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The step daughter

So I have been with my lady for the last 5 years and raised her kids without any help. As her youngest daughter grew up I had to deal with her wearing stuff that would show of her tatas. She also had no problem flashing me even in front of my lady. My lady didn't find anything wrong with it because she had a bra on!
Her older daughter who is 21... [more]

Prick teaser

Since moving into my new property I’ve become good friends with an elderly lady two doors away.
She was the only person that knocked on my door and welcomed me and introduced herself.
Since that day I’ve always looked out for her, I’ve got shopping for her, done some DIY etc.
One day a knock at my door, I had not long been in the shower so only... [more]

I want to share

My wife and I have been married for 8 years know. Go thou with she loves the thou of a gang bang but she's to shy to I need help we don't know anyone is part of the problem

The helpers tip

Katie and I had flooring put down in three room's, one carpet and two wood. We went to one of the big change store's to get it done and they in turn sub it to a contractor in the area.
Katie, is in great shape and often will wear outfits that show a lot of leg and or a nice look down her top. A long time ago, when we were still dating I picked... [more]

Husband and son mooning

Lately my husband and our young son have been mooning each other. It's like a game to them. And whoever gets mooned has to do a chore usually. It's been happening more and more though and now they pull their pants all the way down and it's not uncommon to see their genitals. My husband seems to encourage it and has on more than one occasion told... [more]

Hook hand

Many years ago, i found my dads vintage porn stash. I remember this one particular porno i watched, and i still fantasize about it today, an old man gets caught perving, he has a hook instead of a hand, and a redhead rubbing her beautiful pussy on his hook. Please help me find out what its called? Thanks

Sevret ass hole Sniffing,licking going rong

I Am From A small town from india Aged about 27 i am working in a Co Operative Society As A accountant that society had 4 Staffs 1 Attender
among 4 Staffs i alone was a male Another Mrs Puspa Lili Markada she was a divorced Christan women was a Manager aged above 36 years Sharmila was 30 yrs &Another is pooja 25 yrs female co worker i was... [more]

Am I doing the right thing?

After we got married my husband and I were in bed after making love talking about our pasts. He told me all his girl friends and his first wife had cheated on him. As he told me everything, I listened and asked about what they did and how he felt. I noticed how his breathing had increased. I hugged him. I wanted him to feel better. Then I noticed... [more]

I like to watch my wife with other men

We have talked about this fantasy so many times and I was so excited when she finally agreed to go out in a tight dress which buttoned all the way down the front. I insisted that she was not allowed to wear anything at all underneath.

I would take her into some of the busier town centre bars at the weekend especially on football match days... [more]

Little horny brother

So for some context my brother is 14 and I'm 16, I am a slut tbh, and I have a great body. I'm not even insecure about anything, I really do have a good body, which is why I'm in this situation. So I recently found out my brother has been trying to see me naked in the shower. I found a camera in the shower earlier, deleted the vid. Then later on I... [more]

Training course

The company I work for sent 6 people on a 3 day training course, 2 night stay in a hotel, 4 of them are from a different department that I didn’t know, the person I did know was a 54 yo woman that was my OM (operations manager) in my department.
I’m a 24 yo male working my way up the ladder so I was very excited about being sent on this... [more]

Very small penis

I’m really interested in this guy at Uni but not yet met him to talk too.
We both look at each other and have that I like you and you like me look.
My friend at Uni seems to know just about everyone, if she don’t she will find out.
Since I have told her about this guy she has gone out of her way and spoiled things for me.
She has not done it... [more]

I feel like such a slut, but can't help myself

I went out with a few friends to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday, we had a great night, but he was so drunk. Two of his friends helped my get him up the stairs. When we got down stairs I made coffee for them and we sat down at the kitchen table for a chat. As we talked I felt one of their hands gently stroking my leg.
I am not sure why or... [more]

Permission to fuck mate wife

Awhile back I hooked up with an old mate, we drifted apart, marriage, kids, career etc.
After catching up on the fun stuff he told me things are not great with the wife, for many reasons it sounds like the both of them can’t be bothered with each other.
Jokingly I said if the wife is wanting a good “sorting out” I’m happy to help, he said you... [more]

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