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Bad Mom?

I am 35, married. we try to get pregnant for a while now, but it did not work upto now. We live in a townhouse and next to us lives a divorced mom with 2 kids. The kids are 8 (girl) and 12 (boy). Sometimes I help her by sitting for the kids, when she has a date. I already knew her before the pregnancies and the divorce amd in the beginning she did... [more]

I did it on purpose and loved it

We have a nice secluded back yard and I love to lay out nude and sunbathe. I was just getting ready to do just that when I heard the lawn maintenance crew pull up and start working. I stepped back into the house and waited for them to finish but as I was watching them I thought about me laying out on the patio nude and letting them find me. I... [more]

Sales manager/ Sales girl

We’re both married. I manage a sales team, she’s on another team. We have a big meeting and I’ve had a couple of beers and say something flirty. Not dirty or off color, mind you.
I don’t really know her all that well and this is a big company, not some little outfit, so I realize it was a mistake and immediately apologize and say “sorry, that... [more]

Family Misconduct While Pregnant

I was 19 and pregnant. My husband and I stayed at my folks house in my late pregnancy. That's so mom could help me out while giving birth. My husband enjoyed my huge swollen milk filled breasts and the head/hand jobs I gave him while I had a swollen belly. He missed poking me. I told him he could still screw me but he didn't want to in fear of... [more]

Mom gets lonely

My dad is in the Navy and spends a lot of time away from home. He has currently been deployed over seas for the past four months, and I know my mom gets very lonely. Mom is 34 years old, and very pretty lady, for her age. I know she has a lot of men hitting on her while dad's away, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't cheated with anyone yet. I am her... [more]

Still a virgin

I'm a 52 year old man who is still a virgin. I have always been really shy around people, especially women. I want to fuck a woman so bad that it literally hurts sometimes, and I have to masterbate to relieve the pain. I saw a psychologist a few years ago who diagnosed me with acute social anxiety disorder and gave me some medications to help, but... [more]

Young and pregnant

Hi my name is Carrie,
I was young at the time and two months pregnant when this happened so please understand.
My Mother was out of the hospital and needed help around the house so I talked it over with my husband Jessy and we decided that I should go down and help her for about a week so I flew to LAX and my step Father picked me up .
They... [more]

Wife takes another

Me and my wife have been together since we were 11 years old. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true. We dated through junior high and high school. Went to the same college and got married after graduation. Been married ever since for 25 years now. In all that time we have never strayed on eachother until now. I asked my wife what she wanted... [more]

I let them all have me again and again

So, thank you all so much for your positive comments on my previous post, it means alot as have sex with 6 older guys is not something to boast about. my parents would hit the roof if they even knew i was hanging out with guys like that, and yeah, i had sex with all of them.
however i really enjoyed it and after seeing the guy who started it... [more]

While Painting One day

It was a warm spring day with a gentle breeze blowing. I had just started painting my fence when I heard a soft voice say, "Hi mister! Do you need any help with the painting?" I turned around to see a pretty dressed young girl standing there. The wind came up and blew her dress up high enough for me to get a glimpse of her lovely legs and thighs... [more]

Not all the way

When I was 15 I was just like every other horny teenager lusting after the girls. I would have fucked any girl really, didn't matter how old or who she was, I just wanted to have sex. Oh I did the normal teen boy shit, stole some playboy's and looked at any other porn I could get my hands on, but it wasn't the same. I needed to fuck a girl and it... [more]

Flashing my panties

I have a fetish for women's panties. Coupled with the fact that I also have a tiny dick that most women wouldn't enjoy fucking, I get really turned on when a woman sees my tiny dick in panties and tries her best not to keep looking and laughing.
My dick, when fully erect is 4 inches long. When soft, its about an inch. A lot of my female... [more]

Married woman

I am a married woman in my early 40s. My husband is a long hall truck driver gone most days during the week. In over 20 years of marriage I have never cheated on him until now. I am not sure why I did it or even who the guy was. I was sitting here one night and I hear a knock on the door. I go to answer and this guy is there telling me he found a... [more]

