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My husband’s fantasy

I wanted to confess this for ages and it’s not easy so please bear with me. After our two children were born my husband, John, and I decided that we didn’t want any more children, and my doctor performed a tubal ligation and “tied my tubes..”.
Once I had recovered, I started to feel a freedom about having sex without having to worry... [more]

Was I wrong...?

I'm a feminine gay high school senior now and attending a public school, my older sister by four years attended a private girls' school. My last class let out more than a hour before my sister's did and, I would sometimes walk home to my house with her boyfriend who was a senior in the same school as me, I being a freshman. My parents worked and... [more]

Sex with my dog

I know it’s no excuse, but I was groomed for sex as a young child. I was taught that sex was not a bad thing, but exciting and fun. And I still don’t feel I was ever hurt or abused.
When I was 10 I happened upon our dog princess being bred by 2 large dogs. I knew they were having sex, so it was exciting to watch! After getting a closer look I... [more]

Top of the Afternoon

Deidra was a friend of my wife and myself. We had met her in the D/s lifestyle. At one point she was working down the street, just a few blocks from where we lived. I was working at home in those days, and she and I would often meet for lunch. My wife worked almost thirty miles away. She had topped me a couple of times before, at a semi-public... [more]

Embarrassing doctor visit

When I was a boy I took a small wire and slid it in the end of my penis. It hurt like hell but I was so horny it felt good. It felt so good that I ejaculated without even masterbating. I tried it a few more times when I was kid and had the same results, but then never did it again. Fast forward 30 years and I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I... [more]

I miss my 1st husband

He was not the most productive man and did not have a lot of drive to succeed but he would pleasure me until I could hardly breathe. He would literally go down on me until I was pushing him off and he could stay hard forever, even after he came once. He would have an orgasm and just keep on going getting hard again in like two minutes. His penis... [more]

Lady down the road

I grew up out in the country with corn fields all around. There was a neighbor who lived about half a mile down the road, old Mr. Kessler lived there by himself for years. When I was 14 he passed away and the house sat empty for a couple years before someone bought it and fixed it up, moving in.
My parents used to leave me home alone all the... [more]

Taking it anally

Initially I just hated the thought of anal sex, I thought it was just so dirty would hurt like hell and indicated that my husband was probably bi or could end up being gay.
We often discussed it, he always loved patting my bum and as the opportunity arose slipping a finger or even two into my behind when we were doing doggie I always rejected and... [more]

Use Me

I really like being choked out and the idea of breathplay. I want someone who will make oxygen a privilege that can be taken away whenever he wills it. I want someone to use my mouth for their pleasure, never mine, and fck my mouth while they choke me out to the point that I pass out then continue to brutally face-fck my unconscious body until I... [more]

Virgin loophole question

Hi, my name is Melissa. I graduated from highschool in the spring and will be going to college in the fall. I have never had sex with any of my boyfriends. My virginity is something that I want to save for the one. In June I was out with some friends and I ran into one of my old boyfriends. We were talking and before long we were separated from... [more]

Mom gets lonely

My dad is in the Navy and spends a lot of time away from home. He has currently been deployed over seas for the past four months, and I know my mom gets very lonely. Mom is 34 years old, and very pretty lady, for her age. I know she has a lot of men hitting on her while dad's away, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't cheated with anyone yet. I am her... [more]

Still a virgin

I'm a 52 year old man who is still a virgin. I have always been really shy around people, especially women. I want to fuck a woman so bad that it literally hurts sometimes, and I have to masterbate to relieve the pain. I saw a psychologist a few years ago who diagnosed me with acute social anxiety disorder and gave me some medications to help, but... [more]

I let them all have me again and again

So, thank you all so much for your positive comments on my previous post, it means alot as have sex with 6 older guys is not something to boast about. my parents would hit the roof if they even knew i was hanging out with guys like that, and yeah, i had sex with all of them.
however i really enjoyed it and after seeing the guy who started it... [more]

