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Just wondering

I hope I can get some good answers. I'm a bi married man. I love to bottom. But I can't get hard when I'm having anal sex with a guy. But if I'm on my back and I pull my legs up I can cum and not touch myself. I'm still soft but it's the best organism I ever had. When I have sex with my wife I get hard as a rock. I was just wondering if this... [more]

Regretful Admission

My wife and I are open about what or who turns us on. She will point out a woman and ask me if I think she's hot and if I'd fuck her. I do the same with guys. We had an interesting conversation the other day thanks to the new transphobic movement.
I said that I think it's crazy that ppl are labeled transphobic just because they wouldn't have... [more]

Summer camp memories

One summer, I went to sleep-over summer camp with my best friend. We were in the same cabin. At first I didn't want to go, but my beastie - Shelly convinced me to go with her, because she went the year before, while I was on vacation with my family.
One night while our countless were out socializing after our bedtime, all the girls started... [more]

Cutest girl

I saw the cutest girl right after I arrived at college. She was 5' 5" tall and blond. She was wearing a short skirt and when she sat down her skirt barely covered her butt. But I was not the only guy that noticed her and being shy I wasn't the first to ask her out. She dated this guy who lived in the same dorm as me and I learned that he had taken... [more]

Planning the Trip

"I thought that during your fall break, your dad and I could take some days off and we take a family trip down to the Bahamas. I got the urge to go buy some new things to wear on the trip, like this little dress." We could all go down -- you can hang out on the beach and watch the girls in their bikinis and maybe your Dad and I could spice up our... [more]


My freshman year in high school I made cheerleading squad. I found out after our first win there was a party.
I found out to stay on squad I had to pick 5 names out of bowl and have sex with the.
I had two drinks and I was a little horn a lot horny my panties were very wet. From flashing guys as the skirts are very short.
Any way the head... [more]

My wife's tattoos

My wife has the names of her previous sexual partners tattooed on her lower belly. I wanted her to do it and went with her to the tattoo parlor and watched the guy tattoo her. He said that he would cut the price in half if she would fuck him. My wife was very horny and needed to fuck so I said go for it. While he was fucking her the other two... [more]

My sister Suzy

My younger sister Suzy had always been cute, but when she blossomed into womanhood, she became a knockout! I watched with jealousy as the guys began vying for her attention, taking her on dates, kissing her at the end of dates and trying for more (I used to peek thru the blinds and watch her come home). She had always been a flirt, and included me... [more]

My boyfriend is my dream sex partner

I love having sex with my boyfriend as he is handsome (he looks like a movie star) he's super fit with big muscles and toned body and beautiful cock which I have lovingly sucking these days. I came into his house last night and proceeded to sit down thinking we would talk a while about our days. He suggested we kiss a while. In barely a min. he... [more]

Gay Massage Fantasy

For such a long time now, I have been wanting to get a massage from a gay man. I imagine him in just a tee shirt and shorts and me laying naked face down on table. He pours oil all over my body and rubs it in a little. He starts on my back.
First he is standing on the side of me as he rubs the oil all over my back, then he moves to the head of... [more]

Horny Old Camping Cougar

I never imagined getting seduced while camping. I camp a lot and meet a lot of good of friendly campers. One weekend I decided to camp at my favorite campsite. I helped this elderly lady get her camper set up. She was friendly and thanked me. We got to chat about each other and said it's more better being with someone while camping.
That... [more]

Mother In Law’s Pussy

I finally had a taste of my mother in law’s sweet pussy. The heat has been building up for some time. All the flirting, light touching, sexy glares, and teasing advances... I had big hopes for the weekend and decided I would take advantages of any opportunities to make some progress. I can barely handle being in a room with her anymore... I get so... [more]

How many guys have you let squirt in your mouth??

