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Woman in my thirties and yes, I love sex

My husband was really surprised that on our second date I invited back to my place and we talked for a while, had some tea, I found out he was not a fan of it. So after a few hours of just getting to know each other some more I just moved over on top of him and started kissing him. He passed the first test because he was and is a great kisser and... [more]

Next step

Any tips on how to get my wife to use toys on my ass or even peg me? She is happy to use her fingers and it’s incredible when she does but my fantasies have always gone further than that. The thought of her in lingerie with a big thick dildo strapped to her, lived up ready to destroy my ass. Literally making me hard thinking about it.

Popped in my mouth

There was this old man who was always sweet to me. Bought me and my friends food. At times even gave us gas money since we lived across from a gas station. Never once was he pervy to the girls or us guys. A true gentleman in every way. Once i went over to help him with his stereo and noticed he lived all alone. I snuck out later than night and... [more]

Sex with a younger girl

Almost 3 years ago I posted an ad on CL after being in a sexless marriage for a while. looking for a girl to bang in exchange for money. professional escorts weren't my thing.
I was straight up in the ad and just said I wanted a couple of hours of bedroom fun. over 3 weeks I had a number of responses but none that interested me. some girls... [more]

Wife's Curiousity And Her Mom's Made Wife A Swinger

I had a desire to try swinging, but my wife refused. We been married over a year and my desire grew stronger. One night in bed I brought up the swinging subject back up. " Aren't you interested in seeing or doing other cocks besides mine. I know you're happy with my thick cock and how good it feels in you." I said to her. "There 's one cock that I... [more]

I Hate My Friends and Myself

I Just seem to have the worst Social Issues ever no matter who tries to be my friend I end up hating their guts in the end. Maybe it has to do with trust issues that I just refuse to let go of, bad choices I made in my life, bad crowds I hung around with, but the problem is my friends say they really care about me yet I really hate them because... [more]

Hotel photo session goes gang bang...

My wife and I started taking nude pictures of her soon after we got married when we were both just eighteen. Soon this led to my wife becoming an avid exhibitionist. We would go to nearby cities every weekend so she could go into stores and let shoe salesmen see her pussy or she'd go into convenience stores and get both hands full of penny candy... [more]

Things can happen and sometimes they do...

I have temporarily moved home with my mom. Basically to help with expenses and keeping the place up. My dad had moved out, only to move in with his secretary.
My mom was like a TV mom, not gorgeous, but someone you always thought was attractive. She has a great body by my standards, very similar to Jennifer Aniston's today. Still mostly firm... [more]

Doing His Ugly Milf Mom

It only seems natural for me to bang older women. If my friend Mike ever found out his mother cheats on his dad by pleasing me, he would freak out! I enjoy getting off a lot. I don't like to brag, but most women I have been with are happy with what I have. I'm a heavy cummer and can shoot several loads quickly.
Mike's mom is kind of... [more]

I am so happy I found the perfect woman to marry

My wife is gorgeous and I am not saying that just because I married her, honestly I did not think she would even go out with me but we ended up married like two years later. She is quite the different person than I thought she would be looking at her, she is a complete submissive and is a stay at home mom which is great. She has never turned down... [more]

Allowed wife to fuck her Boss to save her job

We have been married for last four years and were a model couple around. With good apartment, a car in our possession and all the good things. We were also planning for a child in 2021 after making some savings as our apartment / accessories and car were on loan. I had a good job and wife too have a nice income job. With my pay all the loans... [more]

Can’t forget first cock

I had a layover in Dubai for a night and stayed close to the airport as it was convenient. Always have a drink at the hotel bar to relax after a long flight and got talking to a guy who was around 20 years older. Had a couple of drinks and chatted about stuff, he invited me for one from his mini bar and I was happy to have a night cap. I genuinely... [more]

Sissy Maid Hotel Confession

I’m a little bit kinky where sex is concerned, I’m vey voyeuristic and love to crossdress.
I love to listen to sex while in hotels and when a Premier Inn was built just around the corner I had an idea.
Around once a month, usually on a Saturday because it’s busy, I book myself a room for the night.
I check in as early as I can so I have the... [more]

