Nothing better than a wife willing to do anything

My wife has always been a pleaser, she has always done whatever I asked her to do sexually. I can not even remember a day in probably the last twelve years that I did not get a blow job. When the alarm goes off during the week she knows to just go down and start sucking on my morning wood. I get up afterwards and take a shower then head off to... [more]

3 Way Memory

Sixeen years ago I went through a period of time working as an escort. Of course it paid the bills and made me feel sort of powerful and desired. It was easy to put off things like education and training. Sometimes crazy requests would arise and meeting them was a classic risk vs. reward scenario.
What I am confessing is my one and only 3-way... [more]

Weird quirk

I'm a guy, and I get hard as a f***ing diamond when I see a shemale with an itty-bitty cock. I've sucked off a bunch of micropenises, sissies really, and I love bottoming for them, especially when attached to a tranny.

Fucking a work friend

So I'm married and have been for 12 years. I'm also bisexual and my wife doesn't know. I haven't been able to have sex with my bf for about 6 months now just due to covid and also work schedules.
So anyway, I work in a factory and I work next to a guy who is gay. He flirts with me and I flirt back. For the longest time, it's been harmless. He... [more]

Talk dirt to me

I'm so over laying nexf to a man 10 years younger than myself and not wanna have sex who only wants me to do everything. I wish someone can just handle me in a way that im the one tired but so wet waiting for his cock.


I rather hump a face then have intercourse that's just a fact a woman never gets off unless there's a clit stimulation a dick sliding in and out don't do it for me if I can't hump a face there's no orgasm for me ,,,,, my husband knows when he gets a quickie I will be using an object with satisfies my clit soon afterwards 10 times out of... [more]

She let me explore her completely

She worked a job and a half and very little time for much else. One of her jobs had her on her feet the whole time and she would come home with them hurting. I started rubbing them and she did not even stop me the first time I did it, she was sitting in a recliner still in her uniform dress, nylon cover feet up on the foot rest. I began rubbing... [more]


I love it when a 52 yr old divorced woman like myself can get a young married professional man to fuck her know his wife can't fuck or suck when he has no problem fucking us ,,,,,eat your hearts out bitches we can out perform you anytime

Hot girl in the bar.

I was away at college and hanging out in a bar. It was the same thing every weekend. I was so board that I was ready to leave, when this beautiful long legged girl walked in. I was captivated by her smile.
As she walked by I said hello, and she stopped and introduced herself.
There was an instant attraction between us. We talked and... [more]

The Fuck

My name's cat. 2 years ago, my then boyfriend asked if he could fuck me. I didn't want to be rude and said "I've got no issues". Long story short, never knew a man could have such a girthy dick (must've been 4 inches wide). He broke up with me and moved out few months later he comes to my apartment, fucks me (more like rape me), cums in my pussy... [more]

Normal to want wife to see other men?

I've seen a few people post this subject so I know I'm not alone wanting my wife the f*@k other guys. But is this normal?
I've read articles covering this topic where experts claim a man wants his wife to sleep with others to cover the fact he has done the same himself, this is usually advice to the woman.
Problem is that's not the case with... [more]

Moms friend

When I was 15 I noticed my moms friend was hot. I always wanted to fuck her.
My mom was 35 i think. and her friend was 32.
She had sexy legs and big boobs, and a husband.
My mom knew I liked her and sometimes would tease me about it.
She had gotten divorced a year later, and one day my mom said can you go to Linda's house and help her cut... [more]

I cheated and my Wife got even

I screwed up, and cheated, had crazy sex with this hot divorced woman I met. Someone we knew saw me with this other woman and told my Wife. One night I stopped at a Lounge at a Hotel by the Airport and went in and ordered a drink, and surveyed the scene. This place was a hookup Bar, a lot of woman and businessmen types mingling dancing and having... [more]

First Pussy

My young cousin looks much younger old although passed 20 yo and have couple of bfs but none was steady because of her flirty nature. When I visited her home on an weekend and her parents were out, she was flirting with me. I could see she was braless and wearing a short skirt that shows off most of her hip-line. I was fondling her tits, she was... [more]

40th Birthday

A few years back for my husband’s 40th birthday we drove to the capital city of our state. Rented a room for the night and the kids stayed at my sisters. My husband and I used to have cheater satellite 20 years ago and used to watch porn while we had sex. I thought we could go buy a video and bring it back to hotel with us to relive our youth. ... [more]

Big sister

During lockdown my sisters husband been isolating so mu big sister was going short of sex we had a thing as teens so I've been fucking her from week 1 at least 3 times a week horny as hell she is loving lockdown.

Help to become a woman

I need someone to help me become fully a woman I hate my life as a man no fun at all The person who help me to be the woman I should be I will be there property for life will do everything they want me to do for them

Lesson learned

When I got pregnant at an early age my father was furious I guess due to the stress of the situation I suffered a miscarriage or maybe it was because I was a bit young ….. my mother died due to an overdose so my father became a single parent … he was always asking me about what was I doing or where am I I confronted him one time and... [more]

Neighbour's son

I'm 37 and divorced with 2 daughters Joanne (16) and Sharon (14). We live in a 3 bed terraced house. The other week one of our neighbours had to go into hospital so I offered to look after their son to help out as her hubby was visiting every night. Peter was 15, he brought a bag with some clothes in with him and I told him we'd both go upstairs... [more]

Friend got angry

A couple of my good friends are Mike and Laura. We grew up in the same neighborhood, have attended the same schools, etc. We usually get together and play games, go skateboarding and stuff. We also sometimes fool around together sexually with Laura, though she's not really a girlfriend type. We think of her more like a sister.
We were at... [more]


Hi guys I need to confess about something that happened 1 early morning around 10pm I woke up to some noise comming from out my bedroom but I knew right away it was moaning sound so went to check I herd it comming from my mother room and threw a gap I can see my mom having s*x with a white male and my mom asian bdw divorced.
So I keep watching... [more]

Pirate suit

I used to spend a lot of time with my uncle when I was growing up. It was messed up, but he'd fuck me in the ass.
The thing about it is that my uncle would always wear a pirate suit when he fucked me. When I'd walk in the door, if he was in his pirate suit, I knew my ass was his to be tagged and bagged. He'd say in pirate speak, "Take off yer... [more]

In the forest

So 1 day in the morning I went for a jog in this type of forest wood type of place as I was running saw 2 guys 1 guy on his knees sucking the other guy so I was creeping on them and watching behind some bushes so I decided to take my short of and start jerking to them then 1 of them was watching jerk of and I didn’t no so they called me out and... [more]

Brother inlaw

I was out drink with my sister and we got pretty drunk.
Her husband picked us up at bar and took us home.
I spent the night at there house and when we got there my sister went straight to bed and I crashed on the couch.
Bill came out and checked on me a little bit later and I remember him shaking me to see if i was okay.
He took my shoes off... [more]

Walked in

Imagine this guys 1 day I decided to w**k and I thought why not stand up and jerk of instead of lying down on the bed so I gotten naked and I decided to put some porn on and jerk off so am like 10 min into jerking of standing up eyes closed as I was about to come my 18 yr old sister walk and she just their mouth wide open eyes gone just watching... [more]

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