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Wife knows my past

My wife is pretty amazing. She's what I believe to be my ideal body type. DD cup breasts. Perfectly round ass. Chubby. She endulges in my fetishes like I asked her if she's ever gone hairy. She said that she didn't shave between her being married to her ex and me. I asked her if she'd stop shaving. She said yes but why. I told her I think a hairy... [more]

I had a lesbian lover once

I used to be babysat by this woman named Theresa. She had two twins (4 y/o) and a 6 year old daughter, named Rose. I was 10 or 11 at the time. I really can't remember.
Me and Rose became really close. It was a summer evening, when she and i were watching a movie called Lady and the Tramp in her room. She's on the bed, and i'm on the floor... [more]

Horny trangender

I'm a trans girl ( pre op) and pan romantic lesbian, I'm always horny and a big slut/whore.I love wearing short skirt for my ass to be groped or rubbed against or fro girls to see my budge through my skirt, I love vaginas and a bit of cocks. UK, snap or email me to meet up if u want a relationship or u just want your pussy eaten or cock released... [more]

Caught and I didn't care

My work place had a Xmas party last week. Yeah it's weird that they wait till the end of January but whatever. They rent out a large cabin. It has a Jacuzzi on a deck outside. Lots of room. Everyone brought food and alcohol and a guy brought his PS4 and some games.
Long story short, the head boss left early. It was late, around 10pm, and it... [more]


I am a male and a gay man, with a boyfriend, But last night he ask me ,if I would dress like a girl for him, and he give me a bra and panties and makeup to ware,I dress up for him and kiss and made love like a boy and girl

Lesbian sister

Years before it was obvious my sister was a lesbian I was the only family member that knew.
She would use my house (one bedroom flat) to be with her girlfriend.
On occasions I would be in one room while those two were in my bed.
Many of times I found pubic hairs and stains on my sheets, it also smelt nice.
It would have been even better if her... [more]

I was sleeping one of the two times I let a gay guy suck me off..

I was at one of the local bars near closing and needed a ride home so my buddy got this older guy that had a car bring me home. Well on the way the guy said he had alot of booze at his place, so the true alcoholic I used to be I thought- why not, Ill go with em and drink his liquor. Well after drinking as much as I could, I ended up passing out on... [more]

I am attracted to my mother

It all started when i was around 7 years old, i had a dream with a beautiful women in it. at the time i didn't know who it was but she wore a really tight racing swimsuit and she always looked like she had just gotten out of the water. what we did in the dream I cant remember something about us being secret agents and beating the bad guy, you... [more]

Gay men

Im 54 and single. How do I find a man to teach me sex?

It's true

Confession #1:
I've realized that pretty much all gay guys are submissive. Which is difficult in the dating universe, because I am submissive too. I've only come across two or three REAL dominant guys who weren't afraid to push me around the bedroom. It's a little sad.
Confession #2:
It's been a fantasy of mine to be completely dominated by... [more]

The mother of my child doesn’t want sex anymore

We once had a very satisfying sexual relationship after our child was born it started decreasing now I think if she had her way we wouldn’t have sex at all I haven’t sucked a titty or licked a vagina in 4 yrs......I don’t know what’s going on if she is trying to force me to look outside the relationship or what I have been so horny I mastrubate... [more]

Tell me if you think I'm gay, please

I need your help to figure this out once and for all. Not that I think the internet can do that, I'm just interested in hearing all the opinions I can get and weigh them for myself
I'm a married man of 18 years, about 50 years old. My wife and I have a good relationship. We laugh, we have fun, we both work hard, we enjoy each other.
The... [more]

I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it

The thing holding me back is that it's cheating and I never wanted to go there. I keep thinking, though, what's the harm in having an experience once. You only live once and what's the harm in having this one secret to savor. It would just be a one time thing just to feel it once
I found an ad on C-list. 2 men do massage and more as a... [more]

I am straight but want to be used by Men

I’m a normal guy have been with a lot of women,But my first sexual experiences were with guys. When I was about 12 there were a few guys that I hung out with and we used to play a game I came up with called blind mans bluff. I convinced them that the girls in the neighborhood would play with us but they knew nothing of the game. I would blindfold... [more]

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