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Daughters panties

I love cumming on my daughters panties after she comes back from her moms and they smell and taste lovely after I’ve cum on them I wash them and put them back in her draw but I thinks she knows as she’s leaving more pairs around the house

Am I a pedophile, or a victim of pedophilia?

BTW, I am a transgender person so I ask you to use they/them pronouns please. I know that’s aside the point of this, but thinking about and asking this kind of stuff makes me feel shitty enough, and using the right pronouns is really all I can ask of you.
Back story: when I was 7 years old I was molested and had my virginity stolen by my 13... [more]

Lovely Young Woman I work with

I have this beautiful early 20’s woman that works a few feet from me. She is very friendly and enthusiastic which makes her that much more sexy. Today she wore a tight white turtleneck shirt that really accents her body. Tight little waist and big boobs. Looking at her is like looking at the sun. I can’t wait to get home so I can jack off thinking... [more]

Missing photos

What I'm about to tell you is true , I used to be always taking photos of just about anything and that included my wife . This was the days when you would take your film to be developed , I used my local camera shop who would send the film away to be developed . Well one night after we had been out for a meal my wife was all dressed up and looking... [more]

Stranger in the house

I cannot tell you why but the most erotic and sexually satisfying encounter in my life has been with someone I have no idea about or know.
I had just returned from the grocery store and had finished up putting everything away, I went to the bathroom right off the kitchen and when I came out and turned towards the kitchen he was standing there... [more]

Can't turn the clocks back

The old saying don't try to fix it if it's not broke , We had been married 20 yrs the kids had grown up and was doing there own thing . Over the years I would ask my wife if she wanted to have sex with anyone else , She would always say no , I suppose things was a little bit stale but not bad between us we was best friends has well has man and... [more]

My sister

When I was thirteen my sister, who was twenty at the time moved back home. Since our house was small, she had to share my bedroom. Since she would walk around half dressed when my parents were at work, a horny young man like myself would sneak as many peeks as I could. Which was often since she slept nude. One day after out partying with one of... [more]

Started young

I was around 12 and I was invited to camp out with some friends in the backyard of one of their houses. I was a little nervous but figured since I would be with the two of them and it was not to far from the house we had a place to go in case of any problems.
We got all settled in the tent and they broke out some porn magizines, I had seen a few... [more]

Secret pantyboy

I have been a secret pantyboy for a long time. I am very straight but i just resist the feeling that rushs thru me when i party and dress up in sexy pantys and stockings and other hot lingerie. I had a huge collection of pantys and lingerie. One nite i was partying and decided i would go to the video arcade in the bookstoe across the river. I... [more]

Confession to ex wife

I got together with my ex wife after years of us being separated. While we talked I admitted to her that I cross dressed and had taken some of her clothes and still wear them. She asked if I would bring some next weekend and show her, I said I would if she wanted me to.
I arrived the next Friday and told her I would be dressed when she got... [more]

Student at uni, cheated on my bf all term

Exams are over, heading home for the summer, back to my bf, to be all coupley, but it's a lie, i have been cheating on him all year, i should break it off with him but i can't.
It all went wrong in the first week when i got drunk and fucked my new house mate, bit of a mistake, turned out to be a dick. Afterwards i tried to split up with my bf... [more]

Wife becomes a slut

Wife and I have talked about her having sex with other people and at first she didn't want anything to do with it. after some talking and fantasies of sex with others she wants to try. she went out on her first date with a guy she had meet on another site, when she came home she was a mess and was full of his cum, we had some of the best sex we... [more]

Feeling stupid

My friend and I are into daring each other into things. We have done some really stupid things. In the last year we have dared each other into some sexual things. She double dared me into sex with the old guy who lives in the house by the river. I went to the door and started flirting with him she watched me go in the house and she kept watching... [more]

Watching Exhibitionist Wife.

My sexy wife use to love exposing her sexy 5-8,110 lb 34C-24-35 body to both friends and strangers an I loved watching. And it was even hotter if she tried to seduce them. One of my favorite experiences we had along these lines was on a trip out of town she had ordered a pizza and was planning on answering the door in a garter belt & stockings and... [more]

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