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Wrongful Desires

I know it's wrong, I feel guilty about it, and wish I could get the idea out of my mind, but I can't. For months, I have increasingly had feelings for my son, but not those a mother should have. I keep thinking about boys wanting to have sex with their mother. I wondered if my son, Jimmy, had thought of sex with me. However, I do remember he often... [more]

Girlfriend made me taste myself

My girlfriend says I always eat your cum .. your turn . I was like ,what?
She said I want you to taste it too . She had me sit in a chair and jerkoff .
She pinched my nipples and said ,so how do you like it ? You always pinch mine.
I kept jerking,didnt say anything , then she starts talking shit,come on pussy boy ,cant cum , jerk that cock ,i... [more]

Fucking my stephdaughter

It started when we went to the lake she wore a 2 piece bathing suit looking hot her black ass was thick made my cock get hard as a rock so we got in the water i watched her nipples harden in the water till i couldnt take it i eased up behind her before she knew it i pulled the strap on her bottom an she lost it she told me to get one out the car i... [more]

Devotional sex

This is a true story of how my wife and I stumbled across a very exciting part of our current sex life. It may seem incredible, but it is all true and she will be reading this before I post it online. It explains how the first cum tasting experience happened and our discovery of something called "Devotional Sex". Later in my other recounting of... [more]

I was in love with my college roommate.

I was 21 he was 18. We were instant friends. He was good looking and there was something very sexual about him. When we met he had already been with 5 girls, not counting the other girls, at least as many, that he had yet to cross the line with. They were ready and eager. He got to pick, like a beautiful girl.
A month or so in (We were roommate... [more]

Sex Hurts

My wife is 35 and soooo gorgeous. Every day I wake up beside her and look at her and wonder what she's doing with an ordinary guy like me. We haven't had normal sex for two years now. When she was pregnant with our last kid, we fooled around a lot more than the first time she was pregnant. I'd titty fuck her and she'd give me hand jobs and blow... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 5

Linda suddenly looked down and her face flushed. "Oh my," she gasped. "My top is getting soaked," she said.
"Too late now," Andy said, with a broad smile, still staring at his mother's large breasts under her wet top. Her nipples were threatening to poke through her shirt. "Mom, take your top off. Please. I can see everything anyway." When... [more]

Horny on meth

I must confess to something I did on meth! I have tried meth a few times, the first time I snorted it and it got me beyond euphoric, second time I smoked it and WOW! I wanted to wear lingerie and shove something up my ass , just the other day my really girly gay cousin came over and asked me if I had ever tried meth? I asked him what kinda... [more]

Stole panties from my sister in law

My sister in law in 38years old and is so fucking hot, and her hot little body drives me crazy. She gave my wife a key to her house so that when she goes out of town my wife can check on her place and feed her fish. Last week i had a day off work and was horny as fuck and i remembered the key to her house was hanging on a hook in one of our... [more]

Jehovah's Witness lesbian

My wife belongs to a Jehovah's Witness church group. She has a ebony friend named Sophie. Sophie comes over weekly to do studies with my wife. My wife and I been married for some time and I let her do whatever interest her. Sophie is a heavyset ebony with large breasts like my wife. Sophie and I get along when she's over doing studies with my... [more]

More than a brother and sister...

My sister, Joni, and I have always been close. She is only 3 years younger than I am. We are just an average brother and sister, not great looking, but not bad at all. We look a lot like each other. We both have straight jet black hair. She is 5'4" and about 120 lbs. She doesn't have huge tits, but they are nice and round, and she has big hips and... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 3

Andy awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and coffee. He opened his eyes and saw his mother putting plates and silverware on the small table.
"Good morning, sleepyhead," Linda said with a smile.
"Good morning," Andy said, rubbing his eyes. He was still groggy from getting only a few hours of sleep. "The storm is over I see," he said, looking... [more]

