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My first gay experience

When I was 19 I started getting curious about being with men. Of course I felt really guilty about this at first but then I grew some balls and made a grindr account. I met a muscular built 38 year old on there and agreed to come to his house. I came over and we went straight for the hot tub and stripped naked and got in. He pulled me in close and... [more]

My sexy pregnant mom

I'm 18 since late last november, my mom's 39 since last valentine's day, she's also 5 months pregnant, she's having her baby in early september 2018. It was on her valentine's day birthday she told me she was pregnant. My dick got sooo hard big time, especially since she didnt look pregnant at all, she was in her excersize bra, and tight ass short... [more]


As a lesbian, she considered herself just one of the guys. She never thought they saw her sexually and thought she was free from their escapades with other, dumber girls. She even played along, bragging about how she could bang more girls than they could without trying. She lived alone and rarely kept a girlfriend for long.
One night they... [more]

I love flirting with my mom

I know my mom watches lesbian porn, and I know she watches a lot of "mom/daughter" videos. I've caught her staring at my ass more than once, and she always trembles a little bit whenever we hug or whenever I walk past her in my underwear.
I love it. I love knowing that I turn her on so much. I love that I can fuck with her just by... [more]

Sexual frustration

Sorry in advance if too vulgar. I also posted this on other sites to get advice.
I have been getting sexually frustrated, and I cant stop thinking about sex. I constantly fantasize about any woman i see. I even fantasize about younger girls. Even my aunts, cousins, younger cousins, friends of family. I cant hang out with my female friends... [more]

I'm not gay but I love to give blow jobs

I don't find men attractive. I definitely am attracted to and would rather look at women or transvestites. But, I crave being handcuffed or put in bondage by one or more fully clothed men while I wear only a speedo swimsuit. After which I am forced to perform blow jobs to completion, including swallowing.
While bound and helpless, both before... [more]


Me and my wife had only been married 4yrs we was both young and naive .I had taken on a job that came with a flat we could not afford to buy or rent at that time , The boss and his wife seemed really nice we both got on well with them , Has the weeks a months passed we all got to know each other quite well and we was comfortable with each other ... [more]

Lesbian grooming

I am a 28 year old female my husband passed away unexpectedly 18 months ago, I work in a large legal firm a very good job about 8 months ago a shy, timid 19 year old country girl came to work there and I was tasked with most of her training, she was very pretty and had a nice sexy body so because I have previously had a couple of lesbian... [more]

My wife, her Lesbian lover and I

About six months ago my wife and I decided on chastity for each other I had a chastity cock cage and my wife a chastity belt we exchanged keys, everything was fine till I was introduced to her friend, they had been in a lesbian relationship for over six years without my knowledge, my wife gave her my keys and I had to give her my wife's.
She... [more]

Anonymous blowjobs

A few years ago I got wasted when out drinking in town. I got split up from my mates and ended up just drinking with two other guys in the bar watching the football waiting for my mates to come back. Before my mate came back though these two guys had convinced me to come to their place round the corner to hang out and play FIFA. I was fine with... [more]

I want to fuck my uncle

Im gay and im 18 and my uncle is 45, ive liked him since i was 16, he has had two wifes and they have dumped him and i know he hasnt had sex in almost a year. now i am 80% sure hes straight and ive had dreams where we fucked since i was 16 and i dont know how to ask him if he had the same dreams or if he has feeling for me. i love looking at him... [more]

Blow job

I am a guy 55 and married to a chubby but lovely wife but I would really like to give a guy a proper blow job even swallowing it because it seems as though all the women enjoy it but obviously I don't know a guy who would let me I have often wondered if a gay guy might let me but unfortunately I don't know any so I'm asking for suggestions?


My wife works in a supermarket during her brakes she got talking to a girl from another department , She told me they got on really well , Anyway they ended up good friends my wife told her that she was married , Karen my wife's new friend said she had just ended a relationship and told my wife she was a lesbian , Anyway one night me and my wife... [more]

Almost got caught masturbating at work

I may look like a guy, but I'm actually a little sissy fag who just recently started wearing panties(I'm wearing some cute striped ones right now). Anyway, today at work I was thinking about my panties and how they made me feel cute and feminine and got really turned on. I was so horny that when I was sent to my lunch break I went into the break... [more]

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