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Stepdaughter . . . Oh My

I raised my stepdaughter from the age of 4. When she was 17 her mom was away for work and she just out of the blue asked me "dad what's a blow job." I was kind of shocked that she didn't know what it was. I asked her why and she said a boy at school asked her to give him one and not knowing what it was she said no. When I told her what it was she... [more]

I feel a little guilty but I also feel....

….a little jealous of my mom's new boyfriend. I'd never heard my mom make any fucking noises until him. It started one night when I awakened to what sounded like my mom moaning in pain. I then realized my mom wasn't in pain, she was getting fucked. My dick got so hard it hurt, so I jerked it off. I came so hard at the same time my mom was having a... [more]

Rupert's bike

It's just past the anniversary of Rupert pulling out in front of my van.
I hit him making him fly off his bicycle towards the ditch by a farmers field, not too far from his family home.
The front wheel on his bike was crushed, but the young man, other than a few bumps and bruises was ok.
After taking him back to the house I'd just been doing... [more]

Fun time

I had a few mates round one afternoon and one used the bathroom just before they left,she came out to the garden and told me my nephew is watching us and wanking, after they left i went up to speak to him that he was seen,I asked who he was wanking over each mates name i mentioned he said no and that just left me,I was interested to hear more he... [more]


I was at team trivia with a bunch of bdsm devotees, myself included. I was alone, no wife or g/f, but seated across from a cute lady, whom I had incorrectly assumed was a bottom. Boy, was I wrong ! We chatted pleasantly, and got around to likes and dislikes, and identification in the lifestyle. I knew she was a "puppy girl" and liked being... [more]

Crossdresser fantasy

Well I am a crossdresser and I have a few fantasies one is to get raped and beaten well me and a few of my man friends set this up a little thing down town and we all agreed with what was going to go down so I got dress up in a blue dress that was down about to my knees in length pantyhose thongs bra heels went and parked my car on the street it... [more]

Older sister

I have three sisters, one older and two younger. It was challenging growing up in a house being the only boy. My older sister, who is two years older than I, we always seemed to quarrel about everything. As we got older, around when she was about 16, I was noticing her figure was really filling out. Me being a horny 14 year old looking at... [more]

Work fun

Moaning I suppose about my wife lack of cock sucking attention at work to a colleague, has lead to a whole new world of sex for me.
We were overheard when I explained I love having my dick sucked, but my wife no longer entertains me that way, or any other way for that matter.
A couple of days later a young guy who'd not worked at our place for... [more]

Sick and tired!

I'm fed up with my wife making fun of my dick. She knows how sensitive I am but she makes fun of me anyway. She has even told a few of her closest friends that I have a little cock. She calls me pee wee and I hate it. I was coming out of the shower and she quickly snapped a picture and a bit of video of me drying off then she ran giggling off... [more]

How I became Bisexual!

My wife and I are both white and in our 50s. We recently hire a financial adviser to help with our retirement plan. Kevin is 25 very polite, well spoken, very good looking young black man. Over a period of six months we had met with him a few times and I noticed he would really flirt with my wife, and she would eat it up. Getting the attention of... [more]

Do all girls go through this?

Mom got divorced from my dad when i was 12
She moved i. Shortly after with Mike.
Mike was okay I thought but then i got weird feeling when we were alone.
He was always watching me.
My seniors year i was a party girl. Never really had any bf but had a lot of guy friends
I was not a slut but I had a few guy friends I hooked up with from time... [more]

Sexual drift

My husband worked away quite a bit after our daughter began to go to pre school nursery. I got incredibly bored and unbelievably horny during that time. I'd masturbate a lot, but was careful not to open the blinds as our home faced an industrial estate.
The one afternoon with it raining I figured there'd be no one looking in, so I striped off... [more]

