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Cheating With My Neighbor

I couldn’t help but feel my Asian neighbor across the street is so sexy! I’ve never had the opportunity of tasting the pleasure of an Asian woman. You could say it’s been on my bucket list but thought it would never happen. I was wrong. Dreams do come true.

Prologue - How It Started With Her…

We lived across from each other for years. We... [more]

Caught cumming against washer in utility room

I am a 64 year old guy and I had my first washing machine induced orgasm this morning. I have what most would call a tiny cock that is basically inverted when flaccid and was wearing cargo shorts this morning while doing laundry. I leaned forward against the washer while folding towels and it was vibrating at just the right frequency to create a... [more]

I want a black man’s baby

My husband and I ware white in our late 20’s married 4 years. Since we got married we have very little sex. In fact for the past year none at all. I keep him locked in Mae chastity (a cocktail cage). I only have sex with Black men.
My goal is to become pregnant by a Black man. I recently spent a weekend with a Black guy who works with my... [more]

I am 100% a voyeur. i am most excited to watch someone shit/piss

shower, masturbate or any other activity they are doing without knowing than any prospect of having sex with them..even if i already have and can again.
things i have seen without them knowing
1.girlfriends toilet activities and her intense study after each wipe of her ass, and listening to her shit and farts come out while watching her face... [more]

Shes a young tease

I had my sister and her husband come and stay with me over the weekend with their 2 daughters. 5 and 8.
My 8 year old niece is always happy to see me and follows me round like a shadow. Such a sweet thing she is, definitely one of my fave nieces. Anyway shes got this way of sitting with her legs spread right open. I let her use my phone and she... [more]

Minute Man

I'm 21 and have been seeing this guy who is 20. He was a virgin when we met. He's really shy and sweet and I love him, and I started slowly with him with regard to sex, as he was inexperienced. The first time we had sex I rode him and within maybe 30 seconds I could feel him spasm and fill me up. It was his first time feeling pussy, so I thought... [more]

Pregnant BBW'S

I cant help it but I love having sex with pregnant bbws. The fact that they are already big qomen is hot but to have that big bump is so sexy. I have had sex with 5 different pregnant bbws so far and wanting more. I am very oral and love to satisfy. if you want to get together.

First time shopping.

I finally got up the nerve to stop in a woman apparel store.
I was out of town and saw a small Women’s boutique so I thought I would get up the nerve to shop for some clothes.
The next day I called the boutique and a woman answered. I asked if there was a slow time at the store but I could tell she did not understand so I said I wanted to shop... [more]

Why I like older Ladies

When I was around 14/15 and I was under my hormones, I once heard two of the most popular boys talk about a women they knew and they told each other how they fucked her.
I did not know the lady but I knew where she lives because the boys talked about it. So I took all my courage in my hands and called her and offered her to do her lawn and... [more]

Grandma's house

I read a lot of stories on here about sex with relatives and I decided to tell what happened to me.
When I was 13 my aunt and uncle moved back to the family town. They didn't have a place to live so they moved in with my grandma, my uncles mother. Their daughter, my cousin was my age so my mom told me I had to help her make new friends. That... [more]

Sister in law is big

I have been having an on going affair for over 7 years with my sister in law and my wife has no idea. It started when she was visiting us for the summer and i saw her sunbathing. My wife was at work and i came home early from my job to find her laying out by the pool in a bikini sunbathing. Now my sis in law is 5'6" and close to 325lbs. I love... [more]

Happy Holidays

Me and my boyfriend went on holiday and I got fucked so many times and not from my boyfriend.
We met a couple and spent time around the pool with them, we arranged to go out together that night and my boyfriend asked me to get some bottles of water from the shop before we go out tonight, on my way to the shop I knocked on our friends door... [more]

I’m so sorry

This is a story I’ve never told anyone, a few years ago I had broken up with my boyfriend for weeks he wouldn’t stop bothering me so I thought of an idea that might help him move on and stop pestering me.
My plan was to be seen with another man, not to make him jealous but to let him know I was serious I want nothing more to do with him, I’ve... [more]

Crossdresser sex confession.