How I discovered someting about myself

I was young 21 and had just been discharged from the Navy and I stopped at the nearest used car lot in San Diego and I bought a 1994 Chevy convertible and the top didn't work but the price was right so I took off like a big assed bird up Interstate 99 headed for Yuba City.
I had passed Bakersfield several miles back and I passed a car beside the... [more]

Unexpected incest

I am a college student and am living with my mother at the moment.My father works abroad-The Middle East-and is visiting us just once a year.
We live in a spacious duplex bunglow and have plenty of privacy,which proved to be simultaneously risky and a blessing.
One day,I returned home early from the college only to find my mom and a... [more]

Summer time creek

When I was younger I went to my aunt and uncle's house for the summer. My parents went on a business trip and couldn't take me with. My aunt and uncle couldn't have children of their own so they took in foster children. The summer I was their they only had one girl who was a little older than me, I was 14 and she had just turned 15. We hung out a... [more]

My Inner Self

Im 6'2" , with a bit of a gut and a lot of body hair. Inside, Im a smooth little twink who dreams of being kept chained naked in a real man's basement dungeon. When i was a teen I met a man online and went to his house. I stripped bare assed and knelt on his porch with my hands behind my head and waited until my knees hurt for him to arrive. After... [more]

My True Self

Im 6'2" , with a bit of a gut and a lot of body hair. Inside, Im a smooth little twink who dreams of being kept chained naked in a real man's basement dungeon. When i was a teen I met a man online and went to his house. I stripped bare assed and knelt on his porch with my hands behind my head and waited until my knees hurt for him to arrive. After... [more]

Return of the sex life

Do you remember when you married your wife and everything was perfect? Sex was good, if not great. Then kids came along and sex became a thing of the past. Oh sure you could sneak in for a quicky here and there, but real sex never happened. I'm talking about the full on smack your wife's ass raw fucking you did in your 20's. Years go by and you... [more]

Couldn't get it up

I got invited to have a threesome with my best friend and his wife Mia. It was her 33rd birthday, and they had never tried one before. Neither had I.
I've known my friend for two decades and Mia for a few years. Mia is a really pretty short-haired brunette with a lovely figure. I was attracted to her from the moment we met, but never told my... [more]

What just happened?

I was just fucking my wife and when I ejaculated it hurt and burned like a son of a gun. Now I'm oozing some type of smelly discharge. Not sure what just happened hoping it's not anything serious though. My wife's vagina has her usually kind of urine and fishy smell to it. She said she feels fine. I don't. It hurts like a mother to piss. Plus... [more]

I cheated on my wife dressed as a slutty whore

First a couple things about me at the time:
I used to travel a lot for business
I really love to crossdress before I met my wife, I would do it all the time. I had a very large wardrobe complete with high heels, lingerie, a wig, makeup... I even had fake breast forms.
After I met my wife, she found out about my obsession and did not like it. I... [more]

Sleeping with an old lover

My name is Jane and my husband and I have been married for over 25 years. He is a good man but he doesn't rock my world in bed. We have four children who are all now out of high school the last one finishing this year. Anyway our sex lives are pretty boring. My hubby is just about average in every way. I love him but I need more than he can give... [more]

Bitches? Fucking stupid ass bitches!

What the fuck is up with these dumb ass bitches these days? I went over to visit an old friend while I was home on spring break. She had just back from a trip to see some relatives. We were in her room kissing and making out hot and heavy. Then she starts taking off her clothes. Her tits were amazing. I was slobbering all over them and sucking on... [more]

I think I love my teacher?

I have fallen in love with my English teacher. He is so hot. I love everything about him. It's like the more I talk with him I feel like we are kindred spirits or something. We like the same books, movies, even music. Today I was just watching him walking around the classroom. He has the cutest bottom. It's so nice and round. He's only 25 and I'm... [more]

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