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Wife jealous of daughter

My wife caught me looking at my daughter she was about 14 just got home from school skirt hiked up huge tits in her white blouse i loved to look i got busted by my wife who wasn't very happy but to my surprise was turned on by me looking and next sex we had dressed up in our daughters school uniform luckily she is still slim with 38d tits so... [more]

Fucking my boyfriend's best friend

April 7th 2019 was the first Saturday night me and my boyfriend decided to drink whiskey together for the first time we got jack daniels went home and started he ended up getting a call from his best friend who use to chat me up online before me and bf got serious anyway I was low-key happy coz my boyfriend got a bit tipsy and asked me if I was... [more]

Older sister

My older sister Darci is 5 years older than me and our mother and father married met each other and married when we were younger. Prior to turning 13 I didn't really have much of a relationship with Darci as we never hung out and I was always scared of her and I was quite shy. She never really spoke to me and when she would babysit me when our... [more]

I love my father

I was six years old when mother up and left my father and me alone at home. Daddy was always busy so I did not bother him a lot. I was homeschooled by our neighbor's wife who was a teacher. She was good to me and for me. After I was about 11yrs old or 12 yrs old Daddy started looking at me funny I thought. So one day I asked him if I was funny... [more]

I don’t consider it insest

My mom passed away when I was 8 years old. When I was 14 my dad remarried to a very nice lady Sarah, had two children, a daughter Stacy age 13, and a son Stephen age 9. We all got along fine, it was nice having a sister and brother to hang with. I never had any type of sexually feeling toward Stacy until one night. Stacy, Stephen and I had... [more]

Unknown Cuckold

I had been in longer term cuckold relations with three other women prior to my first marriage. I hadn’t brought up the subject of Cuckolding with my first wife. After several years she started an affair with another man. She wasn’t very discreet about it. I suspected early on, but didn’t let on I knew. After all I enjoyed the fact she was... [more]

Advice needed?

A couple of years ago while I was dating the women who is now my wife the topic of our sexual fantasies came up. She was bold and told me she has fantasied about watching me have sex with another women. I was completely blown away because as I then shared with her I had been fantasizing about her being with another guy. It was an incredible... [more]

What should I do with my wife's confession?

The other day, my wife and I were talking about sex dreams. She admitted to having a sex dream about a friend from when she was a kid. We're now 50. She said that he once had a crush on her but it was unrequited.
During sex, (we don't have it that often due to medical problems from my deployment), I brought him up later that day during... [more]

I'm fulfilled

At the age of 40, I can happily say I have everything I'd ever want in my life. Yet it is because of a secret most people don't know and wouldn't understand.
I'm in a polygamous "marriage" with the two men of my life. The first one is my "real", official husband, a loving man slightly older than me. My second "husband" is my little brother.
Only... [more]

Still Sexually Obsessed With Sister-In-Law

I have had an unhealthy sexual obsession with my sister in law for almost 10 years now. I reapeat, obsessed. I love my wife dearly, and I can't imagine the thought of ever leaving her. Which is why I'm posting this. My problem is.....I can't stop thinking about shooting my cum all over my sister in law's face, over, and over, and over. She's got... [more]

Wife caught me in gay sex

I am a 38 year old marred average looking male, with 2 children. Ever since I suck my first cock when I was only 10 years old, I've been hooked. Their was 2 boys one a year younger, one two yrs older than me, that lived in the apartment across the hall from us. We played together every day, our mothers would usally visit in one apartment and send... [more]

The mirror

My wife took this job working in a women's clothes shop for this guy and his wife , She said the guy was ok when his wife was about but when she wasn't he would say suggestive things and squeeze past my wife at every opportunity. She said other than that he was harmless , Anyway he would give me a good discount on anything i wanted providing i... [more]

Female masterbation tips wanted (from girls)

Hi, I am Holly, I am 23, newly single and rediscovering masterbation. I don't always orgasm, but do usually with sex, and I think it's because masterbation lacks the excitement.
I want to hear from other girls what techniques you have tried and what works. I am willing to be brave, and a friend has already suggested I touch my bum hole, but not... [more]

Hired an escort for my daughter

My daughter came out to us fairly young, but was too shy/nervous/scared/awkward to ask any other girls out, not even after she started high school. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and (with her and my wife’s permission), started researching independent escorts in the area. My daughter actually picked her favorite out of a list of... [more]

The first time

I still remember the first time I got to touch a real penis, I could feel myself getting turned on by the second as I ran my fingers up and down its length. He was dark skinned but the ring around his cock where the foreskin had been cut off was pink, veins popped out all over the shaft and his testicles where much larger than I expected them to... [more]

Pretending to be hypnotized

Pretending to be hypnotized
We have a little situation here that is so funny, but things soon change. I want to try to explain some things that have been going on and you may get a good laugh our of it, but it's getting to where it's no laughing matter now.
We have a16 year old nephew that has been practicing hypnosis for a few months now and... [more]

Pretending to be hypnotized

We have a little situation here that is so funny, but things soon change. I want to try to explain some things that have been going on and you may get a good laugh our of it, but it's getting to where it's no laughing matter now.
We have a16 year old nephew that has been practicing hypnosis for a few months now and he has not been doing very... [more]

Wife's boss

My wife on more than one occasion as mentioned to me that she thinks her boss fancys her by the way he looks at her and flirts with her . I asked her if she liked it she said who wouldn't it's nice to get treated like your something special , I also asked her if she fancied him she said he's nice but No she did not fancy him . Again I said why... [more]

Cheating is okay, Right?

My wife and I have been married for 4 months. This is a second marrage for both of us. We always had a full and active sex life, pleasing each other was never a problem.
Well the one thing my wife doesn't know is that I like to suck dick and have very large objects fuck my ass. I've enjoyed it since I was first molested by one of our farm... [more]

I can always relax him

My husband works a lot and when he comes home he puts work on a shelf, I am always amazed at how well he can just turn it off. He reads practically every night with the kids while going to bed sometimes arriving home as they are getting ready for it.
He is a great man and is always thinking of our family in everything he does but the only time I... [more]

My husband has a really long and thick penis

I was a virgin when I got married and a little naïve in the sex department, I have since become a bit of a sassy sex lover, I explore all sorts of things coming up with ways to please both of us. I had given him a few hand jobs back then just to keep him from bursting, I thought he was pretty large so one day I sort of measured him up with my... [more]

How my wife became a model

I will start to tell about my wife Lynda. She was a blind date set up by my sister. I was 19 she 18 the the year 1965. She loved to go dancing in Leicester and had just parted from her boyfriend as had I from my girlfriend who was one of twins.
Lynda's farther was a bully and he ruled with an iron rod or rather a leather belt. We survived... [more]


I have to confess. I hid it for a long time but here's the real truth. I love dick's and pussy. But I think I love dick more. Why?? Because getting dick is easier then getting pussy. Well, for me it is. When I want some pussy I have talk to the woman, take her out to dinner, take her on long walks, take her to the movies and do all sort of things... [more]

Naughtiest thing I have ever done

My friend brought me over to his grandmothers house one weekend to do a bunch of yard work, I knew it ahead of time and was happy to help him. She tried paying both of us for the work and I refused telling her that I was not going to accept payment for the work.
The following summer my friend had moved out of state, his mom contacted me and asked... [more]

Posted Wife's Vid's without her knowledge

Wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. It's like sleep walking, VERY open to suggestions, NO inhibitions and I found out, NO memory. Started to see where she would go like that sexually. She would never allow anal sex, but she does about 1/3 of the time on Ambien. I have posted many videos of her beautiful pussy online that she has no... [more]

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