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Don't want him to be upset

I want to tell my husband that I don't want him to share me anymore. At first it was like a once in awhile thing . It has now become way to common of a thing. It's been over three months since he and I have been intimate alone. I tried talking to him about it and thought it was going to at least slow down. He called me from work and said to get... [more]

My uncle

I don't know what to do I'm only 14 and my uncle is 31.I had a dream about him and I. It wasnt that bad it was just every holiday when I saw him we would end up alone and talking but we were both flirting. And in the dream I was so happy but I couldn't stop thinking about all him day.all I can think is I want to be in the same room as him and just... [more]

My husband of 3 years is asking me to have sex with his co-worker

We are a couple [F26 & M28]. First of all, my husband and I have sex regularly around 2 times a week, and I was satisfied and believed that we had a good marriage relationship.
Recently, my husband has been inviting his co-worker over for dinner, and he is a very pleasant person and I found a lot in common with him, he is very into fashion just... [more]

Curious but worried

So I’m married. Lovely wife and really happy. However, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be fucked by a guy. A real intimate experience with lots of kissing and foreplay before he positions his dick against my hole and I know i’ve reached the point of no return before he slides fully in to me and fucks me as he wants.
I’ve found a... [more]

Class reunion

My wife and I for some time had been enjoying her wearing low cut top's without a bra for some time, she liked the attention and I enjoyed other guy's seeing her chest when possible.
One day she had gotten a letter about her 15 year high school reunion, and called some of her friend's she was still in touch with to see if they were going, and... [more]

The coffee stand

For the past few years I been going to one coffee stand some 13 miles from home daily. I fantasize and just want to reach out and take hole of three of the gals that work there all in their late teens and early 20's and have become friends with them over the years and my favorite became pregnant and close to her delivery date she was going to... [more]

Job interview

So long time ago when I had my own company I needed someone to answer phones and do filing, basically just office stuff. Today they would be called an office assistant or something like that anyways. This happened about thirty years ago and I always look back on her years working for me with much happiness.
I had interviewed maybe three people... [more]

Cousin brought up a weird memory

So my cousin recently moved back to my area from abroad. I haven’t seen her in a few years so we meet up for a catch up. I used to go stay with her and my aunt abroad when I was younger for the summers. So one time she took me swimming and I was about 15/16 at the time so I was jerking off anytime I was alone. So after our swim we went to change... [more]

My wife's past

We have been married for twenty years and when we first got together we were discussing fantasies one night while having foreplay. One of the things that I told her about was bondage, I had only had two serious relationships before meeting her and neither one of those women were into it. I brought it up with her before we were married and she was... [more]

Get ya sex-tun megaphones their xmas loudspeaker sex fun

Right on.
here is a reasonable comprehensive list of the popular ones. or go head and make your own but beware of the terrorist sextorrism sites. they are scams and sextorrists! Outdoor masturbation, at night I like to masturbate in my... [more]

If I do, let me pick the place.

I love my wife, we got along great from the beginning. When we go out and look to buy something we have always talked about the price, if it's too much or if we really need it for the price.
When we either paid more than she wanted or we did not get it, sometime's she would be a little upset and we would talk about, I wish it was less money or... [more]

My School Trip Adventure

Why is it that some women always seem to attract unwelcome attention from men as they go about their everyday lives, from being groped on the train, to the wandering hands of the men in the bar on a night out, even back in High School, Karen was one of the girls regularly singled out for this type of male attention.
I knew her in the last year of... [more]

Ex/clothes/Life/ not even sure pt 2

So my ex obsessed over her & miss the hell out of her (I won't say her real name so her fake name is Veronica) she was 5'6 and legs with out end, she had a hour glass fit body and ass cheeks that I could easily grab I convinced her to do squats every day by the end of the year her legs and ass look so sexy she loved wearing skirts during the... [more]

Fringe benefits becoming too much

I've been working part-time as an accountant for a small take-out restaurant. I never really needed the job, but the owner was an old acquaintance, and he was desperate for help, so I said I'd do it. I work for him about 10-15 hours a week in the evenings.
My boss is 43, married, but very flirty, and I could sense his interest in me by the way... [more]

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