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Transexual in love with cousin.

I've always been very feminine and i can't remember the last time someone though I was a boy. I've have not worn boys clothes since I was 5. Make up short skirts and heels are my normal way I dress. My hair is down to my butt, and I have killer legs, I have blue eyes and a guys always say I'm pretty. People in town have just accepted me. At 14 I... [more]

Lockdown with Mom

What i am gone say is so taboo happened to me it will be a long one story
my name is Jay, i am 20years old studying in college i had good sexual life with my girlfriend my life was too good my father passed away when i was 10 my mother was a business women and good mom she did everything best for me.
i was having pretty well high... [more]

Walked naked at night through a park

Outdoor nudity makes me hot . It was late one night , about 3 am and i couldnt sleep , so i went for a walk and when i got to the park , i had the urge to get naked and walk. So i took off my top and bra , then my shorts and panties and hid them . I started to walk across the park and it was hot . No clothes with me made it more exciting . My... [more]

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Granny sex

I'm thinking about having sex with my mom she's in her seventies I'm early 50 s we live together just think she would like to have sex after so long and I'm happy to be her lover as I always wanted to fuck her. Any thoughts??

Getting to know mom

I am a Police officer in a small town, one night we get a call for domestic dispute and my Sargent and I respond from different directions. As I pull up my Sargent has my mom and her boyfriend in cuffs because they are both intoxicated, apparently the boyfriend hit my mom during the fight. My Sargent says he is taking her boyfriend in and to go... [more]

Young neighbor mows the grass

I work long hours at my construction job, so I have been paying for the yard to be mowed for the past couple years. Our neighbors son John graduated from high school and stayed home to attend the local community college, so he agreed to take on the job. He is well built, nice normal innocent acting young man.
Our house is a little secluded... [more]

Fucking my Mum’s first boyfriend

I’m 24, getting married next year to a 27 year old guy and we have great sex, but a couple of times a year I like to fuck some guy who is over 50. Thing is, I’m not attracted to old men, I just like fucking them. This is the story of how I discovered my fetish, if you call it that.
I took a gap year after high school and my best friend and I... [more]

Doctor's Question

When I have my annual physical my doctor always asks me if I am sexually active. When I say yes he asks me if there is anyone besides my wife and I tell him no. However last year I told him that while I only have sex with my wife, she has sex with me and several boyfriends. Then he asked if she used protection with the other men, I told him that... [more]

Dad and me

I'm not going to lie. I have enjoyed it and came every time my father has touched me since I was 7. I'm 35 now and my husband can never make me cum like Daddy does. My husband also has a very low sex drive, once a month is a lot from him. I think he is gay.
I knew it was not what a daughter and father should do. But it felt so good, I wanted it... [more]

My wifes little sissy

I was 16 when I got the girl next door pregnant and my parents made me quit school and get a full time job and marry her . She was very dominant with me from the begining and had full control of me in every way . She locked me in a chastity belt and started feminizing me ,I would come home from work and get dressed up in what ever outfit she had... [more]

Just roll with it?

My girlfriend and I have always been pretty open with each other sexually speaking. One night, I confessed to her that I used to let my ex sleep with whoever she wanted. As long as I knew. Sometimes I would watch, other times I would listen from the other room, and other times I wouldn't even be there, and just let her tell me all the juicy... [more]

How I became an adult performer

My boyfriend, now husband, and I lived in New York for a few years. He was posted there for work, I ended up studying at NYU. We had a great time and the anonymity of living far from Sydney led to us getting up to some fun activities that I never would have done at home.
We started going to strip shows. After a few times I started wearing more... [more]

Pregnant by sons

First I'm a 33 year old woman, 5 feet tall and 200 lbs. Blonde hair, blue eye and pretty. I have twin sons who are 18. (BTW They think I'm perfect and the most beautiful woman in the world).
Their father was my cousin who I loved. He died in Afghanistan War early in 2002. I was pregnant by him and he never knew. I was only just 15 when he made... [more]

"Inherited" wife

My mom died when I was very little, and my dad remarried when I was a teenager. He also decided to marry a beautiful, slightly younger woman, so as horny teenagers do, I developed a crush on her. Embarrassingly, a few years later, I got so wasted one night that I came back home one night my father was away, and told her I was very much in love... [more]

My Cousin’s Booty

I’m reposting my story from another site because I really like this site too, enjoy!
Hi, my name is Joey. Growing up, I was always very close with two of my 1st cousins, Mandy, who was 4 years younger than me, and her brother, John, who was 6 years younger than me.
One day I was over at their house at age 12, Mandy was 8, and John was 6... [more]

Anal Sex

I am a forty something married woman. I’ve been married nearly 25 years and have had very little interest in vaginal sex since I had kids. My husband is average (from what I’ve read), and I can hardly feel him inside me at times. We’ve only had anal sex with a clit vibe for 15 plus years. The longer we’ve done it, the better it gets. I can’t get... [more]

Gassy Pregnant Wifw

My wife has always been open about farting. She didn't do it a lot, but I still enjoyed it when she did. But ever since she got pregnant, she has been really gassy and farting all the time. She is letting me stick my face to her butt as she loudly farts. On May 17th I was promoted at work and she was so happy for me. She decided to congratulate... [more]

My first time

I decided a few years ago I wanted to try sucking a guy to completion. I ran into a road block because finding someone to let me do this was proving difficult. Everyone online at hook up sites seemed to be fake and I certainly was not going to just ask someone I knew or came into contact with often to let me do it.
I was staying at a hotel on... [more]

Sleeping Beauty

I did something last night that I thought was gonna turn out to be a mistake.
Some background. I love my wife, and I still think she's so hot, I don't know if I'll ever be used to the fact that I can look at her whenever I want, that I get to see her naked pretty much every day, that I get to fuck her, and sleep in the same bed as her.
For a... [more]

My Wife Cucked Me WTF!!!!!!

I thought things were really great. My wife told me I was good in bed. Now I find out that she has been fucking an old lover a couple times a week for the last eight or nine months. She told me that I have not given her one single orgasm the whole time we have been married. That's almost six years. She told me that her former boyfriend who has a... [more]

Just found out I'm pregnant

Well it's official I'm with child. My Dr. confirmed it today. I took a test one of the generic ones you find today at the pharmacy. It was negative. But the way I was feeling I knew it had to be wrong. I missed my period and I have been feeling sick in the morning. I don't know what I'm going to do. My husband was out of town for almost two months... [more]

I love Fucking Flabby Women

Boy do I love fucking flabby women. Flabbier the better is my motto. When I was young I was into those skinny hot girls in high school. Wouldn't look twice at a fat one. I loved feeling those tight ass bodies against mine. Their boney pelvic region poking into mine. Then about 5 years ago I started noticing these women who were a bit flabby. Yeah... [more]

Sick of my husband

Any women out there who are fed up of making the first move on their husbands all the time? I have a high sex drive and he's happy with once a week, it's like I gotta beg for it but always get rejected until his chosen day. I feel like I should stop trying to make a move because the knockbacks are humiliating

Play time

When I was 14 my uncle married a woman who already had three daughters. Her oldest daughter was about my age. I remember they used to come over and visit on the weekends, staying well into the night. Us kids would play games and whatever while our parents drank and played cards.
I remember this one time. I think we about 16, me and their... [more]

A tits job

Just a small thing I remembered this morning. When I was 18, I started seeing a girl named Pam every once in a while. We wouldn't do much except park someplace dark and make out. The problem was she wouldn't let me touch her below the waist. She was happy to suck my cock, but I could only mess with her tits, which were medium-sized and very nice... [more]

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