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Amazing wife

My wife has always been turned on since the first time we had sex twenty or so years ago. We met in high school and on dates we would have some pretty awesome make out sessions then the first time came where we were getting pretty far and she just loved it. She was telling me how good it felt when my tongue started licking her and she is so verbal... [more]

Trailer Park

I live in a trailer park, and yeah, there's a lot of stereotypes about people who do, but I can say that most people are totally normal. I'm 60, my wife died of cancer 2 years ago, I've been recovering from a heart attack from last summer, and I can't work and had to downsize and retire early before I can collect social security. That meant... [more]

My nieces

I forgot what day it was but I remember I was told to watch over my nieces again while everyone left the house and my nieces were asleep at the time so I put on a bunch of clothes to make me sweat heavily (even more than the summer already makes me do) while I went for a long run with their little small spoons down my pants under my balls and... [more]

Bred by Male twins

Spent a 3 day weekend fucking twins who were 32 years old. I got pregnant with twins, they run in my family, and my husband believes the kids belong to him.
Three days of laying in bed getting fucked almost nonstop by two men who hadn't seen a woman in 16 months because they were in most northern part of Alaska doing scientific research. They... [more]

Dad / daughter

I wanna fuck my dad so badly but idk how to... i saw his previous search history (i always look when he leaves his tablet at home and i masturbate to what he watches) and he had dad/ daughter porn, idk if he just watches it bc its hot or does he want to fuck me? i always walk around pretty naked and i hear him fuck my mom so good, like shes always... [more]

I'm a self proclaimed wussy boy

I was raised by my grandmother who was very strict Catholic. She made me go to mass with her and church all the time. But I knew I was different than other boys. I found myself thinking about other males and found myself wanting to do things I knew grandma would not like. Today I am grown up and living and working in a quiet little town. I love to... [more]

Bad swap

For 6 years now my husband has suggested that we try swinging, and for the longest time I thought it would be a disaster, and it's now been confirmed.
I finally said yes, I'll try it, and he went and found a couple into it from social media. I'm 30, my husband is 35, and the couple he found were in their early 20s. They weren't married, but... [more]

College roommate

I met Chad in College. He introduced me to his hot gorgeous looking girlfriend. After a few months he knew I had the hots for her.
One night after going out with them drinking he agreed to take me home since I was feeling a bit tipsy. He even undressed me and it wasn’t long when I felt his hand rubbing my cock. I didn’t know what to think being... [more]

Husband Caught in the Act!

We live in a very small community. I was driving down to the florist to get flowers for my mothers grave. I go right by this little motel that has super cheap rates during the day. Everyone knows it's a hook up place for lovers and cheaters. As I turned the corner I saw a Corvette pulled in front of one of the bungalows. It was a blue 69... [more]

Stroked off by my older sister

I'm 15 and in high school. I usually masturbate while looking at magazines like Penthouse and Play Boy. Shit like that. I thought I had locked my bedroom door but the lock is messed up and sometimes it's not locked when you think it is. Anyway I'm like going at it madly when the door opened and my sister stuck her head inside to tell me dinner was... [more]

My friend Mark

My married friend Mark is coming to St. Louis soon to fuck me with his 9" cock. I'm also married and my wife has no idea that Mark and I have been fucking all these years. I'm preparing by wearing butt plugs every day. Mark will be over to the house while my wife is working at the library. So horny in anticipation of Mark's horse cock.

Want to watch my wife fingered and licked

My wife knows a guy at the local leisure center, who occasionally comes to our house for coffee. I dream about him massaging her in front of me and finish off by finger fucking her and licking her clean.

I came in my pants

This happened 1 year ago. I was 21 at the time.
I had come home to visit my dad and stepmom and my little step sister. I guess I hadn't had an orgasm in awhile, or maybe I dont have an excuse but it still both weirds me out and turns me on.
We had gone to the lake that day and were all wet and warm from the sun. Mom... [more]

Well Trained Girlfriend.

Well, I have always loved pointy toe high heels. Do not know why I always have. I also really have a fetish for professionally dressed women. (Pencil skirt, secretary look). Well I have the most incredible woman now. We’ve been together for 8+ years and she does literally anything I want. She’s incredibly submissive and wears anything I ask her... [more]

My old house

My husband and I ended moving to another state for a better job which obviously pays more, and they moved the whole family. It’s been a little past a year now and I had return to visit some friends and family. We sold our house to his friend Buddy. I ran into buddy at the bar one night, we chatted, told me the house was still the same, and invited... [more]

Wife's best sex ever

About 7 or 8 years ago my wife and I started hanging out with a couple other couples that did a little Coke on the weekends. It was like a once-a-month thing. We would all go out have a few drinks let the wives do some dancing, before you know what we would usually end up at the strip club.
We had experienced a three way with a female on a... [more]

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control
There is a SUPER SEXY MILF named Mandy who lives next door. I get rock hard for her all the time. She is about 5’ 2” and weighs about 110 lbs. She has firm, tiny breasts and tiny hips. I’ve always imagined she must be TIGHT inside. They asked me to house sit for them while... [more]

Watching friends

I was at my friend's place, we've been friends since we were in grade school. He just got a new girlfriend, and she's pretty cool. She's kinda pretty. She's got nice tits and ass. I'm a little jealous that my friend has been banging her, because I'm still a virgin and never had a girlfriend.
We were all at my friend's house playing video... [more]

Marital problems & mother in law

I'm 28, and separated from my wife who is 35. My mother in law is upset about this, has been calling a lot, which I've mostly ignored. My MIL is a lot older than me, 76, since she had my wife when she was in her 40's. She's been offering to counsel us (she was a therapist before she retired), hopes to get us back together, etc. She invited me... [more]

Best night ever

The wife (Sandra) and I finally got to get out of the house this past weekend. Normally between work and recovering from the work week we both just chill at home. A friend of ours was having some friends over. Nothing important. Just snacks and drinks and friends hanging out.
So we had been there a while and my wife had several cocktails. When... [more]

My first sexual experience as an adult

When I was in my twenties, I worked in a large store, and one of my male coworkers was gay. He liked me. He would always say raunchy things to me because I'd always turn red and get annoyed. It was a game to him. It really embarrassed me!
One night, everyone from work went out to the bar together. I got pretty drunk, and by the time we were... [more]

Brother sister fuck

When I was 12 and my sister was 11 we both were going through puberty and started noticing each others bodies. I am 6’3” with a thin athletic frame and she is 5’5” and very thin. She had blonde hair a always had a nice ass but had started developing beautiful C cup tits. We had always slept in the same outfits, I slept in boxers and she slept in... [more]

Sex with my son's best friend

I'm 35 and I had my son when I was only 17. One day last summer my son and his best friend were swimming at our house. It was a very hot summer day. My husband who is 44 was at work. The day started early with us lounging around the pool around 11 am. I noticed my son's friend Jared and I have enjoyed looking at his hard young body over the years... [more]

He was telling dad everything

A few years ago a family friend would come over from time to time to pick up supplies for dad's business at the house. The building was not far from where I lay out and sun. He is a really neat guy, nice, handsome but much older. He is always nice and compliments me. I walked past him and dad a few times and heard him say what a fine ass or just... [more]

Im a guy and I got fucked in the ass by my bestfriend.

I went out drinking one night with my mates and obviously I was Too drunk to get home myself. My friend Kyle brought me up to my apartment and into my bed. He asked if i needed help taking my shoes off because I was gonna sleep. I said yes. He took my shoes off then i started taking my pants off because I usually sleep naked. But was so drunk i... [more]

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