Amateur Night

I took my wife to an amateur night at a strip club in the city about a hour from where we live. We just watched and after my wife saw that most of the women were just normal looking girl next door types she admitted on our drive home that she thought she could of won first prize. We talked about it when we got home and I got an erection knowing... [more]

Florida Vacation

We are going to be in Fort Myers in April. I have convinced my wife to have sex with some men while I watch during our vacation. Does anyone know how we can contact men to fuck my wife?

Show me your boobs

Show me your boobs if you Hate racism.

Anal Freak Wife

My wife has turn into a anal freak all she want is to be ass fucked all the time she has guys coming by the house to fuck her in the ass she has ass fucked all my friends she lets guys DAP her asshole she does atm and is now working her way through the neighborhood she says she wants to do a anal gangbang here lately she has been getting spit... [more]

I want to cheat on my gf

I'm almost 40, never cheated before. I'm in my first serious relationship in a long time, and I want to cheat so bad. Not just to fuck someone else, but because the idea of cheating turns me on so much. Would it be so wrong to do just once?

Off To A Great Start

I spoke softly so as not to startle her, “Get on your hands and knees for me honey.” She promptly assumed the doggy position. I moved around behind her and very gently and carefully pressed my slick dick head against her wet pussy lips. As I entered her, the sudden intrusion caused her to let out a yip, and then she moaned until I was all the way... [more]

Stealing Panties

I am a girl, an adult now. This started when I was young, with my best friend at the time. We were always borrowing each others clothes and stuff, yah know, regular girl stuff. It wasn’t really sexual. I don’t think it is now really, even though I have always been attracted to other girls. I have stolen panties from at least four different girls... [more]

Life waisted

I met my wife 27 years ago will be in July. We dated around a year and really I was unsure of her. She was sort of young acting and just seemed like she had no goals in life. I guess that came from her lifestyle. Her mom and dad were like that. They lived in an apartment. There is nothing wrong with apartments it's just the walls were bare with... [more]

Oh what should i do

Well I had been single for a while again. The ex left me with a ton of bills ( credit cards in my name I didnt know I had) Money was tight. Had a friend tha that had a company and need some extra help so he asked me to do so. I was winter time and he said that it would be easier if I stated at his house so we could get an early start. So p... [more]

I try and seduce guys with my eyes

I work at the hospital and sometimes I get really horny so I look at every guy that passes me in the hallway and make eye contact with them and try and hold it and try and bob verbally tell them I want to get fucked. It’s fun and makes the day go by quickly. Sometimes I take my panties off under my scrubs just to feel naughty while I do it ❤️

Pregnant Attraction

I have always found pregnant women very arousing. When I was in college I saw a girl and it was obvious that she was pregnant and she was not trying to hide it. We were at a party and I noticed her sitting with two other girls and she looked so sexy to me with her belly starting to show under the halter top and above her low cut jeans. Her two... [more]

Difficult To Discuss

"It turned you on, didn't it?"
Marie stared into Lori's eyes. "You, you know?"
"Tell me what he did, what you did."
"I didn't do anything at first. I just watched as he made it grow. And it did grow, it grew to a very nice size, a desirable size if you know what I mean. There it was all red and stiff with his hand running up and down... [more]

Teasing other guys

I like to go to work and not wear panties and I try and get guys to flirt with me. There’s also this guy at work that is married that always flirts with me. I just want him to notice I’m not wearing panties sooo badly. I always fantasize about us making eye contact and we both would look at each other and just know that I desperately want him to... [more]

I fucked her while someone else saw us but she didn’t know

One warm sunny summers day my wife and I were out for a drive when we both felt a little horny.
Stopping in a wooded area we worked our way through bushes to a clearing that was hidden from sight of anyone.
Soon we got down to it, I had her top up bra off and had just pushed her dress up when I noticed a guy moving closer!
I was alarmed until I... [more]


I’m married but wife isn’t into my kink and it’s driving me insane. Of course I love everything about sex but she doesn’t like Anal or ass play in any way.
There is nothing I love more than eating and tongue fucking a tight ass before pumping it full of cum.
I have never cheated before but the thought of eating and fucking a tight ass is... [more]

Took the wife to an adult video store

I like to watch porn, but my wife doesn't have much interest, at least that is what she says.
The stuff I like is tough to find, it mostly has to do with exhibitionism, women who get off on flashing, and sometimes being outright obvious about it.
Most guys love to look, I know I do anyway.
It sure took some talking but finally she agreed, we... [more]


I was a very shy around girls and didn't loose my virginity until I was almost 22 years old. It was with a girl that I knew as friends and she invited me to her room one night and we had sex. She had just broken up with her latest boyfriend and I was rebound sex for her. She already had sex with several boyfriends so she knew what she liked. She... [more]

One of my co-workers had no idea her cam was on

I was on a team meeting about a month ago one of my co-workers joined wearing pretty sloppy clothes but in this work from home environment I guess people just get comfortable. Anyways like fifteen minutes into the meeting I see her arms moving around and looked over at her video then watched as she lifted her shirt off right over her head. She was... [more]

Imagine my surprise!!

There is a massage place in our area, it is out of town and under the County jurisdiction.
The place is very well known for doing happy endings, it's like a secret everyone knows about.
I go there myself, get hand jobs, blow jobs, and a rare fuck since for that they want $100 extra.
The receptionist is the owner, she is about 60, she sends the... [more]

Sleep in a Crib Diapered

I built an adult sized crib and I sleep in it at night fully diapered. My wife locks me in at night and I can't get out until she comes in the morning and opens the door. My diaper is always soaked by the time she comes in. Sometimes I am locked in chastity as well. We just bought some security mittens and I will have my hands locked at night... [more]

Str8 man in STL looking to sucking big cut cock

I am a str8 white man looking to suck a big cock for the 1st time.

You never know what to expect

I was asked to go and represent the firm at a three day conference out of town, so I did. Arriving I find after driving for six hours to the venue, that the conference had been cancelled at the last moment and rescheduled for the following month. It was a long and frustrating drive home, and I'd been unable to reach Jason on the phone to let him... [more]

I’m a married man who cross dresses for other men

So I’ve been married for 10 years. When I was in high school I secretly got into cross dressing and ended up meeting an older man that I ended up having a 2 year sexual relationship. After I got married I tried leaving the cross dressing side of me behind. Well I’ve failed at that and regularly let random guys fuck me in the ass. I know it’s wrong... [more]


I can see him (widower 55 yo) from the window of my room across the boundary. I intentionally let him see me undress or change my dress for a few minutes. He really loves watching my young body with a pair of perky t***. Gradually he started to do the same to me. He is quite hung with that semi-erect c***. It has become our obsession at night... [more]

I’m a slut

I am 17 and I have a boyfriend but I love doing freaky stuff with girls .. Ever since I was like 8 if I got close with my friends we would play with eachothers clits and rub them, and even with some of my cousins . I remember I had a friend in 4th grade and I went to her house and her mom made us do stuff and she made me get naked with my friends... [more]

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