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I want the world to know this

I thought a long time about if I was going to post this or not. Months. Every time I thought about really sitting down and actually typing this out, I would get so nervous. But every time I would think about someone reading this and knowing that this really going on somewhere would get me really wet.
Maybe no one will read this. It's in a... [more]

Are you still there BABY

If your still there Baby I am still very pissed off that you did not advise your stroke count and I still want that OK ? anyhow Happy New Year.
All the girls have been done and Tom is still fucking Mistress when she demands, he is so big, Debbie is being fucked by new male trainees at the academy and enjoying it. Anne has started putting large... [more]

Pregnant and not know exactly who is the father

Me and my husband decided that I should get laid by at least half a dozen or more different guys over a sort span of about a month so we wouldn't know for sure who the father would be. Turns out it was 8 different guys in a one month period, best time of my life having sex with all those gorgeous guys. I'm pregnant now, 6 months, the thing is I'm... [more]

Wife's bday gift

So my wife and I went out a week ago to her birthday dinner with her sister and her sister's husband. My wife, becky, has a pretty physically demanding job so her sister got her a gift card for a massage. Becky was happy as she's always wanted a professional massage. She said, "Have you been to this place?" Her sister Sarah said, "Yep. That's why... [more]

Surprise for some " OLD " friends...

We got married in the late 70's at 18yrs old. And it was around that time VCR's first came out.But no local stores sold porn videos.So I had to go to a city about an hours drive away to buy any.While I was there one day I ran into a much older guy who was from the city I lived in he was in his late 50's. We got to talking about maybe trading some... [more]

Squashing Session with an SSBBW

A couple weeks ago, I booked a squashing session with one of my favorite SSBBWs. The session finally happened this last weekend.
As part of the deal, I booked a room at a hotel from a list she gave me. Even though the session was only scheduled for three hours (although I guess that’s a lot going by what she said in her emails), I got the... [more]

Glory hole fun

I have a glory hole set up in my condo which I have already posted a story on here, I had a guy contact me thru my ad and wanted to come by but seemed very skeptical that he was actually going to get a blow job. He showed up about the time we set up and it took him several minutes to believe that this was real, he was hesitating to put his cock... [more]

First time sex with mom

This started when I was a young teenager in High School. My mother and Dad had recently divorced and to be honest, I was quite happy. I was living full time with my mom and out bedrooms were next door to each other. I remember many times over the years, I would hear her and dad having sex and I would masturbate listening. Like many boys, I... [more]

Old Teacher

I was online the other day and saw that an old school teacher of mine and my wifes started a social media account. I decided to send him a friends request and he accepted. After a few weeks I received a message from him asking how we were doing. So we started to chat and did all sorst of small talk but after a while the talked turned into a sex... [more]

Married the slutty girl, and I’m happy

I was 22 and she was 19, we met at a party given by mutual friends. I liked her from the first moment I saw her. She’s just my type, brunette, petite, big boobs, porcelain skin and a very pretty face. When I met her she was with another guy, or so I thought, he was with her at the party and they left together. That night I introduced myself to her... [more]

Still not for teacher

I am approaching 20 years since graduating high school. Back then I had an English teacher who I had the biggest crush on. She was a beautiful Hispanic woman. I was always very careful not to reveal my crush or do anything to give it away because she was really fat. But the way she dressed and walked, her ass shifting side to side, her fat belly... [more]

She won my heart giving me her asshole to fuck every single day

When I met my fiancé 11 years ago through a mutual friend, I had no interest or attraction towards her. She called and invited me over for dinner on a Sunday, on the other side of town, and I told her by the time I got over there I would have to come right back. She asked if I wanted to sleep on her couch and I said I wasn’t bussing 2 hours to... [more]

I love Indian girls

I love to sniff and play with girls dirty panties.
The younger the better I especially love Indian girls they're so hot I love the way that their bodies look on their nude thank a great tents and great pussies are there any young Indian women or girls out there who will send me a pair of the dirty underwear or any Indian moms with the young... [more]

The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done

I realized I preferred women about a year after my husband died. I realized I was attracted to my daughter when she turned 14. By the time she was 16, I fantasized about her every day. I never acted on it, though, because that was still a boundary I wouldn’t cross back then.
I still had to do something to let off some steam, though. I... [more]

Mardi Gras

Took my 46 year old wife to Mardi Gras 2018. She like me enjoyed all the beads and boobs one could see. There were many occasions where guys would ask to see her tits. Even heard guys mention she looks like she a nice rack in which she does for her age. She’s still very attractive but will open up after drinking. she’s always had a passion for... [more]

Sucking my Neighbor Nick...

I was a restless 15-year-old girl with big boobs. My Mom and Dad fought constantly so I ended up hanging out at my neighbor Nick's house 3 houses down. He's older than my Dad, maybe 50-something? Not sure but he has salt & pepper hair. He's really nice to me and he's not a perv or anything. He shares his weed (which is really kickass!!!) and even... [more]

Happy New Year

I would like to wish all those that have posted decent, nice, clean, Confessions, Stories or Questions a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, particularly the following:-
Straight males wearing panties 24/7
Straight males wearing Feme including make up and wigs at home with the support of their wife.
Straight males wearing Femme out while accompanied... [more]

Please send me panties

Are there any young women or young girls out there who can help me ?
I love to smell and lick dirty panties the younger the better I have been trying to find any girls or women who will send me a pair of their dirty underwear.
If you would please please please please please please please please please please please please please please... [more]

Me, My Sister and Thomas

Me, My Sister & Thomas
It was the late 90's and I was happily divorced. My ex-was a druggie and had lost all interest in sex (he had a scrawny little dick anyway).
There were a TON of dating websites popping up then and I joined a few. I ended up connecting with this guy Thomas who was also recently divorced. We chatted via email, then on... [more]

Obsessed with my wife sucking patients at work.

When my wife 25 years old now first cheated on me it was with a 70 year old at a senior home she works at. She is known as the hardest worker around and the boss ladies fight over having her in their hall.
Anyways the old man was flirting and she said everything happened so fast. He grabbed her ass and she froze. He took her not saying not as a... [more]

Her younger years

Wife confessed when we first met and discussed our past sexual experiences that when she worked as an intern in HS at a small business she had an affair with the owner was older.
She said every Friday everyone was able to leave half a day which left her stuck with her Boss.
One Friday when everyone had left he has called her into his office to... [more]

Gave a ride home

I've been working thirds for about 6 months. Other night one of the girls needed a ride home. It's on my way so I was happy to help. Just a lot of highway. So, about a quarter of the way home she asked If I wanted gas money. I told her no. She said, "Well, I should pay you back somehow." I told her she really didn't have to. She reached over and... [more]

It happened

I met with a woman at the office to have a meeting, during the meeting I noticed she was lookin at me smiling. I didn't ask her why she seemed happy, after ten minutes in the meeting I felt a little cool air on my dick, then I remembered that I didn't zip my pants up when I was in the mensroom so I sat there and she asked me if I've ever been... [more]

My Relationship With A Guy

First let me tell you it's not all bad it's that I get up in the morning and find something to do, it's the same thing every morning with me and him. We lay together in the same bed, he has no complaints about me playing with his dick, really he likes it a lot. He's been having a sexual fantasy about being with a woman who has a slit mouth, I... [more]

My 16th birthday was the best one I ever had in my life

My mom put together a pretty great party for my 16th birthday, everyone I knew was there from family and friends. One of her close friends was there the whole day helping out with food and things she stayed until the end helping us clean up. I was standing in the kitchen at one point later in the day after quite a few people had left and everyone... [more]

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