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Inadvertently admit I'm bisexual

So my wife and I were sitting on the couch and she asked the question that every woman asks their man. Would you get remarried if I died? I said, "Immediately? No. Ever? Probably not." She said, So you wouldn't have sex again?" I said, "You didn't ask that." She said, "How long before you would have sex with another woman?" I said, "Probably... [more]

Im cheating with my lesbian partner’s bestfriend

So I have a lesbian partner for a year. We live together and she provides me with everything that I need (she’s a bank manager) and a beast in sex. Though ive had relationships with men, I enjoy her company a lot and sex is also amazing.
One day she asked me if its ok if we teach her lesbo friend to eat a pussy for the first time. Her bff never... [more]

Now I’m confused!

Having a conversation with my girlfriend and her friend and we started talking about lesbians, my girlfriend said she could never be a lesbian not because of it being the same sex but for not having the penetration, she said the touching kissing etc is lovely but to feel like she is having sex is the penetration part of it, even her friend agreed... [more]

My Young Friend

My wife and I divorced three years ago and I have been living on my own ever since. I have tried to form relationships with other women but something is lacking and last January I discovered what it was!!
I joined a gymnasium. I'm 44 years old fit but needed to shape up and I thought joining a gym I also might meet someone I fancied.
I had been... [more]

Peeping on Males

I was speaking with a like minded pervert and voyeur, recently . She's much younger than me, and much more hi-tech in the pursuit of her desires. She'll place hidden cameras and use drones whereas I'm old skool and use binoculars to access open curtains or blinds. She and I both prowl sex clubs, and x-rated cinemas, never participating, just... [more]

Why my Wife did not want to visit her parents

I never had an Idea, I could be involved in a incestouous relationship. We don't have kids even if we are 39 (me) and 35 (Wife) in between. We both did not have siblings, so the propabilitate for Incest to happen to us, I though, was a minimum.
Between my wife and her parents must have happened something. They have been at our wedding but they... [more]

My Gay Sissy Life

I have told you all before that I am a gay male sissy. I have been dressing in girls, then ladies clothes since I was a young boy. I have cultivated my appearance to that of an attractive woman and have even developed my breasts to a lovely sensitive 38B.
I am wealthy enough to buy myself the most sensual lingerie and sexy floaty dresses. I live... [more]

My husband is acting strange.

My husband and I have been married for 30 wonderful years. He is now 58 years old, and still a very handsome man, and still the best in bed, or anywhere I've ever had. Our sex life has is awesome, oral, anal, toys, pee play, and of course we get real kinky form time to time. I've never had a cock so big and hard as my husbands.
Well enough... [more]

I found my 1st bi-curious boyfriend when I was younger

I confess when I was younger , I had a Bisexual crush on a boy who lived about 100 km from me , when I was just 11 years old , I decided to make him all mine by making him my best friend , I’m not sure If he younger or older than I was . But I done bisexual stuff with him , he never slept over my place .
but I wish he did sleep over so I could... [more]

"Circle Suck"

There's a nude beach I go to quite often and have for many years. For the most part people behave themselves on this beach but any debauchery usually happens way at the north end. So it's pretty much common knowledge: if you don't want to see any kind of sexual behavior stay away from the north end.
But I never really saw much of anything on... [more]

First gay experience

I let a random guy jerk me off in a train station mens room. He was in the stall next to me and reached under to grab my cock, he made me cum after a few minutes. I left abruptly soon after and regretted it for a bit but now wish I had done it more often when I was younger.

Wife got pregnant by a shemale

I don't even know where to begin, I'm so livid. I thought our marriage of 6 years was good, and my wife is a good mom to our 4 year old, but she confessed that she has been cheating, since she just learned she is pregnant. It sure as hell wasn't me, because I had a vasectomy 2 years ago and shoot blanks.
I asked my wife who she has been... [more]

It Happened at school

It happened some years ago, I had an argument with another girl at school, what happened was she pushed me against a wall and spat in my face twice a lot of her spit went in my mouth, I ran into the toilets to cry everybody thought,
I know its gross but I was turned on I had an orgasm my knickers were very wet I sat and played with myself until... [more]

Gay for comic book characters

I don't consider myself gay because I'm really not attracted to actual men, but man do I get hot for comic book characters like Nightwing. Thinking about their lean, powerfully muscled bodies nearly bursting put of their tight spandex suits make my mouth water and my ass ache to be fucked. I feel like that makes me sound like a nerdy faggot but I... [more]

Just want to

Touch another penis. I’m straight and I have been hit in by men since 18. Once in my late 20’s I was going through a dry spell and answered a Craig’s List ad to come up to a Park Ave apartment by a man and get a blowjob while I watch straight porn. He was really nice and saw I was nervous and told me that I wasn’t ready, we parted with no feelings... [more]

Am i gay

This morning i was in the shower and i decided to shave my legs and my pubes. afterwards i video called this guy and i showed him and he had me send videos and pictures until he came.

So it begins

My wife and I hang out with another couple on the weekends. We do random things. Movies, dinner, cards. We are at the age where we just hang out with each other.
2 weekends ago we were all hanging at Stevens new house. We decided on dinner and the girls went out to get the groceries and Steven would cook. He is an executive chef. So Steven and... [more]

Pretty cool change

I'm a 45 y/o mwm. I've been married 13 years. I've had a gay lover for about 6 years now. He lives next door. For the first 3 years we had sex once a week. I worked late one night a week. He worked 3rds. Then I got a job where I currently work. Way more money and its 3rds. We started having sex 3 times a week in the morning after the wife left for... [more]

Sometimes feel gay.

When I was 5 my family moved from a country home to a home in town.
By the time I was 6 I had made some pretty good friends down the street. Three brothers. One my age, one younger by a couple of years and one four years older.
As time went on we began to have sleep overs at one another's houses.
At probably about 7 or 8, when I would stay at... [more]

Adult Bookstore / Mini Movie Tales

I'm a pornophile from way back in the day. I was thrilled when I moved from a smaller shithole town to a much larger shithole town that had two adult bookstores, with mini-movies in the back, and one x-rated cinema that ran 24/7. This was in 1979, on the cusp of the video age. I saw the mini-movie booths go from 8 and 16 mm to video. I met a lot... [more]

Gay porn

I love to fuck boys and when I see them it turns me on am 20 yrs old am straight but boys turns me on more

Oral with a twist

My wife loves to give head. I wanted to try something new so I told her to use her dildo on me while she gives head. She did it and I loved it. Now I want her to do it more. She asked me if I'm gay. I told her it's her doing it. She asked if I'd want a dick in my ass. I told her that I probably would.

Just shaved my pubes, gay fantasies growing stronger

Im a 29 year old man and my homosexual urges are getting so hard to contain. I juat shaved my crotch in she shower and my heart is beating out of my chest and my adrenaline is pumping. I've had these urges since I was a kid. When I was 18 I met a guy online who was going to lock my head and hands and feet in a dog mask and leather mitts and make... [more]

Crossdresser sex confession.

I like to crossdress and I'm quite convincing when I do. I don't do it very often though as my attitude to sex and safe sex in particular changes completely when I'm dressed.
I'm normally very safe but when dressed I turn into a total cum slut. I go to a gay sauna club that has trans/crossdresser days and I find myself letting guys fuck me... [more]

Yoga. Pants

Just had to share this.
My best friend and myself were laying around her apartment one day about a week ago. Being bored, for some reason we started masterbating. At first just ourselves then each other. My friend is a 100% lesbian, I'm not, in fact this was the first time another girl as ever touched my body, let alone my pussy or tits. She... [more]

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