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I don't think it's gay... for me at least

Does it still mean the same thing when your best friend is another guy and the benefits are that he sucks my cock all the time and lets me fuck him in the ass whenever I want? I always thought the term fuck buddies meant a guy and a girl. Basically, he's the girl! I don't really consider myself gay. I just get a little thrill getting sucked off by... [more]

Wife’s ex-gf

Amie and Kat were roommates in college and remained friends.
Amie invites Kat stays with us in the summer because we live 30 minutes from the beach and Kat lives in CT.
When Kat visits she complains about everything, our house, food we cook, the guest bed and our neighborhood. She picks fights with the our neighbors and it takes us months to... [more]

Gay understall sex?

So, I've heard plenty of rumors of how to low-key ask for sex in a public men's room. There's a supposed foot-tappimg rhythm if you're in a stall, if you're at a urinal you're apparently supposed to meet another guys eyes, and I read somewhere a guy had a pretty good track record of whistling known songs(he'd whistle the first line or so of... [more]

Wanking strangers

I've been married for over 20 years and in the last 5 my wife has lost interest in sex or any king of intimacy. In recent months I have found myself visiting laybys during my lunch hour and noticed men would arrive and disappear into the woods. It didn't take we long to imagine what was going on which has made me very curious, I don't consider... [more]

$20 Meth Whore

After 6 months of being cooped up without being able to go out to any bars or clubs, I finally decided I was tired of beating off. I took a cab downtown and got out on 4th Street, where all the whores hang out. I walked down the street a couple of blocks, where this skanky looking chick walked up to me. She asked if I was looking for a date, and I... [more]

Fuck this Site

Remember the website JustRage? That shithole is dead but apparently some of these Websites like this one where people post confessions that allow anonymous comments on every post gets the same amount of stupid childish morons who think they are tough behind their keyboard by hurling insults and leaving very retarded comments on every post there... [more]

Never been Gay or Bi, but considering it more and more lately

As a mid 20s guy who wants to be a massive fat feedee, I've been trying to find women who'd be open to having a fat hubby and feeding me, but the less luck I have while looking, the more I'm sorta considering becoming Bi. I've not really attracted to men though so I'm not sure I'd even want to try it irl. Still, sometimes I'm so desperate to... [more]



Sex with shemls

I am a married man to a beautiful wife but oversexed as I am I cant get enough. I always had a curiosity for shemales Shemales. with big asses Many of them pupm their butts with silicone and their butts get so huge , I cant resist so I use the local sex trade paper and find many of them advertising. I call and set up dates and go to their place... [more]

I Hate Feet, Fags, and Niggers

Fuck you foot sniffer, my sister loves to suck my dick just because you can't have her don't mean you can talk shit about me.
I hate Gay People a bunch of loser faggots who should all be lynched because they just wants dicks while I get my sister's pussy.
Donald Trump was a great President but you dumbfucks voted for that Miserable old fuck... [more]


I wanna make a gay video...


Lesbian but crave for dick every now & than

Just being honest

Lesbian but want dick every now and than but I believe it’s a fantasy

This site makes me want to kill myself

This site is all incest, gay and pedo promotion propaganda and not real confessions.


I appear to be a normal, well-adjusted guy. I am! Well, except for the fact that I really really really like sucking cock! It's a great secret that I've been keeping since I was a boy. My first experiences we're with a man who taught me how to suck his big dick. As a result I'm still a pretty good cock sucker. I swallow too! I've always been... [more]

Ga man 50 yrs old

Interested in swap with another married man. Not gay but curios as i had an encounter with a guy who was 10 years older when i was 17. North Ga area.

Am I gay ?

Well I have a question am I gay or bi if I want to suck cock more than one time I already did and well I like it specially when he cum down my throat and made me swolle his cum .. then he told me to duck his asshole with no problem I was fuckin hard but I still love woman 🧐

Where are the straight bi gay men at

Looking in maryland/delaware for guys interested in guys


I been craving dick omg help

I want you

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. I've been having sex with another man for almost a year now.
So a couple weeks ago, my gay lover was at the house. I was making dinner for the 3 of us (me, Craig and the wife, tiffany). I was going to make fried chicken. Craig and I were in the kitchen. Tif won't come in the kitchen till it's done... [more]

Sub sissy Loves to serve real Men

I'm a 66 year old man and the Older I get the more my mind wanders. Recently I became interested in male bodys mostly their cocks, balls, and asses. I dream about showing a Real Man how a real sissy can give Him a great amount of pleasure. I dream about rimming His sexy ass, sucking on His yummy balls, sucking His awesome Cock until He fills my... [more]


I’ve always fantasized about sucking a dick. I am married and have never been attracted to men but wanted to suck a dick on and off for years. I was 40 on a business trip to Maastricht and I found a porn shop. I was in the zone mentally to finally do it. I wandered around and went to the basement. There was a gay movie in and a guy about my age... [more]

Rough start in life. I was Molested by my uncle at a young age

I was very young boy ore-puberty my visiting uncle took me fishing in his custom van. He fed me beer told me what a little penis I had, that I'd be a much better girl forcing me to do things too him.Nothing about it was pleasurable. My body betrayed me buy cumming while he did me in the butt..
I've been confused sexually my whole life since... [more]

Corpus Christi Sissy

I live in Corpus Christi, I’m older but very much a Sissy. I would dress up for the evening, get on Craigslist and find men to hook up with. I always started drinking wine while getting myself as feminine as possible. I wore wigs, perfume full makeup. Sometimes in short shorts and a sleeveless blouse and high heels. Sometimes if it was cooler... [more]

I Didn't Know My Roomie was a Girl

I was supposed to be away visiting my folks for Christmas but it was all so lame I came home early and found my roomy in the bath naked and half asleep. I just stood there staring at her in shock until she realized I was there and totally freaked out.
We been living together for like six months and I had no fucking clue she was a girl. She's... [more]

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