I want my sister in law so bad!

Here goes my confession. I'm in my mid 40's and have been with my wife for a while now and have been pretty faithful for the most part. I've never really done anything out of the ordinary, until just recently.
My wife's sister moved in with us to try to get herself on her feet because she's had a rough go at life and hasn't really found her... [more]

Sleeping sister

I pulled my little sisters panties aside while she was sleeping and fingered her pussy last weekend. Next time I want to fuck her.

Love to met with old

Hi just love to say my story of what happens to me I've been doing Cleaning for years going to homes and cleaning the lounge suite Mattresses Carpets etc to my surprise I've been to a very quiet sweet lady in the 50s I did my work while I was working I had a conversation with her being my client not knowing she was watching my pants after doing... [more]

Discovering Another Sexual Plane

Two men discovering another level of sexuality by sucking each other’s cocks and drinking their cum!


Sex with my neighbor I fucked my neighbor who is 10 years older than me and I think it's nice sex

My bosses pet

It was my last day before my vacation so I stayed at work late to get ahead so I have less to do when I return. So before I leave I got to the bathroom when come out I see my boss in her office and she signaled for me. I went into her office and she got up from her desk while asking me what I’m doing for my vacation. At this point she was... [more]

Dinner for two

We had a great date. Laughed and talked the entire time. Not only was she breath taking beautiful, she had a great personality and was hilarious. So I walk her back her car in the now empty parking garage and open the door for her. When she sat down in her seat, she sat facing me. She grabbed my pants pocket, pulling me close to her and unzipped... [more]

Walk and cum

First day back to work was like first day of school you were a kid. I laid out my outfit the day before, and was almost to excited to sleep in anticipation. I had not worn dress clothes or really any clothes period in almost six month. I put my bra on which sucks, I hate bras. But with the dress I wore my tits looked amazing. Lastly my black... [more]

Zoom and Cum

FIve months later and I’m still working from home. I’m super grateful to have a job. And I admit my missing of being back in the office is selfish. But since I’ve been home I’ve been able to explore and cultivate my sexual desires. Adding a little bit of risk in my daily pleasure has given me such a reward. Every morning at 10:00, I sit on out... [more]


Showing her pretty pussy my wife

My wife the flirt

My wife and I went over to a friends apartment for the evening. Now my wife is open minded and sexy to no end. I got her to leave the panties and bra home. as soon as we arrived Doug embraced my wife Shelia and pretty soon she was naked and Doug who is a professional photographicar was takeing pictures. Next, Doug was getting naked too. He ... [more]



Exploring a new phase in my life!

To experience having a cock in my mouth!

Oral male

Wanting a male to male encounter!

So hot...

My boyfriend has been picking a lot of absolutely stupid fights lately and we've had some huge arguments but Im actually starting to not mind because the make up sex is mind blowing. Im wondering if this is some weird addiction we've created with each other. Im thinking of picking a fight just for the sex. Not that it's ever been bad, but it just... [more]


Exploring a new chapter in my life!

I finally had some luck today

Five guys responded to my ad over the weekend but most flaked out after seeing the address for the meet up. One guy told me he really wanted a blow job because he had not had one in months, sent me a pic like I asked for in my ad. His stats were not bad at all so I responded back to him and he actually showed up this evening. His cock was awesome... [more]

I was betrayed and used

I was sexually abused 3 weeks ago by my boyfriend and his friends, it happen on a Monday on the 14th my boyfriend insisted that I should hang out with him at his house, while his friends are there. I told him ill be there and when I got there he rushed me to his room and showed me a very skimpy short dress and a pair of heels I told him what is... [more]

I like hearing what guys (preferably black) would do to my girl.

I am a secret cuckold and I’ve always fantasizes my girl being with other men but specially black men. I am looking for a man to write me a story or a passage of things he’d do to my girl. Make it long and descriptive. Make me the cuckold and make me watch even if it’s forcefully. Make her your slut and do everything to her and try to make me... [more]

12 yo whore daughter

My daughter is 12 years old and absolutely the nastiest whore I have ever met. I have caught her over 100 times sending nudes via all social media platforms. She has profiles on stranger fuck sights and uses them. She is feeding the Pedophiles Community of our whole town. We have even found her two towns away. She has thought she was pregnant... [more]

My cousin carter

So me and my cousin carter have always been best friends and we'd always sleep over at eachothers houses. I'm 15 and he's 13, I'm not gay but i get horny like everyone else my age.
Anyways, me being a horny teen i was very curious about dicks , I'd already had a girl so i wanted ro try a dick. Since i already felt comfortable with carter i began... [more]

Bbc for my GF

I’m a secret cuckold and I’ve been wanting to share nudes of my gf with a bbc. In return I would like a video of someone jacking off to her nudes where I can also see her nudes that’s being jacked off to. Can anyone help me out

My first Blowjob and Intercourse experience

I was almost 14, first year at this school, a boy 4 years older than me, took a special interest in me, why?
I had no idea at the time.
All I knew was, he was a kind boy that said he liked me a lot and wanted to show me what sex is all about.
As a boy myself, I had never been with a girl or any boy before, but curiosity was mounting and I felt... [more]

Cross dress confusion

I started wearing panties 9or10h .mybaby siter started dressing me up in panties show me how to jack off with her panties on and she watched she used to let me suck her titties and eat her p**** I look forward to coming home from school everyday so now I cross stress I sometimes get a motel by myself or with my girlfriend and leave the window open... [more]

I need it

I am an older woman. A BBW. 65 years old and have the desire for a younger guy on my road. He is in his late 30s should I even try for this?

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