Grandpa part 2

This continued from my post last week
About my grandpa has alzheimer’s
It’s like this thinking about it and after writing it down and sharing i find that i like telling people about it anonymously.
the next day we were all home and Grandpa called me Beth again.
Grandma laughed and said to me he thinks you are me because your hair us up in... [more]

Nothing turns me on more

Than to watch the wife getting fucked by a well endowed stranger. I love seeing her being pleased by another man. I get so excited that I stroke my fat little dock while watching her sucking on a sexy huge cock. That or watching her ride another man's fuck stick till he fills her pussy full of his warm tasty seed. My wife I'm lucky in that she has... [more]

Bad foot 2

So I gave my wife a bit of time ,then appeared sorry baby I took so long but foot really hurting me ,that's fine she said, what you been up to I asked ,nothing was watching a couple fuck early ,ok I said anyone else watching ,no she said just me
Let's get some sun,so we lay down strip off and start to fondle each other not long in to it and a... [more]

I think she suspects something

My wife and I have been married for 12 years. I’m 45 and she is 31. I’m handsome, pretty fit and moderately successful. My wife is intelligent, quite pretty, very fit and somewhat reserved.
I travel a lot and work a lot. I am sometimes mentally absent from our marriage. It’s nothing personal against her it’s just I am very busy with work and... [more]


As far back as I can remember spankings always aroused me. I loved it when my mother would pull my pants and underwear down and spank me. My little cock would get so darn hard. Feeling my bare naked bottom laying across her lap. Feel her bare naked hand or sometimes she used one of my father's thin leather belts. Oh God! It feels so good to feel... [more]

Holiday work

We travel over there once a month so I can work on his beautiful villa.
It's a free small holiday for my wife and I. And her uncle, Tom, gets me to build, plumb, electrics, plaster etc.
My wife also enjoys having a drink. In fact she drinks a lot and more often than not is drunk by tea time after drinking by the pool I help built, all... [more]


My grandpa had alzheimers
My mom and grandma went out one day and left me to watch him.
I was 18 a senior in High School.
Grandpa did know people but would come out every once in awhile.
He was walking around I living and said grandpa why don’t you set down.
He said i dont want to Beth.
Beth is my grandma name so I figured i wouldn’t argue... [more]

My wife

I am a owner operator out of the S F Bay area and I have a dispatcher that finds jobs for me along with several other truckers .
I have to buy my insurance and fuel so that is why I get around $3 bucks a mile depending on what I am carrying and if my wheels are not turning I am not making money but I was a single man at the time and living... [more]

Did not tell

I am a grown man.
This happened to me 40 years ago and i never forgot .
Maybe i needed to get off my chest.
When i was a kid i was riding my bike down this alley and a guy grabbed me and my bike and took me in garage.
I was 8 years old. He told me if i wanted to be let go to not try and get away and do what he said. He pulled my pants... [more]

Finally, I did my Mom

Mom had seen me fucking her sister one day and after my aunt left mom and me had dinner, after which she got out a bottle of vodka and orange juice. She seemed to have something on her mind but when I asked her she said we'll talk later. About three hours later Mom had a shower then came to me, drunk, and wearing a bath robe, which made my cock... [more]

Me and my ways

Since as far back as I can remember I have always had unique and varying tastes when it comes to sex, fetishes and kinks; most of which I enjoy without any sort embarrassment or questioning it but then there are some which I enjoy completely and yet cannot seem to accept it as a part of me. It is a peculiar thing, to enjoying something which... [more]

Why not hire someone?

This is general question to the folks that provide this site for naughty poster.
If it takes 3 days to post some of the posts, why not hire someone?
I mean if you’re interested in the success of this site. Think about it, people get in a naughty mood and come here to read and post their thoughts and have fun. However they don’t stay in a... [more]

Once in a life time experience

I joined the military and was gone from where I grew up for about three years. I contacted one of my friends and after telling him I was coming into town for a week his mom told him that I was staying with them. My parents had sold their house and moved way south to Florida, I was the last one to leave the nest and they were ready to retire. I... [more]

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