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Motorcycle ride

So my car broke down a few weeks ago and I was finding it hard to commute to and from work on public transport while my car was being repaired. A woman who works in the same office as me offered me a lift as we live fairly near to each other. Thats handy you might think....only thing is she rides a motorbike to/from work. I was a bit reluctant at... [more]

My neighbours lace panties

I was doing some work round my elderly neighbours house her name is Ellie and she is 68 years old but still slim and quite attractive. We all ways flirt with each other and I am always trying to peek up her skirt or down her tops to very ample breasts.
Well I was in her bedroom changing a light socket and I caught sight of her laundry basket in... [more]

Tran sport

Out with some mates recently for a late birthday drink, they decided to go onto a club they knew I don't like. I'd had a long day so I decided after arguing with them I'd take the cab home THEY booked.
On the journey home in the back of the cab, I began to wonder if the female driver, was in fact a female.
Challenging her as I'd had quite a bit... [more]

Life with my Daughter

I met my stepdaughter Cory when she was 15. She is now 30, married with 2 kids. We grew close quickly after her Mom and I were together, Cory and her Mom were never close, and constantly at each other. So I was the person she chose to confide in. Cory would discuss everything with me, including her sexual experimentation with her closest... [more]

What the fuck

So I came home early from work last friday, because my boss was in a good mood, and gave us a half day off with pay. I parked my truck next to my wifes car and walked up to my front door, which was locked. I thought it was kind of unusual, because I knew my wife was home. I pulled out my key and opened the door. I didn't see her sitting in the... [more]

I love to wear my panties 24/7

I am in my late 50's and I have been wearing panties like forever. I also have crossdressed in the past and gone out a couple of times riding around, went to a drag show loved it. I wear panties 24/7 no matter what and I don't own or wear or buy men's at all. At night I sleep in a nightie and high cut silky panties love it. No one knows I wear... [more]

Doctors blow job

After a couple of weeks of having lots of sex, then a week without any, I got worried as my balls ached so much.
I went to see my doctor, who examined me. He felt my balls and cock which I just couldn't stop from becoming erect.
Smiling at me, he asked me to relax, then bobbed his head down and began to suck on my dick. I was eighteen just (I... [more]

Just happened

Please don't judge, but my friend told me I would feel better to confess, so here goes.
I have been married to my loving husband for 6 years. I love him with all my heart and would do anything for this man as he is the love of my life.
Last month my husband's brother came to stay with us because him and his wife were having problems. The... [more]

Public sex

So this all started innocently this summer after a night out drinking with my girlfriend. We were driving home from a club we frequent and she started rubbing my cock while i was driving . After a few minutes i was fully erect and she went down on me as i was driving. I noticed a rest area sign and pulled in and parked my car. I noticed quite a... [more]

Yes I'm gay, and proud it

I consider myself gay, my wife say I'm bisexual. Because I still make love to her on a regular basis. Which is true, we do make love everyday, sometimes several times a day. But that is true hot, steamy, shouting, screaming, love making romance, because I do love my wife very much, she is my whole world. But truth be known when it come to just... [more]

Understand wife

I must have the most understanding wife in the world.
My wife is a sex freak, she will do anything I ask or come up with when it come to sex. Only problem is, their's always a catch, she hates body hair. It's okay on my head and arms, but nothing on the face, chest, back, underarms, cock, balls, ass, or legs. I try to oblige her. Well this ended... [more]

Daughter and friend nude

I been married to my wife for 9 years. She has a daughter that's 20 years old, but still lives at home. Her bestfriend is also 20 and she stays at our house a lot. They both still act like teenagers, neither has a job nor go to college. They run around the house all the time in just their bar and panties, then tell me to think of it as a bikini. I... [more]

Working girl

It was during the housing recession when I would go to work everyday just knowing it was my last, almost everyone was gone at the realty company I worked for but so far my boss had not given me any indications. I was his assistant and did everything for him from water and coffee to filing, was around twenty five at the time, one child and a laid... [more]


Usually once a month or so I visit a friend of mine on the weekend. Usually it's lunch at a restaurant and then we'll shop for antiques, since we're both into that.
Although I've known him for 30 years since we were kids, I don't know his wife that well. He married her last year. She's 39, fit and pretty, an "8" in terms of looks. Usually when... [more]

Son's Friend

I am a Wife and Mom. Once my son's friend (Just call him Jabal) came over when my son went fishing with his Dad. I ask him why he came as he knew my son was not home. He said he came to see me. I was taken aback as he moved close and hugged me and pushed his pelvic area hard against me. He fond my lips and kissed me. I sort of drew back and asked... [more]

Working time fun

I am married and to a lovely guy. Only the sex in our marriage is, well hardly no sex at all.
I own and work in a florist shop. Something I set up independently from my husband and it is, pardon the pun, flourishing.
The shop is set in a semi rural area and close by to me is a shop that sells almost anything. It's run and part owned by an older... [more]

I've never Cheated before today.

In all our 34 years of marriage I've never cheated or even strayed a little on my wife. Well today that all changed, and for some reason I don't have any remorse or guilt, just a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.
It all started early this morning. It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I have the day off. However my wife had to work, she... [more]

Wife Trish

We had been married for a couple years and had a circle of friends now and we would have party's at each others house from time to time and after one party at our house well a couple days after that Tris told me that Mel a friend had made a pass at her while she was washing up some of the plates from the dinner.
Most of us were out by the pool... [more]

Can't quit him

I'm 25f and married to a guy who's a little older (37). Our relationship is good and I have no complaints. We just moved to a new neighborhood and have a nice house. My husband is a great provider.
Here's the thing. Our neighbors are great, and I've struck up a friendship with the neighbor's son. He's 19 and a freshman at the local college and... [more]

Tit Lover

My wife and I were with several couples and we had rented a large beach house. One of the ladies, a very large breasted beauty had a swim suit malfunction while body surfing. We finally got a good look at what she was having trouble keeping reigned in. All the guys, myself included, giggled immaturely and gave high fives. The most modestly endowed... [more]

Groping and grabbing

Many years ago now, but, I had an almost daily thing for going to large malls, shopping centers, outdoor events, etc, looking for and even chasing after hot women who were alone, walking fast behind them, and getting in a full-handed ass grab and grope as I passed alongside of them, speeding up my walking to escape. Did the same if I saw a woman... [more]

Dog life

This happened when i was teenager and I've never told anyone since then.
My best mate at the time, owned a Labrador dog. It was always sniffing around me when I called by his house and sometimes it would try and hump my leg.
Staying over one night, my friend and his dad went out to get some fishing gear for the following day, leaving me to look... [more]

Gym sex

You tell me what you'd do in my place.
I'm forty one, very fit, attractive and still modelling part time for catalogues.
My husband who works in financing, is a little older, isn't fit and is often too drunk to get an erection let alone fuck me.
So I'm at the gym a few months back. I see a young guy obviously eyeing me up and I get ultra... [more]

Am I gay

Discovering I absolutely adore anal stimulation was an accident of sorts. i was fucking my wife missionary and as she got close to orgasm, she pushed two fingers up my arse. It made me blow my load at the same time she climaxed and it felt utterly amazing.
After that I used first my fingers during masturbation, then a small dildo I bought to... [more]

Why do I feel this way

A few weeks ago I discovered my husband having sex with a younger man. They were in our living room and my husband was fucking him over the arm of our sofa. i should have been in work but had been given the afternoon off to finish off a report at home.
My initial response wasn't what I would have expected of myself, as I instantly became turned... [more]

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