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Holiday sex

I've heard many reasons and excuses why us women cheat on our husbands.
From "He's not interested in sex anymore" to more obscure ones like "If I didn't have sex with him, we'd not get the oven included with the kitchen deal".
Mine was simple.
His cock measures ten inches, he's nineteen and he looks amazing.
The young man I'm talking about is... [more]

Family ties

You're not supposed to find your father attractive. Your not supposed to think of his large cock, a cock you've witnessed fucking a girlfriend of yours, as something you'd like to be fucking you.
Nevertheless for nine months after I saw my dad fucking Kelly's ass with my mom stood right there next to me, I craved my father sexually.
The divorce... [more]

Showing me his wife and more

I recently traveled to Detroit to attend some training for work. While waiting in line to check in to the hotel the guy in front of me kept trying to make small talk. He seemed like a nice enough guy but it had been a long day and I just wanted to get to my room and crash. After getting a good night sleep I headed downstairs the next morning to... [more]

Working girl

It was during the housing recession when I would go to work everyday just knowing it was my last, almost everyone was gone at the realty company I worked for but so far my boss had not given me any indications. I was his assistant and did everything for him from water and coffee to filing, was around twenty five at the time, one child and a laid... [more]

Cheating on my wife with a cuckold couple

I’ve been fucking other women for the last twelve years. I love my wife but I love to fuck more than she does. Plus the feel of new pussy is hard to resist. I recently met a cuckold couple online and arranged to hook up at a hotel lose to me.
When I got there she was in just her bra and panties. I quickly stripped down and she lost her... [more]

Working time fun

I am married and to a lovely guy. Only the sex in our marriage is, well hardly no sex at all.
I own and work in a florist shop. Something I set up independently from my husband and it is, pardon the pun, flourishing.
The shop is set in a semi rural area and close by to me is a shop that sells almost anything. It's run and part owned by an older... [more]

To my shame I want to be dominated by a white woman.

I don't know how to feel about this a part of me feels ashamed disgusted and I hate myself for feeling this way I'm a freak.
I'm a black man in his mid 20s and I have the desire to be dominated and degraded by a white woman like I want to be completely under her mercy.
I want to be a slave to her and I want her to remind me that I'm lesser... [more]

I love the attention

I have always been someone who loves attention. Luckily I have always been desired by men and boys because of my large boob's. I learned at a crazy early age that boy's and men were only so happy to touch them. I was touched and groped all the time. I have lots of expieriences from when I was just a little kid all the way up to my husband's... [more]

Gym sex

You tell me what you'd do in my place.
I'm forty one, very fit, attractive and still modelling part time for catalogues.
My husband who works in financing, is a little older, isn't fit and is often too drunk to get an erection let alone fuck me.
So I'm at the gym a few months back. I see a young guy obviously eyeing me up and I get ultra... [more]

Cheating, with a twist

I'm a woman, 34, pregnant and married to a man 10 years my senior. I admit I married him out of convenience, so it's not a happy relationship by any stretch, but it's been falling apart now more than ever.
The first reason is that, when you marry an ego-driven wealthy man, you eventully he just wants you as a baby factory. There came a time... [more]

Thanksgiving visitation voyeurism

Our daughter Miranda came home to visit during Thanksgiving. She's a junior in college. She stayed with us for a couple of days with her boyfriend Craig, whom we had not previously met. He is a nice young man and cute as well, with blond hair, hazel eyes, and a very athletic build. We enjoyed his company.
My husband had to work the next day, so... [more]

Neglected wife.

I could never bring myself to actually cheat in real life. I love my boyfriend but our sex life is almost non existent now. I'm perfectly happy with him in other aspects. Although, I am extremely frustrated and I have a higher sex drive than he does. I'm Kinky and he is vanilla. Sometimes I fantasize about cheating. I like to imagine a "guest" in... [more]

Franks boy

When Frank came by to install my mum's new disabled bathroom and help me with the guest bedroom, I knew instantly he was checking me out. I knew from conversations over the phone he was married, yet the looks he was giving me, all said he'd love to be fucking my arse.
Living and working in the same house I grew up in, because of my mum's... [more]

Big Girl Tests His Mettle

At the behest of the Skate Rat, I asked my across the hall neighbor, Laura, if she would fuck him. She had an on-again / off-again relationship with an oaf-like dolt named Vince. I thought my timing was right as I knew she was, at that moment, in an off-again phase. I'd be wrong. She bristled at the very suggestion, and peppered me with several... [more]

I want him, but I don't wanna push him

Ever since we were growing up, my family and I were very open-minded about everything. That included our sex education, where the bottom line was that, if it was consensual, safe and loving, sex was ok. I stretched that a little too far as a teenager, because my brother and I had a sexual relationship. We were very attracted and loved each other... [more]

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans day to all of you that served.

Mom and son

Mom and me been having sex for about 3 months and she found out that we are going to have a baby she and i are so Happy

My Wife and I are not into the same things...

So I want to start off by saying I’m an FA (or Fat admirer). I’m not into any of the extreme stuff that some other FA’s are into (such as force feeding or gaining or anything like that) I’m just purely attracted to a bigger woman. I like curves, I like bigger parts to hold onto a night, and I love being with someone who isn’t consistently worried... [more]

Turned roommate's girlfriend into prostitute

This is 99% true (changed a few details for privacy)
My roommate moved out of my place and into a fancy apartment with his girlfriend. Then she got laid off. He was getting frustrated with her and complaining about having to pay all the bills on his own. She decided to make some spending money doing small jobs while she applied for real jobs... [more]

Caught on halloween

I have been a crossdresser all of my life. My wife knows but does not like it. This past Halloween my wife's company threw a costume party at a local bar. My wife told me I was going as a woman, thinking that being out in public dressed would embarrass me into not dressing up again. My wife brought over her girl friend who works at a beauty salon... [more]

Poor boy, wish I knew him now!

I’ll never forget what I saw as a 16yo girl I’m now 27 and I still think back.
It was my last day of school everyone in a happy mood I remember what was planned as a joke, the boys had planned to tie up one school kid and pull his trousers down, the boy was a really quiet skinny nerdy looking he was always getting picked on I feel really bad now... [more]

I've been fucking my step sister for years

I have a step sister named Natalie as of now she's 16 and I'm 18. My Dad has been with their Mom since she was 6 and I was 8 she lived with them, I didn't. I'd go over and visit a lot though and we became close, ever since I was about 10 I started feeling attracted and connected to her. Shes got dark hair, striking blue eyes, cute freckles, full... [more]

Me and my step sister

I have a step sister named Natalie as of now she's 16 and I'm 18. My Dad has been with their Mom since she was 6 and I was 8 she lived with them, I didn't. I'd go over and visit a lot though and we became close, ever since I was about 10 I started feeling attracted and connected to her. Shes got dark hair, striking blue eyes, cute freckles, full... [more]

Bikini sisters

I’m recently retired and as my wife is always out and about I’ve often got a bit of spare time on my hands. I also recently discovered social media and how stunning young women are very happy to post very revealing photographs!!!
Recently I have become very interested in the adventures of two 20 something Australian twins who have developed... [more]

Growing up sharing a room with my little sister

Im James, I used to share a room with my little sister Josie because we lived in a small apartment. My father, would sleep in the living room. My sister and I had to share the bedroom. I used to play around with her a lot, like grab her boobs and stuff when we play wrestled. She didnt really seem bothered by it, she would just laugh. As we got... [more]

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