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Is it okay to have this fantasy?

I had my first orgasm last night thinking about incest. I’ve never had any feelings for any family members but there’s something so hot about it being wrong. I don’t know if my brother or dad heard me touching myself, but I can’t help it. Just makes me wanna tease a father figure, have him corrupt me for the first time until I turn into his little... [more]

I tried escorting

I recently lived out one of my fantasies. I hope my husband never finds out i did this but I tried escorting for the first time.
Its been a fantasy of mine for some time now to take money for sex with some random guy. After thinking about it for a long time and wondering if I could actually do it I finally got to the point where i was ready to... [more]

Can someone help me better myself?

I have a boyfriend who I really love and want to have a future with, but I constantly have these desires to have sex with random people. To get a "sugar daddy" or get kidnapped and sold as a sex slave. I doubt I could even have this happen cuz I'm chubby and ugly, and I don't really want these to happen but when I think about it, I get very horny... [more]

What should I do to get my wife to gangbang

What do you do to get your wife to start swinging or gangbanging She is strawberry blonde big natural boobs a little curvy we live at Wyong nsw is anyone that can help me

Picture of my lovely wife

One day I found a photograph of my beautiful sexy wife. She was wearing a bathing suit while sitting at a swimming pool. I decided to masturbate while looking at the picture. She had a beautiful sexy smile! I couldn’t help from looking at her long legs and the nice smooth sole of her left foot! That sole and toes turned me on big time. I had a big... [more]

Only So Far

Mom was always a hugger and always gave us a peck on the cheek when we'd leave the house. We'd never thought much of it, demonstrative behavior had always seemed natural. I don't think either Mom or I was surprised one night when we'd both been drinking and I went up to hug her, but but the surprise came next when I pushed my lips to hers and... [more]

I secretly fattening my boyfriend and hope he gets fat

I have known that I have a feederism fetish since I was 13 years old. I have accepted it; I cannot help it, I have tried. I have got myself. My current bf, who is my childhood love and I think my future husband is my everything. When we met at age 12, he was an athletic slim guy with the most beautiful face I have ever seen. (still valid.) he had... [more]

Is there anything wrong if a mom allows a son to enjoy her boobs

There is nothing wrong to allow your son to play with your body parts like boobs. Because son found his mom attractive or anything. And there are some situations where mom allowed her son to have sex with her. Considering that situation allowing a son to play with boobs is not a wrong thing.
Even I was also a part in such things. I studied... [more]

Mum wants to go on delivery in truck with me

Last month I was telling mum about a property I go to to deliver drinking water how beautiful it was all rainforest and all that ,she was very interested in seeing the property next time I deliver,I told her that the truck is very uncomfortable in the passenger seat and would be to bouncy for her going on the dirt roads but she persisted that she... [more]

Sister In Law's Tits

I've always wanted to see my sister in law, Kelli, naked. She is a beautiful woman with and awesome body. You'd never guess she had 3 grown kids.. She's been to the house swimming and her tits are amazing. They're at least the same size as my wife, Cindy's, which are 32DDs.
Last fall Kelli and her husband had bought a new house and was in the... [more]

I let my gf dog fuck me

I don't why I did it, but i couldn't help it. Fido was just there and he had such a big and meety cock. When my gf left to get food, i just couldn't take and started sucking his cock, his red rocket came out and I could taste his precum after sucking for 5 minutes. Before he came i stopped and pulled down my pants and let him go to town on my... [more]

My Arabic mom big ass

Hi everyone I’m Arabic and Muslim since years I didn’t think sexualy about my mom until it comes the day when I saw her naked it was a morning she went to the toilet and left the door a little bit open I didn’t know she was there I was going to toilet too then I saw what I can’t never forget and I was 18 then. She was bending over cleaning the... [more]

