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Hell hath no fury

Under the influence of alcohol, I once tried to persuade a married woman in the same neighborhood, to tie me up.....stupid, stupid! Turns out she and my wife were acquainted, and the neighbor was happy to tell her! I wondered what happened, one Friday evening when I came home from work, and was met with the sexpot my wife could easily be when... [more]

Wife's bday present

The other night I was in the living room watching a show. Wife was in bed relaxing. She texted me with, "I know what I want for my bday." I said, "Your bday isnt for 2 months." She said, "Still. I know what I want." I said, "Ok. What is it?" She said, "I want a good pounding." I said, "You don't get that already?" She said, "I mean, it's ok. Not... [more]

Naive about K9 anatomy

When I was 16 I dog sat for my sister while she went out of town, I have been a city girl all my life and about the only thing I knew about dogs was they raised there leg to pee. the dog was a bull mastiff and was very friendly. so I didn't mind. The first night my sister was gone I was being nosy and on her home computer. I found some pics on... [more]

Husband knows I fuck my boss

I got caught. I've been fucking my boss for the last year, mostly after work. Sometimes when we finish screwing I don't even bother putting my panties back on, I'll just put them in my purse and drive home. Well I forgot to take them out and my husband needed to use my credit card, went into my purse, saw the panties, and asked why the hell I came... [more]

B/F Dom

My wife and I had been into bdsm for three years. We had been to clubs, and to a couple of private parties. Having played with another couple, and with a single g/f, my wife figured that gave her a free pass to fool around. She had met a dom, online, and started an affair with him. She, mostly, topped me, and wanted to experience being a bottom to... [more]

Words matter . . .

I just started dating this guy, we decided to be bf/gf, and we got naked and decided to have sex for the first time the other day. It was exciting, and I was way hot for him. Kissing him was such a turn on that I was majorly wet and his dick slipped right in and felt perfect. We were having a great first-time fuck when out of the blue he says "I... [more]

She liked it too much

I'm 33, lesbian, and have been married to my partner Kristine for two years. We've talked about having a family, possibly adopting, but we've decided to try pregnancy. She's not into getting pregnant, but I'm actually looking forward to it, so I will carry the baby. I love the idea of starting a family with her.
We looked into using a... [more]

One of the best BJ's of my life

I was in a car accident when I was twenty and away at college about two weeks later I was transferred to a hospital closer to home and my parents told me with my rehabilitation the plan was to drop me out of college for the rest of the year and focus on getting me back to 100%.
I was home and still not able to walk on my own due to pins in my... [more]

BBC takes my wife

My wife of twenty years of marriage had sex with her young black co worker recently,my name is John and my wife's name is Kathy,we are both 49 years old of age, Kathy my wife is a nurse at a rehab center in northern New Jersey . last week Kathy came home and was visible upset about something normally she is home around 5 pm but she has been coming... [more]

Sex with a man at age 9 and liked it.

When I was 9 years old, a neighbor man named Mike (Mike was about 55 years old I think) asked me if I wanted to go swimming in his pool. It was a hot summer day so I told him I had to ask my mom. Mike was a friend of my parents. My mom said yes. I changed into a pair of OP shorts. When I walked into Mike’s back yard he was standing there in a pair... [more]

Hiking trail fun

I will not bore you with a long drawn out story full of all the anticipation and anxiousness I had afterwards for a few hours. I walk a certain hiking trail about three times a week during the morning usually and sometimes on the weekend and bring my husband along. I told him about a fantasy I had about being grabbed on the trail and dragged off... [more]

Take it easy guys. . .

My bf and I are 19 and for his birthday he wanted me to have sex with him and a couple of his male friends. I asked if he could handle it emotionally and all of that, and he said yes, so I agreed to do it, as long as I could pick the other two guys.
When we got down to business, it was actually pretty nice--I let my bf go first, and he was... [more]

Lovely feet

A few years there was a certain bank branch I always used to go to. The branch manager was young, beautiful, sweet , and very friendly, She always used to wear nylons with low quarter inch heels. I have always kept my foot fetish and my desire to be hurt a secret. I used to sit in her office and wish I could lay down on the floor and have her... [more]

Former slut wife turned cold

I've been married 19 years, but my wife has no interest in sex anymore. She says that it hurts, she has no desire, etc. She's in her mid 50s and I'm in my mid 40s.
The thing is that she used to be hotter than fuck. She was married once before in her 20s, and used to frequent sex parties during which she would suck and fuck miles of dick... [more]

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