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Pandemic Blues......I Miss My Wife’s Pussy

When this pandemic began I thought it was a 2 week lockdown and everything would be back to normal. Normal for me is married at the age of 50, and battling Erectile dysfunction.
My wife is 40 and still very fit and attractive. I can eat her pussy all day and night and when we are together and sexually active I do. However when it comes to... [more]

My husband's fantasy

My husband shared his fantasy with me right after we married. He confessed he wanted to watch me be with his friend. I was sickened by it and refused. To be honest, he pushed quite hard about it and we almost split up over it.  We have been married for 23 years in November, but last summer he finally got his wish.
We were on vacation and we... [more]

Daughters friends wet panties on a horse ride

I was bbq one night drinking a few beers and my daughter had her friends over for a sleep over. After we all ate they asked me to give them each a ride on one of our horses so I did. One by one I sat behind them on the horse and rode them around. These are all teens and with every ride I’d sit behind them and I could feel how they would rub up on... [more]

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Young man

Well I work as a security guard in London and due to this lockdown not got home see hubby in while we chat all time tex video call etc well we have been having some work done in the office I work at and have to keep eye on workmen and yes fit young good looking etc well had been texting hubby and he was playing as normal teasing me about them must... [more]

Stripper for a night

A friend of mine was putting on a bachelorette party of her bestfriend. She had hired a stripper, but he canceled at the last minute. It was the eve before the party and she called me asking if I could help her find a replacement. We literally called everyplace we could think of with no luck. We were sitting there out of ideas when she said most... [more]

My wife’s niece

My wife has a niece that stays with us on the weekends. She would always sit next to me with the covers over and the lights off. One night I went into the bathroom to shower and I saw that she had left her phone in there. I was curious to go through her phone, and I went into her gallery and I saw tons of pictures of her, some completely nude And... [more]

Mom did not want me gay

My mother was a nurse and never dated I always remember her being naked or just in a robe. She never hid her body and showered with me every day, have me soap her body and she do it to me. She always seen to be touching me especially my cock by 12, her touch h made me hard. Most night we slept together and naked. When she caught me jerking off... [more]

Grandma's friend

So this took place almost 30 yrs ago. I was raised by my grandma. My parents split when i was a baby and she took me in. I was 18 when this took place. My grandma was 78 at the time, and was very attractive(that's another confession for another time), small saggy tits, baggy ass and not a care in the world. she She would wear as much or as... [more]

I desire women...

I am a 26 year old male happily married to the love of my life. I love her with all my heart but I feel like I have a dark side...
My paternal great-grandfather was a womanizer and left many women pregnant and I have been told his son, my grandfather, was a pimp. There are times where I feel I want leave my wife and just fuck as women as I can... [more]

Pretending to be drunk

My sister and i went out drinking last year
Her husband stayed home with out kids and my husband was at work.
When we got home i didnt drink much so i drove but my sister was waisted.we got in house and John my brother inlaw was making fun of how drunk we were.
Ni he is cute and always thought my little sister had a hunk for a husband but i was... [more]

Sister inlaw

When I was younger I was too scared to talk nasty to women. I would hear and see guys just flat out asking women to fuck and I always imagined a slap to the face if I did something like that. By the time I was 24 years old I had only slept with a handful of women. Four to be exact. My buddy told me I didn't have any balls and was scared of being... [more]

Helping the homeless too much?

Kind of a long story but this has taken place over the past year and I want to confess: I belong to a volunteer group and once a week we bring bag lunches to a homeless community living under an overpass into the city. I started doing this when I was a few months pregnant and stopped working full-time. As my belly grew so did my boobs and a couple... [more]


Dose any one know of website that can help me come better sissy and and good task site.

Fucking my Mum’s first boyfriend

I’m 24, getting married next year to a 27 year old guy and we have great sex, but a couple of times a year I like to fuck some guy who is over 50. Thing is, I’m not attracted to old men, I just like fucking them. This is the story of how I discovered my fetish, if you call it that.
I took a gap year after high school and my best friend and I... [more]

I showed my wife's naked pictures to a friend she works with

For awhile now I've been showing semi nude and completely nude pictures of my wife to a friend of mine she works with. The first few times think he was in shock and was sort of speechless but has gotten to the point he now asks for certain poses and I try to help. One of the best comments he has made is "I'm going to kill you because now every... [more]


We had only been engaged two months, it was a very hot summers day we had invited my boyfriends parents over for a barbecue, we had socialised before many times we got on very well specially with my future mother-in-law, my boyfriends parents were in there mid forties, he told me his parents don't have sex any longer, we had all eaten the men were... [more]


Been married to my wife for 8 years now. Needless to say we have become stagnant in our relationship. Not sure who's fault it is, hell it's probably both of us. None the less, it dawned on me one night at the bar when a woman I know was flirting with me and wanted to have sex, that my wife could very well be having sex with someone else at that... [more]

Knight in shinny armmer

Hi everyone it Cassie from Lakeland well yesterday morning about 8 am I get a knock on my door it was him and he came in and grab up and those big arms of his and kiss me and ask me to come stay with him for a couple of days I said yes so I grabbed some dresses skirts pantyhose panties bras make up and away we went so he ask if felt safe with him... [more]

Help green and yellow looking puss.

I have green and yellow puss coming out of my cock after fucking this woman at work. I thought it would be ok. The first day it seemed like it burned a bit when I took a piss and now about 11 days later my cock is filled with this yucky smelly puss. WTF! I told the bitch she better get checked out. She said that she was fine but I thinks she gave... [more]

I'm Going to Fucking Beat My Husbands Ass!

I can't believe this. My husband comes home and we have a pleasant evening until bedtime. It's been getting warmer outside so we turned on the AC in our home. At first I was really hot and I threw back the covers. My ass was facing him and he says hey babe would you not do that. I was like what honey. He said throw the covers back the way you did... [more]

I couldn't resist my sexy mom any longer.

After being home with my mom nearly 24/7 the past three months, I needed some pussy in the worst way. Having a mother who is good looking doesn't help either. Last night I went into her bedroom long after she had fallen asleep. She was on her back when I pulled back the sheet. As usual, she was only wearing her short nightgown and panties, no... [more]

Woman who worked for me

I started my company in 1973, by the 1980's I was a very busy because it took off and had me by the tail most of the time. It always seemed that way when I was in the middle of it but some how I always made the right decisions. It cost me my marriage but I still took care of all of them including my ex wife which still surprises her to this day... [more]

Lock down paradise

I don't want lick down to end I'm 36 yo woman and a teacher I've been in my element.
Most of the time I'm teaching a young man of 13 and every day for 8 weeks I've had at least one lesson alone with him.
I wanted him to know I liked him so I started wearing daring clothes, on the first week it wasn't enough so I up my game I got a see through... [more]

I have been giving oral for over fifty years

I will turn 63 this year and have been licking pussy for a long time, little over 50 years. My sister was an extremely curious and horny teen but never dated, I would say she was fairly attractive in her mid to late teens but we lived in a pretty rural area. She went on a few dates but not to many that I can remember until she went away to... [more]

Is my step-daughter making a move on me?

OK so....a couple of weeks ago, it was about 2am, I'd just finished a great fuck with my partner and nipped to the bathroom quickly before I got settled down back in bed with her. Being 2am I was sure her 12 year old daughter would be well asleep upstairs so walked there naked.
As I opened the bathroom door to go back to our room, my 2am eyes... [more]

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