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I was desperate and needed money

When I was in college I was piss broke. I was bad with my money, addicted to pills and I needed to pay rent or be evicted. I was so desperate but I wouldn't ask for help because I didn't want people to know. I used a friends laptop. Filled out job apps, put ads on craiglist that I would do anything for some quick cash.
Well I got a hit... [more]


I’ve been with this bastard Who is a serial LIAR , cheater, he’s a pedaphile, he’s incestive. I didn’t know all of this at first it took YEARS to figure this twisted mans mind and background out. I’ve never cheated on him EVER but I just grew tired of his shit and one day while he was at work. I decided to spend some time with this guy whom I had... [more]

My first time

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom was drinking way to much. I would find her around the house drunk passed out cold sleeping and she would be half undressed or completely naked. This is the first time I've ever seen a grown up woman nude before. I wasn't even interested in girls yet but after seeing her naked body that's all I... [more]

Hamper boy to girl

I started out wearing older sisters bras pantiesas young boy,at night id go to dirty cloths hamper in room next to my bed room,at firstonly tried on to see what it felt like looked like, seeing donna walking around in at home age 9 seeing her nearly naked all time. masterbated at night when all sleeping,her bras panties made me feel so good, as... [more]

Mary Lu My wife

After we married with Me still in the Marine Corp and her just graduated from high school we had two weeks before i was to Go back to Afghanistan for another thirteen months.
Mary had been on birth control for over a year and we decided not to have children until I returned but we had two weeks to really fuck and we tried everything even anal... [more]

grandmas big boobs

My 51 year old grandma had a massive stroke about four weeks ago. The doctors told our family that she will never be able to speak or walk, and will require full time help with all daily tasks. My parents brought her home to live with us, because they don't have the money to put her in a nursing home.
Last night, after my parents went to... [more]

Wife carer for old men

I want my wife who is a busty slim 55 year old to get a job as a carer for old men. I want her to be groped and touched by the old guys who she cares for. Like her to suck their chicks and have them fuck her then she can come home tell me every detail as I fuck her. Anyone got a similar desire.

Caught with cloths pins on my nipples

When I was about 14 or 15 and nobody was around, I would stay naked as long as possible . I used to play with my boobs all the time by putting cloths pins on them so my nipples hurt,I loved it . Then I got into putting them on my pussy lips and nipples. It was erotic . I couldnt wait for my parents to go to our mountain home. There were times I... [more]

One weird dude

I have tons of fetishes, one of which is potetial exposure. I have lost bets which ended with my pictures being posted online, some of which are still there. Just google for 'sissy tiana rachelle exposed'. Anywho... One of the littles games I play sometimes is I'll write down a bunch of kinky things in an email, then while my fiance (who is very... [more]

Just so horny all the time

Ever since i had my implant taken out and gone onto the pill iv been just so horny and my sex drive has gone through the roof. me and my bf used to have sex once maybe twice a week, now im wanting and getting it every morning before work, when we both get home from work and several times in the evening, up to 4 or 5 times a day and i want... [more]

Is a small bikini ok on a family holiday

I came across this site by accident and found it interesting so thought I would try asking a question here.
Is it ok to wear a small bikini on a family holiday?
I am old enough that I might be able to go on holiday with friends but I couldn't afford it so I am stuck with the family. As with all girls my age my swimwear has progressed to... [more]

Older neighbor sucked my dick

My neighbor's husband had just passed away and she was constantly knocking on my door and asking me to help her with stuff. She was in her seventies and I was in my early forties at the time. She would always give me long, lingering hugs afterwards. I figured she was just lonely. One day after I helped her fix her pool gate she invited me in... [more]

Obsessed with black cock [UPDATE]

This is an update to the confession I posted on this website a few days ago, and I wanted to get into more detail and ask your opinion on it. Thank you for reading!
I'm a 23 year old guy from Germany. I recently graduated from college and currently work from home and have a very comfortable life that allows me to have a lot of free time. I spend... [more]

Gang-Banged by Tammy's male Relatives

I knew I should of phone Tammy first to use her pool. I rang her door bell and knocked on her door several times. Then I heard voices in the backyard. I walked around the house and saw Tammy's son-in-law and her nephew, and her grandsons using the pool. "Tammy went to her new boyfriends place, put she wouldn't mind if you used the pool". Her... [more]

Showing off my figure at the gym, and getting horny

I recently moved gym because this one is better. One thing I noticed is that this gym has more younger people and more athletic people kinda showing off. Lots of topless hunks doing weights and pull ups and gym bunny girl in lycra. At first I hated this aspect but now I have embraced it. I bought a pair of tiny shorts and a sports bra, and I am... [more]

Wife jealous of daughter

My wife caught me looking at my daughter she was about 14 just got home from school skirt hiked up huge tits in her white blouse i loved to look i got busted by my wife who wasn't very happy but to my surprise was turned on by me looking and next sex we had dressed up in our daughters school uniform luckily she is still slim with 38d tits so... [more]

Fucking my boyfriend's best friend

April 7th 2019 was the first Saturday night me and my boyfriend decided to drink whiskey together for the first time we got jack daniels went home and started he ended up getting a call from his best friend who use to chat me up online before me and bf got serious anyway I was low-key happy coz my boyfriend got a bit tipsy and asked me if I was... [more]

I Confessed To Barb

I bumped into Barb, my ex girlfriend's older cousin. We did some small talk and she invited me over for dinner. She was wearing a flannel housecoat, not dressed like a time before. At that time she opened the door and walked about in a see thru nightgown.
I could see her breasts has taken a toll from aging under the housecoat. Barb was... [more]

Other guy wife

I am very a tracked to other guys wife I what to find a couple and I what to fuck the other guys wife tell he come home then she would tell him how she love to get fuck by fat cock

Hot for friend's sister

I was hanging out at my friend's house, and his older sister was swimming in their pool out back. She's three years older, has a great body and is very pretty. I've had a crush on her for years.
I was looking at her through the patio window, and when she got out of the pool, her swimsuit got a little wonky, so she slipped a couple of fingers... [more]

Older sister

My older sister Darci is 5 years older than me and our mother and father married met each other and married when we were younger. Prior to turning 13 I didn't really have much of a relationship with Darci as we never hung out and I was always scared of her and I was quite shy. She never really spoke to me and when she would babysit me when our... [more]

Wearing lingeri

I would like a woman or girlfriend dress me up in black pantyhose thong and heels and make me her bitch for the night. I want to do whatever she says. I want her to make me wear my pantyhose out under my jeans. When we get home I want her to cut the back of my pantyhose open so my ass is exposed. I have a nice ass. Then she tells me to go out on... [more]

Very first tme I sucked a guy off

Brandon was a friend of my older brother and they both belonged to the National guard and sometimes take me with them when they had training exercises.
I liked Brandon because he used to buy me things when we were out and this one training exercises Jim was sick and couldn't make it but Brandon offered to pick me up and bring me home if I wanted... [more]

I found a pair of my panties hidden in my dad's bathroom

I live with just my dad, and our house has 4bed 3 bath so we have a bathroom each. In his bathroom there is a big cupboard where all the towels are kept. Recently when getting a towel I pondered why we had so many towels and started looking at what was in there. Right at the back I found a Tupperware box which to my surprise had a collection of... [more]

I caught my roommate's brother "perving" over my underwear !!!

I caught my roommate's brother "perving" over my underwear! From time to time my roommate (who is also a girl) gets visits from her brother. Over several months I started to suspect "something was up" with him. I always keep the door to my room closed when I am not home. One time I came back home, he was visiting, and I noticed the door to my... [more]

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