I've sucked a lot of dicks but I can only remember about 4 times when a guy or a tranny actually cam in my mouth. The first time that I remember was in a porno theater in the back room. Guys would go back there and do nasty things. I was back there watching and before I knew it I was sucking this guys dick when suddenly I felt this gooey... [more]

Sperm eating encouragement

So this post is going to be a bit long but well worth the read. So here we go!
I have always loved masturbating!! It’s almost an obsession how much I love it and love talking about it! But, I have always wanted to try eating my own cum. I would get horny and think about it over and over. I would get so hard and think “ok this time is going to... [more]

Daughter for the taking

It had been a long night and Joe decided it was finally time to go to bed. His wife was out for the evening, and his daughter, Sally, had gone to bed earlier as she had her big graduation day the next day.
As Joe approached the steps, he saw his daughters bathroom light on, and made his way there to turn it off. Suddenly, he felt an arousal in... [more]

Family issues

I'm gonna be totally open I hope this is ok I'm 34 married children just a genuine person.. but I can't stress enough how bad my thoughts are towards my girl cousin shes 28 we've always been close basically grew up together.. but no word of a lie I think about her all the time this is gonna sound bad but I'd fuck her in a heart beat given the... [more]

How do I share my Penecostal wife again?

My wife was raised Pentecostal and attends a Pentecostal church, with that said let me get on with my confession. We were traveling from Louisiana to Florida and stop to stay the night at a hotel in between . After getting in our room on the second floor we hear loud music and people talking on the third floor. Wife call front desk to complain... [more]

Caught with a dog

I lost my virginity to a dog at 14 and this was probably about a year after. My parents had gotten a divorce but we’re still living together. They planned on getting different houses but for the time being, just moved into the small house my mom just got. I had just gotten out of school. I my school had gotten out early that day, not sure why. I... [more]

Trained my wife to enjoy cock sucking with other men

My wife has all the curves and I especially like her to get naked, on her knees bare feet and blow me. At first I came on her face, then over time I had her swallow. After several swallows she got use to it and it was no big deal. She knew from my constant hints that I was a cuckold and wanted her to do the same for other guys. She wasn't crazy... [more]

Just wanted to share

(Even tho this takes place in highschool no tmi at all just my love story I haven't been able to tell)
My bestfriend Jason dated this girl Jocelyn during freshman and most of sophmore year. They had a rough break up and during the summer before Junior year Jason asked me to help him get her back. I felt bad so I agreed and looked for her in the... [more]

Photo Shoot Heats Up......Part # 2

My wife had gone to have some boudoir photos taken as well as to have some fun messing with the photographer who had a reputation for coming on to girls he was taking pictures of. She wanted to see what he'd do if the girl who was having their picture taken was the aggressor. But things had heated up a lot sooner than she'd planned when she ended... [more]


My wife is a very sexy 32 year old and she enjoys black studs, she has been getting me involved lately. Sometimes she brings home 2 from work and makes me get them hard by sucking them off. She enjoys watching me, and now wants me to have anal with them. It excites me and we are setting it up, she also has three of her girlfriends to watch me get... [more]

I feel so bad about this, but...

Four months of my life I had the most amazing sex I’ve ever had.
My best friend broke up with her boyfriend, she was really heartbroken.
A few weeks after the break up I was driving past her ex boyfriend apartment (diverted traffic sent me this way) I generally thought I was trying to help my friend.
I knocked on his door and you could... [more]

My friends girlfriend turns out to be a young nymphomaniac...

My wife and I were both in our early thirties and had been into swinging since we first got married at eighteen years old. We'd had threesomes, swapped wives with other couples, had some small gangbangs, and had lots of experiences involving exhibitionism & voyeurism. When we first started out at eighteen most of the people we swapped with were... [more]

Slow head

I like to just lay back and receive slow head while making no real reaction or letting it be known when I will burst. I think it comes from back when I started getting my little cock sucked by my buddy. He was a couple years older than me and he taught me how to stroke. He was right beside me the first time I ever came.
Physically, we were... [more]

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