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I want a transwoman

I am a straight single man who lives a normal life I have a good job a car on my own my own place and even a family. But I really want to experience being with transgender woman. I want to be able to be not only sensual but passionate and rough with her. I want to be able to do her doggy style while I reach around feel her cock. One day I hope.

Gloryhole help

I'm male and live in a decent sized town. There are a handful of sex shops with gloryholes, and I've checked two of them out. I was hoping to get my dick sucked or fuck a hotwife type, but every time I've been there it's all been guys. No women. The last time I did let a guy blow me, and it was nice, but I'm really into women. I like pussy... [more]

Think I fucked up his marriage

I [24f] have been working as a bookkeeper for a small catering business. We only have 12 employees. I don't work at the kitchen, but a couple blocks down at a small, one-room office space that we rent.
My boss, who is 47, is way fun, more like a friend than a boss. He would come to the office a couple times a day to talk about business and... [more]

Camping weekend

We were stopping in a caravan. Stuart my husband along with two of his friends aged about 18 years old and us in our late 20s. The guys were going to be canoe surfing during the day but it was early spring and the site deserted except for us. We Were playing cards the first night which led to strip poker with Stuart cheating as usual. Only two of... [more]

Sexy weekend

We were stopping in a caravan. Stuart my husband along with two of his friends aged about 18 years old and us in our late 20s. The guys were going to be canoe surfing during the day but it was early spring and the site deserted except for us. We Were playing cards the first night which led to strip poker with Stuart cheating as usual. Only two of... [more]

Pick an Alter, Any Alter

I'm a retired businessman, divorced, and I live in south Florida. Almost twenty years ago I met a couple who had moved into my condo complex, and they were from the Midwest. He was a hairdresser who was a favorite of rich old ladies, and she was an artist, specifically, a doll-maker. She made dolls from a variety of materials, and was given a... [more]

My yoga treat

I went on a business trip a few years ago and told my wife I was going to miss her morning yoga sessions. She wakes up every morning and does it right there in the bedroom while I am getting ready for work, most of the time she is either wearing nothing or really nice tight yoga clothes. I was going to be gone for three weeks so this was going to... [more]

I found incest porn in my mom's laptop history

I'm going to a local community college now but will transfer to a nearby university next fall. I'm still living at home, and working part-time at a fast food restaurant, which sucks. Anyway last Sunday my mother was gone all day. I just turned on her laptop to see what she has been looking at when I found the incest porn. It was all mother and son... [more]

Phone sxx

I’m a 28 y/o married man who has always fantasized about bottoming formuch older men. I’ve really been wanted to have phone sex with an older man telling me what they’d do to me or my wife, OR be degraded by a women in some way. Hoping to see like minded people here.

Being seen naked

I'm a guy and have had the desire from early teens to get naked and be watched. The very idea sexually excited me and I once heard about a large tree in the forest near me that had it's branches and limbs grow very high and then bend down touching the ground, allowing a large area to walk around in and not be seen by passers by-unless they too... [more]


Several years ago when our daughter had some of her gymnastics teammates over for a swim in our pool, I went upstairs to her room and was aroused at the sight of all those panties, bras, etc strewn about the floor. I picked up a couple pair of panties, not knowing who's they were and put the crotch in my mouth. Obviously, I got hard while doing... [more]

Lazer hair removal down there, Daddy's paying

I hate my pubic hair, when it was long enough to pluck out I did (12 ish) then I started shaving it and then waxing. When I turned 16 I found a beautician who would give me the full Hollywood wax. I'm 17 now and want Lazer hair removal. I want to be totally hairless down there forever with no ongoing cost or razor burn.
I live with my dad, and... [more]

Wife with younger

We were headed back to our hotel Mardi Gras and we’re stopped by a group of young guys wanting to see my older wife’s tits. Everyone was drunk and at first she hesitated. Then she showed them. They wanted to see more of her tits and even asked to touch them. My wife had her eyes on one particular guy so my wife moved closer to him and stuck his... [more]

My husband has a really long and thick penis

I was a virgin when I got married and a little naïve in the sex department, I have since become a bit of a sassy sex lover, I explore all sorts of things coming up with ways to please both of us. I had given him a few hand jobs back then just to keep him from bursting, I thought he was pretty large so one day I sort of measured him up with my... [more]


A while back my other half brought up the subject of Dogging she said she was intrigued and would like to see what goes on , Anyway nothing else was said about it some months later we went to a party some distance away , On the way back I remembered there was a known Dogging site so I thought we could take a look so I told her and she seemed... [more]

Pleasured my sister in law

My sister in law came over for a party we had and she got really drunk but stayed a long time. She was not going to drive home by any means and she only lives about twenty minutes away so my wife gave me the job of delivering her home.
She talked to me pretty much the whole way over then when we got into the house she started telling me how lucky... [more]

I have always wanted this to happen again

When I was in college several years ago I lived in the dorm the first two years then three of us decided to get an apartment for the next two years. We were all close and it was going to be much cheaper than the dorm so our parents were all for it.
I started college a virgin but by the end of my first year I had made love with three men and one... [more]

I came out to my wife

So a few years ago, I started having sexual cravings for other men. I have been married for 10 years. Nothing at all wrong with my wife. We have a great relationship.
So, I started by masturbation. I'd masturbate to gay porn. That did it for me for a while but then again when doesnt masturbating do it?
So after a month I happened to come... [more]

My wife and Andrew

I have a confession. I was able to convince my wife to make out with Andrew a young military guy we met at a bar.
We all had beers together and I saw his cock at the urinal. This was Friday and then as mdh again Saturday which I told my wife how I think he was the one and she easily agreed. We fucked hoping we could get it to happen and long... [more]

Used Condoms

I’m in my early 20s (f) living with a friend from college. She has recently started dating a guy that I have known for awhile but have only been acquaintances. He’s very good looking, tall, and out of my league. My roommate is a gorgeous blonde so they’re the perfect couple. Anyways, a couple months ago I started getting turned on by listening... [more]

Compromised Mother-in-Law

For the longest time, I’ve had a thing for my mother-in-law. My wife is basically a younger, flatter-chested version of her mom. Much flatter... but I still enjoy her.
Anyway, this past week, we all had dinner at my wife’s grandparents’ house, and my MIL shows up in a long flannel shirt (I guess it’s a short dress??). I immediately thought about... [more]


Not attracted to men. I want to suck just one cock to know what its like . I tried when I was a kid to get my own into my mouth, I'm pretty sure every guy has .
The best situation would be if my wife was there encouraging me , taunting me , smirking at me , maybe expressing an insult like " what a good little cocksucker" or " i knew you would"... [more]

My biggest secrets.

I am sexually attracted to my cousin who is a few years younger than me. I went so far to secretly record her naked. The guilt is so unbearable that I did such a disgusting, immoral thing. I regret it all. Its wrong. Shes my cousin, so that's very wrong. I hate myself for doing such a thing. I deleted all of the pictures, all the recordings. The... [more]

Does my insurance cover this?

I was assigned to a new doctor by my employers insurance program. Long story and not nearly as interesting as what happened when I went in for my initial physical with the new doc.
When she walked in I was a little surprised. It’s not very often you see a fat doctor. She had a huge ass, big soft gut and massive soft tits. She wasn’t really... [more]


A friend of mine's husband is a gynecologist. I've known him for a couple of years, and purely on a friend level, he's very attractive: handsome, funny, and a joy to be around. I don't tell my friend that when I come over that I have as much fun seeing him as seeing her.
Anyway, I was due for a routine gynecological exam, didn't have a doctor... [more]

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