I miss my friends

Last couple of years I found random women to share pics and vids with. They were the ones that introduced me to KiK. Now that I don't have my friends anymore, I have nobody to show my jerking and finishing off to, nor do I see nipples and cunts. I know I can go to any of the thousands of websites but I liked to 1 on 1. Also some conversation was a... [more]

What a night

I will start by being up front. I have a thing for teenage girls, always have and probably always will. I love the cuteness and small size, small breasts and tiny hips. I love the smooth skin and long hair many have. I go to beaches all the time to check them out and watch.
38 now, i have only previously been with one 17 year old girl when i was... [more]

You’ve gotta be kidding me

My girlfriend work friend is one hot looking lady, very attractive, amazing figure, she is always wearing yoga pants and yes you can read the lips if you know what I mean!
I don’t know much about her apart from what my girlfriend tells me.
She is 26 and the other night my girlfriend told me she is still a virgin.
This lady could click her... [more]

I found it on his laptop

I was on my boyfriend's laptop, he knew mine was having problem's. I saw in the top of the page, Naughty post. So I looked at it. I went in to categories and found some thing's I thought sounded like thing's we had done. I was more surprised that he did not tell me then anything. From what I think was something he wrote a friend would never know... [more]

My low opinion of men

I’m an overweight female and had sex with the two guys I share a house with. Both have girlfriends but it didn’t stop them screwing me.

Tonight is the night for my brother friend

My brother friend is so cute, he is so polite and handsome and I fancy him. He is 18 and very shy and tonight I’m going to have no knickers on and make sure he gets to see what’s between my legs. I’m so excited and wet thinking about it, can’t wait to see him.

If I was to have a girl or girl experience

My friend writes erotic stories for fun, I’ve read a few but never really ticked my box.
A few weeks ago she emailed her latest one, it’s been in my inbox since and I’ve not bothered to read it, she’s been nagging at me to read it.
Well two nights ago I did and omg never read anything like it in all my life.
It was about two girls having... [more]

Where are the real men

I’m a 52 year old female, been divorced for two years, I have two grown up children, I live on my own, go to the gym five times a week and go out with my girlfriends as much as I can.
In the two years I’ve been officially divorced, separated three years prior to divorce I’ve not managed to find a man with a bit of go in him.
I’ve been on many... [more]

Who are you?

To the man who takes the 168 bus from Camden at 07:30 every morning.
You have the biggest bulge in your trousers!
The last two weeks I’ve been working at a different building for work.
Tomorrow is my last day and this week I’ve noticed the same man getting on the bus with a massive bulge in his trousers and I want to see it!
I will have a... [more]

Teenagers are a lot bigger these days!

My 17 yo son had his friend round, he’s a nice lad, known him since he was 14.
I’m in the kitchen starting dinner and his friend goes out the kitchen door.
I thought nothing of it, I went out to put some rubbish out and saw him standing over the drain having a wee while on his phone.
He’s now finished his wee and is still standing there with... [more]

Tell me if you think I'm gay, please

I need your help to figure this out once and for all. Not that I think the internet can do that, I'm just interested in hearing all the opinions I can get and weigh them for myself
I'm a married man of 18 years, about 50 years old. My wife and I have a good relationship. We laugh, we have fun, we both work hard, we enjoy each other.
The... [more]

Erotic body massage

I love giving my husband full body massages. I use oil, make sure to warm it up (unless I’m using the Nuru massage oil) and rub it on his body and mine. I rub my body all over his, starting with him on his back. I massage his dick with my pussy lips, as well as massage hos mouth and face with them, too. After I cum, I give him a hand/blow job... [more]

After they are grown

My wife and I have been married for 16 years. We dated for 2 before getting married. She had a 3 year old when we met and we had a baby together after being together a year.
We have always been open and honest sexually. She told me she wasn't with the father of her baby because her daughter isn't his. She cheated on him and got pregnant. I... [more]

Office sex

I am a successful surgeon in my area. I have a practice with PA's and 20+ employees. I'm in my 50s and never married. I am and was too focused on my career to ever be committed to a man or family. It was a Friday night that I had a very Long week. I was in my office later then expected (which is common for MDs) and one of my employees was staying... [more]

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