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My wife the flirt

My wife and I went over to a friends apartment for the evening. Now my wife is open minded and sexy to no end. I got her to leave the panties and bra home. as soon as we arrived Doug embraced my wife Shelia and pretty soon she was naked and Doug who is a professional photographicar was takeing pictures. Next, Doug was getting naked too. He ... [more]

Found something amazing

So I’m a 43 year old male. Well my 19 year old son has been friends with a girl since grade school. I’ve watched this woman grow from the age of 3, and I know her family very well. Yesterday she came up on my Instagram as a friend I may like to add. Now I haven’t seen this girl for over a year and a half, as she moved away after high school so I... [more]

Caught my guy roommate with my panties

I’ve lived with my male roommate for three years and known him for seven years. I’m that time there has never been an oops or anything, especially since we’ve lived together. However, before COVID something did happen. He worked from home pre COVID, and I usually work until around five. But this one day I needed to run home and grab a document... [more]

Father in Law (2)

So, after seeing my Father in Laws penis in the pub toilet, and him saying he was gonna give his wife one (my mother in law) when they got home i couldn't wait to go round to see them again.
My chance came the following Thursday, my wife was working 2 late shifts on the Thursday and Friday so I was in on my own. My Father in Law goes out with... [more]

Wanna fuck my SIL Sue

I've been married to my wife/ hot lover for over 30 years and she's still my best friend . But then there's Sue , my wife's sister , another hottie . We all met in our teens and I know she wants me as bad as l want her . She's a combination of SIL , sexy and naughty . For decades we have allowed each other to kiss , talk dirty , touch and expose... [more]

My wife's affair turns me on

I found out that my wife has been having a sexual affair with the neighborhood boy down the street from us, and it makes me super hot and horny! He is a high school boy in his teens, and always seemed to hang out at our house a lot. Now I know why! She has been milking this boys cock every day for months! It makes me rock hard to think of her... [more]


Noo stop ..I'm married i said as i leaned over the side of my car raised my dress and placed his cock in my pussy and slammed backwards into it taking his rigid cock all in.. it felt like it bottomed out inside my pussy i rubbed my pussy and fucked him till i had an orgasm he grabbed my hips and slammed hard and deep into me causing me to... [more]

Dear ex boyfriend

Dear ex boyfriend, I hope you enjoyed yourself sleeping with another woman.
I’m now dating again and really enjoying life, especially when having sex, didn’t realise how small you cock was until I met Brad and believe me he is big, he can also maintain an erection, he lasts 10 times long then you and he thinks of me before himself.
So thank you... [more]

Boss caught me blowing another guy

Everyone at work knows me and this other guy smoke weed. Nobody thinks anything of it when we go behind the factory every break. There's a small storage building that's out of the weather and fairly safe to get away with smoking pot there at work. We do smoke but the main reason we go hide in that building is so that I can suck his cock! I met him... [more]

First time sucking

I was around 11 and He was my neighbor friend who was two years older than me. It was a very hot day and we were in the attic on my parents house and he blurted out “Hey, do you wanna be gay for a day?” I didn’t know what to say. I would always sort of seek his his approval as A friend and just heard myself saying yes. I hand not even jerked off... [more]

Mom's friend

TLDR: my mom had friends over a lot. I got close with one and fucked her during a party.
I was 17 when my parents took me to Mexico to visit family. We live in a village 6 hours away from the city. So everybody kind of knew each other. My dad would be all day in the farm so he's out of this story. My mom though always had friends and my aunts... [more]

Daddy's cock my body

My Daddy's cock in my mouth, ass or pushy is so incredible a feeling I want him in me 24/7. We didn't start until five years ago when I was 19. WTF why did I wait! I should have started when I first wanted him at 14.
I was with 17 guys before Daddy, they were nothing compared to him. He treats me like gold, and always wants me and makes me cum... [more]

Beatriz is a wild curvy Latina

I hooked up with sexy curvy latina .. My first time having some Spanish P***y ,she was amazing riding and suck ...I'm 37 guy ,she was in her 28 ....hope she contact me again ,I want more of her sweetness

Crossdressing in Storage Unit Gets Crazy

I started crossdressing after I bought a house at auction. There were boxes of the previous owners stuff. I went through the boxes and discovered a bunch of nightgowns, bras, and panties. Something stirred in me. I locked all the doors to the house in case someone dropped by. I then undressed and tried on all the lingerie. i was little too big... [more]

I am a Mom that was caught.