My first BBC

Yesterday my car broke down on the road to my cousins and this guy in a old pick up stopped to see if I needed help and he was Black as blue black and spoke little English learned he was just in the states for three weeks on a visa and was on his way to work at a ranch up the road He wasn't wearing a shirt and man did he have a upper body kinda... [more]

Wife's a giver

I used to travel around the NYC area and NJ on business and would be gone for days at a time. I hated the being gone part but made good money. On my last work day I would leave NY or NJ by 8pm and it was usually a six hour drive back home. My wife would always be up waiting for me when I got home and it sure was nice to come home to her smiling... [more]

Helping Grandpa (Handjob)

My grandpa lives alone in his house and me, Mom and dad buy for him what he needs and clean the house all 2 weeks. I' 21 now and I know that since I`m 13. At that Age, as all girls, I was curious and I found some sex magazines (stories not pictures) in his garage. From then on I liked it even more to help him with the house.
One morning I caught... [more]

Bad Dad

My dad robbed a bank when I was 5. He was caught because my mom called the police. Je was jailed for 7 years. I all the years never heard from him and I never visited him.
When I was 12 ond day there was a knock on the door. My mom went and came back into the room followed by the man she called my dad. He had a gun in his hand. And he was angry... [more]

Never thought

Me and the family went on vacation in Florida 2 weeks ago. It was me, my wife and her 18 year old daughter (not mine. Previous marriage). Everyone was having a great time.
Halfway thru I'm chilling in the pool. It was a hot day and I wanted to cool off. Sandra (my wife) was at the beach with her nephews. Cassie comes up to me in the pool. She... [more]

Fisk's First Wife ( Part Two )

Fisk didn't even blink when I told him my wife wouldn't be joining us. He asked, " Can we go downstairs ? " I had a large " party room " that adjoined the laundry where I had some neon beer lights, a bar, a dart board, and some worn out wicker furniture. Beck came back with hair scrunchies, and acted a little disappointed my wife wasn't joining... [more]

I think I want to hang my 47 year auntie (help?)

A while ago someone got me to touch myself to my auntie (I am not going to explain how. It just happened) I thought nothing of it after. Some time later it happened again. Then it became a routine. I then went panty searching and took a pair of worn panties. I know it's not a good thing. It's very bad and I am aware of that. I can't help it... [more]

Help! Husband shaved his junk

Been married 6 years and have what I thought was a good relationship. Last weekend my husband got out of the shower and he had shaved his pubic hair completely off. He doesn't have a hair on his cock or balls or anywhere near. I asked why he did that, and he couldn't give me an answer. I said I wish he would have asked me first, since that look... [more]

I'm Fucking our Preacher

It all started when I went to see Brother Knight for marriage help. He took the time to listen to me which my husband doesn't. He even helped me with the kids when I needed a helping hand. Then one day when I went to see him in his church office I began to cry. He comforted me. The next thing I know we were making out and he put his hand up my... [more]

I want to fuck my girlfriends mom

It all started when I got kicked out of my girlfriend grandpas house. My girlfriends mother lives on the same property 50 feet away. So I asked my girlfriends mother if I could spend the night she said it would be ok if i stayed a few nights. I am 20 and she is a 45 year old women with brown hair up to her shoulder, she has double d’s, beautiful... [more]

My Little Bro!

I'm 18 and my little bro Jamie is 15. The other day I came in our room and he was masturbating looking at gay porn on the internet. I was like hey bro WTF! He covered himself and then I left the room. I came back like an hour later and he was still spanking his cock to gay porn. I was like how can you watch that shit bro? I don't know how but he's... [more]

Sleep over

Last Christmas I had my friend Billy stay over. We watched some movies and played our guitars and video games. Billy brought with him some X rated movies. They were really hot ones of women and men having group sex. I was so turned on. Billy told me that he masturbates while watching them all the time. I confided in him that I also masturbate. So... [more]

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