I like to crossdress and I'm quite convincing when I do. I don't do it very often though as my attitude to sex and safe sex in particular changes completely when I'm dressed.
I'm normally very safe but when dressed I turn into a total cum slut. I go to a gay sauna club that has trans/crossdresser days and I find myself letting guys fuck me... [more]

Four girls I know of

What I only found out about a few weeks ago I know is partly my fault. I haven't told my girlfriend about it and am not sure if I should. I live in a rural area in a small ranch home. The closet house to mine is well over 200 yds. away. I work in commercial sales and am rarely home before 7 or 8 pm and my girlfriend is usually only here on... [more]

2 weeks...

For two weeks I was in the hospital, had a minor heart attack. That's messing with my brain since I'm not even 50 yet but that's not the story.
For 12 days I would just lay there eating bad food and looked forwarded to dinner time because that's when my girlfriend would show for polite conversation and such.
One day I got a text from the woman... [more]

Hotwife for husband

I normally don't do things like this but my husband keeps after me to do it.. He asked me 4 months ago to have sex with some other man. He keeps asking me almost every night about having sex with his bestfriend and to let him watch. To be honest I am scared that if I have sex with his bestfriend that I won't stop. I think he is very handsome and... [more]

Mentally retarded Brother

I have a brother that is over 30 in between but his brain stoped when he was 11/12. So he is a grown mqn with a childs mind.
My parents did not want to give him in a clinic or a nursing home and they brought him to my dad's mom. She lived out in the country with some chicken, dogs and goats. and she loved having some company and someone to care... [more]

It seas so unreal even after a year

I have been married for over 15 years now and I am a real estate sales person. My name really dose not matter but on occasion we have to attend classes to help us become familiar to changes and tips to help close sales.
I received my offer of update and the class was a two day affair in Los Angeles so I booked my flight making arrangements for... [more]

Brotherly Love

I was browsing the internet and came across this site. I needed to explain my situation. To the eyes of the public I'm a sinner and to others I'm perverted and should seek help. I'm in a loving relationship with my brother. I'm 26 and he's 24 and we live and sleep together. Our folks thinks we are just sharing the house. I'm a SSBBW and ever since... [more]

How to tell

I really want to fuck my Sis-in Law and I THINK she wants that too. I say that because she lives alone for a long time and has needed help around her Home. I've offered to help many times but she makes excuses like "If it's not done right I I would feel odd complaining because your family" I think she just doesn't trust herself around me being... [more]

Wife's daughter

I am quite a bit younger than my wife is, 16 years younger to be exact. Thing is she don't look 16 years older than me. She somehow found the fountain of youth and looks my age. Hence the reason I asked her out in the first place, I thought she was my age when I saw her the first time. Anyway, she's not the subject of this confession, her daughter... [more]

Need a real man to fuck my wife

I'm a 65 year old male, that is unable to satisfy my wife.
Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It started in my bladder and quickly spread to my prostate, testicles, and cock. I ended up having to have all removed. I now pee into a ostomy bag on my side. So you see why I can't satisfy my wife anymore. But enough about me.
As far as... [more]

I think I'm evil and I sorta like it

I think I'm evil, ever since I was young I've always been deceitful and sneaky, I've always been a risk taker and as I've grown older I've have a "I don't give a fuck" attitude towards my life.. at a young age I realised my parents had no real control over me.. I took that mean beatings as a kid It was a deterrent anymore so escentially they were... [more]

Surprise phone call

I am away on business when my phone goes off late at night and I answered it worried that there was an emergency instead on the other end is my wife’s sister who had been drinking she told me that she’s sorry that she called but she wanted to let me know that she had been thinking of me he said well that’s nice of you but you realize it’s one in... [more]

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