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Wearing my sister-in-law’s clothes and heels

My sister-in-law Ann is a sexy and successful businesswoman. I’ve always had a thing for her and I know that she was a hot slut in her younger days. So I offered to check on her house when she was away on a business trip.
My heart was pounding through my shirt as I entered her kitchen and locked the door behind me. I brought a laptop with... [more]

My Lovely Daughter

My wife and I divorced and left me and also our daughter nearly two years ago. she was a nasty horrible woman, very selfish and formed a relationship with a younger man she worked with.
My daughter was only fourteen at the time and took it badly and unfortunately she is rather mentally retarded which my ex-wife found impossible to deal with... [more]

Older or younger women ?

When I was a young man about 30, I met a woman in her late 40 'S. I was waiting at the train station to pick up my wife. it was hot as hell and I didn't want her to walk home. The lady was doing the same for her husband , when an announcement was made that all trains would be delayed due to a derailment. She was angry to say the least as was I ... [more]

Older or younger women ?

When I was a young man about 30, I met a woman in her late 40 'S. I was waiting at the train station to pick up my wife. it was hot as hell and I didn't want her to walk home. The lady was doing the same for her husband , when an announcement was made that all trains would be delayed due to a derailment. She was angry to say the least as was I ... [more]

Nailed my cousin

My cousin Kristin is 38 and she and her husband have always been known to throw big parties at their place during the summer. They invited me to one, and I went solo because I'm currently separated from my wife. I'm 44.
I arrived at their place and I knew it was a big party, as I had to park on their lawn because cars were everywhere. I could... [more]

Fantasy Fullfilled

A while back I was driving home from work. I stopped at a light and while I waited I noticed a group of guys, 5 in total, all black, waiting at the corner for the light to change, too.
Now, I'm no prude. Lost my virginity in college, had one threesome with another girl, even experimented with anal a few times. That said, I've always fantasized... [more]

What just happened

So long story short my husband works long hours away for weeks on end. When he comes home everything is great, we get along, we go out, we never fight, and you know the rest. So I'm at home several months back and one of my friends husband stops by to ask if I had seen my friend. I hadn't, and picked up my phone to call her. She answered and... [more]

Gave a taxi driver a hand job for a ride

On a recent night out, I got very drunk, and knew I needed to go home and sleep it off. A friend called me a taxi and in I got, only just, I could barely walk. The taxi driver was worried I would be sick, but my friend assured him I wouldn't and off we went. When we got to my house he pulled up and told me the cost, but when I opened my purse... [more]

Is it ok for house guests to have sex and leave dirty sheets?

I had a friend and his girlfriend stay recently, and when they left and I changed the sheets there was lots of cum stains, and crunchy patches, kinda gross, but I was also intregued, this was the scene of some pretty hot sex it seemed.
So is it ok? Does an invite to stay the night cover the right to release your juices all over the hosts ... [more]

Openly pissing in the guys toilets at a festival made me feel hor

This summer I went to a festival, and as usual the cue for the girls toilets was huge, but there was none for the guys. Me and my friend joked that we just just go in the guys toilet area. She joked but my view was fuck it why not, it's the same portable toilets, just the other sde of the fence. I marched in to the guys section and suddenly... [more]

Drugging my wife and having her raped by other men

I have this fantasy that my wife and I have a night at home alone together.
We’re having drinks and just chatting. About the same time I notice the drugs I’ve been spiking her drink with are making her honey and kicking in before she realizes something is weird, I text the guys I’ve payed to wait outside my house for the right moment.
There’s... [more]

Staging a rape for wifey

Would any women out there like it if their husband planned a night at home, no kids, just some drinks but.... the surprise is your drinks have been getting drugged and there’s a handful of men waiting outside for a txt from your hubby that says, it’s time.
As soon as your husband can tell the drugs are just starting to take effect the txt is... [more]

What am i doing wrong

I came home earlier than normal, I could hear somebody having sex upstairs
my thoughts were, my husband is shagging another woman, I crept up quietly I could see my husband fucking his best friend his legs were around his back he was really ramming it up his arsehole he was wearing condom, I left the house quietly, I was asking myself what I... [more]

Stroking and smoking...

Before my wife and I got married, when we were getting to know each other better, my girl loved sex...and loved it to the moon and back. I thought I had a pretty good sex drive, but there were times that she would way out do me, and I'd be in awe of her confidence and her creative mind. she would sometimes call me up, ( this was before cell phones... [more]

Fun last night

Me and some buddies went out last night drinking. We went to a bar in the next town over just for a chance of place. We hadn't been there but an hour when I saw my wife come in with another guy. She told me she was going out with her girl friends and would be around town. I smacked my buddies and told them we needed to sneak out the back. They... [more]

I gave an ultimatum

I've been married 15 years. At first, sex was great. Sex 3 times a week. A blowjob just because. Then the years pass. She's now 53 and im 45. She doesn't want sex almost at all. Like once a month if I'm lucky. I ask and she keeps saying not today. Can't masturbate because she doesn't want me doing that around her either. So one day I got tired of... [more]

Linda and David

First off I want to thank all of you for your responses and to tell you that it turned into a very interesting summer for us .
as soon as we got home I called David back to let him know that Linda was ready but it was sent to message so I told him to call back when he could and I added that Linda wanted to see him again. Then her and I were... [more]

Exciting cheating

Is sex better , more intense when the husband doesn t know but the wife rubs it in his ignorant face ? I had an affair with a co worker who' s husband was away on a business trip . We had just arrived at her place when the phone rang, it was hubby calling to tell her he had arrived safely. My heart stopped and I froze . She on the... [more]

Boss Wins

I heard from various office wives that my Husband's Boss was really well hung and liked to fuck his employee's wives if given the chance. This became a bit of an obsession for me and I finally went to the office when my husband was out of town. He took me home and fucked me several times. He is just as well hung as I had heard. One problem is that... [more]

Trying to turn my son straight

My son is home for college this summer and he has been spending an inordinate amount of time with a male friend. Last week my son admitted that they are more than just friends; they are lovers.
As his mom, I try to be supportive, but him being gay has me really upset. He used to show interest in girls, but he said it's not that way anymore and... [more]

Orgasm with no orgasm feelings

I’m female so I don’t know if this makes a difference, this morning when I woke I started playing with myself then my phone rang, the only people that call my landline are my parents, I stopped what I was doing and had to quickly go visit.
In my why to my parents I said to myself, ok I will finish what I was doing later.
Done what I needed to do... [more]

Things I do to my wife

Top of the list is bound masturbation.
There are so many great sex products out there and remote wireless vibrators are awesome. I love to put her into bondage and watch her struggle as she has multiple orgasms. The sounds she makes are a huge turn on and sometimes she will ask me to do this to her because she really loves it. Our coffee table... [more]

I did it

Well for a long time now Mark has been wanting me to give in and let him watch another guy make love to him and we have fought over this now for months but lately I have actually considered doing it just to shut him up but every time I am with him alone I just cant bring myself to do it.
I have caught myself checking out guys though wondering if... [more]

J / O Fodder

Wife was shopping for cock, online. We had played with a couple of guys, but none had large cocks. Like me, they were an average six to six and a half inches. She found one young guy who had a nice one, perhaps eight or nine inches, but, she didn't like his tats, and he lived more than a thousand miles away. Others didn't pass muster due to... [more]

Very old man

Growing up in a very small farm town as a boy I used to clean an very old mans house. One day out of the blue after I had finished he ask me if I knew any young females who would be willing to take on a task. When I ask him what kind of task he tells me he would offer her a small reward if she would pleasure him. He goes into to detail to tell me... [more]

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