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Cash Creek

My husband Jim and I have discussed the possibility of one day him sharing me with another guy and it seams that lately that is the only he can get it up is when he is fantasizing watching me do another guy and some of the things he comes up with are kind of fun and once he tied my hands and feet to the bed and said that he had a guy in the other... [more]

My darkest fantasy

So this is my darkest fantasy, and I've told no one this at all and need a place to let it out. I'm a 30 year old gay male and have been into bestiality for many years and have performed in several porn videos as well. Something about animal cock and cunt (only types of females I'll enjoy lol) just gets me rock hard. However that's not the darkest... [more]

Caught on halloween

I have been a crossdresser all of my life. My wife knows but does not like it. This past Halloween my wife's company threw a costume party at a local bar. My wife told me I was going as a woman, thinking that being out in public dressed would embarrass me into not dressing up again. My wife brought over her girl friend who works at a beauty salon... [more]

Dear Mr Rivers...

Dear Mr Rivers, you know that person you refer to as the office idiot well he’s been fucking your wife.
Remember four months ago when you said if I don’t stay behind and help I better start looking for a new job, as you know I did stay and help I also helped myself to your neglected wife (my line manager) we stayed till 2am that night putter your... [more]

Secretly shared fiance's nudes online with face

So about a year ago, I started secretly sharing my fiance's nudes online on a few websites, with her faced cropped out. It was a HUGE turn on for me just thinking about her being exposed to so many strange men, fantasizing about what they're gonna do to her. She's got tiny little cute tits, but hips that can make you drool.
After a while, nudes... [more]

A craigslist post

The following story is why I miss craigslist personals.
Please forgive my spelling and story telling. I don`t write much but, I`ll do the best I can.
I meet this woman one time through a craigslist posting, She was asking for help with paying some of her bills that month. She wasn`t very descriptive as to what she was offering in return but... [more]

Dominante man

I'm 29 and a single mom of 2 children. Been separated from ex husband for a year. Just focused on my children and myself. It was the beginning of July, while the kids were at daycare. I getting new tires put on my car and I was in waiting area. Short while later, a heavy set black man came in to get new tires on his car as well. He sat near me... [more]

I’m so attracted to my sister-in-law

I will try to keep this short, I just need to get this out there. Maybe “vocalizing” will help me. My wife “Lisa” is several years older than her sister “Kim”. They could be twins, except Lisa is fair skinned, dirty blonde, and Kim is dark complected and dark haired. Lisa is a bit taller and bigger bottom as well. Their voices even sound the same... [more]

Wife's permission

When my wife first caught me, I thought that's it, our marriage is over.
We'd not had sex ourselves in some considerable time and I adore sex. I did try once only, meeting up with a younger woman. The sex was great, but she wanted so much more from me, texting me and demanding I meet her or else. I didn't see her again.
Then I overheard a guy... [more]

Friends Grilling

My husband's friend has been trying to seduce me for the last few months. I've been brushing it off. He is really good looking and knows it. He mostly makes comments and suggestions. But a few weeks ago him and his wife and my husband and I went out for a couple drinks. He suggested we head back to His house and get some food. When we got... [more]

What is the problem???

For the love of god, what is the problem with and
Can the person who deals with all the posts not handle life and running this site anymore? We are getting really really annoyed at coming here to se no new content for weeks. Is not about time that you bring in help to help moderate and post new... [more]

I love to expose my naked wife Kay all around the world!

I can't help myself. I love posting my mature naked wife Kay for the world to see! Kay has a meaty cunt, big saggy full tits, and always-erect nipples! I thoroughly enjoy knowing that men and women around the world are checking out Kay's beautiful pudgy body, especially her awesome pussy!

Growing up sharing a room with my little sister

Im James, I used to share a room with my little sister Josie because we lived in a small apartment. My father, would sleep in the living room. My sister and I had to share the bedroom. I used to play around with her a lot, like grab her boobs and stuff when we play wrestled. She didnt really seem bothered by it, she would just laugh. As we got... [more]

OMG how good was that

Not much of a confession more of a story, I had a casual boyfriend more of a fuck buddy really, things started slowing up only seeing each other a couple times a month.
My friend (male) who I neglected while having fun with my fuck buddy has always had a soft spot for me I’ve never lead him on or given him any signs I’m interested in him that way... [more]

Cum Tributes

Anyone looking for tributes of their wife of girlfriend? I can happily help with that. Just let me know

Panty sniffing heaven

I moved in with my g/f's best friend for a month while my new place was getting ready and it was the best month I have had in a long time. We have had a 3 sum together so our conversations usually end up with sexual overtones. A couple of days after I moved in Pam kept saying how good the 3 sum was and thinks about it daily. She said thinking... [more]

Undecided with niece where to start with this one,oh I've made a post on here b4 about my sister and i almost getn it on but i can't sign in for whatever reason but this story literally happened the day before yesterday from the date of this post,I'll call her A,so A is my niece whom I'm only like 6yrs older than (odd ik) but she periodically uses meth and... [more]

Family values

The truth is, I'm not real sure what to do next. And why I've decided to let my thoughts run on here.
Jake is my mom's youngest brother. He's super fit and simply gorgeous. I thought he was gay at one point in my life, as I often saw men checking him out. But as I know now, he's definitely not.
Only a couple of weeks ago, he calls by parents... [more]

Hotel joy

Back 2015 my husband and I were in Germany during the skiing season. I'd hurt my left ankle two days before and we'd arranged to ski with a few of our friends prior to my accident.
My husband went along as I knew he'd only be gone a few hours. The thing is when I took a shower I slipped because I could support myself with my damaged... [more]

Sister is great

I was 16 when my sister, 19 caught me jerking off. I didn't notice her at first but had one hand on my cock and the other cupping my balls when I looked up and saw her in the doorway. "Oh fuck" I said and covered up. She laughed and walked over to me. "You know Dave, mom and dad are gone for the evening and my cunt is itching." She uncovered me... [more]

Mixed feelings/jealousy

I'll try to make this short, but it needs context. My dad died 2 months ago and my mom is 65. She lost 1/2 her income when dad died. A friend of mine who is 44 was living with his parents and doesn't make much money, but offered to move in with my mom and help with bills and rent. I didn't have a problem with it and my mom was grateful. She could... [more]

Drunk incest

I came home really drunk late last night, after a night of drinking with some of my buddies. I had hoped to get laid, as I had not had sex in over a month. I had broke up with my girlfriend and moved back in with my mother a few weeks ago, until I can find my own apartment.
I totally struck out at the bar, so one of my buddies drove me home... [more]

Company Christmas Party Gets Hot...

My wife and I were in our early 20's and had been married for about 3 years. We had gotten into swinging as soon as we got married and had swapped with several other couples as well as having lots of threesomes. But most of our fun was from going out and letting my hot wife expose herself to strangers. She'd gotten into exhibitionism when she was... [more]

My pre-teen niece pt. 1

One night my niece was over visiting me after school. She is 12. She always likes to wear skirts or dresses. She was super tired one day, and decided she wanted to lay on my bed. She asked if she could take a nap and I said she could. So about half an hour later, I go to check on her.
I see one of her legs fell off the bed and her ass was... [more]


Yesterday, something very unexpected happened. It all started with a guy named Jack. I've known him since I was 11 and for the longest time he's been a father figure to me. He is a close friend of my parents and because of that he's always been there for me. He attended my graduations, prom, and any other event of mine with the rest of my family. ... [more]

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