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Abuse Fetish

Whenever my girlfriend and I are alone I abuse the fuck out of her, its our weird fetish. She's basically submissive to me I grab her whenever I want. When we get in arguements it always ends in sex. My goal isn't to hurt her but she'd like it when I'd slap her every so often. My favorite is when she's on the phone with her friend and ill bend her... [more]

Incest galore

Being a mother of two teenagers ( Jack and Jill ) and a widow i found myself having to deal with my sons masturbation went on for several nights and sometimes during the day.. he would hide himself and do his thing ..till one weekend when Jill went to a sleepover and i worked up the courage to deal with him,, sure enough that Friday... [more]

I’m his bitch.

I am a woman in my early twenties, and I am the fuck toy to a man in his late forties. I do whatever he tells me to, whenever he tells me to. I actually have a higher sex drive than him, but when we fuck, I am one hundred percent his bitch. He clicks his fingers and I’m on my knees with his cock in my mouth. When I’m on my period he fucks me in... [more]

I am a Mom that was caught.

Okay, I know a lot of you may think I am either a sex writer trying to get you off, or a complete nut (the latter being the truth as you will see). Whatever you may think, I just need to vent.
Let me start with some context: I am a single mother, and had my son Jason at a very young at 14. I lived with my ex boyfriend Todd for years until... [more]

I'm upset and hurt

Think maybe he drank a little too much, said a bunch of stuff and it kinda got to me, thought I could handle hearing anything from him wow that was hard to take..

Reared Ended

I had learned the pleasures of sucking cock during rush week. Fraternity Bros and Fraternity blows. But I never been fucked. Some guys and I were shooting basketball in the gym. Then we had to clear out as the cheerleaders needed to practice in the gym cause it was raining. A few of us hung out by the door and watch as the girls warmed up by... [more]

Wish Mom had Spanked me

I was fascinated by spanking from the youngest age I can remember. It was long before I understood what sex or a fetish was.
I never got spanked growing up. I didn’t know that to be the case at the time. My mom would threaten to in rare occasions, so I believed it was a real possibility. I was very afraid of it as a real punishment. Yet... [more]

Biggest surprise

Having a few drinks with my girlfriends and someone asked what the biggest surprise you’ve ever had.
Lots of answers but when it came to me I couldn’t think of one, I could but I couldn’t say it out loud.
The biggest surprise I’ve had was two years ago I visited my sister for four days, a few of us have drinks sitting on the grass and I got... [more]


I would like to say that up and until last November I had only been with one man ( my husband ) . We were highschool sweethearts. Well anyway his career bloomed and we moved to a big house with property , on the property was a mother-in-law house that needed to be remodeled. Last October it was completed and one day he brought home a younger guy... [more]

Killed my wife

Holy fuck. I literally fucked my wife to death last night. Not sure what to do now. We were fucking doggy style and she told me to fuck her hard in the ass, so I pulled out of her pussy and rammed it up her ass. She screamed and said it hurt like hell, but I kept stoking the shaft to her full bore, till I saw the blood oozing out around my cock. I... [more]

Screen porch sleepover

When I was about 12 my male cousin and I planned a sleepover at my grandparent's house one summer evening he was staying there with his mom as she was caring for my grandparent's. Well I was a young boy of 12 my male cousin was 18 and he was moving his hand around his front fly of his tighity whities and seemed to have a huge mound in front. ... [more]

Wife Lea

I posted a story about my wife earlier this year about how we got started in wife sharing and her first experience and since that time we have talked about it many times until she was sure in her own mind that I was good with it before she agreed to go forward with it.
I have always wanted to watch her take a big cock but she is very hesitant... [more]

Gay male into petite skinny girls

I'm gay I've always fantasized about fucking and impregnating young heels, stockings, skirts...her leg on my shoulder, my cock is so thick I don't wanna hurt her. I want her to refer me her daddy.

It started with a hand job

It Started With A Handjob
I’m a 41 year old attractive female. I’ve been taking car of my sisters 5 year old why’ll she’s on vacation. On some nights I have to work late so she set up a babysitter for 3 nights a week. One day the babysitter called and said she couldn’t make it because she felt sick. I scrambled to find someone to babysit that I... [more]

Voices in the dark.

Voices In The Dark
My wife and I have very sexual active marriage. One week day a friend was passing through town on his way West. He arrived around 1pm and the three of us spent the rest of the day hanging out on the lake on our boat then dinner that night. It was around 11pm when we all called it a night. Well I woke up around 3am to notice... [more]

I want to fuck my sister again! Really bad

I was 17 and she was 15 and we couldn't stop messing with each other. She would chase me around the house and hug up on me and I know she would feel me 7 1/2 inch hard cock and my mom would watch us and she would tell my sister that I was going to hurt her! so I would run up to my room and she would follow me so I knew she wanted it. So it went... [more]

How I got started with my dad

It started when I was about 10 1/2. I started experimenting with my bff. I'd talk to my dad about sex things like kissing and touching. He'd tell me to explore my sexuality and experiment with my friends. He even told me it was ok to masturbate, and I could do it whenever I wanted. Her and I started comparing what felt good. We played with each... [more]

My wife gives my friend a helping hand while camping

My wife Abby and I invited our friend David and his girlfriend of about 6 months to go camping with us. David had been a friend of ours for years. We were just getting to know his girlfriend. We were hoping this long weekend camping trip would be the great opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, Holly broke up with David only a week before the... [more]


Well meet a beautiful black man on line so we went out on a couple of dates but our next was a stay at home date so we had dinner dance a little bit but ended out side on his deck and it was game on I started playing with him and kissing than I pulled his pants and boxers off and OMG there was a huge set of balls and this very large very thick... [more]

Caught by my grandma

I was 13 and my best friend was 14 when my grandma caught us both together blowing each other's dicks. We had done it many times before and it didn't mean that we didn't like girls. But they weren't into that sort of thing at the time. It was a shock when grandma came in the door. It was the first time we got caught. Before that it only happened... [more]

He came in me

I would do anything for him including jumping off a bridge if he asked me... Jack is my best friends brother when Lisa was at dancing classes Jack was playing Mario brother i asked him to teach how to play it but i couldn't get the timing right ,so i sat on his lap and tried to break the bricks and before i knew it my body was also jumping on... [more]

Wife left me for a week

Hi all I came home from work one day to a note from my wife saying I’ve left you !
We were married only a year and I took her away to live with me in the army .
After I called Her she said she’d met someone else and had gone For good !
I was distraught at first And alone in our flat for the first time ever .
After a couple of days mopeing... [more]


I gave my boy friend a blow job with two of my girl friends hiding in the closet. I remember I got his dick stiff as board and sucked him off. He never found out he was being watched the whole time. They sneaked out while he cleaned himself in the bathroom. They most have fingered themselves off that night. What you don't know doesn't hurt.

Caught me with my fetish

I was home alone and super horny. I stripped and spread my legs nelson position in front of the main door of my flat. The door was textured glass so people will get an idea what was happening but not see fully. So, I kept the door open enough to peek in. I wanted to be caught but scared of it too.
Then slapped my pussy so bad it was red. I was so... [more]

Chance meeting

As a teenager I was always struggling with my sexual orientation. I loved girls and tonguing their beautiful pussy's, but I also enjoyed sucking cock too.
Most of the guys I've sucked off will tell you, it's the best blow job they've ever had.
One of the men I met by pure chance in a park, was the first guy to fuck me. I just knew as I was... [more]

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