Okay, I know a lot of you may think I am either a sex writer trying to get you off, or a complete nut (the latter being the truth as you will see). Whatever you may think, I just need to vent.
Let me start with some context: I am a single mother, and had my son Jason at a very young at 14. I lived with my ex boyfriend Todd for years until... [more]

My secret sexual relationship with my aunt

Hi fellas,
I am a 24 years old male, and I have a secret wild and passionate relation with my aunt since 2016, around 4 years more or less.
She is 50 but it seems she is 35; she has a great body as she regularly goes to gym, and she is so fucking horny all the time;
Anyway let's go back to the origin of this story:
She divorced her... [more]

Addicted to be licked

I'm 24 now but I'll start with the wkd I was 16 when it all started I had my kitty licked by my best friends dad and a few of his friends while their wives or daughters were just out on the back patio, I half nakedly stumbled upon their poker game in the rec room I didn't even realize they were there when I went in and laid on the couch with only... [more]

I want to fuck my neighbor

What does everyone think would be a good line to say to my 60yr old female neighbor so I can finally be smothered by her hairy pussy when she squats down on my face. We are both married and I've seen her half naked before years ago. I think she wants to fuck just like I do. When I get her in a missionary position with her legs all the way back and... [more]

My sexy step daughter’s dirty panties

I have had a fetish for panties my whole life. When i got married my wife's daughter was 10 and wasn’t a turn on but over the years she has grown and it turns me on so much to look at her now as she has grown up. She is starting to wear Victoria Secret and Pink panties and is so sexy. I was doing laundry one day and saw her dirty panties in the... [more]

One sniff and now I'm obsessed

I was crushed when my wife of 28 years left me, I was 47 have 3 grown kid's but not much else. I felt my life was over and lost all confidence in myself and felt it was too late to start over when I had nothing to offer another woman. I was using social media a lot and began messaging with random women all over the world just looking for any... [more]

Fucked at a gloryhole

I lost my anal virginity at a gloryhole. Although I’m married I was curious for a long time and used to wank watching shemale porn, then Sissy Hypno, then it was gay porn. Once that wasn’t enough I used to flirt with guys online until I once was on a night out, some guy hit on my and I thought ‘fuck it, I’ll blame it on being drunk.’ We went back... [more]

A fantasy

My wife and I met when she was studying to become a nurse and I was driving for UPS. she worked as a waitress and I had stopped for lunch and we talked and soon I was stopping there whenever I had the chance and we dated for awhile and became engaged then we married.
We started a family right away but after our second child we decided it was... [more]

Best Friend's Girl

This story is actually meaningful for me i just haven't been able to tell anyone. I built it up to the sex part though since it pretty much ends there.
I used to have a best friend ill call Jay and he dated a girl ill call Ashley for 2 years during high school. I got to meet and and grew closer to her. She's really pretty, got a nice body and is... [more]

Mom and me alone for next week

So my dad will be out of town next week for the entire week. And I have this thing about trying to have sex with my mom. I have tried certain things in the past like if she is sleeping on the couch I will pull the my cock out and watch to see if her eyes open slightly or not, I will quickly walk away if I see her move around . I have done... [more]

I fucked my niece

She was 20 and came to stay with me and my wife. She was having issues and needed to get away. On the very first night, we had drinks and the wife went to bed. After 2-3 hours we kissed and ended up in bed.
That summer ended up with us having sex whenever I wanted. I would go to her room in the middle of the night, take her clothes off and fuck... [more]

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