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I caught her

So I work 3rd shift. I sleep during the day and usually sleep in the spare bedroom. Just for the reason of her coming home and not having to stay out of the bedroom and that our bedroom during the day has way too much light.
So about 4 days ago I had woke up a couple hours early. I heard my wife come in the house. I guess she had company with... [more]

Naughty wife

So I was at work 2 nights ago. Wife texts me. It said, "I'm horny. I want to fuck when you get home." I said, "Sounds good to me!" She said, "Wanna do something naughty tonight?" I said, "Like what?" She said, "A threesome." I said, "Lol yeah right." She said, "Seriously." I said, "got someone in mind?" She said, "Not in particular." I said... [more]

The Favorite Aunt

I'm going to make a very long story short, my wife has an aunt that is beloved by everyone in the family, she is a great lady who lost her husband a couple of years ago.
I had not seen her in a while and we went to a ceremony where we celebrated one year of the passing of her husband.
Should I have always had a good relationship, I really enjoy... [more]

Awesome MILF

So I read ads all the time in my area but %98 of them are fake without anything ever coming of it but what keeps me searching is getting lucky twice now. I got a response about two years ago from a woman that turned out to be pretty hot and horny, it lasted for a few great months but she ended it out of worry that her husband would find out.
I... [more]

The Favorite Aunt

I'm going to make a very long story short, my wife has an aunt that is beloved by everyone in the family, she is a great lady who lost her husband a couple of years ago.
I had not seen her in a while and we went to a ceremony where we celebrated one year of the passing of her husband.
Should I have always had a good relationship, I really enjoy... [more]


I'm a crossdresser, but no one knows about it. I keep that to myself But one day something strange happened to me that I've always dreamed about. I work at this rec center. Been working there for years. There was this young girl name Melody that started coming up to the center every morning just to hang around and talk. She was cute, kinda thin... [more]

Naughtiest thing I have ever done

My friend brought me over to his grandmothers house one weekend to do a bunch of yard work, I knew it ahead of time and was happy to help him. She tried paying both of us for the work and I refused telling her that I was not going to accept payment for the work.
The following summer my friend had moved out of state, his mom contacted me and asked... [more]

Grandma Brush-Up

Last night while watching the super bowl at my wife’s grandparent’s house, I was sitting on the floor with my legs out straight in front of me. My son came and laid down next to me and my wife’s grandma came over to play with him. Well he jumped over my lap, and then my wife’s grandma leaned over my lap to tickle him. When she did, her tits rubbed... [more]


I had a dream last night that my wife went out with a couple of girlfriends. She texted me that she would be coming home soon and she wants to indulge in one of my fetishes. She told me to look in the bag in her closet and change into the clothes and put a blindfold on, turn out the lights and lie on the bed. I looked in the bag and saw womend... [more]

Young meets Old...Part One...

Back in the late 70's when VCR's were first coming out there were lots of video rental stores opening up. But in the small ultra-conservative, town we lived in it was impossible to find adult movies. So I had to drive almost an hour to a bigger city to get movies. One day when I was there i met a guy who was from where I lived. He was quite a bit... [more]

Young meets old Part# TWO

I'd made friends with 2 much older men back in the late 70's and we'd been getting together making copies of XXX Rated DVD's because the closest place to buy any were in a larger city an hour's drive away. My wife and I were 19 yrs old and had been married for a year. And for half that time we'd been involved in nude photography, 3-somes, wife... [more]

I never realized how crazy she was

My mom probably had some sort of mental disability but I will never know because she passed away when I was about thirteen, I am in my late fifties now. My dad was killed in a workplace accident and the lawyers had set up a trust fund so I guess that is how she made it all those years without losing everything.
She always had a crazy way of... [more]

Summer nights

It was somethin' to do but only
'cause I wanted to...It was in the
summer and I was awake one night
with my dick hard and I thought
about the woman next door. She was nice and friendly and she said
I could come over anytime. I left the house and walked next door and I thought she wasn't at home.
I waited for a few minutes and I thought... [more]

I love when men stare at my boobs.

I love when guys stare at my chest when talking to me. I have F size tits, carmel colored skin, 5”5. It turns me on so much. When I get home I rub my clit until I cum.

My mom spanked him

For some time my mother kept saying Bill doesn’t respect you . She was not all wrong. One Sunday when we argued she said spank him. I was ready but we could not get his pants off or him over a table.
Two or three weeks later we were at her house on a Saturday afternoon. Four of her friends whom we knew came in. Mom said now you’ll get your... [more]

Her friend Kendra

Before my wife and I got married we spent many nights going out with other couples coworkers friends etc. One night after getting ready to leave me and my girl had been arguing the entire week and we pretty much drove in separate vehicles to a country and western bar. As i got ready to leave right about the time I was about to get inside my car... [more]

Compromised Mother-in-Law

For the longest time, I’ve had a thing for my mother-in-law. My wife is basically a younger, flatter-chested version of her mom. Much flatter... but I still enjoy her.
Anyway, this past week, we all had dinner at my wife’s grandparents’ house, and my MIL shows up in a long flannel shirt (I guess it’s a short dress??). I immediately thought about... [more]

Wife Fucks around and we are Swingers & I found her own pics

What can I say, I work too much & she is home alone & we are Swingers that don't get out often and we don't have Sex but she smells of just got Fucked all the time. It a turn on knowing she thinks she cheating on me but I track her txt & email.

She let me fuck it

I was spendin' the afternoon with a woman and she was talkin' about sex. I didn't mind her talkin' about sex but it made my dick hard and she noticed. After a few minutes of her lookin' at my bulge in my pants she said "have you had sex lately?". I didn't want to tell her and the phone rang and she answered it. She was on the phone for a... [more]

School girl

I having a school girl event at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales UK in feb2019on 22nd all welcome

I let a guy suck me

I am in my mid 50's and been married for over 30 years. the last few years have been really tough sexually because my wife is knee deep in menopause and could care less if sex was even discussed. I turned to porn and masturbation as an outlet and this led me to a few sites that had ads, I thought they were fun to read and gave me things to think... [more]

Throbbing cock

The precum oozing leaves a spot and two lovely looking soccer moms stare at my bulge. Going home to jerk off and wishing my sister would peep like she usually does

My best friends husband

I’m 28 and was visiting my married friends in Florida over a weekend who put me in the guest room slash home office. I found some of his porn videos and before long was rubbing up a storm and cumming. His wife and I went shopping the next morning and dropped me at home before going to her work. It then dawned on me that I had forgot to put his... [more]

I collect dirty panties

I collect Kearney panties I love dirty Kenny's I love to sniff what can you play with dirty panties I love the way they taste and smell if there are any girls out there especially young women or if anyone out there has any young daughters especially around the ages of 8 to 13 I would love if you could please send me a pair but I will accept them... [more]

Its so good

I snuck out one night to do somethin' dirty and I didn't expect
the woman to be at home. It was at
one in the morning when I got the
feelin' I wanted to do somethin' and I walked over to a woman's
house nearby and when I got there
all the lights were off. I thought she
was sleepin' and I didn't want to
make a sound so when I... [more]

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