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I caught our son

You won't believe me but I caught our son fucking a hen last weekend. We've been on holidays for a week on a farm in the Netherlands (we're german). Our son seemed happy being there. One morning I found him in his bed with a egg in his hand. he acted a bit as if he has been caught.
I have to abmit, that me and my husband know that our boy has... [more]

Dominated by colleague

I have a female colleague who is higher in management than I am, but in a different department. I work with her off and on but not for her.
A while ago another female coworker asked me why I let this woman dominate me so much. I didn’t feel like I had let her. I try to be cooperative and work well with her and since she is more influential in... [more]

First sexual experience

I had my first sexual experience last weekend, if you can even call it that. I’m a 17 year old skinny white boy, and I’m desperate to lose my virginity. My friend group are mainly guys, but recently a girl two years older than us started hanging out with us. She’s tall, like 6 foot, has a nice thick body and is kind of like an emo. She has the... [more]

Fisk's First Wife

My oldest friend was Fisk. We had been friends since kindergarten. We had fooled around, sexually speaking, having oral and anal sex, but, broke it off when he had some sort of guilt fit over the same sex thing, and drug use. We remained friends but had different interests. He went total redneck, was unable to talk about anything but car parts... [more]

Asshole husband

I came home from work and caught my husband in bed with my sister. These two had always been flirty with each other since I started dating him 8 years ago. I just never thought they would sleep together. My sister has a ruff time with keeping jobs and regularly needs a place to live. We have let her live with us many times over the years. She just... [more]

Husband Caught in the Act!

We live in a very small community. I was driving down to the florist to get flowers for my mothers grave. I go right by this little motel that has super cheap rates during the day. Everyone knows it's a hook up place for lovers and cheaters. As I turned the corner I saw a Corvette pulled in front of one of the bungalows. It was a blue 69... [more]

I'm a greedy mom

I had four sons and they all worked hard for over 20 years to build my business as time went on I gave each one one share of stock in the business in lieu of a retirement plan. As time went on they couldn't work together so I took the stock back from those that left the business. One son hasn't spoke to me in over 22 years. I've become well off... [more]

In a wheelchair and i want to fuck my sister.

I have this younger sister and she has been there since my accident. She helps me a lot when she can so i got attached to her. I enjoyed having her around. She is very beautiful. Sexy brown skin, perfect tits and ass. I cant help but stare at her boobs all the time because they're perfect double D's. I have to take Cialis to fuck her but it gets... [more]

I got a happy ending at a spa weekend with my wife

Spa weekends are not my thing, but like all men I like a massage so I accompany my wife to these spas, look bored in the pool and pretend the 'treatment' was ok. Been on a few, all nice spa hotels never anything sexual ever. This time was different, waiting in dressing gowns ready to go in, and out comes two therapist, one huge unattractive one... [more]

Stay at home mom

My husband was promoted then interviewed a year later and changed companies getting another pay increase, his two increases totaled more than what I made so I asked him if I could be a stay at home mom. He was a little hesitant but told me that sounded like a great benefit for our children, I smiled at him and said he would get some great benefits... [more]

Fell for my mother

I was given away for adoption as a baby. I was raised by a good woman, but when she revealed I was adopted, I started to have this itch to find my biological mother. It took years of digging (I started as a teen, I'm in my mid 20s now), but I finally traced her down and she agreed to meet me. I learned the reason she gave me away: she was only 15... [more]

Young lover

I’ve always wanted my wife to get fucked by a much younger guy. At first it was talk in bed. I would tell her how sexy and attractive she was and that it was obvious since so many guys would try and talk to her anywhere we went. Little by little I noticed her courage started to build up. She would flirt with guys back especially if it was obvious... [more]

Increasing cravings

I'm a guy, 29, in a happy relationship with a girl my age (only slightly younger). We've been together for almost a year, we get along great and the sex is amazing.
Thing is, for the last couple of months I've been craving for something else. When I was single and on Tinder, I was open to women of any age, whether they were 18 or 60. I'll say I... [more]

Sexy wife swapping

When I dated my wife we were very sexually active and did a lot of crazy things. We were into swinging and orgy parties. She even fucked three of my friend while I watched. One in her vag, one in her ass, and one in her mouth. I also watched her bring home a complete stranger and have her way with him in front of me. Of course she watched me fuck... [more]

Married and all I crave is ass

I feel terrible about this. I really do. I've been married for almost 15 years now to a beautiful woman. We have our ups and downs but for the most part we are a happy couple. My biggest issue is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE anal and ass play and she does not.
I crave it constantly. I masturbate to anal porn and fantasize about fucking every woman I... [more]

Pubescent stepdaughter

Long held secret that only my wife knows. Her daughter was 10 when we married. She started to develop when she was 12. My wife and I are well educated and borderline perverted and share some deviant interests. We were living in a townhouse at the time and did not discourage her daughter from parading around scantily dressed, so she was not... [more]

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there ! Thanks to my own, dear departed mom for popping me out way back when. Thanks for loving me even if you didn't particularly like me.
Thanks to all you moms for leaving your curtains opened, blinds askew, or careless sunbathing while I peeped and stroked my cock while absorbing your nudity... [more]

My child or what?

My stepdaughter has just given birth to a daughter. She is gorgeous, like her mum and gran. I however think she has a lot of me in her? My reason for this is that one day not long back. Both my stepdaughter katherine and her partner were visiting us. I was left alone chatting with her and as per talk got around to pregnancy, partner concerns etc... [more]

Don't want to scare new boyfriend with my sexual fantasies

I am a have a lot of sexual desires, I'm in to most things, but I don't want to scare my new boyfriend off. So I am asking for help, what are men in to sexually?
What would scare men?
So far all our sex has been pretty standard missionary, it's good, but a bit vanilla. I always thought all men were filthy minded perverts, but I need him to... [more]

My Insatiable Hunger For The Touch Of Baby Pink Fleece

The touch of baby pink fleecy adult diapers and 2 pair of footed pajamas of the same material stretched over me, Is Psychologically Overwhelming, And Impossible To Resist, So I Will Not Try to struggle out of them; Just Enjoy The Sensations That they produce! From A Happy Adult Baby.

Unfaithfully happy

I've been married to my wife for 13 years. We dated for 2 years before we got married. The night before the last night we would be single, she asked if I was going to get laid my last night before we got married. I reminded her that it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. She said, "I wasn't talking about you and I having sex." I said... [more]

Green Bay WI anybody?

Anybody here live in or near Green Bay WI? If so, I'll be happy to tell you all about a local park where you can walk around in the nude to your heart's content.

Life after 50

I’m a 50 year old very fit male who has been married for 26 years. I love my wife Dana. She’s attractive and can still turn heads. The last couple of years our sex life has dropped considerably. I’ve tried very hard to stay in shape and the last decade I have kept in the best shape possible. My wife Dana started to travel the last 5 years of her... [more]

Old Folks Sex Underground

Myself and my partner are retired and living in a very large retirement community in central Florida. I moved there for the golf and the warm climate, and various other amenities provided. I'm divorced and met my partner, Cindy, also divorced, in an online sex chat room. After some lively chat, and recognition of things in common, we traded nude... [more]

In love with my aunt

Just that. I'm in love with my aunt. We're both in love, actually. We've been a couple for two years, I'm currently 25 and she's 49. We always had a peculiar relationship. She was the cool, single, open-minded aunt with whom I smoked pot and talked art, politics, and sex and pretty much everything. I got along with her as if she was another cool... [more]

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