My wife her mother and me

Some years ago i was working on a womans house doing building work id been working there about a week and had months of work to do . I was a 50 yr old guy and the lady of the house was 45 ,she lived alone or so i thought .
Working there long hrs you can imagine we got chatting and she told me she was a widow and had a step daughter who was 20... [more]

Going to visit mom

Just pulled over into a rest stop at Brooklyn near the Hawkesbury bridge on my way to visit mom just thought I’d let you know what I am about to do I’m wanking my self so I don’t get hard around mom ,she wears only a light cotton nightie this time of year and I can see right threw it her nipples are always very firm pointing at me witch started... [more]

Daughter and Dad

Sitting next to my daughter the thought overwhelmed me as I swiftly started to get up. "Chrissie, this is just something that I can't continue with," I said, trying desperately to convince her, and convince myself. Then she did something that was hard to believe.
With both hands clasped firmly around my neck, she gently pulled my head down so... [more]

First BJ on the road.

( I am a man )I suck my dick when I was driving a big truck. I was driving across Louisiana (. I10) getting horny, I needed something to help get off. Pulled into a rest area, parked and looked around to see a man in pickup truck with his dick out. So I motioned to my truck, He got into my truck and droped his pants, no underwear, I began to play... [more]

Calling all sexual spirits.

I have a tiny non functioning micro penis and have always satisfied my wife via oral and fingers. A few years ago I introduced realistic Vixen Creation dildos into our lovemaking sessions and my wife had wonderful deep multiple orgasms for the first time that almost made her pass out. I started buying realistic porn star dildos to add more realism... [more]

Fucking my stephdaughter

It started when we went to the lake she wore a 2 piece bathing suit looking hot her black ass was thick made my cock get hard as a rock so we got in the water i watched her nipples harden in the water till i couldnt take it i eased up behind her before she knew it i pulled the strap on her bottom an she lost it she told me to get one out the car i... [more]

Daughter Has Plans For Dad

This all happened a year before this past summer, before the Covid-19 pandemic. It's the weekend, and I get a call from my daughter. She is going to swing by before work, and grab some lunch with me by the pool. I make a couple sandwiches, and cut up some fruit. I set it all out, and go change into my swim trunks.
As I drop my clothes to the... [more]

Please control my orgasms....

Single, horny, shy transman that wants a cute girl to tell me how, and if or when she wants me to cum. I need help with my hard ftm cock and soaking wet hole. I'm not a good enough boy to control myself, please help.

A sister's desire

A freak. That's what they would call her. Well, if they knew what she thought about, how she wanted him so bad, that she ached for him. Even now she was watching the clock, waiting, knowing that when she got home from school he would be there. Her name was Allie, and she was lusting after her own brother.
Allie had just turned 18, a senior in... [more]

Attracted to elderly women

For quite some time, I've had an attraction to and fondness for older women. A few years ago, I worked as a patient care technician at a local hospital. Many of the patients that I cared for were in the 60-100 year age range. Some were able to get out of bed with assistance to get to the bathroom & shower while others were bed bound & unable... [more]

Landlady turned slut

This is a true story based on how my wife told it to me after she became a slut ... My mature wife and I manage several apartments...She usually wears short skirts and stockings in her office on Fridays and as she is the only person who works in the office she is free to do as she pleases...and she does....she loves it when guys come in to pay the... [more]

Step daughter fantasy

I have been fantasizing about my step daughter (Lilly) for years I can't stop thinking of her, I make little passes at her like smacking her ass, give her kisses to the cheek and a few on the lips (no tongue,yet) asking her if she wants me to wash her back when she is going to shower she giggles and tells me"just my back?"we cuddle and watch TV... [more]

Mother in laws love

My mother in law is from NY and she has a very strong do it yourself mentality. I'm with her daughter who Is 5 years older than I am. My mother I law is 40 years older than I am. That would make her 70. Their family has really good genes and she looks good for her age. Nice big tits and her ass isn't amazing but it's good for her age. I've been... [more]

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