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Caught a good peek

I went to pick up my friend Lisa yesterday morning to go have breakfast at the local diner. I was early, and she wasn't quite ready, so she invited me into her house to wait. Her husband was in the kitchen making coffee, and he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Like his gorgeous ass and cock were in full view. His penis was about 6" and thick... [more]

Makes me suck him

I have no idea why but my husband will come home sometimes and walk in from the garage with his penis sticking out of his zipper. He will then chase me down and make me suck it. I have no idea why this turns me on so much but I love it. He tries to sneak in so that he can catch me from behind but most of the time I already know he is home. I even... [more]

MIL Milks Me

A little after my first year of marriage, the wife and I were vacationing at her parent's house in sunny Fl. I was up early, and volunteered to mow the lawn. The other men had gone fishing, and my wife and SIL had gone shopping. That left me there with the MIL. I had finished mowing and was cooling off in the shade of the porch. She brought me a... [more]


I have always known that my twin daughters were close. My wife and I went to work this morning and she called to see if I had time for lunch. That's when I realized that I forgot my wallet. I drove home and as I went upstairs stairs I could hear stupid loud music from the twin's room. I was just about to push the door open when I looked in ( door... [more]

B/F Dom

My wife and I had been into bdsm for three years. We had been to clubs, and to a couple of private parties. Having played with another couple, and with a single g/f, my wife figured that gave her a free pass to fool around. She had met a dom, online, and started an affair with him. She, mostly, topped me, and wanted to experience being a bottom to... [more]

This amazes me

I post and ad explaining that I can host and want my cock sucked. I get like half a dozen responses telling me that my cock looks great and when can they come over. Last night I received three from the time I got off of work until around 11 pm. I do not really consider myself a hot guy with a great cock, I am thirty one years old around six foot... [more]

I kept my job

During the huge economic downturn in 2006 I was working for a pretty large real estate company. I did all the paperwork, filing and just about anything my boss wanted me to do. I had been working there for about five years when all of this happened and we were all worried about losing our jobs because there was nothing going on in the office... [more]

Wife love's to tease me.

We like to go out, for dinner, or wander around some town's along the river. They have alot of shop's are not the norm.
My wife is well aware that she can get me aroused just by wearing something a bit revealing, and she loves to tease me to see if she can get me to have a hard on as we are wandering around.
It started with her wearing top's... [more]

Serial Peeper

I'm a 58 year old serial peeping tom. I'm not here to boast, or seek support, and I sure as fuck don't care about empathy, or its' sad, lying little sibling, sympathy. I don't deserve such, not at all.
I can't remember a time when I didn't want to peep. From the age of seven or eight I tried to peep on female playmates. The secrets revealed... [more]

My parents found out I'm having sex

I kind of act all sweet and innocent, so I can kind of see why my parents thought I was a virgin. It would be one thing if I had a boyfriend but how they found out wasn't very good. I went to a party with my friends and there was a lot of people from school there, my friend thought she was helping me out by leaving me there without a ride home... [more]

Impregnated a Junior Cheerleader

I was working overseas a few years ago when this happened.
I was the sport coordinator at a small private Catholic school. Doesn't matter where. I love the job cause i always got to watch the teen girls doing their activities.
Anyway, i was asked since i had a spare day coming up to run a trial sex education class. I hadn't done anything... [more]

I can’t stop cheating 2

I posted the other day about my not being able to stop cheating. I want to be clear it’s not just black men. I have had sex with men of all races. Most the guys I cheat with are white cuz where I live that’s the most available. But I’ve had sex with nearly all my husbands friends. Ok so I’ll start with a few confessions.
I always care a slutty... [more]

Pregnant Neighbour

I have this thing for pregnant chicks, I had it all my life, when I was 13Years old the house next door had recently been purchased by a newly wed couple.Well the guy was average looking but rich his wife was hella hot and thicc and she was pregnant too.The minute I saw her I got hard as fuck.I went and snapped photo's of her ass and as many... [more]

She was drunk and does not remember

My dad passed away when I was around thirteen or so and my mom grieved for about a year then started living life again. I was old enough to be doing my own thing mostly and she started going out with a friend sometimes and having some fun. They came back to our house usually and they would both look like hell the next morning hungover bad.
One... [more]

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