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My darkest fantasy

So this is my darkest fantasy, and I've told no one this at all and need a place to let it out. I'm a 30 year old gay male and have been into bestiality for many years and have performed in several porn videos as well. Something about animal cock and cunt (only types of females I'll enjoy lol) just gets me rock hard. However that's not the darkest... [more]

I've been fucking my step sister for years

I have a step sister named Natalie as of now she's 16 and I'm 18. My Dad has been with their Mom since she was 6 and I was 8 she lived with them, I didn't. I'd go over and visit a lot though and we became close, ever since I was about 10 I started feeling attracted and connected to her. Shes got dark hair, striking blue eyes, cute freckles, full... [more]

Affair with neighbour

I am a 30 yr old divorced white male with a secret confession.Was feeling lonely and naughty recently so I started to go to an adult sex store to masturbate in one of the Video booths.A couple months ago I was there and got a huge surprise when I saw my older white haired apartment neighbour going into a booth.Jack lives down the the hall and is a... [more]

Me and my step sister

I have a step sister named Natalie as of now she's 16 and I'm 18. My Dad has been with their Mom since she was 6 and I was 8 she lived with them, I didn't. I'd go over and visit a lot though and we became close, ever since I was about 10 I started feeling attracted and connected to her. Shes got dark hair, striking blue eyes, cute freckles, full... [more]

Got my kid’s babysitter to ballbust me now she loves it

So im a single dad and i have a girl who babysits that is 19 years old nad very very hot...about 5’5,125lbs, long black hair, big natural 34 DD boobs which look enormous on her tiny little frame....anyway I’ve always had a ballbusting fetish and have had it done to me in night while “Dani” was babysitting i came home early and she had a... [more]

The Boy with the thin cock

I must say that, I’m blessed with a very thin cock. He’s not short, he’s 17 cm long but looking to my friends when we shower after sports or when we do our circle jerks as all teenage boys do, mine is very slim. Almost only the half of the other boys. My grandma, with who I could talk about anything and who I told it, had looked at it and said, it... [more]

My Tutor did it to me

I'm 29 now and I nevertold anyone upto now, what I did with my math tutor or, better to say, what he did to me. I was 11-12 when I lost my good grades in school and my mom arranged the math tutoring by an old math teacher some of her friends knew. I went to him 2 times a week just after school. everything went fine until some weeks after we... [more]

Nastiest crackwhore ever

I think I fucked the nastiest crackwhore on the planet last night. I was walking home from the bar I frequent, just down the street from my apartment. I wasn't out to get laid, as I have a steady girlfriend, and also I have a nasty Herpes outbreak on the shaft of my cock, which I usually get every couple of months. It is very painful and is all... [more]

Secret slut.

Im 22M I guess I'm pansexual. I had only been with one guy and he was way older then me , but I was soo Cock hungry, we had a 69 nd he let me fuck him, haven't told anyone that I'm pan. I was getting that craving again and I went to a bar at a hotel. I met this guy, we talked for 3 hours, and he asked if I wanted to meet his husband. Idk if he... [more]

Ghost hunt

My wife Linda and I with her new lover Mark decided to spend the night in a supposedly haunted house shortly after we married. Linda was 6 weeks pregnant when we got married and in high school she had several lovers and I knew all about them and was willing to share her with other guys after we married.
Linda wouldn't agree to share me but I had... [more]

I service women

Hi My name is Jim and I have sex with other guys wives and also for some married women that want to be discrete .
Well first off I was born out in the country and from a very early age I had to work on our farm so I did not have many friends I have a younger brother and sister but I have pretty much been a loner most of my life I can count my... [more]

Hotel joy

Back 2015 my husband and I were in Germany during the skiing season. I'd hurt my left ankle two days before and we'd arranged to ski with a few of our friends prior to my accident.
My husband went along as I knew he'd only be gone a few hours. The thing is when I took a shower I slipped because I could support myself with my damaged... [more]