I knew how she was when I married her

My wife and I grew up in the same neighborhood .so yes I knew that she was with a lot of guys before I married her. She was kinda the town slut. People made fun of me and said that we wouldn't last a couple of months. Now its 42 years later. We had to move away just to get away from all the talk about her. We ended up moving to an army town. I... [more]

Wanted Him

I don't have a regular fuck buddy. I get fuck whenever I get someone interest to fool around with this fat slut. I pal around with mom and her good lady friend who has a regular male friend that she fucks. I started to get interested in him. I know he's much older than I, but when my mom's friend gossips about him to my mom, I get intrigue with... [more]

I'll get the strap-on

I'm 32f and I've been a butt girl my whole life. I like looking at a nice ass wether it's on a guy or a girl. Whenever I run a 5k, I like to line up behind someone with a nice butt-- hahah, why not right? Over the years I've discovered that not only do I like looking at a nice ass but I also like playing with a guys butt.
One thing I know... [more]

My secret sexual relationship with my aunt

Hi fellas,
I am a 24 years old male, and I have a secret wild and passionate relation with my aunt since 2016, around 4 years more or less.
She is 50 but it seems she is 35; she has a great body as she regularly goes to gym, and she is so fucking horny all the time;
Anyway let's go back to the origin of this story:
She divorced her... [more]

Sex education 2

Once we got to the seaside it was the best day of my life - me and mom ,sharing a room and getting to see her all the time wearing this white low cut bikini from the 80's all the time. It was a dream come true. Also, she was a different person there - relaxed, a lot more funny, open...I guess al the stress and chores from home were keeping her a... [more]

Step-daughter, knickers and paste...!

My very cute 19 year old step-daughter wanted her room redecorating so I was only too happy to help get stuck in with her.
We stripped the room together, with me mentally stripping down her little size 8 frame of course, and then she left me to it for a bit while she went out on an errand.
So left alone with her room, I did what I often do... [more]

How I met my husband

Not even my husband knows this part of my life, in my late 20’s early 30’s I had a few fuck buddies, I was enjoying life having sex whenever I wanted, I managed to juggle my life so I could pick and choose who I wanted to have sex with, I had a very high need for sex.
Over a period of 4 / 5 years I slept with so many men I couldn’t put a number... [more]

Her Family Pays Me Extra

I know it's wrong but it's worth the pay. I got involve with Lisa, a cock sucking, mouth fucking middle age slut who likes my cock. Lisa uses me as a handyman to do and repair things. In exchange for my hard work, she lets me cum in her mouth while giving me a terrific head job while I twist her nipples.
It started out with helping her... [more]

Finger Fucked a 16yr Old Schoolgirl

I left my first wife about 20yrs ago and find myself in a one bedroom flat in an area I didn't know anyone from.
At night, after work, I would sit on chat rooms trying to meet girls. I noticed a lot of the girls were really young but that didn't bother me at all because I've always preferred young girls. 16yo is legal so I only spoke to... [more]

One sniff and now I'm obsessed

I was crushed when my wife of 28 years left me, I was 47 have 3 grown kid's but not much else. I felt my life was over and lost all confidence in myself and felt it was too late to start over when I had nothing to offer another woman. I was using social media a lot and began messaging with random women all over the world just looking for any... [more]

My mom became my father's 2 brother's slut

It all started when I was 10 years old and my dad was suffering from severe lung cancer and 2 months later he died during the operation.
My father had 2 younger brothers used to be very caring and helpful to our family when my dad was admitted in the hospital they used to help in financial situations. When I dad died they started to visit our... [more]

Made sure she caught me

Wednesday night Kelly told me at dinner that she was going out with her boyfriend that weekend,I said ok,,hope you have fun.Kelly looked at me and smiled and thanked me saying she always did .She told me her mans cousin was going to be visiting him this weekend and it would be wrong to make him stay at Bills house alone while she and Bill went out... [more]

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