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My hot Mother-in-law

I will never forget the day I met the woman who would become my mother-in-law. She was wearing a green sleeveless button-up blouse that accented her nice rack and set my heart racing as I got lost in her deep cleavage. She was wearing some " Daisy Duke" styled cutoff blue jean shorts, and I became so f**king hard looking at her. Her voice was... [more]

First time swinging didn’t go well for me

My wife and I were curious to go to an adults only club, a swingers club. We discussed swapping partners beforehand. My wife has only been with me and I with her. She is 21 and I am 22, dated since high school and just got married in June. Anyway, we talked about swinging, we said the other person could go as far as we wanted and that the other... [more]

Mother In Law's Panties

My mother in law is quite a bit older than me (60+) but she is still quite attractive and sexy in a kinky kind of way.
I have a huge fetish for her panties and can't get enough of them! I love to look through her hamper always hoping to find her worn Vanity Fair nylon panties mixed in with her bras and pantyhose!
When I find a pair of her... [more]

My lust for my best friends son

Right now I am staying at my best friends house while she is on a work trip and I am watching her son. Let me explain a few things about myself before getting into it .
This may sound crazy but I am new to this. I am 54, single and have never owned a computer until last month. I know it sounds crazy but my entire life i refuse to purchase... [more]

My Friend Jessica (part two)

I sat sipping on my coffee for nearly half an hour looking at her and I said "I don't think you can", she said "yes I can, you can believe me" and I smiled and said "after what we did in the bedroom". we sat quietly for an hour and I finished my coffee, it was cold, she smiled and asked me "when are you going to get over her" and I said "more... [more]

Watching my neighbor

I am retired, widowed and live in a fairly nice neighborhood, been here for about 35 years now. The house behind me recently, like within the last year, had a young couple move in and they seem nice but other then a few hellos and waves we do not talk. I was sitting in my living room which faces their house and as I got up to go into the kitchen I... [more]

How I met my wife

I work at a really large automobile company so seeing new people happens daily, there are like four thousand people that work at the assembly plant. I had to go down to the ergonomics department one day and there sitting at a desk was an absolutely gorgeous woman, she had started about three weeks before I met her. I mean she was so gorgeous that... [more]

My first time

As a young boy I found masturbation and I started doing it regularly. As I got a little older, I began to fantasize about different sexual situations when I masturbated but never gay fantasies. That all changed one day when I was walking down the alley to my friends house and I found a book lying on the ground and being an avid reader I picked it... [more]

First time Cherry Popped at Sleepover

I have never told this to anyone I really know, I was in the middle of twelve years old around twenty years ago when I had my first sexual experience. It was during a sleepover at a friends who had a older brother. Cindy and I had gotten into our Barbie nighties with the matching nylon bikini panties. Cindy had an older brother Todd who was 16. ... [more]

The bus

I sat on the bus one day as it came to a stop at the bus stop to pick up a passenger.A tall brunette woman got on the bus and sat down next to me.She sat there for a minute and said "how are you".I said "I'm okay",she looked at me and smiled and after another minute she said "you don't take this bus often do you".I said "no,I don't"then out of the... [more]

Older sister

Im Jaye. I got this older sister Angelina. She is about 7 years older than me and recently I have been thinking about fucking her. I dont know why but she has been looking very attractive. One time I used her phone and she told me NOT to look at her pictures. So i said ok. Later as i was checking stuff out i went to her photos and i found nudes of... [more]

Wifes friend

My wife has two close friends and one of them lives just down the street from us, she is very close with me wife and I having had a threesome with us. My wife and her also pleasure each other without me some times which is great. My wife took a trip down to her mothers to help her out after surgery and was planning on being gone for a few weeks... [more]

My step moms feet

Okay, so I’m 16, and I’ve had a step mom for about 6 years. For the first couple years I knew her I never even thought about her feet or anything along those lines. Then, one night I heard my parents having sex, and I heard her moan. For some reason this sparked my interest in her and I started sneaking into her room and smelling her socks and... [more]

Needing a spanking

My name is Amanda. 38 years old on November 20 I was hoping to find someone male or female on here who would be willing to give me a really good old fashioned barebottom over the knee spanking

Paying My Husband's Debt

My hubby Donnie borrowed one hundred dollars from a coworker. One morning when Donnie had off he came to our apartment to get his money. Donnie didn't have the money and had been promising for over a month to pay him back. Reggie was this huge six foot four, balding , older black man from his job. Not someone you wanted to cross or make mad... [more]

Sister in law

My sister in law is a hot girl with a nice tight ass and perky breasts. I would always try to get a peek down blouse or dress to see if I can see the beautiful pointy pink nipples peeking out. I also take a peek at the back of her jeans to see her thong or g string. The one time I did look down the back of her jeans I was hoping to see what kind... [more]

No Good Turn

My husband is like a real softy and he would give you the shirt off his back. A few months back he went to Loews and brought back this dirty, stinky, nasty looking homeless guy. He said he needs a helping hand and something to eat. He was holding a sign reading, "will work for food." So my hubby brought him home. I didn't want him in our house but... [more]

Helping the homeless or no good deed?

This isn't just for you men us women can have fun also I hope you are aware. My hubby is a do-gooder and he just can't help himself. He went to Lowes a few months back and when he returned he had more than just dirt, grass seed, and fertilizer. He comes home with this dirty grungy stranger he picked up out from holding a sign saying, " will work... [more]

Angry and betrayed

My husband and I have been married for twenty years and we have two lovely children. I have often felt like my husband was hiding things from me. Little things like not being where he said he was. Strange phone numbers and texts appearing at all hours on his phone. I just knew he was having an affair and I confronted him. He would always explain... [more]

Horny wife needs and desires sex

My husband and I have been married a long time. About ten years ago he was in a car accident that left him in a wheelchair and unable to have sex. He can't keep an erection or ejaculate. I am at my wits end. He told me about a year ago to find someone and get what I need. I have passed the point of holding out for any hope he will do anything with... [more]

I like showing off for my neighbors

I've never really thought of myself as an exhibitionist but lately I've really started to enjoy showing off for my neighbors. On one side is a group of 20-something guys and the other is a couple. When my bf comes over sometimes I'll leave the curtain and windows over my bed so they could see me riding him if they looked. I'll talk dirty and... [more]

Confessed to my husband

We moved recently to another state and the subdivision has a great welcoming committee, I had never received such a thing from any other move over the years. We had decided that with this move and his new promotion I was going to be a stay at home so the timing of this reception was great and I made some new friends quickly.
One of those women... [more]

Mardi Gras visit

I’m a 45 year old body builder along with my 36 year old girlfriend. We had only been dating for around 3 mos when we both decided to visit New Orleans. We loved everything about Mardi Gras all the good looking people along with all the flashing. After trying the many drinks there and seeing so many hot females flash their boobs my girl Kendra was... [more]

Wanted her licked

I know all of you are going to call BS on this story but this is just how it went one weekend night.
I used to always read the ads on CL personals hoping to find a real woman on there but all I ever could get was a guy now and then coming over and giving me a blow job. I was not to picky because it was still better than having a girlfriend... [more]

Married but, love to wear panties 24/7

I am a married male and I love to wear panties 24/7. I do not own or wear men's underwear at all. My wife knows i am a submissive panty wearing sissy and she is ok with me wearing them and other things. I have dressed fully in the past before I met her and even gone out to a gay club to watch a drag show which i loved so much and knew and felt... [more]

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