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Popeyes, Blockheads, and Mouth Cunts

On an out-of-town trip, I found a cinema in a strip mall in south Miami, in a bad neighborhood. The ticket girl was this shot-out blonde, gorgeous body and dead eyes. "It's a ' Hellraiser ' film festival, " she monotoned, as though I couldn't read the marquee. I shrugged, and mumbled "Okay". She looked at me blankly. " Lots of sex offenders in... [more]

So easy to Crossdress

I have been a cross dresser for about 10 years, I am a straight male 29 and dress plus total makeup at home with the full support of my wife, I shop for my own femme gear without embarrassment and purchase a lot from the net, there are an amazing array of excellent shops for specific cross dresser/sissy wear, I have never been disappointed by the... [more]

My panties

I stretch out my panties or cut the elastic band so that they can fall off. I wear a mini skirt and when I'm around older men I let them fall. They always look but haven't done anything to me yet. I want them to but I'm scared to say that. Maybe when I'm older they will try to get me I hope.

Old guys again

I've met the two old guys again (Jack and Mike). Before meeting them choosing the right clothes was just like getting ready for a date before I got married, this time though was in front of Keith my husband Knowing what was possibly going to happen. I don't know who was more nervous meaning Keith letting me go or me actually dating two older men... [more]

Neighbor is watching

I’ve caught out neighbor watching us through the windows more times than I can count. Caught isn’t even the right word, he doesn’t hide. My husband never sees him. I’ll be sucking his dick and look up and there’s the neighbor in the window, stroking his cock. I don’t stop, though. I like being watched. One night I was blowing my husband on... [more]

1st Xxx theatre visit

First time I went to an adult book store I had no idea what to expect. I purchased some tokens when I noticed a tall young male walk in. I thought nothing of it and proceeded to find a booth to watch movies. While i finished checking out the videos avail in the booth the young guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked me what this place was all... [more]

Daughter got tits

Well how and where do I start from about 14 I wanted my daughter she developed huge tits 36dd at her young age and boy did I enjoy looking down her top or watching her school blouse struggle to contain them. Bigger than her mom by a distance and a firm favourite with her daddy.
I found ways to get close she would hug me tight pushing her tits... [more]

Sleeping cousin

Whenever my cousin was visiting or staying over at my parents house, I wud invite her upstairs to play and I'd take pics up her school dress when she wasnt looking and wank over them, when she got older she wud lean forward and I'd see down her top and her puffy lil nips as she was just growing tits and wank over her once I was alone, then one... [more]

Dreaming about my step son

My Dream: My step son, husband and I went to go see Deadpool 2 and the theatre was packed, once we found seats and got situated later on during the movie my husband whispers in my ear to switch spots with him so that I am in the middle of him and my step son, I thought to myself what his my husband up too cause he normally doesn’t ask switch... [more]

Sex with a man virgin

My name is Lisa and this is a true story
I waited a long time before I started dating after I separated from my ex husband. It was 14 years to be exact. I started dating this guy from The islands He was tall muscular, not bad looking but lacked experience. We went out quite a few times. He was really sweet so I tried to deal with his bad... [more]

She has her moments

She has her moments though at the window not least sat in her bra playing with them whilst illuminated only by her phone for the local fishermen on the beach below the apartment -hoping to repeat that again later this year with a full frontal knicker display for them by the light from her phone.

Forces Wank

We recently moved house I met new friends at school who I started to pal out with, one Saturday we went in the park we wandered of the main area where we were alone there were five of us, some of the lads started messing around pushing shoving wrestling just acting daft as lads do, then they grabbed me pushing me around rolling over on the grass... [more]

Back together

After being married for six years. My husband and I started fighting about the stupidest stuff. Wednesday night he told me that he was going to his parents house for the weekend,to collect his thoughts and feelings. I was hoping he would have been just going period. I found myself all alone and bored by Friday night. I decided to go for a drive... [more]

My cruel MIL

About seven months ago my wife caught me wearing her panties and bra with makeup on, so embarrassing but she brought me some sexy pantie and bra sets so I thought everything was going to be fine, she told her mother and asked her over to view me in lingerie and makeup, I was so humiliated.
Her mother decided it would be better if she made me up... [more]

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