Sister is great

I was 16 when my sister, 19 caught me jerking off. I didn't notice her at first but had one hand on my cock and the other cupping my balls when I looked up and saw her in the doorway. "Oh fuck" I said and covered up. She laughed and walked over to me. "You know Dave, mom and dad are gone for the evening and my cunt is itching." She uncovered me... [more]

The landlord

In 2009 I was eighteen years old. I'd had huge problems with my mother at home, so wanting to continue with my college work, I took on a part time job and also moved out into a place that had three other students in one room flats.
The landlady was married to her second husband, and they weren't exactly on the best of sexual marital... [more]

Rough fuck

I have an 8” cock. If I thrust all the way into my wife’s pussy in the missionary position, I bottom out and hit her cervix. It feels good for me and hurts her. I love fucking her really shallow hitting her g-spot and then slamming into her without warning and hurting her.


Yesterday, something very unexpected happened. It all started with a guy named Jack. I've known him since I was 11 and for the longest time he's been a father figure to me. He is a close friend of my parents and because of that he's always been there for me. He attended my graduations, prom, and any other event of mine with the rest of my family. ... [more]

I took my sister virginity

This happened in the late eighties when my sister first got a boyfriend she told me they had only touched and kissed and she was to scared to have sex with him, over a few weeks we had spoken about what it’s like will it hurt etc I told her the first if never the best experience but it’s part of life.
She still was unsure about having sex with... [more]

My 48 year-old BBW wife goes black

We are Andrew and Tiffany both 48 years old married for twenty two years with one 20 year daughter who is in a accountent and my wife is a real estate agent also she is bbw standing 5'7 and 245 lbs with 42 Dcup boobs ,are life was normal just like anyone else would expect and are sex life was what you thought it would be good when ever... [more]

Subtly encouraging my wife...

I’ve started making it easy for my beautiful wife to cheat. Let me explain;
After 10+ years of marriage I caught my wife cheating. She cried and said it’d never happen again. I was stunned and hurt but not really surprised. In college she was the girl every guy lusted after.
She’d always liked “bad boys”. When I realized she was... [more]

What could have been...

I don't know quite how to say this but, I have been having this recurring thought over and over in my mind. When I was in college my roommate dated a football player. We were at a small southern university and the team was not very successful, but it pleased her family back home so she kept the relationship going. Unknown to everyone, except me of... [more]

The very first Blowjob

I have to get this off my Heart. My husband has been in hospital for some weeks already for having hurt his back. I tell this, for you to know, I've been without sex for quite some time. I think, otherwise it would not have happened like it did.
I walked into our sons room, he was 13 at that time, for bringing some clean clothes from ironing... [more]

Nymphomaniac girlfriend

I like having sex as much as the next guy. Only my girlfriend wants to have se all the time. She wants sex 2 or 3 times a day. I know what you're thinking, I should be happy and give it to her. The problem is that's the minimum. Yesterday she woke me up with a blowjob, then rode me. We got up and while we were making breakfast she came on to me... [more]

My Wife has No Filter.. A Cautionary Tale

My wife and I have been married for 2 years. We met, fell in love and got married all within a little over a year.
Things were great while we were dating and all the way up until a few weeks before we were married. Then on a night out with some of her friends to celebrate the pending nuptials I met her ex bf he is a black guy. Really it’s not... [more]


Mom died when I was 4 and brother was 8 leaving us to fend for ourselves. My brother started playing with my pussy the next year and when I started to school he would suck my pussy when we changed clothes after school. and showed me how to jack him off, by the time thanksgiving break came, he was fucking me. I loved getting fucked and wanted him... [more]

First time with sex not normal, with dog

Around 14, horny and interested in sex. Crazy thoughts like a girl being tied up and fucked was arousing to me. Dog sex was especially arousing to me, because of them being stuck together somehow. Started wearing my sister's clothes and tying myself up and imagining I was the girl, then would go masturbate. I added my dog one day to the scene and... [more]

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