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My husband Prison

My husband went to prison for 6 months, before he came home he said I've something to tell you, I thought he had had a gay relationship I know it happens is prison with both sexes I can understand become sexually
frustrated . on my last visit told me he had, had a relationship with another man but its not what you think, it was with my cell... [more]

My wifes little sissy

I was 16 when I got the girl next door pregnant and my parents made me quit school and get a full time job and marry her . She was very dominant with me from the begining and had full control of me in every way . She locked me in a chastity belt and started feminizing me ,I would come home from work and get dressed up in what ever outfit she had... [more]

Oral sex with Dad

My mother never understood why my Dad accepted me being gay and crossdressing. My first sex with a man was at 8, I was wearing little shorts and had long hair. I easily passed as a little girl. The neighbor paid me $100 to suck his cock, he told me what to do and I did it. I gagged on his cum but swallowed it.
What Mom did not know is I've also... [more]

I sucked my first cock

I’m an older guy and I have never sucked a cock. My gay friend and I were talking and I mentioned this to him. He straight out said I could suck his cock if I wanted. Wanted? Fuck yes I wanted to.
He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel his cock start to grow. He pulled his pants down and there it was. About nine inches of... [more]


Twice a week I go to a friend's house to do yoga, since our gym is closed. Usually it's just three of us, all women from the neighborhood. The last time we met up we finished exercising and were just hanging out, when one of the women made an offhand comment that she was feeling randy. We laughed, talked about sex a little, and it came out that... [more]

A wild night in Cuba

Lol what a week! Put it this wife and I met up with about six other people and decided to go in town to party one night in Cuba. We all crammed into one taxi and me laying across everyone in the back seat. There was two guys who were doctors who were friends and they had their female friend with them, one was gay for sure but while I was... [more]

Had to do what I made her do

When I was in high school, I met a girl who was a couple of years older than me, and she took me to her place at lunch hour for sex. Seems simple enough, right? We got naked, she got between my legs and sucked me off. Ducked my cock, ass and balls, made a point of spreading my cheeks and shoving her tongue right up inside. Finished in her mouth... [more]

Straight People- What's the Gayest Thing You've Ever Done?

I'm female, 22, straight. My boyfriend admitted to me last night after sex that he once went to a gay bar and hooked up with a guy out of curiosity. They went to my boyfriend's house, my boyfriend gave him a bowjob, and then the two had sex for a while after. I'm assuming this is common so-
What's the gayest thing you've done as a straight... [more]

Are Bi Women more acceptable than Bi Men? Why

It seems to me that Bi women are very acceptable in both fantasies and in real life but Bi men do not seem to be as acceptable both in fantasies and in real life.
Why is that? In your opinion what is the reason for this view? I’ve known women who are Bi or have had Bi experiences that even seem to be put off by the idea of Bi men.
Any... [more]

Sex in front of an audience

When I was 18 I would go clubbing with two gay friends John and Calvin. Invariably we get drunk, high or both and end up at some sleazy strip club in Kings Cross. Most nights they would have an amateur strip show and some nights even live sex on stage. The boys would always encourage me to enter saying I was much better than the contestants and... [more]

Fucking my roommate's ass and mouth.

I don't know what come over me. I never have been with a guy or even wanted to be. Ive always gotten lots of pussy, but most women don't want sex 4 or 5 times a day. That want I need, I constantly jerk off at work and at night, even after I fuck a woman. Anyway its been lock down now almost 3 months now.
A week into it one night my roommate... [more]

Glad Times have Changed. Whew! Wee!

Back in the 80's when I was in high school things were so much different. For those of you who were my age back then you understand. You couldn't just be who you were without maybe being attacked or beaten. You didn't come out of the closet either. Yeah there was Boy George and Elton John and then you had Rock Hudson. Yes the AIDS scare and... [more]

Not all black men are well endowed.

