My secret life

Hi I have been reading posts on here and I decided to post my own story.
I am not a shared wife like some women but I do masturbate a lot.
It started years ago after our second child was borne.
Bill works long hours and has built his business into a nice income but during that time many times when I wanted attention he was to tired and I... [more]

GF’s insatiable need for sex!

I was 13 when my brother took me to a house with a swimming pool, a widow and 3 daughters and a son! This family of girls showed my what sexually charged meant.
What I didn’t know was the oldest girl and my brother were trying to set me up with the youngest girl.. she was a very shapely girl with a small belly that rolled over her bikini when... [more]

Paul exposed

I've become a sissy slut I can't fight it anymore the urges to expose my self as a sissy slut using my real name are crazy but I'm doing daily destroying my normal life friendships with lots of people because iam a weak minded perverted faggot it's taken over my life I spend at least 6hours a day jerking wilst posting disgusting pics and vids of... [more]

My Wife Flashing

Last summer during our family vacation, my wife and I broke away from everyone and grabbed a few beers at a local brewery. On our way back to the cabin I could tell she was kind of horny. Before long she was topless and giving me some good, old-fashioned road head. We were on backroads so we really weren’t showing anything off, but I know going... [more]


I m a male and pretend I'm a female on omegle. I love to fuck with men about pegging, wearing panties and cross-dressing. I was surprised what men would do and fantasize about. I got men on snap sticking dildos up their ass thinking I'm a women and so muck more. I pretend I'm gay, bisexual, top or bottom. I love the responses I get. Anyway, I feel... [more]

Gay pleasures

As much as is possible, given my job and my married home life, I try and make it round to Skips place every weekday afternoon.
He's twenty two years old, slim with lots of tattoo's and an ass that I simply cannot resist fucking.
We hardly ever have oral sex, as I'm too damn horny and hard by the time I enter his home. He's always naked and ready... [more]

Wife's suggestion

Wife and I were watching porn together before sex. We were watching some wife fucks husband's brother video. She asked if my brother had a girlfriend yet. I told her that he didn't and that I'm pretty sure he was still a virgin. At 35. She laughed and said, "Babe. You should let me fuck him." I said, "My brother? Seriously?" She said, "Yeah. Bust... [more]

Me and my ways

Since as far back as I can remember I have always had unique and varying tastes when it comes to sex, fetishes and kinks; most of which I enjoy without any sort embarrassment or questioning it but then there are some which I enjoy completely and yet cannot seem to accept it as a part of me. It is a peculiar thing, to enjoying something which... [more]

Looking for Maine zoophiles

Any other animal sex freaks on here that live in Maine? We might be neighbors and not even know it!

Risky Business

I'm a 45 year old married guy with three kids and very successful in finance. My executive assistant that worked for me for almost ten years retired a little over a year ago. A younger woman was transferred to me. I came to learn over the first month that she is a 26 year old single mom (Maria). She's pretty, Hispanic and has nice style. She is a... [more]

Tasting cum

My girlfriend likes to put my cum In my mouth after she blows me. Or she likes when I lick my cum out of her pussy. I read a lot about men loving to suck cock. I just don’t like how it tastes but I do it for her. I have no desire to suck cock but I read about so many straight men loving to suck cock. Now when it comes to ass I would love to fuck a... [more]


I been reading a lot of post about straight men sucking cock or fucking men. After reading this stuff I’m getting curious. Is it really that good


I'm a male and like to trim my pubic area. But I also shave my asshole. I like to be clean down there and always use baby wipes. Any other men do this.

What is she thinking?

I’m male and my best friend is female, we’ve been good friends for many years nothing sexual has happened between us, we’ve been close to kissing a few times but nothing else, we see each other naked talk about things only best friends talk about.
Just over a week ago she was really upset about being made redundant she spent most of that day at... [more]

Maybe obsessed

I have been masturbating everyday since the 6th grade when I was 11. I'm 32 now. There be days where I'm super bored. I'd jerk it 3 to 4 times in a day. I'm surprised nothing has negative happen to me. I got two kids and getting alone time with the wife becomes a challenge. So I would just end up jerking off. Some days I just would skip on sex and... [more]

Only 4 hours to go

I’m super horny today and my pussy is soaking wet I can’t wait to finish work, I’m so wet it’s uncomfortable to walk around the office only 4 hours till home time.

Only fucked her twice in two months

I started seeing this girl and when we finally got to have sex for the first time it was over very quick and I’m not talking about me cumming quickly!
One thing lead to another as they do and she encourages me down to lick her pussy, I’m licking and sucking away and she is having an orgasm, I’ve now got my cock in my hand already to go inside her... [more]

Walk the talk

Where are all the real men... I’m in my 30s and I’ve been single just under two years, my boyfriend cheated on me so out he went.
It took me 6 months before I started dating again and from the first to the last guy I had sex with its all been rubbish.
Just want a man that can give me a good fucking, I’m not asking much, put your dick in my pussy... [more]

Substitute "husband"

At 34, my baby daughter and I were abandoned by my husband. Today I recognize he was basically a pig, but back then I felt completely unprotected and vulnerable when he left (fortunately I'm close to finalizing the divorce process, and making him pay for walking away and then some).
I have an older half brother from my father's side, to whom I... [more]

Seconds :

Curious how many men on this site are into sloppy seconds ?

Female watcher liked it or mad at it?

I went to a motel one night with some party favors that increase your horniness 10 times.
After I was good and stoked I put on the porn movies and began to enjoy myself... then I got the idea to move the chair by the table enough to just slide the curtains open a sliver. The opening was so low from the outside that someone would have to try to... [more]

Secret Society

Starting a secret society, a brotherhood of husbands and friends, working together to turn each other’s wives into tools in order accomplish their most perverted sexual fantasies.
Men who wants to sexually break their wives and turn their model Victorian good wife into the most sinful sexual object with the intent of satisfying their husband’s... [more]

Family discovery

Clearing up my Nan's bungalow with my mum, after Nan's funeral, I discovered some self recorded discs and a diary of my Nan's.
The diary is specific to the disc's and relates in detail, when, where, who and what took place.
The discs which I've watched all of them, clearly show my Nan having sex with various men, all of whom are much younger... [more]

Bi guys are dreamy

My older cousin is flaming gay. He's married to a nice guy (Brad) who's really handsome, and doesn't act gay at all. I (female) stayed with them for a week when I was changing apartments. They let me stay over.
From the outset I was getting cues that Brad was flirting a bit with me. I thought he was gay, so it was a surprise. Well we were... [more]

Licking moms dildo

I am a teenage male, virgin, and horny as fuck. My bedroom is next to my moms, and some nights I can hear her using a vibrator on herself, and moaning quietly. Dad left us a couple of years ago, and mom hasn't dated anyone since, so I know she must masturbate a lot, I know I masturbate listening to my mom every chance I get.
My mom is 32... [more]

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