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Mom into incest after accident.

At the end of last summer, mom was in a major car crash which kill dad. She walked away without a scratch.
After that we became even closer than before. But she started always touching me. We sit on the couch and she would lay with her head in my lap. She also spent most of her time in her robe and didn't even attempt to cover up when her body... [more]

15 boys in 1 day!!

A slight introduction;
So this day was my schools 10th anniversary day and it was the biggest event we had ever held. We have a huge cricket ground that was filled with different stands for games and a huge bouncy castle with a slide and so many other fun things! I was 17 back then (I’m 19m). I had just found out i was bisexual and was a massive... [more]

Crossdresser fantasy

Well I am a crossdresser and I have a few fantasies one is to get raped and beaten well me and a few of my man friends set this up a little thing down town and we all agreed with what was going to go down so I got dress up in a blue dress that was down about to my knees in length pantyhose thongs bra heels went and parked my car on the street it... [more]

Thanking new friend

Well my husband suffers from past has depression well other week was in bad way and as i work away could not be there and we have neighbor younger lady 33 ish just so happend needed bulb changing and knocked on our door well hubby stopped what he was setting up and went door and then went changed bulb had coffee chat he was in better mood when... [more]

Being A Slut A Family Trait

I relocated down south for a better paying job. I didn't know anyone yet. I decided to hang out regularly at this dance hall. Then one Saturday night at the dance hall I was drinking a bit too much a woman sat at my table and we conversed. Shortly later she grabbed my hand and pull me to the dance floor. It was a slow dancing song. She started to... [more]

Her Hubby Might Have Found Out

I met a married couple on a Saturday at a company party. They are 15 years older than myself. Wife is cute and sexy and we were attracted to each other. I gave her my phone number. Her hubby is a nice fellow and has a higher-up position in another department.
I work nights. He of course works days, M-F.
I hoped I’d hear from her and she... [more]

My Home Depot experience

I'm a contractor and I was sitting in my truck in the parking lot at Home Depot after making a purchase. So I'm sitting in the truck watching YouTube video on my phone when a car pulls up to me, a guy maybe 45-50 years old honks his horn as he is rolling down his window. Roll my window down and he just straight out ask me if I was interested in... [more]

Got caught but Mom said it was OK

When I was 15 years old I would strip naked at home after school and masturbate in my room. After a while I got more daring and would roam the house naked and play with my self in every room until Mom got home then I would run upstairs and hide in my room and clean up and get dressed for dinner.
One day while totally naked and masturbating in... [more]

Family links

This could fit into a few categories.
Knelt up on our leather couch naked, with my friend Jay behind me fucking my asshole, my father and his youngest brother walk in.
They're supposed to be out fishing, but apparently the torrential rain stopped their two day trip.
My mom was out shopping with my sister, so I took the opportunity to have... [more]

My ultimate humiliation.

This is an unfortunately TRUE story. I’ve taken some pains to tell it as I saw it.
Two decades ago when I was just out of high school I used to hang out with a neighbor, named RJ. He was a couple years older and I used to like hanging out with him because he would do things I wasn’t near brave enough to do. He kicked a lot of ass, boosted... [more]

Panties lover

She was my aunt’s daughter- Lisa, my cousin, I’d known her since childhood. She was almost four years older than me but 16 looked quite mature with her big boobs and butts, and she had a tendency to follow me around whenever I visted my aunt. I was visiting from college during the winter break and had impulsively grabbed a couple of pairs of... [more]

My model wife

My name (really) is Adam, and my wife is Olivia, who often goes by "O". (We don't live in the same city we used to, so I'm not worried about being recognized.) We've been married for over 12 years. We fuck 4 or 5 times a week on average, and if I don't initiate it she does.
She worked as a model for almost 15 years. By that time she was 34... [more]

Asian Girl/Woman Ass Fetish

Ever since I was a little boy in school I've had an incurable fascination with the unique beauty of East Asian and Southeast Asian girls. This has never changed for me.
As I grew older this childish infatuation changed into genuine physical attraction and I've primarily dated Asian girls/women ever since. I have a preference for slim n subtly... [more]

Amazing weekend and it is not over yet

It is Sunday morning and since Friday after work I have received seven blow jobs. Three on Friday and four yesterday with two more coming so far today. It amazes me how many guys post on DL that they want to suck a guy who can host, one of the them is a regular. He will email me just about every Friday and ask me if I want a blow job and I have... [more]

Sissy Used Condom Fetish

My long term girlfriend knew that I had a passion for lingerie and would (when the mood took her) let me wear her panties during sex but she never knew the full story about my crossdressing.
As well as dressing up in my girlfriend’s sexy undies at every opportunity, I had a large stash of my own hidden away in the garage where it wouldn’t be... [more]

Best Asset

Being raised sex negative in another age had a profound effect on me. When I was a mere lad of eight, I was trying to get the five year old girl next door to show me her's and I would show her mine. Her mother overheard me, marched me home and made me repeat my request to my own mother and I was whipped in front of she and the grinning little... [more]

Wife Lucy

Well it started out cheating but after I found out about her infidelity and she boldly told me that I was not filling my obligation as a husband and if I didn't like it I could file for a divorce.

I am a truck driver long line and when Lucy and I first met we were strongly attracted to each other and she would sometimes take short trips... [more]

It Finally Happened!

I can't believe it but I have caught my wife in the act of having sex in our bed. I went to work and I realized I forgot some papers I needed for a report I was giving that morning. So I hopped in the car and went back home. I pulled in the garage and then went inside the house. I went right to my office and I got what I needed. I was heading back... [more]

Best Friends

I have a friend I met while I was in high school. We parted ways and recently we ran into each other. I'm talking five years. We always liked the same things and enjoyed each others company. We both would talk about women and stuff. I was recently at his apartment. He put on this soft porn type movie he had. I was getting very excited by it... [more]

Looking for real Boston Nudist Families

I am a 35yo white guy that always wished i grew up in a nudist family. I was hoping to talk to or maybe even meet up with any local nudist families to enjoy the lifestyle with them message me on here if your real and from the area. Also id rather chat on kik or email so put that in comment and ill message you there

I love to please

When my husband and I first met we did some wild and kinky things. He loved me telling him about my old boyfriends and what I did with them. He told me that it turned him on thinking about me with them. He wanted to know how he compared to them. I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I lied a bit telling him that I thought he was about the same... [more]

Nude modeling slut?

I'm dating this new girl from work. She is really nice and we're both in our late 20's. We both work as accountants. We've been together for about a month and have gotten to know each other pretty well. Without a doubt I have strong feelings of love for her. I hope to get married one day soon, and she has been a contender.
We were talking... [more]

Mutual public spanking

My girlfriend and I were walking on the beach and as usual we stopped and I pulled down her shorts and panties and started spanking her. It was late at night and noone else was around. After a while she pulled down my shorts and was spanking me. We were totally into it. Smacking each other's asses and grinding cock and pussy. Suddenly we... [more]

Cohort trip

I cheated on my girlfriend this weekend. I'm male, 24, and in grad school. I'm in a cohort with about 20 students and we basically take all the same classes together. We went on a trip out of town to present papers at a conference and my girlfriend couldn't go with me as she had to work.
To save money, we roomed together at the hotel, with... [more]

Husbands away

My husband is away right now. He's working in a different city, so I entertain myself with an older neighbor's huge cock. He's forty nine, I'm twenty six and he's the best lover I've ever had sex with, certainly the biggest cock I've ever had fuck me anyway. I just love riding his enormous shaft and he never fails to make me climax multiple times... [more]

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