Ok so I am a gay black man. There I said it. Black men are the most hung up about guys like me. It literally scares them to death cause they fear deep down they might be queer like me. The other thing is I have a not so large penis. Yep I admit it. Sorry to all who have come to expect all of us to have huge monster cocks that make lesser men... [more]

Sex dreams

I'm gay, I'm always have these hot sex dreams of fucking hot girls, one was 2 cuties taking turns sucking on my cock and balls , another was me and some random dude double dicking a hot cheerleader, my most recent dream, I was going at it, pounding her missionary style.. balls deep ..I started kiss her neck and her breast next thing I shot my load... [more]

Brotherly love

Were probably a limited few who are loving this lockdown. Well I am anyway.
I'm a nineteen year old bisexual guy, with a twenty two year old step brother (Same mum). Someone who had recently split up with his girlfriend and is back with mum and me.
The reason they split up, is she found him on their back garden decking receiving a blow job from... [more]

College CD

I was living in the dorms at my college. We had 4 room houses with guys in one house and girls in the next. I became really good friends with one of the girls next door and we started dating. We would talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. I admitted to her that growing up I would steal my older sister's panties and wear them... [more]

I think I turned my bf BI, and I like it!

Oh sweetie you have to experience watching two guys fuck!!! I convinced maybe con’d my bf into fucking a gay friend of mine. We all got drunk and a little high. I slipped my bf a Cialis and kept getting him hard with his pants on. After a few hours of this my gay friend said if I wouldn’t get him off he would. He pulled my bfs cock out of his... [more]

I can’t believe I did this

I’ve never told anyone this before and I guess since it’s completely anonymous I will confess something.
My college gf was home visiting her parents. It was Friday and I came home quite drunk and as soon as I stepped through the door I stripped down completely at the door and headed to the shower. My roommate at the time was a tiny guy. Maybe... [more]

Some rapes count more than others

When I was a kid (this was about 15 years ago) we lived in a really dangerous neighborhood, and our school was a sewer of theft, drugs and violence. The last year we lived there I was 13. My parents could see what was happening and they were struggling to find a way to move. Even though they couldn't afford it, they gave me a cheap cell phone and... [more]

Frat party fantasy

I’ve always been gay, was never molested or did anything sexual until I was in college. I didn’t go to a dorm nor were there any fraternities/sororities in my school (it was a small local college).
But it’s always been a fantasy of mine to be at a frat party and get fucked by a group of straight, insatiable frat guy.
Being notorious for... [more]

Massage gone awry

I went to get a massage from an online coupon. My wife at the time (now ex) was a former massage therapist and stressed they'd always be professional, and told him essentially that upon meeting. Well, the new guy appeared to be gay and a probable cross-dresser. I'm not judgemental that way, so I went ahead with the massage. He did my glutes... [more]

How many different lovers in one day

I'm 29, married and have a very high libido.
Before lockdown, the week before actually, I had sex with four different people in one day.
Firstly my wife had me lick her pussy and until she climaxed twice all over my face
Late for work, I went in to see the boss an hour after arriving. He like he has many times before, had me give him a blow... [more]

My Partner’s Brother

My partner’s brother is a few years younger than us. He is straight and married. He is taller than my partner who is 6’3” and is very masculine. He has a nice package from what I can see through his jeans. I often jack off thinking about him dominating and stretching my hole raw while calling me a faggot and a slut. It’s all I can think... [more]

Wife caught me jacking off

So last night my wife caught me jacking off to gay porn. Her first question was "Are you gay?" I said, "You masturbate to lesbian porn!" She said, "That's different." I said, "How is it? You masturbate to lesbian porn. Are you a lesbian?" She said, "Well, no." I said, "Then I'm not gay."

Oh my god they were roommates

I know how this is gonna sound, it's gotta be some kind of cliche or something.
So, about a week ago I told my boyfriend I didn't wanna risk either one of us taking the bus across town just to fuck. And he broke up with me.
I was devastated. I still am, I mean we've been together for months, I thought this was something serious. But, I'm not... [more]

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