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Perpetually engaged

I met my girl a few years back on a dating site. She's ten years older, which I love: I was always into older women. We're engaged to be married and she's pregnant with my baby.
We met on that website while actively looking for partners with each other's characteristics. She wanted a tall, buff man, younger so he had a strong sex drive (I was 25... [more]

First time swinging didn’t go well for me

My wife and I were curious to go to an adults only club, a swingers club. We discussed swapping partners beforehand. My wife has only been with me and I with her. She is 21 and I am 22, dated since high school and just got married in June. Anyway, we talked about swinging, we said the other person could go as far as we wanted and that the other... [more]

Three girls me and a dog(continued)

She held my Dick tight for a minute and said do you want me to do it. I said oh please fuckin me and she said no not until I play with it. She let go of my Dick and one of the girls played with my left nut for a minute and the other girl played with my right nut for a minute. The three of them leaned over me and said no we're not playing with it... [more]

How I lost my virginity

To describe my first time in a few words, “It was very painful, very bloody.” I was 16 and living in Ft. Meyers, FL. My boyfriend “Kenny” was 18. We had been dating for a while and losing my virginity to him was basically driven by momentum. At the time, it felt like it was just the next step in our relationship.
As a teen, I had matured... [more]

My first experience with the opposite sex

She and I were sitting in the downstairs living room, it was really late on a new years eve night, morning really. I think most of the guests had left by now because her mom told us to get ready for bed, she told us that a few others were spending the night so I would be sleeping on the floor in my cousins room. My cousin is a truly beautiful... [more]

My love

I'm 19 years old and just graduated high school this past spring. For the longest time I have known I had feelings toward my mother. She is the most sexy and sensual woman on the earth. She had me when she was 18 and is now 37. I love her long red hair and beautiful green eyes. Her skin is pal and beautiful. When she touches my body I can feel how... [more]

I was molested as 12yro and I enjoyed it

When I was 12 years old the neighborhood cool guy saw me me walking to the park and he asked me if I wanted a ride and I said sure. He told to get the n the car and we took off toward the park. Before we got a mile down the road he turned off and drove back behind an old abanded warehouse and I asked him why we stopped and he said his crotch was... [more]

My Friend Jessica

It was late one afternoon and I was sitting in my room with Jessica my friend. She asked me if I ever thought about being in a movie. I said I never thought about it then I asked her why would I be thinking about being in a movie. She said she had some ideas. I asked what the ideas were and she whispered to me that she wanted to make a sex tape... [more]

Time with friends

I went to visit some female friends one day when I got there I knocked on the door and one of them let me in. I said hey to everyone and we sat down and we started talkin about some different stuff when Julie sittin in the middle across from me Whispered to Kristen "you don't have on panties do you" Kristen whispered to Julie "no I don't" and... [more]

Wifes friend

My wife has two close friends and one of them lives just down the street from us, she is very close with me wife and I having had a threesome with us. My wife and her also pleasure each other without me some times which is great. My wife took a trip down to her mothers to help her out after surgery and was planning on being gone for a few weeks... [more]

I want my younger cousin badly

Shes in her early 20s, cute, tiny, blonde, with deep blue eyes. Christian, loves animals, sweet and kind. She's basically an angel. I've had secret desires for her for years now. Most girls who look like that are shallow and stuck up. Not her. I love her personality and her body. We've been close friends on and off, as life and situations change... [more]

I have a HUGE problem

I started cheating on my husband a few years ago, I know this is not a new topic and probably pretty common on this site. The problem is that my son in law caught me doing this and the next thing I know he shows up one morning after my husband went to work and told me that he has always thought I was really hot and would I have sex with him. I... [more]

My wild fetishes and fantasies

I am curious about how and why I have some kinky desires from time to time. Some are no doubt borne of early life experiences.
There are definite humiliation aspects to some fantasies. I have always been attracted to women, hot girls, and have had sexual relationships with many girlfriends, and one wife. But I have also had bisexual or... [more]


It was late one afternoon and i went for a walk down the street i looked around and i didn't see anyone around and a nice looking woman caught my eye she was planting flowers beside her house and i watched her for a minute and i thought what if i walked over to where she is and pulled my dick out and started playing with it would she even notice... [more]

Hung Horse

I would love to be mounted by a stud horse. I think his clock would hurt so so good.

Stomach sitting

I love it when a guy (who has weight on him like 200-250 lb) sits on my stomach... Forcefull.. Like the thought of not needing able to get up or having trouble breathing is like such a torn on for me is rediculous... Like you can sit on me any time anywhere around anyone it doesn't matter... I love it! You don't let me up until your ready wrether... [more]

She wants him again

I am 43 and work for a surveying company. The guy that used to work with me eventually left to retire. The company replaced him with a young kid right out HS. His name is James a tall blonde good looking kid. He told me he moved away and left everything behind to follow his girlfriend who was going to attend college in the same city. After about 3... [more]

Feel dumped by a lesbian

I fucked a lesbian friend of mine, and now I'm in love/heartbroken. She's Lisa, a 37 year-old lesbian who has been in a same-sex relationship with her wife for 16 years, legally married to her for 10. I'm a 27 year-old single male and we work at the same place, but in different departments.
I've been friends with Lisa for about a year. She's... [more]

My husband's friend

It wasn't long after we got married we were invited to a pool party by My husband's friend Mike. It was at his parents house and they had a really nice place in the country with an in ground pool. My husband and I were sitting at a table by the pool when his friend Mike dove into the pool from the diving board. He played around with his young... [more]

Busted in the 90s.

I was in college. She a Sr. In HS.
She sneaks away for the weekend to stay with me We fucked like a dozen times. I called her on Monday. Back when there were long distance charges. We spoke explicitly about what we had done. She talked about how sore her pussy was. My dick hurt too.
Turns out her preacher dad recorded it on their answering... [more]

I'm a Slut Nurse

I was dating my boyfriend for over 2 years when I went out dancing with some nurse friends of mine.
We were having a good time when someone suggested to see who could get a guy to go out to his car and have oral sex.
I normally would never do something like this, but the drinking and drugs we were doing made me willing to try it....
Well out... [more]

Started gay. Ended straight

My cousin and I messed around a lot when we were younger. He popped my anal cherry when we were 15. He went really slow is the only reason I could do it. I tried to stop several times but he was persistent. I can only remember it hurting like helll. God it burned. For hours.
Then it kind of became regular. He just treated me like his fucktoy... [more]

My step sister

When my mom remarried my step dad had two daughters, one was a year younger than me and the other was in her first year of college so she was never around as she lived in the dorms. Everything was pretty normal for about three months or so then one evening my mom popped into my room and told me that they were going out to dinner and something else... [more]

My vibrator broke...but I needed my fix.

I've always been a little too horny, I guess. I lost my virginity when I was 14, and there was no going back. Since then, there has been numerous men, women, I've had cocks and fingers and vibrators and dildos and strap ons inside me. But something happened a few days back which I want to share with you all.
I was home alone. It was around 7... [more]

Payback Racist boyfriend

Went to a party with a friend one night to let loosen up after a break up a few weeks prior from a long time bf. My bf and i were together for a few years till he started becoming judgemental about me and and black people. Picking fights with them. Dont like them talking to me. So i was done with it and we split. Was having a great time at this... [more]

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