life

My husband and I went to a wonderful tropical resort and I had set up a massage for myself everyday we were there. My husband was in our room for the first one and he sat out on the balcony watching it happen thru the sliding door. I was completely nude and the man was very professional about it but gave me a great massage. The next day my husband... [more]

Glory hole fun

I have a few rental properties and when one of them was empty I decided to have some fun for a few months and build a glory hole off the garage side door. I posted ads and never told anyone if I was a man or woman, the first few guys were quite impressive as I figured most men coming to something like this would not be that attractive. I could see... [more]

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