Sexually Harassed by Family Member

19 year old male
Every couple months my dad will come up behind me, put his crotch on my ass, hands on my hips, and kiss me on the back of the neck. He's done it right in front of my mom. It started when I was 15 around 6 months after a mentally ill family member (who I don't speak to anymore) falsey accused my dad of hurting my sister and I... [more]

I'm a sissy faggot

I've been crossdressing for a few years but never been with a guy before. One day I was feeling really horny and after edging for awhile I downloaded grindr. Not long after I was talking with an older man. We exchanged pics his cock wasn't too big but quite thick. He told me he loves my smooth pussy. We made plans to meet and he asked if I mind if... [more]

My sweet young granddaughter

I've got four of the Corgi prettiest granddaughters you could ever imagine one of them 13 I have one but it's 14 I have one minute 15 I have one minute acting I'm writing a 15 year old granddaughter she is gorgeous flat 14th infecting you again daughter is always standing that witches you know I'm always going to the bathroom after they pull up... [more]

My Mom Taught Me How To Fuck

I was 14 the first time I fucked my mother. She was 32 and there is no doubt that she was beautiful, she looked at least 5 years younger, had been a cheer leader in high school. At community trials she and had won several regional beauty contests. My father had died in an auto accident when I was 6 and she had not remarried. She had a well paying... [more]

The first blowjob I gave

I had always considered myself straight, in a way I still do. I don't find the male body attractive, usually all focus is on the cock and balls. I also found that it was only older cocks that I felt drawn to. Growing up in San Diego, I didn't travel out of my neighborhood much until later on in my years.
At 24 I started to visit adult stores... [more]

Caught while crossdressing

My best friend caught me while I was crossdressed and not only did he liked the way I looked he kissed and getting a hard on which I started to rub thru his pants he then gently pushed me to my knees dropped his pants and I gave him my first blowjob after he came in my mouth I begged him to fuck me it hurt at first but soon it just felt wonderful... [more]

Two straight boys have sex

When me and my friend who were 8 and 7 we started showing each other our dicks. this progressed to me sucking him and him sucking me. my favourite thing to do was to give him rim jobs. we tried anal but my dick hurt him to much and his was to small to penetrate. we jerked each other often he made me cum lots. we stopped when he was about 12 and i... [more]

I want my nuts stomped on

I want to lay down on the floor and have a woman stomp on my nuts. Yes I know its going to hurt.

Penis sleeve anxiety

My wife and I are the only people we've had sex with. I have always known I had a small penis and always wondered if she would enjoy more. Then I saw penis sleeves on the internet. I started to use a penis sleeve on my 4.5 incher over half the time we have sex. My wife seems to really like it. In fact she has said she loved it. Her sweet spot is... [more]

I have a fetish for women with stomach pains.

Seriously, I just do. I get aroused/flustered/feel embarrassed whenever someone mentions their stomach hurts, or let alone even hold it in pain, with one hand or two. A cute girl clutching her stomach, gasping and moaning in pain, making an adorable look of pain and discomfort. All that turns me on. It's gotten to the point where I sometimes look... [more]

I have a fetish for women with stomach pains.

Seriously, I just do. I get aroused/flustered/feel embarrassed whenever someone mentions their stomach hurts, or let alone even hold it in pain, with one hand or two. A cute girl clutching her stomach, gasping and moaning in pain, making an adorable look of pain and discomfort. All that turns me on. It's gotten to the point where I sometimes look... [more]

Daddy spankings

My stepdad has been the disciplinarian in the house since they married when I was 15. One afternoon my mom and I had been arguing over cleaning my room. My mom told him that she couldn't control me, and that I mocked her whenever she'd spank me. I remember him saying in a stern voice, "then you're not doing it right Janice." They talked in... [more]

My sexual disires

I’m from a small border town, my parents were poor and divorced when I was young my mom raised me and my brother at my grandparents house, I was close to my dad, but my mom didn’t care she was done with him, this is where it all started, I guess I was in search of male in my life, so in high school I found a way to sneak around with guys to have... [more]

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